Wyoming Conference and On the Road Update

I have been really under the weather since Saturday alternating between chills and hot flashes.  It came on in the middle of my presentation on Saturday afternoon.  By Sunday, as we were headed back to Albuquerque I was one unhappy camper.  There may have been a supernatural aspect to this as I was speaking on a Navajo Reservation and calling for the people to stand together and take back their land from the Shamans and those who call down demonic spirits.

On Monday, I didn’t think I would be able to do the plane ride from Albuquerque to Charlotte.  I made it and went straight to bed at 7:00.  At 9 pm I began to sweat like a stuck pig and had to change my PJs as they were sopping wet!  Feeling better now and ready for the interview with Sid Roth on Watchers 6, and my new book, On the Trail of the Nephilim.

It’s 5:00 am in the morning and I wanted to drop you all a quick note and let you know what was going on.    Thanks for your prayers!

Prophecy Update:

1.  Keep your eyes on Jordan and Egypt as they both are calling for the Israeli ambassadors to be dismissed.  Is this a prelude to something greater?

2.  Russia is still very much in play in the region, as Putin has made it clear to Netanyahu and Israel that he will not tolerate any more air strikes by Israel on Damascus the Syrian capital.

3.  It’s Al Nakba Day in The Middle East, which means the disaster!  It is the time of the year the Arabs hate Israel the most, as Israel became a nation in May.

4.  Bill Salus’ Psalm 83 scenario is looking more and more viable as time goes on.

5. The Benghazi scandal should be looked in to the to the fullest extent.   These people are just the biggest weasels!

6.  I fly out of here at 6pm and head for  home.  I have Thursday “off,”  then we’re back on a plane headed to the Wyoming Conference.  Hope to see some of you there!


107 thoughts on “Wyoming Conference and On the Road Update

    • Denver Chick,
      Is this something people can come to? If so, where in Charlotte, I live in Raleigh and my husband and I would love to go hear L.A. if this is available..thanks.

    • Canine companion, Sorry I didn’t get back earlier. I was at Sid Roth. I got an email inviting me to the Sid Roth program. That is how I heard about it. LA was great! The only problem was, he wasn’t long enough! He is going to Knoxville or Nashville soon. That may be close enough for you to go to.

    • Hi Denver Chick – You should have come up and introduced yourself. Sid was great and I thought the show went well. We got the info out to the folks and that’s what matters.

    • Marlene… I wish I had the ability to erase some words off of someone else’s comments. I would have erased the words “pot pie” and moved the words “for dinner” right next to “wild turkey” and made you sound like an alcoholic. GWWAAHAHAHAHA!! 😀 Some of that “Holy Ghost” wild turkey right? 😀 It would have been the Holy Ghost kind so it would have been o.k. right?

    • LA, I would have loved to, but it ran later than expected and I had to make it back to SC for a meeting. My son met you in the bathroom and that made his day. He was so excited!

  1. I want to thank TGBTG, Elaine, and Nomemoleste for their kind and gracious offerings for my lovely wifes funeral. It will not be forgotten especially your lovely words. Neither will the rest of your alls prayers and words of wisdom. When the grief sets in i hope you guys are there as well and knowing you, you will be. GOD BLESS YOU GUYS!

    • “Some nails and a cross in a pain burdened hue
      HE died once for me and he died once for YOU!!!”

      Faithfulelect… You may not have the energy, but put pen to paper and write for us your psalm. The spirit will give you the words. Poetry is your outlet. It may help with grief. Still praying.

    • its ok La i know youre very busy and i do appreciate every prayer that comes my way. Weve had no choice but to do a direct cremation and then hold a memorial service on sunday at a church. I applied for emergency foodstamps my mother (while shes still here) is taking me to turn the packet in, but they say it will take atleast 7 days to get them. My son is moving in with my parents in tazewell, va about 2.5hrs from here since ill have no way to pay the bills here until i can get my disability started. I have many ways of getting it as im bipolar,adhd,ruptured discs in back, and have rheumatoid arthritis in hands feet and back. Im told the mental route is the quickest way to take. Pray for me to recieve this quickly guys if you dont mind. Pray for other things im leaving out. I am still in a daze and in this shell shocked state. My name is Michael Napier for those that might have a way of contributing any donations. Ive always relied upon my wifes disability and now i must rely upon the Lord opening peoples hearts as he has been doing lately. Praise GOD you guys are there for me. her side of the family wont help with anything and we cannot understand why. GOD bless you all!

