What has Been Written Will Come to Pass. What was Foretold in Scripture will be Fullfilled.

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Demonstrators protest against Israeli air strikes in Gaza, in front of journalists' syndicate in CairoCommentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

The mass exodus of Christians from the Muslim world | Fox News

A mass exodus of Christians is currently underway.  Millions of Christians are being displaced from one end of the Islamic world to the other. 

We are reliving the true history of how the Islamic world, much of which prior to the Islamic conquests was almost entirely Christian, came into being.

Please check out the Links: In Other News:Tracking the Birth Pains!

I believe we are seeing the positioning of military forces in the Middle east, which will lead to the Psalm 83 War.  As many of you know, I have been following this since this Blog began back in 2008.  Since that time we have lived through they hype of 2012, and as I pointed out in The Cosmic Chess Match, nothing happened.  Since then there have been other distractions, especially from our lame-stream-media who delight in informing us of Kim Kardashian’s baby bump, and the latest musings of Lindsay Lohan.  Meanwhile, the Middle East is seething from the Arab Spring in which the entire political landscape has been drastically altered.

Politics Prophecy & the Supernatural

Politics Prophecy & the Supernatural

In Politics, Prophecy and the Supernatural,  there is a quote that I bring the reader back over and over again;  The present political landscape is in direct correlation to supernatural events that happened, in some cases, millennia ago.

This rings more true today than ever, as the story above indicates.  There is now a mass exodus of what was a Christian presence in the Middle East as the Arab spring which I believe has a supernatural component to it, has changed the political and religious landscape.  We are seeing the clash of two belief systems based on two different set of supernatural events. Those who have fled can read the writing on the wall and have left their countries in fear for their lives. Coupled with this is the growing animosity — on a global scale — toward Israel.

You wouldn’t believe the hate mail that comes across my desk for my support of the Jewish state.  At conferences I tell people, if these are not the Jews being gathered back into their ancient homeland, as prophesied in Ezekiel 37, and elsewhere, then God has made a terrible mistake and I guess we’re going to have to find where the real Jews are hiding, kick these imposters out and bring the real ones into the land!

Of course, this is absurd, yet there are those who insist this is what must be done.  I usually respond to this type of blather with this pithy statement, Hitler had no trouble determining who the Jews were, so the confusion is on your end.  

What may be a game changer and another indication how close we are to seeing a war,  is that Jordan, who has a peace treaty with Israel, has expelled the Israeli envoy.  This is telling as Jordan is the only friend — this may be an obvious overstatement — Israel has in the region and due to the pressure behind the scenes by the Moslem Brotherhood, I believe King Abdullah has caved in an attempt to cling to the reigns of power, as all he has to do is look at what happened in Egypt and the ongoing blood-bath continuing in Syria.

In closing todays post:  I believe we are about to see a regional war.  I also believe this will be the Psalm 83 war that my friend and author, Bill Salus has been shouting from the rooftops for several years.  The place to keep our focus on, is, and always has been, Israel.  For those who hold another position, good luck in trying to figure out what is going on as most of all the end-times prophecies hinges around this tiny nation, born on the birth pangs of the Holocaust, which by the way, means, A burnt offering on an altar.   

War is coming and despite what HAMAS and Hezbollah, Iran and the Moslem Brotherhood believe, they will lose this war.  Israel will never be removed from the land…. never.  What has been written will come to pass.  What was foretold in scripture will be fulfilled.

end timeIn Other News: Tracking the Birth Pains!

PressTV – Iran will not allow Israel to weaken resistance axis: official


IDF on war alert. Iran-Syrian-Hizballah war of attrition threatened. US set to act on Syria


US to arm Syrian rebels: Putin’s rebuke, Chinese “peace plan” mar Netanyahu’s Chinese trip


U.S. diplomatic security back in focus at Benghazi hearing | Reuters


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Benghazi “whistleblowers” head to House committee – CBS News

88 thoughts on “What has Been Written Will Come to Pass. What was Foretold in Scripture will be Fullfilled.

  1. As the Benghazi mess implodes the regime here, it seems might be the time those middle east concerns go red hot while we are distracted.

    • Excellent write up today. I’m mostly off the grid due to probably a 5 year old hard drive kicking the bucket on me but I think it’s pretty clear that we’re at least getting ready to see some things turn some kind of corner.


      That revived Roman Empire is not far away, folks.


      ^^ Such bitterness from Hawking.

      Keep praying and watching!

    • Eric I feel your pain. Computers are like cars. They’re only fun to have if everything is working.

  2. Both of the articles about what happened in Benghazi have so much spin. The reason those men were allowed to die is that if Hilary and Obama would have acted to save them, it would have revealed WHAT THEY WERE DOING THERE.

