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Jesus and the Third Temple: The Complete Guide to the Ancient History and Secret Rituals of the Red Heifer Ceremony

Why Building the Third Temple in Jerusalem is a Jewish Right and a Christian Imperative!

This book is of vital importance to Christians and Jews who question the urgency of building the Third Temple in Jerusalem.  It answers the most critical WHY, WHERE, WHEN and HOW questions by revealing the most important untold secret of the Holy Land. King Solomon’s Temple helped shape Christianity as we know it today.

With Jesus and the Third Temple, you are transported back in time to bear silent witness to the ancient sanctification and purification rites of God’s Chosen People. This was a time when they – and they alone – worshiped their God upon the hallowed grounds of the Temple Mount.

There, you will learn ancient secrets that have survived time, cataclysm, conquest and change.  Secrets shared only with those deemed worthy to enter the Kodesh Ha-Kodeshim so as to be schooled in the curriculum of the sacred.  Then you will understand that which only a few have known. God’s Divine Presence, Shekhinah, actually dwelled in the Tabernacle, Solomon’s Temple and the Second Temple.

Sharing this ancient secret is an imperative for Christians. This is because our present day understanding of this sacred site is largely based on the limited knowledge of those who once lived and worked outside its walls.  Even though they cherished it as the holiest site of their nation, their misperceptions have endured until now.

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end timeIn Other News – Tracking the Birth Pains!

Earth quake hits China; 8 injured

Earth quake hits China; 8 injured


Hizballah on high alert, jockeys for a role in potential Syrian peace accord

Hizballah on high alert, jockeys for a role in potential Syrian peace accord


 Anomalies and Huge UFOs orbiting the Sun February 20, 2013.

Browse Images NASA – Anomalies and Huge UFOs orbiting the Sun February 20, 2013. – YouTube


Car bomb kills 53 near Damascus ruling party building

Car bomb kills 53 near Damascus ruling party building | Reuters


Bankruptcy filing may be bad option for Detroit

Analysis: Bankruptcy filing may be bad option for Detroit | Reuters


Rare mammoth discovered in Russia, entire graveyard suspected

Rare mammoth discovered in Russia, entire graveyard suspected — RT News


Parents outraged after TSA agents try to subject their wheelchair-bound toddler to an extra layer of security, including a patdown, right before her dream trip to Disney World

35 thoughts on “Acceleration Radio – Robert Reiland – Jesus and the Third Temple!

  1. That’s going to be some show!

    Gary is getting the tests today. No idea when we’re going to hear news but hopefully before today is out. Keep praying folks! We need daylight on this thing ASAP!

    • Praying. We have lost too many prophecy warriors in the last couple of years. I believe Gary will be completely healed in Jesus name.

    • UPDATE!

      “Gary underwent a Barium digestive procedure this morning which lasted for almost 3 hours. He was given a clean bill of health with no evidence of anything abnormal. In fact, the doctor, a fellow pilot, told him that he had the intestines of a 20 year old!
      Praise the Lord. It appears at this point he is just experiencing the fallout from a very severe flu. He’s feeling good today and is looking forward to a good meal of solid food this afternoon. He wants to thank everyone for their prayers, their concern and their “home remedies.”

      Praise the Lord! 😀

      Now if he actually eat and keep that food down!

    • Good news. I hope the symptoms do not return 24-48 later like before. I still hope they checked his gallbladder, those things can be sneaky.

  2. I had my usual “patdown” on my way to Scottsdale by airplane this year. I do not like to go through the x-ray or the other technological scanner, which my wheelchair-pusher could not explain to me, other than saying it was “safe.” On the way back, the patdown was minimal, as the TSA agent only patted me from wrist to elbow before, I guess, she thought she had done enough. I would like to say that I was NOT enraged. I suppose to some people these patdowns are “invasive”, but to me they are nowhere near as invasive as the TSA machines. They are not sexual invasions, at least in my mind. I have had some sexual invasions in my lifetime and this was not that.
    To the “toddler” LA mentions, maybe the patdown on the way to Disneyworld was invasive, and if so, sorry he/she had to experience it. But enraged parents do not help.

    • Gosh the system picked up the wrong videos that I wanted to display. They are both in youtube titled: man with Down’s Syndrome Asphyxiated & DHS & Police training to Take on Children and Pregnant Women

      Don’t know why the system picked up videos I didn’t even click on…Sorry.

