PITN: Pikes Peak Prophecy Summit!

I’ve been in OK City all week with Bob Ulrich and Gary Stearman. I have to tell you that if you’re planning to go to this conference you better make reservations pronto!  This conference is selling out fast! 

Prophecy in the News


Last year 500 people were turned away.

There are only 1000 reservations available.

You won’t want to miss this, get your reservation early as the conference is going to sell out fast!

The Pikes Peak Prophecy Summit | Prophecy In The News

The big day has arrived. PITN is sponsoring our 2nd annual Prophecy Summit in beautiful Colorado Springs. It will be held at the Marriott Hotel, July 26-28, 2013 in the shadow of Pikes Peak and the Garden of the Gods. Many of your favorites will be joining us—27 speakers in all, presenting new, spectacular messages for your enjoyment.

If you’re not familiar with Colorado Springs, it will soon become one of your favorite places. Bring the family and see the sights—Pikes Peak, the Cog Railway, The Garden of the Gods, the US Air Force Academy, the US Olympic Training Center, the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Cave of the Winds, Seven Falls and some of the most spectacular weather in the country. Hiking, mountain climbing, golfing, horseback riding, whitewater rafting and just a short distance away you will find the spectacular Royal Gorge cable car ride and the beautiful city of Denver. Make Colorado Springs your family’s summer vacation. We guarantee you—you won’t regret it. It is truly one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

We’ll also be arranging special two-hour tours of the Shroud of Turin Museum . . . by private invitation only! You are going to love it. More details to follow.

Just look at the list of speakers who are committed already.

Gary Stearman. Tom Horn. Chuck Missler. L.A. Marzulli. Mark Biltz. Lennart Moller. Joseph Farah. Bill Koenig. Ken Johnson. Paul McGuire. Jerry Robinson. Stan Monteith. Doug Woodward. Bob Cornuke. Barrie Schwortz. Doug Hamp. Cris Putnam. Bill Salus. David Olander. Samuel Hoyt. Doc Marquis. Derek Gilbert. Fred DeRuvo. David Brennan and several more speakers yet to be announced. Just today Jonathan Cahn committed to the Summit! All of these men are headliners! This type of speaker list is simply remarkable! To have all these men in one place for a weekend is just too good for words!

The subjects we’ll be covering are going to be phenomenal. New messages on the rapture of the church by Gary Stearman and Professor David Olander; a look at Israel and their role in Bible prophecy; archaeological updates on the Shroud of Turin; the Lost Shipwreck of Paul; the Mystery of Masada and the Egyptian chariot wheels discovered in the Red Sea! It’s an archaeologists and treasure hunter’s dream!

You’ll be learning all about defending the rapture; the reality of the judgment seat of Christ; the dawn of the Luciferian era; financial strategies for the soon-coming financial calamity; the coming war in the Middle East prophesied in Psalm 83; new top-secret messages we simply can’t advertise by Doc Marquis and L.A. Marzulli; an expose of Freemasonry; the soon coming blood moons coming to Jewish Feast Days in 2014 and 2015; the ancient Book of Enoch; and America; the Daughter of Babylon.

This is a conference you won’t want to miss! A full speakers schedule and list of messages will follow as we get closer to the conference, but it’s going to be good.The conference will start early Friday afternoon (July 26) and end sometime mid-Sunday evening (July 28).

The cost of the 3-day conference is $90 per person.

To register, call Prophecy in the News toll-free at 800 475-1111

We sold out every room in the Marriott Hotel in 4 days, but we have secured space right across the street at the Hyatt Hotel. Once you register, call the Hyatt directly and make your room reservations immediately. We sold out out the Marriott very quickly, and rooms in the Hyatt will also go quickly, so call today and make your conference reservations and then your hotel reservations. Space is LIMITED!

The discounted room rate for our Prophecy Summit is just $99.00, $109.00 for a suite, a tremendous bargain for Colorado Springs in the month of July. The Hyatt has free breakfast and it is pet friendly.

The phone number for the Hyatt Hotel in Colorado Springs is 719 268-9990 When you call, ask for the special rate for the Prophecy in the News Summit.

We will also be having two special luncheons and a dinner with special guest speakers. You will have a chance to sign up for these when you call Prophecy in the News, beginning Tuesday morning, January 15th at 9:00 AM, CST. There is no online conference registration. Please call us to register first at 800 475-1111.

We hope to see you this summer! Don’t hesitate a single minute. We’re going to have a great time praising God and enjoying his marvelous Creation. Meet us at Pike’s Peak!

You can also make your hotel reservations at the Hyatt with the online reservation link below.


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    • “http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2263598/An-encounter-dark-moon-UFO-spotted-soaring-lunar-surface-online-video.html?ito=feeds-newsxml”

      That’s typically a tabloid site but defintely a “take it FWIW/vet it out” worthy situation there.

    • That was video of Giorgio Tsoukalos being injected into space by the Galactic Federation of Light they were quite displeased with the smell of his hair tonic and dramatic flair.

    • @ Garfield: The original article re: the UFO siting on the moon came from this site: http://au.ibtimes.com/articles/423654/20130114/ufo-sighting-moon-photo-video.htm#.UPmahfKrjf3

      I’ve seen better footage of ufo’s that have been uploaded into youtube; however, here’s the actual youtube video:

      I really don’t see very much and I did enlarge the video by double clicking on the video screen and then after viewing, exiting by clicking the esc key.

      I do see 2 tiny specs on the lower left screen, after the pointer is on the screen but I’m not seeing the so called “sharp turn,” the article refers to…


    • “http://www.veteranstoday.com/2013/01/17/ufo-blamed-for-millions-of-dead-fish-off-okinawa/”
      UFO Blamed For Millions Of Dead Fish Off Okinawa

      Now this is eye catching.

