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L. A. Marzulli

Palestinians kick off Jerusalem bid by ceding Holy Sites Custodianship to Jordan’s king

Palestinians kick off Jerusalem bid by ceding Holy Sites Custodianship to Jordan’s king

A historic agreement signed in Amman Sunday, March 31, between Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas and Jordan’s King Abdullah II takes a new stand on Jerusalem – one of the core issues subject to negotiation with Israel – by accepting the king as Custodian of the city’s Holy Sites. The Palestinians agreed that Abdullah “will oversee and manage the Waqf (Muslim religious authority) in Jerusalem” and represent the interests of the Holy Sites “in relevant international forums… through feasible legal means.”

I have discussed the possibility of King Abdullah II, being involved in some king of end-time scenario for the past 10 years.  With this latest news breaking it would appear that the King may indeed have some role to play.  For those of you who are not familiar with this, here’s a short back story.

Abdullah is a descendant of the Hashemite kings.  Hashem was the uncle of Mohammed, so Abdullah is a direct descendant of the prophet Mohammed.  He holds sway in both the Sunni and Shia world.  He is also responsible for the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and nothing happens their without his direct approval.  So, now we see a newly formed alliance between the Palestinian leader, Mahmoud Abbas and the King, the former acknowledging the king as Custodian of the city’s Holy Sites!  

There is also something else at play here and it is this.  Jordan is already populated by about 75% “Palestinians.”  When I present this information at conferences I use quotes from Jordanian heads of state who declare, that Palestine and Jordan are one.  So let’s look at a few scenarios.

1.  War is coming to the Middle East and when it does I believe it will be the fulfillment of Psalm 83 – I interviewed Bill Salus yesterday about this, and it will air this Thursday on Acceleration Radio – and perhaps Isaiah 17, the destruction of Damascus.

2.  Nukes or chemical weapons will most likely be used.

3.  Israel will expand her borders.

4.  The King will come to the rescue, as a peace maker and offer a two-state solution by stepping down from his throne and giving Jordan to the Palestinians.

5.  He will hailed as the greatest peace-maker in the history of the world.

6.  He then will be asked to set up a constitutional monarchy in Iraq, as the country continues to be unstable and is in desperate need of a strongman.

7.  Since he controls the Temple Mount, will he then allow the Jews to rebuild their temple?

In closing todays post:  This latest development giving Abdullah control of Jerusalem’s, Holy Sites is another step giving the King more power and control. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out.  Right now we are on this side of prophecy being fulfilled and we all see dimly.  However when these things begin to happen it will become clear to most of us.  In the meantime we watch and are ready because in the end these events herald the return of the King!



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59 thoughts on “King of Jordan?

  1. I saw that in news yesterday and immediately thought of L.A.s blogs on Abdullah! Heeeerrrre we go?????

    • Yes, I saw this story last night and it jumped off the page (screen). I first read L.A.’s thoughts on the matter in his Prophecy, Politics and the Supernatural, and he wrote about it again in the Cosmic Chess Match.

      It may be about to happen!

    • “”

      Netanyahu hails ‘historic day’ as Israel starts pumping gas from major offshore find

      Four years after discovery, flow from Tamar field marks start of Israel’s transformation to ‘energy independence’ and eventual natural gas exporter

      Don’t forget this. Think “hook in the jaw.” 😉

  2. Dr. Roger Leir was on Coast the other night and they posted his remarkable UFO videos he filmed near Istanbul, Turkey, over a three-year period. Frightening, but fascinating stuff.


    • More Coast weirdness:

      After 27 UFO sightings in one night, this creature shows up at a gas plant in Texas.


    • Wow, Rose….regardless of whatever kind of costume hoak could be speculated (it almost looks like a mask attached to the top of a hood with a person looking down/ face in the shadows)…..this spindliness of the limbs and the odd angle of what seems to be an arm would be waaay off proportion for a human! If hanging straight down it would go down to where a knee should be instead of mid thigh on a normally proportioned human being.

    • And, it looks like it might have a tail… Maybe this critter was meant to be a BEK and didn’t make the cut. “They” used it to scare the wits out of some gas plant workers.
      It does seem credible; they called the police after the incident and searched the premises but nothing was found. And, there were 26 calls to the police concerning UFO sightings – something was afoot in Kennedy, TX, last Nov. 12th. I wonder if any livestock went missing.

