Our Media – Majoring in the Minors.

Big GOvernment

Our media is focused solely on the mundane.  Here’s what I mean.

There is hardly a mention of the Abortion trial where a modern-day Mengele — the Death angel of Auschwitz — who killed babies born alive by cutting their necks with a pair of scissors, is on trail.   The media have barely touched the story.  Shame!

Then there’s the Middle East, which is ready to implode and the Benghazi cover up which won’t go away.  Coupled with this is revealing that the IRS was used to spy and muscle Jews and republicans, and anyone else the administration deems a threat, which of course is a Nixonian tactic.

We get a steady stream of Jodi Arias, O. J. Simpson — yes he’s back! — Brittany Spears who looks “stunning” in a sheer black dress, and an assortment of “clowns” who pull our attention away from what is really going and focus us on the mundane.

I believe our media is in the tank with the current administration.  It has gone out of its way to portray Obama as the man of the hour.  However, when we examine his record, I believe we see has done little to help the American people.  Remember when he promised to “close” Gitmo?  Last time I looked there was a  hunger strike being carried out there.

Now, with the latest probe into the Benghazi massacre, the administration is scrambling for its life.  Was there a cover up?  Was the press complicit?  Hey Jay Carney, if it was your son who got killed I’m sure you would be calling for a full investigation rather than dismissing the events that led to the death of four Americans and telling the American people Benghazi is behind us!

Two weeks ago the Washington Press Core met to discuss what will be the greatest event in human history, the revealing of the so-called Extraterrestrial presence.   The event was barely covered by the press, as they had more important stories to focus on, like Jodi, O.J. and Brittany .

In closing todays post:  Our media is supposed to inform us.  Its job is to act as watch-dog for government abuse.  However, it becomes painfully obvious our media does neither and majors in the minors.


I will be traveling all day today …

Headed out to North Carolina tomorrow. 

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  1. Indeed…I believe the Scriptures call it systematized error! It is quite a shame our land has fallen away from the greatness it once enjoyed when it at least somewhat cleaved to God’s Word. If we want a Christian country the majority of us would have to be Christian…I am not talking about going to church!

    Thanks L.A., are you speaking in North Carolina? I live in Raleigh so if there is some kind of teaching or sharing you are doing please let us know.

    Love YOU::::
    Eph 6:12 KJV – For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high [places].

  2. I was just getting to my email when I caught a partial headline from Century Link “NEWS” that Jennifer somebody had made a skimpy wardrobe choice……..then your email was the first one I opened today…….couldn’t have said it better myself.

    When you completely shut off the TV – the main control method used by satan to dumb down our brains, this “propoganda” sticks out like a fireworks display. There is always a catch in the title to lure you away too……I wonder how skimpy it was????? Especially for guys this must be a real distraction! A lot of times these “news stories” make me completely forget the topic I was trying to research.

    You are so right! I pray Christians wake up. My parents watch FOX news all day long. It is hard to have a normal conversation in their house, even when they mute the sound. Sewsan

  3. So true. I may not agree with everything he says but just because he does speak up about the moronic “news” that the other MSM spew…..I leave my TV on the Blaze pretty much of the time with the sound off until there is a show I want to hear (Liberty Tree House makes this almost 62 year old kid happy!)
    Ya don’t hear much about Nielson ratings anymore because you know they are tracking what we waych by those boxes……So, just to drive ’em crazy, I want them to think all I watch is Beck, PITN, and Hal Lindsay. 🙂

  4. LA-well I’m in va and pretty broke but if you are within 300 miles of me…Im going! So keep us updated!
    So sad that one of our family here lost their spouse. May the peace that passes sll understanding be bestowed unto you. She is with the Father now and ful of health and joy. I believe she is now decorating and setting up your new beautiful home to be ready for you and your son-
    It is really not that long til we are all getting out of here, do hang in there brother! We love you very much!

    • Lots of traveling! Keeping you all in prayer and thanks for keeping in touch!

      Still praying for Faithfulelect and his family.

      Benghazi makes Watergate look like Sesame Street and this media is no different than the media under Goebbels.

    • I, too, would like to add my condolences, sympathy, and prayers to Faithfulelect and his son for the loss of their beloved.

      I would like to give you a nugget that the Lord laid on me when my dad passed away and went home to heaven.