    Amb. Stevens was not at an embassy – it was a CIA safe house. Why were they there? To illegally transfer weapons that were taken from the storehouses of Ghadaffi and put them in the hands of the U.S.-funded “Syrian rebels.”

    The group who attacked the American team were Russian-funded Iranian fighters – some of the best in the world.

    It is an example of the proxy war that is raging between the U.S. and Russia via Iran and Syria.

    If anyone desires to have a better view of what really happened, read Doug Hagman’s interviews with the DHS insider.

    Part One: “http://www.homelandsecurityus.com/archives/7305”

    Part Two: “http://shiftfrequency.com/doug-hagmann-the-latest-from-dhs-insider-part-ii/”

    Hagman is the one who broke this story, and it is because of him that it has not been allowed to be swept under the carpet. . . Hagman, and a very brave whistleblower named “Rosebud.”

    • Yep! That sums it up, Rose! I listen to the Hagmanns every night except Thursday when L.A. is on…..should have mentioned them and Larry Taylor yahoo group when I listed watchmen!

    • Yes, Elaine, I agree.

      And, something I failed to mention: Amb. Stevens was smuggling CHEMICAL WEAPONS from the Libyan arsenal to the American-backed and American-trained “Syrian rebels.”

      Assad never attacked his own people – our guerrilla force did and blamed it on him.

      We are the terrorists. No wonder the rest of the world hates us now – our “leaders” are devils.

    • @Rose “… our “leaders” are devils.” “we … us … our”

      The problem I have with divided loyalties is nicely summed up in scripture: “a double minded man is unstable in all his ways” and “why halt between two opinions?”

      As a geek, it’s like trying to work with Office 2010 and Office 2013 on the same desktop….

      Allegiance to the United States (a government) is far different than allegiance to Christ, His kingdom, His church, and His family (best expressed as the greater assembly of saints in heaven). I’m saying plain and clear that “we” in the spiritual Kingdom of Christ really don’t worry about temporary passing worldly kingdoms. Kinda like “6 Flags of Texas, Mid-America, wherever” wait a bit they’ll be another along shortly.

      @Elaine “time for a middle east war to distract from the domestic mess”

      Fast forward through special prosecutor, hearings, etc. …. end result a whitewash, like White Water, Waco, and Monica Lewinsky … ” depends on how you define ‘is’ ”

      A difference that makes no difference is no difference at all.

    • Rose, How can we be salt and light if there’s no difference between what we do and what the world does?

      Much more eloquently dealt with by Vernard Eller… in “Christian Anarchy.”

      Consider that the “coming of Jesus” (even now underway) involves the greatest political change the world will ever see, namely, the disappearance of worldly politics with all its moral pretension and adversarial contest. And if this is what the coming of Jesus portends, then the first place this disappearance should be observable is among the members of Christ’s body. Thus, God’s indication is that the church should be moving away from hard-ball politics rather than (as we are doing) baptizing such politics–and this in complete disregard of what the hymnist knew almost a century ago: “For not with swords’ loud clashing, / Nor roll of stirring drums, / But deeds of love and mercy, / The heavenly kingdom comes.”

    • Well, the world is trying to hide the truth of Benghazi.

      Christian journalists are exposing the lies and digging for the truth.

      I don’t see the problem.

    • And, I understand that someday Jesus will change everything – I believe that with all my heart and it is my hope.

      BUT, we are still IN the world. We are not OF it, but we are IN it. We are to influence the world around us, not twiddle our thumbs and wait for the rapture.

      If William Wilberforce had taken what seems to be your advice and not spent his entire life fighting politically against evil, slavery might still be alive and well in Great Britain.

      As Christians, we are called to expose darkness and bring light and salt into the world – that means getting involved and talking about the mundane (and often political). We can’t be so spiritually minded that we are useless in this world. To me, that is false piety.

    • The Lord has been speaking to me a lot about citizenship. As He does on most occasions He asks the question so that I will arrive at the answer. The question is of allegiance. It use to be common that one would pledge allegiance to both the flag of the USA and the “Christian Flag”. But, is that correct? I will sum it up and not blog on LA’s page. I have come to the conclusion that I am an ambassador for Christ. And as an ambassador for Christ. My approach to both men individually and men corporately (such as government) should be approached with this mind-set. I plead with all men on behalf of my King.

    • If that would happen, yes, but I just don’t expect it. We know the news is manipulated and worse. We’ve been around that block 2 or 3 times already with the Clintons, (as I noted: Whitewater, Waco, and Monica. End result — whitewash in the “justice” system). All I did was fast forward.

      Obama is largely incompetent. (I’m being kind saying that.) Hillary is likewise largely incompetent. Some hearing establishing that they’re more incompetent — really makes no difference. We could be pointing to Assad, Ahmadinejad, KJU… etc. All incompetents. Hitler was no great orator — but he was demonically inspired (and worse). The world denies supernatural reality.

