On the Trail of the Nephilim – Chapter 2!

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I’m going to continue putting some of the chapters of the new book here.

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Chapter 2 (Not all the clippings from the news papers were used from this chapter)

Darwinism – The Holy Grail that is Sacrosanct

1 Darwin mural

Photo taken by the author at the Field Museum, Chicago, 2012

The picture above says it all and it’s from the Field Museum in Chicago. We see a plethora of life portrayed here and in the middle of it all we see this:

… from so simple a beginning endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful have been, and are being evolved. – Charles Darwin

Darwin changed the prevailing world view in the West that taught that a holy, loving God created the world.

Darwinism, in my opinion and that of many others, is a theory that has never been proven. However, as we can see from the picture taken in the Field Museum, Darwinism is the prevailing paradigm that has become the status quo. There is no other view that is seriously considered in academia, and it would appear, at least to this author, that any other paradigm, including but not limited to discoveries that go against Darwinism or in some way challenge it, is immediately dealt with by expulsion, ridicule and/or deliberate obfuscation. (See Ben Stein’s movie Expelled).

Assuming I am correct here, this is what I have come to call intellectual fascism.

Author’s Side Bar:

This will be a quick note, but if you have never seen Ben Stein’s movie, Expelled, I would encourage you to go out and rent it or watch it on NETFLIX.

Stein goes up against the status quo, and the intellectual elite, exposing the bias against any other form of thought that is antithetical to Darwin’s theory.

He interviews former teachers and professors who have lost tenure for mentioning intelligent design, which is the theory that the complexity of life had to have some designer behind it because it couldn’t have happened by chance.

Stein also sits down with Richard Dawkins, one of the premier evolutionists of our day, and challenges him to tell us where life began. Dawkins doesn’t have an answer, but postulates life began elsewhere by a race of beings that had evolved by some sort of Darwinian process and then they created and seeded us here on this planet.

This sounds like science fiction and yet Dawkins defends this circular reasoning because his answer begs the question: who created the race of aliens who created us?

Stein makes a very cogent point that any other paradigm or world view that is opposed to Darwinism is met, head on, with intellectual hostility. The movie is revealing in that it clearly demonstrates the prevailing view in both academia and science.

The bottom line for me is this: it would appear that any evidence that would conflict with the Darwinian paradigm is immediately shut down and becomes forbidden.

With that in mind I will now present some of the newspaper clippings that were found by researchers Fritz Zimmerman, Ross Hamilton, Vine Deloria and Jim Vieira. I will comment as necessary.

Using postings from various newspapers, I will demonstrate that a race of giant men and women had populated North America. These extraordinarily tall people were not what we would consider traditional Native Americans and, thus, in my opinion, the mounds and other sites have been erroneously credited to Native Americans.

It seems reasonable to me, when we examine the evidence in the written record, that there has been a deliberate obfuscation by the Smithsonian and other institutions to keep the Darwinian paradigm guarded. In other words, these giant skeletons do not fit the standard theory that Native Americans crossed the Bering Strait and settled here. page19image13888 page19image14048

It would appear there was another race of beings that predated what we would call Native Americans, and academia has ignored the oral traditions of Native Americans that tell us a different story than the present ones we are being told.

Some tribes have an oral account of a race of giants that were created when the “sky gods” came down to Earth and saw the daughters of men. The children from these beings were the giants.

The next chapter will explore one of these oral traditions which have been handed down for generations. This story contradicts the status quo and, in my opinion, syncs well with the evidence we find in articles dating back two centuries ago.

Author’s Note: We have left the following articles from newspapers in the way in which they were first published; thus spelling, punctuation errors and language are true to the original.1

The Wichita Daily Eagle – November 17, 1891 (Courtesy of Jim Vieira) Smithsonian Institution’s Bureau of Ethnology 1898-99 1

On the upper terrace, within the corporate limits of Monongahela City, are situated the garden and greenhouse of Mr. I. S. Crall. Two ravines on the east and west sides open directly south into Pigeon Creek, and their erosion has lowered the ground until it is surrounded by higher land on every side except along the bluff next to the creek. The further side of the creek being bounded by a high hill, the pass looking up the river, thus the tract is surrounded on every side by hills close at hand, ranging from
40 to 250 feet above its level. In excavating for foundation walls and other purposes, Mr. Crall has, at different times, unearthed skeletons of large size: the ground is strewn with mussel shells, flint chips etc.

