The Coming Great Deception…. Wake Up!

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‘Sirius,’ Steven Greer’s Film, Claims To Unveil Tiny ‘Alien’ Humanoid

An upcoming documentary promises to show an alleged, tiny “alien” being that was found a few years ago in Chile’s Atacama Desert. And when we say tiny, we’re talking six inches from head to ET toe.

‘Sirius,’ Steven Greer’s Film, Claims To Unveil Tiny ‘Alien’ Humanoid (VIDEO)

I have watched Steve Greer on the History Channel’s Ancient Alien, series and at the end of one of the shows he looks straight into the camera and declares, when ET arrives all the religions of the world will crumble. (This is a paraphrase quote) You know what?  He’s right and here’s why!

Greer knows that the churches are asleep, and most will not address the ET/UFO question.  Here’s proof.  I was recently told that a church would not have me come and present my findings and research because I was too controversial.

Now I wonder if this church believes in the Virgin Birth, floating ax heads, talking donkeys, coins that appear out of the mouths of fish, water changing into wine, seas that part, men who rise from the dead, and staffs which turn into serpents!  When these supernatural events are listed this way, it sounds really, really nuts!  Yet, I’m sure if I were to go to this church and ask if the elders and pastor believed in these miracles, they would all nod in agreement!

However, for some reason, that I’m still having trouble getting my head around, when we begin to discuss what is manifesting now, specifically the UFO phenomena, these same people hide under their Bibles.

Greer’s movie is getting a lot of PR and the showing which will be held in Los Angeles is sold out.  He’s steering the conversation with this film.  He’s promulgating the Ancient Astronaut scenario, which is we have been visited by extraterrestrials for millennia.  Unknowingly, I believe Greer, and others of his ilk are buying into the Great Deception, which is that ET created all life on this planet, they genetically manipulated early man, started the worlds civilizations, religions, and now, at this critical juncture in human history, they have returned to usher us into a time of peace, prosperity, and knowledge.

In closing todays post:  Without sounding self aggrandizing, let me say that our Watchers Series was created to counter the X-opolitic crowd.

There is another explanation to the UFO phenomena as well as this small being that Greer is touting as proof of the existence of ET.  It is the concept that the Fallen One has been tampering with the gene pool since the days of Noah and continues to do so today.  He wants to create man in his own image.  You will notice the elongated head in the picture above.  We found the same elongated head while we were in Peru.  Scroll down and look at the skull on the cover of my new book!  We have the counter argument to Greer, and it is Biblically based.  The Nephilim were here and also after when the sons of God came into the daughters of men.

40 Paracas Skull

Here is one skull which we handled, weighed and photographed while in Paracas, Peru.

We are doing DNA testing on the hair sample we were allowed to take, and so far the results have been very interesting.

This skull is over 2000 years old and came from the Chongos Necropolis, which I discuss at length in the new book.

It has only one parietal plate instead of the two, a normal skull would have.

The eye sockets are larger and the mandible, or lower jaw, is more robust.

This skull is NOT the results of cradle head boarding!





draft11On the Trail of the Nephilim should be released around May 1st!

It has over 120 full color photographs and is an over-sized book @ 8.5″ X 11″!

Riveting, informative interviews with Aaron Judkins, Richard Shaw and Fritz Zimmerman!

I’ll give you all a hint, what we found in Peru was mind-blowing!

This trip was the trip of a lifetime for me and along with my friend

and co-producer of the Watchers Series, Richard Shaw, we believe we connected

some dots that other researchers perhaps have overlooked.

We handled and photographed elongated skulls with certain physical anomalies that are detailed in the book!

We visited megalithic sites which I believe were the remains of the Fallen Angel and Nephilim architecture!

I crawled into a cave where I saw ancient human remains!

We went to the privately owned Chongos Necropolis, a 2000-year-old cemetery where the elongated skulls were found.

