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L. A. Marzulli

[SHORT VERSION] Black conservative leaders discuss how the NRA was created to protect freed slaves – YouTube

Thanks to Watcher Gregg for the link!

This video is a much watch as it sheds light on how gun control was used in the South, after the Civil War, to keep the Black man down and unarmed.  It is a portion of our history which has been ignored, in which the KKK used gun control to spread fear and hatred..  You would think the media would have picked up on this clip, but of course they are in lock step with gun control.  In the Other News Section, V.P. Joe Biden, poles fun at the “black Helicopter crowds” concern for the eliminating the 2nd amendment.  Sorry Joe, but I don’t trust the guys on the  bottom left, including our president.

The Second Amendment was drafted into our constitution for a reason.  It’s not some frivolous words on paper which can be changed at a whim.  It protects us from the possibility of tyranny.

We are being legislated to death.  The government controls almost every aspect of our lives, from how big a soda we can drink, to what our houses look like.  We are taxed at every turn, from cradle to grave and even after death!  Yet our bloated, out-of-touch-with-reality, government sends 450 million dollars to the Moslem Brotherhood in Egypt!  Where is the outrage?  gun-control-works-great-if-youre-the-one-who-controls-the-guns

Throughout history, as seen on the photos on the bottom left, dictators have rounded up the guns from the people shortly after they came into power.  What happened next was a blood bath.  People were rounded up and put into camps.  Others were lined up and shot.  Take a good look at this photo.  This is real and it could happen here.  What deters it?  The 2nd Amendment.  While Uncle Joe may joke about the black helicopters, we now have drones in our skies spying on Americans.  We have a president who has allowed the killing of civilians oversees, if they are suspected of being a terrorist!  What happened to due process?  Our emails are monitored as is every purchase we make with the swipe of our credit cards.  It’s out of control folks and unless we push back they’ll take our guns too.

Last week on 60 minutes, the families of the Sandy Hook massacre were on the show.  4/9: Sandy Hook families lobby Congress; bee populations in freefall – CBS News Video

Once again we see the left using this as an excuse for the elimination of the 2nd Amendment.

In closing todays post:  Who do we trust?


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end timeIn Other News; Tracking the Birth Pains!

The Associated Press: Iran says 37 killed in earthquake in south


North Korea May Fire Missile at Any Time!,2506,L-4366185,00.html


Iran plans to build more nuclear reactors in quake-prone area | Reuters


PressTV – Spain, Slovenia face excessive problems with their economies: EU


Chinese colonel says latest bird flu virus is U.S. biological weapon

Washington Free Beacon » The American Flu » Print


Joe Biden Mocks ‘Black Helicopter Crowd’: They Think ‘We’re Going to Swoop Down… and Gather Up Every Gun in America’ | Video |


Hundreds rally against same-sex marriage, adoption in Paris — RT In vision

51 thoughts on “Gun Control From an African American Perspective!

  1. Lots going on here. I’m not trying to downplay the gun issue or N. Korea, for example, but I can’t help but feel like those are potential distractions. I’m keeping my eye on it all certainly but I’m stubbornly keeping my eyes locked hard on the Middle East no matter what.

    As for N. Korea…it’s ultimately not in the Chinese best interest upfront to let this demoniac hedonistic crazy kid start at least a regional war. It just isn’t. So I’m waiting to see them finally put something out there that puts some chill on it.

    Something happens to the USA then that’s a lot less people buying Chinese goods in droves at WalMart. It’s not the Chinese best interest. It’s not worth it. The kid isn’t worth it. Maybe it’s time the eventual Kings of the East to flex a little bit and deal with the nonsense. It’s going to be interesting to see what the Chinese do here in the near future.

    UN chief hails Pope Francis as a global spiritual leader

    Not very subtle.

    • It seems as if the N.Korea fuss was a distraction after all. What if… that video of Assad last week had been filmed last summer (my gut feeling), and what if Assad was either wounded seriously or killed. Wouldn’t Iran need a distraction for the msm and the clueless public to keep prying eyes away from a reorganization of Syria? What if… they are readying themselves to attack Israel?

      N. Korea is the sock puppet of China and the means of transporting high-powered weaponry to players in the ME. It is my strong opinion that a great deal has happened under the radar while the world was looking at the antics of a spoiled dictator who wants more twinkies.

    • I thought I read somewhere, that Iran had met with NK some time back. The ME makes more sense to watch IMHO.

    • Gary Stearman’s point is worth considering, that the 2 unstable rulers in Iran are in league with the the unstable ruler in NK — precisely on the issue of nuclear weapons. Me, I say the rebel angels are pulling the strings on the bizarro rulers in Iran, NK, the US, China, etc. (No different than with the likes of Washington, Jefferson, Adams, and Franklin re: Chris Pinto.)