    • I was brought up around small aircraft. Was taught at an early age to operate ‘just in case’. I know it’s not for everyone, but I prefer the simpler private plane mode of transport. Given all the hubbub and cost of the behemoth airlines today, I would rather support local pilots who need the income, and love to fly, for any reason.
      As a parent, I can understand the outrage of a special needs child being harassed for no logical reason. I am also incensed about the advice for women who are being raped to ‘urinate themselves or vomit’ on their attackers. And what about homeland security using paper targets of pregnant women and children for ‘no hesitation response’. Mind you, the terrorist of today are mainly ‘white, conservative Bible toting, gun loving patriots’.
      And get a load of this, Internet Posting removal Act introduced on Feb 13 by Illinois General Assembly veteran Ira Silverstein,
      ‘Creates the Internet Posting Act. Provides that a website administrator shall, upon request, remove posted comments posted by an anonymous poster unless the anonymous poster agrees to attach his or her name to the post and confirms that his or her IP address, legal name, and home address are accurate’.

    • Very few of us could afford a private plane. I go the cheapest way, Southwest Airlines. I am “disabled” and I was on my way to my annual platelet radiation at Mayo clinic. I did not object to the patdown. The agents were very polite, kind. I am sure there are probably some bad agents who are neither polite nor kind. But I think this is a mountain in a molehill. However, one may wonder if this system actually catches criminals.

    • I totally understand Mariel. I pray the Lord gives you relieve. If things get tight, please check into A great group of people.

  3. Audio: A Red Heifer is Alive and Well in Israel!
    Preparations Underway in Full Swing For Temple Mount Awareness Day – Be a Part of it!


    A7 Radio’s “Temple Talk” with Rabbi Chaim Richman and Yitzchak Reuven

    In this highly charged live special two hour broadcast of Temple Talk, Yitzchak Reuven and Rabbi Richman reflect upon the lessons of Purim and modern-day Hamans. They also talk about the relationship between the Golden Calf and the mysterious Red Heifer, including the dramatic revelation of a new red heifer alive and well in Israel at an undisclosed location!

  4. TSA agents try to subject their wheelchair-bound toddler to an extra layer of security, including a patdown, right before her dream trip to Disney World

    I saw this on the news the other night and I am disgusted. It sickened me to see this poor beautiful child Lucy traumatized by the TSA thugs.
    These so called agents pretty much ruined what was probably a fun and exciting trip to Disney for a little handicapped girl….will their shame get any lower? This only confirms why I try not to fly if at all possible….. because of these horrid TSA agents… What they did to this child is criminal. They (TSA) are the criminals. They don’t pat down people in Tel Aviv. The TSA is nothing more than the first slap in our free American faces. Instead using common sense, Janet Napalitano and her equally progressive, inhumane demons take out their hatred for all things decent, patriotic and the core of America…our families. These ghouls have not stopped one terrorist. They have not made one airplane safer. This is what they are supposed to do…instead they have all but destroyed our sense of being able to move around freely and in the process demoralize Americans every chance they get. I want to see a leader with enough guts to stop this …a strong, patriotic American President who can reverse all these efforts to demoralize Americans. I want to see these people driven out of our society. They are tough in Israel, but they don’t terrorize 3 year old kids forced to live in a wheel chair. The solution is to be smart about security, rather than risk offending this or that group. Take a page from Israel’s airport security. They know their enemy intimately, and act accordingly. On a recent flight few weeks ago I witnessed six young Middle Eastern men breeze through security without even the slightest glance , followed by a 15 minute pat down that’s was near a body cavity search on an 83 year old incontinent Grandma where her Depends were searched for liquid explosives. This was unacceptable as well as mind numbingly stupid. The people that control the TSA are our leaders. It is them that should be held accountable. I pray that family’s trip got much better and that child loved Disney despite TSA’s attempt to ruin it. . Fight hard and Pray Harder till this nonsense stops.

  5. I listened to the Hagmanns last night and took some notes:

    Doug Hagmann was contacted by one of his security sources who recounted (as a first person witness, as far as I can tell) a meeting between a U.S. senator and a genetic scientist. This scientist gave testimony of results he obtained from a blood sample from a murder case. This blood sample had very strange DNA strands.

    The scientist described the DNA twisting at nine rungs instead of a full twist every ten (which is normal). In addition to the two normal strands, there was a third that he described as a serpentine-type parasite. This was highly unusual.

    Soon after this, they were “nuked” (Joe Hagmann’s words) off the air. They will try again tonight.

    At first glance, this seems to me to be a new class of humans, perhaps with something that could be the forerunner of the “mark.”

    • I was in that room….heh heh heh but then you probably noticed my big mouth? There was a very strange vibe in the chat from the beginning…..I would not be surprized to find out someone hacked one of the regular’s user name and was posting some very rude comments that just seemed very off for him!
      It is now truly out in the open messing with the watchmen to keep them from getting info out to us!
      Lord, please protect L.A.’s show tonight!
      It was also amazing that the chat room stayed full for nearly 1/2 hour as 500 plus people clung to hope of hearing the rest! The remnant has a voracious thirst! God bless ya all!

