Cyprus – It Can’t Happen Here…. Can it?

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L. A. Marzulli

Cyprus bail-out

Cyprus bail-out: live – Telegraph

The original deal did not include the wind-down of Laiki bank, instead imposing a 9.9pc tax on deposits over and above €100,000. Now, those same desposits, if they are in one of the island’s two largest banks, stand have as much as 30pc to 40pc wiped off their value.

What is happening on a tiny Island thousands of miles away from the tranquil shores of America, certainly and will never-in-a-million- years happen here…. can it?  Don’t be so sure and here’s why.  Investors who have their money in Cyprus stand to lose as much as 40% of it.  So if there was $100,000 sitting in the bank and you were thinking about retiring in a few years your nest egg was cut $40,000!  Time to head back to the salt mines.

This crisis is being manipulated and managed by an elite group of bankers, and what we need to grasp is that the same situation can happen here.

This is why having some of our assets in gold or silver is a hedge against a run on the bank, or where currency is dramatically reduced as in the case of the Iranian, Rail, last fall. Devalued Rial Prompts Many Iranians to Exchange Money into Dollars, Other Currencies | PRI’s The World

This is the primary reason why Governor Rick Perry wants to bring the Gold that belongs to Texas back to Texas instead of storing in a New York bank!

Perry, lawmakers want state’s gold back in Texas | San Marcos Mercury | Local News from San Marcos and Hays County, Texas

This is the same reason why former presidential candidate, Ron Paul, wanted to get rid of our Federal Reserve – Google: Creature from Jekyll Island – and go back to the Gold standard.

In closing todays post:  We are told in the Bible – The Guide Book to the Supernatural – in the end of days there will be a one world economic system and no one will be able to buy, sell or trade without having a “mark” to do so.  I believe we are seeing the nascent beginning of this system and at some point it will be implemented to the fullest extent.  Let’s make no mistake about what we are seeing “over there,” as the same type of devaluation and collapse can happen here.

House Cleaning:  Apparently the rumors concerning the death of Bashar al Assad have been greatly exaggerated.  

Please continue to pray for Pastor Hector!


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end timeIn other News: Tracking the Birth Pains!

6.1 quake off Kamchatka, far east of Russia

6.1 quake off Kamchatka, far east of Russia: USGS


Fertile locusts swarm into Israel on Passover eve

Fertile locusts swarm into Israel on Passover eve | The Times of Israel


Mursi warning stirs fears in Egypt opposition

Mursi warning stirs fears in Egypt opposition | Reuters


US military has plans to bomb and send forces in Syria

PressTV – US military has plans to bomb and send forces in Syria: Washington Post


Al Qaeda brigade captures Syrian-Israeli-Jordanian border junction

Al Qaeda brigade captures Syrian-Israeli-Jordanian border junction


Pope Francis to consider closing Vatican bank

Pope Francis to consider closing Vatican bank – CathNews


Supreme Court tackles gay marriage

Supreme Court tackles gay marriage, as advocates line up for historic argument | Fox News

99 thoughts on “Cyprus – It Can’t Happen Here…. Can it?

  1. What would be the political purpose of spreading such an outrageous rumour like that and having it appear in Israeli news outlets?

    Who did it?

    Was this a message to Russia?

    • Almost wonder if they got mixed signals because of this story:


      That’s the way things can be. A chance at a rumor and propoganda to foment more chaos and unrest.

      If you look over some of those links I posted at the end of thread 7 last night there’s one thing that I think is becoming obvious: The tide IS turning against Assad.

    • ::): Nowadays it takes all hands and the cook! That’s why I am so thankful for this site and the others who are watching these things. It’s too much for one person.

  2. “Pope Francis is to consider abolishing the Vatican Bank – which has been beset by a scandal over allegations of money-laundering – in a drive for greater transparency at the heart of the Catholic Church, according to a report by The Times in The Australian.”

    If Pope Francis closes the Vatican bank, where will all the American politicians (like Mitch McConnell) store their ill-gotten gains?

    • It’s just been full steam ahead with this Pope since he came in. Universalism, ecumenicism, and moves like these. People can throw Petrus Romanus under the bus if they want but the fact that’s the first (out in the open) Jesuit Pope says it all for me. He reeks. We can’t take our eyes off him.

    • Just saw yesterday that the guy in charge of the Vatican Observatory (the one in Castel Gandolfo, Italy) is a Argentinian Jesuit. Coincidence? Don’t think so! Hey ET.

  3. I was reading market report this morning on APMEX and it said stock market is up and gold is down becuase of the bailout like the bailout in cyprus is a positive thing. It doesn’t look too positive to me. Precious metals are down a bit if one is able to buy a little though.

    And yes it can happen here.

    That is why I am getting ready to pay 3 months worth of rent ahead of time and have other disposable income and assets set aside safely. Stocking up on food, water, and what medical supplies I can right now too.

    This will aslo help if me or my wife get sick, lose income and so forth.

    God Bless and Godspeed,
    Jimmy D.

    • The main thing that has me stuck is my wife has epelepsy. Due to the grace of God, brain surgury 12 years ago, and meds, she has not had a seizure in 12 years. Her doctor will not give a 90 day prescription. There is no way to stock pile these meds. They are anti-seizure meds that you don’t go cold turkey on or play around with.