  1. Russ Dizdar was on Coast last night… Wow. I’ll try to find a youtube link. He mentioned what happened at the Connecticut conference last year with L.A. and Noory is blown away.

    • Keep praying for Noory. He can’t be Mr. Stay on the fence and agree with what everyone says to be a nice guy and get along forever. Seeds keep getting planted. 🙂

    • Eric, Russ said that the shootings will get worse – multiple shootings going on in rampages around a city. Watch, when that happens, Russ will be the first one George tries to get on. He’ll remember and maybe he’ll have a change of heart.

      We need to pray for Russ and his people. He will be deluged with emails and become even more of a focus of attack.

    • Definitely. People that think they can sit on the fence and be all good like Noory are HIGHLY vulnerable and susceptible to deception, attacks, and who knows what else.

      I’ve already seen some uh…interesting characters on Russ’s FB page. A regular problem on there stepped his attacks up the other day…initials HH if you’re on there…and Russ had to shut him down. VERY suspicious individual.

    • No doubt it got the attention of plenty of officers on night duty!

      Glad that Noory returned to “www.shatterthedarkness.net” after saying it was “.com” earlier.

      watchermeetup allows for more in depth discussions as a forum instead of a blog and comments remain open…


      Curious mix of bumper music:
      Midnight Express (The Chase), Giorgio Moroder
      Songbird, Kenny G
      Blue Moon, The Marcels
      Distant Early Warning, Rush
      Sympathy for the Devil, Rolling Stones
      Ghost Dance, Cusco
      You Send Me, Sam Cooke
      Right Now, Van Halen
      Devil in Disguise, Elvis Presley
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      Are You Lonesome Tonight?, Elvis Presley
      Black Magic Woman, Santana
      Runnin’ With the Devil, Van Halen
      Baker Street, Gerry Rafferty
      Devil or Angel. Bobby Vee
      Inca Dance, Cusco

      Y’all enjoy this about Russ in the gun shop interview…


      Standing at the gun counter at Fin, Feather & Fur Outfitters, Russ Dizdar of North Canton wondered aloud about the consequences of the military-style assault weapons ban proposed wednesday by President Barack Obama.

      “Will it bring on a civil war?” he said as he searched for a new shotgun along a crowded counter. “There’s a lot of animosity right now, a lot of fear. Just because of the stuff today, the executive orders. It’s going to border on a battle politically.”

  2. You might have to be logged into Facebook to see this. The page itself is rather interesting for what it is…Temple Institute.


    Lots of interesting stuff there but the post I want to direct everyone’s attention to was posted early on 1-17. “It’s well-known that the Temple Institute has no intention of recreating the Ark of the Covenant…” <- That post.

    They're using a model obviously but look how imminent that use of language is. Look at the expectations. Look at what they're saying.

    I remember Jimmy DeYoung say he was taken down under the temple mount by a rabbi and told where the ark was sitting. Some other people, too. I tend to believe that but it remains to be seen.

    It's CLOSE.

  3. No women speakers at the conference. This is understandable, since the topics to be covered demand that the speakers have “guts” or “balls” to enable them to handle ridicule. Most women wouldn’t have enough testosterone to do the job. Yet the best Bible teachers I have known in 3-D (that is, in real-time, real-place) have been women, such as the two associate pastors of my home church.
    The fundamentalist churches take seriously the idea that women should not be pastors. I can’t argue with that, as we women have limitations in standing up to “the world”. Yet sometimes we may have the best brains, usually hidden away under the faces of wives and mothers, occasionally sneaking out into “associate pastor” areas.

    Chuck Missler was the main Bible teacher of my husband and me. But he’s older than I am. That means he’s pretty creaky. Lots of those speaking are creaksters. Hoping to make it to the Rapture, like me. I’m for that!

  4. Isn’t anyone going to defend Rob Skiba here? In the video with Mike Hoggard (in the blog of the 16th), he puts Rob Skiba in the enemy’s camp (1.31.50 into the video). I don’t agree with all that Rob Skiba says or writes, but I definitely see him as a brother in Christ, and I rather bless him than curse him.

    • Life — yes we certainly should bless Rob Skiba as a brother in Christ. However not all brothers and sisters in Christ get everything right all the time. Mike Hoggard is very blunt when he delivers information, yet if the information is true, then what? We need to always be Bereans and have to be careful not to make such heroes of those we admire doing the Lord’s work. Rather, it’s best to check out things like this for ourselves. If Mike Hoggard’s assertion about Rob’s website statement is true, maybe Rob would be willing to clarify himself on it.

    • Life, Rob Skiba is a great guy, but the ramifications of his assertion that one of Noah’s sons wives was contaminated with nephilic blood is HUGE. By keeping to that assertion, he throws what God did in destroying the antediluvian world into the bin of fickleness – not cleansing.

      He destroys the character of God. It is that big. His idea is enmity to the gospel, even if he is right in everything else.

    • Linda and Rose, I agree fully on what you say about certain things where Rob probably has gone wrong, but thats not the point of my post. Mike Hoggard says in the video that Rob is in the camp of the Sacred Name movement – which he IS NOT. That is a lie, and Hoggard should retract it.

    • I agree, if it is a lie, Hoggard needs to be called on it. And I’m sure Skiba will clarify that for us.

      I am far more concerned with Rob’s views on the nephilim – especially if his SEED project gets off the ground.

    • Hoggard is no liar and I would hope he has enough of an established track record in ministry by now to at least earn the benefit of the doubt past THAT kind of expectation.

      I could get a lot more specific than I’m going to here because I really don’t want to derail L.A.’s blog and go off the reservation here. I can assure you I can prove everything I’m going to say here but it’s all in the public domain and easy to track down in any event.

      Besides some of the questionable Nephilim stuff…

      Rob has been running with SOME…watch the language there…SOME HRM and SWM concepts on an increasing basis for pushing two years now.

      That’s why P.M. mentioned him in a larger context going after all of that stuff.

