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Prophecy in the News

Russ and I spent the day at Prophecy in the News being interviewed by Gary Stearman about the Nephilim Mound Conference we held last September, in Newark Ohio.

We prayed for Gary before the session and this is the reason for this post today.  Gary has gone almost 50 days without being able to keep solid foods down.  He has undergone every medical test possible, cat scans, MRI’s, barium X-rays, blood work,  you name it he’s gone through it.  The doctors can’t find anything wrong with him, which is why I am writing this post today, but first here’s a short story….

When I was Music Director at a large So. Cal church I arrived one morning to find candles burning in a Pentagram with a sacrificed dove in the middle of it.  The candles were burned to about the half way point, which meant the ritual had been conducted perhaps only a few hours before I arrived to open the doors for the Sunday service.  The custodian and I cleaned it all up and later I told the rest of the staff about it.  I was met with indifference as if nothing was going to ever happen with this.  Several months later the church underwent one of the most horrific splits I have ever seen.  A short while later the head elder died of a sudden heart attack and two years after that the Pastor was dead.  The church had been targeted by those who serve the god of this world, Satan.  They engaged in warfare and took out a church, an elder, a pastor and left 3000 people in the lurch, without a church home.   The destroyed what had taken 12 years to build.

The battle we are engaged in is real.  Gary is a target and PITN is one of the few, genuine Christian ministries on TV.  PITN has expanded their influence and in both Russ’ and my opinion the Dark Side has now taken notice.  Russ and I believe there may be a supernatural component to what is bringing Gary down.  We believe he is being targeted by the Fallen One and his minions.  The Fallen One comes to rob, kill and destroy, so if he can take Gary out he achieves much and hampers the work that has been going on there for years.

So we need to put on our armor and pray and not a casual two-minute prayer, but warfare.  We need to come together and pray for healing, pray against any hexes, curses, or weapons that are formed against Gary.  Some of us may want to add a fast to the prayer.  We need to cover Gary and declare: Gary Stearman shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the Lord!

We need to cry out and say:  Our God is the God who heals all of Gary’s diseases!
We must pronounce: No weapon formed against Gary Stearman will prosper!

Please do not consider this lightly as the Fallen One would like nothing better than to take Gary out.

This is warfare and by the Lord’s hand we will be victorious.  When the enemy comes in like a flood, the battle belongs to the Lord.  

Pray without ceasing.

45 thoughts on “Muster the Prayer Warriors!

  1. Lord Jesus, we lift Gary up to you now. He needs your healing touch. Make this entire experience one that pushes Gary closer and closer to you. Thank you that he can keep fluids down. Lord, we’re asking that solid foods can become a part of his diet again.
    Thank you for dying on the Cross for us. By your stripes we are healed. Please move that healing into the dimension we’re presently in. Thank you, Jesus.

  2. There is nothing satan hates more than one who has a HEART FOR GOD which Gary does.No matter what battle befalls us in this life the promises of God stand true!!!! When Job was afflicted he stayed true to God and Gary has the same Love for God as Job who was blessed more at the end of his life than at the beginning.Father you know your servant Gary which is a man sent for these last days.May you bless him with healing that only comes from you and you alone.Your son overcame all power and principalities and nailed it to his cross.We Praise you that our prayers of faith will move this mountain in Gary’s life in Jesus name we pray Amen and Amen.
    P.S.Ensure drinks and Gatorade for good nourishment.

  3. Standing with Gary with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit with assurance of the victory to come knowing that No weapon that is formed against him shall prosper. and having done all, to stand. Stand therefore

  4. LA, it’s not just Gary, but we all need to pray for all the unsung supporters of PITN and your ministry as well. I can’t tell you how much trouble I expirience trying to post this to FB, this morning. The prince of the air was doing everything to block the access to post. Finally, I gave up. But then tried one more time. Thankfully, the prince dropped his guard, and it posted. This war is real. Jesus is greater…

    • I run into that problem a lot too. I will copy something to paste on another site and then everything crashes at least 3 times so I have started to count… the name of the Father… the name of the Son… the name of the Holy Spirit. 🙂 That usually bugs ’em enough to let me in!