    • i think you are right about the “distractions”. i felt same way about a week ago. i am not only watching the mid-east but i see the perfect global set up for “the new world order/one world(kosmos) order”. i have never seen escalation on all areas of latter day prophecy like this, and not all happening at once like now.

    • These little side stories make one wonder about how seriously to take these threats:


      Having threatened to bomb the United States and warned foreigners to leave South Korea due to an impending thermonuclear war, North Korea said today it was readying for a marathon to celebrate its founder’s birthday.

      The North’s state news agency said a big contingent of foreign runners was expected from countries including Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Ethiopia as well as 600 North Koreans at the April 14 race.

      ‘I think enthusiasm for the upcoming tournament is running high among local marathoners and their coaches as never before,’ the KCNA news agency cited Ham Chang-hyok of the Sports Ministry as saying.

      This is the 26th time the Mangyongdae Prize International Marathon has been held.

      Watchcon 4 is in effect during normal peacetime,

    • And,


      Western tour operators ‘Koryo Tours’ and ‘Young Pioneer Tours’ both said today that there were no plans to cancel any of their forthcoming tours, making it unclear if the suspension applied to everyone.

      ‘We have a group in the county at the moment led by Dan, one of our guides, and he phoned in today on his mobile saying everything is as normal as it ever is,’ Nick Bonner of Koryo Tours wrote on the tour group’s Facebook page.

      Meanwhile the United Kingdom’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office continues to say that travel to North Korea remains unaffected by the latest tensions.

      It said: ‘Our overall assessment is that there is currently no immediate increased risk or danger to those living in or travelling to the DPRK as a result of these statements.’

    • And,


      The U.S. ambassador to South Korea yesterday blogged about his family vacation, seemingly unconcerned by the ratcheting tension on the peninsula.

      He wrote on Cafe USA, a website for the embassy in Seoul, that he spent time with his two daughters in Jinhae, famous for its beautiful cherry blossoms. He said: ‘The blossoms were stunning. If you have never been down, I suggest you go. It is like driving through a tunnel completely made of cherry blossoms.’

      He also had glowing praise for the food in Busan. ‘The first night in Busan, we ate very fresh hwe, or raw fish, at a famous local restaurant,’ he said.

      ‘My daughters would not let me eat anything that was still moving, but everything we did have was delicious.’

      Unfortunately, the threat of impending war forced him to abandon his trip. He said: ‘As new threats started coming from North Korea, I got busy with work.

      ‘I had many calls and emails with Washington policymakers, senior South Korean officials, and U.S. Forces Korea. My BlackBerry was very busy.’

      Read more: “”

    • China has an insane partner in North Korea. When somebody is really ‘insane’ it means that they no longer respond normally to ordinary situations and will generate abnormal situations because of their illogical thought processes. A very scary thing when dealing personally with one person. How about a whole nation?
      How can Kim save face, he is making no way out for himself. The world leaders are lined up against him. If he backs down ,his military will eat him alive. If he decides to go to war, he is toast. I have a feeling this brutal government is about to called into account for all the mistreatment ,they have done to their people……I pray the protective blood of Christ over these poor people…..Remove this demon from the face of the earth.Considering that this idiot shut down an industrial complex that employed 50k of his own people and brought 2 billion into the N. Korean economy I’d say that we shouldn’t give them any aid when this all shakes out. Let the Chinese deal with this mess on their doorstep.

    • Assad made an appearance the other day scoffing for all intents and purposes at the Turkey-Israel “reconciliation” so he’s fine.

    • Well, April 10th has come and gone in North Korea. One more day without nukes is a good day.

      Praise the Lord! 🙂

  2. This is nothing more than a complete attempt to confiscate our guns just as it was prior to Hitler coming into rule. The goal is to take away all of our guns so that we will be easier to control when the market collapses.

    I used to put so much emphasis on the war or Psalm 83 as a prophetic sign in correlation to the what “I believe in” the pre-tribulation rapture of the church but now I feel possibly the only true prophetic sign is the coming Blood Red Moons.

    Looking forward to the conference in Colorado Springs. I would love to meet other bloggers. John Michael are you going?

    • Concerning the 2014 spring Tetrad of blood red moons, interesting videos on this is a Eternalrhythm flow, videos by Scottie Clark. I first found the link to Scottie’s videos last week on Interesting graphics as well as cogent thought, seems to have more rational thought on this subject than most presenters. He supports pre-trib rapture on “some Rosh Hashanna” in some year, probably 2013, and explains in detail. Worth looking at. So cogent that one tends to accept his views even if one is not a date-setter.

    • I don’t know about John Michael, but Eric is going I think, and me too. Im so EXCITED! Can’t wait to meet you guys in person. Yay!

    • Making ammo a lot more scarce is easier than taking away guns. They’re not that stupid. Taking away guns outright is more trouble than it’s worth.

