On the Trail of the Nephilim – Chapter 2!

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L. A. Marzulli

I’m going to continue putting some of the chapters of the new book here.

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Chapter 2 (Not all the clippings from the news papers were used from this chapter)

Darwinism – The Holy Grail that is Sacrosanct

1 Darwin mural

Photo taken by the author at the Field Museum, Chicago, 2012

The picture above says it all and it’s from the Field Museum in Chicago. We see a plethora of life portrayed here and in the middle of it all we see this:

… from so simple a beginning endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful have been, and are being evolved. – Charles Darwin

Darwin changed the prevailing world view in the West that taught that a holy, loving God created the world.

Darwinism, in my opinion and that of many others, is a theory that has never been proven. However, as we can see from the picture taken in the Field Museum, Darwinism is the prevailing paradigm that has become the status quo. There is no other view that is seriously considered in academia, and it would appear, at least to this author, that any other paradigm, including but not limited to discoveries that go against Darwinism or in some way challenge it, is immediately dealt with by expulsion, ridicule and/or deliberate obfuscation. (See Ben Stein’s movie Expelled).

Assuming I am correct here, this is what I have come to call intellectual fascism.

Author’s Side Bar:

This will be a quick note, but if you have never seen Ben Stein’s movie, Expelled, I would encourage you to go out and rent it or watch it on NETFLIX.

Stein goes up against the status quo, and the intellectual elite, exposing the bias against any other form of thought that is antithetical to Darwin’s theory.

He interviews former teachers and professors who have lost tenure for mentioning intelligent design, which is the theory that the complexity of life had to have some designer behind it because it couldn’t have happened by chance.

Stein also sits down with Richard Dawkins, one of the premier evolutionists of our day, and challenges him to tell us where life began. Dawkins doesn’t have an answer, but postulates life began elsewhere by a race of beings that had evolved by some sort of Darwinian process and then they created and seeded us here on this planet.

This sounds like science fiction and yet Dawkins defends this circular reasoning because his answer begs the question: who created the race of aliens who created us?

Stein makes a very cogent point that any other paradigm or world view that is opposed to Darwinism is met, head on, with intellectual hostility. The movie is revealing in that it clearly demonstrates the prevailing view in both academia and science.

The bottom line for me is this: it would appear that any evidence that would conflict with the Darwinian paradigm is immediately shut down and becomes forbidden.

With that in mind I will now present some of the newspaper clippings that were found by researchers Fritz Zimmerman, Ross Hamilton, Vine Deloria and Jim Vieira. I will comment as necessary.

Using postings from various newspapers, I will demonstrate that a race of giant men and women had populated North America. These extraordinarily tall people were not what we would consider traditional Native Americans and, thus, in my opinion, the mounds and other sites have been erroneously credited to Native Americans.

It seems reasonable to me, when we examine the evidence in the written record, that there has been a deliberate obfuscation by the Smithsonian and other institutions to keep the Darwinian paradigm guarded. In other words, these giant skeletons do not fit the standard theory that Native Americans crossed the Bering Strait and settled here. page19image13888 page19image14048

It would appear there was another race of beings that predated what we would call Native Americans, and academia has ignored the oral traditions of Native Americans that tell us a different story than the present ones we are being told.

Some tribes have an oral account of a race of giants that were created when the “sky gods” came down to Earth and saw the daughters of men. The children from these beings were the giants.

The next chapter will explore one of these oral traditions which have been handed down for generations. This story contradicts the status quo and, in my opinion, syncs well with the evidence we find in articles dating back two centuries ago.

Author’s Note: We have left the following articles from newspapers in the way in which they were first published; thus spelling, punctuation errors and language are true to the original.1

The Wichita Daily Eagle – November 17, 1891 (Courtesy of Jim Vieira) Smithsonian Institution’s Bureau of Ethnology 1898-99 1

On the upper terrace, within the corporate limits of Monongahela City, are situated the garden and greenhouse of Mr. I. S. Crall. Two ravines on the east and west sides open directly south into Pigeon Creek, and their erosion has lowered the ground until it is surrounded by higher land on every side except along the bluff next to the creek. The further side of the creek being bounded by a high hill, the pass looking up the river, thus the tract is surrounded on every side by hills close at hand, ranging from
40 to 250 feet above its level. In excavating for foundation walls and other purposes, Mr. Crall has, at different times, unearthed skeletons of large size: the ground is strewn with mussel shells, flint chips etc.

