The Way it Works – The Leader Rakes in the $$$$’s

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L. A. Marzulli

Analyst estimates Chávez’s family fortune at around $2 billion

Criminal Justice International Associates (CJIA), a risk assessment and global analysis firm in Miami, estimated in a recent report that the Chávez Frías family in Venezuela has “amassed a fortune” similar to that of the Castro brothers in Cuba.

According to Jerry Brewer, president of CJIA, “the personal fortune of the Castro brothers has been estimated at a combined value of around $2 billion.”

“The Chávez Frías family in Venezuela has amassed a fortune of a similar scale since the arrival of Chávez to the presidency in 1999,” said Brewer in an analysis published in their website.

Brewer said that Cuba is receiving about $5 billion per year from the Venezuelan treasury and in oil shipments and other resources.

“We believe that organized bolivarian criminal groups within the Chávez administration have subtracted around $100 billion out of the nearly $1 trillion in oil income made by PDVSA since 1999.”

Hugo Chavez succumbed yesterday to a lengthy battle with Cancer.  There are rumors that our CIA was involved in his demise.  I’ll leave that to the Conspiracy Blogs but will address another disturbing dynamic of Chavez’s reign as El Dictator.   Like Saddam Hussein, Hosni Mubarak, Yasser Arafat, The Marco’s of the Philippines and pretty much every other dictator, these  guys make sure they pad they’re wallets!  In the case of Chavez, who nationalized the Venezuela’s oil industry, attacked private business and was elected president for life, he made sure he had lot’s of dollars, perhaps as much as 2 billion!

Why did the people of Venezuela let him get away with it?  Because many are uninformed, uneducated and don’t understand the basic foundation of liberty and freedom!  Guess what, we’re in the same boat here as we have about 20 million illegal aliens who have no idea about the principles by which this country was founded on.

Our schools are re-writing history and our young people are ignorant of what our founding fathers went through to obtain the freedoms many of us take for granted.  However, our government passed another 800 laws the first of the year.  Our government rammed Obamacare down our throats, passing it without ever reading it!  Our government continues to spend us into oblivion and yet whines like a three-year old when it is told to cut spending!

We are a nation that is now a people who are living in volunteer serfdom.  We work all year only to hand over our 20%, which is our PROFIT, to the government who then hands 250 BILLION of it over to Egypt!

The people of Venezuela deserve better, but unless they understand the basic principles of freedom and liberty they are doomed to have another dictator who will pad his wallet with their hard-earned money!

Speaking of which, I wonder how much the tax payer spends on Obama’s 100+ rounds of golf?

Congressman Offers Amendment Defunding Obama’s Golf | The Blog on Obama: White House Dossier


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The Logistics of Landing – FOIA Request Reveals Extraterrestrial Contact Planning

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Farmers spray locusts in daybreak bid to protect fields

Farmers spray locusts in daybreak bid to protect fields | The Times of Israel


Hugo Chavez, influential leader with mixed record, dies at 58

Hugo Chavez, influential leader with mixed record, dies at 58 –


Washington: Hizballah has got hold of chemical weapons

Washington: Hizballah has got hold of chemical weapons


Sen. Paul slams Attorney General Holder for ‘refusal’ to rule out drone strikes in US


The reason why Obama is not trying to solve the fiscal chaos

The reason why Obama is not trying to solve the fiscal chaos | Fox News Video

71 thoughts on “The Way it Works – The Leader Rakes in the $$$$’s

  1. Yup, we’ve got the same thing here with Obama fundamentally.

    People swoon and cry for him at conventions and stuff the same way many Venezuelans have and are over Chavez right now. Same exact thing. Same delusion. Same whatever you want to call it. Same exact far left wing policies.

    Obama just hasn’t gone as “hard” yet as Chavez did but I think that’s just a matter of time.

    I’ve said since 08 if Obama is gone by the end of the next decade (the one we’re in now) I’ll be amazed. Even if he “steps down” in 2016 he isn’t going away. I can guarantee you that.

    And no, I’m not implying he’s the AC. He doesn’t have to be. He can just be another Chavez instead and I think he is.