    • Gee Rose…..if I had only known there was someone who might be able to teach Elainese, there might be a few less irritated men in the world!

    • Okay kiddos… is one I have kept pretty much to myself because ….well, I am not sure why. I sent it to 2 internet ministers (L.A. was of course the first!) But, I know the watchmen are inundated with “stuff” so I didn’t worry that I got no response but now with this critter pic Rose posted and the term BEK coming up… is what happened from that email Jan, 8th to L.A. The experience experience would have been on Dec. 26th 2012.
      On Dec 26th I was driving at about 53MPH according to the GPS through the Manistee National Forest on M55, heading east near Wellston, MI. It was a clear day and the trees are cut back to about 40 or 50 feet from the road.
      The whole thing happened so quickly that my mouth didn’t have time to form the words to plead the blood of Jesus but I did gasp, “Dear God” and He knows that I meant it prayerfully.
      About 500 feet ahead and in the middle of that clear space, a dark form rose up from the snow and at first I thought it was a black bear with the snow (about 6″ deep) still piled on its head and back but it quickly took the form of a child (still dark like a bear) in a sprinter’s position and began to take a step to run in front of my car. As I cried out, “Dear God” it vanished and I watched the snow fall from mid air back to the ground and then in a second I was past it. There was nothing but smooth snow all around.
      I have not told anyone else…..not sure why. I keep studying to see wind pick up masses of snow in clumps like that but it still just does not make any sense. I also felt like it was a very bad thing happening where oddities in nature or weather usually are interesting to me.
      Now, a week and a half later, I am wondering if I might have had a black eyed child experience…..what if I had not called on God and it had run in front of my car and I hit it? I know I would have picked it up and tried to drive it to a hospital!
      Any thoughts?

    • Wow, Elaine. It doesn’t surprise me that something like this tried to manifest in front of you, but it was pushed away by your authority in Christ. I think more and more manifestations of the demonic will occur as the one world system and the harlot come into their destined places – and we know that is happening very quickly.

      You are a sensible person, a business woman, and someone who is very familiar with the environment up there. I believe you saw what you saw – something that wasn’t normal.

      And, you don’t need to worry about the “what ifs,” because the Holy Spirit in you protected you, and He always will.

    • Seriously, I think the type of camouflage that the enemy uses allows us to project a personal impression. Seems they can’t make it just project benevolence though. So while some see an angel of light, others see a marian apparitian, still others a ufo, or orb, or bigfoot, or BEK, etc. Folks get to talking afterward and come to some consensus when there’s a group.

      Could they convince you it was a normal hurt child? No. Someone that’s deluded or otherwise already spiritually compromised is different. So “normal” everyday folks (not saved) see kids or pets… in this case possibly hurt if it had been hit. You’d see through their disguise and get the additional discernment of a bear or bigfoot or some other sort of something that reeks.

      Gotta watch out for those “fiery darts” that have some delusion or emotional component. Russ would say be “Aware.” The solution — partly Shield of Faith, partly being on watch, and not taking for granted that they lay ambushes.

      I know. That’s how I got one pick-up T-Boned and totalled. I’ve seen learned to pray about their machinations, booby traps, snares, traps, and ambushes. Travel is the most hazardous thing we do daily.

    • Nome, I’ve had that kind of experience, too. Our little town doesn’t have many stores, so for years I would drive to a larger town in the next county. There was a liquor store just over the county line, and whenever I would pass it I would have thoughts come into my mind that would both hurt and enrage me: thoughts of personal betrayal and ridicule from those I loved most.

      None of these thoughts were based in reality, and yet they were so upsetting that it would take literally hours to recover from them. Finally, that wonderful still, small voice spoke up while I was approaching the area and told me to rebuke it. I was startled, but I did it. No disturbing thoughts, but a strange and funny image filled my mind. In my mind’s eye, I saw several spindly little demons on the roof of the liquor store, shooting darts at people as they drove by. I know that sounds a little nuts, and it made me laugh, but it did help. From then on, I would either rebuke them before I passed the business or immediately after I did when the thoughts tried to take root in my heart and mind.

      I’m not saying that all liquor stores are bad, but this particular one was infested with “fleas.”

      Several years ago, they widened the highway and built it around that little town – despite a rather lengthy court battle waged by the company. Now, in order to reach that business one has to turn off the highway. Because I never turn off there, I haven’t had any thoughts like that since.