On the eastern side of this levee, near the break of the ravine, and close to a never- failing spring, stands the largest mound above the one at McKee’s rocks, measuring
9 feet in height by 60 feet in diameter … at the center a hole measuring 3 feet across the top and 2 feet into the original soil. In this were fragments of human bones too soft to be preserved. They indicated an adult of large size. The gray clay was unbroken over this hole. Directly over this, above the clay and resting upon it, were portions of another large skeleton, with which was found part of an unburned clay tube or pipe.

Helena Independent – Wednesday, October 10, 1883 (Helena, Montana)

J. H. Hamley, a well-known and reliable citizen of Barnard, MO, writes to the Gazette, the particulars of the discovery of a GIANT skeleton, four miles southwest of that place:

“A farmer named John W. Hannon, found the bones protruding from the bank of a ravine that has been cut by the action of the rains during the past years. Mr. Hannon worked several days in unearthing ‘the skeleton,’ which proved to be that of a human being whose height was twelve feet.

“The head through the temples was eleven inches; from the lower part of the skull at the back to the top were fifteen inches, and the circumference forty inches. The ribs were nearly four feet long, one and three-fourths inches wide. The thigh bones were thirty-six inches long and large in proportion.

“When the earth was removed the ribs stood high enough to enable a man to crawl in and explore the interior of the skeleton, turn around and come out with ease.

“The first joint of the greater toe above the nail was three inches long, and the entire foot, eighteen inches in length. The skeleton lay on its face twenty feet below the surface of the ground and the toes were imbedded in the earth, indicating that the body either fell or was placed there when the ground was soft.

“The left arm was passed around backward, the hand resting on the spinal column, while the right arm was stretched out to the front and right. Some of the bones crumbled on exposure to the air, but many good specimens were pre-served, and are now exhibited at Barnard Medical School.

The skeleton is generally pronounced a relic of the prehistoric race.”2

St. Paul Daily Globe February 24, 1891, P.1 Petrified Giant

Discovery of a Body with Legs Eight Feet in Length

HELENA, MT, Feb. 23 – Vital Jarcot, a half-breed, who carries mail between Fort McGinnis and Rocky Point, brings the news of the discovery of the petrified remains of a giant in the badland of Choteau county, a few miles below the mouth of the Mussel Shell river. The discovery was made by Lata Dona, another half-breed, who started off to find a purchaser for his curiosity before Jarcot could get a complete description. The remains were not complete, showing the petrifaction had only taken place in a portion of the body, while the remainder had followed the course of nature and returned to dust. One leg was 8 feet long, the thigh being about 4 feet. A rib found measured 2 1⁄2 feet. Petrifaction is no unusual thing in the badlands of Montana and the Dakotas. Wood in that state is frequently found. The petrified body of an Indian was found in North Dakota about a year ago. Jarcot, who brings the story, was perfectly sober.

Sarasota Herald Tribune – June 28, 1933, P.6 Search Reveals Huge Skeletons of Extinct Race

NATCHEZ, MS – Skeletons of Indians estimated to have been more than 7 feet tall have been unearthed by explorers of Catahoula Parish, Louisiana.

A search for locations for study by members of the Smithsonian Institution disclosed from 15 to 20 of the skeletons in a grave on a mound at Larte Lake.

The discovery was made by Dr. E.A. Beithaupt and E.W. Knight and was regarded as contributing to the theory that the pre-historic mound builder once lived there.

I will close this chapter with a quote from Vine Deloria, Native American author and professor of law emeritus, that sums up the situation better than I could ever hope to do:

It’s probably better that so few of the ruins and remains were tied in with the Smithsonian because they give good reason to believe the ending of the Indiana Jones movie—a great warehouse where the real secrets of earth history are buried.page37image13560 page37image13720 page37image13880 page37image14040

Modern day archaeology and anthropology have nearly sealed the door on our imaginations, broadly interpreting the North American past as devoid of anything unusual in the way of great cultures characterized by a people of unusual demeanor. The great interloper of ancient burial grounds, the nineteenth century Smithsonian Institution, created a one-way portal, through which uncounted bones have been spirited. This door and the contents of its vault are virtually sealed off to any

but government officials. Among these bones may lay answers not even sought by these officials concerning the deep past.

