Where do we Go From Here?

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FBI Fake Terror Plot History: Judge Napolitano – YouTube

Judge Napolitano is one of my hero’s.  His show was taken off FOX News, in my opinion, for being too much on the cutting edge and acting as an opposing voice to the bloated government we now have.

I don’t know what really happened in Boston, but I posted this video as the Judge makes a very cogent case that our own government was involved in staging terror plots.  I am also bothered by the military response to one lone 19-year-old punk.  Boston was on lock down and SWAT teams held people at gun-point. MARTIAL LAW: Boston SWAT Teams FORCE Americans Out Of Homes At GUNPOINT [POLICE STATE] – YouTube

Where do we go from here?

  With the recent events in Boston, we must ask ourselves, where do we go from here?  How can we possibly legislate our safety?  We stand in lines at the airports and submit to full body scanners, TSA pat-downs, searching of our private possessions without a warrant, and as demonstrated by the tragedy in Boston, none of this has made us safer.  How do we respond to a mother who supposedly states she will praise Allah for the death of Americans and the death of her sons? WHOA!… Zubeidat Tsarnaeva Tells CNN: “I Don’t Care if My Youngest Son Is Killed. I Don’t Care If I Am Killed. I Will Say Allahu Akbar!” (Video) | The Gateway Pundit

The mind-set reflected in this brief phone call to Zubeidat Tsarnaeva reveals a world view which is foreign to most of us.  This ideology is the same which spawned the birth of the suicide bomber.  In my opinion, it is a twisted logic which most of us here in the west find repugnant.  It is a death wish.  To say God is great for killing Americans, her sons and herself, is beyond the pale.  It is contrary to what we see in the Bible when Jesus tells us: I have come that you might have life and have it more abundantly!

Yesterday Rand Paul seemingly flip-flopped on his stance against the use of drones on American citizens, which I’m sure will be used to hunt down terrorists.  Activist Post: Rand Paul flip-flops, says drone strikes on U.S. citizens on U.S. soil without charge or trial are okay

He now appears to condone the use of drones in “certain circumstances.”  We are moving to a police state that would make George Orwell, blush.

So what do we do?  Do we ban all Immigrants whose backgrounds are Middle Eastern, or Islamic?   Do we deport everyone who holds to Islam.  At least one Imam has denounced the bombings so there is a ray of hope.

Boston Imam denounces bombings as against Islam

I’ll take a moment and turn the tables here.  What do we do with the white Neo Nazi groups that are here?  Do we deport them too?

In closing todays post:  As Americans we love our liberty and our freedom.  However there is no way government, any government, can ensure our safety all of the time.  It’s impossible.  There is no way to legislate our safety, we can’t control what people think.  If we roundup every gun the nut case bent on killing will find another way to cause mayhem.

The America I grew up in 50 years ago is a far cry from the America we see today.  We have abandoned the God of the Bible, pushed him out of our schools, taught our young people we descended from apes, and embraced Darwinism.  We have allowed violent video games, endless bloody, body counts in movies, and created horror films which show human mutilation.  We are now the most medicated society in the history of the world.  Our soldiers come home from an endless war and many wind up killing themsevles.

In Philadelphia a “doctor” is on trial for the killing of babies.  Now the lawyers argue if the babies were alive and what constitutes being alive.

Are a nation under judgment?   What will it take for the American people to rise up and take a stand and say enough is enough?  What will it take for the pastors of the churches to alert the people of what is coming?

Where do we go from here?


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end timeIn Other News: Tracking the Birth Pains!

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42 thoughts on “Where do we Go From Here?

  1. We’re going to one world government and religion and these are the kinds of steps you take to get there.

    One big fat happy second world and second rate communitarianism setup. It’s almost here.

    That’s the short answer. 😉

    • P.S. The entire world is headed/under remedial judgement. For a time America stayed arguably ahead of the pack. No more. Now everyone’s on equal footing and it has to be that way ultimately for the eventual Tribulation.

      So we’re close.

    • We are very close. But I still wish we could look forward to a dream ticket of Dr Ben Carson and Judge Andrew Napolitano! I don’t even care which one gets top billing!…….but that is a daydream, I really doubt we have that long…..it is okay, may get rough but we win and Jesus will run a perfect world!