      Speaking only for myself here:

      No one is cursing Rob. I can’t give him a “blank check” blessing, either.

      I recommend that people who are interested watch and listen to P.M. directly for themselves to make sure they understand what’s being and how it’s being said. 🙂 Be Bereans. Give everything a fair hearing and decide for yourselves. 🙂

      P.M. is just getting started and he my utmost enthusiasm and support for going after the Hebrew Roots Movement and Sacred Word Movement HERESIES. Because that’s what they are.

      They’re Satanic counterfeits of legit Messianic Christianity. They literally are the continuation of EVERYTHING Paul was going after in the book of Galatians. It’s alive and well right here, right now.

      I salute P.M. for shining a light on HRM and SWM. Too many people really don’t understand just how bad, dangerous, and misleading that stuff is.

      This isn’t Zola Levitt, Jews for Jesus, or Dr. Frutchenbaum time. This isn’t legit Messianic Christianity. It’s a fraudulent masquerade of it in the process of an attempting hijacking and people are falling for it left and right.

      I pray for Rob. I like him. Cool guy. He’s done some nice work in the whole Nephilim research area. He’s made some nice points and he asks some good questions and I thank him for that.

      Unfortunately, the issue is like I said:

      Rob has been running with SOME (key word) teachings and concepts out of the HRM and SWM movements and that’s all in the public domain.

      He’s been doing it on an ever increasing basis for pushing two years now.

      He’ll deny it. He always does. He’ll say he “ignores labels” and then what gets tragically laughable almost is he’ll refer people to Jim Staley to “defend himself” and guess what? Staley is a leader in the HRM! At that point he’s testified against himself.

      In the last 6 months or so especially he’s gone next level and in recent weeks I’ve seen and heard things in the public domain that took me from “very concerned” to “Oh holy crap!” alarmed outright.

      I’d love to be more specific…and believe me I could be…but this is not the right time, place, or venue to do that.

      There’s more than enough out in the public domain for people to be Bereans and determine for themselves what’s going on here and I recommend people do so. 🙂

      For me I’m at a point now…again all public domain…where I’m praying and pleading for a Matthew 18 intervention with Rob with a group of brothers that he respects and looks up to. It’s got to happen ASAP. In early September I did the best “guy off the street over email” Matthew 18 approach myself. We had a gracious and amicable stalemate of a conversation. He cited Staley there, too.

      This is going to hit a brick wall and implode at some point. It’s in process now.

      It’s at the point where…with a very heavy heart and regret…I’ve seen and heard enough now for myself where I feel I no long have any choice but to go to this level:

      I cannot and will not accept him in ANY kind of teaching or authority position in any kind of Church or spiritual enterprise or context whatsoever on the basis of 2 Corinthians 6:14, 2 John 9-11, and Romans 16:17.

      That’s me speaking for myself. Has nothing to do with P.M, either.

      The reason for that is: If you’re teaching we’re still under the law or any kind of conditional obligation thereof and you’re endorsing and fully running with messages like what’s in this photo for example: “https://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-snc6/s480x480/227717_552591574768118_1014603943_n.jpg” He constantly refers to that ministry and this stuff and more like it is all over his FB page.

      What an appalling, offensive, and disingenous truncating and spinning of Scripture that is there and yet sadly…there’s more where that came from. A lot more. With thumbs up, and endorsements, and proclamations to boot. How about the “fulfilled” part of that Scripture? What about “It is finished!” Come on!

      Do you know what that is, folks? That’s preaching “another gospel.” That’s a message of legalism and being still under the law. Read the book of Galatians. All of it. And that’s what Rob’s running with.

      For this we’re flirting with Galatians 1:8 territory and that SCARES me outright. That’s how serious this is and why I’m reacting the way I am.

      Pray about it, folks. Pray for him. Pray for all of it.

    • Hi Eric — thank you for that post and your perspective on all of it. Yes, will pray for all of it. God bless!

    • I want to emphasize and I know this is hard to do with text on a screen: I’m speaking out of love, grace, troubled urgency, and concern.

      Blessings. 🙂

    • Wow, Eric, I didn’t realize how deeply the problem has become entrenched. I quit paying serious attention to Rob when he clung to his nephilic contamination ideas – I knew that eventually there would be a polarization. It seems like that day has come, albeit on a different issue.

      I am not as well versed in this as you are, so I will take my own advice and bow out now…

      Bless you for caring as deeply and praying as fervently as you have for Rob and Hoggard both.

      I must clarify one thing: in an age when men like Billy Graham must be questioned and scrutinized, despite his life-long commitment to spreading the gospel, NO PERSON is above being questioned about the veracity of his/her statements. I mean no insult to him, but I won’t just give him a point because he is Mike Hoggard (or Russ Dizdar, or L.A. Marzulli, for that matter). In this day and age, nobody gets a pass. We must prove ALL things.

    • Amen Rose and the very first person I try to implement all of that on is the guy I see in the mirror. 🙂

      No…the other one. (just kidding) 😉

    • The collective Apostasy is snowballing and merging very quickly. Very very subtle and disturbing. Remember Jesus leads the flock by his word and his spirit, whereas Satan pushes with error & doubt, confuses, divides, isolates, scatters and abandons etc.


    • Eric, what YOU’RE writing here is balanced and fair, but that is not what Hoggard does. He explicitly, publically, puts Rob Skiba together with the others on the table which he says is of the devil. Thats what my post was about. I’m totally in agreement with you about the errors among those other false messianic groups. Also in public, is Rob himself saying that he IS NOT of the Sacred name movement.

    • What Mr. Skiba wrote was incorrect as Mr. Hoggard pointed out. IMHO whether it was poor writing skills plus lack of knowledge or something intentional on Mr. Skiba’s part is my question and since I do not follow Mr. Skiba’s work, but Mr. Hoggard and Eric W. does I will assume for the moment myself that what he wrote was intentional.