      So our target still needs to be against principalities and powers. And the real difference comes — not by might, nor by power — but by the Spirit of God. The Kingdom of Heaven is righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost (Spirit). Christ’s spiritual Kingdom is what matters. When that’s right, then the physical trappings come in line. Change is needed in the heart of True Christians first. There’s no government nor political solution. And no call to put any faith in them.

      The blatant most obvious fact is missed because of the distractions — the administration just doesn’t care about those that were killed. Whatever their schemes (which you present well), they’re not even trying to provide any due regard for those they wasted. No surprise they act inhuman, (obvious to you and me). Just like they ignore that we were all “fetuses”, hiding behind the fact that they likewise waste adults just as readily.

      Quite a contrast to the Kingdom of Heaven, where “Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints.” Likewise with the martyrdom of Stephen, where Christ stands and takes direct interest with immediate connection — with Stephen. Our discussion is about “salt and light” correct?

      Where was the connection? Where is the compassion? Why should anyone in military, diplomatic, or security services expect any difference now based on the political spin and whitewash going on?

      As always — Christ shows us what leaders should do — if they really cared.

    • @Chad my 10:51 was addressed to Rose. You are exactly precisely right on target. Stephen had an open Heaven when he was martyred — so much that the witness was left to us. He was in conversation with our King at the moment of passing. So much that He forgave those used to stone his body to death. Very like what Christ showed at His crucifixion — commending His Spirit back to the very hand of the Father.

      As ambassadors — we have the ministry of reconciliation — to Christ and His Kingdom.

    • Well, Nome, do you think Hagman should have shut up? Do you think he was too worldly by bringing these things to light and by involving himself in the political process? You would not have written your last four paragraphs (to me) if you didn’t have the information that Hagman brought forward – you’re spot-on in your assessment. And, yes, everyone has noticed that the administration allowed those men to die.

      Do you think L.A. should shut up, also? His work and those of his friends will have huge political ramifications to those who read it because it hits at the heart of the matter – Darwinistic thought. And it is on the platform of Darwinism that the alien gospel will be ushered into the world arena.

      It is true that we are ambassadors of Christ and citizens of the kingdom of God, however, when I flip open my pocketbook and look at my driver’s license, it says that I’m a citizen of the U.S. – an American-born citizen. And, because I am a citizen of the U.S., Barak Obama is my president – my leader. I shudder as I write that, but to not acknowledge it would be a lie and a delusion. He is your president and leader also, as he is Chad’s – unless you both decide to revoke your citizenship.

      So, is that a divided allegiance? No, it is a reality. It is a fact. Unless I revoke my U.S. citizenship, Obama is my president.

      So, how can we call both Christ and Obama “leaders?” The answer, of course, lies in the degree of leadership. Paul used his rights as a Roman citizen to further the gospel. He acknowledged Nero to be his emperor. It was during the reign of Nero that Paul wrote Romans 13. However, Paul also chose to die rather than to deny Christ, who was his God. It is in the degrees.

      I still don’t fully understand your objection to my original post, but I think I’ve addressed your concerns. Please clarify if I haven’t.

    • No objections Rose. I’m pointing out the typical progression. Going past that and showing a more excellent way.

      There was no illusion in Paul. He wrote his prison letters as an Ambassador in Bonds. No doubt when it came time for audience with caesar — Paul would not worship him. And was likely executed exactly for that.

      Bonhoeffer tried the worldly solution. Part of the assassination plot against Hitler. Imprisoned. Executed right before the end.

      US law is very clear. If you are a member of a foreign military or a member of another government then your citizenship is in question. I’ve sent letters to the US State Department declaring my allegiance to Christ as King, that I’m an ambassador of the Kingdom of Heaven, and a member of the army of God (as per scripture). I’ve assured them that I’m more than happy to pay their taxes and remain in peace. And I also requested a green card. No response. They couldn’t. They don’t officially recognize a spiritual kingdom.

      So the fact is that “the old man” — my dying flesh — which I die to daily has US citizenship. I am however born again and abiding in the Holy Spirit, which is the Kingdom of Heaven. I abide in Christ, who is the Vine. And am alive forevermore in Him, joined to His Spirit.

      And an all to frequent basis, I have opportunity to pledge allegiance, especially during city council meetings and occasionally during jury duty or court cases. I remain respectful, but do not pledge allegiance to the US. That would be a lie. We were told by Christ not to do so. To let our Yea be Yea and Nay be Nay. I have no allegiance to any country on earth. No more preference for the US than for Israel or Japan or Syria. My citizenship is in Heaven (scripture).

      The challenge of course — like here — is to present a true witness. To show and act as a citizen of Heaven, ambassador of Christ, and warrior in the His military. That does not include physical violence in most cases. I’d protect a child being attacked. I’d also call for the authorities as is proper.

