It Can’t Happen Here? Think Again…!

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L. A. Marzulli

MARC FABER: Not Even Gold Will Be Able To Save You From What Is Coming

So we are creating bubbles and bubbles and bubbles. This bubble will come to an end. My concern is that we are going to have a systemic crisis where it is going to be very difficult to hide. Even in gold, it will be difficult to hide.

Cyprus has reopened its banks, but according to news sources, withdrawals are limited and no cash is allowed to leave the country.  There is also talk of private savings account being raided, how’s that for redistribution of wealth?  I believe Cyprus is a microcosm of what is going to happen here and the article by Marc Farber confirms my suspicions.  I can also ratchet up my paranoia when I read stories about Homeland Security buying 1.2 billion rounds of ammo!  I thought Al Qaeda was on the run and if so who are they going to use all that ammo on?  Hmmm.

Is the collapse of the Euro followed by the dollar an event that will happen soon?  Is Cyprus the warning shot across the bow of the global financial boat, or perhaps I should say the Titanic?

Meanwhile on our home-front the FEDS are funding real science which will benefit us.

Feds Fund $880,000 to Study Benefits of Snail Sex

Our government recently handed Morsi and the Moslem Brotherhood 450 million!

Then showed the same largesse to Jordan as we are giving them 200 million for the Syrian refugees.

There is also a new bank being formed which most likely is an attempt to avoid the collapse of the dollar, which is the world’s standard.

Watch Out, World Bank: Here Comes the BRICS Bank

In closing todays post:  I have stated before that I believe the powers that be are manipulating the currency as Uncle Ben’s magic printing press continues to print dollars which are not backed up by anything and our government spending is out of control.  While most of don’t pay attention to Cyprus and think that it can’t happen here, I would harken to the words of Faber and think again.  We are Cyprus….


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end timeIn Other News: Tracking the Birth Pains!



Watch Out, World Bank: Here Comes the BRICS Bank


US B-2 stealth bombers in South Korea drill


‘Biggest cyber-attack in history’


Saudi heavy weapons supply to Syrian rebels breaks up Arab summit in uproar


Landslide on Washington Island Forces Evacuation of 34 Homes


UFO Memo Is FBI’s ‘Most Wanted’ Record

82 thoughts on “It Can’t Happen Here? Think Again…!

  1. It’s a rigged show and system. No question about it.

    Some interesting details about Loughner have surfaced that I think basically confirm what most of us have suspected about him.

    The AP arguably has the best and most revealing details. If you put his name in a search engine today and hits the news option you’ll get it all.


    “His mother, Amy Loughner, recalled hearing her son alone in his room “having conversations” as if someone else were there.”

    Other articles go into further detail saying his parents would SEE him interact with thin air, so to speak, having a conversation. I’m sure he was speaking to something.

    “The father said his son kept journals, but they were written in an indecipherable script.”

    I would love for Russ to get his hands on this. Twilight languages?

    “He would say he could dream and then control what he was doing while he was dreaming,”

    Other outlets describe it as basically waking dreaming/visions with instant transition.



    And so on. I’m convinced of what he is.

    I’d love to ask his parents certain kinds of questions about their backgrounds and habits going into the whole military and/or SRA thing.

    Clearly Jared is MPD/DID and very likely a super solider as far as I’m concerned.

  2. At this point, anything can happen anywhere – and it will. There will be no place to run and no place to hide, except under the wings of the Most High. Maranatha.

  3. Our savior is coming. Here is a picture of Obama “looking up” to a silver ball floating in the sky.


    How’s that for some rich symbolism?

    • You have to exclude the quotation marks. It’s the top photo on the drudge report. It’s a silver soccer ball Obama threw in the air and it looks like he is worshipping it.

      It’s one of those “a picture is worth a thousand words” kind of things. At least if you are someone who thinks disclosure is not far off.

    • Let’s try that again. It inserted weird spaces.


    • No worries.Like this..



      You reckon an orb can morph into (or disguise itself) as a soccer ball?

  4. Turin Shroud ‘is not a medieval forgery’

    The Turin Shroud is not a medieval forgery, as has long been claimed, but could in fact date from the time of Christ’s death, a new book claims.

    Experiments conducted by scientists at the University of Padua in northern Italy have dated the shroud to ancient times, a few centuries before and after the life of Christ.