I believe this book will break new ground in regard to the Nephilim and also the words of Jesus, when he warns us it will be like the days of Noah when he returns!


April 20 – New York. w/ Bill Salus!


Watchers 6, is in Post Production with a release date of, sometime in MAY!  

We’re doing our usual pre-sale so you save $5.00.

Go to  and order!


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49 thoughts on “The Coming Great Deception…. Wake Up!

  1. Your right LA,
    the church is asleep and because the church isn’t sure what they stand for, they’ll fall for the great deception. I don’t believe that satan has been able to corrupt the word of God, even with the glut of inaccurate translations and paraphrased bibles available. What he was able to do and is doing to this day is corrupt the teaching of Gods word, I’ve met many pastors who were taught to ignore what the word says regarding the corruption of all flesh. Why can they believe and teach about the dead being raised or many other supernatural events and not recognize what the word says? In my opinion it’s because it’s a threat to what satan has been doing for thousands of years and he will continue to do until the great reveal. Satan isn’t concerned if man wants to believe that Yeshua changed water into wine, but does not want us to be aware of the massive threat to mankind which is the corruption of God’s image that he’s been preparing to unleash upon the earth to bring unfathomable terror and pain and death. Satan hates God and hates all that God created in His and will do all he can to get us to follow him through deceit or force. The good news is we won’t see the worst of it and with that in mind were told that we won’t suffer the wrath of God, but believes have been warned that it’s going to get rough before Yeshua comes for us but most people won’t read it for themselves or listen as it makes them uncomfortable. After satan falls he will come after us day and night with everything he has in his arsenal. I believe it will start slowly and then I pray before he can fully expose what he’s prepared for us that we get caught up in the air with the Lord.


  2. Spot on with today’s blog. 🙂

    Greer basically started his own pantheistic religion.

    Absolutely NO third party scientists or other experts like that have been allowed to come anywhere near any of his materials and yet look how seriously he’s being taken.

    No objective unrelated parties whatsoever. NONE.

    They say DNA testing was done and all this other stuff. Who did the testing? You can’t even get that answer.

    I’d say it was a joke if the stakes weren’t so ruddy high.

    Greer is perilously deceived and is a big time deception agent that can’t be ignored unfortunately. It’s amazing how so much of this is all coming out now and in growing frequency.

    WE ARE STAR PEOPLE: Scientific proof we were created by aliens

    We can’t get away from this now. This is all current hot of the presses.

    UFOs: Disclosure Is Coming

    I’ll say it right now. I think Tom and Cris are going to have another prediction come true Petrus Romanus style.

    I think there’s HIGH odds 2013 doesn’t end without disclosure to at least some degree.

    As opposed to Greer:

    Someone like LA is going to come out with Watchers 6 and his new book with REAL research and concrete material and we all know how that’s going to go.

    LA and his “cronies” are the “kooks”, right? 😉 🙄

    If you’re on Facebook or least look at it track down Cris Putnam’s page. He’s had a field day eviscerating this stuff and it’s too much to post here.

    I do hope “Sheriff Judd” 😉 works up something concurrent on the academic side to go alongside Watchers 6 and the Trail of the Nephilim book.

    I know that’s easier said than done given the intellectual fascism in play but I know Judd couldn’t care less. 😉

    Hit it from all sides. 🙂


    This is about the LUCIFER telescope. Parts 1-3


    VORG scientists denying Biblical creation


    Interesting Dark Matter story that ties into all of this potentially with what Cris talked about last night.

    /phonebook. 🙂

  3. We need to get screenings done of the watcher series into the churches to counteract it. Over the past number of years this has been done. Can you make something like this happen, LA? An email sent to large church organizations alerting them of this upcoming movie by Dr Greer, and then a snippet of your video imbedded.