    • We have set aside currency to pay for two years worth of state property taxes….just in case. All of us should prepare for those things which have happened in the past, and will happen again. Prepare also to help others. A warm meal, and warm clothing goes alot further than words. Christ said, when He was sorting those who survived the Wrath (goats and sheep) as to whether they could go into the Mellinium,…..translated….those who fed my people and clothed them, and visited them in prison can enter into the Mellinium. (simplified).

      Jimmy D. Depending on the shelf life of those pills, you could set one aside, once a week maybe? Stockpile them up that way? You have probably already got information from your doctor as to what would happen if she forgot to take a pill once in awhile. Ask him. Also, ask him if he will help you if the world turns to dung, maybe he will be on the same page.

  4. The house of cards is falling and we as Christians just mark it as one of the signs of the end of the age. Our security is not found in money,nor should we fear because it means Jesus’ words are true and He is at the door. Do not hurt the oil and the wine…

    • Totally true Mrs. M…..but what about helping others? We are to love others above ourselves….and there will be many who will need help, and if God has told you what is going to happen He expects us to be adults and be prepared to help more than just our own salvation. Remember the parable of the master who returned and what the servants did with the talents He gave them? That parable was about alot more than just spreading the word.

  5. It’s a guarantee that something like Cyprus will happen here. It’s just a question of when and what’s it going to look like.


    This is as good of a breakdown as any other I’ve seen.

    I can’t wait to see this government seize our bank accounts like this. Even our sheep might finally hit the streets over that.

    If it isn’t the season finale of American Idol or some such. 🙄 😆

    • Yes, and it will be a top-down thing, not grass roots incited.

      Did you hear V on Hagman last week? He said it will start in Japan. We will wake one Monday morning and Japan’s economy will have collapsed and it will be rippling across the world. The U.S. stock market will drop so rapidly that fail-safes will kick in and they will have to close the market.

    • It will be a nigtmare of a mess if it and when it happens. Go look at the ammo shelves at the store or look at the lines at gun shows or sporting goods stores on the monrings shipments come in. Now imagine the panic if our sytsem collapses. I would like to stay away from those places of panic and ticked off people as much as possible.

      God Bless and God Speed,
      Jimmy D.

    • This is the kind of thing that can create a panic and I don’t think that’s any accident.

      We’re at the same kind of fake, artificial high in the market we were last time that rigged crash happened. The real value is way less but the numbers are “high.”

      Will this Cyprus thing set of a domino effect starting in the rest of Europe where folks decide they better pull money out in case it gets seized, too? I’m sure I don’t need to spell out what the effects of that would be like.

      If it happens, it won’t be any accident just like the last time. We’ll see.

    • Eric….now, let it be known, that more people have been watching The Bible production than audiances for American Idol. (tho it is not perfect) There is hope.

    • I expected that answer from you, Eric. Burn them at the stake, with your dogma and turn them away…..any who may be touched by a love for Christ while watching. Make a joke about it, while you are at it.

      That movie is a tool of man…..just like you……it will not be perfect….but my God is so powerful that if any spark of love for Jesus comes from watching that film….He will magnify it……His Yoke is simple…..unlike yours.

    • Very funny that Satan looks like the prez on this production. I still think the Charlton Heston version of Moses is the best.

  6. Don’t put your trust in shiny yellow metal idols either, whether shaped in bars or coins or stock certificates called GLD.
    The government could just as easily seize those assets. There are presently two (at least) laws on the US books allowing them to do just that. Or they could arbitrarily set the market price so low to essentially make them useless (except maybe for weapons to throw at someone).
    There is no hope…except to trust in God and God alone.

    • Jacob had some silver stashed and had no real use for it untill the famine hit the area and he was able to substain his family during the time of joseph.
      Maybe the goverment will confiscate and maybe not. It seems to me they generate more fear so the average american will not be prepared. Have you noticed China, India and other countries are telling their citizens to buy precious metals. Ours seems to disuade it. Why is that?

    • My only “investment advice” is: Spread the net as wide and diverse as you possibly can and minimize and preferably eliminate debt.

      Most importantly, though: Pray and follow the Lord’s lead. 🙂

    • Exactly Eric.

      Spread it out. Even if the dollar tanks, you are still going to need it. Different people are going to value differnt assets diferently.

      One of the sons at my local coin shop told me months ago that they don’t know how it will completely play out, but they anticipate someday they will have to close shop becuase people may be lined up for blocks and it will be a serious safety concern for them.

      Don’t forget to spread whatever your assets are out, especially with precious metals.

    • Don’t forget the easily stored items that folks can’t do without that can be bartered.

      Here in the Ozarks during the Great Depression, they didn’t even feel it because they lived a life style that was not affected by the economy. They were already poor, already growing their own food and helping their neighbors and they did not have electricity….and they believed in Jesus Christ. The women knew how to sew, can, and butcher a chicken. The men had guns and knew how to hunt. They cooked and heated their homes with wood stoves.

    • I agree Claudie. My grandfather was originally from Kansas and was born in 1902. He lived to be 90 years old. And every meal he ate was the “best meal I ever had.” He was a railroader and had a decent retirement, but up untill the day he passed away he thought mashed potatoes and gravy was the best investion there ever was.

      Our generation has lost a lot of skills our ancestors tried to pass down.

    • We have some things in common, Jimmy D. My dad was a railroader, and before he moved to the Mt.Shasta area in California, he was born and raised in Kansas! He was a “hog head”.