    Many Catholics believe that the 14ft-long linen cloth, which bears the imprint of the face and body of a bearded man, was used to bury Christ’s body when he was lifted down from the cross after being crucified 2,000 years ago.

    The analysis is published in a new book, “Il Mistero della Sindone” or The Mystery of the Shroud, by Giulio Fanti, a professor of mechanical and thermal measurement at Padua University, and Saverio Gaeta, a journalist.

    The tests will revive the debate about the true origins of one of Christianity’s most prized but mysterious relics and are likely to be hotly contested by sceptics.

    Scientists, including Prof Fanti, used infra-red light and spectroscopy – the measurement of radiation intensity through wavelengths – to analyse fibres from the shroud, which is kept in a special climate-controlled case in Turin.

    The tests dated the age of the shroud to between 300 BC and 400AD.

    The experiments were carried out on fibres taken from the Shroud during a previous study, in 1988, when they were subjected to carbon-14 dating.

    • My only problem with these “new studies/information” about the shroud of Turin is that no one is officially declaring it to be the authentic burial shroud of Christ. This information is not new. I have documentary videos in my video library about the shroud of Turin and some of these videos were done in the late 90’s. All the information presented in those videos keeps getting repeated over and over and over and over again verifying the shroud’s authenticity. How many more times does this info have to be presented before they officially declare it to be the image of Christ on that cloth? Enough already! sheeesh! I think most of us have already come to the conclusion that it is authentic. I myself have a fascination with the shroud of Turin. I collect all the articles and videos that I can about it. I think it’s quite amazing that we have an actual picture of Jesus imprinted on his burial cloth, and not only that, it’s a picture of him being resurrected. How’s that for a picture. What a thought! But really, how many more times are people gonna present the evidence for it’s authenticity and still not declare it to be officially authentic. I guess it’s good though for people who still don’t have faith in the resurrection. It may plant a seed in people who have never heard of the shroud before.

      I’m still waiting for that headline in the news somewhere though… TOP NEWS STORY TODAY- SHROUD OF TURIN IS AUTHENTIC BURIAL CLOTH OF JESUS.

      I don’t think it will ever happen.

    • Just another thought concerning the shroud… The shroud of Turin proves the existence of Hell. If the image on the shroud can be proven to be the image of Christ (which it already has been) then you have to ask the next question… what does it mean. It means that Christ is real. And if Christ did exist, why is this image there on the cloth. Why was he crucified as this cloth proves. UH OH! That means Hell must be real, for this is what he was crucified for. It’s all logical deduction… or at least it should be to the masses. But then again, everyone is too busy watching American Idol to give a Rat’s behind. No time to think about my eternal soul today. American Idol is on. Of course, you also have to factor in the demonic deception of these near death experiences such as was experienced by George Noory.

    • note for Richard… I wasn’t talking of you in my first rant above. I was talking about the news media or anyone in an official capacity not declaring it officially authentic. The evidence is quite abundant.

    • You’re welcome! I didn’t mean to be cheeky- wanted to see if I could get it to post. Haven’t posted a link before. Managed to do that, but stuck it in the wrong ‘reply’ place. Eeesh.

      I’m always struck by how disinterested and un-animated the people in the top political echelon are, in their photos. Particularly pelosi and bo and mo. The folks in the background around them never look overly engaged, either- and when a photo is put up of any of them yucking it up, it still looks plastic and enacted. Nothing ever looks natural.

  5. Concerning what the Bible says about gold and silver:
    Ezekiel 7:19 :They shall cast their silver in the streets, and their gold shall be removed: Their silver and their gold shall not be able to deliver them in the day of the wrath….”

    James: 5:3 “Your gold is cankered: and the rust of them shall be witness against you…ye have heaped treasure for the last days.”

  6. The one who orchestrates this coming collapse is the Scarlet dragon with his whore harlot rider who uses religion to gain power, and what is about to receive a head wound and cause total world economic collapse, is one of the heads(mountains/financial system)of the Beast she rides (the dragon who supports her and takes her where he wills). The 7 heads of the Scarlet Beast of Rev. 17 are the same 7 heads of the Sea Beast as the dragon is the one who gives power and direction to the Sea Beast in Rev. 13:1-8. The heads are mountains representing systems and the dragon is in control of these systems. They are the systems he uses to divert man from God. The 6th head is our economic system now. The Babylonian Greedy Whoremonger World Elitist Power Grabbers who look towards the dragon for leadership and fornicates with the Beast’s Rider who worships her own glory, are about to collapse this system with an apparently deadly head wound, but it will revive into a new system. which is the cashless digitalized system that will be world wide. This new system will be taken over by one who requires worship, and all those who eventually take the mark of worship/loyalty to participate in it or stay in it will be destroyed. And the city that represents her will have her smoke seen from afar during the events of the 7th trumpet. Right now, that city is New York. But maybe China will steel her thunder….or a middle eastern city before the 7th trumpet?

