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In Other News: Tracking the Birth Pains!

US drone escapes attack over Hormuz. Syria threatens to bomb Lebanon. Russian marines dock in Beirut

US drone escapes attack over Hormuz. Syria threatens to bomb Lebanon. Russian marines dock in Beirut


Intelligence chief: Assad ready to use chemical weapons

Intelligence chief: Assad ready to use chemical weapons | The Times of Israel


Iran has force of 50,000 in Syria, claims Israel

Iran has force of 50,000 in Syria, claims Israel – Telegraph


Syria threatens to strike at rebels in Lebanon

Syria threatens to strike at rebels in Lebanon | Reuters


Egypt’s Islamists warn giving women some rights could destroy society

Egypt’s Islamists warn giving women some rights could destroy society | Reuters


Billionaires Dumping Stocks, Economist Knows Why

Billionaires Dumping Stocks, Economist Knows Why


Pope Francis’ run-in with Benedict XVI over the Prophet Mohammed

Pope Francis’ run-in with Benedict XVI over the Prophet Mohammed – Telegraph


03/14/13 Acceleration Radio with Special Guest – Brien Foerster

44 thoughts on “03/14/13 Acceleration Radio with Special Guest – Brien Foerster

  1. Praying that LA, Doug Hamp, and Gonzo have a blessed conference this weekend. 🙂

    Will crack into the show later today. For some reason there were a lot of audio drop out or some such last night during the live broadcast.

    Exciting stuff. Exciting times. Lots going on that’s hard to keep up with all of it. Keep your eyes on Israel no matter what. 🙂

    • I missed the show last night too. Hopefully I will be able to listen to it later today. We ARE living in exciting times. Watching Israel is important. There’s a lot going on right now in the Middle East. The news has neglected to inform us the past few days (being focused on a new pope and such). In the words of LA “I’ll either see you on the air or in the air.” Or Gary Stearman “Keep looking up!” Have a wonderful day Eric W!!

  2. VP and Pres will be out of the co. at the same time next week….

    • & excellent work done deciphering pope’s coat of arms:

    • “Just a thought. Wonder what will happen here while they are gone?!”

      Bad weather will cease, the economy will improve, abortion will become inconvenient, perversion, drugs, murder, robbery and homosexuality will sharply decline, the SSN administration will return all the ammunition they bought, TSA and Homeland security will shut down, pictures of Jesus will be hung in schools and prayer will be allowed, evolution will be scoffed at by all, church attendance will rise etc. etc. etc.

  3. Intelligence chief: Assad ready to use chemical weapons

    If NATO attacks Syria we might get to find out how effective modern chemical and biological weapons are on the battlefield. Assad would have nothing to lose by using them since he’s dead if he’s overthrown.

  4. These links are highly irreverent. If you’re easily offended, please pass them by…

    Mel Brooks

    and Monty Python

    {i}Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!{/i}

    • Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!!! I still randomly shout this in order to make awkward situations even more awkward. It’s great……great I tell ya.

    • Meanwhile in a parallel universe Frank does the Harlem Jump to escape the Spanish Inquisition.


  5. Marlene;
    I’m listening to Mike Hoggard discuss sleep paralysis now, starts at roughly 36 min:
    I’ve been attacked at night as well. It all starts usu. with a tingling feeling in my right thigh, sounds weird but true. It does go away by rebuking it in Jesus name. But what has tremendously helped me I pray before I go to bed, “Lord, I can’t do it on my own, Lord I rely on you to keep the enemy away while I sleep.’ Realize He can and will do it, you in and of yourself cannot.

    • Ps. 4:8 I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep: for thou, LORD, only makest me dwell in safety.

    • @Mrs M, im not sure what thats all about? that sleep paraalysis thing your talking about? is this christian based? im confused, sorry. and yes, i know what you mean when you say it starts with a feeling in your leg, in fact, this is going to sound mighty wierd, im just gonna go ahead and put it right out there i guess. the last couple years, i have been waking up in the night time (only) not in the day at all, but at night, with an expreme anal pain that hurts so bad, i have to get up and walk it out..this comes on suddenly, i have been to dr. had every test there is, nothing shows up. one nite i had a demonic type dream, where the dream was very perverted, and its frustrating because i cant control the dream, i just cant! i wish i could, but, i had the dream, all of a sudden that pain started in my anal area (im sorry im gettin so personal) but who knows, maybe it needs to be talked about, because seems to be there so many different types of demon attacks, and maybe some people dont want to say anything, in fear someone wil think they need mental help. so i feel this pain in that area, and everything else i have been experiencing at nite, are connected? anyone think so? @rose, i love that scripture, i actually have that on a wall hanging in my kitchen, with a lion and lamb. 🙂

    • Well I was listening to it as I added the link so I didn’t thoroughly vett it before posting, but it does have some things which are pertinent because I think what we are experiencing has to do with the spirit realm and it is an attack of perversion and fear. I’ve once even heard a sinister laugh and screams in the background. It is a force, almost an electric force I’ll say. Thank you for the courage to describe it will help those reading because these monsters love to harass at night, I’d say because that’s the only way they can get access to you and me. I’d say it’s more spiritual than physical although your ‘spiritual body’ while sleeping feels it. Yes perverted dreams are the gateway-like they plant a seed for a way in. I cast those things down (thoughts) in Jesus name while awake. It’s a demonic attack plain and simple. They know their time is short and they are throwing everything but the kitchen sink at us- their time is short and Jesus wins. Hallelui-Yah!

