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ExoVaticanaNewWhile former Vatican Observatory Research Group (VORG) director George Coyne has suggested that the “stars are God’s sperm,” naturalistic panspermia faces serious challenges. First and foremost, life in space has never been shown to exist. But even if allowed for argument’s sake, only if the seeds are encased deeply inside mineralized rock for protection could their survival be deemed remotely possible. How this could occur is the focus of intense research. Even though he denied the VORG’s current involvement in astrobiological research during an interview with the authors of Exo-Vaticana, Vatican astronomer Guy Consolmagno, who specializes in meteors, indicated in 2004 that he was working with NASA astrobiologist Lynn Rothschild on whether meteorites are adequate for transporting life to earth. Evidence suggests that some microbes can survive the radiation in space, but the intense heat of entry into the atmosphere still poses a serious challenge. This leads many to assume intelligent causation.

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47 thoughts on “Acceleration Radio! Cris Putnam: Exo-Vaticana!

  1. Going to be a great show. I just finished the book yesterday. “Off the charts” doesn’t cover it. Wait ’til you all get into some of this!


    Two points:

    1.) Obvious intrigue about that structure they’ve found under the Sea of Galilee.

    Unfortunately there’s a predictable downside:

    2.) “So that’s how Jesus walked on water!” Just heading that off at the pass.

  2. “”

    Israeli firm talks up mankind’s recovery from the Tower of Babel

    You speak in your language but the listener hears you in his or hers — by phone, via the Internet, or even face-to-face. It’s a linguistic revolution, say the innovators behind Lexifone…

    This is an amazing story full of prophetic implications. Mind you, this is ALL secular.

    • I actually think that would be a great tool for spreading the gospel. Always wished I could speak to whomever w/o years of learning the language. Google translate helps. But ~ yeah I can see the downside too!

  3. Rick from Fringe radio. While my desire is to do Christian based radio full time, in order to pay my bills I am forced to do other types of radio in addition to Fringe Radio Network, some of which does contain content some of you may find offensive.

    See this is the problem with Christianity. Too much compromise.

    Here’s a suggestion Rick if you cant find other Christian slots then DONT USE ANYTHING IN THAT SLOT EVEN IF YOU CANT PAY THE BILLS.


    • The same thoughts ran through my mind as I read his excuse. Sad, very sad, what is considered acceptable within the christian world. None of us are perfect, but we should never make an excuse for our imperfections in an attempt to justify them.

    • Richard and Claudia- really? Really? How sad that you would rather NOT have God’s Word spread around, or allow poor people like me to have no access to Godly discussions than to realize that people like Rick have to feed their families. Funny, maybe you guys should send Rick some money so he doesn’t have to do that anymore sunce its so sinful in your eyes. He already said he doesn’t want to do it but had to.
      This is the exact reason I don’t hang out with very many so called christians. Quick to condemn, slow to help. :\

    • We all have to pay our bills but, compromiseing on one’s principals is a slippery slope to be on.
      You can not serve God and money too. As Bob Dylan sings in one of his songs……You’ve got to serve somebody.It may be the Devil or it may be the Lord but, you’ve got to serve somebody.

    • This subject can go deep and wide. Does it only apply to Christians who own a business, or, those who sell their books,DVD’s, other merchandise through other outlets? Wow, LA, among other Christian authors will have to pull their products from distributors then. Am I guilty of a sin because were I buy my groceries or gas sells beer, rolling papers, and porn mags? I like to watch my local church program on Sunday morning, but a few hours later they are showing programs that are questionable. But, since I watch that morning church program, I am supporting the station and their sponsors. So, go ALL the way every day and completely go off grid?
      Stumbling blocks every where,…… God is a just God. So, I guess while I’m judging others, I better flip that mirror around on myself.

    • I’m remembering something that really makes me uncomfortable.

      I’ve noticed that some people call themselves Christians but when it comes to supporting Christian based products they fall short.