    • Would that all of our ancestors stayed on the farm and were not lured to the cities. The cities would not have grown so big….and most people would still be sustainable….as God intended. What do the cities have to offer? Think about it. What lured folks to the city? Money! Entertainment! I see none of God in the big cities. I have always been repulsed by them. San Francisco….Los Angeles….Babylon.

    • Gosh I haven’t heard that word “Hog Head” in a long time. Both of my grandfathers were railroaders. My dad was two and some of my uncles. Both grandfathers worked for the Rock Island Lines. My dad did too, then it went bankrupt and changed company names a few times.

      My Dad passed away in September. I have a lot of old neat Rock Island and other railroad stuff. I have two passenger train hats with the silver and brass bands. One for Conductor and the other for Brakman. I have some old buttons from the uniforms too. I have an old bill of laden from 1902 that is in a plastic slick. I am scared to death to try and take it out. It is so fragile. I have lanterns, matches, time tables, even a safety manual from 1932. My Dad was a retired Brakeman/Condcutor. My great grandfather worked on boilers for the old steam engines too. My Mom’s father was born in 1902 and starte working for the Rock Island when he was 18 shoveling coal on a steam engine.
      I have paycheck stubs, all kinds of stuff. My Dad used to sneak me on the caboose for a day every once in a while. That was fun. I have so many safety jackets and awards. Stuff I don’t even know I have.

    • So much love in your words…Jimmy D. You were truly blessed with a great Father…two of them, counting God!

      My biggest memory is as a three year old, hiding behind a big oak tree as the huge monstrous smoke balls came up from the Steam Engines on the tracks about two miles below. Our little town below Mt. Shasta was the railroad terminal, and it was a canyon town with forested mountains on either side of the tracks and Sacramento River (that started not too far up the way from there) which were at the bottom of the canyon. Those Steam engines would create huge dark puffs of smoke that would rise like they were attackting me, hidding behind the tree on the upper slopes of our side of the canyon. Puffs from the dragon! They would come up to where I was and keep ascending into the sky. Neat! In the winter it was fun to look down and see the glow from the flame machine that kept the snow off of the tracks. No wonder I keep looking for the dragon to come! 😉

    • That’s cool. I love the railroad stuff and stories. My dad wore some of those old pasenger train uniforms when he first started. The main lines did away with the passanger trains right around when I was born in 1966. I wish we still had them accessable today like they did then. My mother had traveled to over 40 states before she graduated in 1964, a lot of the travel was by train.

      My old home town was Dalhart, Texas. The Rock Island and the Burnlington Northern ran through it. It is now the Union Paciffic and Sante Fe that crosses now. I have a couple of old photographs of the depot in Dalhart during the dust bowl days with showing huge dust cloud banks rolling in. I want to take a shower every time I look at them.

    • I can tell! Cool! My dad worked for Southern Pacific. He wore those stripped overalls and a striped hat with a bill. I graduated in 1963 a year after your mom. I can remember going down to the main terminal one year with my family when I was in grammer school to see a presidential candidate coming through. We waited with great anticipation (I thought they were honest back than) for his train to come in. Than it stopped, and he along with about three others were standing on the platform at the end of the caboose…he giving us his speech. I can remember the clapping and hurrahs from the crowd that surrounded us for this was a big deal in our small town…but for the life of me I cannot remember who it was! I am going to guess it was somewhere in the 50’s.

      No doubt the railroad contributed alot to the growth of our country.

  7. I think I found out how many warts the Antichrist will have on his left big toe… It turns out it will be 7. Astounding… The number of completion. 😀

  8. based on my own in depth study of God’s sense of humor……for example, they made the drinking age in Michigan 18 but not until I had already turned 19 so I was saved from that temptation to celebrate a milestone birthday with alcohol…..then, they changed it back to 21 but not until I was 22…..saved again! 🙂
    Now, this very day, I have applied for social security retirement benefits which would actually give me a better income than what I have now!!!!! Therefore, the whole system will crash by the end of June because I would get my first check in July 🙂

    • Oh, I know Eric! It was just for your amusement….true but amusing. I have told that story many times to point out how God always has a better plan for us than we could come up with for ourselves! In fact, my oldest son has never been a drinker or had much inclination that way (probably because his dad was a drunk) but when his 21st birthday came around, he remembered that he was finally eligible for that right of passage and ran out to a party store at 11p.m. and bought a six pack of beer……..they did not ask him for I.D. so the whole transaction was anticlimactic and he left looking at his purchase and said, “so, now what do I want with this” he even called to ask if I would return it for him and get a refund because he’d rather have the money than the beer. 🙂

    • Oh, and Darlin’ Rose……that son’s name is Steve and he often jokes about it because there is a book or something called “The Tao of Steve”

  9. Concerning gold, the Bible says people will throw it into the streets as useless.
    This does not automatically mean that you should put a all your money into prepping. Prepping may be semi-useless too…that is, we can prep for a short stay, as Jimmy is doing, but ultimately, as even Stan Deyo says, the gendarmes of the world will break into your fortress. The only fortress we have is God, and our only hope is the rapture—but, of course, if we are slaughtered, we still have hope of Heaven.

    Jimmy, I too am dependent on drugs, like your wife. I lead a healthy life as far as food goes, no smoking, no drinking, exercise as much as I can, but still I have to have those medications. I have long ago faced that it is necessary for me to be raptured to keep going. And those who think they can survive a long time in the mountains of Appalachia may be in for a surprise when good old kindly Mother Nature catches up with them, too. Poor dupes.

