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L. A. Marzulli

A report has revealed that the former BBC host Jimmy Savile happened to be part of a satanic ring besides being recognized as Britain’s worst sex offender, who preyed on at least 450 victims.  Disclosures show that Savile beat and raped a 12-year-old girl during a secret satanic ritual at Stoke Mandeville Hospital in Buckinghamshire.  The perverted star wore a hooded robe and mask as he abused the victim in a candle-lit basement.  It is said that Savile also chanted “Hail Satan” in Latin as other paedophiles joined in and assaulted the girl.  Savile was a volunteer porter and fundraiser at the hospital between 1965 and 1988 and had his own quarters there.  The attack, which took place in 1975, shines a sinister new light on the former BBC star’s 54 years of sex abuses.  Savile, who died aged 84 in October 2011, is now known to be Britain’s worst sex offender after police discovered that he preyed on at least 450 victims aged 8 to 47.   Moreover, an investigation on the BBC’s Newsnight into the revelations of child sex abuse by Savile was abandoned in December 2011.  The corporation found itself surrounded by a crisis after an ITV Exposure Savile documentary blew the lead off the issue in October 2012.

Jimmy Savile Satanic Sex Ring Claim: Star ‘Worshipped Devil’ – IBTimes UK

Jimmy Savile was a Satanist in an Establishment-run anal paedophile ring

Jimmy Saville

Black AwakeningIn Russ Dizdar’s book, The Black Awakening, he warns us that SRA, Satanic Ritual Abuse, is on the rise.  He also admonishes us that there are thousands upon thousands of rituals done to children, so by the time they reach puberty, they are firmly controlled and manipulated by the coven, or Satanic ring, which abuses them.  You will notice I have four links to stories about Savile.  I’m try ing to Vet this as much as I possibly can.  Does this one story validate Dizdar’s work?  Not entirely, as it is but one snap shot of abuse in a very big world.  However, what it does do, is to shed light on the grisly fact that Pedophiles and Satanic Ritual Abuse is real.  Some of the articles I linked to point to a deliberate cover up by police and government officials.

Recently there was a paper released which claimed Dizdar’s stance was exaggerated and SRA was greatly overblown.  The authors of the paper should perhaps think again, as the stories about Savile seem to indicate otherwise.  I wonder how many other pedophile rings exist and go for decades undetected?

We know from scripture the AntiChrist will arise and at some point rule the world.   Do we think he just arrives on the scene by himself, or does he have followers who are awaiting his manifestation?  I would choose the later, and here’s why.  In Nazi Germany we know the higher-up’s in the Third Reich were occultists.  They were emerged in the dark arts.  I have stated openly in my books, the term Holocaust, means a burnt offering on an altar.  The Nazi’s were engaged in ritualistic, Luciferian, blood sacrifice.  The Nazi’s knew who they served and they hoped to manifest the Superman.  The people, who like Savile engage in this perverted behavior have covered their tracks well.  However, it now appears some of what has been hidden is finally seeing the light of day.

In closing todays post: I believe SRA is all to very real.  Perhaps millions of children have been ritually abused.   Dizdar should be applauded for his work in this area.  I have shared the platform with him at numerous conferences, in the last several years, and I regard him in the highest esteem.  He’s the real deal, as he’s always ready to pray for someone, to minister, and set the captives free.  He is outraged by the abuse!

A few months after Jared Loughner went on his demented killing spree, one of his former teachers was arrested for “meditating” at the crime scene.  Officers said the man was chanting:  we are the chosen ones, we are the ones you’ve been waiting for.  Russ has heard those words many times before and they are a warning by the victims of SRA of what is coming.

PCC reviewing teacher arrested at mass shooting site –  This link should serve as a wakeup call as this teacher was hiding in plain sight.

As Dizdar claims, there may be millions of these victims, who are programmed to kill and cause mayhem just waiting to be triggered in the black awakening.


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end timeIn Other News: Tracking the Birth Pains!

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India’s army chief turns up heat on Pakistan, says can retaliate | Reuters


Mexico Earthquake Today 2013 Erupts in Sinaloa


Despite US efforts, no Egypt-Israel “hot line.” Cairo hosts Gen. Soleimani


Mali rebels seize central town of Diabaly: French defense minister

PressTV – Mali rebels seize central town of Diabaly: French defense minister


Rare Photo of the Mushroom Cloud Over Hiroshima Discovered in a Former Japanese Elementary School

Rare Photo of the Mushroom Cloud Over Hiroshima Discovered in a Former Japanese Elementary School – Rebecca J. Rosen – The Atlantic


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124 thoughts on “SRA – Satanic Ritual Abuse

  1. This blog reminds me of something my father said as he was dying. He was weeping and crying out pitifully….”The children, Oh God, the children!” My mother, at his side, thought he meant my boys, his grandchildren and said, “Lee, they are fine….they are home with big Steve” but Dad kept crying out….”The children, the children”…..and it haunts me to this day.

    Then the first news item I looked at was the article about Hiroshima and I remembered that iconic Life magazine picture of the little girl running from that day and I wanted to cry out…..”The children, Oh, God….the children.”

    And with the abortion genocide still in progress I wail, “The children, Oh, God….the children.”

    Living in the end times is hard enough for adults and though we fear not for ourselves…..”The children, Oh, God….the children.”

    I think I will cry all day.

  2. Still praying for Pastor Hector! Seen a few yellow flags and questions about this Saville story so you may want to vet it more “just to be sure.”

    Reports: Syria ordered to attack Israel if Assad falls

    As expected.

    • Yellow flags almost always appear about these kind of stories b/c the PTB that manipulate the media, including the internet, have an army working full-time to counter Truth.

    • I knew someone (who died 5 months ago today) that “hung out” w/George Soros a very long time ago. As a result, I notice Soros-related info big-time & Claudia was right the other night when she said that Soros was a force behind snopes. I would have said it first with my MSM post, but I knew the internet citations had already been scrubbed.

      Why am I posting this here? Because TPTB go to great lengths to manipulate & distort – sometimes by scrubbing Truth (by removing ALL related info for a topic) when they want to.