The first hint we had about the possible existence of an actual race of tall, strong, and intellectually sophisticated people, was in researching old township and county records. Many of these were quoting from old diaries and letters that were combined, for posterity, in the 1800s from diaries going back to the 1700s. Says Vine in this understanding:

Some of these old county and regional history books contain real gems because the people were not subjected to a rigid indoctrination about evolution and were astonished about what they found and honestly reported it.” (Emphasis by the author).

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end timeIn Other News: Tracking the Birth Pains!

E-bomb – The real doomsday weapon | Russia & India Report


6 Months After Sandy: Many Recovered, Thousands Still Homeless | NBC New York


Syria — Chemical Weapons used!

Business & Financial News, Breaking US & International News | Reuters.com


Syrian PM survives assassination attempt in capital | The Times of Israel


Hizballah loses two high officers in major defeat at al-Qusayr near Homs


Awful April: Spring hard to find across northern USA


‘Missiles fired at’ Russian plane with 159 passengers onboard flying over Syria — RT News


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On The Trail of the Nephilim!

draft11This may be the most important book I have written thus far.  I believe it has ground breaking information which connects the Nephilim of antiquity to the modern world.  What we found in Peru was shocking, as I believe there was genetic engineering, by fallen angels thousands of years ago and the evidence of it is in Peru.  I think we found the proof…

L. A. Marzulli 

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On The Trail of the Nephilim

                Giant Skeletons and Ancient Megalithic Structures.

Before you dive into this book, let me explain the concept behind it, as it will be important in sorting out the difference in material which is covered herein.

I am working with a theory that there was a great civilization before the Flood of Noah, that it may have been global and the remains of some of these post-flood structures may be seen today.

These structures are the megalithic stone structures that we visited in Peru, such as Saqsayhuaman and Ollantaytambo.  They are comprised of individual stones weighing as much as 120 tons or more.  No one knows who built these structures or for what reason, there are only theories.

Then we have what I believe to be the post-flood structures that are discussed in the first section of the book and deal primarily with the Mounds in Ohio.

What I will attempt to show is that both of these sites, while perhaps separated by thousands of years of time, are in fact the product of Fallen Angel/Nephilim technology.

Thus, we will not only be discussing the bones and skulls found in Paracas, and the giant bones found by Americans in the late 19th century, which is post-flood, but we will delve into the mystery of these ancient megalithic sites.

While to some there may be no connection, in my opinion there is a connection and it is vital to this discussion.

For instance, how does an ancient culture living without the “knowledge” of the wheel, move enormous blocks of stone and then create polygonal joints, encompassing not only the face of the stone, but continuing all the way through the stone, to its backside.  In my opinion, this would be almost impossible to accomplish, even in modernity.

Then we have the Paracas skulls, which are an anomaly.  Why do many of these skulls have only one parietal plate, instead of the two, “normal” human skulls would have?

Is this the result of genetic tampering by Fallen Angels that we read about in Genesis 6?

There is a lot of information to consider and I will point out in each chapter whether we are examining a pre-flood or post-flood artifact or site.

L. A. Marzulli


In Other News: Tracking the Birth Pains!



‘We Could Be In For A Cooling Period That Lasts 200-250 Years’ Russian Scientists Claim | The Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF)


Sunday Go to Meeting Bun!

Bun!!!Sunday Bun


L. A. Marzulli

2 Thessalonians 2:7  For the Mystery of Iniquity doth work…

We are told here in Thessalonians that the mystery of iniquity, or the secret of lawlessness, is at work and will continue to work….

This begs the question, what is this force — which I believe is made up of a cadre of high-ranking, fallen angels — which is working behind the scenes and what is its/their final agenda.