On the eastern side of this levee, near the break of the ravine, and close to a never- failing spring, stands the largest mound above the one at McKee’s rocks, measuring
9 feet in height by 60 feet in diameter … at the center a hole measuring 3 feet across the top and 2 feet into the original soil. In this were fragments of human bones too soft to be preserved. They indicated an adult of large size. The gray clay was unbroken over this hole. Directly over this, above the clay and resting upon it, were portions of another large skeleton, with which was found part of an unburned clay tube or pipe.

Helena Independent – Wednesday, October 10, 1883 (Helena, Montana)

J. H. Hamley, a well-known and reliable citizen of Barnard, MO, writes to the Gazette, the particulars of the discovery of a GIANT skeleton, four miles southwest of that place:

“A farmer named John W. Hannon, found the bones protruding from the bank of a ravine that has been cut by the action of the rains during the past years. Mr. Hannon worked several days in unearthing ‘the skeleton,’ which proved to be that of a human being whose height was twelve feet.

“The head through the temples was eleven inches; from the lower part of the skull at the back to the top were fifteen inches, and the circumference forty inches. The ribs were nearly four feet long, one and three-fourths inches wide. The thigh bones were thirty-six inches long and large in proportion.

“When the earth was removed the ribs stood high enough to enable a man to crawl in and explore the interior of the skeleton, turn around and come out with ease.

“The first joint of the greater toe above the nail was three inches long, and the entire foot, eighteen inches in length. The skeleton lay on its face twenty feet below the surface of the ground and the toes were imbedded in the earth, indicating that the body either fell or was placed there when the ground was soft.

“The left arm was passed around backward, the hand resting on the spinal column, while the right arm was stretched out to the front and right. Some of the bones crumbled on exposure to the air, but many good specimens were pre-served, and are now exhibited at Barnard Medical School.

The skeleton is generally pronounced a relic of the prehistoric race.”2

St. Paul Daily Globe February 24, 1891, P.1 Petrified Giant

Discovery of a Body with Legs Eight Feet in Length

HELENA, MT, Feb. 23 – Vital Jarcot, a half-breed, who carries mail between Fort McGinnis and Rocky Point, brings the news of the discovery of the petrified remains of a giant in the badland of Choteau county, a few miles below the mouth of the Mussel Shell river. The discovery was made by Lata Dona, another half-breed, who started off to find a purchaser for his curiosity before Jarcot could get a complete description. The remains were not complete, showing the petrifaction had only taken place in a portion of the body, while the remainder had followed the course of nature and returned to dust. One leg was 8 feet long, the thigh being about 4 feet. A rib found measured 2 1⁄2 feet. Petrifaction is no unusual thing in the badlands of Montana and the Dakotas. Wood in that state is frequently found. The petrified body of an Indian was found in North Dakota about a year ago. Jarcot, who brings the story, was perfectly sober.

Sarasota Herald Tribune – June 28, 1933, P.6 Search Reveals Huge Skeletons of Extinct Race

NATCHEZ, MS – Skeletons of Indians estimated to have been more than 7 feet tall have been unearthed by explorers of Catahoula Parish, Louisiana.

A search for locations for study by members of the Smithsonian Institution disclosed from 15 to 20 of the skeletons in a grave on a mound at Larte Lake.

The discovery was made by Dr. E.A. Beithaupt and E.W. Knight and was regarded as contributing to the theory that the pre-historic mound builder once lived there.

I will close this chapter with a quote from Vine Deloria, Native American author and professor of law emeritus, that sums up the situation better than I could ever hope to do:

It’s probably better that so few of the ruins and remains were tied in with the Smithsonian because they give good reason to believe the ending of the Indiana Jones movie—a great warehouse where the real secrets of earth history are buried.page37image13560 page37image13720 page37image13880 page37image14040

Modern day archaeology and anthropology have nearly sealed the door on our imaginations, broadly interpreting the North American past as devoid of anything unusual in the way of great cultures characterized by a people of unusual demeanor. The great interloper of ancient burial grounds, the nineteenth century Smithsonian Institution, created a one-way portal, through which uncounted bones have been spirited. This door and the contents of its vault are virtually sealed off to any

but government officials. Among these bones may lay answers not even sought by these officials concerning the deep past.