      I think demons do lay in wait for people in certain locations and try to “hook” anyone who will accept the bait.

    • Thanks Rose and Nome! That helps more than I can express! I guess it is the old “misery loves company” thing that I just needed to know that other people have these things show up? I am not afraid but it is disconcerting! I also have been having dark things zip past my bay window between the house and a white birch tree that is only 20 feet from the house. There is a retaining wall at the side of the house that would prevent anything from getting up to such a speed in that space. I think I mentioned that I got a message to anoint my door with oil several months ago…..these things started after that. The veil is so thin now?
      High strangeness in this old world! And, yes, Nome…..I believe we are protected from them and will not be fooled!
      I love you!

    • Definitely a “Look, honey…we’re not in Kansas any more…” moment to say the least. 😉

      Sounds like you’ve got all your bases covered. 🙂

    • Elaine, if you can see the videos, I think you’ll be quite intrigued about this “faster than the eye” phenomena.

      “” (news site is clearer than youtube)


      BLOG: UFO Sighted Over Olympics?

      The video made news last week when KDVR reported:
      “Strange objects caught on camera flying over the city and nobody can explain it. We first learned about these sightings when a metro area man, who does not want to be identified, brought us his home video. He captured the images on his digital camera from a hilltop in Federal Heights looking south toward downtown Denver. … The strangest part is they are flying too fast to see with the naked eye, but when we slowed down the video, several UFOs appear. … Aviation expert Steve Cowell is a former commercial pilot, instructor and FAA accident prevention counselor. He thought he would have a logical explanation, until he watched the video. ‘That is not an airplane, that is not a helicopter, those are not birds, I can’t identify it,’ he said.”

      Cowell is certainly correct: It is not an airplane nor helicopter, nor birds. He’s also right that he can’t identify it, though he’d likely have better luck if he was trained as an entomologist instead of an aviation expert.

      The most likely explanation? A bug or insect, probably a fly or bee.
      How Optical Illusions Create UFOs

      Assuming that the TV station is not being pranked by the anonymous cameraman, it’s not difficult to see how the insects could fool people. It’s not necessarily that anyone is stupid or gullible; instead it’s an optical illusion created by the camera representing a three-dimensional object in two dimensions.

      Cases like this illustrate the difficulty of determining the size of objects when there is nothing nearby to judge scale. The unidentified flying objects can either be interpreted as large and moving very quickly a great distance away, or small, moving more slowly, and close to the camera. The images can look exactly the same.

      If you assume that the objects are at a great distance, then they would have to be large, and flying at speeds (and with steering abilities) far beyond anything man-made.

      However if you realize that the UFOs look identical to flying insects, the mystery vanishes. And, of course, the FAA tracks aircraft, not insects, which explains why no one saw any trace of them in the skies over Denver.

      At the end of the newscast they emphatically denied it was bugs. We at least have the benefit of considering a different type of entity(!) that the worldly (“mundanes”) dismiss.

      Now take a look at this about “rods,” which can only be seen in videos…

      Still interested? Plenty more youtubes about “rods” and “skyfish” via google search “”

    • Rose,

      Awesome post on the liquor store! And “drive by attacks.”

      I made frequent road trips (25+) from south Texas to central and southern Louisiana, (late ’90s), working offshore. When I’d pass through the Vidor, Tx area (Beaumont) I’d notice a consistent spiritual climate change. Vidor was KKK area at the time. And Louisiana had David Duke. The change though was from that old “john wayne, rugged individualism” spirit to one of “carnival” (as in mardi gras, fleshy, let the good times roll). No surprise, eh. I wonder if it’s still the same after Ike and Katrina? (as a result of human impacts) What seems odd to me in retrospect is that I’ve not been sensitive to spiritual climate changes coming out of the border area… or in mexico. That may be due to catholic or indian “masking.”

