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L. A. Marzulli

(an oldie but goodie!)

John 1: In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

He was in the beginning with God.

All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made. In Him was life, and the life was the light of men. And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.

In most of the world the theory of Darwinism is taught. It is taught as fact, as if there were irrefutable proofs laid up like bricks in a wall of scientific certainty. Unfortunately, Darwinism is nothing more than a theory. In fact, it has never been proven and as we continue our scientific journey there are many in the scientific community who are starting to embrace Intelligent Design, as the complexity of life reflects the handiwork of a designer!

What does the Guidebook to the supernatural i.e. the Bible tell us? Why it informs that, all things were made through Him and without Him nothing that was made was made.

If you are a student at a university and you proclaim your belief in that He, Jesus, created everything, ex nihlo, from nothing, you will be perceived as a Neanderthal. How’s that for what I call, intellectual Fascism? In other words we must all think alike, and proceed in lock-step fashion, together, and embrace Darwin! There is no God. There never was a God and to believe in such shows that he or she is nothing more than an ignoramus!

I am born again. Before I became born again, I believed in Darwinism, to an extent, but I also believed that God started the evolution process. This God was a force, like the one in Star wars, impersonal, capricious, sometimes malevolent and far off. All that changed when the spirit of the Living God entered into me, some 30 years ago. That event, of being born again, changed everything.

I now believe what the word tells me, not in faith alone, but because I know, from experience, how He is able to change events and situations in people’s lives. He can heal, make new, set right, restore us and create in us a new heart, because He created it all in the first place!

The Universe is his creation. He set the planets spinning, created the stars, and solar systems. He constructed the complex DNA, the double helix, in which are the building blocks of life, and set everything to reproduce according to its kind. In the midst of this He made man a little lower than the angels and set him in a garden. When man fell, through temptation, He came and offered Himself as a sacrifice, once for all, to restore us.

All things were made by Him. Nothing in the entire universe is in existence without His direct approval and His design, nothing. Yet, we have free will. We can choose to accept Him and the sacrifice of the cross, or deem it foolishness. We can choose to worship Him who is our redeemer, or we can turn away.

The creator of the universe, both the seen and the unseen, will at some point return. He has to, because this world is still under the sway of the evil one.

He has made us in all our mind-numbing complexities that we take for granted. We are set in these bio-body suits, and we can think, plan, run, jump, see, create, and all of this we take for granted. All things were made through Him. He is the grand designer, the one true God.

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  1. Some ask “where was god?” And conclude that there is no god. Others assume god started things in a big bang and let the universe evolve over billions of years detached.

    Me, I stand in awe that a universe of apparently around 14 billion light-years across – with seeming infinities of complexities (on nanoscopic, astronomic, biologic, neurologic, sociologic, and dynamic scales) – can be created in six 24 hour days. Moreso that this is a temporary creation we live in; a prototype, with a corrective process built-in that debugs or isolates toxic wastes that can’t be recycled — separating the “wheat from the tares.”

    Almighty God, who will resurrect all of us, allows situations that give us choices. We can bless or we can curse. We can have peace and help heal or we can choose war and murder. We can help others see God’s ways or take part in blinding them. We can get to know and respect God even personally, or we can turn away from Him and chase whatever folly distracts us.

    Where was God? Watching to see who would pray, seek His face, and help Him. And to see who goes off instead with the rebel angels who want nothing to do with The God Who is Love. Who reaches out to us in fully human form, as Jesus Christ, the only truly begotten Son of God and through His Holy Spirit, (reaches us physically and spiritually … even supernaturally).

    Where was God? Providing love and care in the midst of tragedy and pain, sometimes directly and sometimes with His “beloved” (those He’s saved) — when they’re there.

    So, where were you?

  2. I’m gonna share one of my creation debate tricks with you guys. I’m not a Christian, but I dislike militant fundamental atheists, and I argue with them all of the time. I have no problem with open minds, but their religion is fundamental disbelief, and they attack anyone who dares even suggest alternatives to Evolution.