      Responding to my plea to “help me!” the Lord Jesus clearly spoke to my spirit: “He (my dad) fought the battle and he won the victory!” When I heard those words, the pain in my spirit, chest, and head stopped. In fact, when we were at the funeral home, my aunt (my dad’s only sister), took me aside and privately told me “Mary, it’s ok if you want to cry.” I nodded at her ok, but I didn’t cry. I told my cousin Bobby (my aunt’s son), that it wouldn’t have mattered if I wanted to cry because there was a “shield” covering me preventing me from crying. He seemed to understand me and didn’t press me.

      Days later I marveled at how I was able to get through the whole ordeal. It was my sister, who is also a born again Christian, who gave me this scripture:
      “Surely He has borne our griefs And carried our sorrows” (Isiah 53:4). It’s real, folks, but you have to ask him to “help you,” and He will.


  5. haha I love that picture of big government. I am back on wordpress. Been busy researching and returning to my hebrew roots. I am going to try to spend more time on wordpress and less on facebook. My blog called “tattoos, transgression, and redemption” was a huge step for me and is going to be more like my future blog post. TRUTH SEEKERS OF THE WORLD UNITE! WordPress gives me a much bigger voice. I am not going to be on too much this week because of Shavuot and I am in the process of doing the final edit on my new blog post about Shavuot. This is a wonderful post LA. I look forward to chatting more with everyone soon.

    • so true even people i know that have only cable and no internet rarely watch it anymore. Its nothing but governmental propaganda and half the news is fake anymore if not more.

    • My condolences to you for the loss of your wife… Must have been tough. I am married and even though her and I are going through a very difficult time in our marriage (pretty much most of it), I still love her more than life itself. I couldn’t imagine my life without her. I’m always very mindful of the fact that you don’t know what another day may bring forth. So I try to make the best out of it each and every day (not always successful) but I try. I’ve tried to imagine the “what if” thing, and it’s something that I don’t like to imagine too often. I’m fortunate to still have her around.

      A story like your (the lost of your wife) just reminds me of how blessed someone like me is. That I still have mine. Thanks for sharing your heartbreak and reminding the rest of us to appreciate the people in our lives that we care most about.

    • thank you corey its definitely an experience i didnt want to go through weve been together since i was 19 and she was about to turn 27. the age gap always bothered her but not me. Nothing much about her ever bothered me and although i had a few slobby habits she would fuss over she loved me like no other ever could (atleast on this world) and i tried to return it as best i could. I am bipolar and locked into the frenzied manic state so i never come down much and that could drive her crazy . lol we had some good times my life will be empty without her now .

  6. If anyone wants to hear a good hashing on Benghazi you should go over to Infowars and listen to the interview that Alex Jones does with … what’s his face… Steve Picz… whatever. It may have scrolled off his video page when you get there, if so, just click on his You Tube channel or archives and give a listen. Definitely worth it. This guy used to work pretty high up back in the day.

    • Oops – the site I listed for tracking Bible prophecy headlines DOES indeed list Coast to Coast – LA Marzulli as a source, as well – woohoo!

    • RT is quite interesting when you factor out their pro-russia pro-socialism bias.

      I’ll listen more than watch foxnews, cnn international, and msnbc during major news events.

      “http://www.justin.tv/directory/news” has a frequently changing variety of sources

      I didn’t know about “The Blaze” till Elaine mentioned it today. I’ll have to check it out more. Except for Glenn Beck … personality clash (his sense of humor is well … just “blaahhhh” ).

      I’ll track down Al Jazeera or Syria TV for enemy spins on news events.

      “http://english.cntv.cn/live/” (Taiwan)

      CBS Anchor: ‘We Are Getting Big Stories Wrong, Over and Over Again’
      “Our house is on fire.” 12:09 PM, 5-11-13 • By D. Halper

  7. Thank you so much for your prayers they mean the world to me and my son. I wanted to let you know how things are going. Mainly as you’d expect. The very wealthy members of our families say they cannot help us at all. While the poorest and those not even in the family are giving what they can.

    It is the 10 cents that is given from a beggar that means more than the millions that are given from a billionairre. Isnt that odd? We have to have 3,500 atm we are at 1,2 to 1.4 range but we’re still making calls to friends that still have no idea shes passed on. Ive prayed and ive kept the faith. It will break my heart to go against her wishes and cremate her but i am sure she will understand. I have only the Lord and my mother helping us at the moment. All others have fled or ignore our calls. Thank GOD you guys are here for me. I will not forget it and neither will HE. Praise GOD he holds her tighter than i ever could now.

    GOD bless you guys. Especially Nome,TGBTG, Elaine, Rose, Ally, Eric, Linda, Gulfbreeze jen, Randall, Mrs. M, Deirdre, Matt, Hopeful watcer, Marlene and anyone else ive forgotten or didnt see their name. WIthout you guys this would be so very very much harder. My mothers also read your posts and says it shows who are really in the spirit and who just say they are. GOD bless you guys again!