  2. False Flag events will only get worse. The global elite need an event big enough to take our weapons in a door to door sweep. They need marshal law and they need it soon. Just as Hitler and Stalin took our guns.

    I have a friend whose father worked at Buckley Airforce base and now he works there. Both are brilliant engineers who worked as private contractors in the 460th Operations Group. Buckley Airf Force base is the big golf balls when you fly into Denver.

    The group provides missile warning, missile defense, technical intelligence, satellite command and control, battlespace characterization and robust communications.

    Well the government is closing the whole division. The father without going into specifics said the US will have no protection what so ever.

    Something big is right around the corner for America.

    Yesterday the markets weren’t even phased to the worst factory production numbers in 3 years. The collapse of the financial system is starting.

    Its only going to get worse as the birth pangs come quicker.

    • And it didn’t hit the news media? Why the closure? Budget deficiencies in the area of security but let’s study the snail in sex mode? Double the YIKES!

    • The news media wouldn’t hear about the division that runs this highly classified satellites. Its run by private government contractors.

    • richard, i was the one that brought up “wisdom in the stars” documented in Psalm 19. my email nb78@live .com if you would like to correspond one this topic. i am not scared people would think me crazy but i have studied the “star-Scripture, Moses wrote the Pentatuch apprx. 1490BC, but all the congregation of Israel in Goshen knew the Scripture. this is a area of truth that has been removed from most ref. resource. Abraham and Joseph had this revealed to them. Rabbincal tradition says Adam, Seth, Enoch lived such a extended life to document Astronomy perfect.

  3. In the world — but not of it. Salt and light — until it’s time to “come out of babylon” and out of sodom.

    Of course there’s no way to be salt and light for the apostates who are tasteless and dim, basically like the world.

    Practicing secular paganism, secular idolatry, and bowing to the global corporate gods — the real nephilim of the end time — gets the same result as for the wicked. Spat out and left behind — to suffer the plagues of babylon — the hold of every foul spirit.

    Sad to sat that so many that are probably true Christians have divided allegiance…. Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness — and come what may there’s no worry nor fear. We have to do the right thing — and that’s whatever Christ is doing. He hasn’t changed. He’s still doing the rescue mission as in Luke 4 and Isa. 61.

    The holy angels are more than well able to deal with violence in the world. There’s a certain old rebel that’s gonna be locked for 1000 years…. very soon now.

  4. John Michael, I liked your post yesterday, I thought it was intelligent and insightful, I enjoy LA’s blog as I feel we can bounce ideas and theories off each other and hopefully not become defensive or overly sensitive to others opinions…as hard as it is for me to admit, looking back on it I have said some pretty idiotic things on LA’s blog in the past. Mostly over reaction on my part. In hindsight I feel I should have refrained from a few of my comments, but thank God we serve a forgiving God that bails us out when we ask forgiveness when our foot gets wedged in our mouth.
    I am truly impressed with the faith that you have, that’s a wonderful thing to have, however, my faith is just not as strong nor do I share the same blind faith that you obviously possess. We are two different people who serve the same God but has lived through different life experiences so we may look at things differently …I just want you to know I feel you are blessed to have that kind of faith and I truly did enjoy your post. I was not being critical of your post at all; I was just bringing up some points to add to the discussion.,,,and yeah you are right, the bible does look good on paper, we just have to wait and see how this all shakes out.

    • Well, it seems like I had my turn to put my foot in my mouth yesterday. That post was in the wrong place, and because of that it created a meaning that was never intended by the writer.

      I hate that particular meaning and I attacked it. And, the poor man was shocked and hurt.

      I wish he hadn’t left so quickly because I’d be happy to apologize to him.

  5. Is this a Coming Storm?

    Bird flu spreads to Taiwan, as more signs of human-to-human transmission emerge

    Taiwan just reported the first confirmed case of the bird flu H7N9 to have spread outside of mainland China. The patient is a 53-year-old man who had recently returned from Shanghai and Suzhou, along China’s eastern coast.