    • That could start with individuals loaning their Watchers series to their own church or just have a movie night…..I am planning to show them to my grand kids in June…..I think it is time! They are boys 12 & 14. I am going to take a secular movie along to kick things off, like “Knowing” or Mel Gibson’s “Signs” and get the grandma mouth rolling so I can sit back and let L.A. take the teaching over when Watchers starts. I have 1,2 & 3 and then the next trip I will borrow the other 3 to take!……I have already set the stage, so to speak, by discussing with them whether they think something like “Stargate” could ever be true and then pounced with the story of the transfiguration of Christ!

  4. L.A. The only reason you seem controversial to the church’s is you stand for the truth & what’s right and the church’s stand for only preaching deception to fill their offering plates…….The world did’nt accept Jesus when he walked the earth with the message of his Father’s kingdom as we now do the same through his Holy Spirit.Remember he said they hated me before they hated you.The persecution of walking the way of the cross has great reward!!!!We are known as a peculiar people set aside for the Lord.(Exodus 19 V 5….1Peter 2 V 9…..Titus 2 V 14…Deuteronomy 14 V 2 & 26 V 18).God Bless You.

  5. LA, great post! I believe the reason the church doesn’t address some subjects is simply because they don’t want to scare the congregation or make them uncomfortable.

    There’s a church not too far from where I live that practices and teaches the word of the Lord. Specifically the topic was on sexuality.

    I had a female relative demurely warn me to stay away from this church, alluding that she wasn’t comfortable with the topic because she felt it wasn’t the church’s position to teach sex. She also thought she was protecting me.

    Here’s where we as Christians fit in. I gently pointed out to her that at one time as a former investigator I knew that our county was the number one county in the state with the highest number of unwed mothers with children, which includes abandonment and certainly a break down in the family structure. If the church teaches standards that the Lord God set in motion, we support it.

    She was stunned. I merely told her the church is trying to educate the congregation even if it’s uncomfortable.

    If some topics such as sexuality is uncomfortable, imagine what genuine aliens would do to the mentality of human being who wants to stay and play it safe?

    We have to “seed,” the masses (which includes using videos, movies, books, etc) so at least the people can be fed slowly but deliberately. Let God do the “revelation knowledge,” onto a human being through the Holy Spirit.

    I’ve had a male approach me asking me about UFO’s and what that’s all about. He had been watching the History Channel on UFOs. I was better equipped to educate him on the Niphilims (thanks to you) but there were others around the kitchen table listening intently.


    • Agree ~ we have to be patient & wait on The Lord’s timing. Meanwhile we just keep doing what we are called to do & watch how God moves. His ways & His timing is not how we think things should be. Difficult but so true. It is easier to bring the subject up now because of all the media/news/Hollywood info/programming going on about the topic. If we address a Pastor about this & he is not bold enough to open up the congregation he’s responsible for to hear about this subject “yet” it’s the Holy Spirit’s job to direct him. We are off the hook! Christ is the head – He will get their attention when He’s ready ~ have faith! Try not to become frustrated. If we are meant to be here in the timing of the Anti-Christ/False Prophet revelation then the head in the sands will be @ your house wanting info. Enjoy the break while you have it! Lol.

    • Oh Seashore Mary! You are so right and I have felt a lot of seeds beginning to sprout in the past year… my ex husband asking some questions about Christ that he avoided like the plague when we were married from 1968 to 1979! His questions came in the year leading to his death last fall…..and since I am the ex, of course he never mentioned it to me since we only met up at family get togethers but he did have a photo taken a month or two before he passed with a cross necklace gleaming loud and clear! Of course I can’t know for sure that he found Christ but it seemed like a sign just for me when that pic showed up on a large screen slide memorial montage at the funeral home.
      We have to just talk where we can and let the Holy Spirit do His work in them…..It seems that every time we have a party, I get into a discussion of the times and what they mean according to the Guide Book of the Supernatural and even those who don’t want to hear it have started to sit and at least listen instead of wandering to the buffet like they used to do.
      I have felt sad to be far away and only get to see them 4 or 5 times a year but now I am thinking that God’s plan was that I not be there to harp on it every day so when I do come around they absorb some instead of glazing over!