      I don’t know why but that is the case. I’ve produced Christian products and have my own small shop on internet. I pray over it, multiply the return on it in prayer, advertise it, products are discounted for better turn around and still little to no results.

      I’m a tither, giver in offerings and willingly give over and above what is “normal,” at least that’s what IRS says I am doing (I have receipts).

      God still supplies and I don’t have to compromise to do it.

      I believe in the Word of the Lord and I believe in storing up my treasures in heaven even if I don’t see a manifested turnaround as quickly as I would like or as large as I would like.

      Motto? Don’t give up, don’t compromise. Continue to search for good quality products, including buying advertisement in radio and television programs to help promote a good Christian program.

      God hasn’t given up on you and you shouldn’t give up either.

      Just saying…

    • Ally Christians as a collective group donate more money that any other group in the world. So your comment that we are quick to condemn or donate is hogwash.

      We are also in the age where apostasy is rampant. Every person has a choice to stand up for whats right verses what is wrong. Plain and simple it is wrong to put crap on the air waves side by side other christian radio. I wont support that nor should “I or we as a collective whole”

      So Really Really! There is plenty of FREE radio for you to listen to that does not compromise those values. If you are having trouble finding quality FREE programming for you and your family I suggest the following.

      christianradio .com FREE over the internet has every pastor in the world.
      I also recommend KLOVE

      Many Christians in the last days will compromise their faith. We’ve already seen it with the Gay Marriage issue. Scripture says its wrong and their should be no compromise on that subject or many others for that matter.

      But just as in the days of Noah people are focused on the flesh verses becoming fishers of men. Now is the time to be strong and stay focused on scripture for NO Compromise!

    • Yes it sounds like you are guilty Moonpies. You should be selective. It doesnt mnake sense to endorse products that support planned parenthood or gay marriage.

    • I thought it was funny because it was a reminder that we are in the world….just not of it…..mistakes happen and rather than blame a brother in Christ for a mix up…..blame the power that let it happen!
      If we never are in proximity to the unsaved….how can we reach them? The people who listen to the sports guys who let slip a cuss word may also check out L.A. as long as they are at Fringe and souls may be save….all things work for good to those that love Him!

    • Ally, you yourself are being rather quick to condemn that which you know nothing about, when you state: “This is the exact reason I don’t hang out with very many so called christians. Quick to condemn, slow to help.”

      You do not have a clue as to how many I have helped. Nor has Richard asked for my help, nor do I use his services.

      Moonpieeys, you are mixing oranges and apples. IF I were the owner of the stores, I would not have anything in them that was offense to Christ. It is all aboaut the OWNERSHIP, and the freewill choice that the owners are allowed to make. I must lead a very isolated life because none of the stores that I go into to buy clothing,food, or gas have porn or other offensive materials in them. The nearest store to me is a 30 minute drive, and the next is 45 minute drive. The TV channels I watch for news, religious programs also do not have porn on them. I have blocked all those channels off.

      And YES, THERE IS A TIME COMING WHEN YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO GO OFF GRID! However, if you are conditioned appropriately, it will be easier to continue the life you are accustomed to, and you will choose to compromise to continue it, not willing to die for that which you believe. Or, perhaps some will be so well conditioned that they don’t even recognize the dark anymore.

      Christ does provide….but we have to be willing to sacrifice and look totally towards Him.

    • Oh, HA! show me a convenience store that does not have things like zig zag papers, beer, magazines like playboy or gossip rags or tobacco or anything in poor taste or at least against Christian principles! I don’t believe it…..maybe you don’t see those things because you are not looking but “the world is everywhere” because it is ….uh, the world! Ya can’t even go online and not have ads that are awful and about those news stations….so glad they never have 30 seconds of time raving about four hour erections… let’s just agree to disagree and not attack Moonpieeyes or anybody else!

    • Hey Elaine if you and the others want to allow things to occur like this without saying something then do it. Stay quiet and accept everything around you as Christian persecution gets even worse.