      I’m more concerned these days with “not seeing things that are there.” Such as getting T-boned, which I mentioned above. I’d had warnings at that intersection in the past. That day, I knew I was being “herded” past my normal 2 or 3 turns that I would make short of that intersection, but traffic was unusually heavy at those places, so I’d go up a block farther. Though I’d looked right for an extended time before stopping, and then left, since I was always concerned about how fast people travel on those neighborhood streets, I proceeded through the intersection and was T-boned, and knocked into the opposite lane — by a driver that worked at the catholic school a block away. The impact flipped my pick-up onto the driver side, caved in the passenger side, turned it 180 degrees into the opposite lane of my travel … all in a 30 mph zone. The driver actually said they saw me stop, and thought I was stopped(!) … but never even braked or honked. The fire department came and busted me out within ten minutes. I would have come through the front glass somehow any way if there’d been any fire. As for injuries, strained back, nothing major. The impact seemed like something large and black welled up in my right peripheral vision, like being run over by a train — but I don’t remember any sound — and it actually seemed like I was picked up and gently placed in the flipped over, pinned in condition. All too quick to think about, I’ll grant. There are other consequences to this, which I’ll skip about what happened related to that accident in the years afterward (…for another day).

      In retrospect, I believe something blocked both of our vision, the driver that T-boned me and mine. As I grown older, I’ve noticed that I don’t see dirt and dust on the floor as well as I used to. Daily, I get annoyed with missing word errors in these posts — even when I edit after a time break. I can buy that we don’t read the interior of words, especially as we grow older. That’s easy to prove. And I understand the neural mechanism of real time sentence reading or construction where sometimes letters get flipped (dyslexia) or during typing, since it’s like assembling a train that has to go through the station on-time even out of order…. But I suspect there’s more going on in terms of “masking.”

      And just as with the “fiery darts” that distract us mentally or emotionally (and can be infecting, obsessive, etc.) … I believe I’m encountering “numbing” instead of “stimulating” attacks. So that will be one of my homework items for Russ’ “Occult Crimes” course. Dealing with the “blanking attacks,” not unlike “time lost” with abductions, but happening in milliseconds. Something similar to Elaine’s “too fast to see” but not physical “…cause there’s a fence.” Possibly, something like what happened with David Wilkerson… and others.

      File under: “What you can’t see can hurt you!”

      { Father-God — thank You(!) — for “overcomings,” }

    • Nome, I’m sorry you had to go through that. It must have been very disturbing, costly and painful. It reminded me, though, of the story of Telemachus, who was “herded” from his hometown into a Roman gladiatorial ring. When he saw the horror of the fights, he tried to stop them and was killed. However, the effect of his death so sobered the attendees that there was never another gladiatorial fight in Rome again.
      It’s comforting for me to know that even in my suffering God’s work is done and others are benefited. How did God work through your accident?

      I have also noticed a disturbing meme in advertising lately. It is the “swarm.” I first noticed it Sprint’s advertisement for an app that shuts off the ability to text while driving (something I support, but the imagery is disturbing).

      Then I noticed it in a History Channel advert – this one is disturbing to anyone who knows anything about the hidden hand.

      I look forward to checking out the links you’ve posted above. Thanks!

    • I have one more story to share. My family and I were moving from the west coast to Kentucky and we had our car packed to the gills: the kids in back, cat in between them, my houseplants in the hatchback in paper sacks, two very full duffel bags strapped tightly to the roof, my husband in the passenger seat and I was driving.

      When we approached Salt Lake City, I became very nervous. This was strange for me because I LOVE to drive, and I’ve driven in L.A., D.C., St. Louis, Chicago and Denver – traffic in Salt Lake City, Utah, shouldn’t have been much of a challenge. However, something inside me drew up like I was about to face
      a challenge. And it came.

      We were on one of those highways in the city that has different levels. We were on the middle tier. To the left of us on a hill sat the Mormon Temple, and as I was stealing glances at it while keeping an eye on the rather heavy traffic around us, I saw something in the sky. As it got closer, I realized that it was a tire and it was falling directly toward us. I knew that it was coming right at us from about forty feet in the air, and I had no where to go – I was in the middle lane and was boxed in on either side. It looked like it was going to go right through our windshield.

      I braked hard, praying that we wouldn’t get rear-ended. I braked so hard that the heavy duffels on our roof both shifted forward. I felt like they were torpedos being loaded for firing. The tire hit the pavement directly in front of our car, slightly denting the front of our bumper, and bounced up and over the side of the highway to the lowest tier. I immediately prayed that the area beneath would be clear and no one would get hurt. That prayer just “appeared” in my mind – God put it there and I instantly agreed with it.

      My husband, who had been sleeping, was now wide awake and took over for me once we were out of the city and could pull over. When I told him what had happened and how I had felt when we entered the city limits, he said that something was waiting for us. We weren’t welcome in Salt Lake City.

      I don’t think that was just a demon. I think that was the principality that hovers over the Mormon Temple – he throws tires.