    • We’ve been in situations here with family members where it took 25 some odd years for seed planting here and there but it took on the Lord’s timing. It was rough at times but the point is: Don’t give up! Let the Lord use you to plant seeds and let Him take care of it because He will! 🙂

    • LNL said, “His ways & His timing…”

      God asked me to witness to someone that I seldom saw or had an opportunity to speak with so I said “Lord if that’s what you want, then you are going to have to work it out.” I would have contacted the person but I knew that was not what I was supposed to do…so I waited. Two years later, I finally had a chance to speak with him and the Lord said “Now’s the time” and he accepted Christ. I found out that during those two years, God had been having people plant seeds and preparing his heart. Of course we all know that God’s timing is perfect…it just doesn’t always make sense to us.

  6. I’m glad to see LA coming out with real scientific proof of giants/nephilim. We all now have better tools to approach our friends, family, churches, etc. When I was first introduced to this subject, I approached a pastor in my family. She was reluctant at first, and had been indoctrinated with the whole line of Seth thing, although she had been somewhat introduced to the fallen angels/human women reality. Now her whole household has read the book I sent them and are very interested and intrigued. At least now they’re prepared.

    What I don’t get, what I’ve seen from the whole ancient astronaut crowd, is that they never address the key elements that point to an evil/demonic presence: an intelligent beings obsession with sex, the cruelty of the torture in modern UFO abductions and in acient stories, and the acient people’s insistence that there is a connection to the divine/rebellion against G-d, of couse the ubiquitous Bible, which can be found anywhere, including hotels, that shows that acient Hebrews were the ones who followed G-d, and pegged the whole nephilim crowd for what they really are when the rest of the world were worshipping the fallen ones as gods, and paying the price for it with diseases and other curses.

    People often are eaten, tortured, or die in their presence. Ask people living at reservations. It breaks my heart to visit the reservations, knowing that the natives know that the vast majority of people outside the reservation are spiritually ignorant. They’ve lived with this nephilim/spiritual reality forever, and why listen to the white man or the church who just denies it all?

  7. The Church? Really?

    In the parable of the Wise Virgens (maidens if you prefer), 5 were taken and 5 left.

    In the Letters to the churches in the Revelation, there are overcomers (rewarded) and the unrepentant (*).

    * – Christ takes their candle, fights against them, casts them into great tribulation, comes as thief to them, they lose their crowns, and are spewed out.

    Those who are Christ’s sheep — hear His voice. Those who don’t are not His. They’re apostate.

    Some were corrected and rewarded in the Revelation. Those that weren’t corrected are what? Tares?

    So we know who’s asleep and not watching. In Rev. 3:3 and 16:15 — He comes as a thief.

    Do you really want to be around in Rev. 16:15 — at the 6th Vial judgment?

    • Not sure if you message was in response to me. I’m not taking the spiritual side of the natives, but the fact that they continue to be lost because many in the church who try to proselytize them don’t know what they’re doing. Many churches deny the existence of miracles and spiritual entities, both good and evil on Earth in modern times. What I’m saying is that natives see these entities on a regular basis and no one is there to tell them what they really are because the most of the church is ignorant or afraid.

    • Lilac, my response (typos and all) was to the general notion that we need to wake up the church. Definitely not aimed at you. I believe you’re right. You get Ephesians 6:12 (virgen = virgin, sorry, some of my spanish slipt through)

      Ephesians 6
      10 Finally, my beloved, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.
      11 Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.
      12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers,
      against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

      Some folks focus mostly on the physical or political battle that’s tangible and physical — though Christ’s Armor is spiritual. Moreover, the Armor is Christ extended to the saved spiritually, which we need to keep on and never take off. Similar to any space suit or survival suit — we need to be completely immersed in aspects of Christ and His work. He hasn’t changed His mission. He’s doing the same now through those He’s saved, that are connected to Him spiritually.