      Claudia must have seen the same info that I did back when, but it’s most likely been scrubbed from the internet by now. Here are some references from a few years ago (mostly by the Media Research Center) that explain how Soros even controls media “watchdog” groups.
      “The well-funded tentacles of George Soros go far beyond his funding of Columbia University’s School of Journalism — the most famous journalism school in the nation, he’s also bankrolling: The National Federation of Community Broadcasters, The Committee to Protect Journalists, and the National Association of Hispanic Broadcasters and more.
      But that’s just the tip of Soros’ progressive iceberg.

      Those angered by his control of the media might be tempted to voice their concerns to the Organization of News Ombudsman — a group of 57 media professionals devoted to “monitoring accuracy, fairness and balance.” Unfortunately, that group is also funded by Soros!”

      So if the watchdog groups are controlled by Soros, they don’t have the teeth that they would otherwise.

      The point here is that the more important the info (e.g., Russ Dizdar), the more radical the opposition. Snopes spent a long time establishing their credibility, so that THEN they could start distorting Truth.

      Elaine was right the other night. “Just like the news media, I am sure there are “handlers” for TV experts to pooh pooh any truths that they are not ready to let the sheeple believe in! He is just doing his job and a media shill.”

      I need to wrap this up. Holy Spirit discernment trumps misinformation every time!

    • Yes, I hear ya, Eric!

      I just wanted to say some of the ways the MSM operates after I saw your “yellow flag” reference – and (again!) I sure wish I had more time to do it today, But I have other priorities.

      Thanks, Eric!

    • Thanks, Eric! I remember the special welcome you gave me when I was so new here ( last June), what an encouragement – both then and now! God bless you and your family most abundantly!

  3. I wholeheartedly agree with Russ that there are indeed many thousands of these victims. It is heart wrenching. What is scary to me personally is the fact that SRA victims have in many cases been victims of MK Ultra and Monarch Mind Control. The vast majority of these victims (In my opinion) have no memory of what actually happened to them as their “Handlers” make sure they leave no trail. It is only now, decades later that these victims of SRA are beginning to regain their memories and what they are remembering is naturally frightening and horrifying.

    Many of you will remember back in the summer when i had the privilege of introducing to you a young man by the name of “Brick”. You may recall that he is one of hundreds of alternate personalities that were created by a dear Sister in Christ who miraculously survived being tortured to death (Literally) as part of her having forced to be a victim of this Nazi instituted form of mind control. Even as I write this, she is dealing with such abominable memories that are now surfacing because of other alters “Coming out” that those who STILL control her to this day are constantly coming up with new means by which to keep her from exposing what atrocities have been committed by their own hands.

    Brick is one of the young men (alter that she created) that took her pain when she was in her late teens. He is doing his best to help her continue on her road to freedom through her faith in Christ. What we fight against on a daily basis are the Satanic alters (Created by “Handlers”) who are programmed to keep her under their influence. This is a never ending battle where she has “Dissolved” dozens of these Satanic alters but we have discovered that in order to get to the main black alter known as the “Grande Dame” or “Grand Mother”, we have to have a specific access code to what is called “The Black Pit”. This is the lowest level in what is called “The System” inside the mind of a Monarch “Slave”. I am bringing all of this extra information to light in an effort to ask for your prayers.

    PLEASE understand this Sister is NOT demon possessed in any shape, form or fashion. This Grande Dame is THE alter of alters crated by these monsters while this sister was still in the womb. Yes, that is not just possible but is a fact and again, “NO, she is not demon possessed”. She is however under extreme attack from the enemy of our souls because her witness for Christ is so powerful. She shares Jesus wherever she goes and because her faith is so valid and strong, she pays the price in ways the average Joe cannot fathom.

    As Brick has been on this very BLOG to testify of her walk with Christ, her faith is now being tested in ways that she has never experienced. She is the strongest Christian I have not just known but ever even heard of. I believe this is a living example for us to know what is coming as Satan ramps up his attacks on all True Believers. All SRA victims that are now born again have some of the most powerful testimonies of the Living God…the God of the Bible and His power to overcome the evil one by the Blood of the Lamb. What these dark forces have planned to unleash on this unsuspecting world is Hellish in the most literal sense. I personally believe there is going to be a Black Awakening and the Body of Christ as a whole is totally ill prepared for it. However, thanks to these victims who are also Overcomers, we can know that we too, if we stand firm to the very end, will be saved even if it is just our spirit only that is left of us.

    I know that was a can of worms and impossible to even begin to digest in all it’s implications but am bringing it out here as a urgent request for prayer. This dear Sister is an incredible story in her own right. She is also one of many thousands who need our help to become whole…as whole is possible while on this earth.

    Respectfully in Christ,

    Jeff D

    • Thank you Eric. Actually “Brick” is a very fiery 18 year old…DUDE. Yes, he is all male. My apologies if somehow that was misconstrued. Talk to you later Brother.

    • I still pray for Brick too!

      Ref my post #10 here today, I had a little boy alter who would shout, “Can’t we have just ONE day around here without any trouble!!” He (and all the others) came to know the Lord, be healed, and now fully associated with my personality as God intended.

      Female abuse victims usually do develop at least one male alter.

    • Jeff D. said: SRA victims have in many cases been victims of MK Ultra and Monarch Mind Control”

      Yes, in many cases.

      There are 4 main types of RA (ritual abuse): (1.) SRA, (2.) gov’t and/or Nazi-based type mind control (ref the “Manchurian Candidate”), (3.) organized crime type rituals (to become a “made” guy or to join a gang), et cetera (I’m short on time). The point is that there are several types of RA and they often overlap a lot.

  4. SRA on a national scale: “”


  5. My father, not even 18 yet, fought in the Pacific Fleet. He was one if the first sailors let loose and was an escort for the naval photographer. The pictures my dad had were unbelievable. Horse and carts clearly viable in every detail etched on a wall, instantly vaporized. People too, just the same, tons if rubble, patterns from kimonos on walls and patterns tranfered to skin. And yes, the children.
    I don’t think he ever showed them to my mom. He never showed then to my sister. There was something deeper he was trying to share and they just wouldn’t have gottenn it.
    Kind of like how people dont or cant see what Dizdar is talking about.
    I can’t understand totally why God allows such evil to continue unabated but part if it has to do with free will. And part has to do with us as Christians praying, or more like not praying.