The first hint we had about the possible existence of an actual race of tall, strong, and intellectually sophisticated people, was in researching old township and county records. Many of these were quoting from old diaries and letters that were combined, for posterity, in the 1800s from diaries going back to the 1700s. Says Vine in this understanding:

Some of these old county and regional history books contain real gems because the people were not subjected to a rigid indoctrination about evolution and were astonished about what they found and honestly reported it.” (Emphasis by the author).

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33 thoughts on “On the Trail of the Nephilim – Chapter 2!

  1. The more I watch our local politics here in Denver, Colorado, the more I’m am convinced that these people are probably not real people at all. They all must be Nephilim/human hybrid or some monstrosity in human clothing. Our governor just signed into law cheaper in-state tuition for the masses of 3rd world invaders a.k.a. Illegals that pour into this city every day. The slimy politicians surrounding him at his desk all waved their fists in victory as he signed it. It’s like they were all hailing America’s destruction. Apparently, they think the destruction of Denver is a good thing. We ought to be deporting these people out of our country not giving them free anything.

    It made me three times as angry as I saw this spectacle play out knowing that just two days ago, I had a gun put to my head by one of these violent pieces of trash as I was walking down the street Sunday morning coming home from work. Needless to say, he got my money I had on me. If I had had a gun, he would have been a quivering bloody mess in the street. I came ever so close to whirling around on this piece of trash and busting him in the nose. I thought he might pull the trigger anyway, and if so, I was gonna get me some on my way to Heaven. Fortunately, he didn’t pull the trigger. It was him along with 3 other pieces of trash that perpetrated this crime. Denver is a sanctuary city in case no one here knows. It seems all of America is these days. Some cities you better not go into or you risk your life. Needless to say, right now, I’m not feeling to “christian-like”. Excuse me. Although I was concerned for my life in the moment it happened, that feeling quickly turned to rage and anger. But what do ya do when you have a gun planted in the back of your head?

    Just a word for all the advocates of mass, third world invasion of America.

    • Corey, so sorry you had to go through that. God spared your life. He obviously has more for you to do. I was a victim of a violent crime years ago. The more you talk about it the better. It takes a little time. Hang in there. I’m sure everyone here who reads your account will be praying for you including me.

    • I was held up when I lived in Philly 35 years ago. Black guy pointed a gun at me as I was walking home from med school after dark. Wanted my wallet. I was about 10 feet from the corner of a building so…after pulling my wallet out and holding it up for him to see, I took off running….waiting for the shot…that thankfully never came.
      I headed back to school, notified security who called the cops. Five minutes later I was in the squad car heading back to the scene of the crime. Lo and behold, the nut was in the process of holding someone else up!
      When he saw the car, he took off running into a row of abandoned buildings, tossing his gun in the process. By this time about 5 other cars arrived. The police eventually flushed the perp out, beating him up enough to finally get a confession out of him. Then we all headed back to the station where I had to identify him in a line-up.
      The experience made me more street-wise but it could have happened anywhere, town or city. Welcome to life.