    However, more than simply indicating the avian flu’s expanding geography, the case suggests the possibility of human-to-human transmission. Of 110 health care workers treating the patient, three have since come down with flu-like symptoms, despite the fact that they were wearing protective medical gear, said the Taiwan Centers for Disease Control on its website.

    The patient told the CDC that he had neither been exposed to birds or poultry, nor had eaten any undercooked eggs or poultry.

    • In Revalation it tells us a disease from animals is going to wipe out 1/4 of the earths population. NOT my words, but the words of Jesus.

  6. Alleged Canada plot turns focus to rail transport’s vulnerability

    I used to think that Canada was too easy on ‘refugee status’ their Temporary Foreign Workers program is a disgrace – once the workers are in Canada, they are free to take other jobs and ‘disappear’ but given the trouble the US got from the Tsarnaev clan… seems the US is much worse thanks to Obama and his vision for this country,
    Since when do ‘refugees’ fly back and forth from the place they claim to fear the most? …….it seems that even the American government gets suckered in by gangsters on a regular basis so Canada is not really alone on this issue. This wouldn’t be a problem if the Obama admin would stop letting everyone and anyone on these shores. In light of recent events a vigilant country would stop all immigration (visiting or not) from any known hot spots overseas, but no one ever accused the US govern as being vigilant.

  7. Some of you may watch weekly prophecy videos from Calvary Chapel Kaneohe. Don’t miss this last Sunday’s from Pastor JD Farag. Google Calvary Chapel Kaneohe.
    Closure of this base sounds dreadful…is there to be no “replacement” at other bases?
    Did he say? Story needs “next” information.

  8. re: so where do we go from here? I was thinking the same thing. Who is policing the “government?” Someone mentioned the FBI, CIA, etc, have rogue elements inside of it and that not all government is after the people.

    So why are the “righteous” government not controlling the rogue element? Is it because they lack the courage? I’ve seen that the person who now whistleblows faces 20 years in prison. Who enacted the 20 year prison sentence? That’s a form of terrorism in itself.

    I like Judge Napolitano, in fact I recently bought his hard copy book titled “Freedom Answer Book, How The Government is Taking Away Your Freedoms.” You know why I bought it? I wanted to know what kinds of laws had been violated. Until we know what’s been violated, then we remain in a fog unsure what to do.

    The rights discussed are:

    Right to own Property
    Freedom of Speech
    The Freedom of Association
    The Freedom to Travel
    The Right to Privacy
    You Own Your Own Body
    The Right to Self Defense
    The Right to Petition the Government
    The Right to Sound Money
    The Right to Spend Your Own Money
    The Right to Be Governed by Laws with Moral Limits
    The Right to Ignore the State

    It also carries the complete text of the Constitution of the United States, and the Articles of Amendment. I was particularly pleased with the text because I was wholly concerned that something would happen to the original one that is being held “in trust,” by the government that I now distrust.

    I know it’s just paper but it carries a valuable message where people had to die for me to enjoy the freedoms that I have.

    We’re not limited to reading only the bible. On the contrary, the Lord Jesus wants everyone to have knowledge. Just because we’re Christians doesn’t require us to lose our God given rights.

    So where do we go from here? Get educated, stand up for what’s right. “A house divided in itself will not stand,” saith the Lord.

    Blitz the mainstream news media for the truth, hold criminals in government to accountability. Pressure our Congressmen, Representatives, Senators, local mayors, city councilmen, all appointed public individuals, into ACCOUNTABILITY!

    Start within our family friends, neighbors. Join other groups in a show of force. The radio talk show hosts like the Drudge Report, Alex Jones in Infowars.com and others have been in the front lines battling for us. Support them.

    Pick up the cord of freedom and truth and tug it forward.


  9. Be careful how you listen, and with what meaure you mete, for it will be measured onto you. He who has will be given more. To him who does not have, even what he thinks he has will be taken

  10. I was reading Randy Demains book Nephalim Resurgence (LA is reference many times), and got this encouraging word…Isaiah 60:1-2 Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee.

    2 For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people: but the Lord shall arise upon thee, and his glory shall be seen upon thee.