  6. A former child actor (one of the “Coreys”) claims of child abuse rings in hollywood, and as a catholic, i still cannot comprehend the child sex abuse scandal in the church. Was it many isolated cases? Or were these pedophiles organized in anyway? After 9/11 and then the release of the movie “The Passion of the Christ”, the churches seemed to be fuller on sundays.That ended when these priest scandals became public. These abusers seem to be getting more and more bold, they want their aberrant behavior legitimized. As Christians though, we know that His Truth is an absolute, not a “do your own thing and it’s okay” attitude that prevalent in the culture.

    • The Roman Catholic pedophile scandal is huge beyond imagination. I think Tom Horn / Chris Putnam cover some of this in “Petrus Romanus,” if I recall correctly.

      The late RC priest, Malachi Martin, was high-up in the Vatican, knew about ALL the dirty laundry, and leaked the info to the Boston Globe writer that resulted in a Pulitzer Prize for exposing the pedophilia in a newspaper series. It was a start.

      Malachi also wrote a fictional novel (a la L.A. with the Nephilim trilogy), “The Windswept House.”

      The satanism and luciferianism at the top of the RC church is a key part of the one-church, false prophet, aliens-are-our-friends scenario.

      I keep saying that I wish I had time to say a LOT more, but now I really must go. I probably won’t be back until late tonight or tomorrow. Perhaps we’ll have a part 2 to this topic soon, pastor?

    • Read a theory where the head of the Jesuits is the so-called “Black Pope”. While others swear by the good work of the group. I’ll reserve judgement but nothing surprises me anymore. The lengths that people go to for power and self-gratification knows no bounds. It is so evident of our fallen nature that we need salvation through Jesus.

  7. Reblogged this on Out of the Crab Bucket and commented:
    Oh gee this Freak is dead now. Is he the abuser now or is he abused for all eternity with no hope now? God knows! And that 12 year old, is she in the protection of God Almighty never to face evil again? I am sure of that.

    • Yes he died last year and only after his death was the investigation opened, makes you wonder who in high places he could have implicated if he had gone to trial.

    • Speaking of implicating people in high places, the (Franklin) Nebraska scandal of the 1980’s nearly accomplished a lot, many BIG names were credibly linked, and a congressman wound up devoting the rest of his life trying to clear the people who wound up framed (and imprisoned) by the gov’t for their whistleblowing efforts.

      James Friesen (author of a classic, “The Mystery of MPD”) also wrote a book “The Life Model: Living from the Heart Jesus Gave You, The Essentials of Christian Living.” In it he describes how there was a HUGE case of SRA abuse in California pre-schools, about to go to trial and then . . . suddenly all the evidence disappeared.

      These are both classic examples of how the PTB used it all to say SEE, this SRA stuff is nonsense. I dunno, perhaps “Dr.” Phil cited these examples on his show the other day.

  8. Could this be speaking about a certain group of people which numbers 1/4th of the earth (2 billion people)? That 2 billion people are given power to kill the rest of the population?

    Rev 6:8 And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.

    You know, we think it is so good to know the future (prophecy). But really, it is bitter.

  9. SRA is absolutely a Fact. Never heard of Saville, but they use many names. They hide in plain site, they have many faces. They will infiltrate nurseries, day care, schools, foster care facilities, social services, private adoption agencies, and other organizations with ‘pillars of the community’ or public servants. This is not ‘new’.
    One does not have to do the physical ceremony of dedication to be a satanist, just an ‘astral temple’ dedication will do. ….”there is no need to reveal your allegiance to satan to anyone”, “…if it will cause us harm in anyway”. -Library of Congress #12-16457

    Yes, I prayed before, during, and after this post.

    • Yikes!! Seems people are in a fog these days about issues such as this. Obviously it exist. I thank God we have the ability and opportunity to home school our daughter. This subject being another reason to keep my 3rd grader learning from home.

    • Absolutely, Kristen. Seems to me, people would rather pull down their blinds and hide their eyes, rather than confront the truth. Many believe they will be judged only on things they have done, not the things that go undone.
      Vigilance. Always.

  10. Bill Sudduth, the president of the ISDM (International Society of Deliverance Ministers) wrote a book, “So Free” (subtitled “an In-depth guide to deliverance and inner healing”). In Chapter 9, “Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA and MPD)”, Bill describes the complexity and the long-term patience required in this ministry.

    He ends the chapter: “If you do choose to minister to people with MPD or other (SRA, my comment here) types of personality disorders, you need to expect a lengthy ordeal … On the other hand, we have had numerous others we have worked with for only two to six months and had outstanding results, especially with some of the older ladies. I attribute this to the fact that they were older in the Lord, more grounded in the Word, and were therefore better able to deal with the realities that were uncovered.”

    I had been ministering in various capacities for 17 years (including a fledgling deliverance ministry), when I had my first flashback about being a SRA survivor (I don’t care for the “victim” word). I was abused that way from the age of 2 to 8 (or poss. 9) and I had NO CLUE until I was 59 (almost 60) years old. This was multi-generational SRA: my mother brought me b/c her mother had brought her into it, b/c her mother (my great-grandmother) had brought her . . . I had no clue until my first flashback & the ensuing terrors I experienced.

    I will have quite a few things to post here, but I may have to leave and come back later (I have a LOT going on). But I want to say right up front that I have miraculously been fully associated (i.e., all of my alters/”little ones”/other identities, etc.) have been healed, know Jesus as Lord, and are part of ME, as God intended. ALL GLORY TO GOD!!! And now, what an honor that I get to serve in this area of specialized ministry in the army of Yeshua!

    @ Elaine – I especially want to direct this to you (and to Ally & Kristin & others): The night that I was screaming at the top of my lungs because I was seeing for the first time what happened to dear sweet little 2-year-old Mae Emily – AT THE SAME TIME – I was thinking, “Wow!! Jesus will be using me to do really big-girl Kingdom business now!” As I said, I had already been ministering for quite a while and I had overcome so many other “challenges” already, that I had an advantage at that point.

    Refer Romans 8:28, I have been called BIG-TIME according to His purposes. I am now healed and have an UNSPEAKABLE JOY that I am able to serve my Lord to help Him “set the captives free”. Refer Isaiah 61:1 “The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me; because the Lord hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek; he hath sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound.” Alleleuia! Alleleuia!! HE WILL MAKE A*L*L things right beyond anything that we can ask or imagine. His ways are not our ways – they are so far beyond our comprehension at this point.