      And that starts with rescue, (being saved), including ultimately our resurrected bodies (along with our individual spirit). But it begins within, in our own spirits, joined to Yeshua (Jesus). He’s the Vine, we are the branches as in the Gospel of John. All of this is spiritual (and supernatural), not allegory nor poetry, and definitely not just physical.

      So if know that you’re saved and dwelling in Christ — led of His Spirit — then I wholeheartedly agree with you. The reservations need to know that Yeshua Messiah is the Son of God. And the body He chose is not that of the white man, but of the bloodline of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Judah, David, and Mary, (but not strictly jewish). I hope you agree?

      Like LA, I believe there are physical consequences of the ongoing spiritual battle. For me the neandertal bones and DNA remnants in humans are evidence enough of the attempt by the rebel angels to create a competing dominant super-race of part-human part-angel hybrids. I believe that’s exactly what was meant by the “tares” and that the giant bloodlines had much more angel DNA. (much less diluted by subsequent generations of human breeding)

      Unlike LA, I believe they also interbred with animals of all sorts resulting in the fossil and bone evidence we see, the cryptid creatures that still exist, and all manner of demons that result when they die. That includes crossbreeding with primates that resulted in oddly mixed forms considered “missing links,” or as in the case of that LA is investigating in Peru. My guess is that angel DNA is broadly compatible with other creatures resulting in new species. (possibly multiply mixed species like dragons)

      So there’s a physical side, no doubt. But the more critical battle is with the spiritual — because when these hybrids die physically — their spirits do not ascend into the earth nor return to God in Heaven. And that means many generations of them are accumulating and trying to take over bodies that are open to the process and willing to be “infested” by them, seeking super powers, super knowledge, super presence in rebirths, etc. Which is why Christ cast out demons.

      If you’re looking for general agreement that there’s a supernatural battle going on — you’ll definitely find it here.

      Others discount the physical consequences, such as Joe Jordon, and are more focused on the spiritual aspects of the battle now. “” (Also interesting that he’s living in South Korea with his wife. Worth noting regarding intel in that area of the world.)

      Friday night is a good time to tell how you the main point of LA’s daily blog. Just remember that the discussions get locked about 9 am CST tomorrow for a sabbath break. If you want to continue in a similar place. Here’s one of my postings in the group that followed David Flynn. There I’m HisCity.


      Welcome Lilac!

      ps. It’s good to remember that because of the page format of the blog here, comments with long paragraphs without breaks take forever for those that have smartphones and small screens. Copying materials rather than just linking is frowned on. Plusses for original content and reactions.

  8. Sometimes I think that its not that the churches dont want to admit to the “UFO or alien conspiracy” as part of scripture, its that they just dont want to talk about what it entails for fear of losing members.

    Several of the churches I attend discuss the phenomenon but only as so far as to say that we are fighting against principalities.
    That’s it! They will also say that there is a war going on in the heavens.

    OK so what does that mean? Explain! Well were are not going to do that. We dont want to scare anyone.

    The church also does NOT want to talk about the very near coming tribulation period or the financial collapse coming right around the corner.

    America is Germany in 1938 right now. We all just want to believe that everything is fine and that there is no way that our economy could collapse or that I might lose my 401k or house for that matter. Not to mention that our Fearless Great Leader might actually be part of a New World Order and that when things do collapse those executive orders signed the last over the last 20 years will mean something including taking your personal property.

    We are one mini small terrorist attack from a complete financial collapse here in America. False flag possibly from the coming New World Order.

    That’s why I get so excited about the coming Blood Red Moons. We know something will happen then!

    I sometimes wonder why God allowed me to learn the things I have over the last 6 years. I mean whats the purpose. No one wants to hear about fallen angels or the global economic collapse.

    That’s pessimistic.