    • I haven’t read the book yet but I have read some stuff about this guy’s experience with the economic collapse in Argentina. Of couse Argentina’s currency is not the world’s currency like ours but his experience is very enlightening.

      Google: Ferfal Aargentina. I can’t remember if his first or last name is Ferfal. If you google Ferfal Arentina you will find some information about his experience.

    • There is a cashless economy planned by the world orders. All money will become useless, even if you have cash because it will take too much of it to purchase what you need. Property taxes need to be paid when due…or the government can take your home….and we are headed for a global government that wants all the land. Taxes do not raise with inflation…not property taxes, because during bad times, property values go down, way down. Our county man has already stated that American dollars will always be acceptable here.

      The antichrist global folks want a digital banking system, no currency of any kind, world wide equality. That is what is beggining to happen. When they can crash all economies, that will be the solution. Than, we will comply with their system. That is their first step. Than…when the dragon returns and takes over and claims to be god, you will not be able to continue in that system unless you sign some type of pledge of worship. That is when we drop out of the system. No more pension, SS, which is automatically deposited into our bank accounts… leave it there…because if you worship the only and True God whose Son is Jesus Christ, you will not sign the pledge. (SS already just recently made it mandatory that you can no longer receive your check by mail….and they are working on closing the postal mail delivery method of paying bills.) 45 days after the fake god proclaims himself, on the 1,335th day we are changed. I think everyone of us can be prepared for that 45 days of “Passover” (hidding for a brief moment while the indignation passes over. Isaiah 26:20)until the next great Pentecost.

      It is possible that things will be pretty lean approaching that time also. Christians will be trodden upon by their governments. Best to be prepared, wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove. Being wise as a serpent, I will not be keeping a savings account anymore. I will invest that money into helping others….beyond home savings to meet our costs for living for a period of three months or more. Having followed God’s advise we are already debt free. If I get sick, I plan on dying, can’t wait to see Him, tho the prison system gave me a good health plan, if obe’s doesn’t ruin it.

      I kinda agree with Elaine, God positions those who love Him, so they will be able to act when He says….”Now!”

  10. And then there’s the daily overcomings we all have to deal with like a parent who not quite all there….


    Keep us up on how your mom is doing please.

  11. I think more state power and less federal power is a wonderful thing. I applaude Rick Perry for what he is doing. Our federal government is a total joke and should not be trusted. Standing up to a tyrannous government is not terrorism, it’s patriotism. . Texas is not the only one wanting to call its gold home, and for good reason. Data from the IMF tells us the whole world is buying up quite a hedge in gold. All the people who say gold is a bubble or such are not paying attention … is the whole world wrong?
    I have not kept money in ‘traditional banks’ for years, and I certainly would not trust the US gov’t or corporate bank to ‘manage’ my precious metals assets.
    So, go for it Texas, it’s not like the US has proven itself to be some fiscally brilliant organization, that’s for sure.

    • Good luck getting that gold back to Texas…it’s probably not there. Germany will never get their gold back from the Federal Reserve. They have been stalled until down the road some where. Forgot how many years…a couple? Heard that on Russian TV a couple months ago. Anyway….that told me when the globalist bankers elite hope to have their system in place. How much gold will it take to buy a chicken to lay eggs? That chicken will be more precious than your gold. Can you eat gold? Gold is only good while the economy is in place. The one coming won’t be based on gold.

    • I don’t have any gold yet either, but I don’t know how cozy I am about Rick Perry holding it either, or any other politician for that matter.

      There is a state that is trying to pass legislation to legalize silver and gold as currency though. I can’t remember which one. Arizona maybe?

    • I kept 10 platinum nobles for years as “missionary money.” That’s like having gold crowns that you can use if things get really strange while out on a mission overseas. Sometimes I’d even keep them in wrap around pouches on my ankles.

      They were worth a lot more than gold — until the soviet union collapsed — and they flooded platinum onto the market. I’ve never been more surprised in all my life.

      Someday gold will be so cheap they pave streets with it. At least in New Jerusalem….

      As for all those rovers they send to mars…. when they find gold there, it should be interesting to see what happens.

    • “Someday gold will be so cheap they pave streets with it. At least in New Jerusalem…”

      And the way its going, also in the new China.

  12. US bank depositors set up for the slaughter

    They have already set legal precedence here in the U.S. with the Sentinel case, haven’t they??
    Effectively turning all depositors into shareholders in the institutions where they deposit their money.
    According to a federal appeals court ruling, Thursday, Bank of New York Mellon’s secured loan will be put ahead of customer segregated accounts held by Sentinel—a landmark ruling that turns individual segregated accounts into the property of a third party under circumstances of duress. In other words, if a financial institution fails, clients, depositors and pension funds may not get some or all of their money back in a bankruptcy.
    In essence, under the ruling, Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SPIC), Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and other insurance programs no longer will/can protect customer funds, leaving millions of investors, depositors and retirees unaware that they are no longer account holders of their own funds, per se, but, instead, have suddenly become stockholders of the institution with which they have deposited their money.


  13. On a side note, watch the video ‘sail’ it’s an alien abduction: ‘’
    It even has a pyramid w/ an all seeing eye on his wall. During the sail chorus, I’ve never heard before he says, ‘sail with me to the dark’. Sickening.