    I know where I go from here. Deeper in the Word, and more confident in Gods provision.

  11. The latest on Syria and its use of chemical weapons among other things.


    USA and Israeli red lines crossed by both Iran and Syria. How many more red lines and ultimatums can get blown without consequence?

    Israeli intelligence has confirmed past any doubts chems have been used at least inside Syria.:




    Even the liberal rags are paying attention. I can’t see how something doesn’t reach a head of some sort before this year is out.


    Pope Francis the Jesuit and Shimon Peres will meet at the Vatican next week.

    Peres is sinister. These two should get along like two peas in a pod to say the least. Bad news all the way around.

  12. Kristen, I can tell you that I’ve been praying for you ever since you first posted. I prayed for you with a boldness that wasn’t mine and prayed for God to change your husband’s mind right from the start. I feel sure that many others are praying for you also, who don’t actually comment here. The Lord has a way of laying each
    other on our hearts. I wanted to tell you that (instead of quietly praying for you) so you would be encouraged. Sometimes we just need to hear people say that they’re praying for us and I think I sensed that need in you.

    Move the veil back! Its as clear as a bell, this is an enemy attack, nothing more, and has to be handled spiritually – not emotionally (although that’s easier said than done). Make sure you look at it from a spiritual perspective so you can war accordingly. We don’t fight against flesh and blood, remember? So that means keeping your head on straight and by prayer and obedience, do everything you’re supposed to do according to God’s word. As long as you stay in obedience and bang away at the enemy through prayer, faith and the word you’ll keep pushing him back and his influence over your husband will decrease.

    So that means while you’re praying and believing you’ll be careful to submit to your husband and not give in to damaging emotions. Remember the scripture where it says to live according to knowledge with your spouse? Satan can cause much damage when we ignore scriptures like these, resulting in our prayers being hindered. So stay a step ahead of your enemy and don’t fall into that trap.

    1 Peter 3:7
    Likewise, ye husbands, dwell with them according to knowledge, giving honour unto the wife, as unto the weaker vessel, and as being heirs together of the grace of life; that your prayers be not hindered.

    If you get into disobedience through runaway emotions, the enemy will accuse you before God’s throne and use that against you to slow down an answer to your prayer. He’s a legalist and will be watching for you to screw up as your being tested, so be very careful to love as Jesus loved. This is not an option, ( do the best you can) Fight that home wrecking, enemy, using wisdom and the word of God. If you mess up, use the blood and confess it right away.

    Right now it seems nothing is clear to you and theres a lot of confusion, of course, because that’s the way our enemy operates. Its nothing knew, so hold fast to God and pray for wisdom according to James 1:6. Keep praying and holding on, don’t give up. Do you think God can do this? Of course He can! Things which are impossible for men, are possible for God. For with God, all things are possible! I know you already know that. And know also that we’re all praying for you. You’re not alone, God is already working because who is it exactly that laid you on all of our hearts except the Spirit of the Lord? That’s how I know He’s working on your behalf because of how He moved me to pray for you. Yes your emotions are going to be in turmoil, because that’s what the enemy does. He squeezes us with a great inner pressure. Remember the squeezing and wringing Peter went through? And Jesus in the garden? And me? And probably every Christian you know? Everyone of us are vulnerable to his attacks. It’s our faith in God that keeps us steady, and at the same time we have to try to discern God’s will in every situation. We all know that God hates divorce. Later it will become clear to you exactly what’s happening and things you don’t quite understand right now, things that are hidden from you. Keep praying for wisdom.

    Kristen, this too shall pass far away from you and the hurt will eventually go away. But right now, I pray God’s peace over you and for His presence and love to surround you and for His ministering spirits, to minister comfort to you and continually heal the hurt of old and new wounds. Be encouraged, your Father in Heaven loves you and will take care of you and we love you too. It may take a little time, but it’s all going to be alright. Be patient. Do nothing in a hurry, is good advice.

    And understand you have been wounded spiritually, so your personal prescription, is the following scriptures: The first one is for you to stand on, and the second one is to remind you that our Mighty God has nothing at all to do with hopelessness and neither should His precious daughter. He has always been and always will be the God of all hope! Hope flows from His Spirit that indwells you. Never, ever, give in to hopelessness. In the Name of Jesus, it has no place in you.