      The liberal media has walked all over the Christian community and we have allowed it to happen because christians dont want to hurt other peoples feelings. I refuse to NOT comment when something is clearly wrong. I guarantee LA wasnt too pleased to find out about it when he heard about this other show.

      Many Christians are just laying down when issues come up like this. Its the same reason that the Muslim community is allowed to do whatever they want because enough people dont complain about it.

      “mistakes happen and rather than blame a brother in Christ for a mix up…..blame the power that let it happen”

      Rick let it happen! There was no a mix up. He made a poor decision and I am letting him know it.

      Proverbs 27:17

      17 As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. Notice it doesnt say a persons feelings will never be hurt.

      Zig zag paper? Beer? Magazines? That’s taking it to extremes but yes you are correct! If you are that adamant about those items the right thing to do as a christian is not it.

      Sure we can agree to disagree but Im not worried about hurting someones feelings when they are clearly wrong.

      Its oxymoron to ask people to come listen to your christian conservative station minus the one show that doesnt?
      How does that ever make sense.?

    • Claudia/Richard, you mean to tell me, that in EVERY case when and where you buy groceries or gas, there is no ‘porn’? I don’t care if it is a sign with a girl in a bikini or a ‘joe’ holding a can of bud without a shirt on, it is all advertising sin, soft or otherwise. All the major tv stations, and I am not talking about cable or pay-per-view, advertise using ‘soft’ porn, and the shows are no better. So, if you watch for local news, you are still supporting on the fringe by watching. Same as the internet, if you pay for access, you are still supporting the rest on the fringe. I do not have a ‘Christian’ store near me of any kind, and do not have the luxury to drive 50 or further miles to track one down. Just saying, flip that mirror around, there is not a measurement known to man, that is small enough to convey how low below the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit we ALL are. We all fall short. That’s why we have the promise of forgiveness if we are humble enough to repent of our sins, small or great, known or unknown.
      I can just imagine the looks that Jesus got when he talked to the prostitute or touched the leaper.

    • Moonpies plain and simple it was wrong what Rick did!

      94.7 krks the Christian radio station here in Denver would never allow for a radio program like that on just to get revenue. Rick shouldn’t either!

      Justification of wrong doing doesnt make it OK.

      If you want to go to extremes do it. What he did was wrong! In addition what Rick did has nothing to do with me humbling myself or anyone else for that matter. It was his actions not ours?

      Touching the leaper or the prostitute also has NOTHING to do with this? I don’t know what your point it?

    • Elaine, tobacco, alcohol are not sins, but part of the christian dogma in various churches of man.

      Moonpieyes, I am guessing that what accidentally went out was hard porn, or Rick would not have apologized for it. You are doing what most judgemental people do, and catagorizing everything to the extreme. You are still missing the point about what we are exposed to and what we deliberately chose to expose to others, or to promote for money. Yes, we live in a Babylonian world, but we are not supposed to be “IN” it. We cannot help but be exposed to it. I don’t have the luxury either….it is a necessity…there are no others stores near by….and yet…they are not exposing me to hard porn literature.

      I think we all know, and I said it in a post above, that none of us are perfect. But…we are not to overlook our imperfections and tolerate them, or make excuses for them, as you and one other are doing. Of course we receive forgiveness, but not if we die in that sin without repenting. (And here this…what commandment did he break? Not sure he broke any of the 10 I follow. Bad judgement…yes, I think he used bad judgement…one that could open the door for sin down the road.) If I were to allow my child to play in the middle of the road, I would expect that my neighbors, at least one of them. would point out to me the error of my way. And…guess what! I would receive their rebuke with love, because I would know they cared for me, or they would not have said anything to encourage my repentence, or to point out a misjudgement on my part.

    • Claudia….well now, you have admitted that you did not hear it and yet you are all over the subject? Hmmm, I did and actually laughed and emailed L.A. about the mix up……the guys on a sports show did not seem to be aware they were on and one said a four letter word that is discussed in the link I posted. Probably a word you have heard often and maybe winced but not gone off on a diatribe. Probably heard it in line at that convenience store gas station and the price of gas went up!