    As soon as you tell an atheist that Evolution is just a theory, they INVARIABLY say “Well, gravity is ‘just a theory’, does gravity not exist?” they ask? (Not realizing the fundamental logic mistake they’ve made, transposing the “thing” (gravity” for our theory OF IT.)

    What you say in response to knock them over gently is: “Just because gravity, itself, is real, it does NOT imply that our theory OF IT is correct”

    I wouldn’t bother sharing such a contextual argument, but I’ve had this fallacious logic thrown at me so many times, I figure I’d share a short-cut right over it.

    They also assume that because “natural selection” is real (adaption to environment) that “macro” evolution must be a fact. The WHOLE argument of macro “Evolution” rests on Natural Selection; is riding Natural Selection’s coat tails. These people aren’t “scientists”, they’re TECHNICIANS. They don’t create, they just corrupt and re-arrange. Who does that sound like to you guys? 😉


    • Asectic43; love talking to you guys! Read my two posts in reply to the 13th post below. It may give you another avenue to explore in your mind, which would explain the age of earth which seems to be much, much older (according to the tools of science, if they are calibrated correctly) than 12,000 years. I believe that the original Hebrew language describes the earth becoming void of life and dark when Christ started His work upon it restoring it for the Adamic line of man.

      Than I would like you to look at the proof of God’s existence that He put in the Bible, not for the Christians, but for the sceptics and the athiests of the latter times. Church scholars have misinterpreted Daniel Chapter 9. Briefly the Jerusalem/Isreal of today has been given 70 Sacred Years to finish their iniquity in the latter times. If this is the last Israel, you will see that as these clues pan out, that God put these clues there in the Old Testement thousands of years ago for the sceptics of today. All the Day prophesies within the Bible fit within the last 2,300 Days that God said Christianity would be trodden under foot. Within this 2,300 days is the length of time for the global antichrist system, the time when the UFO alien/fallen angels…whatever you want to call them, return during the 5th/6th trumpets mentioned in Revelation. On the 1,290th day is sounds like one of them claims to be god, requires worship, and than on the 1,335th day it sounds like the 7th trumpet (there are 7 of them in Revelation) sounds and it means Christ is returning to wipe them out (hopefully it means also that the Believers in God/Jesus Christ either are transformed alive, or drop dead instantly and are transformed into their eternal bodies, like the one that Christ had when He resurrected and walked with the Diciples for 40 Days. Check it out…I made a chart of this….with a few variables that are not yet known. If you have this template, and when enough things have happened in the spacing as on the templete, which is all about what God told the ancient prophets, you might decide that God is real. Why on earth would God put all those Day prophesies in the Bible for the latter days? It was not for the Believers, because the already believe Him. It was for you guys. The starting time for the template is either November 1947 or 1948….whenever the call went forth to reestablish Israel as a state for the Jews. Their Sacred Years are within each calendar year, covering a 7 month span, with 7 Holy Feast Days and 7 Holly Sabbaths all falling within those 7 months. The sacred year starts on different dates each year, that is why we will not know the day or hour, but when enough events have happened (like the wars starting in the middle east, the one year peace treaty, the 5th/6th trumpets, and the “god’s” proclomation of godhead, the template will line up well enough so that you will not take the mark that says you buy into the fake god’s lies. He comes bringing peace to the earth and solving all of man’s problems. Athiest who do not know the timeline of the template and who look to the knowledge of mankind (which is totally still at a primitive level) will totally fall into this trap.

      Google: macgoats TIMELINE CHART A work in progress….based on all the time prophesies in the Bible, including what I believe the 70 sevens given to Daniel were. A literal 70 years, not 490 years, which didn’t pan out, so scholars created the gap theory and are still waiting for the last 7 years. They think it is a peace treaty of that length. But, if I am correct the peace treaty is a one year peace treaty and is broken after 6 months. That will be another one of your clues on the template, when all these things begin to happen in your life time….probably pretty soon.

      Are you familiar with the “String Theory of Science” ? And the god partcle…I forgot what they call it. Anyway Science is starting to discover that there is “communication” amongst the dark matter.

    • Ascetic43,

      You stated in your post that you’re not a Christian. Who do you put your faith in?