    God told us these things so His people would take this knowledge and use it to be prepared and to help others. We are in the 6th Seal time zone and it is about to be over and the 7 trumpets will start to sound. The 5/6th trumpets events will start the worship of the false god. A short time before the 7th trump sounds our Lord’s return.

    For all we know, as nothing is certain, the huge earth shaking catastrope could be the world wide economic collapse….because man looks to the economy for his foundation and security, not towards God. The taking away of the security, will bring out the core heart of mankind to the surfice for all to see. During the pause that comes as the 7th Seal is removed, hopefully, many will look in the right direction, and not towards the dragon for their security. But, I still believe we can use things, like a money system, offerred from the dragon, as long as it does not violate any of God’s laws…or require worship of any other gods. Of course, it will be offerred that way at first, but quickly when all those who were floundering in the flood waters have climbed into his boats, he will require worship. That is when we dive back into the waters. Hopefully many will have prepared their own boats and not be dependent on the false one’s.

    • I mean emphatically that it is not the “mark” of the Bible until it is tied into pledging worship. The Bible clearly teaches that the mark is tied to worship of the beast. My social security number was my first sign that the financial system was tied into satan, but I still use it because as of yet that system, or any other existing right now does not require me to worship any other entity but God Almighty. Do you really think that when this new system comes about it will require worship???? No! That would be too obvious. I am not talking about a “chip” that is implanted in the body. On medical grounds people can refuse to participate in a “chip” like that, (tho some will be ok with it) but in the beginnings of this new system there will be a chip (might already be) in your card, or in your drivers license….and of course they are working on fingerprint, eyeballs, etc. as a means of identification to allow you to use the various systems. Those are a means of identification, just like our social security number is. They are not the mark, but could be used for the mark at that time in the financial system, when the dragon takes over and requires worship. Heck, think it through. Everyone could be given a world number such as our existing social security number (we probably already have it, but don’t know it) but that doesn’t mean that number is the mark. Not until it requires worship. The reason they will try to also tie in eyeballs and fingerprints, DNA, whatever else, is that those will be unique markers to that individual…and more secure. Yes….I will participate in a financial system just as I do now, but I will never take a pledge to worship any other god in order to do so. I will starve first, if I am not prepared enough. I already committed years ago when I saw the numerology in my social security number that if ever I had to take a pledge of worship to continue using it, or getting social security benefits when I got old, I would forgo that use, and those benefits even if it meant no medical assistance or financial assistance. We will always have our FREEWILL choice….but it will require sacrifice.

    • Elaine, are you taking the mark…. only a little bit ….by participating in social security identification? 😉 All social security checks are now, as of just recently, mandated to be deposited into your banking accounts. That means you now have to have a banking account. Cleaver of them, don’t you think…because now they have all the social security people also particpating in their banking system. In the not to distant future, there will be no post offices, and no bank buildings. It will all be digital via machines and technology (which is also of satan). Do you stop participating right away because you know where it is going…just as God showed me where social security was going via the number I got assigned many many years ago? Or do you continue until you have to take a pledge? Bottom line is that when we became Christians, we committed unto death if necessary. At least I did, and was aware of same when I committed to my Lord.

    • Claudia and Elaine… I think you are only looking at one aspect of this. Although I do kinda think it will be tied in with economics (buying or selling), I also have kinda questioned why people will be damned to Hell or the lake of fire for taking it (the Mark). Traditionally it’s said because you are worshipping the Antichrist. But it would seem people could still be redeemed from even that. It doesn’t make sense until you realize that only if you are not human can you not be redeemed by the blood of Christ. I agree with L.A. on that one. The mark will have a catch to it. It will enable you to buy or sell but it will also change your DNA from being human into something else. That something else will not be redeemable by the blood of Christ. Christ only died for human beings not demons or anything else. It explains why the bible says there will be no redemption for demons/nephilim etc.