      It’s just a matter of time till the US ends. The Kingdom of Heaven and Christ is eternal. Then any apparent difference is resolved. I will continue in patience. and not in rebellion. Revolution is sin just as much as sorcery.

      So this is my answer in good conscience before God and man — and the rebel angels. The time when Christ extends His Kingdom fully into the world openly and physically for season (1000 years) is coming soon. And those beheaded for their witness of Christ and the Word of God who do not worship the beast — will be physically resurrected and reign with Him. (As priests and kings.)

      He will take up His great crown and reign openly also in this world. Not long now. Come quickly Lord Jesus.

    • Have you quit paying taxes?

      Bonhoeffer never repented of trying to assassinate Hitler.

      And, you didn’t answer my questions: should Hagman, L.A., and men like them, shut up?

    • And, Nome, I need to say one more thing and then I’ll let this drop. You write about protecting a child. I believe you would do that – I believe you would give your life to save a child from an attacker or an abuser. I have never met you face-to-face, but from reading your posts all these years, I believe you would do that.

      However, what about making the streets, city, airport, roads, etc., safe for her mother? What about keeping a strong economy so that her father can work and ensure she never goes hungry and can be clothed and educated?

      What you say is good, but it doesn’t go far enough. Yes, the rebel angels are behind a great deal of things, but it is MEN – human beings – who act and make the country good or bad.

      Our country has the greatest amount of evangelicals in the world, and the highest prison population. What gives? The people of God have abdicated their duties to be salt and light.

      The blame is in the pulpit more than the rebel angels.

  3. If I can be honest. I haven’t been watching the news or television. for the past few weeks. I check Drudge Report and this blog. That is it. I was tired of listening to the celeb updates and all the other nonsense. I just want real straightforward reporting. I get that here.There’s so much going on right now. Keeping my eyes and ears open. Looking up! and praying.

    • I agree, Kirsten! I count on L.A. and a few other watchmen like Quayle, Deyo and Trunews.
      Everytime I see any other source, my first thought is, “How are they trying to con me?”

  4. Favorite quote of the day “What has been written will come to pass. What was foretold in scripture will be fulfilled.” – LA Marzulli AMEN!!

    • Thank you Rose!!!!!! Out of the blue you post just what is needed! I am sending that link to someone very close to me who will hopefully be blessed and use it to fix her own family! I just love Rose from Kentucky! God surely uses you in amazing ways!

    • Elaine, you’re a sweetheart. You’re welcome – this couple from Australia has certainly helped me in the past with some very difficult people in my life. I hope it helps all who read their work.

  5. I say this to my husband everyday, When Jesus returns, hes gonna put an end to all this lying, corruption, murder, EVERY knee is going to bow, every drug dealer, bad ass biker, harden prisoner, king, queen, gang banger, everyone who thinks they are superior, every knee will bow to the King Of Kings! i hope i can witness that. i wanna see that with my own eyes, it will one amazing event.

    • @Marlene, good morning! I don’t want to leave your comment last night without responding. Your husband needs to know what’s going. He is the head of the family and his authority or sin can affect the spiritual “setting” of your home. I know I would certainly want to know! I’ll be praying About that. Z

    • thankyou! your so right, he does know and hes prayed over me alot, even annointed door ways in our home, etc..but still i have these attacks, i would say, about 2 times a month. i dont get it, i feel like i have prayed all the things i can, i have repented for things that i may have opened doors to. i dunno anymore. maybe, just maybe the enemy is trying to intimadate me because he knows God has a big plan for my life? just guessing here. im not in any type of sin.

    • It seems like there has to be an open door somewhere. If not from you then from your husband or even an object (idol) or a direct attack from a person. I pray that the Lord would use this as a stepping stone and not a stumbling block in your life. This is a victory waiting to happen.

    • reality check…
      Tom Horn … house burned down, lost library … publishes a library now
      Russ Dizdar … house flooded, lost library … rebuilt given larger library
      Richard Grund … attacked through association with his son in the Casey Anthony circus

      And of course Job, Joseph, Daniel … certainly Jesus … Two Witnesses, Great Multitude

      We have the Armor of God — because we are going to get hit and attacked and oppressed.

      That means overcoming. That’s what Abba wants. He isn’t sparing us from learning to deal with all this — with Him through Christ.