      It’s an easy cash cow. Tax it. Regulate it. Make the ammo scarce. Make money off it and make it the easy straw to beat on to get the rabble rousing going. That’s at least short term. Long term? We’ll see.

    • Its a nice drive from Albuquerque, I look forward to meeting everyone and seeing and hearing all of the great speakers.

  3. During Barack Obama’s presidency there have been 32 background checks for gun purchases every minute.

    Since February of 2009, the first full month of Obama’s presidency, there have been 70,291,049 background checks for gun purchases, according to data released by the FBI.

    Using February 1, 2009 as our starting date, and March 31, 2013 as our end date, (the latest data from the FBI) Obama has been president for 1,520 days.

    That equates to 36,480 hours, or 2,188,800 minutes.

    Divide the 70,291,049 background checks by 2,188,800 minutes and you get approximately 32 checks for gun purchases every minute!

  4. I just watched the third part of Gary Stearman’s interview with Bill Salus on “Prophecy In The News” update section. According to him, the next thing we should be looking for is the psalm 83 war to occur. All the chess pieces are now in position for that war to happen. According to him, we should be looking for the rapture to occur. It may occur before, during or after the psalm 83 war. That is how close we are folks!😀

  5. Can’t find the other article right now.

    My understanding is if you leave town for more than 7 days and leave firearms with your wife or someonelse in the home, it will be considered an illegal transfer without a background check.

    If you want to leave a fiream with a friend or inlaws while gone more than 7 days for safekeeping, it will be an illegal transfer without a background check.

    If you and a buddy go to a bonafied shooting range and try each others guns, you are ok. But you go to your buddy’s property to shoot and he hands you his firearm to tryout, it will be an illegal transfer without a background check.

    L.A. is right, They are legislating us to death.

    God Bless and Godspeed,
    Jimmy D.

    • The power plant in a nearby town is being hit with epa fines for emissions violations. The plant transmits its output to the chicago area, even though we are 4 hours south. I’m sure any penalties will be paid by the consumers, who, ironically, voted this guy into office. Sadly the plant, which is coal-fired, is for sale. Liberal policies have such a detrimental effect. Great commentary on rhe guns by L.A.

    • 😀 LOL! You remember that pic about not making daily plans due to ‘premeditation’?! ‘ I do not recall your Honor’ (blowing soap bubbles) lalalalalala hehe

  6. Why are we even having this conversation about firearms in this country? Why are American’s giving up yet another ounce of liberty? Gun violence is approaching an ALL TIME LOW. It is half what it was 20 years ago and is declining each year. Almost all of the gun violence happens in small predictable pockets like the South Side of Chicago, South Central Los Angeles, etc. GO TO THE PROBLEM!! Michelle Obama planned to visit a Chicago high school where authorities say 29 current or former students have been shot in the past year. Eight of them died.
    That statement says it all right there….. Chicago has some of the most restrictive gun laws on the books and it does nothing to stop gun violence. The Obama only wants these laws to restrict the rights of the law abiding…..
    These new regulations would not have stopped the Connecticut schools shootings and it won’t prevent another one. Maybe Obama should concentrate on the mentally ill. Of course that would be most of his supporters….

    Had not Obama shown his true colors – by all-out attacking the 2nd Amendment protections with his campaign to create hysteria – instead of any reasoned approach toward reducing violence – there might have reason to seek common ground…as it turned out – nothing the man does or says can be trusted. Obama is not trying to stop gun violence. If he were he would be proposing laws that would be aimed at the people who are committing gun violence namely gang bangers and other career criminals. They commit the vast majority of the gun crimes in the US and will totally ignore any of these laws.
    Why are we wasting political energy on huge sweeping background checks that have PROVEN to be ineffective. It’s a waste of time, money and energy.
    Let’s focus on the real problems. Our debt, lack of budget, steady decline of our liberties, government spending problem, lack of job creation, rising tax burden, and the looming healthcare nightmare.


    • You’re answering your own question whether you know it or not. We’re under remedial judgement and have been handed over to a depraved mind. Delusion, laziness, apathy, fill in the blank. As long I get my hand out check that’s all that matters and I can watch American Idol tonight. That’s all there is to it.

  7. Cancer…The Forbidden Cures – Video ( Big Pharma vs Natural Cures or Cancer ) Obamacare may be have the backing of Big Pharma

    • This has been big pharma’s cookie from decades ago, ramping it up in the Clinton years. The FDA has and is going after control of natural herbs, vitamins. In the near future, it will take a RX to get even a simple aspirin or vitamin c tablet.