      Mr. Hoggard points out that Mr. Skiba is alluding to that the NT was translated to Greek from Hebrew which is untrue on Mr. Skiba`s part, but then again Mr. Skiba did not say the NT exactly but the “bible in part” is what he said which includes the NT.

      The video at 1:32:26 shows the text he is referring to which differs “in part” to the statement of faith on Skiba’s blog as seen in bold below, the bold part is not included in the text on the video.

      Roba Skib’s blog: “http://www.seedtheseries.com/blog/”

      Statement of faith webpage: “http://www.seedtheseries.com/blog/BR01.html”

      That being said, we do not believe the King James Version (which used to contain 80 books) is the only true and accurate English version of the Scriptures. There are “errors” in ALL English translations simply due to the bankrupt nature of the English language when compared to the Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek languages. For the most part, the Bible was written by Hebrews, for Hebrews and should be understood through a Hebrew mindset. As soon as the Scriptures were translated into Greek it went from a Eastern Mindset to a Western Mindset. When it went from Greek to Latin, German, English, etc. the problem was compounded. Thus, even the best English translation fails to always accurately and adequately convey the original intent and meanings behind the words written in the superior languages (with an Eastern Mindset). That is why we believe that the Bible can not simply be read, it must be studied
      (2 Timothy 2:15) in the context of the language, people and cultures to, by and for which the Scriptures were written.
      Please watch the following videos for more on this bullet point:

    • “Also in public, is Rob himself saying that he IS NOT of the Sacred name movement.”

      He also stated publicly he isn’t HRM but honestly? You could have fooled me. Really. If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck…

      The problem here is: There’s a lot of overlap between some SWM concepts and HRM concepts.

      Can you give me the specific point on that P.M. video where he “puts Rob Skiba together with the others on the table which he says is of the devil” ?

      I listened to it the other day and I honestly don’t remember that because I would have been startled by that level of a personal charge.

      We need to be careful here because I really think accusing P.M. of lying is a pretty serious charge that you won’t be able to back up and we need to be careful to avoid slander.

      I would certainly say all of the DOCTRINES from the SWM and HRM are of the devil without hesitation.

      Let me know what you find. 🙂

    • too add:

      Mr. Hoggard further points out “is what these people believe” these people being those in this movement. And the movement in simple terms wants you to upgrade your language, understanding, practices and culture to that of the Jews. In fact they most often try to convince people that the NT was written in Hebrew either directly of indirectly whereas it was written in Greek. In any case to sell this idea they must also lead the reader of the bible in what ever language he is reading it in to their conclusion that OUR language and culture is inferior and thus our understanding is as well, so in a nut shell become a Jew as much as possible.

      Be Kosher and be enlightened?

      Eric, viewbr at outlook dot com

    • Eric, its not hard to find. Hoggard starts by putting those small figures on the table saying they symbolize the enemy’s camp. Later when talking about Rob Skiba, he points to those figures (from about 1.31.50 to 1.34.30). That gives the impression that he puts Skiba among them. If he wasn’t, he would have made it clear that he didnt mean to associate Rob fully with them. But he didnt. I couldnt see that without reacting. One who listens to that video will think that Rob Skiba belongs to those movements. That is not a fair way to treat a brother publicly.

      And its SNM, not SWM :0)

    • And Eric, if you read the quote from Robs blog that “Pudding” cited, you can clearly see that Hoggard misrepresents what Rob Skiba is writing. Rob does not say that NT was first written in Hebrew. Why else mention Greek among those superiour languages (superiour because they are the languages the Bible originally was written in)? Thats another false accusation from MH. And it seems intended because he must have read those lines directly above the quote.

    • Life, If you go through Mr. Skibas writing line by line the whole thing is a mess and incorrect overall and easily looks like SNM that is apparent as to what Mr. Hoggard pointed out.

      If you try to not to be a respecter of persons and analyze the writing on its own merit you will find errors.

      For the love of Pete a statement of faith should be clearly written, I guess he proved his point that English is an inferior language. :þ

    • Eric,

      I came in all of this this late but I stated something yesterday that I will state again here about HRM…I can speak from first hand experience…God put me through this HMR under the guise of Messianic Christianity…he took me through it and brougtThsi me right up out of it to show me what IS WRONG with it..It captivates Christians because they began to learn the ‘roots’ and that is exciting to them and in understanding the Hebrew Roots you really do get a better understanding of what is taking place in the word. The problem is that the teachers do not know how to separate it all out so they end up drawing people back under the law…Christians fall for it because they are learning the “roots” and they think it is way cool that they are getting a better understanding of it. I have been saying for quite some time that this is one of the BIGGEST ploys of the enemy at this time and hour because if he can draw people back under the law THEY WILL BE JUDGED BY TH LAW…it is in the word….God took me through it to learn about it so that I could pull people out of this fire..it is fire from the pit of hell……. He even took me all the way to Israel; when He was teaching me this ..Literally..I was sent to Israel the day after 9/11 ban was lifted off the “air” so people could fly into Israel…..and ya know when I was told to leave? It was PASSOVER…Literally….while all Jewish people who are under the law were coming into Jerusalem….my feet where shod and bags were packed and He said GO…It was all training …He was showing me even in the physical realm that the HRM was all taking people under the law and they would be judged by it….I did not get the complete understanding of what He was doing ‘IN” me until the actual DAY OF PENeeCOST that year…..it was an amazing journey but I can stand up against it now because He took me right straight through it and right up out of it to teach me how to pull people out of the fires of being judged by the law….THIS ISSUE NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED IN THE BODY OF CHRIST AND THERE NEEDS TO BE PEOPLE TRAINED UP TO FIGHT HRM…The Hebraic can be taught without taking people under the law…….


    • Thanks Darla. 🙂

      I think we can all agree on this: Let’s pray for God’s Truth to hit all throughout this thing and for correction and restoration for a brother in need.