    • Richard-you hit the nail on the head! Or at least thats my take too. Every day and I mean everyday, my heart is so thankful to God for giving me a Bible believing grandma who wouldn’t be swayed by anything. If the Bible said it, it was true! Hands down, wether we could understand how it possibly could be true or not, she stayed strong.
      So the Giants that had to come back, the evilness in the world, the political lineup internationally, the one world religion etc. I was so warned!
      And why when I woke up and returned to my true love Yeshua-
      And when I found LA saying what I knew to be true. Wow!
      We have to be getting close, so very close……
      To HIS coming! When I can finally met him face to face. And get to see my grandma again!

  9. Plan to take DNA from every child in South Africa in 3 months – for their safety


    I had a dream last night about the rapture – capsules were lined up by angles and each person had one assigned to them, people waited in front of them and then they opened and people started getting in.

    • Be careful, Robin, regarding the interpretation of that dream. Scripture says it will happen in a twinkling. Not much tme to line up as tho one were catcing a bus or a capsule. Be careful, because if I were an alien fallen one returning to earth under the pretense that I was here to save the earth, I would do my best to immitate the word of God. God does not need technology….satan does….so does mankind. It was that epithany when I was about 21 that turned me completely away from my previous belief that the UFO aliens were God’s angels. That is the story they are spreading.

    • Claud

      It was a dream, it may not go down like that, truth is we are not going to know exactly how it happens until it happens. Only a direct revelation of the detail from God could make someone sure. Yes God does not need tech but how were old testament saints like Enoch etc caught up to heaven – in objects, chariots, only saying.

      Just a quick note to Rick – thanks for fringe radio and uploading the mp3’s. Keep it up and God bless you don’t be discouraged by those who would throw stones. We are in the world but not of the world.

      does not everyone in the USA pay tax? does that mean approval for all the wicked things that is done with that money? only saying

  10. Always remember that the religious leaders of Jesus’ day were blind to the signs of His first coming. We should not be surprised then to find that same “blindness” with many of our brethren.

    But let’s be careful in making broad judgements about where many of our brothers and sisters are in relation to The Lord. Remember the parable of the wheat and tares! Just because someone doesn’t want to talk about the UFO deception does not mean they are not a disciple of our Lord. And vis versa. Just because someone is conversant in the Nephilim and Satan’s strategies/conspiracies does not mean they are a disciple either!


    • I should also point out that it took the disciples quite awhile to figure out what The Lord was REALLY planning to do! How look did it take them to see the BIG picture?

      Remember to have compassion for our brothers and sisters

      Romans chap 14:1 “Him that is weak in the faith receive ye, but not to doubtful disputations.”

    • “Remember to have compassion for our brothers and sisters.”

      Very well said Letsburgeon. Compassion…a word that is greatly overlooked and one which I hope the Lord will help me to better understand.

    • 3/4 of the church is lost? They’re still worried about what their new deck will look like this summer or how their 401k’s are doing. They are clearly NOT worried about prophecy or what is coming upon all of us shortly.

      They are blind and deceived in my opinion.

      I think we all have compassion for our fellow brothers and sisters but at the same time their is a sadness for values they have left within the church. I read that 19% of all Christians now accept homosexual marriage?

      Don’t let anyone deceive you in any way, for that day will not come until the rebellion occurs and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the man doomed to destruction.

      2nd Thessalonians 2:3

    • As in Jude, “on some have compassion, making a difference. Others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire…”

      Those “in the church” that are “friends with the world” need to know that they are the enemies of God.

      Those “in bed with babylon” (the hold of every foul creature) need to know they’ll suffer her plagues.

      Isn’t silence also false witness when warning should be given? And once given, their blood will no longer be required at the watchman’s hands. No need to harangue them. Dust off our shoes and continue on carrying the alarm to others.

      Salvation comes by the foolishness of preaching. And for those that act like the world, yield the same fruit as the world, and show no signs of correction (bastards) …. I believe we do well to question any claim they make of salvation.

