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Doug Woodward!

FAITH-HAPPENS – Site of S.Douglas Woodward author of Decoding Doomsday and Power Quest | Bible Prophecy and the Truth about the Apocalypse, 2012, and the Last Days

Faith-Happens is the web site for S. Douglas Woodward, author of five books on Bible prophecy, the apocalypse, alternative history, the history of doomsday, 2012, and apocalyptic topics.  Woodward also has written extensively on the impact of spiritualism and occult ideologies on American history.

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11 thoughts on “Acceleration Radio – Doug Woodward!

  1. I emailed you a clip from the German News that showed something if true ,every news agency in the world should be talking about. A tractor trailer is literally stop in its tracks, lifted off of the ground by a beam of light and all of it caught on traffic cameras. If that video is real, then this world is about to be turn inside out. Oh and by the way, when they investigated the truck ,it was totally empty and they have no idea where the contents went.

  2. it seems to be escalating on all fronts economic, political, war, sociological, you name it. Cyprus i think is a test run throw in the egyptians getting caught trying to cut the internet lines in the medit., the exiled russian billionaire dies with no marks then mysteriously is found with surgical ligature marks around his neck the day before cyprus i believe then the russian pres says for all russians to get their money out of western finances???

  3. I believe the face on Mars is real. There is such a thing as corrosion.
    There were massive signs in the air over where I live the same day Viking landed on Mars, in 1976.

    • An article I wrote about the sighting in 1976 (mentioned above), written back in 1997, google-translated (probably doesn’t make much sense, but anyway):


    • Life on other planets is not at all inconsistent with the Bible. Although I don’t believe this, it may be possible for fallen angels who abduct humans, to put them on a planet they have “terraformed” for the purpose. One should never be so sure of what “the Bible says”, or precludes.

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