    • Awww, I didn’t know about your bipolar issue. That is a terrible thing…..my youngest son has it and there have been times that we had to have him sent to a hospital and a couple times in jail for behaviors he could not control…..like knocking on a door and then going in uninvited with a boombox dancing and singing his own lyrics, “Jesus is really cool” (well, at least his song was about Jesus!) but terrified two young girls who were babysitting.
      That disease affects the entire family and some of ours avoid him yet, even though he has been leveled out on meds and is able to work and even run crews for underground directional boring jobs and is engaged to a wonderful girl…..his life is back on track, praise God…..but there are still a couple of people who are nervous because he was so unpredictable when he was dangerously manic. He is a wonderful and kind man so it is their loss……we pray for them.
      Maybe your wife’s family is like that? I suggest you pray for them and just let it be……don’t hate them for it, pity them for not letting themselves really know you! We will be here for ya!

    • My prayers are with you, Faithful. I pray that you will be comforted by The Comforter and not feel alone.

    • its so hard to do elaine as these people are feeling guilty about their greed they are making harassing calls to my mother and me who are about fed up. My wife wouldnt want this so its all i can do to bite my tongue.

    • @Faithfulelect:

      You may want to return to your blog and update it by including a “donate” Paypal button on the right side column in case anyone wishes to donate to your personal cause. This process does mean you need to sign up with Paypal to use their services.

      Your poems appear to be searching for the Lord. Perhaps in your search you will find that He is already “found.” You may also want to consider compiling your poems into an eBook and self publish through Amazon. If you need help in doing this, let me know–I can help you.



    • If they are harassing you at a time like this, then I really do not think you want their help anyway! It would have emotional strings that would strangle you!

    • Don’t go the route of “disabled” if you can help it.
      A wise man once told me…those who do, actually starting believing it. You take on all the “issues and problems” the government has defined as “disabled,” including the mental thing.
      If you are willing, why not move to ND where Walmart workers start out at $18/hr? That’s better than a check from the Obama administration.
      If you can type, there’s ebay. I know folks who canvas yard sales, pick up stuff for pennies and then sell them for hundreds of dollars (sometimes) on ebay.

    • Michael Napier 127 York drive Jonesville, Virginia anything you can spare would be greatly appreciated as im trying to stay because we have joint custody of my 20 month old grandson and if i leave im afraid they wouldnt let us drive that far away even though its in state its just barely so.

  2. Hey L.A……aren’t you the Shepherd’s assistant that tells us to “be still and know that He is God”? I think you need a break! Take a few days off and get well…..we need you healthy! Sorry, the mom in me just can’t stop……I will continue praying for your health!

  3. Perhaps a major reason for today’s present chaos…the fact that marriage has been under attack for so many decades. The chickens (to borrow a phrase from the disgusting Rev. Wright) have come home to roost.
    As LA posited, if Carney the press secretary had his kid killed, you’d be certain he’d take these controversies seriously. But that’s just the point! The present generation of power mongers rarely gets married. Nor do they have much investment in children.
    Thus…they ignore Gosnell the abortionist.
    Benghazi is a blip on the screen.
    IRS bugging was “necessary” for security’s sake.
    This is the generation who will be changing our bed pans when we’re in nursing homes someday….if we make it that far and the death panels don’t intervene.
    Grim times. But what do you expect from a generation believing our ancestors floated to the top scum layer of an ocean tide in the not-too-distant past?

    • I agree ..When God was taken.. by that spiteful woman<<< out of the schools ..When prayer and any mention of Jesus was struke down by the high court ..
      WE were on the path of destruction.
      I take comfort in the scripture that says .."the generation that sees these things will not pass away"..
      I KNOW THAT I Paraphrased that ..But I was born in 1947. That year we had: Kenneth Arnold and UFO's, Roswell, Dead Seas Scrolls, and in November of 1947 THE WORLD WAS STARTING TO RECOGNIZE ISRAEL ..(may 14 1948 happy birthday Israel) SO as one who "saw" these things and more I hold on to My Jesus' Promises that HE made so long ago!!!!!!!!

    • YIKES!!!! A fifth grader! The news segment is very disconcerting but I think the evil symbolism is not the only thing that caused that child to know and say those things. More likely the parents/family.
      I know I caught one of my family posing for a picture with one of those gestures and I asked if he knew what it means. He said, “Yeah, it means rock and roll….like, I like music”
      Of course I told him it really means ya worship the devil and his little face fell like he might cry and said, “Really????” He had no idea so that is not what his gesture meant while he was ignorant of the truth. God knows our heart.