    • Eric; I know you must be aware that there were rumors that Nancy Peloski was thinking about retiring after the last election. Do you find it odd that she didn’t? Now we find out that Obama called her the night of the election and told her his plan for the first two years of his next term, if he were reelected, was to get the house back into the hands of the liberals and get her back as speaker of the house. My guess is she told him she was retiring, and he talked her out of it. O b o m a cannot take a chance of loosing any of his zombies who mindlessly do what every he asks. There is no doubt that o b o m a is campaigning in every way he can to convince the dummies and mindless self seeking people within our country that those who want to save the country are their enemies. What this means, if he is successful, is that after 2014 the barn doors are wide open for satan rule within our country. With all my heart I hope my application of the math in Daniel is correct and we are gone somewhere in the Spring of 2015, or early fall…..if rapture happens at the first sounding of the 7th trump (last). Scripture seems to indicate that we only have to be “hidden” for a brief moment as the indignation passes over (Isaiah 26:20). But, I am starting to realize that there is a possiblility that all those scriptures could also fit an instant transformation of the Saints when He is coming down to crack the mountain over in Israel. It is all fine with me, I don’t fear death, but I hate evil, and living in a country that magnified and honored evil would be very very hard to endure. The only thing that will keep our country from what I see in the future, is that they turn to God with all their heart and tell Him that they choose His Rule and His Will, not the rule and will of man. Just like Sodom, if there are enough He may spare us this evil end to our country.

    • I have a question. Do you guys think Obama has some sort of supernatural power that gets into the minds of the public that persuade them to follow him? I’m being totally serious. Nothing else makes sense to me as to how this man could be elected and especially reelected with his record and beliefs. Then there are all the other rumors about him that the press refuses to investigate. The whole thing including the way Obamacare was passed seems like some kind of mind control. It all has a very uncomfortable evil feeling to me. We as believers can see him for what he is but the vast majority seems to be in some sort of trance. Maybe God has allowed the coming delusion to fall on man already. I’d love to know what you guys think.

    • I agree with Bruce W and it grieves me that some of my near and dear seem to have fallen in his thrall… seriously has affected my trust of them! I keep praying and trying to awaken them but it makes me think about how it will be when our own relatives will give us up to the authorities thinking they are doing the right thing as the plodding obamabots they are!
      Romans 1:28 says it all….and I have even wondered if it has to do with people who watch TV and just stare at it for hours…..mass hypnosis or willful ignorance. (Often it is more like vicious willful ignorance)
      I have never been able to “just” watch TV….always a project or something else to do. Hmmm, maybe that is it?
      In fact, ya oughta read that whole chapter of Romans as you think about your question!

    • Bruce, that is not a silly question. I am more inclined to believe, tho, (and I told my hubby way before the elections that they could easily be rigged what without having voter id, and the way the liberals were fighting all efforts for voter id) that the elections were rigged. Tho, the satanic forces motivating this end time rush could very well be influencing those who are following him, even tho they don’t realize that they are following him, because they don’t care to learn or follow God’s standards. There is definitely some type of evil covering that is influencing people going on.

    • I will never think the elections were rigged to the extent of the results. There has always been voter fraud, and I don’t see it ending any time soon or ever. When you have 47% of the population receiving something from the government, they have a vested interested in keeping the honey pot going. Throw in a few more people who are socialists/communists to the core, add some greenies, social gospel proponents, homosexuals, Muslims and the liberal Jewish vote, and I’m surprised O’s margin of victory wasn’t higher than it was.

      Plus – and nobody talks about this, not even here – is the fact that Romney is a Mormon. I know many, many Christians who refused to vote for him because of that. There were pastors behind pulpits telling their congregations not to vote for him, because when he said “God,” it was blasphemy. The whole election was crazy. Satan is so happy.

    • LU: I agree.

      I talked about it. I even got into a few long winded arguments with someone I haven’t seen post here in a few months. 😉

    • You are 100% correct Lookingup. He was Mormon, just like at one time it was a death nail if you were Catholic. That is what the dogma of man in the churches have done. Bottom line, Jesus Christ will bring all who believe on His name and pray for His Father’s Will and His Kingdom to come, out of whatever errors they are in because of the leadership of their churches. Mormon’s believe in Jesus Christ, and yes, I know they believe He had a brother, and they believe that they will be gods someday. Well, the Baptists believe that alchohol is a sin, and made my Savior a sinner because His first miracle was turning water into wine. We will be brought out of our errors if our heart is in the right place. Also…when we have our forever bodies, trust me, you will feel like you are a god, compared to the capabilities that you have now. Islamist and communist do not believe that Jesus Christ is their Lamb or their Savior. The stay at home christians who do not deserve to be called christians with a capital “C” could have stood up and voted for the man who does not believe in abortions, gay rights, broken families, and who does believe in the 10 Commandments and believes that they are totally lost without Jesus Christ as their Savior. Those little looking towards man christians gave us this deceiver that is now in office, and they will have to answer for that someday. They could have made the difference, but they were too busy listening to their false sheppards.