      So to be forgiving… there has to be something to forgive.
      To be obedient to the Word… there has to be the option to head offroad through the rough instead.
      To have peace that passes all understanding… there has to be option to do war (an enemy)
      To recognize the Truth… we have to dismiss much that’s unwise (mystery, sorcery, folly…)
      To have faith in Christ… there have to be extended times that cause us to doubt
      To be caring… there must be that option to Lord of others and put off serving them
      To be true witnesses… there must be that situation that tries to keep us silent

      What’s the overcoming in a case of oppression? Russ Dizdar summarizes with the “5 A’s”
      1 Aware
      2 Alert
      3 Armor
      4 Authority
      5 Action

      More here:

    • @nomemoleste, that is great insight. One of the body of Christ’s biggest witness to our salvation will simply be our hope and joy in the midst of the chaos and tribulation. Ephesians 5 8-13 light exposes dark

    • @Zak, thankyou again, you are most likely correct im going to keep praying ask the holy Spirit to please show me, so i can repent, or whatever i need to do. i will do it. caus eim tired of going thru this. when it happens to me, it leaves me in a depressed state for days and highly agitated. it suxs.

  6. The more the middle east continues this great purging of Christians from all things Islam, the more I hear Walid Shoebats voice in my head rolling his tongue at the church telling us our westernized take on prophecy needs some adjustment. I don’t know where/if Shoebat is errant in his views but, sure is curious. Wonder what LA’s take is on him.

    • I have some reservations about those who hold up Islam as the foundation for the antichrist system. It’s not because I think there logic is flawed. It’s because the connections they make are too seemless that they appeared planned.

      Please, hear me out. If the entire Christian world is expecting an antichrist and we know before hand the circumstances that he will rise to power, how would anyone be deceived? The answer is we are handed one on a silver platter from a well crafted evil called Islam.

      Think about it. Satan influences evil. Satan knows scripture. And Satan isn’t stupid. So he influences a grand evil as a pawn and catalyst, so that we fight against them in unity. And isn’t that what the antichrist will do? Unite the world!!

  7. I just voted with my mouse to have the subject of ghosts covered more thoroughly in an upcoming Watchers DVD documentary. The subject matter of ghosts is sorta my peeve with people (the unsaved). When people see “ghosts” of people walking around who have died, the witness of the ghost walks away thinking that they are necessarily “in a better place”. We as christians know that absolutely no one gets into Heaven without having received Jesus as their savior. These apparitions are probably doing more to ensure that people never come to the saving knowledge and belief that Jesus is necessary for Heaven. After all, they see the “spirit of the deceased person” walking around and come to the conclusion that they are fine and that they are here visiting with their living loved ones and they weren’t christians so that must mean that I don’t need anything to do with the bible and this Jesus. They won’t even bother looking into it. If I were a demon spirit or Satan himself, I could not have come up with a better plan mode of deception than that. This deception will probably be the biggest culprit in people dying lost than any other. The following is probably a close second.

    “I’m generally a good person. I don’t murder, I don’t steal, I don’t…. I don’t… I don’t… fill in the blank. So therefore, I will go to Heaven. Only really bad people go to Hell.” Method # 1 is the one that I encounter the most at my place of work as I work in a hospital. It’s been reported by nurses and others that they have seen a “little girl in a blue dress” walking around before. A “ghost”. My co-worker claims to have also seen this apparition. The conclusion is always the same. “She” likes to do this. “She” likes to do that. I’ve explained it to some people about what these apparitions really are, but they don’t say much of anything back to me. They probably think I’m nuts. This is a subject that christians had better start talking about lest someone they know step into eternity without Christ having succumbed to this Satanic deception.

    • Corey, you certainly hit the nail on the head. I don’t know if anyone could have put it better. These “ghosts” have been deceiving people for thousands of years and few understand what they really are. Thanks for being so honest and trying to get the truth out to unbelievers.

      And L.A. thank you for always standing up for Israel. God will continue to bless you for doing so.

    • Corey, you’ve caused me a smack-upside-head, I coulda had a V8 moment.
      When you say it, its incredibly obvious. But I’ve been asked many times in conversation- but with other believers- why satan would bother with the ghost thing. Yes, a deception, but to what end? What does it benefit him to reinforce that there is an afterlife and have the ‘departed’ tell others how wonderful things are? The concept of everyone gets to go… never ever occurred to me, and there it is, plain as day. Bravo for stimulating my congealed thinking!

    • These so called psychics & mediums like James Van Praagh mislead so many. He tells his client that the departed spirit mentions something that only the deceased could have know about them or where their favorite piece of jewelry is. Or course the spirit knows. That demon has been around forever and watching that person. Grieving individuals go to these psychics for “comfort”. Of course it is only leading them down a darker path to destruction.