    • A gathering of angels appeared above my head,I thought that they were angels, but to my surprise, We climbed aboard their starship, we headed for the skies
      They sang to me this song of hope and this is what they said,
      They said come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with me.

      Come Sail Away. Styx The Grand Illusion (1977)

  14. Monday, March 25, 2013
    CONFIRMED: US Shipping Weapons to Syria – Al Nusra’s “Mystery” Sponsors Revealed
    Tony Cartalucci
    Activist Post

    While US President Barack Obama and the Western media lied in concert to the world regarding America’s role in supporting terrorists operating in Syria, it is now revealed that the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has been shipping weapons to Syria via NATO-member Turkey and Jordan since at least early 2012. The New York Times in their article titled, “Arms Airlift to Syria Rebels Expands, With C.I.A. Aid,” admits that:

    With help from the C.I.A., Arab governments and Turkey have sharply increased their military aid to Syria’s opposition fighters in recent months, expanding a secret airlift of arms and equipment for the uprising against President Bashar al-Assad, according to air traffic data, interviews with officials in several countries and the accounts of rebel commanders.

    The airlift, which began on a small scale in early 2012 and continued intermittently through last fall, expanded into a steady and much heavier flow late last year, the data shows. It has grown to include more than 160 military cargo flights by Jordanian, Saudi and Qatari military-style cargo planes landing at Esenboga Airport near Ankara, and, to a lesser degree, at other Turkish and Jordanian airports.

    The New York Times piece attempts to spin America’s role in arming militants in Syria.


    Nah… say it’s not true…

  15. European Head admits that Cyprus is a beta test:

    A Word Out Of Place Sends Europe Tumbling

    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 03/25/2013 11:07 -0400

    International Monetary Fund

    Perhaps the best example of a “word out of place” comes from the new Eurogroup head, Dijsselbloem, also phonetically known as Diesel-BOOM, who just may have ushered in the next, next wave of the Eurozone crisis:

    “Cyprus a Template For EU”

    Er… wasn’t it a special case, inside a unique case, wrapped in a one-time case? We will ignore the rather hilarious Freudian slip, and focus on what he was explicitly talking about with Reuters, which is the resolution model which was just put in place in Cyprus:

    A rescue programme agreed for Cyprus on Monday represents a new template for resolving euro zone banking problems and other countries may have to restructure their banking sectors, the head of the region’s finance ministers said.

    “What we’ve done last night is what I call pushing back the risks,” Dutch Finance Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem, who heads the Eurogroup of euro zone finance ministers, told Reuters and the Financial Times hours after the Cyprus deal was struck.

    “If there is a risk in a bank, our first question should be ‘Okay, what are you in the bank going to do about that? What can you do to recapitalise yourself?’. If the bank can’t do it, then we’ll talk to the shareholders and the bondholders, we’ll ask them to contribute in recapitalising the bank, and if necessary the uninsured deposit holders,” he said.

    After 12 hours of talks with the EU and IMF, Cyprus agreed to shut down its second largest bank, with insured deposits – those below 100,000 euros – moved to the Bank of Cyprus, the country’s largest lender. Uninsured deposits, those accounts with more than 100,000 euros, face losses of 4.2 billion euros.

    Uninsured depositors in the Bank of Cyprus will have their accounts frozen while the bank is restructured and recapitalised. Any capital that is needed to strengthen the bank will be drawn from accounts above 100,000 euros.

    The agreement is what is known as a “bail-in”, with shareholders and bondholders in banks forced to bear the costs of the restructuring first, followed by uninsured depositors. Under EU rules, deposits up to 100,000 euros are guaranteed.


    It’s only a matter of time before it happens here. Get your money out of the banks and into beans, bullion and bullets… It will be the only way to hold on to your wealth.

  16. Marlene…..I just read your comments from yesterday and I have few questions.

    The first beast in rev. 13 has 7 heads 10 horns. Rev. 17 tells us that the 10 horns are 10 kings. However, Rev. 13 says that it is one of the heads that receives the wound, not one of the horns/kings. So it does indeed appear that it is not the antichrist which receives the wound, but it also appears that none of the rulers do, for it is one of the heads which receives it. So what are the 7 heads and which one is wounded?

    Rev. 17:9 says that the 7 heads are 7 mountains on which the woman sitteth. If the 7 mountains are the 7 hills in Rome, then how can one of them receive a fatal wound? But if the 7 heads which are 7 mountains, are also perhaps 7 continents, then is it possible… I was reading these passages last week and these are a few of the questions which came to mind and since you seem to be receiving insight into this I thought I would pose them to you. Why has it always been taught that it’s the antichrist who will receive the wound? I’ve read these passages many times before, but suddenly it appears as if I’ve never really read them. What am I missing here?

    • The ac is the 8th king from one of the seven previous kings-how can that be? Because it is the spirit of Apollyon going into a mortally wounded person, thus reviving him. Rev 13:15 is really telling, the fp is breathing a pneuma: spirit, into the image: body? of the beast. The 666 is the sum of a magic square for Apollo.

    • Best I can tell… (please forgive the typos, I seem to always miss something)

      The 7 heads are 7 collectives, spiritual dominions.

      They’re not just individuals, nor peoples, since great-babylon sits on them. They must be the same and we know that g-b is made up of peoples and is the “hold for every foul bird” being unclean spirits. I reckon those as demons and rebel angels.