  8. Follow up to Eric (re: judgment) and Gordy (re: curses).

    Even if we don’t like it, but still do evil, curses result. Folks don’t understand the Blessing and Curses, (re: Deut. 28)

    It’s the Almighty that takes responsibility for the curses that happen to a nation as a result of not being collectively obedient to His will. In other words, when we aren’t loving — bad things happen… and get worse, and worse, and worse, and it’s down the old rabbit hole into hell — in boiled frog fashion. Like we see all around us, but few are alarmed. Delusion?

    Folks at least understand the principle of “garbage-in garbage-out.” But it should be horrifying to realize that the Great God of Creation is going to guarantee that bad things come to those that won’t love Him (and His) and others. Bad things with consequences in such a way that it becomes a hammering, like a dramatic escalating superstorm disaster or a Fukushima, that goes from quake, to tsunami, to meltdown…. Yet, that’s much more merciful (and just) than wiping out all the wayward and wicked instantly. So there’s a disconnect. The devastation around us is something we collectively caused. For instance by giving our votes and representation and income over to agents of the rebel angels — willingly or not. We empower them. Hitler could do nothing alone. Same for KJU or any other wimp that’s a ruler.

    All anyone has to do to avoid going down the drain with the rest is turn to Christ for rescue — and then do what He says in the Word. He will make a way of escape. Eventually though, it’s time to get out of Sodom or Babylon. Considering Sodom as a precedent, I think that time comes when it’s common for the people to seek sex with rebel angels. Since we already have rampant fascination with that in Science Fiction (like Star Trek) and fantasy (like Twilight), along with entertainment like Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, etc. — then what’s going to happen when the rebel angels arrive? In whatever form (aliens, goddesses, superkids, whatever… ). There’s Jessica Alba in Beauty and the Beast (“”) and Lois Lane and Superman…. Fiction routinely becomes reality already. What people imagine in their hearts they will do.

    Something like what Marzulli projects, I wouldn’t be surprised to find that the mark of the beast is a viral method of receiving angel DNA for neuro-interfaces with them over broadcast links… to enter “into their bliss” (have sex) with their virtual avatars — the image of the beast.

    But there’s a price to pay for loving wickedness and ignoring warnings. God is not mocked….

    see 1st Peter 4 for details

  9. I was watching the news last night and apparently the Obama’s were hosting a gig in the East room of the White House with all the accompanying celebrities and music and etc… As I sat there and watched this disgrace and watched our White House get disrespected, I had one though go through my mind. ANCIENT BABYLONIAN EMPIRE. Babylon was the first global empire in antiquity in the vision God gave to Daniel of the statue of the empires that would rise and fall. We all know the story. The Babylonian rulers were in the ivory tower so to speak (the halls of power of Babylon) making hay with all the sacred instruments of the now captured Jews. They were singing, dancing, laughing, drinking and having a grand ole time when suddenly a finger appeared appeared from out of nowhere and wrote on the wall (You have been weighed in the balances and have been found wanting). Terror gripped the wicked Babylonian ruler as their enemies (Medes and the Persians) snuck their army under the walls of the mighty Babylonian Empire and took them over without a shot being fired.

    If anyone here has ever read David Flynn’s book “Temple At The Center of Time”, you might know where I’m going with this. Flynn makes a very interesting connection between “The United States of America” and the Ancient Empire of Babylon. The parallel here is just too interesting. Our wicked ruler (you know… the one pressuring Israel to the brink… we’ll call him O) was in the ivory tower last night (The white house) partying away with all the musicians and the people of the day living it up while our enemies gather about us. Seemingly unconcerned. (Keep in mind the connection between Babylon of old and America from Flynn’s book)

    It’s not the first time of course that Obama has had degenerates in the White House during his administration but last night the thought really struck me. It’s like this guy is more concerned with having a good time and abusing and besmirching what is supposed to be a sacred building that represents the most powerful nation in the world that has a direct effect on Israel and the Jews.

    Everyone starting to see the picture here?

    • Yea… ya know Eric I’ve been intending to read some of his books including his PowerQuest books. I think I would probably disagree on his assertion that America is the End Time Mystery Babylon, but there are some interesting parallels and strange anomolies that David Flynn points out in his “Temple At the Center Of Time” book.

  10. Was just watching the news this morning on CBS and the United States has developed a directed energy laser beam for military uses. The demonstration was shown on video as it pulverized a craft of some type. They are deploying it in the Persian Gulf next year. Of course, I think we’ve had it all along. They are just now bringing it out and preparing to use it. This is probably nothing compared to what we’ve really developed and we really have that no one knows about.

  11. Korea Top 10 – S2E11_01 Search for the hidden dragons in Korea!

    “” (pt 1)
    “” (pt 2)
    “” (pt 3)

    (This is a play list. There are 11 parts. A missing piece of the puzzle.)

  12. Looks like LA is on the KJU NK target list, along with DC, Honolulu and Atlanta?

    (odd source)

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