      We must watch over what our children see and mimic then teach them truth but also remember that sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

    • I can relate to being manipulated by demons through music, it’s the easiest way for them to gain access to the youth. Thank God I was set free from that (had folks praying for me) but others are not so fortunate.

  4. Ok La ..rest and get yourself well ..I too am a mom and gramma ..and you can’t keep running on empty.
    But something strange is happening ..I am here on the east coast, in massachusetts at 8:09am on>>> may 15, 2013 ..How are they ALL posting in my future ???
    something is wrong on the date and time setting ..OR MA. IS IN A WARP OF SOME KIND …LOL

  5. I’ve said it before… People who are involved with exposing demonic spirits, UFOs and the like are subject to demonic attack. When you go into the enemies territory and you are a threat to them and have the Lord with you, the dark side isn’t just gonna sit back and let their plan be interrupted. They WILL try to take you out… in spades if possible. Look at what happened to Gary Stearman. If not for the protection of the Lord and his hand on his and L.A.’s life, I do believe that it’s quite possible that this could have gone the way of death for both. David Flynn was involved in the same sort of thing (exposing the dark side), and he died of brain cancer. Why he was allowed to go out of here the way he did, I don’t know. But I strongly believe this is an attack of the enemy (the dark side of the supernatural).

    • I agree. LA is very brave to go to these places. I believe many reservations are rife with this sort of thing. You just have to remember to that many of them genuinely believe they are talking with the divine, they are very deceived. It takes a special person to be able to bring them to the light.

      Also, I saw this movie, “The Sorcerer and the White Snake” over the weekend and it reminded me how so many cutures have these demonic legends. It would be interesting to know where the orginal story came from.


    • yes me and nome had a very long discussion about this and i know more than a couple of you think i’ll suffer from a sort of survivor’s guilt in this aspect. she was relatively knew to spiritual warfare and her gifts were just beginning to show. For instance she could hear them while i only have twice in my life. her sight wasn’t as strong but a couple of times it was better than mine as she pointed out a few well hidden demons in some videos that i didnt even notice. Guys i still cant get over the daze im in i dont understand why i am not in a grieving screaming state? She was my soulmate my helpmeet the LORD gave us each other and kept giving! i begin to feel guilty i am just numb. I want to grieve. Perhaps ill get the chance when i do her poem or at her memorial service. Its going to be sunday at 2pm est. at the first christian church in Pennington Gap, Va. GOD bless you.

    • I will be praying for you Faithful. Your story reminds me of my great uncle and his wife that passed this year. They were the most loving couple I’ve ever known, and he had a terrible time after her passing. Last month, I lost my grandma the day after my uncle died, and I was numb for a few days and found it hard to cry or sleep, so I don’t think you need to feel guilty. I think a lot of people go through that. I think it’s our mind’s way of dealing with the difficulty of accepting what has happened, because they are still very much alive in our hearts. My G-d provide comfort and peace to you in your time of need.

    • Faithful, you are still in shock. It is not unusual at all to feel numb off and on – it will come and go for a long time. Your body and soul can only handle so much.
      Right now, you have too much to do to allow yourself to really let go and grieve. You also know at a very basic level that you need to tend to your own business or your survival will be threatened, as well as the possible welfare of your son.
      The numbness at this point is actually a blessing. Pray. Like every other part of your life, give your grieving process to Him, and He will lead you through it in a manner that will not destroy you.
      You cannot avoid grieving without destroying yourself, but you can trust that it will happen in a way that will help you and not destroy you. Everyone’s grieving process is unique to that person. You grieve with hope: your dear wife is with the Lord. And someday, you will see her again.
      Start everyday with that prayer and thought.
      It will still be hard, but it is not hopeless, and the Lord will open up new ways for you.

    • Rose nailed it Michael – shock and overload. And the 22 extra months with Donna, Lord be praised!

      p.s. all … Faithfulelect can receive moneygrams (walmart) if you send them, but you need to talk with him first.