      Satan won this last election because of the divisions he has made within the churches….each seeking their own dogma instead of the simple yoke of Jesus Christ. I told my husband that the christians in this country are what gave us o b a m a. They set on the fence, afraid to make the wrong move. You all know what God thinks of those that sit on fences….He spits them out. And, I do not retract that statement. They judged a man by their dogma, and not by the standards of God, which Mormons do a better job of upholding than do most orthodox christians. No…I am not a Mormon. I don’t label myself with any of the church labels that man has created. Jesus Christ is my only label.

    • LA, I like what you wrote about the despot Chavez.

      Eric and Lookingup,

      I hope she is gone forever from the blog.

      I’d like to say something to all of you. We don’t always agree about things but for the most part we are teachable. I got home late tonight as after work as I went to church to help with the Wednesday night dinner. I took some flack for what I wrote last night to my email list about the history channel miniseries ‘the bible’ I did not recommend it and leadership talked it up a lot on Sunday.

      Nothing new really, I’m marginalized and laughed at by many but not by all as some have ears to hear. Leadership has told me, I’m scaring people when I point out the truth of Genesis 6 in my Sunday School class and the warnings of Matthew 24 and 25, Mark 13 and Luke 21.

      Which brings me to say this,
      thank you LA for your books, videos, teaching and your heart for God. It was my pleasure to meet you and your bride in Albuquerque at the Prophecy Conference.

      As for my fellow blog posters, Thank you as well, for the encouragement the questions and the information exchanged daily. This blog means a great deal to me and I’m truly thankful for it.

      God bless all of you, my beloved.

      Shalom and Maranatha, Michael

    • Claudia, You need to do some more reading about Mormons. It is not a Christian religion, they do not believe in salvation through Jesus. They acknowledge Christ, but he is not the same Jesus of the Bible. They preach a different gospel, and are to be “accursed” according to Galatians 1:8. My Bible is pretty clear, “that if you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.” They do not confess Jesus a Lord. They will not be saved.

      As for Baptists, I am not one but have attended Baptist churches many times over the years, and I have never – never – heard anyone say that the Lord sinned by drinking wine.

    • Free Will Baptist’s state in their “dogma” that alcohol is not allowed. That makes Christ’s first miracle a “dogma” breaker. As for the Mormon’s, I am totally familiar with their “dogma”, but know many of them, and they are under the (according to you) delusion that Jesus Christ paid the sacrifice for them, and without Him they are lost. All the other “dogma” is from man, and is in error. Just like the catholic dogma. Why don’t Christians concentrate on religions who have none of Christ as our Daily Sacrifice within them, such as Buddist, Islams, ect. “Dogma” is a tool of satan. I cannot waste my time discussing this. I will not be guilty of tearing someone out of Jesus Christ’s arms because of man’s dogma. Mormon’s believe Jesus was the Son of God, died on the cross for their salvation, descended for 3 days, resurrected, walked with man for 40 days, and ascended to be on the right hand of the Father. The rest of their man conceived beliefs are no different than the Free Will Baptists who believe taking a drink is a sin, or that once saved always saved, or you can lose your salvation. Those are all man discussions….and not salvational in nature. And, I am not uniformed, I also will not judge them on their temple rites. I leave that up to God. I look upon their life and their families and I see only good things. Unlike so many other families that claim christianity. I am not holding them up or putting them down, as you do. I look upon each individual and how they live their life, not on what I am told by another as to what they are. So we best end this discussion as it pertains between you and me. You can have it with other ears, if you still chose.