    • Just wanted you to clarify your statement,

      “But, I still believe we can use things, like a money system, offerred from the dragon, as long as it does not violate any of God’s laws…or require worship of any other gods. Of course, it will be offerred that way at first, but quickly when all those who were floundering in the flood waters have climbed into his boats, he will require worship.”

      On the off chance that someone who does not know your faith mistook it to mean that they could take the real mark for a test drive and bail before it hit the wall!
      And though using money may be a fore runner of the mark….it is NOT the mark. Jesus had a treasurer to handle their money…..granted, he went sour but it is the love of money that is bad…..not the money itself. The same with any identification… Jesus day people of various faiths and faction wore different clothing to identify themselves. The mark should not be taken even a little bit but these things are not yet the mark. Things of the world and possible to be worshiped (put before God) but not the mark. We will know when it is. Our Savior will “save” us….He would not allow us to be tricked into it!

    • I agree with you Corey, having heard that theory also. That one (DNA altering chip), if theory is right, will be the one that the dragon offers to cure illness, etc. when he has proclamed his godhead. Only those (at that time) who do not understand God’s Plan because they didn’t bother to study it, or were not lucky enough to have mentors to teach them, will want that chip. In fact, the twist may be, that this type of chip, which would take total belief and faith in the god who was offering it, may be the final substitute for the harmless identifier that comes first….soon after world wide collapse…. that is offerred by the world financial system. That DNA chip would than be the “mark” because you could not get it without faith in him. In fact, the “flood” that comes out of the dragon’s mouth could also be symbolic of this world wide financial collapse, referencing my flood waters and boats comment in the beginning post. (Rev.12)

      If I and so may others are wrong about this impending soon collapse being world wide….than the collapse is further down the road, and may well be instigated at the same time the 5th/6th trumpets sound the dragon’s return to earth….and than, yes, to take the mark at that time would be taking the chip because it would come with belief in the false one who offers it. That is the KEY, “worship”, and worship takes “faith” in what you are worshipping. That action is what will doom people because God has so many times told us over and over and over about false worship. He has fully warned His people, and He will supernaturally do it one more time world wide, through three of His angels after the 7th trump has sounded.(Rev. 14:6-10) His Saints will have been transformed, so this warning is for those left upon the earth who will have to go through the Vials.

      If the collapse happens between now and September 2013 it will be the deadly wound to one of the heads which is revised. The system we in this world participate in right now is not God’s system….He hates usary! We are already in the system. And, yes, God uses the things of satan to bless His people, but He expects us to be wise about the serpent things also and not be dependent upon them…..not look towards them as their foundation and treasure. Death would be preferrable. And, I do believe that God told us in the Bible that blessed are those that die hereon as these things begin to happen. We cannot make the rapture theory of the girl in Scotland our foundation either….tho parts of it may be true, the timeing that man has put upon it in order to escape hardship may be wrong….so we need to be prepared and not bury the “coin” that our Master gave us when He left us. (Mathew 25) Or, worse yet, accept the lead coin of the Harlot instead. (Zeck.5:7).

    • Elaine… I wasn’t saying that someone could take the mark and then bail before it hit the wall and they would be eternally safe. I believe the total opposite. if you take this mark, it will change your very DNA and thus you will be ineligible for redemption through Jesus. I was pointing out that there seems to be more to the mark than just having it implanted to buy or sell and that is the sole reason for going to the lake of fire. There has to be some sort of qualifier about this mark that makes you ineligible for redemption. I’ve noticed that an angel in that verse in Revelation flies throughout the earth warning the inhabitants of the earth to not take the mark when the time comes. If they do, they will drink of the wrath of God. There’s only one other thing in history that caused God to unleash massive judgment on a global scale and that was genetic manipulation of the human species in the days of Noah when the sons of God (fallen angels) had sex with human women. It was the Flood Of Noah. It makes sense that the thing that would set off another judgment on a global, massive scale would be more genetic manipulation through these demonic entities. Genetic manipulation is happening again today through the abduction phenomenon and these chip implants etc. and all the strange stuff we’re hearing about. This in my opinion is evidence that the mark has a much deeper, sinister characteristic to it than just taking a chip and identifying with the Antichrist. Genetic transformation seems to be the key to the lake of fire when this all goes down.

      Hope I clarified for ya.

    • A good point that Claudiaishis made as well… The faith factor will be a part of it as well. This chip will probably promise all kinds of things like extension of life a few hundred years. Not only will it change DNA but it will also take people’s required faith in Christ away and put it in the person offering it. That will be condemnationl # 2.