  3. Me too! Immediately thought of LA and jumped over here HOPING he was up early and commenting! Looks like the fuse has ben lit.

  4. I’ve read all of Bill Salus’ books since they first came out, and I’m pretty sure that “king” Abdullah is a “dead man walking.”

    When the Psalm-83 war is finished, Israel will own EVERYTHING from the River Nile to the Euphrates River (GREATER Israel―Gen 15:18).

    End-time Israel will include: HALF of Egypt and ALL of Saudi Arabia, Gaza, Judea & Samaria, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and HALF of Iraq! Every Arab that isn’t killed will almost certainly be marched off into the eastern half of Iraq.

    I’m 99% sure the Antichrist resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and the False Prophet will most likely be the leader of Israel.

    The Church will doubtless observe all this from the balcony. 😉

    • At least for now the Hashemite King is a BIG TIME player. It’s interesting to think about what kinds of things would have to happen for him to no longer have this kind of sway. Things are moving fast!

    • You might appreciate this “little” essay, Corey: “!/notes/leonard-belisle/the-coming-world-leader/172219366167441”

    • I think all indications in scripture reveals the church will still be here during the tribulation in fact my bets are that it has already begun

    • That’s the implication. I don’t think he will be but in the here and now he’s a MAJOR critical player as far as that Temple site goes.

    • My eyes have always been on king abdullah as well but for a slightly different reason.

      Every bible believing Christian in the world is looking for the AC. They have an idea that he will be evil, but they don’t know what that evil will look like when manifested. Everyone is looking for a famous peace accord and the AC will take part in that process. So those pushing for a new world order will give the world an AC.

      IMO, king abdullah is a fall guy. A false Antichrist. Just make sense that the ac that is against Christ would be Muslim, who hate Christians and whose eschatology is diametrically opposed to ours. The fit is perfect. TOO perfect!

      There are multiple parties that participate in agreements. The other side of that party who is an arbiter of peace, I believe, will be the Vatican.

      Woe to us when good defeats evil. The pope over Easter is quoted as saying we must respond to evil with “good”. Jesus says, none are good except our Father in heaven.

  5. Becoming clear to me that Islam will have a major role to play in the Tribulation period. People will be beheaded. People who come to faith in Christ in the Tribulation period will be the victims. Only one religion I know of that does that. Take into account also that Pope Francis recently stated that he is going to “work with Islam”.

    Wakey! Wakey! 😀 😀

    Recommended Reading: “Infiltration” by Paul Sperry
    “Muslim Mafia” by P. David Gaubatz and Paul Sperry (this book is the follow-
    up to Infiltration

    • I’ve thought so for a while, too. And will change the times and the seasons. Using the Islamic calendar globaly would do both of those, since it’s a lunar calendar.

  6. LA,
    A very interesting film from Ken Klein about where the Temple should be with investigating the area and Jewish history that if true may be a game changer.

    Thank you

  7. China mobilizing troops, jets near Korea

    A report coming in from Reuters; China’s anger at North Korea overcomes worry over U.S. stealth flights.
    BEIJING (Reuters) – A show of force by U.S. stealth jets over the Korean Peninsula after talk of war by Pyongyang has caused only minor concern in China, a measure of Beijing’s belief that the North is to blame for the tensions and that hostilities are not imminent.
    The presence of U.S. forces in places like South Korea and Japan has long worried Beijing, feeding its fears that it is being surrounded and “contained” by Washington and its allies, especially following the U.S. strategic pivot to Asia.

    This might be a sign that if any serious conflict arises, China is very open to entering and taking control of the DPRK. I am doubtful that they would prop the current regime up, though. If tensions heighten significantly China gains military presence on the peninsula without firing a shot, and can then administer its puppet directly under the pretense of providing protection, as the US does to the south and Japan….for the most part though, I feel this act of mobilizing troops and jets near Korea is just an attempt to discourage any conflict from arising. China does not want mass migrants from the DPRK or ROK flooding into their country

    • .

      I sincerely hope so Eric W. There is reason to be on edge when North Korea ramps up their rhetoric since they are so unpredictable, in fact ,the only thing predictable about North Korea is, when they are threatening the United States with all-out war as they usually released 10 more photos of Kim Jong Un looking through binoculars

  8. Despite North Korea being on the ‘opposite’ communist side to Freedom and Capitalism (as much as they exist anymore…) we need to pray massively for the North Korean people, and for Jesus to reveal himself to them while their is still time.

