Is Assad Dead? Rumors Abound….

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L. A. Marzulli

Assad may be critically injured or dead

This is not a news story. It is purely rumour and speculation, please do not think I am reporting this as fact.

The reason I am writing this, is because I have no reason to believe that my sources have ulterior motives in telling me what they have told me. The story sounds very similar to a rumour that is being floated by the Free Syrian Army, so for all I know, this is just standard psy-ops and propaganda. Nevertheless, I thought you’d be interested.

“This comes from people in Damascus who are connected to the Baath Party, and many are former Saadam Hussein’s Baath people. 

Assad was wounded, shot by some of his guards. He is critically injured and Russian doctors are treating him. He is close to death or have died. 

He is being treated at Tashreen [military] Hospital. The Hospital is surrouded by presidential guards and cars are not allowed to drive close to the building.

Syrian news agencies and state TV are not even responding to challenges made by rebels that Assad appears on TV.

Word running in the preidential palace that Assad is in fact dead. The Guard(s) who shot him are reported to have fled, and the operations seemed like a well-thought assassiantion [sic] and maybe not just someone who made the choice.

While Assad’s guards are loyal, they are still for sale for whoever pays more.”

Assad may be critically injured or dead – The Commentator

I’m posting this story as a follow-up to a over-the-weekend-breaking-news story that I posted here a little over a week ago.  There has been nothing in the main stream press regarding Assad’s whereabouts.  Meanwhile in Damascus – See In Other News – citizens are fleeing for there lives.  As I have stated before is this the destruction of Damascus foretold in Biblical prophecy?

My guest on Acceleration Radio tomorrow is Bill Salus and while we pre-recorded the show on Monday, the information Bill relayed is up to date and pertinent, so you won’t want to miss this show.

According to this article Assad gave explicit instructions that if he were to die, Syria was to attack Israel.  Reports: Syria ordered to attack Israel if Assad falls |

If Assad is alive then why haven’t we seen him?  If he’s clinging to life in a hospital in Damascus, then the story of the assassination has been managed well, and kept under the radar, by those loyal to him.  If he’s dead, why haven’t the Syrians carried out his last wishes?

In closing todays post:  The Middle East continues to slip into chaos.  Israel struck Gaza for the first time since the “truce.”  John Kerry is floating the typical land for peace, two-state solution, which will never work.  Egypt is embroiled in its own inner turmoil as The Moslem Brotherhood continues its forced marching of the populace into a Sharia state.  Iraq is plagued by suicide bombers who blow themselves up on a regular basis with no end in sight.  Al Qaeda is alive and well and digging in on the Golan Heights overlooking Israel.   Iran is continuing her goal to produce a nuclear weapon.  Antisemitism is at an all time high and is much like it was in 1938.  You should see some of the hate mail I get in regard to Israel!

In my opinion, these times are unprecedented and at some point war will break out.  Bill Salus and I discussed possible scenarios for this and our show will air tomorrow night.  In the meantime like most of us, I wonder about the fate of the Syrian people if Assad is in fact, dead.



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end timeIn Other News: Tracking the Birth Pains!

U.S. sees highest poverty spike since the 1960s,

Israel launches 1st airstrikes on Gaza since truce

Israel launches 1st airstrikes on Gaza since truce


Hostilities flare along Israeli-Gaza border

Hostilities flare along Israeli-Gaza border | Reuters


Damascus violence forces even most resolute Syrians to flee

Damascus violence forces even most resolute Syrians to flee | Reuters


State of uncertainty declared in North Iceland because of earthquakes

State of uncertainty declared in North Iceland because of earthquakes


Taliban militants storm Afghan court, kill 44

PressTV – Taliban militants storm Afghan court, kill 44: Officials


Mystery Malady Kills More Bees, Heightening Worry on Farms

Soaring Bee Deaths in 2012 Sound Alarm on Malady –

82 thoughts on “Is Assad Dead? Rumors Abound….

  1. It has been almost two weeks since Assad was allegedly killed. He hasn’t uttered a word nor appeared in public since then. One would think, for the sake of his country and to stave off his enemies, he would publicly deny this rumor. Instead, silence. I think he is dead and the Iranians are quietly taking over Syria.

  2. If Assad is dead Israel will move quickly to secure Syria’s chemical weapons. Could trigger Psalm 83.

    • Looking forward to hearing the show with Bill Salus. He’s a real gem.