    • @Bruce, your so right. just yesterday i heard on fox about the one girl that had been abducted for over 10 years, he rname is amanda berry. they aid her mother had appeared on the montel william show shortly after she vanished, and wanted to ask that (LIAR) Sylvia, shes a medium, if her daughter was still alive, the medium said, sorry, shes not, shes dead. shortly after that, the mother relatives said, died of a broken heart. that made me so mad. shes not hear to see her daughter alive today. she had went to seek advice from a L.I.A.R and look what happened. gggrrrrrr

    • Hey now, that’s my show…..it’s the only media that makes sense anymore…although much better with Art Bell as host as Noory seems insistent to drive it into the ground, and speaking of Coast to Coast tonight they will have on retired psychology professor from McGill University, Don Donderi who has spent the last 50 years studying evidence for UFOs, ETs and abductions, working with the late Budd Hopkins and Stuart Appelle. He’ll discuss the copious evidence for these phenomena, which should not be dismissed by mainstream science, yet is.

    • Matt… I certainly didn’t mean to besmirch your show 😀 I like tuning into it every night myself because as we all know, they have a good one on now and again, like when L.A. or Tom Horn or someone like that comes on. I’m more or less talking about the new agey, positive near-death experience kind of stuff. I must say that I think people having positive near-death experiences despite the fact that they claim no born-again experience with Christ is a huge deception as well. These kinds of books and stories have flooded the market and have gotten wide-spread attention over the years. As a result, people’s minds have been swayed away from the whole concept of having to have a born-again experience with Christ.

    • Moonbeampye20Lucy… I agree with you on that. The black-eyed children subject is an interesting one as well. Demonic deception comes in many forms doesn’t it?

    • Bruce W… You hit the nail on the head yourself with that one. I never thought of that. These mediums that seemingly know things that they otherwise wouldn’t know is a major weapon that demons seem to employ in their deceptive tactics. They can tell you all about a person sometimes and it has the illusion that this deceased person is communicating with the living through a medium from the other side, despite the fact that this person never had a born-again experience with Christ. It’s a very powerful deception.

    • Stonedragon… I guess the bottom line here would be that Satan does not want people to know that there really is a Hell. He’s trying to take as many people with him as possible. That’s the ultimate purpose and end for him.

      It’s scary to think that most people in the world are deceived by these methods. No wonder Jesus said the following… “Wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction and many there be that find it. Narrow is the way that leads to life and few there be that find it.” “Many will say to me on that day, Lord, Lord, Have we not prophesied and done many wonderful works in thy name, Have we not cast out demons in thy name? (think Catholics) Then I will say to them, Depart from me you who practice lawlessness, I NEVER KNEW YOU.” The key words here… I NEVER KNEW YOU.

      It needs to be stressed to people that your good works do not matter. It’s whether or not you have a relationship with him. Your fellowship with him may come and go throughout your Christian walk with him, but the relationship you MUST have. In other words, are you officially his son and is he officially your father? Do you have a blood covenant with him. It’s interesting that the words “New Testament” mean “New Covenant.”

    • Marlene… I was agreeing with you. You read that comment wrong. I should have put a smiley face at the end. I wasn’t asking a question. I was making a statement. 😀 Sorry!

    • Yes NDE’s are very strange indeed, but then again so are EVP’s, not sure what to make of either one.
      I certainly don’t like the direction Noory is taking Coast, dare I say I would rather have Wells on full time with his loopy conspiracy shows, at least thats somewhat entertaining. You know it’s bad been when Art Bell no longer wishes to be connected to the show at all.

    • For your consideration…

      When Christ told of the “rich man and the beggar Lazarus” who both had died — how is it that the rich man was in torment and unrelieved thirst? Also able to communicate. Not a demon apparently. As for Lazarus — he was with Abraham far off across an impassable gulf. Certainly neither Abraham nor Lazarus were demons.

      Back when King Saul went to the witch to call the ghost of Samuel — I have no reason to believe it wasn’t Samuel and not some demon.

      All of which is easily understood based on what Paul tells us — as revealed by the Holy Ghost — that we have a natural body and a spirit body. Likewise consistent with Christ’s body and spirit being separate. Not in the least that he ascended to Heaven to send the Comforter, i.e. to be with us each in Spirit, in the Holy Ghost.


      And there’s the case of the Greater Cloud of Witnesses, and the Great Multitude that comes out of Great Tribulation, and those beheaded for the Witness of Jesus and the Word of God that had not in anyway worshipped the beast… who will later live and reign with Christ for 1000 years (Rev. 20:4).

      So yes — I’d definitely welcome LA digging in on the ghost topic. Consider what it’s like to be in the grave in your spirit and your flesh rots (in the grave as in sheol = hell).

      That’s not to say that demons and rebel angels don’t masquerade as ghosts. The best explanation of what a demon is I’ve heard is that demons are the ghosts of the nephilim (angel-human hybrids).

      And then we can spook LA and ask whether or not their bones and skulls are demonically charged — by the very ghost demon that formerly inhabited that body….. So there’s a definite progression from the nephilim skulls (hazmat and possibly even spiritual WMDs if mishandled) to demons to ghosts…..