    I want to add much more but as I say, my day is beyond full right now. And on top of a busy schedule, I just found out a few days ago that I’ll be making a permanent long-distance move in a big hurry, too!! Please pray for me especially in that direction. Too much needs to happen too quickly, in natural time.

    More later … for now, God bless you all most abundantly . A special shout-out to L.A. and Darla. BTW the other day when Darla wrote on the blog that she had been on the phone with an SRA the night before, that was me!

    • Wow… you may have been one of the actual children that my daddy cried for? He passed in 1979. Though he never met you….he loved you, and wept for your pain. I will introduce you at the Wedding feast! But he will probably walk right up and say, “Come here Mae, you get a hug!” He was that kind of guy. 🙂

    • Wow Amaezed. Just wow. It’s wonderful to see testimonies such as yours. God is AMAZING in all His ways!! Isaiah 61 is beautiful and brought me to tears “He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted.” Really touching. Romans 8:28 “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Encouraging words. You are right He will make all things right beyond anything that we can ask or imagine. I am feeling so encouraged by this. Thank you.

      “His ways are not our ways.” – Amaezed I needed this reminder!!!

    • Way to go amaezed…I love you girlfriend!!!!

      Thank you LA,

      Thank you for putting this out here. It might even be worth spending a couple of days on.

      I also would like to share another testimony concerning this very issue. I am glad you brought this up especially after what happened on Dr. Phil a few short days ago.

      Yesterday I gave a testimony of how God raised someone from the dead and that was the launching of the deliverance ministry that he placed on my life which led to SRA ministry. I want to share something now concerning the first deliverance I was involved with within SRA victim. I was oblivious to the situation that was about to cross my path.

      This was back in the 90s and I was at a church home fellowship dinner for singles. I got there and we were all told to sit down at the tables. I sat next to this young lady and thought nothing of it. Within the first 15 min. of my sitting next to her the Lord spoke to me and said “I want you to be a friend to her”. I rejected the Lord because I was not interested in having any close female friends at the time because I had been burned by so many of them. The Lord spoke to me a second time and said “I want you to be a friend to her”. I rejected the Lord again and played it off as if my mind was just saying that to myself. The Lord spoke to me a third time and usually when I hear it a third time I know it’s the Lord, he said “I want you to be a friend to her.” I said okay Lord. I turned to my left where she was sitting and I asked her if she wanted to exchange numbers so maybe later on we could get together once in a while and talk about God and do things. Trust me on this when I say I did not want to do any of this. I was not interested in being a friend with her at that time in my life but I knew I needed to obey God. We exchanged numbers and a few weeks after that dinner she rang my phone. We talked for about three or four hours. About three months later she rang my phone, we talked for about four or five hours. Three months after that she rang my phone, we talked for another five hours. Three months after that she rang my phone and asked if I wanted to go to the beach with her and her daughter. I said yes and took my son and we all four went to the beach. It was strange because it was sunny and warm in January in Alaska and we went to the beach. We had such a great day that I invited her over for dinner and we made a day of it. It was a great day. Upon finishing dinner we began to speak of the end time things in the Bible. I told her that the end times would be seven times more wicked than the earlier times. That’s what the Bible states. I said to her “Just look at stuff like the S&M stores and so forth” for an example. She didn’t know what S&M was so I felt bad about even bring it up. I had my foot in my mouth at that time so I began giving her a definition of what S&M was. I could not even finish my definition because of what took place next. This woman sitting across my dinner table began to shout out, “I know it was a mannequin head! It had to be a mannequin head! I know it had to be a mannequin head!” I at this point in time was clueless as to what was happening. I walked over to her to pray and the Lord told me to wait and listen. The next thing that came out of her mouth was “I know they hypnotized me! I know they hypnotized me using some type of amulet!”) The Lord spoke to me and said “Now Pray!” It was a command. I knew he was telling me to break the curse and bondage of the hypnotism off of her life and more things would be revealed.

      This situation ended up being one of the most profound situations I have ever been in my life. I had no idea what I was doing but God walked me through the whole thing.

      This woman’s story was so horrifying it made “Silence of the Lambs” look like child’s play. At about three o’clock in the morning I was wondering if the story was real because it was so horrific. I thought maybe she was just crazy. When we lay down to rest in a living room after a night of horrific tales, the Lord gave me two dreams to prove and establish to me personally what she was saying was real. He revealed things in the dreams that she had not told me and I spoke them out and she ran into the corner of the kitchen screaming and curled up into the fetal position.

      There is so much to the story I cannot share it. My point in sharing this much so far is to say SRA is REAL! I learned of it that night.

      LA has been speaking about the gifts for the last two weeks. It is vital that we begin to truly move in the gifts God has given us. He gave us these gifts for such a time as this.

      To make a long story short the Lord walked me through breaking curses and casting out demons throughout the entire night. When we woke next day we were both sitting on the couch looking out the window and we both saw something strange out the window. We saw an extremely bright line that was like a white bright line running horizontal all the way across the sky as far as we could see from the East to the West. We were squinting our eyes it was so bright. All of a sudden the Lord opened both of our eyes to the spirit realm as we were looking out the window and we literally witnessed hundreds upon hundreds of demons hovering outside my home. We both began to scream as loud as we could. Right we watched as the thin bright line across the sky open up wide.We both saw a tidal wave of blood coming out of heaven going after the demons. We were screaming at the top of our lungs and this lasted approximately 45 min. When the blood would dissipate the demons would hurry back and then the blood would come back in a tidal wave of glory. The demons finally went away by the blood of the lamb that was poured out upon us that day.

      That day I had a true revelation of what is meant when the Bible states that the things of this world are temporal but the things of the spirit are eternal. That was printed on my heart that day I saw that title wave of blood.

      I have two points in sharing these portions of this testimony.
      Number one, SRA is real.
      Number two we must operate in the gifts to help these people. SRA survivors can go to doctors all they want for years upon years but the only true healing for SRA survivors is Christ and Christ alone.

      They’re so much more to this story that I will put in a documentary or a book. I’m leaning toward the documentary especially after the Dr. Phil show.

      There needs to be more SRA deliverance ministers.
      I said a couple days ago that God was going to blow the lid off SRA and I truly mean that..

      I pray this blesses all who read it.


    • I was 45 when God gave me the revelation about being brought to a satanic ritualistic human sacrifice…I was 4 when I witnessed this ..had no memory unti God brought it back at the age of 45…

    • @ Darla, remember when I said I had to leave a couple hours ago? Well, now I really have to, but would you please start a thread to pray God;s protection for those who may be triggered here in any way.