This telling scripture was written by Paul almost 2000 years ago and it warns us of what is working tirelessly behind the scenes.  The Fallen One has a plan and it is in motion.  At some point it will be fully realized and executed.  While most of us have heard this warning, we most likely think to ourselves that we will not encounter this end game move by the Fallen One.  It is as Peter warns us: that in the last days scoffers will come, saying where is the promise of his coming, for since the fathers fell asleep all things continue as they were from the beginning of  the creation.  (2 Peter 2:4)

However, in my opinion we have reached a point in time where the signs of His second coming, what we are told to look for by Jesus, specifically the wars and rumors of wars, famines, pestilence and earthquakes in diverse places are in full swing.

Most people even within the church are choosing to ignore these signs.

Meanwhile the ET/Disclosure movement is gaining momentum calling for the revealing of the so-called extraterrestrial presence.  When this happens it will be ultimate game changer as it will cause everyone on this planet to question their origins.  Is this the end game that has been in motion?  I believe it is and it will lead to what I call, The Great Falling Away.  It is the coming great deception where millions of people will be deceived by the lie or the strong delusion, that ET created all life on this planet, genetically manipulated our genome, started the worlds first civilizations and now, at this critical juncture in human history have returned to usher us into a time of peace, prosperity and knowledge.

In closing todays Bun.  There is a cosmic chess match, a heavenly war which going on in an unseen dimension.  At some point it will manifest here.  We know from the book of Revelation, in the future the Fallen One is cast down from his perch in the second heaven and is trapped in out space/time domain here on earth.  Woe to the inhabitants of earth for the devil, the dragon, Satan has been cast down among you and he knows his time is short.  Is this the moment when all will be revealed?  Will we see one mile wide UFOs over the cities of the world?

I believe we are seeing the final workings of the Mystery of Iniquity and soon all will be revealed.


On The Trail of the Nephilim! Review by Bob Ulrich!

draft11On the Trail of the Nephilim

Giant Skeletons and Ancient Megalithic Structures

by L.A. Marzulli 

What you are about to read is not the stuff of science fiction. It’s not a fantastic fable or the musings of an overzealous archaeologist. It’s straight out of the pages of the Bible. The 120+ pictures displayed in On the Trail of the Nephilim have not been altered in any way. What you are about to see is truly a ground-breaking revelation—an unparalleled discovery that may leave you in stunned silence. It left our own Gary Stearman almost speechless. But not before he said in an visibly excited voice, “Does L.A. realize what he has here? This has never been done before. He’s exposed the whole evolution cover-up for all to see. This is amazing!”

This book is the culmination of a lengthy search for the physical evidence of the Nephilim, the Giants of Old Testament lore. A significant cover-up has taken place over the years, reducing these double-digit, gigantic hybrids to the dustbins of history. You’re going to read about the organizations behind this Darwinian-flavored scheme and why they hate the bones and skulls of the Nephilm so much. They’ll go to incredible lengths to make this evidence disappear! But make no mistake about—the Nephilim were here. Hundreds of excavated graves scattered throughout the world provide evidence of their genetic abomination—the product of the breeding of heavenly angels with the women of Earth during the days of Noah. These ancient builders left behind evidence of their supernatural strength and technological know-how. Their massive, megalithic structures are legendary and evidence of Nephilim architecture abounds worldwide.

Marzulli and a team of scientists, archaeologists and scholars traveled to the jungles of a foreign land, perhaps the only place where they could gain access to the unspoiled evidence of this genetic manipulation—PERU—toppling perhaps the greatest cover-up in mankind’s bizarre history. Crawling through caves deep in the Peruvian jungle, accompanied by a private native guide, they discovered the remains of an ancient civilization, a shocking find that left the team in awe. As they held these strange, ancient skulls in their hands, the team knew that this was a story that must be be told. The world must know the truth about “The Days of Noah.” See the skulls for yourself in On the Trail of the Nephilim—elongated, distorted skulls with massive eye sockets, bizarre jaw lines, and red hair! Simply put, these skulls are not human! DNA testing is pending!

The story doesn’t end with jungles, caves and ancient skulls. While in Peru, they had an epiphany. What if these “fallen angels” were using their superior knowledge of technology to seek world domination, reducing mankind to mere slaves in their sordid scheme? Was it their desire to be worshipped as gods, like their leader, the fallen archangel Lucifer? Were these angels building a network of worldwide power centers in hopes of seeking complete control of God’s Creation? Was there a sophisticated power grid that provided an incredible source of energy? Did these fallen angels know and understand the secrets of heaven? Were they willingly worshipped by the people of Earth? Did they have some sort of device that enabled them to manipulate enormous 120 ton stones like they were marshmallows and shape them and move them to and fro like they were children’s building blocks? Did they leave evidence of this super device behind?

