He Has Risen!

I’m keeping this post active one more day as I know a lot of people don’t visit the BLOG on the weekend.  We’ll get back to the usual format tomorrow.

L. A.

He Has Risen!

This is a video of the production we did at the former Malibu Vineyard 10 years ago.  D. David Morin produced it and that’s your’s truly, conducting in front as  I was Music Director there.  

The choir and the soloists are wonderful, the lighting and set, edgy, and D. David’s direction superb.  This is a musical illustration of the passion of the Messiah and ends with the triumphant He Is Risen.

I’m releasing it early so folks can watch all 40 minutes of it!

Blessings to all, for He is our hope as He has Risen from the dead!
L. A. Marzulli

28 thoughts on “He Has Risen!

  1. Praise God!!! For the best gift anyone could have been given.Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who entered into heaven and gave gifts unto men!!!!!
    But God,who is rich in mercy,for his great love wherewith he loved us,even when we were dead in sins,hath quickened us together with Christ,(by grace ye are saved;)And hath raised us up together,and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus:That in the ages to come he might shew the exceeding riches of his grace and his kindness toward us through Christ Jesus.FOR BY GRACE ARE YE SAVED THROUGH FAITH;AND NOT THAT OF YOURSELVES;IT IS THE GIFT OF GOD:
    (Ephesians 2 V4-8).Prayer moves mountains and I pray Hector receives a miracle from the hand of the Living God who made all things!! In Jesus Name Amen.

  2. Yesterday, google celebrated “Cesar Chavez Day” and bing celebrated “bunny eggs” day. Perhaps you saw the graphics? Today of course, they’re celebrating “april fools day.” Really, I think they just want people to party more, to sell more, to make their paying customers happy (the merchants that love that $$$).

    The real battle though is with the rebel angels. The Bible exposes them. They’ve disguised themselves as gods and monsters and heroes in the past. Now, I believe they hide behind “secular paganism” to directly reach as many as they can in the world on a daily basis, though individually they likely have widely divergent intents. Such is the way of rebels. So it’s no surprise to see the “web gods” like google and bing diverging as they try to capture the most eyes and souls for their advertisers.

    And God let’s them. The Almighty is also All Wise. (In Jude, “The Only Wise God, Our Savior…” who of course is Jesus Christ, in physical form and the only begotten Son of God in Spirit). As He’s taught — He and Father God are One. He has been involved in every part of Creation. In the opening of the Book of John, 3rd verse, we find that “All things were made by Him, and without Him was not anything made that was made.” In His wisdom, He’s said to let the evil be, not to root out the tares, for His followers not to resist them physically, but to leave that for the authorities. And He showed us how profound the can be at the Cross. He turned the seeming victory of the rebels in to complete destruction, which is still in the process. Possibly so that all those like the rebels that really want their own way and not Christ’s way to be manifest. We’re told to let the tares (weeds) mature and not try to pull them out, which is appointed as a task for the holy angels in due season.

    So Jesus Christ, the Son of God manifest in the flesh, via the virgin birth. Then yielded His body up to the torture and sacrifice of the cross. Counting that as the payment for all our sin (possibly even all our debt). He even preached in hell during that time as best I can tell, which has to be in the Spirit, and has the keys of hell and death. So He resurrected His physical body again, like He’d done with Lazareth. And you probably know what happened next.

    Everyone is going to be resurrected. Those that Christ saves that don’t reject Him, will be with him forever. Those that reject Him get kicked out into the Lake of Fire with the rest of the rebels. There are no other choices. But it is your choice. Jesus or the rebels.

    • typos: ” And He showed us how profound [that] can be at the Cross. He turned the seeming victory of the rebels [into complete destruction, which is still in the process.” Now if only the mechanical turk behind the spell checker could catch properly spelled words out of place….

      How’d you make out with the typesetter LA?