      Blessings. 🙂

    • I have learned oodles from learning the Hebraic and see so much more in the word but I too have learned that it is a move of the trickster to draw people under the law which is actually damning them which is what Satan loves…he laughs at this because it is as if he had become like God…(Christians seeking to go under the law and loving every minute of it).

  5. Published on Jan 17, 2013

    The sleet and snow that fell on January 15 2013 in White County Arkansas was not normal. Background levels in this area are 35cpm. The sleet and snow was showing an alert level above 100cpm. The high levels only lasted about 24 hours indicating a short half life of the hot particles. This kind of exposure can reduce the immune system and may be the cause for recent spikes in flu and illness in this area and others. We can only assume because the event was short lived is why they are not warning parents to keep there children out of this unsafe wintery mix. Not creating panic or concern seems to be more important than public safety. Why warn parents exposure to the snow and sleet is equal to flying at 30000 feet or exposure levels for nuclear plant workers right?

    • Hi Rose — trust you are feeling much better after that flu. I’ve had it myself since before New Year’s and it’s very fatiguing. (Much better now but not 100%)

      That radiation level (over 100 cpm) is alarming — even if short-lived. We bought a good quality geiger counter several months ago and keep track from time to time — especially when I buy produce that is flown in from the west coast.

    • Thanks, Linda, I am better. I’m sorry it has hung on so long for you – it is hard to shake.

      When Fukushima first happened, I wondered how long it would be before people started taking their Geiger counters to grocery stores. I’ve been tempted to take mine and test the tuna. Can you imagine calling a store manager over to say that their canned fish is radioactive?

    • The store manager would freak out, I’m sure! Actually I check my groceries once I get them home, and so far so good. However if anything came up with a high radiation level, I wouldn’t hesitate to head back to the store right away with the food item and geiger counter in hand to show the manager.

    • Rose From Kentucky and all else fearful of this radioactive stuff… I GOT YA GEIGA COUNTER RIGHT HERE! And these signs shall follow those who believe: “In my name they will cast out demons: they will speak with new tongues: they will take up serpents: and if they drink anything deadly, it will by no means hurt them: they will lay hands on the sick and they will recover.:” 😀 SWEET!

    • I wonder if this radiation is being sucked up by the weather process from the oceans between Japan and California….from the last earthquake an tunsami, and than being dumped inland when it storms?

  6. I really wish I could come. I doubt I can afford to make the trip. I wish you all would hold a conference in Montana one day. I am currently reading Tom Horn’s book Apollyon Rising 2012. In one of the chapters it references the 11th Labor of Hercules in reference to 9/11. Interestingly enough what was not in the book because it was written in 2009 as a result of the event not happening until 2012 was on the 11th anniversary of 9/11 the Libya attack happened, no fault of the author. The 11th Labor as mentioned in Tom Horn’s book took place in Libya where the embassy attack happened. Say hello to Tom Horn for me and let him know i am reading through all of his books now.

    • Hey James,

      I do not know what part of MT you are in but if in Helena area in a few weeks after I get moved and settled( have a couple of others moving in to ) we will probably be doing some sort of get together once a week…..you would be more than welcome to come and fellowship and more than welcome to bring family and others…..hopefully moving this week but need a little bit to get settled in…


    • That is cool I am not in the Helena area but I am not too far. I will be in Helena on Feb 20 for work. I will let my wife know of the invite. We are only an hour to an hour and a half away from there. We will stay in touch. If you come to my blog and leave a comment I will be able to grab your email address and email you to talk more.

    • I tried to leave a message last week but it will not let me..I saw that you were in MT and I wanted to know where…..Feb 20..Keep in touch and use my yahoo which is in my profile…I would love to have you come out to the new place if we get it…God favor is on it right now ..seems like anyhow…I will know more this next week then we can go from there..it would be awesome to meet up!


  7. Just wondering if the info contained in this article is old news in relation to the Nephilim.


    The best-known alien abduction story in China is the case of Meng Zhao Guo, a young tree farmer, from Wuchang, near Harbin in Heilongjiang province.

    In June 1994 Zhao Guo and two other farm workers, working at Red Flag logging camp saw something unusual on nearby Mount Pheonix.

    The complex and bizarre encounter that followed involved Meng being hit by a beam of light, as well as allegedly experiencing an abduction and a sexual encounter with a female alien.

    Meng Zhaoguo, a rural worker from northeast Wuchang city, explains he was 29 when he broke his marital vows for the first and only time — with an extraterrestrial of unusually robust build.

    “She was 10 feet [3.03 metres] tall and had six fingers, but otherwise she looked completely like a human,” he says. “I told my wife all about it afterwards. She wasn’t too angry.”

  8. Hmmmm, I just came out of my old age fog and realized it is Friday and there was never a notice for Acceleration radio! Then check home page of the blog and there is no link in the left column where I am used to seeing it! What’s the scoop! Friday night and no archives????? Some body must expect me to get a life? LOL

    • yeah, I really feel like this whole week was about 3 days long! Seriously! I guess not having my L.A. radio show should slow time back down a bit? I am bummin’…….guess I will put one of my Watchers dvds in the machine 🙂

  9. This fits with the blog from the satanic Brit a few days ago. Very Interesting around the 10 min mark. It mentions Sandy Hook.

  10. The Greatest Problem
    The greatest problem among Christians, isn’t the few who sometimes believe a little too much, but the many who constantly believe too little.

    • I always liked Gandhi’s quote “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” I think he pretty muched nailed it on that one.

  11. “http://gawker.com/5977130/could-you-be-the-adventurous-woman-scientists-need-to-give-birth-to-the-first-neanderthal-baby-in-30000-years”
    ‘Adventurous’ Woman Needed as Surrogate for Neanderthal Baby

    😯 All kinds of disturbing ramifications all over that.