      Getting registered for moneygrams is handy but intrusive; there’s a set of 5 questions where you confirm the info they can gather about you from automated background checks (such as past residence, all done very quickly). Then they narrow down more info about you from the 3 challenge questions that you select that deal with personal history (such as schools attended). It’s an interesting process if you’re alert to how privacy info is pooled by different “power groups,” (in this case related to walmart). Not so much fun if you fear how your personal finances and identity could be wiped out our altered. Remember: “Take no thought for the morrow, for the evil of each day is enough.”

  6. This is the reason that people involved with this kind of ministry deserve and are in special need of continual prayer.

  7. Praying for your speedy recovery LA, sounds like you caught the bug that is going around. And yes, am sure you have the devil pretty mad at you about now too. I am really appreciating your ministry so take care of yourself. God bless, Bonnie Hendricks

  8. This is a 15 minute interview worth your time. This man tells all about his career in the military and encounters with aliens and ufos. He’s basically telling all before he dies, he may have only months to live. He’s been threatened by ‘men in black’, it’s very interesting.


  9. LA, I hope to see you in Wyoming this weekend. A 3.5 hour drive, but hopefully we can squeeze you in to our schedule!

  10. Just thought I would recommend some very recommended reading at “Parablesblogspot.com”. The title is “The Darkness Draws Near”. I googled it and found it right away. There are four parts. You could probably skip the third part. The most interesting is parts 1,2 and 4. There are also links within part 3 and/or 4 that are a must read as well. You’ll understand why when you dig in. Kudos to “Deirdre” the other day for pointing it out. Also Laurie from the last post pointed it out. Amazing info. I knew there must be something to Ezekiel 20:29.

    Based on what I saw of the links posted within part 3 or 4, I suspect that maybe soon Barack Obama may have an “attempt” made on him as a possible pretext for the proverbial boot on the neck for American citizens… Chaos is indeed coming. Scary but very interesting.

    • Hmmmmm… Was just finishing up an article there I started to read yesterday and he started saying something about a “word given to him from the Lord” in which he claims the Lord said that their are deceiving doctrines of a pre-tribulation rapture that are causing many to sin and be careless and whatever… That always causes my feelers to rise up. The bible teaches a pre-tribulation rapture but yet some claim to receive a “vision” or audible “word from the Lord” that contradicts the bible. Does God speak things that contradict his own word i.e. the bible? I have to say though, he is still worth reading for all the other things he points out that are very interesting. Alot of times he provides pictures to go with it. I still recommend reading some of his stuff. No one is 100 percent right on everything. But clearly, this guy did not receive any kind of “Word from the Lord” decrying a pre-tribulation rapture. It’s taught in Thessalonians. Maybe he had too much special sauce on his buffalo burger the previous night. Or perhaps too much pepperoni on his big box pizza from Pizza Hut. Or perhaps too much ketchup on his supersized fries from Burger King.

    • Correction… I think he was quoting that supposed vision that David Wilkerson had. But clearly, I guess he believes it. Wilkerson was the one who wrote the “anti-pretribulation rapture, it’s not gonna happen” thing. (a supposed word from the Lord).

    • I notice that alot of christians are seemingly too scripturally unsound to even combat the lie that the pre-tribulation rapture won’t happen. the comments i read on there didn’t say anything to correct this erroneous “It’s not gonna happen” teaching.

  11. I never get tired of seeing this video. Chinese Christians showing their raw appreciation for receiving a Bible. I’m sure most of you know how rough they have it out there to say the least.

    • Thank you Eric! How awesome! I really dont care about money at all. Which its good considering I have none to very little. Lol! But sometimes, I reallywant some. Just so I can give it away. Imagine being able to donate a million bibles? Whoa-imagine. How about smuggling a couple hundred?
      Thanks for sharing!

    • indeed we are so spoiled here. whats scariest is people will say “christians aren’t dying we cant be near the end!” Ill have to point out to places like this and say you have to be kidding me!

  12. Everyone should see the following video documentary on how our food is making us sick. The following is the trailer.

    • Nice trailer. Good food for thought, but let’s never forget that we do not live by bread alone.

    • Yes, we don’t live by bread alone. However, the food industry in America has been monopolized by big corporations that don’t seem to care much for how animals and humans are being treated in order to produce food for their profit. When
      food is created by unethical means of production and make people sick and kill them, it becomes a moral issue.