    • Nome… That is the best explanation of what a demon is. The spirits of the dead giants that died in the flood. In agreement.

    • hehe! I spooked myself. What if the demon bones are literally virulent as in contagious? As in inducing plague… from mutated blood cells… or carry some virus they contrived… all the more reason to destroy by fire… possible component of the mark… able to altar DNA… like a zombie virus… experimented on in Damascus……….. Isa. 17

    • What a thought! All this excavating that has been going on with these remains of the giants. Interesting how it is said that these things have been discovered all over the place and they suddenly disappear like they were confiscated by the governments of the world. It is actually a fact that these things have been confiscated whenever someone has discovered them over the years. Possible the government may have something horrible in their possession on the order of some kind of contagious virus as you said. Interesting scenario. It’s almost as though the Illuminati controlled governments of the world are hinting at this with the releases of all these movies like World War Z, the T.V. show “Walking Dead” and others.

    • I just read Isaiha 17… Are you suggesting that God is going to bring judgment upon Damascus for something that has to do with this? Very possible I suppose. Interesting.

    • Just considering if there were a protocol in any WMD lab in Damascus that if a massively virulent bio-weapon were released accidentally in an attack… if they would nuke themselves or call for the city to be nuke to contain the plague instead of letting it engulf Islam in the mid-east, if not more….

      Nothing suggests this in prophecy that I know of… so more a matter of thinking through various scenarios.

  8. Hey, L.A., I don’t have a different opinion at all, it’s hard to believe that so many are blind where Israel is concerned and cling to their replacement theology ideas! God bless you Lynn, for all you do! Bonnie Hendricks

  9. Good day peoples. Is it just me…. I don’t know how many of you play videogames such as Call of Duty. I remember playing Call of Duty 4 I think, which has the main nemesis as Al-Assad. Ironically, a nuclear device goes off, in the capital city I believe. Coincidence???

    Anyway, when I think about ghosts… I think about somebody giving up the ghost. I believe ghosts can interact in a limited capacity with the world around them. It’s interesting to note that Paul says to test the spirits. I don’t believe all ghosts are bad. I believe that some ghosts can be conjured, such as Samuel being conjured by the witch at Endor.

    I think it’s interesting that Israel took out a target in Syria. Interestingly, they US goverment has been supportive of this. While I won’t get into the conjecture of what is really going on over there. I think that the move by Israel has made Syrian government of Al-Assad a bit weaker both in appearance and in real strategic terms. I believe the rebels will win; I won’t be surprised if a device of mass destruction consumes Damascus. It is my opinion, that the reason that the United States says that Israel has the right to defend itself is that Israel whether knowingly or unknowingly has supported the rebels(al-Quaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, and others) who are winning substantial victories all around Israel. I think those of us paying attention will get to see some interesting things. Important also, is the role that China is playing in the middle East debacle.

    How is it that Jerusalem is becoming such a burden on the world? Also, please note the real issue w/Cyprus. That issue may have not been about currency, but about the control of natural gas into Europe, which is contrary to the will of Russia.

    LA, thanks for having this forum.

    May Christ come quickly.

  10. “http://www.nbcnews.com/technology/technolog/syria-goes-dark-again-widespread-internet-blackout-6C9830083″

    War-torn Syria has gone almost completely offline in what appears to be an Internet blackout, according to traffic readouts by Google and global Internet monitoring service Renesys. The country’s networks went down at around 2:45 p.m. ET. (9:45 PM in Syria).

    No communication from Syria has been made explaining the outage, but it is unlikely to be the result of an accident or environmental factors. . .

    Still no word from Assad. No responses from the airstrikes. . . something smells very fishy.

  11. i know the Bengazi whistleblowers and the hearings will stir things up like a wasp-nest. in-fighting of an unprecidented level may come of it. arming “the syrian rebels” is crazy. these things are not to important to a segment of our Nation. lastly, i agree totally with you L.A., The Jews that have ingathered are real Jews. i believe scattered Israel is also in America mostly and Canada. i do not think Ezk.37 “the two sticks” have joined as one yet and we are dealing with The House of Israel and The House of Judah still.

    • Yea the The Ashkenaz Jew Myth is the the new anti-Semitism. You would think this heresy is only held by a select few but truth is, it’s growing. Wicked to say the least.

  12. “http://philosophers-stone.co.uk/wordpress/2012/05/mark-zuckerberg-is-grandson-of-david-rockefeller-real-name-jacob-greenberg/”

    Mark Zuckerberg Is Grandson Of David Rockefeller. Real name. Jacob Greenberg.

    Ok so this Greenberg / Zuckerberg thing is getting weirder by the second.

    A Jacob Greenberg was arrested for possession of Marijuana and this mugshot was taken. It was later revealed that this could indeed be the man the world knows as Mark Zuckerberg.