    • Oh, Corey….I was not saying that in response to you….I was addressing Claudia’s first statement and just wanted to be sure that the blog comments are not in any way possible going to lead a new Christian into error! LOL, I guess the thread is getting too long when we can’t keep track of who we are talking or responding to! Peace! I am through back and forthing this one….I think we are all agreed?

    • I might not have made it clear, Elaine, we are under the dragon’s system right now. But, it is not yet the mark. We are in the 6th Seal, which is all about man and the dragon’s partnership. The Financial world wide collapse of what man stands on, his foundation of money, may well be the event that ushers in the 7th Seal’s removal, and the pause, while man recovers from the collapse, wherein the 144,000 are sealed by God. We Christians are sealed by our faith in Jesus Christ.

    • Yes, Elaine, and when it does require worship, the rest of my parable about the waters and boat which you referenced, is that we dive out of the boat that the dragon has placed us in, when he requires worship of himself or anything other than our God, back into the waters or into a boat we have prepared for that time. And those “waters” if they are from the dragons mouth will probably drown us if we are not prepared, but we have a better life to go to. If we have our own boats also to ride on top of those waters, we may be able to help others during that brief period inbetween….and even bring into our boats some of those that would have clung to his.

      It will be clear…God is a God of clarity…the mark that condemns will require worship of the one giving it.

    • Corey…I think we are all posting at the same time and in agreement. If one knows of Jesus Christ, and choses another way, and dies, they are doomed…whether they took the mark or not. It seems your arguement, which may be valid, has to do with the DNA, the tare factor. I can only guess how God provides…He is too vast for me. I know the Vials are about burning and cleansing the earth of tares and dragon taint. I know, as we all do, that many who at one time were witches, repented and accepted Jesus Christ, before they died from earth. They are saved. I know the clay bodies of pure earth’s creation has been polluted and mixed with lead(Enoch/Noah’s time..and maybe after?). Is that just the body, or does it include our spirit? We can only go by God’s words to us. I do know that Jesus went to the holding place for 3 days and nights, and there are many man theories as to why, whether any of them are correct, I don’t know. The mysteries will be solved when next we see Him, Jesus Christ, and are like Him.

    • Corey, you beautifully stated this concept:
      “A good point that Claudiaishis made as well… The faith factor will be a part of it as well. This chip will probably promise all kinds of things like extension of life a few hundred years. Not only will it change DNA but it will also take people’s required faith in Christ away and put it in the person offering it. That will be condemnationl # 2.”

      The part about taking our Daily Sacrifice away..Christ, which will happen some time after 62 years have passed (which it has) for the Latter Day Israel. I so fear that they will turn to the false one instead of faith in Jesus Christ. I have always felt that it was “faith in Jesus” that was being referred to in the below verse. (opinion only).
      Dan 9:26=And after threescore and two weeks shall Messiah be cut off, but not for himself: and the people of the prince that shall come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary; and the end thereof shall be with a flood, and unto the end of the war desolations are determined.

  7. Fabre’s article like many others project negative views on precious metals, which I am open to their opinions. But I don’t see any real advice how to diversify or prepare.

    Precious metals in my opinion are a hedge against inflation. The prices are manipulated but when sooner or later I don’t think it will be the case.

    Do I hope precious metals go up? Not really. Becuase when they go up, that meens that the ecomonic situation is getting bad.

    Just my 2 cents worth. Or should I say, the two worthless pieces of zinc pennies that are in my pocket.

    God Bless and Godspeed,
    Jimmy D.

    • Hi, Jimmy. I’ve heard that argument for a long time, finally did some research, and the historical facts do not support gold being a hedge against inflation. I think precious metals are primarily a fear purchase for most folks.