    Matthew 19:6
    Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder

    Romans 15:13
    Now The God Of Hope, fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that ye may abound In Hope, through the power of the Holy Ghost

    • ToGodbetheglory, I can’t thank God enough for pressing it upon your heart to pray for me/my marriage. I needed to read this. The whole time I did I cried. After reading I prayed. And to think I wasn’t going to check the comments today. I was at such a low point when God told me to check the blog. Reading this in God’s perfect timing. I will keep praying. This is a spiritual battle. It’s been completely draining. I know in the end it will be worth the fight. If you feel inclined to pray for me and my husband again please do. I am a strong believer in the power of prayer. I’m not going to lie. I have had moments of hopelessness and despair. My husband text me today telling me he’s made up his mind and he prayed about this and feels peace in his heart about getting a divorce. I believe it’s a false peace. I do not believe divorce is in God’s will for our marriage. I did my best to show grace and mercy. Telling him I was praying for him. Believing that God can changes hearts. He was adamant that he understood what I was saying to be true. Yet he wants a divorce and that’s what he wants right now. It’s a struggle and a spiritual battle for sure. I know God is going to do a mighty work. I am just having a hard time waiting. Because the pain is beyond anything I’ve ever felt before. I will wake up in the middle of the night sweating, heart racing, and uncontrollable shaking. I begin to pray and worship God. Then the attack stops as I’m praying and worshiping. Once I stop it starts back up again. This has been the hardest battle I’ve had to fight. I claim victory in the name of Jesus! Keep praying. He comes home in 2 weeks. May 10th.

    • Darling, darling Kristen! I know what you are going through. Trust me, I know! The advice here from TGBTG is right and good……I have been praying for you and even crying for your pain.
      But…..I have to add some.
      I found myself going through the same thing and my husband wanted a divorce. I was devastated. I prayed and pleaded with God to fix my marriage but it ended anyway. In fact, my whole family was ripped apart as it ended up that he was having an affair with my own brother’s wife! They were even married for a year before that fell apart. It was horrendous and to top it off, I had to work with my ex for 6 years after the divorce. My heart was broken, my bible was a mass of wrinkles from tears falling on the pages. There…..that is the bad news. But hopefully you can benefit from my mistakes. It took a few years but I finally saw the light. The greatest love of my life must always be my God and Savior and then I can have a healthy human relationship where we both love God and then each other.
      The first commandment is to have no other gods before Him and I had not realized that I was doing it but I was putting my husband before God and the Lord had to teach me that hard lesson. You are doing a better job than I did. You are praising and worshiping when the racing heart and shaking comes upon you…..all I did was cry and ask God to bring my husband back to love me.
      My advice is to keep praising and love the Lord more than that man. That may just be what will give you the peace that passeth understanding and your husband may be drawn to that! Men always seem more interested in ya when you are in love with another and not clinging to them!
      My marriage did not have a happy ending because I was a slow learner……but that was so long ago in the 80s and for the last 15 years I have been with a good hearted, generous, and most handsome man in town (I know, that is not important but it is nice 🙂 ) but that love is different. We are not “madly” in love, we are faithfully and comfortably in love but we each love God a little more than we love each other.
      God ease you poor heart, Honey and know that one way or another the crisis will pass and God will get you through……think of Him as a jealous lover who wants to be sure that you love Him best …..there is no til death doth part in loving Jesus! It is forever! Hugs to you!

    • if you dont mind me saying kristin.. everyone is giving great spiritual advice, but if hes still insistent about wanting a divorce when he gets home, you cant allow him to use you as a doormat, because your born again. when it gets down to the brass tacks so to speak. ask him whos paying for all this? let him know if he wants this, he has to pay not only for his lawyer fees but your to! and you make sure of it. just because we are saved and love Jesus, doesnt mean we have to stand by while someone emotionally abuses us! i have been thru this same thing. its not fun. its mentally draining. and he sounds emotionally abusive. i mean, he cant even talk to you on the phone? he has to tex it all? thats crazy. its all nice that everyone is praying, i have to for you, just yesterday, but no one seems to be getting real with you on this, like i just did, about asking him whos ponying up for all this mess? hope he has it all figured out right? your a woman. you have rights. do you have family or close friends that are helping you thru all this? does your family live close by? im so sorry if i seem abrasive, i think i just feel agitated for you, and i never even met you. i feel so bad for what your going thru. it stinks.