    • Neat… Thanks for posting this video. My Dad told me about it and wanted me to watch it but I never got around to doing it. I then forgot all about it. Think I’ll come back here in awhile and watch it. 😀

  13. LA,  I have been wa nting to communicate with you to express my appreciation for your awesome presentation at the Waterflow Deneh Baptist Church.  My name is Sylvia Paul.  I did introduce myself and wish I could have had some time to talk with you to share some of my “stories”.  I sat next to Peggy during the Saturday afterno on presentation.  I am so sorry you bec ame ill, but it did not effect the dynamic way you shared your information and your heart for sharing the importance of  God’s people to do spiritual battle against the forces of evil that have entered through open  portals especially on the Navajo reservation and really the wh ole  area.  Actually this is world-wide!  But yes- especially on the reservations. I don’t doubt that your illness was brought on by evil supernatural forces!  I have a dear Christian friend who lives in Dulce, NM.  She is 1/2 Apache, and actually grew up in the Washington DC area. (Another hot bed  of  evil supernatural forces !)  She went back to Dulce as a young adult when she married a native man (she now divorced).  Anyway, she often tells of the spiritual  darkness and the oppressive heaviness that seems to pervade in the area.  There is so much alcoholism, drug abuse, occult activity, and all the other social ills that pervade the world- in a concentrated area.  She tells of often seeing UFO’s in the area.  She is someone who you should interview when you come back here to do more resea rch. By the way, do you know of any real evidence of an underground base at the Archuleta Mesa at Dulce?  I have seen the Phil Schneider Youtube videos as well as a few others, but there certainly seems to be a major cover-up of it!

     I have many Navajo friends and even some of my own   relatives  who have told me stories of seeing manifestations of  “alien” encounters such as skinwalkers, Bigfoot – like creatures as well as other demonic looking beings.  I, myself have seen UFO’s on 4 different occasions.  These are stories I would like to share with you when come back to the Farmington area.    

    I have read all of the books you have written and am looking forward to your latest book to be available.  Godspeed as you travel to your various conferences!

    Sylvia Paul

    • Right on target Sylvia!

      If we decode Navajo myth, it may be that:
      – “the reed” are portals between dimensions (cp. ladder to heaven, tower of babel)
      – “the changing woman” is “mystery babylon”
      – “the holy people” are the gods (rebel angels)
      – “the heroes” are the nephilim (now demon spirits)
      – “the crying baby” are also the nephilim hybrids
      – “the flood” is first eradication, (the global flood during Noah’s time)

  14. Why can’t I just come to this blog and see people that are happy that we have a common love, Jesus Christ, and be happy that we have a community whether it is large or small. I always see at least someone slip in to try and express a grievance that someone is or is not doing something that they perceive to be correct. We’re all imperfect and come short of the glory of God. I’ve never met any of you personally, but if you profess that Jesus is your Lord and Savior, you are my brother and my sister, and we should try to overcome ourselves and be of one accord. We are sojourners together while we are on this plane of existence, even if you are miles away from me. We are a piece of the body of Christ. I personally don’t consider LA my pastor, but I consider the things that he is passionate about and know that he is seeking what is true. By doing so, I believe he is edifying us whether by at the least entertaining us with his research or really building our knowledge of our current situation. In my opinion, that is what we all should be doing. Edifying one another and building each other up in Christ. Perhaps I am wrong though.

    • That’s how it would be in a perfect world, unfortunately that world doesn’t exist. 😀 That color Kool-Aid doesn’t flow out of my fountain. 😀 We all still have that imperfect nature we all have to deal with while still in this bag of dirt. Her comment just reminds me that we’re all still just a bunch of “dirt bags” 😀 Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

    • One day last year I was visiting with my barber who cuts my hair. He had recently just became a Christian and was saved. He is very shy about sharing his faith with unbelievers but has a heart for the lost. But his shyness always got in the way of him talking to any customers as he would cut their hair. I could see him trying to work up the courgage as a customer came in one day and his co-worker was cutting my hair. He was cutting this fella’s hair and I could see him sweating and shaking and really looking nervous. I Knew what he was trying to do. He was trying to witness to this guy about the destiny of his eternal soul. Each time he would attempt to say something, he would back off in total anger and frustration at himself. The fella getting his hair cut was a regular customer and had this fear of barbers for some reason, but still had to get his hair cut like everyone else. It was all he could do to sit in that chair and endure the fear of this barber behind him with a very intimidating pair of menacing scissors. Finally the barber’s anger and frustration with himself exploded and he couldn’t take it anymore. Holding the menacing pair of scissors in his right hand, he burst out with rage and frustration with himself and screamed in a menacing frenzy… ARE YOU READY TO DIE!!!!!!!!! The customer jumped up and fled out the door running for his life.

      HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! 😀

    • dilateurmind, very good post and I wish I could be that way, unfortunately there are some here who have an agenda whether they admit to it or not, as well and being led by unclean spirits,
      if you pay close attention, you will be able to tell who these people are, oh yes they are very slick and will try not to expose themselves but once in a while the demon or unclean spirit that controls them will show themselves, sometimes in just one simple sentence making difficult to detect but it’s there. That’s my opinion and I will stick to that. I was once in extreme darkness before being set free and know full well how they operate and I will let you know, some are here on this very blog.

    • ❤ makes a heart on facebook
      and Matt…..yep we are paying attention! It becomes most obvious when their crudity leaks out in a post. Let's pray for them.

    • Elaine do you know what is really pathetic in all this?? LA has to take time out of his busy schedule to baby sit the blog and SOME of the folks which post on it, which is totally unnecessary, We are all adults here…if you don’t like Marzulli and what his ministry is about , then leave, no reasons for cheap shots…just leave. I don’t go post negative things on Joel Osteen’s blog; I have no reason to antagonize those folks at his blog just because I don’t agree with the message coming forth….that’s so petty and weak. LA should not have to threaten to shut down the comment section because of a few people that are nothing more puppets for demons and mouth pieces for Satan. Rose is absolutely right, just ignore them.

  15. Did you see the comment about sowing discontent among the brethren? Are you aware our “pastor” has been ill and very busy….maybe not seeing the blog as often as usual? Are you thinking about how your butting into the “pastor’s” performance has made Faithful feel? L.A. just posted a comment to him about not being aware of his loss. I think you should stop this and be ashamed.

    • @ Elaine: The ONE comment I made day before yesterday was ALL I was gonna say, but Matt ASKED to be “enlightened”, as if he didn’t know what I was talking about. So I gave him what he asked for. Take it up with him.

  16. Wow… reality check!

    Where 2 or 3 gather in Christ’s Name — He’s there. He’s the Chief Apostle and High Priest.

    Through His Holy Spirit, He’s also…

    1 The Savior (… and head evangelist)
    2 The Word (top prophet)
    3 The Good Shepherd (lead pastor)
    4 The Truth (Rabboni, our master teacher)
    5 Chief Apostle (and High Priest)
    6 Servant of All (Lord of lords and King of kings)
    7 Alpha and Omega (faithful and true Witness, Lord Sabaoth, Captain of the hosts / armies)

    That means the rest of us only get to help Him, not replace Him or stand in His place.

    We don’t need a pope or other intermediary. What we need is seek His face.
    (… and not to devour each other, which Paul is much more eloquent about avoiding)

  17. Folks, Sandy/Sandra has been a perennial troll on this blog who periodically feels the need to visit and throw her bile on the crowd. She specializes in jumping on Matt, and she looks for every opportunity to call out and criticize L.A.

    Please, IGNORE HER. As soon as L.A. gets done with his interviews today, he’ll bounce her again (this will be at least the fifth time).

    Don’t waste your time responding. Pray for her – she is one of the most bitter people I’ve ever encountered.

    • Well, Rose, I handed her lunch to her a few months back over something negitive she said about LA …I guess she never got over it.

  18. WOW ! This is why I don’t go to an “organized Body of Believers” ..
    MY family and friends are the Body of Christ that I am with.
    We (the church) do not need Satan to cause disruption, we destroy our own body (JESUS BODY) BY being petty to each other.
    LA is a pastor and Jesus will judge how he ministered to HIS BODY OF BELIEVERS!.
    My sons are Pastors and they too will be judged for what they did with the gifts HE GAVE THEM. And it won’t be the way man does.
    JESUS knows hearts … and on the internet none of us know each other. I am grateful that LA comes and gives us the truth that he has found.
    I was in the catholic church for 30 years of my 37 years of life ..they never knew who I was. But Jesus did and HE led me out. I was penticostal the rest of the time, and He led me away from that too ..I’m 66 and trust in Him and His WORD (which HE is) and where He leads me..
    LA IS one who is giving me life PROTECTING info.
    I have Salvation, I have family and Friends to give me love and encouragement ..
    So enjoy that we can at this time find out the weird games Satan is playing with the church!
    Hope you get well LA…

  19. OMG LMAO! HA! HA! SOMEONE got an ole fashioned ass whoopin via this blog! Sandy your my kind of person! dont take crap from anyone! LOL

  20. Marlene….predictable. Again, how dare anyone question L.A. that way unless you do not actually read his blogs and know what is going on….perhaps you just come straight to the comments to sow discontent?