      Having The Zulli 😉 and Bill Salus together is a treat. 🙂

  3. The fleeing Damascus article described the plans of one couple; “Strapped for cash, the couple sold their two cars to pay for air fares and perhaps a few months’ rent in a new home in Egypt.”
    Yikes! How bad it must be for Egypt to seem like a safe place to go!!!!

    And that photo of Assad and those fingers still gives me the willies!

  4. Good follow-up LA, thanks for updating us on this as the lame stream media will keep it hush as long as possible.
    Things seem to be steadily escalating. In the past it would heat up then cool down, doesn’t seem to be the case now.
    By the way your king of Jordan prediction is seeing the light of day and makes several good points…….remembered reading your thoughts on it a while back.
    Is anyone else having neck pains from looking up all of the time now? 🙂 Marantha Lord Jesus

    • These vids are so blurry, it is hard to tell. I would think the first is a chopper. Either the man heard it and turned, or the camera guy drew his attention to it, but without sound, hard to say. The meteor did break into many pieces, so I heard all of those ‘booms’ were impacts. The one that got my attention the most, was the object that t-boned the meteor. Still, hard to say.

  5. I searched “Population of Damascus 2010” to be sure I had a number before the war hit there. “” and in 2010 the population was estimated at 4.5 million…….so, does the article on the blog which states the statistics as “More than 1 million Syrian refugees have already left, with thousands more fleeing daily. Aid groups operating in Syria say around 4 million others have been displaced inside the country, often having to move from place to place as violence spreads.” ….mean that Damascus is already a ruinous heap? Isn’t there scripture about the beings or animals that are there after it falls or am I confused….(again….I miss Pudding! He would razz me on that!) anyhow, I seem to remember something about filthy birds that I dug up during the PBS debate about Sesame Street but it may have been about Babylon falling and… time to look any more….Gotta get to work!

    • I miss Pudding, too. 😦

      Are they up to 100,000 dead from this two years worth of slaughter yet? I know it’s close and there’s something like a million refugees. It’s a real mess to say the least.

      They’re on the way to ruin. No doubt about that. The Damascus destruction could happen any number of ways.

    • Yeah, Missing Pudding. Gunny has turned into Grumpy cat.

      The only thing I can guess about Assad is, well, around the the 25th of March, the fifth fleet described their launches as ‘ combat sorties’, one sortie was to detect biochemical releases. I think this was around the time rumored chemicals had been used and Assad dead rumors were out. The fifth fleet has not described launches before or after the 25th as ‘combat sorties’.

    • I miss him, too. Is he OK?

      You can do all sorts of searchs on ‘ “” – and choose whichever or several translations/transliterations to search through.

  6. “”

    BRICS Regimes Forge New World Bank, Call for Global Currency

    Everyone’s banging this drum. I’m all for it. Let’s get it over with.

    • “”

      More bypassing of the dollar.

    • Again about Assad. When the meeting took place, the Syrian state released a letter to BRICS, and Putin in particular, if I remember right, gripping about needing financial aid and more support military wise. But if Assad and Putin are so close, why a state released letter and not a direct phone call to Putin from Assad. And then they had the Cyprus bank theft. Russia had pulled it’s millions out prior to money siege, as well as did the government officials of Cyprus. One big chess game.

    • There is a really interesting documentary on how the bee hives are being deserted, forget the name, but if you have netflix its on there.

      No bees, no pollination. No pollination, no food. Scary.

    • GMO’d plants include their own pesticides. Makes sense that when the bees polinate them, the come into contact with that. Of course, Big Chem, like Big Pharma, will never be held accountable here, but European countries have banned them. Why is our government so stupid????

    • They’re not stupid. They know precisely what they are doing. This is the plan for global population die-off in action. The Illuminati is advancing their plan very rapidly now. It won’t be much longer. The Tribulation gets nearer every day. Our time for departure is at hand.