    His family members include David Rockefeller, his Grandfather. A little strange because Rothschild owns 8% of Facebook shares. Both Rothschild and Rockefeller are well known names….TAP with One World Government associations.

    and his other granpa….greenberg…CEO of AIG

    TAP – Facebook was funded with $500 million from a CIA owned bank, which was a
    bit suspicious. I wonder if Google has similar disguised progeny.

    Zuckerberg means ‘sugar mountain’.

    That’s their secret word for Facebook no doubt. A mountain of information from
    which they can extract billions. Bill Gates comes from a multibillionaire eugenicist
    family, which was kept well hidden in the early years of Microsoft. The same
    families control it all.
    The Tap Blog is a collective of like-minded researchers and writers who’ve joined forces to distribute information and voice opinions avoided by the world’s media.

  13. My crazy son just came up to me and said, “Mom, we’re going out to eat on Mother’s Day. . .

    “You can come if you want.”

  14. Billy Graham Today

    Billy Graham’s Daily Devotion Time is Running Out!

    May 8, 2013

    Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.
    –Matthew 24:35

    Time is running out. The seconds are ticking away toward midnight. The human race is about to take the fatal plunge. Which way shall we turn? Is there any authority left? Is there a path we can follow? Can we find a code book that will give us the key to our dilemmas? Is there any source of authority to which we can turn? Have we just been placed here by some unknown creator or force without any clue as to where we came from, why we are here, and where we are going?

    The answer is “no.” We do have a code book. We do have a key. We do have authoritative source material. It is found in the ancient and historic Book we call the Bible. This Book has come down to us through the ages. It has passed through so many hands, appeared in so many forms—and survived attack of every kind. Neither barbaric vandalism nor civilized scholarship has touched it. Neither the burning of fire nor the laughter of skepticism has accomplished its annihilation. Through the many dark ages of man its glorious promises have survived unchanged.

  15. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry plans to announce on Thursday that the United States will give an additional $100 million ( borrowed from China ) in humanitarian aid for those affected by the Syrian civil war.

    ( So how much is France/Germany/ China/Japan contributing?)

    $100 million to people in the Middle East that want to kill us, but not enough money to fund needed programs in the U.S. This Administration is out of touch with the public and seems to be hell bent on the destruction of the country…..They are trimming our spending budget by the billions, but yet Obama Nation just keeps writing and handing out checks they can’t cash. Someone needs to steal his pen not his teleprompter… The US economy still in the ditch, millions of Americans still unemployed, people sinking into poverty, and Illegal Immigrants being granted Amnesty. Sounds like Democrats are running the country….right into the ground.

    • I won’t blast you for your thoughts and opinions Marlene, we can disagree and still have a civil discussion about it,,, you made a lot of sense with your post, I might not agree, but hey, that’s what makes the world go around…your comments were great and it’s definitely a personal decision, I don’t think there is one blanket answer for everyone on that issue, as its really a personal choice.

    • “http://codex.wordpress.org/Using_Smilies” (for a possible reference without garble)

      basically take out the spaces used to separate the face (sorry the tabs get clobbered)

      icon, text, text, full text, icon, full text

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      assuming this doesn’t go to moderation

    • Segoe UI symbol font in Word (insert symbol, also works, but not on every browser, firefox is ok)

      So for some it looks like talking in an unknown tongue. I just haven’t found a way to make them larger.


  16. your absolutely right L.A…..anti-semitism is getting out of control and the hate for Israel is growing! About Jordan, its interesting that they (the hashemites) actually own the temple mount so they have a major part to play! Theres so much prophetic speculation out there about how things are going to go down, so I have my personal views, but try not to be overly dogmatic about them because things have a way of popping up out of nowhere. However, one thing for certain, Israel is called the apple of Gods eye, and He will not abandoned them and neither should we! Great post, as always!

  17. Thanks Nomemoleste! I was hoping someone would post something like that. I’m a one trick pony when it comes to these faces… I only know this one 😀 Lol!

    • my pleasure… ส็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็_(ツ)_ส้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้

  18. i need you guys once more. My wife is in a hepatic coma at the moment and is not expected to pull through this time. her kidney’s have shut down and her liver is cirrhotic. The Lord miraclulously healed her as you know over a year ago but she slowly started drinking again and nothing i said did any good. i got to speak to her for a few minutes at the intensive care unit last night and she said she was done with it for good this time.

    I know the Lord can heal her again i just hope he will. He is far more merciful than we’ll ever be.

    Please pray for us. Our only source of income is her disability check and it would take me many months if not a year to get mine Thats not my concern since when and if she passes i will follow swiftly. The Lord sent us to each other at the worst possible times in our lives and we have been through more than most could think possible. I hope you remember the many times ive prayed for each of you and will gladly continue. PRAYER works. Please do so for us. GOD bless you .

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