26 thoughts on “Off to the Hyndman Pennsylvania Conference!

  1. Internet Addiction… […or demonic possession?]


    • I would never be on Facebook; it’s just another way for the government keeps tabs on you.
      If you want to be on their radar, being on Facebook is a great way to do it. They monitor Facebook as well as other so called social media sites on a regular basis. Would never catch me hanging around those places… it’s just not wise if you value your privacy.

    • Who are you kidding Matt? Just posting pro-constitutional rants on a religious based blog like this one probably has us on government watch list already.

      Just cuz I am paranoid doesn’t mean their not after me 🙂

    • Hopeful, I agree that no communication is really “safe” anymore. However, the venue does make a difference – Facebook was initially financed by the CIA, and is set up to profile individuals. This blog isn’t financed by anyone but L.A.

      For example: a rant on a site like this must be sought out and collected and the IP hacked in order to find out who the person is and where he/she lives. Not impossible but it takes work.

      Writing something on Facebook is like standing inside the offices of the CIA while being filmed by CNN and ranting against the government.

    • Rose, true true. I don’t Facebook myself.

      It’s only a matter of time though. Once the bottom drops out and we are one world with a common currency, there won’t be any communication that won’t be controlled. We shouldn’t be stunned when at that point we are frog marched to our new homes.

    • Anybody…ANYBODY who’s merely on the internet is on the government watch list. Facebook or LA’s blog, we’re all being monitored. Posts using words like “God, One World, Antichrist, Jesus” are all flagged.
      It’s too late to “erase” your trail. Just enjoy the ride as long as it lasts.

    • Wise choice, Hopeful. I am amazed at the degree of surveillance people volunteer to allow. Facebook takes all vital information, pictures of the client and family members, vacations, activities, interests, health, political inclinations.

      Then, it links with search engines like google and entertainment sites like Hulu to allow an even deeper psych profile. This is an interrogator’s dream. People willing give up what they used to endure torture to hide and protect.

      Sheep. Sheep. Sheep.

    • 🙂 I gotta laugh!

      Just to tweak the NSA alert systems….

      You can understand why they get weird about tracking folks that don’t call themselves something like: “The Gay Narco Caballero.”

      If I speak a true Word of Knowledge prophetically (in advance) about the exact targets of coordinated terror attacks against global stock markets (their family jewels) leading to collapse of wall street and other markets along with bank runs, riots, anarchy…. as part of using the Word of God as the Sword of the Lord to warn the nations about the impending ramifications of their sins…. in our warfare against the demonically driven higher powers….

      Well you can see how some godless defense chief or hopeless homeland security secretary might get concerned about domestic terrorists …and then buy a bunch of bullets or push gun confiscation… as a way to build up their own budgets….

      Especially with demons and demonically driven main stream media weasels raising suspicions, fear mongering, political gaming, and spinning outright lies…. along with dark covens, pro-gay, anti-heretic, cult deprogramming, and pro-death abortionists doing their damnedest to lie, steal, and kill to try to stop us.


      Of course, LA does rant better than I do. 😎

    • I agree that we are all probably flagged by participating in this blog and others, but I stay away from facebook and other social media. I cringe at so many things put on their facebook page. My borther-in-law posted a picture of a new rifle he bought the other day and I cringed for a varitey of reasons. At the lowest, basic level, he actually posted a picture of something notifying the whole world that he has something worth stealing that is probably right there at home.

      Then there are people who post pictures of jewelry and all kinds of other things.

    • They say when applying for a job now, the first thing a potential employer does is go straight to your facebook page. Like others said, whatever is posted is there forever. Pictures of people partying and whatever.

    • I’m willing to take the risk for Christ. God is using facebook to reach out & save people. Sow seeds out on FB & watch the awesome things He is doing. “If you try to hang on to your life, you will lose it. But if you give up your life for my sake, you will save it.” (Matt 16:25)

    • No judgement on my part late night. If you use it to spread the gospel and glorify God, then I say good on ya’ mate.

      We are told to count the cost and it sounds like you have.

  2. More on yellow nodules….


  3. Wishing you safe travels and a blessed time at the conference this weekend, LA. 🙂

    Last night’s show with Richard definitely dropped some tantalizing bombs. I can’t wait to dive into the goodies!

    • Prayers here too! And Eric is right…..last night was some amazing radio!!!!! First Hamp with Stan Deyo and then Acceleration. How did the connections work for everyone from here or Fringe sites?
      I just stayed on Doug Hamps “listen here” link and it was all so clear and glitch-free that I was afraid to go the normal route that has been so iffy lately. I know…..a “duh” moment but we don’t have to shut down one show’s site and go to another’s when they follow each other on the same venue!

    • I couldn’t get the show to work at all. Double clicked the listen from the blog site and it said windows didn’t recognize the server. Finally gave up.

  4. “http://www.wnd.com/2013/04/iran-president-ahmadinejad-arrested/”

    Iran source: President Ahmadinejad arrested
    Taken to secret location for 7 hours before released

  5. “http://www.thecommonsenseshow.com/2013/05/02/the-eight-unfolding-stages-of-the-great-american-genocide-part-1/”

    The Eight Unfolding Stages of the Great American Genocide (Part 1)

  6. “http://www.foxnews.com/tech/2013/05/03/google-recognizes-palestinian/”
    Google changes Palestinian location from ‘Territories’ to ‘Palestine’

    Real subtle.

    BTW, there’s a fire issue in parts of CA including near the Marzulli’s home and so forth. It’s “fire season” again. Please keep all those folks anywhere near the fires in prayer.

  7. “http://www.jpost.com/Middle-East/Report-Israel-conducts-airstrike-into-Syria-311991”
    Report: Israel conducts airstrike into Syria

    That’s legit, folks!

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