    • One more thing. What is wrong with the Mormon religion, just like the Catholic, is that they put a “man” between God and their followers to interpret meaning of Scripture, etc. for them, instead of a one on one contact through the Holy Spirit. Christ did away with that once and for all. The other thing that is wrong with the Mormon religion, Catholic religion, and all other exclusive religions that believe they are the only true church and you have to be babtized under their authority….is that the authorities within their church have committed the sin of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit…because they are denying that the Holy Spirit can save any other way than through their church. That would include the Jehovah Witnesses, and all other churches that think they are the True Church upon this earth. The leaders who set this belief in motion within these churches are the ones who should tremble in fear. Christ will take care of the rest, as long as their hearts truly believe on Him and recognize that He died for their sins, and their sins are removed through Christ and repentence and no other way. And, before you decide to start discussing “works”, that is another “dogma” discussion that is not salvational and I won’t be dragged into it. Church attendence within a building can be considered a “work” of salvation by man, which is totally false.

    • “A” son of God, not “The” Son of God, and you can be one, too. It is all works. Show me a Mormon who believes they will spend eternity with Christ because of what He did instead of spending it on their own little planet because of what THEY did. You can look at whatever you want to look at, Claudia, but God sees it quite differently from the Scripture I read. According to your measure, heaven should be full of Buddhists, because they are the most peaceful people on earth.

      I am not putting anybody down. The sad and real truth is that anyone who does not believe in Christ as taught in the NT is lost forever. I am concerned about that. If we don’t love them enought to make sure they at least hear the truth, then we don’t love them at all.

  2. Heads Up:


    Uniformed Russians in Tennessee

    • Hello! Eye opener…leaves me speechless. So much has been taking place on our soil and we didn’t know about it much less have a voice to stop it. Sherrie did an outstanding video releasing this information. Will be forwarding to my followers asap!

      God help us!

    • Don’t forget, the media, before this last election, (except for Fox and the Blaze) did not report on o b a m a leaning over and whispering into the Russian leaders ear while unbeknown to him, his mike was still on…”Wait until I am elected..things will be easier to do.” There is no doubt in my mind that the leader of this country is in cahoots with Russia, Iran, China, Egypt, and all countries that believe people should not rule themselves but need a “nanny”, and they should not be able to worship freely who they want. This totally goes along with Agenda 21 and the global designs within the Un. Which is stationed in our coastal city, New York.

    • I know it would be a long walk if the grid went down or marshal law kept ya off road but you would find a place here, Rose if ever you need it!

    • Why doesn’t someone in Congress speak out about all of this? Are they ALL in on it? What does BHO have in store for us? I pray God changes him or removes him because we can’t continue like this.

    • Clear out history, cache, and cookies (heh) on your computer Elaine. 🙂

      Bruce: Yes, most of the government is globalists. They’re all in on it.

    • Claudiaishis I just got the chills with Obama whispering “wait until I am elected..things will be easier to do.” I can’t imagine what the coming months or years have in store. Or maybe I can. But others who are living in bubble can’t.

    • Yes, Kristen, you can imagine. We are appoaching that time when we will have to stand for our faith at the risk of our lives. I made that commitment when I first accepted Jesus as my Lord. I understood. I did not ask Him to be my Lord for my gain, but because I totally loved His Will and everything about His goals, and I totally hated evil.

  3. Couldn’t have said it better myself L.A. I heard Obama’s last golf trip with Tiger Woods cost the tax payers 1 million dollars. All of the sudden the Obummer supporters I have on my FB have fallen quiet. I wonder if they’re catching on to his tactics?? The realization that O doesn’t keep his promises is a harsh one for those who adamantly stood up for his beliefs/agenda. His supporters are ill informed. Tragically it seems people would follow him whether he was right or WRONG.

  4. I was happy to hear he died. The man was an idiot. How about the Democratic Moron from NY representative Jose Serrano who praised Hugo Chavez Tuesday. Democrats are morons in general and eventually the general public will turn from their policies as well as their political leaders.

    Speaking of Democratic Morons, I thought the real shocking article was the Yale Article. “On Saturday afternoon, Yale hosted a “sensitivity training” in which students were asked to consider topics such as bestiality, incest, and accepting money for sex.”

    A sensitivity training class on incest and bestiality. Are you kidding me? No doubt the conference was thought up by a moronic Democratic think tank who has bestiality issues and wants to general public to accept them. Whats next pedophilia sensitivity classes? Christians have got to start getting angry. We as a collective group have got to start shouting that certain things are not ok and they we are not concerned with whose feelings we are going to hurt anymore.