      To all others, remember that God will make ALL things right! “Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord!”

    • Lord we pray right now that those reading this particular blog would be in the shadow of Your Your protection..we ask that if there is any out there reading this that would want to share..we pray that this blog would be a safe haven for them…..We pray that readers and bloggers would have hearts of compassion for those who would want to come forward and for those who have we continually speak your protection for they have offered up things from the depths of their inner most being and this is not to be trodden by the skeptics.

      Give us eyes to see and ears to hear with and whatever we can do to go the extra mile on this blog for any who would want help concerning this very issue…lets us have hearts to do so…for this too is brotherly love….

      Lord we thank You that You truly are going to blow the Lid off of this subject and bring it to the forefront ….more than it ever was…..

      We thank you for raising up the ministers and we pray for those who are to be risen up in the gift of deliverance….help us to be good mentors to those you are calling to this ministry….show us where we error Lord and lead us in this ministry…..

      We praise You and thank You for the answers to these prayers in the name of Yeshua/Jesus Christ our Lord…

  11. Come on, the picture of this lunatic speaks volumes. One thing that should happen if these allegations have credence is to strip him of his knighthood. Tarnish his image and put him where he would then belong, in the trash can of history. Some in the media find it suspicious that these accusers are coming out of the woodwork now after his death; however, I happen to believe what the victims are saying as sometimes the death of an abuser can be a release mechanism for the victims as they no longer have to fear the culprit. Plus, apparently people have been coming forward for years to claim Jimmy Saville has abused them but the police and other authorizes never took notice. These were children, and Jimmy Savile admits in his autobiography that he pressured girls to stay the night with him. The FACTS are, allegations were made in the past and very little was done to investigate them or validate them, and this is not something that has just appeared since his demise, as some are saying in the media. I do believe that a thorough investigation into the accusations should be carried out, just for the sake of the alleged victims, though in this case I doubt the truth will ever be known to the public. Too often the victims of sexual abuse are the ones that are treated as guilty, and the rights of the accused are held paramount over children and women’s rights to live lives free from abuse.

    • You nailed it.

      In general. I’m past sick and tired of seeing victims of a number of crimes, abuses, etc. being treated like they’re guilty of something.

  12. I’ve sometimes wondered how many top politicians that have experienced “alien abductions” without being able to tell anyone about it. (If they did the’d loose their job.)
    According to surveys, influential people are in the top of those who’ve been abducted, or are being abducted.
    What’s stopping the aliens/angels from abducting a king or a president? The difference from other people is that a high official never could tell anyone about it.
    I also think that is what Satan was trying to do with Jesus. Like a standard visit everyone aspiring for high ranks in the world gets.

  13. I was kidnapped from the school bus at knife point on the way to kindergarten when I was five. I was molested fortunately my mind did not comprehend what happened to me until I was 12 when I could rationally seek counseling. I spent three years discussing it. And I am fine with discussing it now. I do wonder where God is when children are molested? I have no mercy for child molesters. If it were up to me they would ALL be castrated. It would also be the 2nd unforgivable sin. I guess its a good thing Im not the one judging.

    I’ve also wondered what satisfaction I would have in beating up the individual that did that to me. He has a name I will never forget and Im sure a google search wouldn’t be too difficult to locate him. Im 6.2 215 and I’ve wrestled and I am established Muay Thai fighter. What I wouldn’t give to see the fear in his face that he put in me. I guess its a good thing that I haven’t acted on that impulse.

    If you ever want an eye opener just put your address into your states listing of sex offenders. I have roughly 40 in a ten by ten block region of my neighborhood.

    I guess my christian faith has not allowed forgiveness of this beyond comprehension crime. Nor do I want it at this time.

    • You know, there is only one thing I would actually go to prison for and that would be to put a bullet in the head of anyone that is sick and perverted enough do that to my wife or child. If there was any way I could get to him first before the police, he would be dead, no, it’s and’s or but’s….dead. I would take no joy in taking a life, however, it would have to be done as our justice system is failed and flawed and cannot be counted on to give justice.
      I could not bear to see someone walk away from such torture and violence on my child. I would deal with my consequences with Jesus or God later, and fully expect punishment.
      But really, what jury would find any parent guilty when their child has suffered sexual ritual abuse?
      Not many…as most in the jury can sympathize and see themselves in the same situation and would do the same if given half the chance and could escape the consequences. Sometimes Old Testament justice is the way to go.

    • I can’t imagine the terror of your experience, Richard. Sexual abuse is a terrible thing. Ruins a lot of people. Unfortunately, according to what I’ve read, most of the abuse is done by uncles, cousins, grandfathers, brothers, step-brothers, counselors, teachers, coaches, youth pastors – people parents know and trust with their children. For me, it was my grandfather beginning at a very early age. The Lord has healed me from many of the lingering effects, but it took 45 emotionally-crippled years and three failed marriages to finally break me down to the point of being able to put me together in a better way. I sometimes wonder how different my life would have been if my childhood had been different. I wonder, too, how many men are homosexuals today because they were molested by an older homosexual growing up? I know SRA is different, but it all comes from Satan.

      I’m convinced that Satan’s attempt to corrupt something is in direct proportion to the importance of it in God’s eyes. Sex and children must be close to the top of His list.


    • Richard….there is a special place in my heart for you…I have never seen you but I have grown so fond of you and I miss you on here when we do not hear from you..never go away without letting us know somehow that everything is ok..and if it is not ok…if you are up for it…we will pray ALWAYS for you!!!:)

    • 😯

      Got love for you, brother Richard. Thank you for trusting us enough to offer us that level of testimony and confidence. I’m glad we can at least be here as a “sounding board” and hopefully encouragement. 🙂

    • Richard, as a child I was chased by a van close to my neighborhood, right across the street from my elementary school. It was very traumatic for me at the time. I had walked up to the 7-11 to buy a Slurpee and I forget what else, probably candy or gum…anyway, I came outside and a van drove by me slowly a couple times. I remember thinking it was strange and I decided if it passed me again I would run, as the van passed me once again , I took off running into the neighborhood, I heard the tires of the van screeching behind me, I looked back to see it turning around and moving at a great speed in my direction…I ran in-between two houses and I crouched down and hid behind a AC unit next to one of the houses…I took my shirt off as it was white and red, and I thought it could easily be seen from the street….I was terrified as I the saw the van go slowly by and stop right in front of the house I was hiding behind , it would move a little ways then back up..,it felt like years before it slowly moved on,,,I stayed there for a good hour before I was brave enough to run home….sorry for what you went through…I can’t imagine how horrible it was for you. I was lucky, but I did feel fear that day. I wish you could have escaped somehow. Your story saddens me…I hate the fact this happened to you.