  21. Sandy don’t sure you know this but I thrive on trolls like yourself, unlike some that try to avoid it I relish the opportunity.
    First of all, I consider to be La Marzulli’s friend and supporter of his ministry…I have never joined a church online or otherwise…I detest organized religion of any sort. Sandy you can’t possibly be this ignorant. The definition of a church is as defined by Webster’s is “a building for public and especially Christian worship and or public worship of God or a religious service in such a building: to attend church regularly. Do you see any buildings here? We have fellowship here and discuss current event as well as shared opinions with like minded believers, this does not make an organized church. I don’t wish to put words in LA’s mouth but what I believe Marzulli meant by calling his blog a church is stemming from the word “church” itself as rendered in the New Testament which comes from the Greek term ekklesia which is formed from two Greek words meaning “an assembly” and “to call out” or “called out ones.”, The New Testament church is a body of believers who have been called out from the world by God to live as his people under the authority of Jesus Christ…. So of course all believers are a part of Christ’s church as a whole. All believers are members of the universal church. The universal church is made up of every single person who has exercised faith in Jesus Christ for salvation, including members of every local church body throughout the earth (1 Corinthians 12:13; This group of believers or “the body of Christ” began in Acts 2 on the Day of Pentecost through the work of the Holy Spirit and will continue to be formed until the day of the rapture of the church.
    The local church is defined as a local assembly of believers or a congregation that meets together physically for worship, fellowship, teaching, prayer and encouragement in the faith (Hebrews 10:25)
    Sandy, I am going to type this very slowly so you will be able to follow along and understand… “meets together “PHYSICALLY” for worship. PHYSICAL presence” a place where a person is actually PHSICALLY LOCATED!!”
    The truth of the matter here is you detest LA Marzulli and you and your demon that has attached itself to you have an agenda against him. And like a little demon you pounce on every opportunity to belittle him and cause harm to his ministry…This has nothing to do with LA calling his blog a church but all to do when you called him out about something completely different,,, let me refresh your memory…’
    Sandy s said
    May 13, 2013 at 11:19 pm ((You would think that the PASTOR of this church, EVEN when busy would take a minute to write “Faithful” a note!))
    Sandy you are like a fungus; we can’t seem to get rid of, always cropping up to display mean and hurtful derogatory things against LA, personally I would have banned you long ago, as I feel LA needs to focus on those who truly appreciate him and get rid of those who don’t. When are you going to get it that folks on here love and care about LA?? I couldn’t care less what you say about me…Sandy and Marlene. Don’t think I forgot the fact you told me I love gay priest a few months back…I have tried to patch things up with you but you are hostile to any reconciliation. Your last post just shows the spirit that drives you, (Marlene said
    May 15, 2013 at 8:03 pm

    OMG LMAO! HA! HA! SOMEONE got an ole fashioned ass whooping via this blog! Sandy you’re my kind of person! Don’t take crap from anyone! LOL,)

    Let me remind both you of this is not about me, this is about keeping the integrity, principles, expectations, ethics, as well as a Christ like spirit to LA’s blog. And Marlene…I’m sorry but I have to question where you are at in your spiritual walk with the Lord, I don’t know many Christian ladies, or men for that matter that talk as you do,,, “ole fashioned ass whooping “don’t take crap from anyone”
    You might want to check yourself before you or the demon that controls you exposes you even more than it has already done…and as for your comment “Sandy your my kind of person” of course she is…both of you are being manipulated by the same lying and wicked spirit… God Bless, 🙂

  22. Matt, i dont have to ‘check myself’ i was only having fun. goodgrief. maybe i just think some things are funny what people are saying on here. thats all. you go right ahead and question my walk. i dont care. you dont know me in person. i have different sence of humor. @Elaine. Get over yourself. like i said, i was just having fun,why is everything gotta be so darn serious on here?? Corey has fun with people, no one says anything to him! Matt?? did you say i have a lying and wicked spirit??? who the heck are you say that to me? i mean really? wth?sometime sim like, who do you all think you are? experts on whos demonized and who isnt? i wish L.A would say something to some of you, acting so superior and spiritual. whatever.