L.A. Marzulli may have connected the dots in a story far bigger than the world could ever imagine. Here’s the whole story of his team’s trip to the land that time has forgotten—PERU. This one-of-a-kind travelogue, complete wth shocking pictures of things you have NEVER SEEN BEFORE, straight from the author’s camera, is accompanied by interviews from noted archaeologists Fritz Zimmerman, Aaron Judkins, and Watchers director, Richard Shaw, who accompanied L.A. on the trip. He has also included a doctor’s medical opinion about what they have discovered. The truth is now in your hands. The cover-up must end. This may be the most unusual book offered in the history of Prophecy in the News! Ground breaking!

Table of Contents

1. The Nephilim Mounds

2. Darwinism: The Holy Grail is Sacrosanct

3. Robert Mirabal- Stilt Walker

4. My Trip to the Chicago Field Museum

5. Ales Hrdlicka & the Smithsonian Cover-Up!

6. The Theory

7. Interview with Archaeologist Fritz Zimmerman

8. America’s Stonehenge

9. Interview with Archaeologist Dr. Aaron Judkins 

10. PERU!

11. The Church at Huaytara

12. Wayqui

13. Ollantaytambo

14. A Theory Emerges

15. Summation

Appendix 1: A Doctor’s Analysis of the Elongated Paracas Skull 


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Psalm 83 predicts a climactic, concluding Arab-Israeli war that has eluded the discernment of today’s top Bible scholars, and yet, the Middle East stage appears to be set for the fulfillment of this prophecy. While many of today’s top Bible experts are predicting that Russia, Iran, Turkey, Libya, and several other countries are going to invade Israel according a prophecy in Ezekiel 38, this timely book explains how Psalm 83 occurs prior. Discover how Israel defeats their ancient Arab enemies, and why Americans need to stand beside Israel in this coming war!

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Where do we Go From Here?

NapolitanoCommentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

FBI Fake Terror Plot History: Judge Napolitano – YouTube

Judge Napolitano is one of my hero’s.  His show was taken off FOX News, in my opinion, for being too much on the cutting edge and acting as an opposing voice to the bloated government we now have.

I don’t know what really happened in Boston, but I posted this video as the Judge makes a very cogent case that our own government was involved in staging terror plots.  I am also bothered by the military response to one lone 19-year-old punk.  Boston was on lock down and SWAT teams held people at gun-point. MARTIAL LAW: Boston SWAT Teams FORCE Americans Out Of Homes At GUNPOINT [POLICE STATE] – YouTube

Where do we go from here?

  With the recent events in Boston, we must ask ourselves, where do we go from here?  How can we possibly legislate our safety?  We stand in lines at the airports and submit to full body scanners, TSA pat-downs, searching of our private possessions without a warrant, and as demonstrated by the tragedy in Boston, none of this has made us safer.  How do we respond to a mother who supposedly states she will praise Allah for the death of Americans and the death of her sons? WHOA!… Zubeidat Tsarnaeva Tells CNN: “I Don’t Care if My Youngest Son Is Killed. I Don’t Care If I Am Killed. I Will Say Allahu Akbar!” (Video) | The Gateway Pundit

The mind-set reflected in this brief phone call to Zubeidat Tsarnaeva reveals a world view which is foreign to most of us.  This ideology is the same which spawned the birth of the suicide bomber.  In my opinion, it is a twisted logic which most of us here in the west find repugnant.  It is a death wish.  To say God is great for killing Americans, her sons and herself, is beyond the pale.  It is contrary to what we see in the Bible when Jesus tells us: I have come that you might have life and have it more abundantly!

Yesterday Rand Paul seemingly flip-flopped on his stance against the use of drones on American citizens, which I’m sure will be used to hunt down terrorists.  Activist Post: Rand Paul flip-flops, says drone strikes on U.S. citizens on U.S. soil without charge or trial are okay

He now appears to condone the use of drones in “certain circumstances.”  We are moving to a police state that would make George Orwell, blush.