    If NK did launch nukes it could just as well be on their own people as on any other country.

    I even fear the powers that now run America could even let a Nuke go off in America as it might further their own goals, but they would have to retaliate also.

    What I fear most though is a Nuke going off might signal the start of the great deception.

    What if immediately after some Nukes going off, our “Space Brothers” show up to dissuade us from further nuclear war??

    Glowing orbs showing up to ‘protect’ our cities….

  9. L.A.,

    Here is some more very compelling evidence on who KING Abdullah II may turn out to be.

    The antichrist is also known as the “son of perdition”.

    The phrase “son of perdition” is used only three times in the bible.

    Once in 2 Thessalonians.

    2Th 2:3 Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, THE SON OF PERDITION;

    And the other two times in the book of John.

    Joh 6:70 Yahshua answered them, Have not I chosen you twelve, and ONE OF YOU IS A DEVIL?
    Joh 6:71 HE SPOKE OF JUDAH ISCARIOT THE SON OF SIMON: for he it was that should betray him, being one of the twelve.

    Joh 17:12 While I was with them in the world, I kept them in thy name: those that thou gavest me I have kept, and none of them is lost, but the SON OF PERDITION; that the scripture might be fulfilled.

    Judah Iscariot aka “son of perdition” can be traced back to being an inhabitant to the land of Moab.

    So, where is Moab on the map?

    Moab is where Jordan is today.

    Moab = Central Jordan; The Descendants of Lot = Moabites and Ammonites (scroll down about halfway down the page)

    Jordan in the past was part of the Assyrian and Roman Empire which fulfills the prophecy about the AC being an Assyrian and from the Roman Empire.

    The 41st-generation direct descendant of the Prophet Mohammad (PEACE BE UPON HIM), (THE PROPHET MOHAMMED’S CLOSEST LIVING RELATIVE)

    The Muslim 500 list- the worlds most influential Muslims
    He is 7th

    Custodian of Holy Sites in Jerusalem
    As custodian of the Muslim holy sites in the city of Jerusalem, King Abdullah II maintains a unique prestige in the region. He has gone on record in March 2010 to condemn Israel’s inclusion of West Bank religious sites in its national heritage list.

    Peace Activist. King Abdullah II IS THE LEADING PLAYER IN THE DIALOGUE FOR PEACE IN ISRAEL-PALESTINE. He has constantly and openly called for discussion in the negotiations toward a two-state solution. He is also lauded as an interfaith leader for his support of the 2007 initiative, A Common Word— A GROUNDBREAKING INITIATIVE IN CHRISTIAN-MUSLIM ENGAGEMENT

    ( He was also the initiator and driving force behind the recently adopted UN World Interfaith Harmony Week Resolution, marking the first week of February an annual celebration of faiths.

    Also just recently Israel asks Jordan’s approval..

    Israel Asked Jordan for Approval to Bomb Syrian WMD Sites

    • The main problem I have with Abdullah is that Daniel 11:37 says the AC will have no regard for the god of his fathers. Obviously, that does not describe King Abdullah.

  10. It’s most likely a gift bestowed upon LA. I sometimes find myself not being able to understand certain events that take place around the world via other news outlets/articles. Sometimes I get confused. If LA post on his blog explaining this “event,” I totally get it. This is one of many reasons why I appreciate this blog and LA’s books. Thanks to almighty God for giving LA the opportunity and desire to help people like myself understand the times we live in. It’s changed my life. God is good!!

  11. I heard a testimony the other evening, the person was deeply involved in new age. And one evening on Coast to Coast they heard LA speaking about “ancient prophetic texts” and the “guidebook to the supernatural”, they were so charged to get their hands on these they said they would have done anything to get them. Then Mr. Marzulli mentioned a specific verse, and they said oh it’s the Bible. He’s one of those. BIt then their life continued on a downward spiral, and one day they picked up the “guidebook of the supernatural” found the Lord and were saved. Praise God, and thank you Mr Marzulli, the way you present the Good News is powerfull.

  12. Saudi Arabia Declares Destruction of All Churches in Region 12:30 PM EDT 4/1/2013
    “” (off Koenig’s)

    Earlier this month, news reports surfaced out of Saudi Arabia that raised the red flag for Christians.