  23. Marlene, I am just going by some of the post you have posted on this blog…you once called me a and I quote ” a lover of gay priest” Come on now, what kind of Christian woman would utter that to someone?
    You or whatever is controlling you seem to have a hard time refraining from making, hurtful and nasty comments…I just see them as I read them, you, for all intents and purposes are hanging yourself. I have nothing to do with that. If Marzulli speaks to anyone about their behavior it should be you.

  24. WELL, im not looking for pity, BUT im done on here. you wont see me post here anymore. im tired of being judged and juried. screw the ones the are looking down on me here. i hurt like anyone else, and remember, you never met me in person yet you judge the heck out of me. i have a facebook if nayone wants to be nice. but im not holding my breath. btw, i Love this blog and L.As minstry, i have learned alot.

    • Even in your attempted for compassion you are still defiant…”screw the ones that are looking down on me here”
      Can’t you see what you are doing? Or has the bitterness and hateful spirit blinded you? Telling folks to “go screw themselves” (your words not mine) is not of a clean spirit, I’m sorry it just is not.

  25. sandy said

    Ummm sure Sybil, I mean Sandy whatever your name is at moment. I made it a point not to converse with demon spirits, plus the fact you have no idea who you really are tells me a lot…so from this point forward I will cease all interaction and contact with the demon or demons that control you …Most of the time people have no idea that it really is demons who are operating behind the scenes providing more fuel to their fires with what they specialize in, such as spirits of hate, murder, jealousy, rage, anger, bitterness, and forgiveness, and I have seen enough of Sandy’s?? post to know that she/he/it exhibits negative qualities about their persona that points to possible unclean spiritual influences.

  26. I am one of the many thousand readers of our blog which have never posted here. But my hearts burns for one young lady “Kris” or “Kristeen.” She has shared her broken heart over a possible divorce, and I would plead with the thousands of us who read here to set aside a day or hour of prayer for her, and if possible a time of fasting. Jesus loves her far more than any of us, please hold her up to Him.

  27. LA, I believe you hit a bee’s nest in the 4 Corners area, Navajo Nation.

    1 skinwalkers
    2 mysterious lights
    3 anasazi remains
    4 medicine men
    5 gods of the Navajo (*)
    6 casinos
    7 1948 Aztec UFO Crash

    * names their gods

    • Looks like the “the gambler god” (likely satan) is dominant in the region and in the tribes…. possibly including Vegas. Remember Job.

      Johnny Cash – Navajo


      Johnny Cash – The Gambler

  28. dear La and any of the rest that would like to donate such as (elaine, tgbtg and nome already have and i thank GOD for them)

    Michael Napier 127 York drive Jonesville, Virginia 24263 Im not worried about revealing anything as i am the same poor simple soul youve always seen on here. Thanks ahead of time for anything you can give!!! GOD bless you guys!

  29. What? Is this world coming to?? Cats on perches!!

    What’s next catz with wingz???? There won’t be any birds left.

    I definitely side with the african grays!

  30. As Paul exhorted Timothy, “Don’t have anything to do with foolish and stupid arguments, because you know they produce quarrels. And the Lord’s servant must not be quarrelsome but must be kind to everyone, able to teach, not resentful.” 2 Timothy 2:23-24

    I dropped by the BLOG tonight for only the second or third time in months. I had to take a break from here as right at the same time my Mother-in-law was diagnosed with advanced cancer of the liver during this past Thanksgiving weekend, there was someone posting here who had practically taken over the BLOG. This person posted not only on most everyone else’s comments but on comments of her own comments. For me personally, it was no joy to try to wade through all the self indulgent posts this person was constantly making and I felt the Lord leading me to take a break.

    On April 6th, the Lord called my wife’s Mom to come Home. We are happy she is no longer suffering but as you can imagine, it is hard still as my wife and 3 children saw her almost daily. (We live very close to their house) My children grew up in her house almost as much as our own.

    Then I am going through the comments tonight and am greatly saddened by what I see. I do pray we keep in mind that no matter how distasteful others may be who come here (And there have been several over the years) we don’t neglect to bless the hundreds, maybe thousands that visit here daily and have never posted, many seeking to know this Christ they have heard Brother Lynn talk about on some Pod Cast or radio show. May we all please keep in mind Paul’s wonderfully wise admonishment to his younger brother in the faith, Timothy.

    Respectfully in Christ,

    Jeff D

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