    • Jimmy,
      A one ounce gold piece was 20 dollars in 1901…it is 1600 plus today. Did the gold change? No. The dollar devalued and that is inflation.
      When the paper schemes they currently use to artificially suppress gold collapse it will float to its natural (price discovery) level. Though pricing it in dollars may be moot because that event will, more than likely, be correlated with the collapse of the dollar.
      As to whether it is a “fear based” buy: This is accurate. The question is: are the fears legitimate? Bankers have just stolen the private funds of Cypriots. Mr. Djieselblom has stated that this is the pattern to be followed in the rest of Europe. Mr. Bernanke when asked if such a thing could happen here did not say, “No, that would be illegal.” He equivocated. He (and they) are telling you what they are going to do but most people are too stupid or inattentive to pick up on it.
      Back to gold: unlike the digits in your bank account, or a piece of paper that says you own a share of a company, or a 401k or IRA or bond or cash (all lacking any intrinsic value and all having counter-party risk) gold held in your hands (not a piece of paper saying that someone is holding it for you) has no counter-party risk. An ounce of gold will buy roughly the same amount of goods and services in 2013 as it would have in 1900 or 543 B.C.
      Therefore, people discouraging you from purchasing items of real intrinsic value (like food, weapons, ammunition, water filtration, ducks, chickens, goats, pens, pencils…whatever) with your soon to be worthless paper forms or securing the wealth in a form that has always, throughout human history, been recognized for exchange like gold or silver, are either willfully or inadvertently aiding and abetting the Luciferian bankers in their ambition to leave you destitute and therefore easily controlled.

    • I am not saying items of intrinsic value like food and all of that is mute at all. I just believe a little bit of precious metals make since to diversify.

      Look at some more history about gold as a hedge. Look up Ferfals experience during the Argentina crisis. When Johnson announced changing the composite of dimes, quarters, and half-dollars in 1965, he said there was no need to hoard them and they would have no extra value. At this moment, melt value on a pre-65 coin is 20 times face value.

      Differnt people are going to value differnt things differently. You will still need cash or fiat too. We don’t know what each person is going to value for trade if needed.

    • Jimmy,
      I don’t disagree with any of that other than to caution that Mr. Ferfal had the ability to fall back on the dollar as “hard” currency because it is the global reserve currency. In a dollar collapse scenario that will not apply.
      In a collapse scenario there will be a period of time where everyone wants cash but it will be short lived and you don’t want to be left with too much of it.
      My previous post wasn’t a disagreement with you. It was supporting your statements.
      Indeed, things are valued differently at different times. A man dying of thirst in the desert will gladly trade a bag of gold for a quart of fresh water. However, throughout history, with great consistency, gold and silver have been honored as a medium of exchange.

    • I agree with you Rose. You are correct with the fact about the dollar as the hard currency in Argentina. I think what is important that we diversify and weigh pros and cons to everything and what scenarios may pop up.

      Here is something that I ran accross a few years ago when I was finacially strapped. I had a bunch of change. I took it to my bank. They run it trough the machine and they charged me a percentage for it. I didn’t think that was right. Legal tender is legal tender in my book. So I went to the superstore one night to get some goods. All I had was a bag of nickels. I did not mean to make anyone agitated in line at the self-check-out, but I fed that machine nickel by nickel. No fee there.

      Now days I take any pocket change out daily and let it accumulate. When I have enough I take it to the coin shop and they run it through the machine at no charge. Then I use it to buy some pre-65 coins. It is one way to accumulate a little PM and not really notice it.

      It does mess with your head a little to trade in $65 in change for not even a handfull of dimes or quarters. But it is one way to accumulate a little. And those old coins are easy to identify.

      I thank you and respect everyone’s input on everything. I don’t think pulling some assets out of a bank is wrong either. Just be carefull. If it gets to be a trend, it won’t take a genius of a criminal to figure out what is going on and start casing banks watching people who are pulling cash out. I suspect it would be easier and less risk to rob a person than a bank.

      God Bless and Godspeed.

  8. US B-2 stealth bombers in South Korea drill

    How can the US afford to do this in these awful sequester times? Think of all the obese poor people in our country they could feed with the money they are spending on keeping our nation safe??… A better idea is to air drop a 100,000,000 pounds of Chick-fil-A sandwiches over North Korea; the soldiers who man these weapons will leave and eat the sandwiches… thus winning over the minds and souls of a desperate starving people and at the same time supporting and attracting potentially new customers to a Christian based business 😉

    • Have you ever tried one of their shakes? I forgot how many calories are in one but I can feel myself getting heavier with each sip.

    • I would advise against air dropping any of those Chick-fil-A waffle fries, I don’t want millions of illegal N Koreans breaking down our borders. Those waffle fries are dangerously addicting and could potentially lead to mass exodus from the “Hermit kingdom”

    • Jimmy D, those shakes are the best hands down, that said, my doctor said no more of those, by that I thought he meant the flavor, so I just switched to Chocolate, and all is good.