      Nonetheless, we must also speak the truth in love, remember that but for the grace of God there go I, remember from whence we came, not to pull out the tares, and not to offend any of the little ones.

      The heresy hunters, cult deprogrammers, and haters that don’t love sinners and our enemies — are likewise in danger of hell fire. “” (for multiple verses likewise germane)

    • @Lb What was the character after the steeple church supposed to be be? I get a code but just for that one character. ␇

      still trying to find a way to increase font size in andreas09 (this blog’s theme)

    • @ Richard & Nomemoleste,

      Thank you both for your zeal for the Bride and her purity.

      One thing I need to clarify though was (and I apologize for not being more specific) I meant this in the context of discussing the UFO deception with other believers. And by believers I mean the real deal, not pretenders. Those with fruit and a correct walk.

      The UFO deception is a bizarre topic. It’s been the subject of supermarket tabloids for years and Hollywood SciFi/B movies. For years all of us were subjected to the enemies propaganda on this subject and sometimes that’s a tough stronghold to take down.

      I use the example of the disciples because they had been raised with years of teachings and training about the coming Messiah that were either not fully correct or entirely false. Look out how long it took for them to finally realize the truth!

      In the same way some Christians need to be shown patience when discussing the UFO deception because there are enemy lies/strongholds that need prayer and patience to remove. Just as Jesus did not give up on his disciples in frustration because of their slowness in understanding his teachings, (see Mark 15) so to we must be compassionate and patient with our brothers and sisters who don’t fully “get it” just yet.


      And Nomemoleste, the character is the world 🌎 As in I can’t wait for the Bride to be Raptured to her King!

    • @ Letsburgeon

      People try to fit what they don’t comprehend into their own symbol set (or frame of reference).

      With Christ we have a symbol set that exposes hidden characters (notably the evil, hopefully also loving intent).

      Joseph saw the same dream message differently than pharaoh. Daniel likewise with Nebuchadnezzer.

      What one sees as a ufo, others may see as: sun with rainbows, apparition, angel of light, orb, chariot of fire…

      Others have observed that these days it’s media is that largely defines the terms and constrains our world view, (blinders).

      The complaint here seems to be that the typical church (worldly church) refuses to grasp the supernatural symbol set, while accepting that it exists, but just not for this day (…since there are no more miracles, and no more prophets, and the canon is closed, and it’s too risky, and it’s not for baby christians, and it will rob you of your peace… or some other excuse.)

      The supernatural experiences of interacting with the Almighty give us another grasp beyond testimony and record, through answered prayer, sensing His presence when we praise, or His spiritual responses or sometimes audible direction, and His healings and sometimes miracles, and His timing, appointments, and often just-in-time provision (very lean, very efficient), and the charge and fluency and sensings of the Holy Spirit — all of which give us a height, breadth, and depth of experience interacting with Yeshua (or Abba) most often through the Holy Ghost — beyond what the world can know, or what young Christians have yet to encounter.

      So yes, there’s a difference. And Yes, they may grow to be willing… As you said, speaking of those who are certainly saved.

      So that we can more clearly see and recognize things the way our Creator does, seeing the end from the beginning, always with willingness to love.

      The point then — if they are Christ’s — then they’re growing in courage and willingness to leave the nest and swim in the deep end, in due time. On Abba’s schedule or each of us. And certainly we all have areas where we’re farther along or farther behind than others.

      Of course, you’re not saying let them sleep? No doubt.