    • Excellent blog & comments, thanks and blessings to everyone!

      @ Ron: I too have often experienced that kind of warfare! When it happens, I slow down & speak the Word. I praise the Lord that what I am doing must matter more than I realize. The battle is the Lords, what an honor to be in His army!

    • Amen!

      Sometimes things get pretty hairy…if I don’t know what else to do I whip open that Bible and just start reading it out loud. Whatever it takes!

    • Good to know that this phenomena isn’t just happening to me! I’ve prayed over my computer system so many times and I’ve screamed the Word at it when it won’t cooperate. Sometimes I can’t even get into my internet program much less read anything.

      Praise God for the Word and my constant and consistent faith in God to get me through these walls.

      In the meantime, yes, praying for Gary Stearman.

      On another note, just found Cris Putnam (he does look like Christopher Reeves aka Superman) video uploaded by PITN at the 2012 Branson Prophecy Summit, including the St. Malachy prophecy, Prophecies of the Popes:

      Petrus Romanus: Back to the Future


    • See? And that includes where my system picks up a video that I’m not even viewing!

      The video I’m trying to show is Petrus Romanus: Back to the Future

  5. Dear Lord of Mercy and Father of Comfort,

    You are the One I turn to for help in moments of weakness and times of need. I ask you to be with Gary in his illness. Psalm 107:20 says that you send out your Word and heal. So then, please send your healing Word to your servant, Gary. In the name of Jesus, drive out all infirmity and sickness from his body.

  6. Eloquent prayers posted here…..the warriors are mustered, now the devil will play “ketchup”….. 🙂

    I have been praying etc. (fasting until sundown… case any wonder what etc. means…..won’t say that again) and also add fervent prayers for all the watchmen since they all get targeted by the enemy and as Gary gets healed the attacks on the rest will pick up. I think Gary has been a hub for getting the word out for so many ministries and that is why he has been so viciously attacked…….I also pray for the safety, well being and health of all the students in the comments and chats. Our job is to soak up all the faith, knowledge and wisdom of these teachers against the day when we no longer have radio, TV or internet……then those seeds that we have planted locally will come back to us and ask for more and like all seedlings, they will need us to expose them to the Son! God bless the watchmen and their students!

  7. I will stay in an open state of prayer!
    Praise our Lord God, thank you for Gary and his ministry and all his colleagues!
    Strike down the enemy that continues to oppress Gary and cast out all demons from around him.
    Lift Gary up and heal him physically,emotionally,and spiritually!
    Protect him from any harm or illnesses!
    Keep me focused and strengthen my faith as to be an effective warrior for my Father in Heaven as well as my brothers and sisters in Christ!
    Do not let us falter keep us strong in The Lord and let our hearts hear the direction of the Holy Spitit.
    Annoint Gary and LA including all our Watchers with your Grace and keep them strong , healthy, wise,and in complete protection!!!
    In Jesus Name Amen!!!!

  8. I’d like to send out a thank you to Gary for giving the people such an informative program! The God we serve is a Mighty God Gary and He knows those who are His! May this season of difficulty you have been faced with be removed and replaced with a Praise filled testimony! In the name of Jesus by whose stripes we are healed!

  9. Heavenly Father, I lift Gary/his family up to you for divine protection, comfort, and peace that surpasses understanding. Quench everyfiery dart the evil one fires at him, Praise to you Lord almighty for your faithful servant!

    In Jesus’ holy name. Amen

  10. All those tests and what not that Gary has been put through,can really cause upset to the workings of the body. We need to pray for his restoration from what he has been through.