    • Richard,

      bless you my brother for sharing a difficult event from your youth.

      Praise God for His mercy and grace and healing.

      I had thought you lived in Denver.

      I stop for gas in Denver on my drive north to YNP and this would be my 13th visit to the Caldera.

      I stop north of Denver for lunch at Johnson’s Corner that’s why I suggested it,

      I’m going to see about the Prophecy Conference in July and will let you know.

      Eric said he’s considering going as well. It would be good to break bread and pray together and attend the conference.

      I’m in Albuquerque and had gone to the conference in Oct.

      God is good and worthy of all our praise.


    • Everyone I appreciate the kind words. I also hate that it happened. The incident took apart of my innocence away that changed my life forever. I put the incident in the “to ask God why did he allow it to happen column”

    • Richard your comment : “I do wonder where God is when children are molested? I have no mercy for child molesters.”

      I have maybe a partial answer to that question. People may or may not like this answer but it helped me in understanding certain things in a different way. It also helped me to realize that we must rise up in war against the enemy.

      An evangelist I know and I highly regard was in the service one evening when he looked out over the believers and he was given an open vision when he looked upon one woman.

      An open vision is when your eyes are open and you’re actually seeing something take place with your eyes open. You’re watching a scene play out with your eyes open.

      To continue, he was looking upon this woman and an open vision was displayed over her head and he watched in horror. He saw the nine men had taken this woman and had gang raped her. He saw that she was hurting and sitting amongst the believers wondering why God didn’t help her. At the close of the meeting he took her behind closed doors and he spoke out what he saw in the open vision. She began to cry because she knew he had seen something from God. She had not told anybody that she had been gang raped by nine men.

      The minister began to explain to her that God was with her the whole time. He felt her pain while she was feeling pain. He explained to her that because she had no knowledge of how to fight in the spiritual realm and no knowledge of God and how to call upon Him that this took place and it took place because we live in a fallen world. Had she known she could’ve came against the darkness operating in these men by a command her situation could have been different. It was not her fault that she had no knowledge of Him or any knowledge of how to fight darkness when it rages in a person coming against you. This minister ministered the love of God through the binding up of the broken hearted. She received Christ that night.

      Some might think this a hard lesson to learn. I understand that. I didn’t like the answer either. It made me realize however that God set up a system in the spirit and if we follow that system and believed in Him and His word we would be more than conquerors. She could have came against those men in the name of Jesus, against the dark entities operating in them in the name of Jesus but she had no knowledge that she could even do such a thing. She had not been trained up in the things of the Lord.

      God set up the system in this fallen world and He stated in His word that his people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.

      When I listen to this minister explain this story it brought it home all the more to me about how we must fight the enemy. He says He’s a present help in a time of trouble. Present means now! Present means if nine men come after you can go against the darkness that rages in their souls and win. She had no knowledge of this. His people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. God went through the pain with her.

      God works through His body of believers. Yes God is sovereign but He set up the system where the body of believers are to be an occupying our Army until he comes back. This is the system he set up.

      I realize the next question is going to be asked is what about the babies? I have no answer for that. I just pray that parents start taking a stand and bring real protection over their families. Some do it flippantly. This is imperative in our world today. Pray protection of your family, over your friends and other believers. It is the system that God set up in this fallen world. We are to be an occupying army.

      After I heard this story I knew that if something like that came against me I would begin the demons operating in the ones raging against me… I learned from this story that we MUST be an occupying army. We must take a stand against the enemy even in present danger…..


    • His name is Dr. Wayne Gwilliam…The man was the first man I ever witnessed TRULY move in the deliverance ministry public ally…He did not care what people thought…if there was a demon he would go after it …..He moves in all the gifts…He was the most notorious criminal in Australia and God got a hold of him…his personal salvation story makes you cries to the depths and laugh out loud…I love hearing him speak….He has some free ebook you can download on his web…”Destine to Win” make sure you get the one with his name there are two destine to win’s on the web …..I learned so much from him….I laways refer to him because he is like a mentor to me even though I do not sit directly under him….AMAZING how he teaches and shares…..never seen anything like it.

    • Darla, may I ask of you to please elaborate on your statement, “She could have came against those men in the name of Jesus, against the dark entities operating in them in the name of Jesus but she had no knowledge that she could even do such a thing. She had not been trained up in the things of the Lord”? Would you mind please explaining exactly what you mean this woman could have done or what the outcome might have been had she chosen to “Come against the dark entities operating in them”? I would greatly appreciate it.

      Respectfully in Christ,

      Jeff D

    • Jeff,
      I tried to make it simple…

      1) She was never brought before the Lord in salvation and to not have salvation also means to not have anyone or even the Holy Spirit training you in in such things as fighting against an attack of this nature.

      2) The enemy can trample all over you as an unbeliever and you have nothing to fight him with because to fight him you need to have God and enough foundation to know how to use the word of God against Him and know how to keep the armor of God on at all times? When do we take off the armor? Never. As an unbeliever or one who has never even been presented with the gospel how would you know these things? Lack of knowledge can destroy and who is the destroyer? Satan and his demons.

      3)Once a person is saved they become “HOLY GROUND” thus NOW they have a fighting chance against the devil and his cohorts.They have been made righteous through the blood of the lamb and this established Authority.
      Authority and power are two different things.

      a) authority comes from being saved and being brought into that place of dominion…the dominion Adam first had before the fall. That is why Christ had to also come as the LAST ADAM and when we are birthed into Him we are birthed back into that authority of Dominion
      b) The POWER we walk in is because the anointing of the Holy Spirit
      (an unsaved person cannot walk in authority or power because you need to have salvation to walk in both)

      4) However even if one gets saved and not trained properly in the art of war against the enemy..he, Satan can still KILL you by any means. He can work on destroying you.

      5) These nine men were operating under demonic sure was not God who did this to her.