    • They are some of the best tasting shakes. They used to have a coffee carmel one that was gooood. They discontinued that one. It was sweeter than the strawberry.

    • Try the peach, it’s seasonal but when you can get it, it’s really good, They put little pieces of real peach mixed in the shake, it’s so good I have considered allowing Chick-fil-A to hook me up to a straight IV drip. It’s all good though,
      I always order a diet coke with my meal a Chick-fil-A so I’m sure to stay on my diet 😉

    • Yes indeed, the Polynesian Sauce. With only 36g’s of sugar and 520mg’s of sodium per serving it’s practically health food in my book. Request a few of those with your 6 piece nuggets and you will walk in healthy and leave pre diabetic. 😉

    • I stay away from the sugary drinks and shakes etc. I use some restrain when i go to a fast food place of any kind, which isn’t that often. Whenever I’m out and need something to eat, I go to a healthier place like Subway about 7 times out of 10. But man that Chicken sandwhich I ate yesterday was just too good. 😀 The Chick Filet I went to just yesterday gave you the option of taking as many sauce packets as you wanted. They didn’t give them to you. :D:D:D:D

    • 🙂 ya made me remember saying that instead of foreign aid, we should sent super tankers of Cheese Whiz and it would solve 2 problems…..the foreign government could not steal the money which would mean the poor people who needed aid would have food…..the other problem solved is that we could get rid of Cheese Whiz!

    • Great idea. Food is the answer. The North Koreans hate us because they’re starving to death and think it’s our fault. Start dropping food with US flags on them. Bags of rice maybe, throw in a twinkie.

    • LookingUp’s idea, I think has been done elsewhere, can’t remember where I saw that happening on tv. If we could do that, it would be better than giving the money to their governments to feed them, as the money would be kept by the elite and never reach their people.

      Satan, being who he is tho, if we did drop foods to the hungry, would drop duplicate packages, only they would contain poison for his own people, and than he would blame the Americans. (I think we can conclude that the Korean leader works for satan.)

    • Got that right Hopeful_Watcher!

      The below was just one of the dragon directed financial tools to implement his control and the upcoming collapse in America. Much of this money is being used to pollute the school systems and promote Islam and take Jesus out of the schools. Much of it is not being used, but being stored to support the dragon system. The Recovery Act, was an economic stimulus package enacted by the 111th US Congress in February 2009 and signed into law on Tuesday,February 17, 2009, less than a month into Obama’s first term. It is the largest spending bill in U.S. history, a package he pledged would save millions of jobs, and bring the country back from the brink of economic catastrophe. It sent unprecedented levels of federal government support (hooks) into infrastructure, education, research, energy, health care and state government. Obama pledged to enact the bill with an “unprecedented level of transparency and accountability.” He called this bill “the most sweeping economic recovery package in our history.” He and Democratic congressional leaders won approval for the $787 billion plan despite having the support of just three Republicans in the Senate. The plan pumps money into infrastructure projects, health care, renewable energy development and conservation. (In other words into his agencies to acquire federal control. It dishes out tens of billions of dollars to states so the feds can usurp state rights. It provides financial incentives for people to start spending again in order to keep them in debt. And it provides help to poor people and laid-off workers, with increased unemployment benefits and food stamps, and subsides for health insurance in order to purchase their votes in this last election.

  9. Marc Faber, aka “Dr. Doom”, usually has solid financial advice, it also helps he looks a lot like Marlon Brando from The Island of Dr. Moreau

    • Just never use any financial advisors from TBN, unless you desire Pat Boone ,The Tripp family and Bill & Gloria Gaither as permanent house guest.

  10. I hope LA has a show tonight. Lots going on. I haven’t been able to listen from the blog site on Thursdays.( Can’t get the click on here to work).
    Have to wait till the next day.

  11. The aquisistion of the DHS bullets has me concerend. I like to think that they made outlandish orders knowing they won’t be fullfilled in order to get the real amount they want.

    Thats what I like to think, but…

    • i see this news and i am emboldened. My heart soars! I see these things and cherish the little moments more. The wind ruffling the fur a playful pet, the touch of a loved one that has come to know the Lord, the taste of coffee on an awful morning when your throat is parched and your eyes are lower than than your shoelaces. I see things awful things and an awfully lot of the time. Yet lately this gives me hope. for what cannot my GOD handle?