    LORD, My Father, please look upon Gary Stearman and grant us this prayer for Your help. Please restore him so he can continue your work, don’t let him die. . Please heal all diseases and damages done to his body, and restore what the medicines of man have destroyed. Please remove any weapons that may have pierced him from the dark one and his followers, and shield him from all other weapons used against him. Prosper him, Lord, bring him up from this sickness and restore him. Give him the quiet to rest and heal…take his hand within Yours and bring him up from this illness. We need him, Lord. Thank you! Gathering in Christ’s Holy name, asking you for these things to happen for Gary Stearman. Amen

  11. Amen to all of it. Definitely keeping Gary, PITN, et al covered in prayer!

    I will say this: Gary is certainly wise enough to the potential spiritual component that he’s kept that covered in prayer the entire time this has been going on thankfully. That element was on the radar from the word “go.”

    He’s had great support, church elders, friends, and fellow Christians around him the entire time Praise the Lord.

    If the entire medical side of things has been cleared…and it looks like it has because I think the poor guy has been tested for everything known to mankind..then it’s one of two possibilities:

    1.) An attack


    2.) A Job-esque trial of some sort.

    I was VERY happy that both LA and Russ were able to get there, meet him, prayer with Gary/pray over Gary and I would daresay those three together in the Spirit would absolutely sniff out and identify anything “amok.”

    Frankly I expected to see a picture of Gary with a large pizza get posted late last night coming off all that so that tells you ultimately what my hopeful expectations are out of all of this. 🙂

    We’ll keep praying!

    • LA made a good point that a number of us have noticed and just “take it for what it’s worth.” Watch the timing here.

      The Pike’s Peak conference gets solidified and the announcement goes out. Gary starts to get ill.

      The FIRST DAY registrations get opened up for it, he had muscled through a shoot with LA and Richard the day before and bam! Down he went. That first day of registrations I called in there to register and Gary was out and a gal was out with food poisoning at the same time. That’s an interesting little peripheral detail that I’ve never forgotten.

      To the best of my knowledge: I’m not sure Gary knows where/when/how he got the original illness.

      What’s even more interesting is: NO ONE else ever caught it from Gary including his wife. Flus and noroviruses are EXTREMELY contagious.

      ^^ These are the kind of details floating around that I’ve never forgotten in all of this and I don’t know if any of it means anything or not.

      My entire family and I have been and will continue to crank the prayers on behalf of Gary, his family, PITN, and anyone even remotely assoicated with it because there is a very suggestive timing and pattern situation here IMHO at least.

    • Eric: “Frankly I expected to see a picture of Gary with a large pizza get posted late last night coming off all that so that tells you ultimately what my hopeful expectations are out of all of this.”

      Yes! Quoting an author, Mark I. Bubeck, “Invincible prayer is centered in great expectancy.”

      Invincible: indomitable, irresistible, powerful, intrepid!

    • Eric said “Frankly I expected to see a picture of Gary with a large pizza get posted late last night ”

      (Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies)

      I expect to see a picture of Gary with a full plate Peruvian tacos.
      We are more than conquerors.

  12. I AM SO GLAD YOU GET WHAT SYSTEM IS IN PLACE HERE! Two weeks ago I posted on PITN facebook page that I felt this was a demonic attack to silence the platform so many of you forerunners are using to enlightened folks to the schemes of the devil.
    What the Lord showed me was a Kundalini wrapped around his intestines and everytime he eats it squeezes his stomach. I suggested the staff at PITN go lay hands on Gary and go after this specific demon. I can pray from TX but I know I heard the Lord say to lay hands on him. You may have to do a deliverance on Gary. I’ll cover you in prayers of wisdom & protection today.

  13. I will pray for Gary. I am not an expert. In the western world Doctors do not test thoroughly for worms / parasites. Going to third world countries, being around carriers such as foreign missionaries and the import of food etc can lead to human worm or parasite which are like the symptoms you are describing.

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  15. Has Gary been tested for possible allergic reaction to food or drinks?
    Praying that he makes a good recovery.

  16. i agree, L.A.. half the people that ever lived are living now. relative to population God’s anointed are probably 1%. Satan has got the 99% where he wants them so the attention and priority of the oppression of God’s Elect is getting real personal and close to home. NO, we will not stand for it, we have been given power to tread on the serpent and rebuke him in Jesus precious Name. Isaiah 14, “is this the man?” the oppressor will be in the pit soon. Praise God!