      Contrast with Mt. Zion… which is New Jerusalem, including both the Greater Assembly of Saints in Heaven and Christ Kingdom (holy angels and creatures, the eco system, and the dwellings which are living, “where even the rocks cry out in praise…”) — and of course The Almighty!

      Hebrews 12
      22 But ye are come unto mount Sion, and unto the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to an innumerable company of angels, 23To the general assembly and church of the firstborn, which are written in heaven, and to God the Judge of all, and to the spirits of just men made perfect, 24And to Jesus the mediator of the new covenant, and to the blood of sprinkling, that speaketh better things than that of Abel.

      To be very redundant great babylon is the harlot, “the false bride,” but New Jerusalem is the true bride, and wife of Christ. Very clearly both are collectives and dominions — capitals.

      I don’t believe the heads of the nondescript beast upon which the woman sits are geographic. I could be wrong easily enough. Rather we are all given “gifts and callings.” Some reject Christ and are taken over by the rebel angels and their demon offspring. Like balaam became a false prophet, he was nonetheless intended to be a prophet. If he’d accepted Christ. So that gives us the clue needed for the “heads.” They’re likely the collectives that rejected Christ and reject sharing in His ministries.

      His ministries:
      1 preach good news (Messiah/Christ)
      2 restore sight (Prophet)
      3 heal broken hearts (Pastor)
      4 deliver captives (Teacher)
      5 free the abused (Apostle/High Priest)
      6 forgive debts (Chief Servant)
      7 exact vengeance (The Ancient of Days)

      Those that reject Him and helping Him… * worldly terms and similar
      1 false saviors / false rescuers (beasts) … * conquerors
      2 false prophets (balaams) … * reporters / msm
      3 false pastors (the dead) … * counselors
      4 false teachers (jezebels) … * academics
      5 false apostles (destroyers) … * spokespearsons
      6 false pubilc servants (nicolaitans) … * rich and famous / elites
      7 false elders (dragons) … * unjust authorities

      The dominionists style them as 7 mountains, but believe they can somehow can establish or need take them over by force and politics in advance of Christ. I strongly disagree with them. Christ Kingdom is not of this world. When it’s extended into this world as the millennial kingdom, that only a limited effort. I believe to fulfill prophecy and complete the separation of the wheat from the tares.

      So each “head” of the beast that is a collective spiritual dominion. Ruled by a rebel angel prince: like the prince of persia or the prince of grecia or the king of the north or the king of the south…. the old gods of the pagan pantheons.

      So now the question becomes more interesting. How can a spiritual dominion be wounded? Especially in the head? It’s no surprise that they (the collective) would still live, since “the were, are not, yet are” as spirits. The pantheons just put on secular masks. I don’t believe the 666 system can be implemented with open access to the internet and communications networks. So I suspect a global EMP (or similar) will bring down all the networks — except for the 666 network.

      The first beast in Rev. 13 is given power over all kindreds, tongues(!), and nations. The tongues might mean the networks (internet, media, news, communications, phones, etc).

      Also we have that the antichrist is destroyed by the brightness of the Lords coming and consumed by His mouth. We know that Christ as the Word is the Spirit of Prophecy. Out of His mouth comes the Sword of the Spirit, The Word of God.

      2nd Thessalonians 2
      7 For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way.
      8 And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth,
      and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming

      I’ve no doubt at all that I don’t have a complete understanding of all that will transpire. These is just my take so far, expressed in brief. Certainly others differ greatly as regards rome, the catholic church, the USA, new york, etc. etc. etc. I’m ok with that since there are “thousands of reflections in a shattered mirror.” Some reflection of the spiritual reality occurring will be seen in small or large (fragments) throughout the world and in history. This world has been shattered by sin.

      Revelation 22:10-11

    • The scripture does define the horns for us…they are kings.Dan 7:24

      There are scriptures throughout the Bible that tend to reference mountains as something other than physical mountains. That is why I am staying open that. Take Rev.17:9 which states, “And here is the mind which hast wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth.” Could mean that she influences 7 governing or controlling bodies, ie: religious, etc.
      Check out: Jeremiah 51:25=Behold, I am against thee, O destroying mountain, saith the LORD, which destroyest all the earth: and I will stretch out mine hand upon thee, and roll thee down from the rocks, and will make thee a burnt mountain. (This sounds like something other than a literal mountain. Also Ezekiel 28:14=Ezekiel 28:14=Thou art the anointed cherub that covereth; and I have set thee so: thou wast upon the holy mountain of God; thou hast walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire. And, especially Dan 2:35 which describes the stone which smote the image as turning into a great mountain that filled the whole earth. I am thinking that stone turned into the devil coming back to earth. I stay open on this one.

    • Rev.17:9 And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth. (This is the woman which sits on the beast with 7 heads and 10 horns.) The beast is defined as satan. This verse defines the heads as mountains. It figures that the seven heads, which are mountains, are kingdoms or religions that are under his influence. To me anyway.