      What can My Father not overcome? If he sees it – it is. If he says it – it is done. If he lays his hands upon your life are you not his? I see him in all of this and his word. His promise that these things would come. That these things would make or break and seperate the wheat from the chaffe. I am awkward, awake, wise but a fool. I am also as certain that my treasure is not here. I have no place like my heavenly home. Praise GOD im going there soon. Will you join me? If you do not know the Lord Jesus Christ then now is your time to do so. My flesh is fickle my faith is not. My king approaches swiftly behold he is even at the door. GOD bless you all.

    • “”

      Oh that my broken spirit would be healed!
      My heart hardens against the Lord.
      Involuntary bitterness bites my soul like a viper.
      Such emptiness and loneliness makes me want to cry out in despair;
      Yet I know it will do no good.

      The Lord’s Almighty power becomes a weapon of the enemy against my mind;
      He has the power to heal, and yet does not.
      I desire what is not possible. I desire not to live, yet death holds no allure.
      I wish the spiritual realm would not exist, yet I do not want to live in the physical.
      Demons encircle me so that the Lord cannot be seen for who He is.

      Resentment begins to fester in a mire of self-pity.
      The tormenting whispers hasten “Curse Him! Curse Him! Curse Him!”
      Deception seems as truth; the Word seems false.
      Disappointments, weaknesses, and fears hound my senses.
      The enemy has stolen peace and joy;

      Now the unspeakable seemingly happens:
      Hope itself is quashed in heart-wrenching agony.
      Desire for the Lord is cut off; future ministry holds no appeal.
      My manipulated heart embraces dark deception:
      ‘It’s not worth it!’ it cries.

      I groan under a burden that crushes my being.
      I try giving my yoke to the Lord, but it is seemingly refused.
      As my soul receives crushing blow after crushing blow,
      I murmur ‘I give in’.
      And then a heavenly beam of light pierces the foul choking smoke as He speaks:
      ‘But I don’t’.

      In a stern tenderness in which only Christ can speak, I hear:
      You are to look to Me in hope, not analyze.
      You are to seek Me in faith, not worry.
      You are to adore Me in joy, not despair.

      Doubt is doubt, and I am God.
      Confusion is confusion, and I am God.
      Self is self and I am God.

      Be still and know that I am God.

      John 16

      16 A little while, and ye shall not see me: and again,
      a little while, and ye shall see me, because I go to the Father.

      20 Verily, verily, I say unto you, That ye shall weep and lament,
      but the world shall rejoice: and ye shall be sorrowful,
      but your sorrow shall be turned into joy.

      22 And ye now therefore have sorrow: but I will see you again,
      and your heart shall rejoice, and your joy no man taketh from you.

      33 These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace.
      In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.


    • seashoremary… I think I saw a story one time awhile back that revealed funding for cow flatulence and why it causes global warming. I promise I’m not trying to be crude or gross or anything 😀 I about hit the floor rolling in laughter when I heard it. It made it all the more funny when I saw that it was a “serious” study by some group of earth worshipping tree huggers out there. Apparently it had some type of official government backing.

    • Come to think of it… I think I saw it on the Hal Lindsey report one day. he was reviewing the story and I saw him trying to contain his laughter. I could almost tell he was on the verge of laughing out loud. He cut in with a joke about some special sauce.

  12. Pope Francis has stated… “I am thinking of dialogue with Islam” It’s beginning to confirm my suspicions that Islam will have a major role to play in the Tribulation period with peopl’s heads being chopped off for not taking the mark.

  13. Corey wrote: “There’s only one other thing in history that caused God to unleash massive judgment on a global scale and that was genetic manipulation of the human species in the days of Noah”

    Kinda puts a finer point on Jesus’s words, “As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man.”


    • This genetic manipulation might also come with immortality of the flesh. They have been researching this technology with an enzyme called Telomerase. If our cells could produce this natural enzyme, then the cells of our body will never age. Immortality. The fountain of youth. The holy grail. The Elixer of the God’s. And whatever else they have called it through the ages.

  14. Satanic practice among children becoming a problem in Kwa Zulu Natal South Africa


  15. On page 232 of Tom Horn’s book, “Appolyon Rising 2012,” the author sets forth an interesting concept of biotechnology in the form of a manufactured virus, a bioweapon, and how that could be used to bring about the Mark of the Beast and changed DNA. Very compelling stuff… If you’ve got the book, be sure to read that portion…twice!!


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