  3. LA thank you So much for taking the time to explain what those words meant. I felt really dumb asking but now I’m so glad I did, because I could have never figured it out on my own ( your creativity is genius! ) those words were a big part of that whole scene and that’s the very scene I just can’t get past. This whole video has touched me in a way I can’t explain. If I thanked you a thousand times for your work on this and for posting it for us, it wouldn’t be enough because through this video the Lord has revealed Himself to me on a deeper level, in a supernatural way, similar to what I experienced when I was first saved. Your understanding and sensitivity to God’s heart is so evident. You touched on things that are generally overlooked, such as, Why does the Master talk of His death all the time? How “unnormal” is that? How unnormal are we His followers?
    In the garden when He was being pressured and squeezed internally is where the Lord has been teaching me so many things. People generally don’t talk about what Jesus went through and just assume that because He was God, somehow that fact made it all easier for Him. That’s just not true. He struggled just like we struggle, even though we have His Holy Spirit dwelling inside of us.
    God sent Jesus to the Earth and asked Him to do something very, very hard. He looked for a way out, that would still satisfy the Father, but found nothing. “O My Father” My Father is God and can do anything… He exercised His faith in the Father, but still the only answer is the cross. (Although there was much more involved than just the cross)
    He could have called the angels whenever He wanted to and be relieved of the whole mess, but He forced Himself to obey what He knew God wanted Him to do at great suffering to Himself. Jesus is the most Wonderful person alive! No wonder the Father loves Him So much. And no one loves the Father more than Jesus. No angel, no 24 elders, no beast around Gods throne loves Him more than Jesus, and He proved it. His obedience to God clearly stood out in everything He did, and we’re supposed to be like Him.
    We don’t know what our lives will be like in the future or what we’ll have to face but Jesus went before us and showed us how to do it. Yes we may be terrified, that’s normal, so was He! But we won’t let fear stop us, we’ll remember how afraid He was too, but in the end He obeyed the Father and that’s the greatest gift anyone can give God, is our obedience. Even unto death. Children, how precious our obedience is to God. O to be like Jesus in every area of our lives.

    John 14:31 ” But that the world would know that I love the Father and as the Father gave Me commandment even so I do.”

    God bless you Lord Jesus, how we all love you, all power and glory and might be your forever!

    • I didn’t get a chance to answer your question you asked yesterday: At the 12 minute and change mark…I’m not completely sure what they’re saying, either. 😉

      Blessings. 🙂

    • Eric, thanks. Usually I would have asked Pudding (since we all know that Pudding knows the answers to everything) but I didn’t see him anywhere. Maybe you didn’t see what LA said yesterday about those two words? The words he chose were So perfect. But still, it’s a good thing he said what they were because for sure I never would have figured it out ! ………………………..

      “They are singing Iscoos / Tsaraw! They mean Pain! Anguish! I used these words as this scene is the garden of Gethsemene and I used the choir as a sounding board to what Jesus may have been wrestling with as he sweated drops of blood, as He knew where He was going and asked if there was a way to have this cup taken from Him. Of course He went to the cross knowing the horror that awaited Him, especially the brutal flogging at the hands of the Romans. L. A.

    • Hello dear ToGodbetheglory and dear Eric. I was about to mention L.A.’s answer about those 2 words when I just revisited here and saw TGBTG’s post above.

      And TGBTG — so good to see your name again! I know it’s not always possible to visit the blog as often as some do (at least speaking of myself). Hopefully Pudding will also see your note, and this one of mine, and have a chance to say “hello” on the blog soon. God’s multiplied blessings to each one of you.

    • Thanks for your kind thoughts Linda. I was really glad I visited yesterday though or I would have missed the video. I am still amazed at how this video has affected me and LA how you could have said so much in only 40 minutes! Its amazing to me how the choice of a just a few words in the songs could say so much and encompass chapters in the Bible and then the music, and the lighting and the expressions on the singers faces all came together to tell one glorious story! It was So beautiful and I’m still being affected by it all.

      One thing I did want to add to my earlier thoughts were the scriptures that go with what I was trying to say, because its all still so strong in me and maybe others will see it too. Something about that part in LA’s video around the 12;00 mark, that song, expressed all these scriptures.

      Mark 14:33 ” and He taketh with Him Peter James and John and began to be *sore amazed and to be very heavy.”

      *Sore amazed is the word ekthambed and it means…………to throw into terror or amazement. To alarm, to terrify.

      Mark 14:35 “And He went forward a little and fell on the ground and prayed that if it were possible the hour might pass from Him. And He said Father, all things are possible unto Thee, take away this cup from Me.
      Nevertheless not what I will but what Thou wilt.

      Heb 5:8 Though He were a Son yet learned He Obedience by the things which He suffered.

      Heb 5:7 In the days of His flesh when He had offered up prayers and supplications with strong cryings and tears unto Him that was able to save Him fron death, and was heard in that He feared.”