    • Corey, I haven’t made many comments to your post in the past, however I wanted to on this one as I have been in your shoes on more than one occasion, my city is a cesspool of foreign invaders who are seeking nothing more than a sanctuary city. Crime here is rampant and out of control, there are only a few pockets of the city left that you can live and feel somewhat safe. Our openly gay liberal mayor here ties the hands of the police as they are not able to ask for papers on anyone that has committed a violent crime and they suspect as being illegal, in fact they have been told to look the other way when they pull over large van and or trucks with illegals hiding in them. They are simply let go to walk the streets of our city.
      I have had a gun pointed to my head as well and it was not a pleasant experience. It will take you awhile to get over this; I was shaken up for a few days. Living in this city I have had a gun pointed at me on 3 differed occasions. Which the last one I mentioned was the worst of these though none of them I would describe as a good. I chose to become a victor not a victim and went out and got my CHL and now I am armed to the teeth. I have served notice and gone on record at HOA meetings in my neighborhood that anyone attempting to rob or harm my family will leave in a body bag…I feel due to my announcement at these meeting; my home is one of only 3 that have not been broken into on our street. I am quite capable of protecting my family and now have the fire power to do so, I had a policeman admit to me, they (the police) are there just for the clean up after the crime has been committed against you, and they know they can’t get to you on time for help. Since the city refuses to do anything about the pouring in of illegals and are walking the Obama administration line on making this a 3rd world country, citizens have no choice but to make preparations to protect themselves. The government knows something is coming down the pipe as well as they are buying up all the ammunition and making it very difficult for citizens to purchase. Why would the government need to buy more ammunition than the military itself uses? They are either preparing or planning something very soon. I have a bug out bag ready to go as the big cities will be the worst place to be in any scenario they have planned. Sorry this happened to you, I know it’s an eye opener, but for what’s it’s worth the points you made in your post were spot on and I couldn’t agree more, it’s just unfortunate it had to come at the expensive of a crime against you…am glad you are ok. God Bless.

    • Corey, I am so sorry this happened to you. I’m praying that God heals your spirit quickly and shows you how even this will work together for good in your life.

    • Problem is as the economy continues to tank these stories become more frequent and problematic. I was in a Jack in the Box restaurant when it got held up…they put me and the employees in the back closet area, I was the only customer in there at the time. One of the scum bags put the gun to my head and asked me if I wanted to die…it’s very traumatic to go through something like that, this is why I support the death penalty to its fullest and angry it takes 12 to 15 years to finally put someone to death for the crimes they committed,. I’m proud to say I live I the death penalty capital of the United States but even here it seems to take forever for victims to get justice. It seems the victims have less rights then those committing the crimes…

    • You have got to love then this happens…Man turns tables on shotgun-wielding attacker.

      A man being robbed at gunpoint at 5 a.m. Saturday morning in New Orleans turned the tables on his attacker when he managed to grab the shotgun, causing the attacker to flee.
      The confrontation was captured by surveillance footage from a nearby security camera. the victim-turned-vigilante wasn’t done yet.

      According to police, the victim was approached moments later by two black males in a black four door sedan. The victim told police that the driver of the car said, “give me my gun back and I’ll give you your phone that you dropped.”
      An NOPD spokesman says the intended victim declined to return the shotgun back to the robber, but instead used the weapon to strike and knock out the rear windshied (sic) of the vehicle. Police say the two suspects fled on Frenchmen to St. Claude and then to parts unknown.

      The pansy ran away as soon as the guy grabbed the gun. Not so tough now are ya? There would have been dead thug laying in the street after this if that was me. His wonderful parents would have had to pull his dental records to id him.

    • This is my favorite one,,, a hotel was getting robbed in the Los Angeles area, as the robber was getting the cash two MMA Fighters who were in town for a tournament come off the elevator and quickly realize what is happening,,,, they put the guy in a choke hold and body slams him,,,, what luck this thug has, robbing a Comfort Suites where two MMA are staying, what an idiot…well, I suppose there are success stories…

    • Thanks all for the above replies. Enjoyed that video there Matt. And thanks all for the prayers. I’m trying not to be bitter about it but it’s not happening.

    • Matt… You said it very well. The purchasing of all this ammo by DHS is indicative of something huge around the oorner. Their destruction of America is picking up speed big-time.

    • I fully understand your bitterness Corey, but at the same time try not to let that happen if you can possibly avoid it.This just happened to you and your understandably mad as heck right now… and who can blame you? You have every right to feel that way, but you can’t become bitter and let them (the scum bag that did this to you) win and steal your joy…I can be mad and bitter about it for the both of us…I will be praying for you as this is not an easy thing to get over…not only the crime that was committed against you, but to see your city, country crumble and deteriorate before your very eyes. I had to move out of my neighborhood recently as I just couldn’t take it anymore as the crime was becoming an everyday occurrence and more violent. I am being pushed farther west to the point I am no longer consider in the city limits anymore,, the neighborhoods try and hold out as long as they possibly can but eventually they all become breached,, property values plummet, crime becomes rampant and you have to pick up and move again. There are only a few pockets left in the city and surrounding areas that are considered safe. Most however are a lost cause, and left to the invaders. This is Obama’s dream for America as was well documented in the film 2016: Obama’s America