So what do we do?  Do we ban all Immigrants whose backgrounds are Middle Eastern, or Islamic?   Do we deport everyone who holds to Islam.  At least one Imam has denounced the bombings so there is a ray of hope.

Boston Imam denounces bombings as against Islam

I’ll take a moment and turn the tables here.  What do we do with the white Neo Nazi groups that are here?  Do we deport them too?

In closing todays post:  As Americans we love our liberty and our freedom.  However there is no way government, any government, can ensure our safety all of the time.  It’s impossible.  There is no way to legislate our safety, we can’t control what people think.  If we roundup every gun the nut case bent on killing will find another way to cause mayhem.

The America I grew up in 50 years ago is a far cry from the America we see today.  We have abandoned the God of the Bible, pushed him out of our schools, taught our young people we descended from apes, and embraced Darwinism.  We have allowed violent video games, endless bloody, body counts in movies, and created horror films which show human mutilation.  We are now the most medicated society in the history of the world.  Our soldiers come home from an endless war and many wind up killing themsevles.

In Philadelphia a “doctor” is on trial for the killing of babies.  Now the lawyers argue if the babies were alive and what constitutes being alive.

Are a nation under judgment?   What will it take for the American people to rise up and take a stand and say enough is enough?  What will it take for the pastors of the churches to alert the people of what is coming?

Where do we go from here?


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end timeIn Other News: Tracking the Birth Pains!

Syrian rockets hit Lebanon as tensions ramp up | The Times of Israel


Alleged Canada plot turns focus to rail transport’s vulnerability

Business & Financial News, Breaking US & International News | Reuters.com


WHO says new bird strain is one of most lethal flu viruses | Reuters


PressTV – 500 Europeans fight along with militants against Syria: EU official


Tehran and Assad slide past US and Israeli red lines – nuclear and chemical


Satan’s Weapon of Mass Destruction


The new ‘normal’ in police state America: SWAT teams order innocent Americans out of their homes at gunpoint

Syria – When the Dust Clears, What Will be Left?


A man checks his belonging at buildings damaged by what activists said were missiles fired by a Syrian Air Force fighter jet loyal to President Bashar al-Assad in the Akraba suburb of Damascus SYRIACommentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

Syrian opposition claim dozens killed in ‘massacre’ by Assad forces

Syrian opposition claim dozens killed in ‘massacre’ by Assad forces — RT News

Syrian opposition activists allege that government troops have killed at least 85 people during the storming of a Damascus suburb following five days of fighting.

According to the Syrian opposition, the number of victims of what they described as a “massacre” at the Jdeidet al-Fadel area in the country’s capital may be higher than 250, including women and children. However, it was impossible to independently verify the information.


The bloody civil war in Syria continues as the forces of President Bashar Al Assad continue to fight the rebels.  This latest news demonstrates the regime’s brutality and commitment by Assad to hold on to the reigns of power at all costs.  There are now reports that Assad has used chemical weapons against his own people. Israel Says Syria Has Used Chemical Weapons – NYTimes.com

There is also Assad’s orders which call for a full-scale attack on Israel if Syria is attacked by outside forces!  Assad Threatens Israel if Syria is Attacked – Middle East – News – Israel National News

The situation in Syria is becoming more desperate with no end in sight.  What happens to Syria if Assad goes down?  Will the Moslem Brotherhood then step in and create another state like we see in Egypt?  Will Al Qaeda seize the opportunity to create a Sharia state and perhaps carry cross border raids on Israel?  Will Iran step in, as some have already suggested, and set up a puppet government?

Since the Arab Spring the Middle East continues to be unstable and which is an understatement.  Scroll down to In Other News, and see the story of what is happening in Iraq, as the sectarian violence between Shia and Sunni Moslem spirals out of control.  There seems to be no end to the bloodshed and the horror of war.

Over a million refugees have left the Syria and any sense of a normal life is a distant memory.

Tensions High After Riot at Syrian Refugee Camp in Jordan – NYTimes.com

Through all of this, miraculously Assad has managed to stay in power, at least for now.  He’s being propped up in part by Iran and the Russians.  However, at some point this must come to an end and when the dust clears one wonders what will be left.


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