    • It’s called “Agenda 21′, conceived in the 50’s(?), and was put down in written form in 1967 or ’68ish, by a professor, as a ‘manual’. It was later leaked to outside sources. GMO’s, mainly by Monsanto-seeds infiltrated with the pesticide ‘Roundup’, now what do you think happens to a person if they drink it? Surprise, surprise, Planned Parenthood was another means, mainly to target blacks, but any color would do, and, vaccines. Remember when (if you’re over 50ish), when you had a vaccine for say German Measles or Polio, you did not need boosters? Now, vaccines have mercury and other poisons in them along with sterilization compounds in them. You can also go back and research when Autism was a new illness and what it coincided with, the intro to the boosters, and the rapid increases of such cases. Ted turner, Bill Gates, and hundreds, if not thousands of ‘elitist’ are on record for mass depopulation, whatever the means to get there. I personally think Ted Turner funded the Georgia Guide Stones. Turner’s son, who put an ‘R’ in front of his name and jumped state lines to run for Congress in S.C., said his dad ‘turned liberal’ when he was with Jane Fonda. I think S.C.showed Turner Jr. the door back across state lines to GA. 😉

    • I will check that out on Netflix Hopeful_watcher. I know this is not normal. To see so many dead bees is strange and sad. Thanks for the info everyone.

    • What I find fascinating is in most NDE’s no matter what religion or beliefs the individuals having the NDE’s are , they all come back to describe the same experiences.
      If NDE’s are to be believed, evidently, religious affiliation is not a factor, nor does play an important role.

    • That’s a good documentary. I have the DVD in my video library. I ‘ve used it several times as an effective witnessing tool. Ever seen Bill Wiese? He has a book called 23 Minutes in Hell in which he was taken out of his body and put into Hell for 23 minutes.

  7. LookingUp:
    Romans 12:21, “Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.”

    I wanted to respond to LookingUp posting the above scripture in response to my comment regarding the pope saying we must respond to evil with good. The scripture you post talks of a good born out of the father.

    Whose definition of what qualifies as good shall we use, man or God? Even Muslims believe they are “good” as a religion of peace interested in justice.

    We should seek righteousness (or godly goodness), not good that satisfies man.

    • LUKE 18:19 And Jesus said to him, “Why do you call Me good? No one is good except God alone.

    • I understand that the meanings of “good” and “evil” often have little to do with God’s view of them, but that does not negate the intended meaning of the verse. It doesn’t say that anyone IS good apart from the righteousness of Christ that every believer has, and neither did I.

    • I agree with you. I must have mistook the implication, because my original post was basically undercutting the good versus evil trap people fall into. I thought you posted that scripture as proof text as to the reason why i was incorrect. Not that I am oppossed to being corrected, especially with scripture. 🙂

    • To put a finer point on it, inspite of the popes gracious attitude and humble demeanor, he often places concepts of justice and cooperation above Christ.

      So if Pope Francis’s “good” lacks the solid foundation of Christ, then it is of the AC spirit and I want no part of it.

    • The pope is not good and anything he does that people like is a ruse. The RCC is deceitful and cannot be trusted, from the top on down.

    • The RCC holds 200,000,000 Catholics in abeyance as they wait to go where they’ve been taught, purgatory, a place we all know by another name. The RCC has influenced all of the mainline Christian denominations as Rome has been working at seeing the world bow to the puppet controlled by the father of lies. Satan’s use of the Roman government and it’s power has been going on for over sixteen hundred years as he joined them with those that would have you believe the first Pope was Simon Peter.

      We must keep in a state of continual prayer and observance of Gods precepts and witness as if it’s the last 24hrs on this earth. I’ve considered my salvation with fear and trembling and it’s my rewards I will receive at the judgement seat of Christ that I’m mindful of.

      Keep your lamps trimmed my beloved.


  8. The problem is that the Syrian rebel forces consist only of Sunni Muslims. There are NO Christians, Shiite Muslims, Druze or Kurds fighting for the rebels because the Sunni rebels are intolerant of other religious minorities. Unfortunately the ‘West’ is backing the wrong side – instead of a normal secular Government – the west is opting to support a radical Sunni Muslim regime which has already said that it does NOT believe in democracy, liberty or religious freedoms. Why is the ‘West’ supporting a singular religious sect???
    When all is said and done and the rebels get to Damascus, there will be nothing left, because of all the rebel suicide bombings that have been destroying buildings and killing civilians. And then Obama will come to Damascus, and be given a tour of the city by the rebels showing all the buildings they damaged with their suicide car bombs and their numerous war crimes with all the civilians they killed.
    Then, Obama will tell the world “Syria is now free”. From that moment on, the Syrians will have to live under strict Islamic ‘sharia’ law. The minorities will be slaughtered, Christians, Alawates, anyone who is not part of the new radical Islamic state. Meet the new boss, Same as the old boss….The end.