    • Elaine, to start a sentence off with “Well now…” makes you sound like you want to fight. I clearly stated that my impression from other comments was that “it” was not of the norm, or there would have not been any comments in the first place, nor an apology given. Nothing strange about that, unless you are looking for a fight..which you won’t get from me. I comment only for clarity, not because I consider my opinion the one that should come out on top. Your entire post that started with “Well now” is very confusing and I cannot follow it.

      I am curious, why cannot you drop this? What barb is in your side? What is left to discuss? It has been covered rather throughly to the point of boredom. Don’t you think? Or is this personal over something else, perhaps in the past? If it is personal and I ofend you, I apologize for the results of my words, but they were not wrongly spoken.

      Walk in peace. All Christians are entitled to their opinions and are required to rebuke once, but not over and over and over, on the same subject.

    • Ugg. This was not meant to start an argument of any kind earlier. Funny how many different takes there are on this. And we are to be of one mind.
      Just curious Richard or/and Claudia are you listening to LA tonite on the Fringe?
      About 2000 years ago, the Pharisees refused to believe that Jesus was the son of God partially because he hung out with worldly people like prostitutes. I often wondered if Saul/Paul refused to sell tents he made to anyone who wasnt a believer. We are suposed to spred the gospel not hide in the hills under a rock.
      Its so frustrating to see how kind and gentle and sweet my non believing hippy friends are compared to how judgemental, rigid and uncaring most of the christians I know are. I feel certain Yeshua cries along with me. How can we witness to people when their behavior is better than ours?
      Yes, I know we are washed of our sins. But I often feel like John the Baptist in the sense of I am not worthy to lace his sandals!!!!
      I think this is s huge discussion really and maybe we can pray together in Colorado and ask Yeshua to show us the exact path he would like got us to take concerning this.

    • Richard,

      good point and I appreciate your not wavering in the face of adversity. Way too much compromise in the Church today and it’s been going on since God first spoke to Abraham in the desert.

    • I would hope some of the listeners of the non Christian shows might find LA and others who are preaching the Word on Fringe even by mistake.
      Just Lime LA’s disclaimer states he shares a stage with some doesn’t agree with.
      Rent we supposed to reach out especially to the non Believer!!!
      God Bless Rick and all who work to spread the Word of God even under precarious circumstances!
      God bless all of us on his Blog!

    • to all who have a challenge with Rick supplementing his income with offensive material, I “wonder” if there is a place to advertise, give financially or support with greater prayer to alleviate the divided concerns that Rick lives with daily. say this from the position of a formerly bi-vocational pastor. Also I know it took a huge level of humility to be so honest about his mistake. I am inspired to pray more. And as the artist Steve Taylor said ” do we only drink milk from a christian cow?”

    • Richard and claudiaishis I couldn’t agree more. Maybe this is why the comment section was never opened yesterday for the statement that was sent out to acceleration radio listeners. In an age where the true believers are being separated from the lip service providers it’s refreshing to see that there are those who won’t compromise and the ones who won’t compromise will be more and more chastised by professing Christians who seem to be very comfortable with the world.

    • Absolutely, Ally; God bless Rick and all other Christians…do the best you can in the time that you have to spread the word. God bless the preacher that I heard on the local radio being discussed who held services in a bar. (not a nudy bar) Thank you Jesus for hanging with us, while you were here on earth, tho we did not deserve you. Thank you for staying with us even now in all of our imperfections. Thank you for loving us as you did, do and will do. Thank you for staying who you are and not coming down to our level in the way you think. You brought us up, we did not bring you down, except to die for our sins. Thank you, Jesus.