  3. Romans says it “BEST” (1 V 20 – 22)For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen,being understood by the things that are made,even his eternal power and Godhead;so that they are without excuse:Because that,when they knew God,they glorified him not as God,neither were thankful;but became vain in their imaginations,and their foolish heart was darkened.Professing themselves to be wise,they became fools.
    There in no other scripture I know that can describe so wonderfully the existence of an omnipresent God!!!! Man and his science has to explain everything and try to take even the power of God.To that I say good luck with that fools.God Bless all who love Our Father and his truth!

  4. Evolution has never been about science; it has always been about religion, trying to replace the wisdom of God with the wisdom of man. The most destructive “global war” has been the one waged against the reliability of Scripture for the last 150 years. The attack on Scripture is actually an attack on Christ Himself, The Word of God.

    I am thankful every day that the Lord has given me eyes to see and a love of The Truth. Maranatha.

  5. Amen! Thank you my Lord God for revealing the truth of your holy powerful Word!

    The person who doesn’t “get it” (understanding) simply don’t know any better which is why the theory of evolution exists. Blind men are stumbling around trying to make reason (an explanation) for acknowledging that man and the universe exist but can’t give credit to whom credit is due, the Almighty God Jesus Christ.

    They don’t understand because the teachings of the Holy Spirit hasn’t been revealed to them which activates once a person accepts Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior (the being born again spiritually concept).

    So, in the meantime:

    “ that ‘Seeing they may see and not perceive, And hearing they may hear and not understand; Lest they should turn, And their sins be forgiven them.’” (Mark 4:12)

    “Then Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do.” And they divided His garments and cast lots. “(Luke 23:34)

    I’m continually praying for spiritual revival in my family and worldwide, so that the Lord opens up those blind eyes spiritually.

    In the meantime, “THANK YOU LORD FOR REVEALING YOURSELF TO ME! I’m eternally grateful for your love, our kindness, your holy spirit, your protection over me and mine!”

    Have a great Sunday everyone!


  6. A thought just crossed my mind after seeing the Drudgereport’s headline about 12-man sleeper cells….From the government’s perspective, I bet they’ll soon equate “home groups” with “sleeper cells.” In other words, any small gathering of “believers” of any stripe will be seen as a threat. It will eventually be outlawed. Seems like a logical progression within the “end times” mind-set that we’re clearly in now.

  7. AMEN, Brother Marzulli!

    As Christians, I think we can all agree that “In the beginning GOD CREATED the heavens and the earth.” (Genesis 1:1), but how did He accomplish this amazing feat, and how long ago was the Beginning-of-the-Beginning? And almost as important: WHEN and HOW did He partially obliterate that original perfect world and universe? Even you NON-Creationists might find the following information enlightening!

    I believe Dr. Walt Brown (Mechanical Engineering, M.I.T.) has some of the best answers to questions about Creation Science, the Age of the Earth, Flood Catastrophism, and a myriad other questions related to these topics. (Including the origin of disastrously destructive Asteroids & Meteoroids!)

    Dr. Brown is the originator of the Hydro-Plate Theory that helps to explain the dynamics of Noah’s Flood and the resulting catastrophic devastation we see on the Earth AND in the whole Universe today. The enlightening research and information compiled by Dr. Brown in his book, “In The Beginning: Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood,” is a much, MUCH better Biblical-Scientific theory than the seriously flawed “Gap & Ruin-Reconstruction” (GRR) hypothesis and the anti-Scriptural Theistic-Evilutionism.

    REMEMBER: “There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all argument, and which cannot fail to keep man in everlasting ignorance.
    That principle is condemnation BEFORE investigation.”
    – Edmund Spencer

    To get a short, overall view of Dr. Brown’s Hydro-Plate theory, watch the video HERE: “!”

    You can either purchase the book, “In The Beginning: Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood,” or examine the whole volume FREE OF CHARGE on the Center for Scientific Creation’s website HERE: “”

    Also, an excellent Biblical/Scientific argument against GRR can be found at, Answers in Genesis – “What About the Gap & Ruin-Reconstruction Theories?” Go HERE: “”

    And for you Theistic-Evilutionists: get the Scriptural lowdown from the Creator, The Lord Jesus Christ HERE: “”

    If you are a faithful and courageous Christian or unbeliever who goes where the truth leads, I believe you will find it invariably leads to Young-Earth Creationism and World-Wide Flood Catastrophism!