    Todd Nettleton, a spokesman for Voice of the Martyrs USA, says, “The Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia [Sheikh Abdul-Aziz ibn Abdullah] —the top Islamic official in the country of Saudi Arabia—has declared that it is ‘necessary to destroy all the churches of the region.'” Nettleton goes on to note that the report hasn’t surfaced anywhere except on the Council on Foreign Relations Web site, which was then picked up by The Atlantic.

    Vetted — dates from 1 year ago.
    But why did Charisma cite Nettleton (Voice of the Martyr’s ?) who cites the CFR and The Atlantic from “earlier this month.”


    Abdul Aziz al ash-Shaikh was born in 1943, a member of Saudi Arabia’s leading religious family, the Al ash-Sheikh.
    In 15 Mar 2012, he declared that, “All churches in the Arabian Peninsula must be destroyed”. Abdulaziz bin Abdullah cited an Islamic hadith quoting the Prophet Mohammed on his deathbed.[5][6]

    And here’s a related example of “sway” …

    Leaders send condolences to King Abdullah

    The President, His Highness Shaikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, has sent a cable of condolence
    to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia,
    on the death of Prince Badr bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.

    His Highness Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai,
    and General Shaikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces,
    have also 
sent similar cables to King 

    His Highness Shaikh Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Ras Al Khaimah;
    His Highness Shaikh Saud bin Rashid Al Mu’alla, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Umm Al Quwain;
    also sent condolence messages to King Abdullah.

    cp. King Abdullah II ibn Al-Hussein of Jordan

    Interfaith work

    In 2010, King Abdullah proposed a World Interfaith Harmony Week at the UN, to promote a culture of peace; the elimination of all forms of intolerance and discrimination based on religion or belief; and the promotion of interreligious dialogue.[1]

    al-Hussein, Abdullah II bin. Our Last Best Chance: The Pursuit of Peace in a Time of Peril, New York City: Viking Adult, 2011. ISBN 978-0-670-02171-0
    A newsbreaking memoir that tackles head-on the toughest challenge in the world today.

    When a dying King Hussein shocked the world by picking his son rather than his brother, the longtime crown prince, to be the next king of Jordan, no one was more surprised than the young head of Special Operations, who discovered his life was in for a major upheaval.

    This is the inspirational story of a young prince who went to boarding school in America and military academy in Britain and grew up believing he would be a soldier. Back home, he hunted down terrorists and modernized Jordan’s Special Forces. Then, suddenly, he found himself king. Together with his wife, Queen Rania, he transformed what it meant to be a monarch, going undercover to escape the bubble of the court while she became the Muslim world’s most passionate advocate of women’s rights.

    In this exceptionally candid memoir, King Abdullah tackles the single toughest issue he faces head-on- how to solve the Israeli-Palestinian standoff- and reveals himself to be an invaluable intermediary between America and the Arab world. He writes about the impact of the Iraq war on his neighborhood and how best to tackle Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

    Why would a sitting head of state choose to write about the most explosive issues he faces? King Abdullah does so now because he believes we face a moment of truth: a last chance for peace in the Middle East. The prize is enormous, the cost of failure far greater than we dare imagine.

    “” (one page synopsis)

    In order to end the impasse, the Monarch touts the “57-state solution”, or the Arab Peace Initiative, whereby Arab and Muslim states agree to normalise relations with Israel in return for occupied lands and a Palestinian state on 1967 borders.

    • That last paragraph sounds like O! I remember when he misspoke about how many states he had visited during his first campaign and I was practically jumping up and down running around yelling…..”Did ya hear him? That is how many Arab states there are!!!!!!”…..but nobody wanted to hear it.

  13. Whimsy of the day….I just got a hug from God!
    I keep my heat low all winter or I would not be able to afford the bill but all through the long snow and blow months, I look out my window and say, “Thank You” to Him that I am able to have shelter and warm jammies that make it bearable at 62 to 64 degrees inside instead of being outside. Well, I had set in my mind that spring would bring at least a few warm days by now but it has not happened. So this morning I was just so tired of the continuing cold that I splurged and turned the thermostat to 72 for an hour before I took my shower. It was wonderful but I was feeling guilty and decadent until I got out and sat down with a fresh cup of coffee and opened my Bible to…..
    1 Cor 10:13 There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it.
    I am turning the heat back down now and going to work……He will bring spring weather and I will abide until He does…..I can bear it! Simple pleasures. 🙂

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