  4. I have been posting on Putnam’s site, where all of this “is the pope the False Prophet or not” debate is going on. I have taken the position that there is no evidence Pope Francis is the False Prophet. However, people have emailed me with thoughts that the False Prophet may emerge slowly within the new Pope. Like a frog in warm water heated up.
    Good point! He may be the False Prophet. We do not yet know, but discernment is needed in this as in all matters. The only thing I stick to in my statement about Malachy’s prophecy is this: Malachy did not predict that the last pope would be a bad man, so tying this discussion about the FP to what Malachy said is useless. That Malachy predicted that this would be the last pope and would rule in times of the return of the Judge–that is truly interesting.

    Reading Putnam’s site I have become more aware that the Vatican is going bonkers on this concept of dudes from outer space. Part of the interesting stuff is the video Exo-Vaticana which L.A. posted today, and which I had not seen before. Yes, these Vatican Jesuit astronomers are the cat’s meow, aren’t they? Absolute word-mincers.

    The info that the telescopes at Mt. Graham, the Vatican observatory, is the most powerful on earth is very interesting. If that’s true, that it’s more powerful than the Hubble, that is really something. Wow.

    I once went “steady” in college with a man who became a Jesuit later. I met him later when I was much older and married to someone else. We had long talks. He was not at all happy with being Jesuit but was locked in financially, as his father had left his inheritance to someone else in anger. He defended the Catholic teachings and had a fine mind, but he disliked the Jesuits. Perhaps hate would be a better word. I also had a correspondence with Malachy Martin. Enough confession for today. But just to show that I have had some Jesuit contact. In Seattle that was easy, lots of Jesuit influence. They had a course at Seattle University for lay people who wanted to get a degree in theology. In the long brochure (30 pages?) on this theology course there was not one mention of God or Jesus Christ. I lived near Seattle U and walked by it often, and I sat in their library and read all of this brochure on theology without God or Jesus.

    I have more stories but that is enough. Phooey to Jesuits.

    • Hubble isn’t on earth. Either way this telescope they call Lucifer is a strong infrared telescope. I’m going to use my night vision scope tonight and look at the skies to see if I can spot anything that can’t be easily seen with the naked eye.

    • Putnam and Horn aren’t taking any kind of hard stand saying “Yeah, this is it! This is the false prophet for sure!!!”

      That’d be nuts. 😉

      They simply show how much the guy reeks and especially because of the whole Jesuit thing. Time will tell the tale after that. 🙂

  5. Edith Schaeffer, author and wife of Francis Schaeffer, died at home in Gryon, Switzerland on Easter Sunday. She was 98.

    Born Nov. 3, 1914 to missionaries in China, she married Francis Schaeffer in 1935. The two moved with their three daughters in 1948 to serve as missionaries in Switzerland, where they founded the L’Abri Fellowship.

    A best-selling author like her late husband, Edith Schaeffer’s books included Affliction (Revell/Baker Publishing Group), The Tapestry: The Life and Times of Francis and Edith Schaeffer(Word Books) and Christianity Is Jewish (Tyndale House Publishers). Affliction and The Tapestry won the Gold Medallion award from the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association in 1979 and 1982, respectively.

    The Schaeffers’ son, Frank Schaeffer, memorialized his mother in a letter titled “Goodbye Mom”.

    “Mom treated everyone she ever met well, spent more time talking to ‘nobodies’ than to the rich and famous, who flocked to her after her books were published and became best-sellers,” he wrote. “Through my experience of being a father of three and grandfather of four, I’ve finally been able to test mom’s life wisdom and spiritual outlook and found out that she was right: love, continuity, beauty, forgiveness, art, life and loving a loving, all-forgiving God really are the only things that matter.”

    There will be a funeral in Gryon and a private burial in Rochester, Switzerland, where Schaeffer will be laid to rest alongside her husband. At a later date, a public memorial will be held in Rochester.

    • @Gordy: These missionaries sound like solid Christians to me.

      I hope someone researches their philosophy in-depth and reveal their adventures with God and hopefully produce a video of their life so we can enjoy and continue to learn from them.