  11. I was censored again this week by leadership for pointing out the truth once again in my SS class and then commenting on it in an email. I’ve been told at different times, you’re scaring people and you could cause a new believer to turn away from God, you aren’t supposed to disagree with the teacher. They say that they believe the Lord is coming back, just not now and won’t see the signs. I get laughed at and dismissed for telling the truth. I have a few that listen to me and eagerly wait on commentaries and my input in SS as they admit were not being told the truth. I believe leadership is afraid of losing the money base in the church who are older and go to first service. It’s business as usual every week, keep them in the dark and preach the easy words of the bible, I pointed out to the pastor that there are several cars in the lot on sunday with freemason emblems, stickers or license plate frames showing their allegiance to FM. I suggested a teaching either in private or from the pulpit and his response was, ‘the masons do a lot of good work’ Really? I want to leave and have prayed about it and I’m still there. God is teaching me or using me, probably both as it’s up to Him that I’m there. It would be easier to herd cats than to get some to hear the truth. Some people aren’t teachable or reachable. Like Yeshua said, “For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it.” Thanks for getting it. Love you all.

  12. It’s been a busy few days!! I’m finally able to get on right now 🙂 Today’s blog is on point. The church is asleep. Glad I’m awake! Again in prayer and finding peace in God’s word. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

  13. God will provide a way for the truth to get out, to reach those who need to hear the truth. In His timing. Praise God for all of you who hold fast and inform others….and who are being prepared to confront the deception that comes. God empower you with all the Truth.

  14. The Democrats are touting Hillary Clinton as the next President. But what has she done? She has left us with two potential nuclear holocausts boiling up in North Korea and Iraq-the first time in our history that the two most likely international trouble spots have demonstrated a nuclear threat. And for an encore she enabled the Benghazi murders-incredibly still not a formal report on what happened in seven calendar months-by not providing adequate security in response to the Ambassador’s numerous please for help.

    People should connect the dots here. The secretary of State position was a deal cut between Hillary and Obama to keep her out of trouble but with enough visibility to allow her to run for President in 2016. And as a result, American citizens are now exposed to a more dangerous threat of a two front nuclear war than ever before in history. And it doesn’t help us any when our “President” stutters a stammers his way through a wimpy response to the NK crisis. What a National embarrassment he is.
    As far as NK, they have no excuses – they reside in the heart of “Asian Tiger Valley” – their abject failure as a society highlighted by the fact that their Southern brothers and sisters have a living standard equal to Japan’s now – while they waste away in the dark listening to Orwellian propaganda as their Dear New Leader gets fat while they starve. NK has wasted 60 years catching up to US 1940s military technology – if the NK Communists had any wisdom, they would have followed the Chinese model of “to get rich is glorious” instead.

  15. Jonathan Winters dies

    Thanks for the many laughs Mr. Winters. I loved him when I was a kid. He was hilarious and will be missed.
    Back then you could make people laugh without using vulgarity.


  16. “I have watched Steve Greer on the History Channel’s Ancient Alien, series and at the end of one of the shows he looks straight into the camera and declares, when ET arrives all the religions of the world will crumble.”

    Woh. That is EXACTLY what happens — nearly word-for-word — in Arthur C. Clarke’s “Childhood’s End”, a book written in the early ’50s which talks about the appearance and disclosure of a “benign” alien race which came to “save” humanity.

  17. The thought occurred to me…the parallels between certain Mormon teachings and the nephilim. As always, you’d expect Satan to mix a little bit of truth into a lot of lies. Mormons believe certain lost tribes came over to America in the centuries after Jesus. Perhaps the REAL truth of the matter is that nephilim came over both before and after the time of Jesus.
    It would be interesting, too, to compare DNA samples of Bigfoot as documented by those recent reports to the samples LA’s got from Peru.
    Who would ever imagine we’d get to this level of sophistication? It seems like a no-brainer but because of the church’s reluctance to even “go there,” we’ve remained in the dark for far too long…until now.
    Like Daniel said, a lot of truth would come to like in the end times.

    • By nephilim, I take it you mean first generation hybrids. That’s what the mound builder studies are about, along with the surprising number of historical news reports of giant human-like bone discoveries that have been removed by museums or others.

      Just quick check here to see if we can use a “reveal more” feature.

      I’d like to know if neandertal or denisovan DNA are found in current indian tribes or in their ancestor’s remnants.

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