      6)If she was saved and had an understanding of coming against demons she could have stood her ground and rebuked the demons raging against her operating gout of these nine men. They were operating through these men..that is there job to work there character out through human beings..they have to have a host…to work their character which is always to destroy.

      7)We live in a fallen world and God set up a system for us to be operating as the BODY OF CHRIST on earth…Christ rebuked the devils and that is what we are to due. he said no man take His life he gave it freely….He knew He had to be killed so He offered Himself otherwise He would still be walking the earth today because there was NO SIN IN HIM…Sin causes death….He was the seed of God not the seed of the fallen Adam therefore no sin in Him and He had the Authority to rebuke the demons He could have walk 5 trillion years and not have died on earth but he gave His life freely so that fallen humanity could be delivered to eternity

      8) What Christ gives to us when we are birthed into Him ( beside eternal life) is that AUTHORITY & POWER He walked in before He left…thus He has given us His power of attorney to overcome the enemy

      Us this more clear?

      She had no way to fight off the enemy…no knowledge of how to….

    • ps….if she even tried to imitate someone by rebuking the enemy without being saved they would have torn her apart anyway because the demon know if you are the sons of God ( Saved ones)

    • More on Authority & Power: Luke 4:33-34 “By what authority do you do these things and who gave you this authority” This is what the religious leader asked Christ he said “I will ask you one question and answer me & I will tell you by what authority I do these things” The He asked them ” The baptism of John was it from heaven (God) or men?” They reasoned and could not answer His question and because they couldn’t answer Him he refused to answer them..

      Had they answered Him it would have also answered both of their questions.

      The authority by which Jesus did those things was because He was MAN (mankind) born who came as the Last Adam..remember in the beginning God gave Adam dominion but he lost it in the fall….Christ came as the Last Adam to reestablish it and when we are birthed into Him we are birthed back into that dominion that was in the beginning in the Garden….

      So the He walked in was because he was born ( mankind) and who gave Him the authorty? GOD This is all about Authority…..

      The POWER we walk in is because of the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

    • So the Authority He walked in was because He was born (mankind without sin) is what I meant to say in last paragraph.

    • richard i believe its like the scripture says that we are given this huge testing which i refer to as a huge pile of hurt. This hurt is not more than we can bare but it seems awfully close to it when it happens. Its all for our spiritual growth and an unforseen plan God has in motion that everyone on earth plays a part in, willingly or not. Rejoice though my brother…you know the outcome..everything else is dross and trash 8)

    • I had Mormons come to my door and I let them in and we spoke..they began saying that women do not have the authority to do certain things..the way Mormons believe…I showed them this truth about authoiry..they both jumped out of their chairs and said “”This is the Holy Spirit! the Holy Spirit is here!” I showed them the TRUE Authority that WE ALL walk in when we are birthed into Christ..

    • Faithfulelect..

      I have to disagree with this respectfully and in love…..If we think got is allowing someone to rape us to help us learn something…would you allow your childto be raped to learn something? When we speak this to people then it tells people that God is allowing it to happen SO WHY FIGHT?

      I have heard people with cancer say the same thing..God gave ot to me because He is teaching me something…..NO!!!! Satan come to steal KILL AND DESTROY…Not GOD……If we believe God is doing this then we will never fight against the enemy..This is one of the biggest misunderstood things in the body of Christ today…

  14. Isn’t your heart grieving for all the abuse that we have just read? I’ve been in that kind of mood lately, and this just magnifies it. I m sickened that people can do this esp to little children! There is a special place in hell for those unrepentant perverts. And a special place for those who went through that abuse. Come, Lord Jesus.

    • “Grief” is exactly the word for this day. It is so easy to hate this type of sin but we must also try to pray for the perpetrators…..not all are satanists and many were probably victims when they were children. A wise thing that Joyce Meyers says is that “Hurting people hurt people”
      I was privvy to a situation much like Richard’s that happened to the son of a friend. His son had just been caught trying to molest his young nephew. I heard that the teenager, as a little boy, was molested at about age 5 by a deaf mute man in town who had been molested when he was very small…..Once I heard that I was also overcome by aching painful tears for that other little boy a couple of decades before who could not even cry out or speak what had happened to him until he got older and was taught to communicate via lip reading and sign language… that time his attacker was dead. .
      The happy part is that my friend’s son was caught before he could do more than fondle and ended up being sent to a psychiatrist and counselled by a great pastor….he is a fine Christian man now and the chain has ended.
      Somewhere way back it was evil that started that chain of behavior but unless it is satanic ritual it is many tragedies piled on tragedies….The children, Oh, God, the children.
      I know it does not erase the horror of what Richard and the rest went through but it may be a way to help them forgive and at least heal the hate? Hate really hurts the hater most.
      …..but when it comes to those satanists….go ahead guys, deal with ’em!

    • Kristen,

      This is a hard subject…the way you feel now is the way some ministers feel after a successful deliverance…..overwhelmed with joy but completely exhausted from the situation. One thing that comes from this for the minister however is that their spiritual eyes become sharper…like the eye of an eagle…suddenly because of what you just experienced your eyes are opened to see the enemy more clearly…I could never explain this until I read a book that explained what I saw….It was an eagle speaking and the eagle said to the man who was given the vision at the time ” We eat snakes..and every time we eat a snake our eyes become sharper” …that totally explained what I had experienced after walking someone through a deliverance…..God is made strong in our weakness…many times I have been so exhausted from being up all night I think I will not be able to minister good another minute and God Totally TAKES OVER…not that He was not in control before but I think you get what I mean.


    • Kristen,
      A couple of weeks ago we were all on here and a troll came on the blog….to me a troll and one from the enemy camp are two different things…I troll is just some doof who has his opinions and wants to just create stress on the blog but when someone is TRULY working for the ENEMY(practicing) I say they are from the ENEMY camp….I got someone on the blog, a brother, all mad at me because I went across the blog room to speak to this guy who just walked into the blog….I KNEW he was from the ENEMY camp…not just some doof….I went after him and some here got upset…..I had to…He was ENEMY(practicing) camp, not just some doof….Some did not understand so I had to explain myself…The eyes of my heart or spirit saw who he really was…..WHY? Because I eat snakes too….my eyes have been trained up in this…..