    • Y.

      I seek your face. Here in the gathering place for our family, where we can share concerns and look and compare and come to know your heart and way and timing. As we pass so quickly through this world, in the light of eternity it may seem like when first opening our eyes after sleeping, and the dream we were in is vanished, no need to be any more concerned about whatever it was that seemed so important an instant before. Because we awake, and rise into the daylight of work with you. And turn our sights and hearts to helping make a difference, real difference in continuing to take pleasure and joy together in truly meaningful ways.

      I’m satisfied that we need to ask. Politely. Respectfully. Obediently… just because you said ask. I’ve not asked for your help with so many things that I just put up with, wondering why you let me be this way or that. I know you know the difference, ’cause there’s those times you do just “fix things” and make problems go away. I’m not bothered because I wear glasses, or have certain frailties in the flesh. Sometimes I think you want us to experience weaknesses so we know what it’s like for lesser creatures. While that may be, nonetheless, I know I should just ask not only for healing and overcoming and protection, but also miracles. Just because you said ask. And you value agreement, when we come to common understanding or pull together to work in agreement.

      Brother LA has asked that we pray for Gary Stearman. I don’t want even my enemies to dwell in broken down bodies or living in suffering or torture. Gary is not enemy. We some some things differently, perhaps due to age or perspective, but as best I can tell he’s family — and I don’t want any of the family to get stuck in suffering. And it seems to me he’s stuck. I’ve come close to wishing harm on my enemies, you know. Or hoping for their rapid departure. But I’m learning to value your way of doing things, asking for blessing and lovingkindess, exercising forgiving and patience, just because that’s what you do, and that’s what I want to be, more and more like you.

      And I’ve grown to appreciate that in the transience and fragility of our own bodies, more water and air than blood and bone, that we’re at the mercy of your true enemies, but that you enable us to withstand them. You know I don’t mean humans, but those creatures that are unruly and wild. Like rabid dogs, were it possible to put them down, then yes I want them gone. In Jesus Name — darkness and wickedness get out! Now. From all our lives, but that the Lord Jesus, Yeshua Messiah, tell you otherwise, go. And do not return.

      Abba, I pray for Gary, and all of us really, that we be enabled to share in your ongoing works and ministries often, frequently, during the course of the day, each day, extending your lovingkindess, doing our Heavenly Father’s will, and conveying the reality of living in your presence with the greater cloud of witnesses who have passed on. No doubt it is your will that we overcome illness. And sometimes just by pulling together, but even better by pulling on your garment, and tugging at your heart, and knowing that you don’t want any of us to perish in some defeat or compromise. If we are to suffer in battle or even pass on, let it please be because we’ve taken a stand to do right, and not because of any jeopardy we put on ourselves.

      And if it were just about ourselves… and not about our natural families, that would be enough to pull together in overcoming. But you have a heart for all of these for grandchildren, and those who may not be as strong in the faith, and for the rest of the lost that have not yet come out. Please heal Gary also for them. Credit where credit is due, whether you work through those that provide care with their instruments, or through adequate and sparing temporary medicines or therapies with proper weights and measures, we pray that your understanding guide and inform and not the all too often guesswork that so often comes with trying different things without really understanding what really helps and what’s really just guesses.

      Now I haven’t bent your ear in this setting more than most psalms or songs. And I know you value well considered requests. Please enable those around Brother Gary Stearman to see whatever it is that is causing this, and if need be with discernment. I ask with those likewise moved that any curses from your enemies against Gary be turned to blessings, that whatever attacks be quickly turned to failed attempts, that any neglects, traps, ambushes, subterfuges, or machinations be nullified, and that manifold more be restored in time and health, beyond what you did with Hezekiah. That Gary be wise in advanced years without giving anything over to the rebels. Moreso, that like Caleb and Joshua he have robust years to come.