    • @Steve, sorry im just now getting back to you, i was busy. heres what i know. I dont pretend to know all thats written, When these verses start of talking about a beast coming out of the sea with ten horns, ten crowns, and seven heads, its confusing for sure, but what we can see is the beast is a rising government that will grow to become a One-World Government. it goes on to say one of the heads of the beast seemed to have had a fatal wound. What i saw in this verse is the antichrist will come from one of the heads of the beast. So before one of the heads is wounded, the whole being described here as the beast with ten horns (or ten leaders or heads of state) must be fully in place. Once the antichrist comes from one of th heads of the beast, then the antichrist is referred to as ‘the beast’ heres a verse that helps explain the description of the beast that becomes a world governement of ten kings or leaders. Revalation 17:12 and 14 (NIV) “The ten horns you saw are ten kings who have not yet recieved a kingdom, but who for one hour will recieve authority as kings along with the beast. They will make war against the lamb, but the lamb will overcome them because he is Lord of Lords and King of Kings, and wih him will be his called, chosen, and faithful followers.”

    • Isaiah 2:2=And it shall come to pass in the last days, that the mountain of the LORD’s house shall be established in the top of the mountains, and shall be exalted above the hills; and all nations shall flow unto it.

      This is probably the 1,500 mile cube New Jerusalem, Bride of Christ’ coming down to settle upon earth. That is quite a mountain of influence in more ways than One!!!!

    • Consider that these same seven heads which have been defined as mountains are also the mountains that John was shown in Revelation. 5 were fallen, 1 “is”, and the 7th to still come. Consider that the heads/mountains are attached to the red beast (dragon). He supports the Harlot with the blood of God’s people in her, as she is riding him. The Harlot is defined as sitting upon the mountains. Dominating them? Sounds like a team to me. Now, consider that Jerusalem may be the location where Malchizedek lived in the ancient city Yerushalem, translated often as “the city of Shalem”. Is this why God considers this area Holy to Him?

      David captured Jerusalem and she was ruled under Judiasm (1). Than she was conquered by (2)Babylon (586BC), (3)Medes/Persia (536BC), (4)Greece(333BC), (5)Roman Empire(63BC-70AD). Than for the next 1,310 years she was mostly under (6)Muslim rule from 638AD-to1948AD. During this 1,310 years spanning the Muslim rule two interesting but very SMALL, temporary rulerships popped up. Kinda like a little horn! Not sure we can count them as their time was too short. They are: the Catholic JESUIT ORDER (1099-1187…88 yrs.) and the Global Rule of the UN (1922-1947…45 yrs). Technically that makes the current Israel the 7th, however, she would not be there if it were not for the grace of global world system UN…and the UN may well eventually orchestrate her demise….in conjunction with the Jesuit order! Another way of counting would cause the Jesuit order to be 7th, but it was temporary, as was the UN control.

    • Marlene, if the heads are mountains, and one of the heads appears to receive a serious wound, and yet comes back. Could that possibly be the 6th head that I mentioned above….the Muslim head/mountain ruling over Jerusalem got interrupted by the Jesuits, and than the UN also? IF the mountains are representing ruling authorities over God’s Holy Mountain….Jerusalem.

  17. Am I the only one that hasn’t seen this web series on youtube, H+ = transhumans

    “” (48 episodes so far)

    Thank you Gonz for pointing to it in your DNA youtube re: couple driving while distracted (by implant tech)

    • That was trippy! The 48th episode is season finale. The episodes run about 5 minutes each. I didn’t find a playlist, nor die the controls at the end of each episode work for me. So I had to hunt just a bit and select the next episode.

      The theme content involves two different implant technologies. One is planted in the wrist, and another in the spine. I’m being a bit vague to so as not to give away any of the plot twists. As is, the plot jumps around every episode since it goes back and forth in time. Some episodes are completely subtitled in english from italian.

      The moral of the story seems to be that god and the singularity are related. There’s a real world is a matrix scene. And the chips implanted are nanocomputers which enable an immersive augmented reality interactivity that’s web connected. The idea is to be able to control transparency. Fully opaque would be only virtual. The chip ties in to other body sensations and action.

      The whole production is very well done. If Rob Skiba can do something like this it would be intense. I’ll have to look to see if he’s commented on h+

      Next season probably introduces the antichrist-like figure that kills most everyone in the world that was on the h+ network.

    • The day to day saturation of the comment section with long and numerous comments and outspoken forceful comments make an unhappy place to navigate, especially with insults such as:

      Claudiaishis said

      March 25, 2013 at 5:48 pm
      I expected that answer from you, Eric. Burn them at the stake, with your dogma and turn them away…..any who may be touched by a love for Christ while watching. Make a joke about it, while you are at it.

      That movie is a tool of man…..just like you……it will not be perfect….but my God is so powerful that if any spark of love for Jesus comes from watching that film….He will magnify it……His Yoke is simple…..unlike yours.

      or Cleverly diverting attention on to some else

      Claudiaishis said

      March 26, 2013 at 12:06 am
      LA, no offense taken. I’ll keep it shorter than Nomemoleste.

      On many occasions Claudia you have insulted people going back in past blogs, many times in your own dogmatic ignorance and at no time have you apologized.

      Following Christ does not give anyone the right to walk over people or bore them to death then insult them.

    • Galatians 5:22-25

      22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith,

      23 Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.

    • Check further back, and you will see that each time I was responding to comments from either you or Eric… matter how well disguised as humor, or whatever you call it.

      Perspective is an individual thing. And, you are wrong, I have apologized in the past. However, don’t recall you ever apologizing for any of your comments. But, just like you, I can be wrong. Remember, I don’t have the talent with all the happy faces and such that you all do. The internet responses can often seem cold, because we are not face to face.