  12. Interesting topic of discussion a few blogs up about drawing someone back under the law. I would argue that while we would do well to study the original Hebrew of scripture to get a better understanding of what certain passages are saying, I would argue that you cannot be drawn back “under the law” once you are saved. That would be like saying you could then lose your salvation. Suddenly, the law would have become more powerful than the Holy Spirit that indwells you and sealed you til the day of redemption. ? Once you become “born again” in Christ, you cannot become “un-born again”. That would be like any of us, or human being suddenly saying… Gee, I don’t want to be born anymore. I think I want to become unborn and not exist anymore. Jesus’ own words about entering into the kindom of Heaven could not have made a more profound point just by using the words of having to be born again. In essence, he was saying one cannot be unborn. Is the law more powerful than that? The fallen nature part of you might try to because maybe you may be misinformed, but if you have ever been saved, the Holy Spirit did not disappear out of you.

    • Corey, Corey, Corey….( Nice pic by the way..I like seeing who I am speaking to)

      Per your statement : I would argue that you cannot be drawn back “under the law” once you are saved.

      That would be like saying you cannot be attacked by demons once you are saved or no one can be deceived once you are saved… I walk it out! I was literally taken back under the law for only a period of time then God took me right back out of it…truly…I know many saved who are now walking under the law because of HRM..truly! Deception is Deception…it lookd like the REAL thing that why it is called counterfeit…It is very well concealed when you are going into it..truly…..this is real and I now I went into it to be shown how the deception works…They are not un-born just deceived…

      Here is another kicker….if you are under the law then you do not walk in the POWER of the anointing….you cannot be under the law and walk in the Holy Ghost it goes against the word so if satan draws people under the law we have a POWERLESS church…which of course its what he wants…It is all about Satan deceiving the church so that cannot walk in the anointing…it would go against scripture to walk under the law AND WALK IN GRACE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT ANOINTING……(cool that I can see you now…I am picturing your head slamming on the desk when you are tires 🙂 )

    • Darla… Hey there! Was just messing around with my computer today and thought maybe I would upload a pic. I mainly did it out of boredom but wala. There I am. I like to see who it is I’m talking to as well (Nice picture by the way). I look somewhat different now than in that picture. I had just gotten my hair chopped off in that picture. It’s fully grown back out now. That picture is from 1 year ago. Well, I am glad we’re in agreement on the whole law thing. I didn’t intend to say that one can’t be living under the law. What I probably didn’t make clear is that I was kinda talking about salvation. I realize one can be saved but yet still not trusting in the blood of Christ and trying to live out their Christian life according to the law. Sorry. I should have been more clear. I just sent you an email by the way. Sorry it took so long but my yahoo account had to be reactivated cause I hadn’t used it in awhile. It took awhile to reactivate.

      My head nearly did slam into my desk the other night. I had only gotten 2 hours of sleep and was holding my head up via my chin and … well… it kinda slipped out of my palm and I nearly broke my nose. It smarted at first but it sure woke me up. I was kinda curious about when you’re gonna start your new job. Did ya find that house by the way? Huh?

    • Corey,

      Will find out this early this week if we get the house which is awesome..my new job starts anytime..the new owner are finalizing all signatures ect..I am hired just waiting for the take over……I was good for all this time off though..i have been through much and never would have got on this blog had I been working full time..I love this blog

  13. You will see HRM rarely speak about healing and so forth because they are too busy giving information out about the Hebraic Root..The they will say that people moving in the Holy Ghost are a “dog and pony” show which is actually blasphemy against the Holy Spirit if it IS INDEED the Holy Spirit moving…They will say stuff like we should not be looking at the supernatural things ect…BUT GOD IS ALL ABOUT SUPERNATURAL..it is in the WORD…but they will tell people it IS ALL a dog and pony show…I have been through this..I have first hand knowledge of what it is..So they get people off of the supernatural which has to do with the GIFTS (which are supernatural) and teach all about the “roots” and they slowly lead people back under the law…I was there I know how it works…so now when the the Holy Spirit wants to move on someone you are shut down because “you are a dog and pony show” and we are not allowed to focus on anything supernatural. IT IS FROM THE PIT…

    I realize some moves of God turned into a horrifying example but most of those moves of God started out good but then “men” took the glory unto themselves and then the movement of God took on the “Nature of the Beast” ( Nebuchadnezzar syndrome). Neb took on the nature of the beast because he took the glory unto himself and when God has begun movements it starts out good then when men begin to take the glory the whole movement takes on the nature of the beast. R U still with me?

    • to add Paul states in Galatians 1:9 If any one announces a Gospel other than what Paul was preaching that this person would be under a CURSE…so these people who are preaching this other gospel are under a curse.

    • In Galatians Paul was speaking to people he had already witnessed to…they were being lead astray going back under the law and he told them if they observe any of it they have to observe ALL of it..so even the Galatians who were saved were being led astray from the Gospel Paul told them about…R U with me Corey?

    • It was something from earlier thread 6..it was a joke…but I was saying ball is in your court …in a different lingo..HEHE:)

  14. Paul had a SUPERNATURAL experience with God which changed his life. He was well versed in the LAW. He had an understanding that the law lacked the
    POWER ( Romans 8:2-3)

    He knew the law, the written text brought
    death (2Cor 6-10-17) and pronounced us guilty.

    Paul was all about making sure no one went back under this law..this old covenant ..He understood the Law never brought anything to the GOAL which was CHRIST IN US..THE SPIRIT ( Gal 3:14)

  15. I will stop on the HRM thing.. I love teaching it though because I came up out of it…God put me through it for about 10 months, then took me to Israel, then brought me back to the states then revealed EVERYTHING i went through and why I went through it on the “Day of Pentecost” that particular year….anytime He is teaching me ..He teaches me in 3-D…I get it in the Word, I get it in the Spirit and then He makes me go through something in the Physical ….this is how He has trained me up.