    • i forgot to ask. have you been married more than 10 years? have you asked your husband if he has the whole child support alimony thing all figured out? because if he was smart it would be cheaper for him to stay married to you. say that to him! im ALL for trusting God and being on my knees over this, and having others pray for me. but this is real life, and if he wants it to happen, no matter how much God hates divorce, he still gives a person free will, he still could go thru with it, so you have to be prepared to defend your self and for your children. no body else on here seems to be telling you this? i dont get it.

  13. It won’t be long before our Colorado Springs Prophecy Summit will be here. This July 26-28th more than 1,000 people will pack out the Marriott Hotel to hear what we believe may be the greatest group of prophetic speakers and unique Bible teachers ever assembled.

    Whether you realize it or not, you are in possession of the hottest ticket in town! The response to the conference has been overwhelming-a total sellout in 2 weeks-so you’re fortunate to be holding one of these treasured reservation spots this summer. With over 300 people on a waiting list.

    Cant Wait !

  14. Check out this testimony: girl gets talked out of abortion, and now is a follower of Christ Jesus.

  15. Connecting the dots… (tracking the machinations of the rebel angels through the generations)

    re: Boston Bombing, Boston Massacre, Boston Tea Party, Samuel Adams, Old South Meeting House, old South Church, interfaith movement, religious tolerance, rebellion

    Theory: Paul Revere a leading mason, and Samuel Adams, are used to foment the rebellion against England, using propaganda and provocation, resulting in the Boston Massacre, and Boston Tea Party, sparking the revolution.

    The old South Meeting House (42.356944,-71.058611) was the organizing point for the Boston Tea Party, and the meeting house for the church congregation that Sam Adams was part of. It later burned, and the church was rebuilt at the Old South Church locations (the Church at the Finish Line … of the Boston Marathon). cp. Ezk. 8.

    The Church at the Finish Line location (note: 666 Boylston) is about 66.6×66.6=4435.56 feet down from the “zero point” intersection of Washington and Boylston/Essex (very near Mason St. and grand lodge).

    John Adams (of Quincy) (cousin of Sam Adams)
    (exposed with other founders as antichrist and against Holy Spirit and anything supernatural)

    Al Qa’ida, taliban, and islamic apocalyptics terror attacks against occult symbolic targets and pagan idols: twin buddhas, twin towers, pentagon … boston marathon as key marathon related to pagan spring rituals. 666 geomancy considered a blessing.

    disclaimer: human agents used as dupes of the rebel angels…
    The point is to uncover the cross generational strategies of the rebel angels … including blood sacrifices such as the Boston Massacre site (42.358798,-71.057052). Not to spur more conflicts.

    Jesus said: Love your enemies. Bless them that hate you… Resist not evil.

    It’s still a rescue mission. Expose the darkness — so folks can see how they’ve been duped — and be delivered.

  16. Tamerlan Tsarnaev reportedly on state welfare while delving into radical Islam

    I have always wondered why the Brits provide welfare benefits for immigrants who hate their guts—you know, people such as Abu Hamza al-Masri who preached jihad in the heart of London? now I hear Tamerlan Tsarnaev was receiving Massachusetts state benefits to tide him over while he made plans to kill and maim Bostonians.. dont know why i am surprised ,.this is par for the US welfare admin.

  17. Was the minotaur an fallen angelic manipulated hybrid human ? There may be some real facts behind the myth.

  18. In the major hub for the world interfaith movement, Astana Kazakhstan.
    EURASIAN MEDIA FORUM 2013, 4-25, 4-26

    quote: “As the existing Customs Union of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus gradually moves towards the goal of creating a Eurasian Economic Union (EEU), envisaged for 2015”


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