  6. I think this is big news or close to it. Naturally our media isn’t covering it.

    Netanyahu: Centrifuge report shows Iran nearing ‘red line’

    ^^ Thanks to a big assist from North Korea. That’s all over Israeli news at least.

  7. Dear L.A., this is Arlene Trueblood, we met at the Newark, OH conference…..I have a question for you. Where in our HOLY BIBLE does it use the word “Shekhinah”?  I’ve only heard of God’s Holy Presence being in the temple.  I’m thinking that the word “Shekhinah” is from the freemasons or knights temlers, is this true?  Looking forward to your answer.  God Bless you and yours.   Arlene Trueblood


    • That turned out to be a very interesting question, Arlene. I was surprised to find that the actual word, “shekinah” is not in Scripture. I did look up “glory” in Strong’s, and the Hebrew word for that is “kabod”, so not even close. After a little searching, the root word for shekinah is “shakan.” It means dwells or inhabits, and was used by rabbis – not freemasons or knights templers – to refer to God’s presence. I think this link is informative on the origins and use of the word.


      Thanks for making me dig. God bless you.

  8. what is your opinion LA on this subject of the third temple? Was Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross an incomplete work,the third temple needs to be built again? i am confused. also, a simple google search of shekhinah shows it is a talmudic idea of a feminine presence of “god”

    • Obviously, I’m not LA. God Himself gave Ezekiel the dimensions of the Millennium Temple. Scripture says the sacrafice of our Lord was complete. So, like the sacrifices of the Old Testament that looked forward in anticipation of His sacrifice, the sacrifices of the Millennium Temple will look back in gratitude for it.

      The Millennium is going to be amazing. The animal kingdom will be different – the wolf will lie down with the lamb, and children will play with poisonous snakes without harm. Jesus will be present on the earth, ruling from His throne in Jerusalem. People won’t be able to say there is no God, because there He will be ruling with a rod of iron. But they’ll still sin. Flesh=sin. So these poor, innocent animals who won’t hurt anyone will have to die, not to atone for sin, but to impress people with how costly it is. The wages of sin will always be death, and I think the death of the animals will be even more impacting, since death will be so rare. Just my thoughts.

      Hope you’re listening to the radio show.

    • Thanks Looking Up for your explanation…while I agree that there will be a temple in the millennium, I believe it will be built by God Himself, not man made, just like New Jerusalem comes down from heaven and is made by God Himself. Anyone familiar with the goals of the freemasons knows that it is their biggest goal to rebuild Soloman’s temple..I don’t think we as Christians should be aligning ourselves with them in their quest to build a third temple.


    • I’m trying to think of any time in Scripture where the Lord built something in the way you describe to honor Himself. Can’t think of anything offhand. I see your point, Courage, regarding the freemasons, but on the other hand, we know it’s God’s plan to have Solomon’s Temple rebuilt. For me, one of the most amazing things about God is how He works it all to His plan, purpose and glory whether it was meant for evil or for good. Satan looses no matter how clever he thinks he is. Like LA says, it’s like a cosmic chess game, and God is always saying, “Checkmate.” What a mighty God we serve.

    • The article in the telshemesh link is troubling. It tries to establish worshiping God as goddess purely based on the talmudic use of a non-biblical term. God is neither male or female, complete in both male and female characteristics, but chose to reveal Himself in the masculine as Father, Husband, and countless uses of pronouns in the masculine form. When the feminine is elevated, it ultimately leads to goddess worship.

  9. a. Ezekiel’s Temple… for “sacrifice” cp. “sacrifice of praise” as in Hebrews 13:15 … small rooms possibly for translation / broadcasts
    b. “shekinah” … “”
    c. “must rebuild before antichrist” … cp. “Tabernacle of David rebuilt” Acts 15:16 / Amos 9:11 — is also a holy place, possibly literal, and does not have to be built on the defiled temple mount location, but could be erected easily south in the City of David area.

    • Ezekiel 43:18, And He said to me, “Son of man, thus says the Lord God, ‘These are the statutes for the altar on the day it is built, to offer burnt offerings on it and to sprinkle blood on it.” More specifics through the end of the chapter. It picks up again in 44:15 where the sons of Zadok “shall come near to Me to minister to Me; and they shall stand before Me to offer Me the fat and the blood, declares the Lord.

      So, there will be more than sacrifices of praise.


    Basically — avoid evil suspicions, debates, and doubtful disputations — there’s much better concerns.

    (someone please help Russ learn to pronounce “caricature” without dropping the “i” ; – )

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