  16. I cannot wait until ‘amaezed ” explains how to get in and around in this blog the correct way..I hate going in and out of it just to read something new…UGH!

    • Ever seen Bill Wiese’s testimony of how he spent 23 minutes in Hell and came back to tell about it? I see him everywhere on Christian TV shows and also on secular shows. i think he was on coast to coast with George Noory back in 2010 but George didn’t keep him on for long. He quickly … after about 20 minutes or so… went on to callers and other things after announcing he would have him on for the first segment. i thought it was rather awkward. If you haven’t seen it, I would like your opionion on it. I know there are alot of “Hell experiences” on the net that don’t line up with scripute but this one seems legit.

  17. Darla… Well, personnally I don’t get tired of hearing about and talking about this subject personnally since it has to do with salvation and the law and all that. I do understand what you are saying. When one understands what you were just talking about, it clears up what is written in other books of the bible that seem to convince people that you can lose your salvation. I think there is one in Hebrews that people quote to say you can lose it. But once you understand about the Jews and the law and all that, you understand that it is not talking salvation.

    I myself am trying to get into that place where I am pressing into the Lord and have a closer experience with him. I know what it is like to have that but I haven’t been there in a while. I should say… I know what it is like to be in his presence i.e. being baptized by the Holy Spirit, but I’ve never experienced walking close on a consistent basis and having miracles happen all the time. I know it exists and that it is possible. Lately, I’ve been feeling the unction and the cajoling from the Holy Spirit to get back there but it’s not always easy. I kinda struggle with it… but I long for it. “The kingdom suffers violence, and the violent take it by force”. There is a pressing in that one has to do.

    I totally agree with you on the Hebraic roots and all. There is a blessing in learning all that, but like you said, if people aren’t careful, they can start walking back under the law. So you’ve been to Israel huh? What was that like? It must have been something else. Walking in the same footsteps as the creator of the Universe walked. Wow! What a thought! It’s that kind of fascination that I have with the shroud of Turin. Whenever I look at the shroud I always think of how amazing it is to know that I am looking an actual photograph of God in the flesh… the creator of the universe and everything. The very Jesus that scripture talks about. I often wonder looking at that photograph of the shroud if… well I contemplate… that each and everyone of us today was in his mind right then when that photo happened. Don’t mind me, I am rambling. Tired again!

    Send me some of that annointing you have through my computer will ya? Or send it to me in the mail if ya have to. 😀

  18. Ya know Darla… I was gonna ask you that… about the message thing so I don’t have to back in and out of the blog. It’s really irritating isn’t it? I’ve never heard anyone else complain about it so i guess they know something we don’t.

    So how’s Poo? Lol! Just kidding! I mean… Darby. I think you said he was kind of a cuddle-type dog in a previous blog post but then you said he was a pitbull! If you consider that cuddly, I wonder what you consider mean? 😀

  19. Hey I almost left for the night but I am back for a few:

    1.One of the most interesting things I found in Israel was that “shade” really was shade.You could be standing in the HOT sun then step under the shadow of a tree and you would have to put on a sweater which brought me back to the book of Jonah when he was shaded under a tree…most of us might get shade under a tree in the summer but it is still hot…the shade in Israel really is COOL AIR..so much so I had to put on sweaters when I was under a tree…. I never knew I was going to Israel for Him to teach me about what I was just sitting under in the HRM. I only learned that after I got back home..I was walking around Israel for 18 days not know what the heck I was doing then all of the sudden I am told to go back home….then I realized it was Passover..then I realized He was showing me something but still didn’t have the picture of the whole thing until Pentecost that year..BLEW MY MIND how He worked that one out.

    2.I know you want to have more supernatural experiences…Seek His face and you will. Seek the giver not the gift. Get in the word and get filled up on it and He will bring someone across your path to heal or get delivered….let Him know you are open to Him moving…believe that He is going to show Himself to you and I will believe for you too.

    3. This is a side note: Look on google for Jesus’ face in moon eclipse…turn up the sound…i thought about this while I was writing this …I watched this eclipse of the moon on google and these kids were filming the eclipse and Jesus’s face really does appear in the moon and these kids filming this get blow out of the water by it….It is a girl and a guy filming so I hope you can find the right one..then listen to them..it blows them away
    I do not know why I just thought of that but I hope you find the right one..let me know if you do.

    4. I choose to believe that God will always show Himself to me supernaturally and that has been my entire walk..I believe in these day we will be “parting the red sea” so to speak…we will be doing exploit that are unspeakable and have never been seen before..”My people will be strong and do exploits!” This is when Paul wanted to be here and Corey….he chose us to be here in this time and in this hour….this makes me cry that we get to be here for the coming of the end of this age and the beginning of a new one..how cool is that! Paul wanted to be here for this!

    5. Darby..SHE is great..I call her my pee boo ( pit bull baby talk)
    ( I know I am 50..who cares!) She has been real lovey lately.

    6. Lord I pray right now in the name of Yeshua that you would get a hold of Corey and really take him to the outer limits of his mind with your Spirit. Holy Ghost I pray that you fill Him up to over flowing..make his cup overflow….. I pray that you would open his heart and mind to the things of your Spirit……Bless him beyond his own comprehension. Give him vision….speak to Him in dreams Lord…I pray that you would cause him to step out into the supernatural realm of your Spirit.. I pray that you saturate him with your Spirit Lord…I pray this in the name of Yeshua and we both are in agreement and we receive the answers to these prayers right now in the name of Yeshua!!!!!


  20. ok I have to do paperwork for the house tomorrow or today I should say and see the Realtor in morning so I HAVE to sleep now….I will talk to you Saturday K Corey?