  9. Can’t remember if someone mentioned this around here.


    \Archaeologists find ‘gate to hell’ in Turkey emitting noxious gases

    • Ever heard of the “sounds of Hell” audio in which a microphone picked up what sounds like millions of people screaming in pain, agony and horror in Hell? If you google it, you can listen to it. It happened in Russia or somewhere like that years ago while seismologists were digging deep into the earth and had a microphone on the digging tool. It’s supposed to be the real thing. Some say it has been debunked as a hoax but others say it is real. Who knows. Not sure one could dig deep enough to hear hell. I heard an old Art Bell Coast to Coast clip of it some time back. I’ve heard it played other places as well.

      Any opinions?

    • All of the above.

      think you have some hoaxes (like anything else.) Then you might have some tectonic activity. Possibly other anomalous activity (HAARP or who knows what?)…and then the supernatural of which I’d have no real reason to doubt that.

      L.A did a segment about these events in Watchers 3.

      PITN did some coverage about these kinds of things as well:


    • Corey, I must have heard that 20 times over the years on Coast to Coast. It’s been proven a hoax, but even still, when they play it at 3AM and I’m in a dark room it still gives me the creeps. :0
      They like to play that one and also the one of Sasquatch being shot in a rock quarry somewhere in Utah. Both sounds are chilling…only other one that bothers me is the EVP of ghosts they have one once in awhile. I don’t really need to hear a ghost say “Get Out” when im trying to sleep in the middle of the night in a pitch black room.
      Man I wish my post wouldn’t pend for days when I post a link; I had a great story of a woman named Sarah that had a frightening near death encounter. After being seriously injured in a bicycle accident, Sarah was flung into another realm filled with demonic creatures and hellacious scenarios. It’s a very scary story and worth a listen.

    • Corey…..yes I have heard it. Scary. Could be real. Why not? We know hell is a real place in the “bowels of the earth.” And it is a place we wouldn’t want our worst enemy to go to.

    • I really hate debunking these as so many have such false hopes in them and they are always great fun, , however, the story’s first appearance was in 1989 with its first large-scale publication by the Trinity Broadcasting Network. (Ok, TBN is involved in this, strike 1) This Christian network ran the story entitled “Scientists Discover Hell” in both their broadcast and print editions in late 1989. Shortly thereafter, they ran an expanded version of the story that included the newly reported detail of the devilish apparition coming up out of the borehole. Other Christian newsletters picked up the story, including Praise the Lord in February of 1990, (Ok PTL club is involved …strike 2) Other competing Christian newsletters were skeptical, noting not only the factual errors in the story, but also Trinity Broadcasting Network’s lack of verifiable sources for their story. Christianity Today ran an article debunking the Well to Hell in July of 1990 as did Biblical Archaeology Review two months later

      The first most obvious fact was that there was no such borehole in Siberia; however there was one on the Kola Peninsula in northwestern Russia, called the Kola Superdeep Some researchers noted that the timing of the story was suspiciously close to that of an article in the August 1989 edition of Science magazine, titled “European Deep Drilling Leaves Americans Behind”, which discussed the Kola project and a similar one in Germany. Science explained the purpose of the borehole:

      TBN had said on the air that their source was a Finnish newspaper called Ammennusastia which they described as a respected journal which turned out to be not a scientific journal at all, but was a small Evangelical Lutheran magazine that was published in Finland between 1974 and 1989 in which readers to contribute anything they liked, without verification. An evangelical minister in Texas, R. W. Schambach, had come across it and sent it to TBN (R. W. Schambach is involved…strike 3)

      In the end of all this nonsense, it turns out its, wait for it……its a looped and layered version of an audio clip from a really terrible 1972 movie called Baron Blood:
      Art Bell exposed this many years ago.

  10. Pat Robertson: Miracles Less Likely for ‘Sophisticated’ Americans

    Pat Robertson told his audience on Monday that miracles occur less frequently for Americans compared to Christians overseas in part because of an education system which produces sophisticated individuals who think they’ve got everything figured out.

    When asked by a viewer on his popular “700 Club” show, “Why do amazing miracles (people raised from the dead, blind eyes open, lame people walking) happen with great frequency in places like Africa, and not here in the USA?” Robertson put the blame squarely on the nation’s education system.