    Im not.

    • “”

      Check out Russ from last night talking along those same lines.

  5. Excellent blog today, I enjoyed reading it, all great points well taken. As I learned of the news of Chavez passing I couldn’t help but think this is truly a sad day for President Obama and the American left. They have lost an icon, an inspirational leader and the ultimate representative of what their ideology inevitably leads to. On the bright side for the Obama administration, is the fact that the Castro brothers and Hu Jin Tao are still alive…so hold your heads high…your totalitarian dream still lives on despite the loss of this great representative of what “social justice” really embodies.

  6. “”

    Russell Crowe…yes, that one…apparently caught a UFO on camera. Take it FWIW.

  7. This is just a 2 minute segment. Its a must listen to. John Moore is stating that his inside source within FEMA and Department of Home Land Security is telling him that Marshall Law will be enacted before Memorial Day. They were also told that 150,000 Palestinian men will be coming to America presumably as UN guards of some sort.

    • Whoa! Whoa! Too much for one day. Between this video and the one posted by Rose From Kentucky re: Russian military on American soil….

      God God help us! Lead us oh Lord to deal with upcoming disasterous events and to calm the people in the Name of Jesus!

    • Interpol is the shorthand for the International Criminal Police Organization. It was established in 1923 and operates in about 188 countries. By executive order 12425, issued in 1983, President Reagan recognized Interpol as an international organization and gave it some of the privileges and immunities customarily extended to foreign diplomats. Interpol, however, is also an active law-enforcement agency, so critical privileges and immunities (set forth in Section 2(c) of the International Organizations Immunities Act) were withheld. Specifically, Interpol’s property and assets remained subject to search and seizure, and its archived records remained subject to public scrutiny under provisions like the Freedom of Information Act. Being constrained by the Fourth Amendment, FOIA, and other limitations of the Constitution and federal law that protect the liberty and privacy of Americans is what prevents law-enforcement and its controlling government authority from becoming tyrannical.

      On Wednesday, however, for no apparent reason, President Obama issued an executive order removing the Reagan limitations. That is, Interpol’s property and assets are no longer subject to search and confiscation, and its archives are now considered inviolable. This international police force (whose U.S. headquarters is in the Justice Department in Washington) will be unrestrained by the U.S. Constitution and American law while it operates in the United States and affects both Americans and American interests outside the United States.

    • One more place, Richard, for secrets to be kept from the American people has he deliberately destroys this country and turns us into serfs….those who survive.

      Again….he is not privy to God’s plan! They all will be given enough rope to hang themselves, separate them from the good harvest.

      I told my hubby months ago that Bernanke (via money printing) was running up the stock market for his global cronies to steal all the money that investors have put into it. I heard yesterday that it is higher than ever….and guess what, today I hear that S o r o s, Warren B u f f e t, and some other big dude are in the process of selling all of their American holdingss in the stock market. I am assuming that this audiance is aware that S o r o s has a reputation for distroying economies in the past. I figure he is one of the leading elite of the global system. A couuple of years ago I figured that 2012 was our last year to get out of debt and convert to things that would be useful in a Depression or worse, when there was not electricity or national economy. It is beginning to look like that way. Hope I am wrong.

    • A friend at Shabbat two weeks ago has opportunity to rub shoulders with military and a young soldier he knows personally shared that his father (retired military intelligence officer now working with “freedom fighters” – ours – on the US/Mexico border and still provides some intel as a contractor) related that there are units of Pakistani, Uzbekistani and Chinese forces amassed south of the border. I had heard about the Chinese troops quite some time ago but was unaware of the Middle Eastern troops. Very sobering stuff!! You do know that the Chinese have military bases in northern Mexico and naval ports in Mexico as well, right?! It’s just a matter of time…. Perhaps even as soon as May!

      Be blessed and be diligent!!