      Crying here means an outcry, clamor and strong means Mighty, powerful, forcibly uttered. This was no ordinary crying. This was loud pleading with the Father, that if there was ANY other way to do this besides the cross…

      Think of what was taking place. Jesus knew what He was sent here to do, but it wasn’t easy. Look how in the end after struggling so hard He submits Himself to God. Its His OBEDIENCE that’s so beautiful to God. His perfect submission to God. We have to learn obedience. Its the greatest gift we can give God is to submit to His will and do things His way, even when we don’t want to. If the captain of our salvation had to learn obedience, then so do we. That’s how we love the Father! Its not easy to love, its much easier to hate. Love can be very painful. You can be living perfectly and doing every thing right but the people around you are not. If you love them, you’ll suffer too when they begin to suffer the consequences of their sins.

      And one last thing is I believe the physical pain of the cross was not uppermost on Jesus’ mind. But He was worrying about Peter and if he was OK. He wanted to go and wrap His arms around His Mother to comfort her, it was so painful to see her suffer that way. And the grief of Mary and all of His disciples that believed this was the end and…. because when you love, that pain has a way of superseding all physical pain


  4. He has risen, indeed! And is seated at the right hand of the Father. This was on drudge, a rasmussen poll says Christians believe in the resurrection down 13% from last year.
    Believers even!!!

  5. Of course, today is not the day to take news reports seriously. And most days it’s smart to vet them anyway. But it does seem like a good time to consider the insidious ways the rebel angels use “the mundane” (that which is ordinary, worldly, and definitely not supernatural). They’re happy to use their schemes wherever Christ is excluded, like in the holiday of fools (Apr. 1st).

    I have no doubt that everyone that can be saved will be. The resurrection of Christ is our strong guarantee. I love the verse about “those outside the law are a law unto themselves.” So I’ve never worried about what happens to anyone that never heard the Gospel. God knows their hearts. Those that have heard the Gospel and disbelieve, or reject Christ, are definitely in the enemy camp willingly. Stick a fork in them, they’re done. More succinctly put, they’re “damned already.” That’s their choice, since even as puppets all they had to do was make a heartfelt sincere cry for help to Christ. Of course that would take turning away from whatever they’re absorbed in (at least inwardly).

    I respect that the Most High God is likewise very able to steer those that want to help Him in His ministries — to the right place and right time so that we can help Him — while helping us grow in the process of caring for others (including enemies). He loves because that’s Who He Is, (and so do His children). Creating a fully functioning creation in just 6 days (and I mean days — not thousands nor billions of years), with fully interdependent processes, and an apparent span of billions of miles — means that orchestrating our encounters with the lost is trivial by comparison. And He’s apparently much more intent on developing us to be “overcomers” (persistent) than “avoiders.” If there’s nothing to overcome, then there are no overcomings, (rescues, miracles, healings, deliverances, protections, helps, or appeals).

    So while the extermination of billions is most certainly coming — with a large percentage headed straight to hell — there’s still the Great Multitude that comes out of Great Tribulation. Those helping Christ, as living witnesses, will have likely shared the Gospel with them and led them to Christ, including a good deal of preaching. And even a cantata or two…

    In the form of the Holy Ghost, Christ will orchestrate everything to work out via His resurrected physical form. More simply, Jesus is conducting things from the Throne of Heaven. (ps. I don’t get the 2 god view, that has a “father god” figure working a “jesus puppet” on his lap. I believe God is a spirit and dwelling in us who are saved — as well as in His own Christ — who’s actually running things from the Throne of Heaven. We aren’t puppets and neither is Jesus Christ. I can’t say the same for those the rebel angels take over by force who have little real protection from them.) So I don’t worry about doomsday prepping, demons and rebel angels busting out (i.e. “the Black Awakening”), alien disclosure, or the antichrist.

    There is no temptation which is not common to all of us, (1st Cor. 10:12-14). So I think we’re all in just as severe jeopardy every day — as at any time during The Tribulation or The Great Tribulation. It’s just that the masses are jaded (by videos, games, and such) and discount the difference.

    Who do you think Paul was addressing when he wrote to the Corinthians (v. 14), “Wherefore, my dearly beloved, flee from idolatry.”

    What about John, in (1st John 5:21), when he wrote, “Little children, keep yourselves from idols. Amen.”

    They were both writing the saved. And we know idols are nothing of themselves. Nonetheless, we have clear instruction.