    • Corey this happened in my neck of the woods…Joe Horn, 61, spotted two burglars breaking into his next-door neighbor’s home. He called 9-1-1 to summon police to the scene. While on the phone with emergency dispatch, Horn stated that he had the right to use deadly force to defend property, referring to a law here which justified the use of deadly force to protect Horn’s home. Horn exited his home with his shotgun, while the 9-1-1 operator tried to dissuade him from that action. On the 9-1-1 tape, he is heard confronting the suspects, saying, “Move, and you’re dead”, immediately followed by the sound of a shotgun blast, followed by two more.] Following the shootings Mr. Horn told the 9-1-1 operator, “They came in the front yard with me, man, I had no choice!”
      Police later identified the dead men in Horn’s yard as 38-year-old Miguel Antonio DeJesus and Diego Ortiz, 30, both were criminals from Colombia who had been convicted on drug trafficking charges. Police found Torres had three identification cards from Colombia, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic, and had been previously sent to prison for dealing cocaine. Torres had been deported in 1999 but was back in the US.
      This man Joe Horn got a lot of flak from our openly gay liberal mayor who wanted to throw the book at him, however, the whole city rallied behind Mr. Horn and he was released despite the mayor and city council repeated attempts to convict and incarcerate him. . I don’t know about you, but I wished I had a neighbor like Mr. Horn looking out for my interest if I was away on vacation. He deserves a key to the city in my view.

  2. Pray for my son who is one of those Darwin-preaching scientific types. He ridicules me for my views. He said many times, “Who created God?” I just said, nobody created God. He is the Ground of all Being.” My grandson repeated that “Who created God?” to me, and I told him that’s the mystery of life, that God is the uncreated One. We don’t have to understand this, and in fact we can’t! My little grandson seemed to understand perfectly and never asked me again “Who created God?” I’m grateful I got to tell my grandson this, and that he understood. He is in Advanced Placement in the second grade, along with the sons and daughters of the scientists who work here; but many of these little kids are being taught that God exists. Their parents, some of them, know just how much they don’t know.

    • Will pray.

      These resources might be helpful to you:


      ^^ This was Dave Hunt’s last book and boy did he go out with a bang.



      “http://www.rforh.com/” < – Carl Kerby and his son do some wonderful presentations that are easy to understand for all ages on creation vs evolution and other issues, too.

      Plenty of free resources and articles to help you out if need be. Hope those are a blessing to anyone that sees them. 🙂

    • Mariel, I work with a group of scientists, several of whom are Christian but many who are not. I will add your son to the list of scientists I pray for, that the scales will fall from his eyes.

  3. President warns Texas about resisting Obamacare

    President Obama said massive resistance from states including Texas has complicated efforts to implement to his signature health-reform law.

    The dictator-want-to-be, Obama, will push for implementation by the Federal Government even though it has no legal authority to do so…… Of course for a two-bit dictator, laws don’t matter. And as far as the so called “Resistance”, Mr. President? Really? Is that like Congress trying to “Exempt” themselves from this total fraud????…..I’m just waiting for all the O-care supporters who will have to pay tax on the insurance premiums their employers pay on their behalf since under O-care that is now taxable income. We can add to that, paying tax on any medical benefits paid by the insurnace company on your behalf, since most of that is now taxable income under O-care.
    Then when they go to sell their homes, they will have to pay capital gains tax under O-care, since that law did away with the floor for home sales gains.

  4. Hi, First post, I’ve been watching for awhile, and really enjoy reading all the blogs. This is off topic, but it came to me that the first Pentecost was the appearance of the Father to Moses to give the 10 Commandments, and the second Pentecost was the appearance of the Holy Spirit. Could it be that the third member of the Trinity will appear on a third Pentecost, either at The Rapture and/or The Second Coming? It might be wild speculation, I just thought I’d run this up the flagpole to those of you who know a lot more about this concerning these things. I have most of LA’s books and tapes, and always enjoy his insights.