  8. End Time Score Card

    [_] – antichrist implements 666 system
    [_] – false prophet preaches antichrist
    [x] – famine, wars, plagues, and death rampant
    [x] – babylon helping sell souls along with whatever people covet
    [_] – the destroyer with the locust army (demonic)
    [x] – rulers and merchants in bed with the harlot <<<<< such as dictators, elites, wall street, and bankers
    [_] – the dragon kicked out of heaven

    • nome ive got so many videos of dragons being caught on camera in the last 2 years surrounding devastatons, (tsunami’s, massive f5 tornado’s, the largest quakes). We have video of angels lashing out against orbs with longs whips made of light. We have what appears to be a fallen angel appearing to pet a demon slowly stroking its head while it lears at it. Wierd wild and totally captured. Most of them are full of ufo’s and on zoom in’s these things are behind it. Huge angelic robed figures some with wings some without. Some are black floatin and blinking in and out at aircraft, and helicopters. I think the wars raging and some are getting kicked out atleast a bit at a time, thrown off the wall so to speak.

  9. “”


    A MILLION Syrian refugees, over 90,000 dead that are known… outta control! 😯

  10. A really great leader one of the best for the last 100, 200 years


  11. I keep hearing in my mind, the admonition: “Be wise as serpents and harmless as doves..” I wonder when Jesus said this if he was really talking about serpents or about the “shining ones?”

  12. We support a young missionary who witnesses at one of our state universities. She sent us a note and I’d like to share it to encourage others to speak out boldly for Christ.

    “Since the conference, 4 students accepted Christ after hearing our
    students preach the gospel! One of our leaders, Carlos, was eating lunch
    alone and felt God direct him to talk to another guy sitting alone. Carlos
    shared how God had changed his life this past year. The young man
    stopped eating and told Carlos that the night before he was praying for God
    to intervene in his life because he knew he was lost! Carlos prayed with him
    to accept Christ on the spot! Carlos is now meeting with him and teaching
    him more about a relationship with Christ.
    Theresa also had a similar experience when she took my challenge to ask
    two people what they believe. After one of the conversations with a young
    man she did not know, Jimmy, God started to show Theresa how she should
    pray for him. The more she prayed the more God gave her a burden. Finally
    she went and found Jimmy again and asked to pray with him in person. She
    prayed for God to reveal himself, answer Jimmy’s unspoken questions and
    break his drug addiction. Stunned at the relevance of her prayer, he had not
    told her about his questions or that he was a drug user, he ran to talk to a
    friend. This friend, Demarcus, was a fellow drug user the week before, but
    he had just gotten saved at Campus Harvest!!! After hearing Jimmy’s story,
    Demarcus encouraged him “God is real! Believe Him.” The next day David
    Fischer, the pastor of U-Church, was reading at a coffee shop when he felt
    God leading him to share the gospel with the young man at the table next to
    him. The surprise of the day: the guy was Jimmy! After three unrelated
    encounters, Jimmy knew God is in pursuit of him and that Christ died for him
    and now he is turning from his former life!
    “Then they will know that I am the Lord their God” Ez 39:28″

  13. I read this blog daily and enjoy all of your comments. I have only made minor comments maybe twice before. But reading your comments about your government grieves me deeply for all of you, and your country. My mother is American, and I also have several American cousins. If I may share an experience about my government in Ontario, Canada? During my nightly prayers I wait on God to show me what to pray for. About 9 months ago God told me to pray against our Provcial Premier (like your state governor) to have him removed, I thought this was a silly prayer because he is a young man who was just newly re-elected for his 3rd. term. (unlimited terms here) I thought this was impossible to pray for because I thought he would never, ever leave his post. He is a terrible leader that has nearly destroyed our beautiful province and nearly bankrupted it with much corruption and Liberalism.Yet I continued nightly to pray against him and his leadership. Just a few months later, it happened!!! He announced he was stepping down. I was shocked, this was nearly impossible and I didn’t think it would ever happen, even though God directly told me to pray for it. I thought God was wasting my time. However, God always knows what He is doing.We have a worse interim leader, however, are awaiting another election. (Praying for next leader) God has also told me to pray for the preservation and protection of our Prime Minister, who fully supports Isreal, as I also daily pray for Isreal. I urge you all to ask the Father if He would direct you too, to pray for the removal of your terrible leaders. I know, if someone other than God told me, I would not have believed it, (Oh, Ya, I didn’t believe it.) But please believe me, (I still can’t believe it) Prayer led by the FATHER, Himself, does work.
    May God bless you all, and God bless America
    Respectfully Yours,

    • Hi Linda:
      Greetings to you in The Big Smoke.
      Please pray with me; – for God to send us a new leader, to come quickly, that is a man after His own heart.
      This is how God told me to pray.

      Blessings on you and yours,

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