    Just because idolatry has become secularized, doesn’t mean it’s any less toxic. “Secular paganism” is exactly the same iniquity as in Ezekiel 8. I know you want to believe that gaily decorated trees, and painted eggs, and giant statues of great men… are not toxic. If you trivialize those that are so obvious, how will you not be blind or blinded to the less obvious idolatries? I’m thinking of Samson as I say this. who is listed in the Faith Hall of Fame in Hebrews 11:32. And not only was he blinded from messing around with Delilah, but he went out like a suicide bomber.

    If you drink dilute poison daily you might argue that you get used to it. I say it builds up in your system. The point is that we’re not supposed to drink poisons anyway.

    Please excuse the typos and lack of edits. I’m off to Russ Dizdar’s course:
    “http://www.blogtalkradio.com/russ-dizdar/2013/04/02/spiritual-warfare-basic-advanced-course” (7 pm CST, 2hrs, on “mondays”)

  6. “http://flashtrafficblog.wordpress.com/2013/03/30/game-changer-israeli-natural-gas-began-flowing-today-dawn-of-energy-independence-prophetic-too/”
    Game-changer: Israeli natural gas began flowing today. Dawn of “energy independence.” Prophetic, too?


  7. Brother Sun, Sister Moon (Italian: Fratello Sole, Sorella Luna) is a 1972 film directed by Franco Zeffirelli and starring Graham Faulkner and Judi Bowker. The film is a biopic of Saint Francis of Assisi.

  8. And in other news on 4-02…

    “News reporting around the globe remains tainted with the “april fools” virus. Click on anything with that date and you can be infected.”

    “Syria’s Assad is still undead.”

    “Venezuela’s Chavez still smells funny, just like Fidel.”

    “Iran’s Ahmadinejad and N.Korea’s KJ-Un are still using the Reagan Gambit “We Must Unite Against Alien Invaders.”

    “The USA’s Obama is still boasting about killing Osama while playing golf, shooting hoops, and doing the ‘financial fiddle.’ ”

    “bing’s egg-burst and easter-island-grinning-moai backgrounds can still be seen at http://www.bing.com … by using the back arrow lower right in firefox.”
    (don’t use “https://” unless you can stand the truth about bing)

    “google’s doodle is confused about the chameleons and iguanas at https://www.google.com/

    And pudding has been…
    a. abducted by extradimensional aliens
    b. practicing portugues with amazonians
    c. getting Matt’s DNA tested
    d. doomsday prepping with a semi-truck load of coffee

  9. And in other news on 4-02…

    “News reporting around the globe remains tainted with the “april fools” virus. Click on anything with that date and you can be infected.”

    “Syria’s Assad is still undead.”

    “Venezuela’s Chavez still smells funny, just like Fidel.”

    “Iran’s Ahmadinejad and N.Korea’s KJ-Un are still using the Reagan Gambit “We Must Unite Against Alien Invaders.”

    “The USA’s Obama is still boasting about killing Osama while playing golf, shooting hoops, and doing the ‘financial fiddle.’ ”

    “bing’s egg-burst and easter-island-grinning-moai backgrounds can still be seen at “www.bing.com” … by using the back arrow lower right in firefox.”
    (don’t use “https://” unless you can stand the truth about bing)

    “google’s doodle is confused about the chameleons and iguanas at “https://www.google.com/” ”

    And pudding has been…
    a. abducted by extradimensional aliens
    b. practicing portugues with amazonians
    c. getting Matt’s DNA tested
    d. doomsday prepping with a semi-truck load of coffee

  10. LA
    Don’t know if you’ll see this but…
    regarding Blu-ray, I produced a backpacking video a year ago. I went to all the extra expense of shooting it in HD, editing on FCP, buying a blu-ray burner and delivering it in Blu-ray…only to have it basically dissed by the buying community. One of my distributors (Campmor) didn’t even want to handle it. In the year’s time since then, I’ve maybe sold 5 copies, that’s all.
    It’s a beautiful format, I can tell the difference when looking at it on my 55″ plasma, but on the other hand, my SD disc of the same program looks pretty darn good too.
    It’s a tough call. I wish more folks would support BR but most are content with either looking at dvds on a small screen or counting on their dvd player to “up rez” material.
    I voted “no” on your poll for those reasons, practicality being the main reason (wanting to spare you the expense and frustration).

  11. Russ Dizdar’s weekly Occult Crimes course “lecture” is here…

    ( 2 hours on monday nights. Excellent! )

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