  8. I like the whole Bun, but I wonder about the statement that God will have to return to fix this mess. He wouldn’t have to, other than that He said He would. At this point I don’t hold God to what He has promised so much as to what I pray He will yet do. that is, get us out of here! I think we should all pray that He will get us out of here. We are told to pray for deliverance from the evil one. I’m at it.

    I’m a “sandwich generation”–parents Agnostics, son Atheist. Crushed between them.

  9. What i continually above all else atleast in my small mind; is the simple fact that he has somehow someway, always supplied answers to my questions even prayers- years ahead of when i asked for them. This boggles my mind. Thats not just love which can be termed analytical or even a curious infatuation with his creation. Thats true in depth caring. Thats HIM. God bless ya all!

    • i recently was asked to help with an oppression case which got me attacked by a person holding a steak knife in each hand… the teen in question got angry with GOD and believed he was abandoned by him, just because his fervent prayer was not answered immediately. So in turn he found a conjuration spell (this isnt hard to do its all based upon intent) and within a fortnight the mother had a 7 foot tall fully manifested black cloaked figure in the childs room. I dont think id recommend this sort of work for a living. Im so tired i cant think and this isnt even a possession case, i dont know how those people do it…it is not like you see in the movies or on tv. Pray for us. GOD bless you all.

    • Interesting that the snow crystals are all six sided. The sign of man (6) who is on a rare (if not the only one) water planet, made up of the water molecule (4/5ths of the earth is water) that has 3 molecules, one being oxygen, and two being Hyrogen….making a total of three, like the Eternal Father with the Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit being a part of Him.

      Thank you for posting the video, Gordy.

  10. To believe that God created the universe in six 24-hour days is not consistent with the Bible. This does not mean that I believe in evolution, or that each day could have been thousands or millions of years long. But look at what the text really says, and you will find that it is first in the fourth day, that God fixes the lights in the sky, it is first then that the hours of the day become 24. Before that, there were no means, in human perspective, to measure the day, because the solar system wasn’t completed and the orbits of the planets weren’t fixed. And as for the first day, there wasn’t even something called a day until the fifth verse. So if one is to assume that the first day consisted of 24 hours, one has to think that God used the 24-hour measurement before he had even named the first day. And as it says that God created the heavens first, and then the earth, it’s not against a literal belief in the Bible to assume there was a long gap, a long period, or periods, of time, between the beginning of the creation of the heavens, and the final creation of the earth. I am convinced that it was in those periods that the fall of Lucifer took place, not on this earth because it wasn’t created then, but in another world, where “the Mountain of God” is.

    I have some more on this here:

    • Life, it is possible that the earth was originally the mountain of God where Lucifer fell, destroying the earth/mountain in the process. It could have been one of many mountains already created in God’s Time Zone….which is eternal (Gen1:1). In Gen 1:2 the earth became Void/Chaos and dark….due to Lucifer’s failed, rebellious reign on that “mountain”. I understand that the original text in Hebrew read “became” not “was”.

      Than in Gen 1:3 God formed the LIGHT which was Christ. Christ having always been with God, Eternal Spirit, because they are ONE. However, to fix the mountain of God, Christ became the LIGHT that is talked about during the 3rd. verse of Genesis. The LIGHT could have created another time zone, wherein all of our universe was created for the “mountain/earth” that Christ placed in this time zone. Than He, Christ began the process of our Restoration, within the 5,000 years for the first 5 God Days, and finally in the 6,000 year making the clay bodies to put our Spirits within. And, of course in some of those books not put in the Bible that were amongst the Dead Sea Scrolls, it was said that satan was upset that God did this….and the story begins of satan’s interference in this restored creation, because he does not want man to succeed on to Restoration back into the Family of God.

      I cannot help wonder that way back before our Bible history, if God was going to give satan a chance to repent from his rebellion, but because he chose instead to interfer in Eden, he lost his chance. Who knows. We all will some day.