    “Those people overseas didn’t go to Ivy League schools,” said the 83-year-old former Southern Baptist minister and the chairman of the Christian Broadcasting Network. “We’re so sophisticated. We think we’ve got everything figured out. We know about evolution, we know about Darwin, we know about all these things that says God isn’t real. We know about all this stuff.”
    In the more advanced schools, we’ve been inundated with skepticism and secularism,” he said. “And overseas they’re simple, humble. You tell them God loves them, and they say, ‘Okay, he loves me.’ You say, ‘God’ll do miracles’ and they say, ‘Okay, we believe him.’ That’s what God’s looking for. That’s why they have miracles.”

    Despite Robertson’s suggestion that evolution is taught more freely in the U.S. than in other countries, Scientific American’s Katherine Harmon pointed out that evolutionary curricula has been taught for decades around the world.

    Well, this is good new, I can expect my miracle any day now. 😉

  11. anyone happen to see sid roth this week?? he had on tom horn and chris putnam ttelling some amazing things about the lovely catholic chuch and vatican. and how they are into alien things, the stuff they said on there, im surprised they wernt yanked off tv by the fcc..but very eye opening, especially about the telescope of mt graham in arizona, owened by the vatican to look for ships and entities in space, they claim its more powerful than the hubble. if no one happened to catch that on sid roth go to his site and watch the link

  12. I don’t know anything about you but I ran across your article and I think you are a complete fraud. If Assad is dead, how is that he gave an interview to Turkish press yesterday (April 2, 2013). And, my sources say life in Damascus is remarkably normal except for occasional mortars lobbed from the countryside.

    • Who pray tell is the complete fraud? Did you even read the blog? Marzulli said “This is not a news story. It is purely rumour and speculation, please do not think I am reporting this as fact” “for all I know, this is just standard psy-ops and propaganda”

      Perhaps instead of calling someone a fraud on a blog you have visited once and haven’t even read properly, you should consider visiting and commenting on other blogs that cater more to simple minded individuals. This one might be a bit beyond your mental capacity…I believe “The View” has one on ABC’s web site you might enjoy better..

    • Who are you calling a fraud? Obviously you read one sentence of today’s blog and came to your own conclusions without reading the rest. You call “occasional mortars,” normal to life in Damascus? How’s that normal. And where are you getting your information from? Life in Damascus is chaotic and unpleasant. Your obviously not well versed in the times we live in. I encourage you continue to read Mr. Marzulli’s blog. You might learn a few things.

    • Our guest didn’t give links – I found them.


      “…In rare comments, Assad slammed Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan for his support of the opposition.

      “‘Erdogan did not give any sincere statement since the crisis in Syria began,'” Assad said in an interview with Turkey’s TV channel Ulusal Kanal. Excerpts from the interview were posted on Assad office’s YouTube channel on Wednesday. Station officials said the full interview will be broadcast Friday.

      “Assad also spoke to spoke the channel’s newspaper, Aydinlik. Both media outlets are affiliated with Turkey’s Labor Party, which opposes Erdogan’s policies.

      “Ulusal Kanal’s website said the interview with Assad was conducted late Tuesday in one of the presidential places in Damascus…”


      This may be true, or it may be propaganda intended to deceive us. I don’t know which.

    • L.A., check to see if FHTEX’s email is workable. If it is a fake, he is a troll and that throws an even more dubious light on these reports.

  13. Reblogged this on Abide In Me Blog and commented:
    Rumors of Assad being dead persist but not in the main stream media. Why? If Assad is deceased, then scrambling is taking place to quietly deceive the Syrians including the world to prolong the regime. Here’s Author, LA Marzulli’s take on the situation:

  14. Obama to return 5 percent of salary to Treasury
    WASHINGTON (AP) — Sharing a bit of budget pain, President Barack Obama will return 5 percent of his salary to the Treasury in a show of solidarity with federal workers smarting from government-wide spending cuts.

    Clearly a publicity stunt. 5%….what a joke… He has no clue what it is like to be in my shoes or anyone else’s shoes. He spends more than that on one vacation. He spends a couple million to play some golf, then tosses $20K into the pot…Hey Big Spender, thanks for the tip!
    As far as I’m concerned the entire congress should be required to forfeit their entire salaries after a certain amount of ineffectiveness. It’s convenient that Congress passed a law that prevents cutting their own salaries

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