  6. I may have figured out how Satan’s fingerprints can be traced to St. Malarky’s “last pope” prophecy. It’s based on the assumption that Satan always tries to mix a little truth in with a lot of lies.
    Here it is…
    What we’re seeing right now from the media and the Vatican is a lot of spin on Pope Francis’s image. Lots of them are portraying him as a “regular guy.” One said he really didn’t want to be the pope. Another one was about how he shunned the limo and took his own small car to drive to his motel and then he cleaned his own room.

    So the manipulated image we’re glomming onto is that he’s a regular person, humble, down to earth. Maybe even someone who doesn’t take the pope’s role all that seriously. You can almost hear him saying “What the heck, if people want to play along with this pope thing, I’ll use it to advance my own Jesuit agenda.”

    Now that “image” might fit into the Peter the Roman phrase. Peter the Roman is a contradiction in terms. Peter wasn’t a Roman, he was a Jew. But for 2000 years Peter’s been “playing along” with the infallibility thing. He even begrudgingly accepted the Rome geographical designation.
    In other words, that phrase is almost like Samson’s making it into the Hall of Faith (Hebrews 11) even tho’ everyone associates him with his womanizing. You can almost see Samson smiling on his way to heaven.

    So the final pope is the final joke. Satan’s having a good laugh.

    • “”

      Great write up by Sharon Gilbert. 🙂

  7. Wow LA, exciting Acceleration Radio broadcast.

    Thank you. Finished listening to your online stream with Brien Foerster.

    You all are having a really fantastic time researching and traveling around the world. Lots of really great archaeological information and brain formation of the Nephilim being presented in this audio by Brien Foerster.

    The Largest Elongated Heads In The World


    • Aha! ☠ The missing skull of the mighty Kettle!

      (*See comment #7 Rose From Kentucky-A New Pope Video)

      In the video the still living brain of the mighty Kettle is being carried by the simbient Vont in his jewel encrusted stasis orb.
      The Trifelg Utinard of Bock demands the return of the once lost skull immediately.

  8. Regarding certain above comments… I would remind some folks that this new pope election is pertinent to what is going on in the Middle East. Some comments seem to indicate that this “Pope Thing” is just a distraction to the more important middle east happenings. Folks… they go hand in hand. Remember that little thing about the Antichrist having direct dealings with that part of the world in the Tribulation? There is very good evidence and unfolding events to suggest that the Pope will be at least the false prophet. Furthermore, the Vatican is in the process of establishing itself in the heart of Jerusalem… some of those very holy places. For people to seperate all these happenings in the Vatican from the more important events in the middle East is almost an oxymoron. In my humblest of all opinions, you cannot seperate the two. Note: I said “above comments”. I should have said comments i’ve read since the election of the pope. Perhaps one above on this particular blog. With all due respect and love toward eveyone here and elsewhere of course BIG SMILE! 😀

    • Absolutely agree with that Corey…I’ve believed for many, many years that a pope will be the false prophet simply by studying the Word of God and reflecting on history…keep praying for Israel and the Jews that the many would come to know Jesus…The time of Jacob’s Trouble is coming as the Time of the Gentiles is rapidly coming to a close.
      God bless.

  9. I couldn’t get the L.A.’s radio show last night no matter how many times I tried and I tried every player – even the telephone. My friends could ‘t long on either. So glad that LA. put up a link today.

  10. Hey! I was viewing Brien Foerster’s Youtube Channel and ran into LA and his gang in Peru with Brien for Watcher’s 6 uploaded Feb 15, 2013. If this is how the trip started out on the 1st day, then OMG! More to come in Watchers 6…

    Quest For The Cave Of Elongated Human Skulls In Peru


  11. you guys are always posting creepy videos, i want to share one this time but on a completely different subject, if thats allright? please let me know if this was wrong to post, but im going somewhere with this video, see, i have been thinking about something lately. See, when i look at these people who have done to themselves, extreme body modifications. they cant reverse this! so with things rapidly taking place on our earth, and how we are entering tribulation period, people are going to be filling up churchs, looking for answers, so my question is, how is the church going to handle this type of person, if they were to all of a sudden, want to go to church, because they may be hungry for God? will most churchs scream for people like that leave? how will they handle this? im really curious to how someone like her will be treated in these last days, if she wanted to go to church? its something to think about, isnt it? she still has a soul, and God loves her to, he sent his son to die for her as well, and im sure it greives the heart of God to see her and others like this, and what the devil has doen to them.

    • I had a patient way back in the early nineties, that wanted custom sclera contacts to make his eyes look like a vampires. He had already had all of his visible teeth ground to points, wore his fingernails long, to a point, and black. He had started tats above his brows. He was only 19 or 20. I often wonder how his appearance affected his life.
      So, I guess I would rebuke first and see what reaction is given in that scenario.

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