  21. Corey, there has been times in my life I knew I was not hungry enough for God and the things of God..I knew that was not right so I prayed and asked Him to make me hungrier for Him and hungrier for the things of God..He did that to me..He answered that prayer to where I was actually panting for Him”As a deer panteth for the water so my heart panteth after thee” I was actually there..if you do not think you are hungry enough for Him ask Him and He will make you pant after Him ( in a Holy way)…I was at a place during this time of panting that my bible when I opened it to read ACTUALLY had a heart beat to it..it had a rythem to it.. It is hard to explain but talk about being in the Holy Ghost..ask Him to make you hungrier and He will then He will satisfy your hunger and your thirst for HIM..GOD AMAZES ME!


    • Thanks for that advice Darla… I shall follow 😀 When I first got saved, I remember looking at the mountains out here in Denver and I would get this huge sense of his presence and feel his … annointing I guess you would call it… It was as if he was speaking through those mountains (hard to explain Lol!)…(won’t even try) I guess I’ll get back to those mountains and have a conversation and vigorous prayer session. I guess that’s why my latest job is near Sloan’s Lake with a perfect view of the mountains. I’ve been going there on my days off lately with the intent of getting back to where I used to be when first saved. But thanks for that suggestion. Good Night 😀

      P.S. I’m gonna ask you more about that little session you had in Alaska when you have time to discuss it!

  22. Corey,

    I had to get out of bed and come back on blog..I was laughing to hard in bed I cannot sleep..I started thinking about Israel again and all the things that are different..

    Ya know what else is different! Breakfast!!! I would go down from my room to the restaurant and they would have a display of food in the morning..
    they would have fish, and cottage cheese and olives and different pickled things….

    OMGosh ! After 18 days of walking around listening to see why God brought me to Jerusalem all I wanted when I got home was BACON and eggs! Ya know Bacon! Bacon! Whose got the BACON! Pigs in a blanket! ANYTHING PIG! IONK IONK!

    I do not know why I am laughing about this so hard now TODAY but I think it has something to do with NOT being under the law…I am hysterical right now!!!

    This is toooo funny OMGOSH way funny…..

    • Just make sure you don’t eat those hot dogs in front of the religious Jews that are praying at the wall! They may pick up stones and… well… it could end badly. And the bacon… forget about it… they may drop the stones and get out the chainsaws.

    • The next time you go there that is. I know your not there right now. Maybe I should have said “It’s a good thing you DIDN’T! LOL! By the way… did you go to that wall? If it were me, I’m not sure that I would have gone to that particular place because I don’t know how historically significant it is.

    • KOSHER! … WELL THEN! … I guess that trip had more of an effect on you than what you may have initially suspected. Don’t fall back under that law now. 😀 I may have to read you the “Holy Ghost Riot Act”. Don’t make me take you through the book or Romans.

    • I was in Jerusalem..of course I went to the wall! They can still stone you there though….I could not just GO TO THE WALL..I looked from a distance..
      I think it is sad to watch..they think that is getting them somewhere……makes my heart hurt that they do not SEE Messiah but these days many are finally coming to the Messiah…sign of the times…

      I wonder why God called it His chosen place,,,,Israel…it is a dirt heap..I mean I have seen better places to choose but I guess at the end of all of this it will be beautiful….NOW it is producing the best crops in the world if I understand correctly…which show end times also……to me it looked like a dirt heap…there were places in Jerusalem I walked by that had been partially built but no further construction and I would walk by and the whole building would wreak of urine from people going to the toilet on them…I cannot even tell you how many building I walked by like that….I just never thought of Jerusalem like that before….I was disappointed….but I gathered I was not there to enjoy it..I pondered it….

    • too funny Corey..the Hebrew National dogs REALLY DO TASTE the BEST I think..only hot dog I can stomach..as far as dogs go….i still eat bacon:)

    • Yep… you are correct. The book of (I think Ezekiel) talks of Jerusalem blossoming as a rose and filling the world of fruit. There are many prophetic passages that speak of it’s development just before the return of Christ. It is indeed a major sign. “When the Lord shall build up Zion, then he will appear in his Glory” (book of psalms). At the same time though, it’s not exactly a world class city or nation as of yet, but that will change in the Millennium.

      As you sleep tonight, or tomorrow night, I would watch Arthur Blessitt on the “Praise the Lord” show on TBN. He guest hosted the show and during the last half hour of the program, he explained what happened to him just a few weeks ago when he was lying in bed getting ready to go to sleep. Maybe you can look it up on google or something or go to their website. You lying down to go to sleep tonight was what made me think of that. It is a must see.

    • I cannot even try tonight but I will catch it tomorrow…I am going back to lay down…hmmmmm I think I will be counting pigs in a blanket:) he he

  23. Holy Cow.I am still laughing!!!….Holy Cow? I guess that would be sacrilegious…too funny..I must be tired but laughing to much to be in bed…the whole pig and LAW thing made me laugh…funny how I was craving pig/pork/pigs in a blanket… while coming out from under the LAW…I never got that until tonight…that was back in 2001!!!!!!

    • I don’t think it’s sacriligious… God just has a sense of humor. You also mentioned “Holy Cow”… I wonder if they consider cows … well, never mind. Hamburgers ya know.

      Funny how God goes through extremes sometimes to get things across to you. He sent you all the way to Israel on the other side of the world for Pete’s sake.

    • Well… I don’t think that’s why he went to that extreme because he thinks you are “Dur Da Dur” Lol! When he wants to convey truths to us that he deems really important, he makes sure he really drives it home and that you will never forget it. I have the impression… (maybe more of a guess) that you going to Israel has to do with the whole law and eternal security thing we were discussing about a week or so ago. Maybe that’s what he wanted to drive home? And then the pigs in a blanket and law thing and… you know… this seems to be tying all together doesn’t it?

  24. For when the blog times out, watcher forum is here…

    “http://watchermeetup.50.forumer.com/watcher-forum-f48951.html” (index with new topic button)


    … basically the forum for the David Flynn related topics.

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