    • Mary, the Schaeffer’s have a wealth of writings between them. I based my children’s high school curriculum around them. A good beginning would be Francis Schaeffer’s “How Should We Then Live?” There is a video series that Frankie Schaeffer filmed with his father before he died based on that book that is excellent.

      Frankie, the son, veered off into a bitter kind of liberalism later in life, but Edith stayed true to her beliefs to the end. (Francis died of cancer in the ’80s.)

    • There is more information about Edith and Francis Schaeffer on Youtube or on the L’Abri website @

      I was blessed to be a student and helper at Swiss L’Abri when the Schaeffer’s were still alive. It is a great place to study
      and enjoy the blessings of living in Christian community. It is a great place for to recommend to non Christians seeking to know the intellectual and evidential reasons for the Christian faith.

      Richard, I am not sure I will be going to Colarado Springs conference but perhaps we can chat on Skype sometime or exchange

      Please email me at:

  6. i have to ring in here, i do not believe in the little gray men or something like in the movie Predator about to land on the Mayan temple. i do think the Priest/astronomer at The Vatican does believe in and is looking for “UFOs” piloted by “aliens”. that is basically what he said on the History Channel i think, The Ancient Aliens series. this is crazy and very sad because i do believe the Stars, Celestial Bodies are for “signs” and “seasons” and days and years. signs and seasons is not a broad enough term for what wisdom is in the stars, celestial bodies, and events. before 1490BC the “People of God” did not have the written word-rhema but they knew it? Psalm 19 is a run down of the wisdom for a few to see. day after day they tell forth or prophesy there knowledge and it goes on deaf ears. the direction The Vatican is going covers all that wisdom from our Heavenly Father in the heavens. maybe they also are researching things they have not made public but i am not big on the way they are going. God bless you all People of God out there!

    • Nick what do you mean by “signs and seasons is not a broad enough term for what wisdom is in the stars, celestial bodies, and events.”

      Can you be more specific about wisdom in the stars.

  7. UN chief is sure propping him up to be more than a pope to catholics…


    VATICAN CITY – UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on Tuesday hailed Pope Francis as “a spiritual leader of the world” and emphasized goals of social justice shared between the Vatican and the United Nations.

    “It is very important to meet a spiritual leader of the world,” Ban said at the start of his meeting with the Argentine pope, who last month became the first non-European leader of the world’s Catholics in nearly 1,300 years.

    “The Holy See and the UN share common goals and ideas,” said Ban—one of the first world leaders to be received at an audience by the new pontiff.

    Francis has called for the Roman Catholic Church to be closer to ordinary people and help the needy, as well as to reach out to people of different religions and non-believers.

    “We discussed the need to advance social justice and accelerate work to meet the Millenium Development Goals,” Ban said after the meeting.

    • Thanks for that info., Mrs. M. I would be suspicious of anything the UN was promoting. It all sounds good on the surface, and it is possible for various faiths to work together to feed the poor and care for the sick….but not to steal from mankind their freedom to choose for themselves. Both the Vatican and the UN have a goal of world dominance. One gives the image of looking towards Christ, (I hope they do and are not dead internally) and the other looks towards man as king. What are the Millenium Development Goals? I will have to look that up.

    • I agree. Anytime there is a collusion on bringing the world together under the guise of world government and religion has a Nimrod-esqueness to it and sets off alarm bells.

  8. “”
    Saudi Arabia Declares Destruction Of All Churches In Country

    And no one gives a rip. Amazing what a double standard (to say the least) Saudi Arabia continues to enjoy among other things.

  9. Back to last Thursday night’s radio show that was supposed to be the Bill Salus interview: I live in western PA and we didn’t hear Bill Salus, but we didn’t hear anything offensive either. What we heard here was a really good show with Doug Hamp and Rob Skiba talking about DNA. Rick from Fringe Radio has apologized for whatever was broadcast. I don’t understand how different people heard different things, but whatever happened, it is forgiven and we move on. Jesus said 70 x 7. That’s good enough for me.

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