      And that means that I must by needs pray for your help that we all reduce our sedentary times, excess diets, and misplaced priorities. I know you hear, and read, and that you have plenty of agents and agencies that do likewise. So in considering our requests, I’d just like to say, that you said — pray and ask. We’re asking please. As you’ve said in your Word.

      Just taking a little time to lay this before you — ’cause I know your heart. Thank you kindly(!), as one of your many children. Amen.

  17. Gary may be in need of deliverance. He himself may not be the problem, but perhaps there is freemasonry in the family line, etc. Watch William Sudduth’s YouTube video on Freemasonry. I have a copy of the prayer of renunciation of the vows and oaths taken in Freemasonry which I would be glad to provide. FM is so common in the United States, you would be hard pressed to find someone who did not have it in their family background. There are many good deliverance ministries in the United States – Dr. Henry Wright of Be in Health in Thomaston, GA has an awesome ministry. The enemy has been attacking the saints very vigorously. It’s hard to fight him when we have demonic oppression and spirits of infirmity attacking us. Deliverance prayers generally need to be very focused, naming the spirits involved, etc.

    • Even if a grandfather or greatgrandfather was active in FreeMasonry, it’s enough to cause major problems for the family line. They speak terrible curses and oaths over their families.

  18. Where better a place to tear down that ‘stronghold’. Satan is ALWAYS were Christians are gathered, trying to tempt them away from our Lord. We should flip the coin and be bold, take the Truth as close as possible. You won’t find to many lost followers of satan searching for the Truth of the Lord via fellowship with Christians. You never know what opportunity the Lord lays in our path.

  19. I will definitely lift brother Stearman in prayer…..Gary is an important man, doing the Lord’s work in a way that many people are not or can not. I agree he is probably a target of the enemy because of his unique position & influence. The enemy is definitely turning up the heat in these last days….I’m nobody special, and my family and I are undergoing some pretty heavy attacks. LA is the real deal, he has lifted me and my family up in prayer and his compassion and dedication to the Lord’s work are an inspiration.
    Dear Heavenly Father, I ask that you please bring healing, peace, & strength to Gary Stearman today….he is a faithful servant of your and he needs a touch from you….thank you for your goodness Lord….you are a good God, even when times are rough and we feel alone, You promised never to leave or forsake us. Thank you in advance for the work you are going to do in Gary’s life… Jesus name, amen.

  20. I prayed 4 Gary tonight and immediately seen in the spirit angels forming a circle around him, but there was darkness all around. The angels walked all around him in circles, very close to ea other, almost no space between them, forming like a ring around Gary. That’s all I got. God is good!

  21. A relative took my mom & dad up to Pikes Peak. I think they were in their 60’s @ the time. Anyway, the high elevation did something to my mom’s inner ear. She got dizzy & sick up there. This caused permanent ear damage & she lost most of her hearing in that one ear which also effected her balance somewhat over the rest of her life. It was a life changing experience for her but certainly not in a positive sense.

  22. LA, Thanks for the update on Gary. I have been praying for him. My husband nearly died of a similar complaint several years ago, being hospitalized 3 times. God has healed him, restored our marriage and moved us to Costa Rica. We serve a great and mighty Lord God of Abraham. Never give up hope and the Lord’s purposes will be revealed. My son, Eric Benjamin also nearly died age 10. I prayed and bound the ‘spirit of death’ as Jesus has the keys to death, hell and the grave. I was in the minority, standing very much alone. I was told Eric would not live, indeed could not live, but he is almost 35 and a wonderful God-fearing man. He was bitten by a brown recluse spider, had multi-organ failure (kidney and liver) and 94 percent of his blood was destroyed. I bound the spirit of death, and he lived, liver and kidneys were completely restored. We serve an awesome Lord, simply believe and you will receive. And let’s face it: regardless of anything else, no one can keep us from our heaven Father and His Son. Whether in life, or death, we are His, always kept by His mighty hand. Love you in the Lord, ~Shawn~


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