    • just want you to know that i DO pray for people on here, i just dont adverise it like some do. like they type out a prayer thats as long as the U.S Mail (with no end in sight).

    • Marlene, you are on a crusade to end the long post 😉

      I do like when someone puts the prayer to writing for them, or better yet if circumstances allow, place a hand on them and actually say it.

      If you say it in private for people that is awesome, because God hears and God will respond. This is more than most do where saying, “I’ll pray for you” has become as cliche as “catch ya’ later’.

    • sorry! i mean to put as smiley face or LOL at the end. but forgot. SO. does anyone think O.J will get a another trial? hes on a mision again..who knows this time 🙂

    • Marlene, I think it’s up to the one being prayed for to make that judgment. If the prayer was meant to comfort and sooth does it really matter how long or short it is, if it ministered peace and comfort to the one being prayed for? Sometimes there are circumstances that call for the person to be able to actually read the prayers prayed to God on their behalf because it brings immediate comfort. Jesus taught us not to make long prayers in order to be praised by men, but when we feel led to reach out with compassion beyond our prayer closet should we have to worry that some may be offended by the length, or that their may be some on line who have no patience to read through? Read John 17, the whole chapter is a prayer Jesus prayed for me and you. How much space would that prayer take on your computer screen? Do you wish He would have used fewer words? Patience is a fruit of the Spirit we must all cultivate, I hope you agree.

    • NO. actually in my true opinion, i think its all out of pride. plain and simple. its all about, hey, look at me, look how i type a prayer out with my fancy words so i can try to impress otheres like im so spirtual. thats what i really think alot of you do. at least im being honest. i dont think typing out a prayer really holds any weight or has any diven authority! its NOT the same as seeing the person face to face so you can lay hands on them.

    • Marlene, that’s not your call to make. It’s the Lords. To our own Master we stand or fall, why judge another mans servant? Our hearts are accountable to Him and Him only. Our motives will be misjudged, that’s to be expected, but be careful because in the same way we judge others we ourselves will be judged. In other words we will have the same standard measured back to us. Learning that has shut my own mouth more than once. As far as written prayers, have you considered the Apostle Paul? When he sent letters to the church including written prayers for them, were those prayers powerless in your opinion? Why did he feel it was necessary to also write them out, besides praying quietly, alone for them? Is the Spirit limited by flesh and blood? Think of the Centurion, Lord I am not worthy for you to come under my roof, speak the word only and my servant shall be healed. Jesus commended him, because his faith made it unnecessary for the Lord to actually go and lay hands on his servant.

    • Please don’t argue about prayer – especially after a man’s wife has died.


    • Province Funeral Home in Pennington Gap, Virginia 24277 1 276 546 2456

      mine is 127 York Drive Jonesville, Virginia 24263 our cell number if someone wants to call feel free im quite lonely is 1 276 639 6143

    • o and thank you seashore mary im just in this numb daze again i dont mean to offend i just wanted to thank those that either always been there or are trying to be there for us now. If you guys EVER need me im there. You might have to come get me if its something physical you need but i will come and i will come for free. I have nothing but the Lord and that was never ever just words . Id be too afraid of my Father to ever just say that. HE LIVES.

  8. Drudge, Rapture Ready, International and White House News, Alex Jones compacted news briefs (only open what I want to), GOA, Star Parker (abortion and gun control legislation) Barry Chamish, then I look to youtube for in depth analysis from several people I follow when there is a “fishy” story (which is just about every false flag incident nowadays), and Stan Deyo.

    Most sites just regurgitate the MS news outlets which are completely controlled so I scan the headlines pretty quick – it is the story behind the story which interests me. Ex. An MSNBC editor responsible for putting the news out on the computerized edition of MSNBC put out a story and a brief (about 500 pages) on the internet. This story involved a very wealthy Chinese family suing our government and some very high up bankers for beau coup bucks. All these criminals were served with subpoenas too. This article named names. Very important names.

    By the time this poor guy had deboarded his plane in NYC the next night he was met with the news that his nanny had gone beserk and killed 2/3 of his kids in the bathtub and also tried to kill herself by slashing her own throat. The “lawsuit story” mysteriously disappeared from the internet, everyone got distracted by the horrific news coming out of NY and he got the message loud and clear. IF YOU STEP OUT OF LINE WE WILL KILL YOUR FAMILY.