      I will once more apologize that I offended you….in the past, in the present and in the future.

    • Stating a fact is not being clever. I was pointing out that I thought it was ok to write long posts, via the examples I have seen on this list. It was not being personal on my part. You are being overly sensitive because of your prejudices towards me, going way back. Be truthful with yourself. I forgive you. Please forgive me.

    • The love of Christ covers alot of wrongs. Just like those watching the film, The Bible. Many, inspite of the errors will feel the love of Christ coming through that film. None of us are perfect, including you and Eric….and me. I am aware of that. I do get upset when the good intentions of others are smeared. I like to leave the judgements of those trying to please God, up to God, Himself.

    • It is what it is as I said. Your own opinion of yourself is all that has ever mattered.
      To conclude here is an example (dogmatic ignorance) as you last said to me in a conversation that had nothing to do with you and you continued on into a conspiratorial rant.

      “Lasik surgery, pudding, is man’s way, and it will leave you blind to the spiritual things.”

    • Pudding, I came on this list to learn from those who have knowledge and who are serious about things in the Bible. Like the discussion on the heads and mountains, I am learning from others research, and study and I apply it to mine. I didn’t come here to be social, pampered, befriended, or to kill time. I came here to learn. If I keep offending you, I apologize.

      I responded to Eric’s post which explained to me what you were originally refering to with your Lasik and pee wee comments… of his clever signs. I agreed that he was correct with my “yep”. It means I agreed with Eric. I am not the first, nor will I be the last to mistake posts. That is common. Please don’t require me to be perfect. I already apologized to you for any offense I caused you. I think I have responded sufficiently….so continue if you desire. Sometimes it helps to get things out of your system. Makes it all better.

    • Glad to tweak it down a notch or two LA!

      I try to be under-responsive so the threads don’t blow-up. And if I need to explain in depth ad nauseum or paste massive articles instead of links, I do that on watcher-meetup and link back here. Forums are much better for analysis than blogs.

    • As nearsighted as some of the patients were we did LASIK on, they couldn’t see the devil himself if he was two feet in front of them. 🙂 And if they had no knowledge of how to rebuke him, at least after surgery, they could see when and were to run. ha
      Of course we know were spiritual blindness comes from.

    • Claudiaishis said: “Sometimes it helps to get things out of your system.”

      Thanks for the psychology and the half truths. I’m bringing to light what I have observed.

      Claudiaishis said: “I agreed that he was correct with my “yep”.

      Before you changed your name to Claudiaishis, it was Claudia. After having twisted scripture one day, and attacking Eric and others for being Pithy you said the following:

      “Claudia said:

      “As to “pithy”…..satan loves pithy and catch phrases. He would delight if we kept our words so brief that other than what we were trying to say could be read into them. Such is the generation that grows up on TV commercials and the fast lane. The brain cannot develope if we only subject it to pithy things. Now they are even trying to take hand writting out of the schools.”


      So now you are being Pithy with Eric, what a coincidence!

      I could go on and give example after example because I have been watching.

      Things are as they are.

      The last time I and a couple of others brought things to light about another person on this blog, some did not pay attention, the person was embraced despite their manipulations, and later a person was scammed on this blog out of a lot of money. If someone sounds the trumpet attention should be paid.

      I have no hard feeling against anyone on this blog. I have done what I was called to do and now I am finished.

  18. see, this is the main reason i dont go to a church right now, because of all the 6th grade hall drama. i cant deal with it. Church, in my opinion, should be an ‘intensive care unit for the wounded’. i have never seen that YET. wonder if i ever will. i get sick of all the, ‘he said this, she said that’. i also thought love doesnt keep a record of wrong? it is very easy to sit at your own computer and make people feel stupid, and piss and moan at them, because we dont have to see each other face to face! but what if we all did? like if we all met somewhere? how would we treat each other then, huh? this world aint getting any better, its getting much darker by the day, we should be a light, even to each other. why is that so hard? i pretty much come on here, because, one. im lonely as heck, i have no one at all to talk to. two, i love LAs minstry, i first saw him on sid roth, and i have been getting the watchers everytime they come out. three, i have been studying revalation. thats it. i see where there is superior attitudes towards others if they dont say the right thing. its happened to me. alot. i will admit, i have a 10th grade education, life was not easy for me. i dont type all that well, or form my words well, but i try to express what im feeling the best i can, and what i do know as far as Biblical things.

    • Yeah, I woke up with some extra time to see what was going on here at my cyber church and was very disheartened to see all the drama. I think we should all emulate our teacher, L.A. who is always willing to say “oops” instead of getting filled with defensive pride on the very very rare occasions when he has been mistaken.
      I also love that he prefaces much with IMHO. that is what seems to be missing here…..humble opinions. Again, to quote L.A.,,,,you can agree to disagree but please remember before you start all the backbiting that strangers may come here seeking the same comforts, fellowship and knowledge that brought us all here in the first place and the squabbles will not help win any souls!
      And, remember that the real original sin was not biting that apple… was way before the creation of man and it was pride. Wasn’t it satan who decided to defend his wrong belief that he was as “right” as God? He argued it and argues it yet and has led both angels and men astray with his pride and self promotion.

  19. James 1:19-20 This you know, my beloved brethren. But everyone must be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger; for the anger of man does not achieve the righteousness of God.

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