    • I think it is important to understand the “water” concept as given in the Bible. Considering that waters are also spirit, and all about Eternal Father. Consider that Christ is the Fountain and the Living Waters are produced by Him. Consider that we Believers will have Living Waters coming from our bellies. Christ is all about restoring all things back to Eternity without separation from Eternal Father.

      The process from Gen.1, verse 6 through 9 is all about these waters that are not the Hz0 that we consider water. They are part of the waters of Eternity. The first “firmanent” mentioned in verse 6 is what divides us from God’s time zone. That “firmanent” was called Heaven. It is the Heaven that the angels reside in. Draw a big circle, and than towards the center part of the circle draw another evenly spaced circle, an than another one just inside that one. Those last two lines are the boundaries of the Heaven firmanent. The space of waters above that Heaven and surrounding that Heaven is a place that the Angels cannot go and is where the Father is. One of the Dead Sea Scrolls describes this. Christ can go there, because He is part of it. I don’t consider it a space, but a separation. Below that Heaven our universe is created, our time zone.

      The angels can leave their abode and come to ours. Which of course they have during the time of Enoch….and will again, the fallen ones during the 5th and 6th trumpets.

    • A day is a day. Same for all 6. Human perspective involves Christ — who is also the Word.

      Gen. 1
      5 And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day.
      8 And God called the firmament Heaven. And the evening and the morning were the second day.
      [fast forward]
      31 And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. And the evening and the morning were the sixth day.

      John 1
      1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God,
      and the Word was God.
      2 The same was in the beginning with God.
      3 All things were made by him;
      and without him was not any thing made that was made.

    • I really respect those who believe in the regular gap theory, because there are Bible places that show that things took place among the angels before the creation of man. Those who first preached the gap theory tried to reconcile those places with the creation story, but I think they made a few minor mistakes. The gap isn’t to be placed between the first and second verse of the bible, but in the first verse. If you do that, all pieces of the puzzle will fall into place:

      Regular gap theory: – In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. — GAP — And the earth was…

      A better gap scenario: – In the beginning God created the heavens — GAP — and the earth. And the earth was…

      With this scenario, the things that went on among the angels can be placed in the gap between the creation of the heavens, and the creation of the earth. And this makes it all much more logic, as we now understand WHY the earth was created. Do I have to spell it out? The earth is the beginning of a NEW creation, where that which was destroyed in the older creation will be replaced.

    • Claudia, I can’t see Isa. 14:12-14 as taking place on the earth. To me, the Mountain of God is the same place as the heavenly Paradise, where the original rebellion happened. Lucifer was cast out of heaven after his sin, not just cast down a mountain.
      I’m not saying you are wrong, I just see it different.

  11. Mariel; God will have to return to fix this mess.

    God started it all. From the point when the earth was in darkness (whatever that means!) It took 6 of His Days, 6,000 years. He created Adam and placed Him in the Garden. He rested for the 7th Day. During those 2,000 years (6th and 7th Days), Satan had deceived Adam and Eve in the Garden, and his fallen angels deceived mankind, outside of the Garden….so God sent the flood. The fallen angels who followed satan interferred with mankind and taught them things (including writting) that God did not intend for man to know, so that man would stay humble and not seek to worship himself, record his histories, and group together in large cities. Man had failed God during a time when the angels were with them, and Enoch was given Truths from God’s Realm. Inspite of knowing God, during this 2,000 years they were given before the flood they failed God.

    Another period of 7 of God’s Days (1,000 year periods) started after the flood. He came to Abraham, who was willing to sacrifice his only son, with a Covenant that included Jacob, so the Jews would spread His Glory over all the world. They failed, their covenant after about 4,000 years, turning their covenant into a pond, drying up, decayed, fish gasping for air, which it remains to this day until God returns just before they appear to be taking their dying gasp. During the 4,000 years since the flood, until Christ came to earth, the body of Jacob’s people failed God.