    People are being assassinated right and left in this country. I especially try to get to the bottom of these type of stories. We do not live in a free country – only the allusion of a free one.

  9. i dunno, i disagree this time. that abortion dr tiral has been all over the news! bill oreilly has covered so has shaun hannity, they are disgusted by it. its constantly talked about on news radio in my car, are we talking about fox and cnn not saying much?? i dont get it. that so called dr is a ‘MONSTER’ so body ought to cut his neck the same stinking way. SICK FREAK. i hate what he did to those babies, and he feels absolutely nothing for what he did.

    • This info was in the alternative news for WEEKS before the MSM was pressured into carrying this story. They would never have touched it otherwise! Including FOX. These agencies are all owned and controlled by the same people.

    • You are not the typical “low information voter” that is satisfied with being blissfully ignorant.

    • “http://www.foxnews.com/us/2013/05/13/jury-split-on-2-counts-in-trial-abortion-doctor-kermit-gosnell/”

      Guilty first degree murder, three counts. We all know the death toll is a lot higher. This story will disappear quickly.

  10. That picture above looks like it could represent life for some… Reminds me of an old episode of “Married With Children”. Al Bundy’s son asked him when life began to give him a bad hand, Al responded… “Son, it didn’t give me a bad hand, It sat on my face!.

    • Nope… Never did. Guess I’ll have to check it out. I need a good laugh from somewhere.

      What am I doing? Is that what you said… Oh, O.K. I’m just sitting here having a dessert after my dinner. It’s a big fat bowl of ice cream (The pre-tribulation rapture brand… don’t like the Post as it is too bland). 😀 Snicker! Snicker!

    • DAGGNABBIT! … I spilled my pre-tribulation rapture tea on my new pants! Oh well… it’s the pre-tribulation rapture kind. It will come out. If it were the Post kind, I would have to throw them away. Snicker! Snicker! 😀 LOL! HA! HA!

    • wow you just crack youself up dont you? lol well get all you can now (ice cream) come tribulation, might be hard to find. yes, check out dutch..its flippin funny. has some bad language tho. 😦

    • The bad language thing I can handle. Being Christian doesn’t mean we’re not big boys and girls who can’t handle a few bad words. 😀

      I do crack myself up.

    • Lucy… Be prepared to have yours and John Shorey’s view of the Rapture challenged by your truly… with scripture and all. I do crack myself up… HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!

    • Um yea. ok, BUT its kinda hard to challenge something thats so backed up with scripture it will make your head spin. altho im sure your ‘arguer’ will rear its ulgy head. HA! HA! HA!

    • Not only will my arguer rear it’s insightful head… But my puzzler will puzzle… and wonder how and why could this Lucy ever believe what she believed for so long given all the evidence to the contrary… HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! 😀

    • TA TA FOR NOW! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!

      I just figured out why my computer malfunctioned the other day… It’s because it was infected with a POST TRIBULATION VIRUS. HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!

  11. Corey…. its March 25 the darkness draws near part 1….[twin towers]parablesblogspot.com AMAZING

    • Thanks… I’ll watch it. I’m interested. I’m noticing something very peculiar (information I’ve gathered) about the new “ONE WORLD” trade center tower that just got completed in New York where the old towers stood. I posted a comment the other morning but my computer malfunctioned and I lost it all. I’ll try again in a couple of days. Stay Tuned.

    • I’ll give ya a hint… Open your bible to Ezekiel 20:29 and read it. You may already know where I’m going with this once you read a specific word in that portion of scripture. I’ve talked about it before on this blog but not in the context of the new trade center tower.

    • Also read his…. babylon rising….It has alot to do with the no.22 and the new tower- then wiki the tower .If you are studied on occult numerology youll know what i speak of.

    • Laurie… I just read that two part article. That was even more interesting than what I was expecting. Wow! That looks like a very good and interesting site to read from. Very well researched. Anyone who has read Petrus Romanus ought to read that two part article. Wow! I think you also might be interested to know that Obama placed his signature on one of the beams inside that new tower. This is indeed a repeat of history of what happened at the tower of Babel when they attempted to contact the dark side and “reach unto heaven”. Our government is communicating with that very dark side. In Ezekiel 20:29, the word “BAMAH is mentioned (UBAMA) in the original Hebrew. This scripture is talking about how ancient Israel offering sacrifices to their “idols”. It’s a repeat of what ancient Israel was doing and also a repeat of a “ONE WORLD” attempt that started at the Tower of Babel.