    • Gregg Maier… I have to tell ya, I’ve looked at all the pros for the rapture occurring on Pentecost and also for the feast of trumpets. I kinda lean more toward the Feast of Trumpets, but at the same time, Pentecost is also a very defendable position. I have many articles from my older “Prophecy In The News” magazines about that whole subject matter. In the end, I have to shrug my shoulders and say it could be either. My best guess would be Trumpets (September). I just saw an interesting video the other day on YouTube about this very subject matter.

    • (Ok… since that worked… sorry for the doubled up post re: moderation…)

      Hey Gregg,

      It’s interesting to me to consider projecting Pentecost back into the Old Testament, since it implies that the sequencing of events from God is organized, if not synchronized to modern atomic time. Our tendency to think of time as constant is largely driven by use of clocks.

      God’s timing and cycles are more like how a play producer works. “Regular time” exists only in the scenes. When there’s a glitch and something has to be corrected, then regular time stops till it’s fixed. It’s like saying that the timing in a book is different than time spent writing the book. When things seem to be on hold in prophecy, some point to such “time outs” as in “parenthesis.”

      There’s an event structure in history and prophecy, which is reflected in the Bible, something like this: 7654321234567

      It would be more accurate to say that the 3′s & 4′s and 6′s & 7′s occur in parallel, and that the sequence is more like leaving home (7) going to some distant point (1) and returning to home (7) again. And even more accurate to say that this is fractal.

      7 God is rejected as judge (Gen)
      6 … as king (books of Moses)
      5 … as priest (Joshua and Judges, faith books in the OT)
      4 … as teacher (Wisdom books)
      3 … as pastor (History books)
      2 … as prophet (Prophecy books)
      1 God is rejected as savior … Except by the remnant (Gospels)
      2 … is accepted as prophet (The Word, book of John)
      3 … (books of Paul)
      4 … (book of Acts)
      5 … (book of Hebrews)
      6 … (epistles)
      7 … (Revelation)

      You can fill in the dots.

      So how does God do things?

      What I’ve tried to do here is take you beyond a 3-fold awareness of His ways to a higher resolution 7-fold array. In the Revelation, were given that the Lamb has 7 Horns and 7 Eyes which are the 7 spirits of God. In Zechariah, there’s a stone with 7 eyes that’s related. In Genesis, He phased creation in to 6 days, plus a 7th rest day. And as for the holy days given by God through Moses, there’s of course Passover through Tabernacles (7).

      7-fold is no more true than 3-fold or 1. With disciples, Christ takes us to a 13 fold order. As we detail things, there’s higher resolution…. we might jump from 13 to 70…. What I’m saying is the Trinity is just as true as there being only 1 God — who has also revealed Himself to us in a 7-fold manifestation of His Spirit. Higher orders involve family and city and kingdom.

      Ok then, back to your question. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit… Manifest to Moses, Manifest as Jesus, soon coming as the Lamb Slain… on Pentecost?

      He tells us His return will be as a thief to those that aren’t prepared, and retrieves the wise, who were watching and kept oil ready. In the Revelation, that’s right at the end of the 6th Vial (Rev. 16:15). At the 7th Vial, He comes with Armies for the Day of the Lord. That becomes clearer when we recognize that the Trumpets and Vials are directly related.

      1 Passover / Altar
      2 Unleavened / Laver
      3 First Fruits / Table
      4 Pentecost / Lamp
      5 Trumpets / Censer <— golden censer, smoke in vials
      6 Atonement / Ark
      7 Tabernacles / Mercy Seat

      So I'm inclined to consider His return for the wise, like the Philadephians — during Atonement vice Pentecost. (i.e. at the end of the 6th Trumpet likewise the 6th Vial … and the sounding of the 7th)

      Nonetheless, working the other direction to consider the encounter with Moses…. I need to think more about that being a Pentecost event, and how the 7-fold is reflected in the life of Moses and in the events before and after the encounter regarding the larger pattern and Israel.

      Like LA says, we might not always agree about the details, and often agree to disagree, but on the larger issues most of us do agree here.

  5. Gulf Breeze Jen, thanks so much for adding my son to the list of scientists you pray for.
    And Eric, thanks for the reading tips. He would not read them; the only way he will change is direct Holy Spirit action, but of course it could come through someone he meets. He was my little 2nd grader once, so I remember that little boy and pray.

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