    God created another New Covenant which was Jesus Christ, received via the Holy Spirit which Jesus sent to us, who Believe on Him, a Covenant that would produce Living Waters from the Fountain which is Jesus Christ. God relied on the Followers of the Way (later called Christians) to spread His Glory and the Salvation of His son throughout the world. He gave them 2,000 years, ending soon. Man got a hold of the Way and turned it into the Holy Roman Empire, organized according to man’s understandings, and man’s glory. Placing a man between God and the Believer, diminshing the Holy Spirit’s workings. Creating dogma and thousands of differing doctrines to the simple Yoke that Jesus Christ offerred….love God foremost, love and serve your fellow man (if they are not evil) and keep the 10 Commandments, seek repentence when necessary, desire His Kingdom to come to earth above all, and submit to and pray for God’s will to be all over the world. The men who got a hold of the “church” killed millions of people, instead of loving them. Satan took advantage of this and approached Mohammed, starting a process that he hopes will destroy the Jews and the Christians. The Roman Church killed, millions of Muslims, creating a hatred that lasts to this day. The Way of Christ which God wanted spread all over the world by those who followed it….and instead created division in the world and hatred amongst mankind…..failed after 2,000 years (soon to come). Instead of spreading LOVE that attrackted all to their God, they created division and hatred and the worship of the glory of man that will end with the 7 trumpets and the 7 Vials….soon to come.

    So….finally for the next, upcoming 2,000 years God will be on earth, in His Son Jesus Christ, King of Kings, iron rod rule when He returns at the 7th trump to commence the Vials that cleanse the earth with Fire. No rule of man, Christ rules all with the help of His 144,000 Jacob descendents in Jerusalem, plus all those who survive the Wrath and are gathered to Jerusalem to live forever in peace. The Saints, who were transformed before Christ lands on Mt.Zion during the Vials, and who are exactly in line with Christ’s mind now are able to spread God’s Glory, Power and Truth all over the world. No more confusion no more grey areas, all will be given exact and perfect teaching during this 2,000 years. The dragon is unbond once more during the last Hour of this Mellinnium Day, and he gathers those men who prefer his way, and they descend upon Jerusalem, and are destroyed from above. SUCCESS!

    Moral of the Story. Man’s will will always fails, only by submitting to God’s Will does success come, and than only after the Church, and every individual within it has been transformed, born again into the New Body that is like Christ’s

    From the 5th Day of the Lord since the world was void and dark, man was given 2,000 years (preflood)…..4,000 years,(Old Testament) ….2,000 years,(Church age)……and finally… 1,000 years.(His Kingdom on earth). When God is with man for One of His Days, man succeeds because God’s Will is an Iron Rod upon the earth. The Church based on Faith, was given the same amount of time as the original period in the Adamic creation, 2,000 years….but they failed also to make the world a better place, a place of peace and safety and love.

  12. If anyone is interested in seeing more evidence of the creation story from the bible and proving the bible itself to an unbeliever of it’s infallicy shouls check out the documentary video “THE SEARCH FOR THE REAL MT. SINAI”. It can be googled and watched online. I have the DVD myself. A couple of explorerers (Robert Cornuke and Larry WIlliams) snuck into the country of Saudi Arabia and found the real Mt. Sinai. In scripture, it talks of this mountain being in the land of “Arabia”. Long story short, they went to the exact place this mountain is mentioned in scripture and were astonished to discover some very undeniable evidence that this is indeed the mountain where God descended and gave Moses the ten commandments. Among the discoveries was the blackened peak of the mountain where the bible describes God descending with fire, lightning and etc. It makes sense that the top of the mountain would be black right. Well, the top of this one is. It’s as though an external heat source melted it. This being the most astonishing of the evidences, there was some shocking evidence that surrounded the mountain as well. Too lengthy to go into here. These two explorers took photos and video footage of this mountain and smuggles it out of the country. The Saudis know what they have because surrounding the mountain is a chain link fence with signs hung on it in warning people to keep away (in their local native language and in english). The photos of this mountain are quite astonishing. A MUST SEE in my opinion.

    I am also in possession of a book entitled “In Search of the Mountain of God” by Robert Cornunke. A must read with color photographs of the mountain and surrounding evidence just like in the video.

    • This evidence of the mountain being scorched black on top is so right up there on the “wow factor scale” that it compares to the “wow factor” of the Shroud of Turin.