      This has direct implications of and connected to what this website specializes in… The subject matter of UFOs and demonic entities and Giants (Nephilim). This is what Ezekiel 20:29 is implicating. Obama is hinted at right in the middle of it.

      Cannot be coincidence!

    • The shape of the eye at the base/foundation of this new tower in New York is very telling. It’s right out in the open now. Furthermore, you may notice the triangle-shaped arrows pointing up and down… “AS ABOVE SO BELOW” has very occultic meaning to the Illuminati.

    • I’ll read that other one you suggested too. I have a feeling I’ll be reading over his whole website and going back through the archives.

    • Well Laurie, I just discovered that “The Darkness Draws Near” articles at “Parablesblogspot.com” has a part three and part four. I thought there were only two. Gonna read the other two tomorrow. Can’t wait to dig in.

  12. I just finished watching an excellent film called Hyde Park on Hudson. The film (primarily) recounts the events of a weekend in June 1939 in upstate New York when US president Franklin D. Roosevelt welcomes the British King and Queen to his country estate. It was notable because a reigning British monarch had never visited America before and England was on the verge of war with Germany. I was shocked at the press corps level of professionalism and how they maintained a high degree of integrity during those times, which is literally unseen in today’s reporting. …It would put any press or journalist to shame these days… As you know FDR was handicapped which back then was considered unprofessional for journalist to focus or even report on ,,,now let’s look at present time reports with John McCain and his handicap…a complete 360 degree turn around, he was attacked and ridiculed and made fun of with nasty and mean spirited contempt by the press. Nothing and I mean nothing is sacred anymore to these predators. I mean really, I can’t see journalist of the FDR era reporting on the color of Justin Bieber’s underwear… Journalistic integrity in this country has completely gone belly up and is DOA.
    If you enjoy history films you will enjoy this one,, there are plenty of decent moments in the film including some wonderful shots of beautiful country landscapes.

  13. (( You would think that the PASTOR of this church, EVEN when busy would take a minute to write “Faithful” a note!))

    • “These six things doth the LORD hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him: A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood. An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief, a false witness that speaketh lies, AND HE THAT SOWETH DISCORD AMONG BRETHERN.” – Proverbs 6:16-19

  14. TGBTG called me today and offered something the Lord sent her to make. An offer i can only graciously accept. however what meant even more to me was that she a newcomer on this blog cared enough to do so to a complete stranger. Dear Sister your rewards will be far greater than you know. I have seen things and many times i have doubted the spirit of mankind and you i can honestly say are a true exception. May GOD bless you with a double portion!

  15. Dear Faithfulelect, I cremated my husband for financial reasons, too. The cost of “burial” was several times more. But I think cremation is great. The elect soul will have a new body, as all the pastors and teachers I know state. Most of the ones I really admire believe those who arise will have a completely new body, not made of the old one–teachers like Jack Kelly and Stan Deyo.

    • thats what we thought…they told us the price would be the same if we wanted a viewing and that was in her wishes since she helped do the same for her mother and sister in last few years. I wanted one too if nothing else for the closure it helps bring for me and my son.

    • God is light and we are made in His image…..every thought we have is the firing (light again) of a synapse and every cell division from conception on is electrical (light/energy)…….this body we inhabit now is the by product of all that Light zapping through us. It is the Light that will continue for eternity and death just releases us from the “stuff” or ash produced by our time in this life! I kinda like the idea of having my kids toss my ashes to the wind and I hope they think of it as a symbol of God releasing me from the burden of the residue of all that zapping! Cleaning house for the wedding party!
      I will try to call again later but meantime……thoughts and prayers are with you for your grief.

  16. It was asked, where do you turn for news? One of my favorite newsies is Larry Taylor. I also go daily to Deyo. And an excellent source is Prophecy and Beyond, which has many stories similar to Larry’s lineup, but P and B will probably fold soon because hardly anyone goes there now. It’s not “sensational” enough, although I think anyone who doesn’t think its stories are sensational must have become numb (doesn’t take more and more horror stories to wake up). I have known the P and B people for five years and I will continue to write the web owners if it shuts down. P and B is not just one-way, but also has a comments and blog section. Well, it’ll be gone in a few days unless they reconsider. They have prayed with me through really horrible times, including the death of Irvin. One of the list owners even remembered the 4th anniversary of his death in the Prayer Section.

  17. Did anyone catch that the IRS was watching Jewish groups?? Why would the IRS target Jewish organizations??? The same way that it watches conservatives, people that believe in the Constitution, and evangelical Christians, people that are for limited government…?? Keep your eyes open people. To borrow from DHS.. if you see something, say something.

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