  13. From January 5th to April 19th 2013 there have been 22 significant earthquakes world wide according to the USGS.

    Were on pace for many more than last year where there we 65 for the year. “”

    Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21 the Messiah tells us there will be great earthquakes in diverse places as a sign of His return.


  14. Kristen,

    I will pray for you, Keep faithful knowing faith doesn’t make life easier but it makes all things possible.


    • Thank you John Michael. I am trying. So broken right now. My husband told me he wants a divorce. It may be too much information. But I come to this blog frequently. This is like my second church home. I am struggling to keep it together.

    • Kristen,

      We cannot control others, it’s been my experience that it’s hard enough to control ourselves. You can’t make him stay any more than he can make you leave. The best thing you can do right now is show him Christ in you and remain firm in your commitment to your marriage. Too often people seek divorce because they’ve become discouraged with life and feel that divorce will fix things. I also realize there can be other reasons as well. Ask him if he’s willing to go to counseling with you and ask him if he’s willing to pray with you. Bring God into this life changing event before it goes any further. I will pray for peace for you and God’s will in your lives knowing that God hates divorce.

      God loves you both and wants the best for you.


    • Thank you John Michael. I will continue to pray. God sure does love him. I feel like God is telling me to let Him work. I need to step back. I need to pray. Just pray. And let God work.

  15. What do you make of this?


  16. “” <– if you don't have strong faith & a strong stomach, don't dig there
    (photos after the blasts, explanation of IEDs, other things taboo in mainstream news…)

    Of course the press won't consider the "rebel angel" angle in the Boston Bombings. It doesn't matter that the bombers (b1 & b2) were muslim, brainwashed, or legal immigrants. I wouldn't be surprised if b2 doesn't even remember the bombings.

    Unlike Russ Dizdar, I believe that layering and sub-personalities that are then demonized form more easily than with ritual torture. Once hate, or bitterness, or jealousy start to take root, that's an open door for giving up control to demons.

    That's not to take away from any of the more obvious possible connections:
    – b2 had a roommate with car license that says "terrorista"
    – their mother's criminal conviction and extremism (esp. accusations about FBI)
    – b1 had no income from jobs, such as for the 6 month Russia trip or for wife and child
    – b1's jihadi youtube site after the Russia trip
    – b1's prior investigation by the FBI, as alerted by Russian agencies
    – b2 running down b1 with a vehicle, and later trying to commit suicide (shot in throat)
    – b2 flunking college classes and partying with drugs
    – smoke from pressure cooker bombs point to ammonium nitrate vice gun powder (cp. West)
    – the two police victims knowing each other (Richard Donohue and Sean Collier)
    – MIT as a possible target
    – the MIT officer killed also being involved in the same boxing gym as b1
    – the Family Guy cartoon mockery (trigger ??)

    So what do the rebel angels possibly get out of an attack like this?
    – re-escalation of the war on terror and related arms sales
    – re-polarization of the gun control issue (distraction since doesn't work in Mexico)
    – re-polarization of the amnesty issue (distraction since laws aren't enforced now)
    – blood sacrifice to charge Boston area more (needs prayer walking, remittance, etc.)
    – possible promotion of the "terror can't humble us" attitude (aka American Pride)
    – continued development of the "big brother" state and "See Something Say Something"
    – yet another instance of bizarre behavior by a nice neighbor
    – increase in the interfaith movement
    – copycats (more people to create demon nests in)

    ps. there are demonized individuals on all sides of the events

    • No me moleste,

      Check out what Joseph Herrin said about the Boston bombing on his blog.



    • i dont think they care that they got caught staging this. It was a test run to take a city BOSTON..hmm..and marathon no less..a mockery. One aimed at the usa. One aimed at seeing how long they could hold it and how easily under what conditions. They are ready to go. The sheep are asleep. This is another last ditch effort by satan to provoke the Lord while he can. Perhaps the next will result in the fall. It has to come soon.

    • Wow! John Michael.

      LA, Russ Dizdar, Chris Pinto, Henry Gruver, Steve Quayle, Richard Grund… should all check out Joseph Herrin’s articles on Boston and the rebels.

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