  15. From Russ Dizdar:


    Its all about the underground…the dark satanic underground that most fear to talk about. It must be discussed and exposed, its the reason for what we seen in history, the current crisis and in the coming chaos that most know is coming. Its from that side that the origins, conception and inception of what happens here …. in this physical realm. The Spirit of God has said its not about flesh and blood (the physical realm)… its whose behind it, that’s where it all comes from. This week we will peal back some of that supernatural carpet that covers a vast…massive realm and they are bursting at the seams to get it on. The events to come are because of them and the foundations they have laid.


    Catch up and keep up with Russ.

    He’s really been on some kind of fire *points up* since coming back for the New Year after everything with his mother, Shelly’s mom, and some other trials.

    • Eric..I am a” Dur Da Dur when it comes to figuring out how to get to these stations and what time it is on MY time….what do I do?I want to hear this over computer …Can I ? You now they way I listen to LA on thursdays?

    • “”

      He just posted that update.

      When the show is live you can hit his site:

      “” And just hit the live show link there at the top otherwise if you look to the right you’ll see a box that says podcasts. The most recent archived shows are at the top and go backwards in time as you work down. Once they’re there you can listen whenever you want otherwise he comes on live M-F 6 pm EST and Wednesday night he does a late show at 9 pm EST with people calling in. He’s going to do that this week.

      He’s going big into SRA all week.

    • “otherwise if you look to the right you’ll see a box that says podcasts. The most recent archived shows are at the top and go backwards in time as you work down. Once they’re there you can listen whenever you want otherwise he comes on live M-F 6 pm EST and Wednesday night he does a late show at 9 pm EST with people calling in. He’s going to do that this week. ”

      ^^ All that refers to this area: “ /2013-01-14T14_32_44-08_00” in case that read strangely.

      If all else fails, you can’t go wrong hitting his site as long as you remember the times for the live shows. 🙂

    • “”

      Hot off the presses. He usually archives these fast. This was the show that came on tonight at 6pm EST. Part 1 of this week’s series. 🙂

  16. Why not have an online (Holy Ghost) prayer meeting once a week? People with Skype could join live, and others could join just listening and praying. There are many among Gods people who feel an urge to pray right now. Something is getting nearer.

    • Life…I was awake at 3:00 the other morning and decided I would pray but then I thought …Why not pray on the blog? I wrote the whole thing out……

      I like your idea….I musty have been in the same mind the other night when I wrote prayer online 🙂

    • Eric, I really dont know how to arrange such a thing, but I’m sure it’s possible. I noticed LA had a live camera going in his last radio show. It could be something like a video conference. Just a suggestion.
      I know others who have live prayer meetings online, with people joining from all over the world.

    • If we do the video thing I want some to really explain to me how to set a camera up on my computer….email me or something..I will join…I will be relocating to another house in very near future to I am trying to get organized but I do not want to miss out on fellowship 😉

  17. While the earthers (*) are spiraling down into darkness.
    (* – earthers meaning those that dwell on the earth, per Russ Dizdar from the Revelation)

    Christ takes us into deeper waters…

    Acts 2:40-47
    1 save yourselves from this untoward generation (40) … all that believed were together (44)
    2 breaking bread (42) … breaking bread from house to house (46)
    3 fellowship (42) … continuing daily with one accord (46)
    4 stedfast in doctrine (42) … did eat their meat with gladness (46)
    5 prayers (42) … praising God (47)
    6 doing wonders and signs (43) … having favor with the people (47)
    7 fear came on every soul (43) … and the Lord added to the church daily… (47)

    1 “save yourselves” = 2 Cor. 6:14-18 …come out from among them
    2 “breaking bread” = sharing the daily bread of the Word of God
    3 “fellowship” = daily accord
    4 “meat” = put the teaching into practice, i.e. “sink your teeth into it”
    5 prayer and praise result in boldness and strength starting with the first step
    6 caring for orphans and such is part of signs and wonders
    7 in impending destruction or judgment, like 9/11, what happens?

  18. I do not know if any of you have noticed but the blog is evolving……We can actually make this blog a living breathing organism that is a minister of the Power of the Gospel…I would say in about the last 3 or 4 days it has begun to take on more of the nature of Christ…we still have a ways but shouldn’t that be our goal here? I am excited when I see this change!!!!!!

    • Darla, I am not sure what message you are seeking to send with your statement that this “Blog is evolving”. Brother’s Lynn’s BLOG has ALWAYS had the Power of the Gospel. Along with a few others here, I have been a daily supporter since L.A. first began blogging. There has never been a time when this BLOG was not without the Power of the Gospel or without the nature of Christ.

      Respectfully in Christ,

      Jeff D

    • Jeff, i am not dogging or downing the blog…..

      I was making the point that people are being more respectful to each other and people are really wanting to get involved and walking in more love……thus “Evolving” Good Heaven …… I was not dogging LA or the blog….I love them both! 🙂

  19. Amen. Peace be unto you.

    Just an alien visiting this planet….A stranger in a strangeland. A vaccine if you will. A good vaccine can’t be just administered deep intramuscularly to be effective. It needs to be abrasive and get down to the subdermal parts and yield blood which then flows to wash the infection away. It must be alive and persistent to trigger an immune response.

    I don’t know where I was going with this vein of thought. However, I was thinking about sin and its place in the human genome. Sin is a virus whether a computer or biological virus that can be debated. Even though, humans are a type of computer/machine and also a biological entity. I don’t know if it’s correct to say that sin is a virus. Sin is the rna that gets replicated………

    Anyway. There are things on my mind. This SRA thing is disturbing to say the least. It’s easier to believe in Santa Claus than the SRA thing, mainly because santa goes through the village handing out gifts of mushrooms to children…(I had read that somewhere as an origin to Santa Claus…)

    Anyway, may the Lord grant us the ability to overcome the world as He has overcame the world. In Jesus Christ’s name I pray, Amen.

  20. SRA…It is very real…I shared the testimony above because I wanted people to see from 1st hand experience a true story not just something you heard from someone who heard from someone……I sense in my spirit the God TRULY is going to break this thing wide open and He is getting many ready because there is going to be a lot of ministry need for the many who come before the Lord to be made whole 🙂 It is very disturbing…The incredible thing is that God truly shows up and moves on behalf of the survivors…..he even moves on behalf of those who completely put it out of their minds….Our mind have a type pf protecting mechanism thus people experiance multiple personalities….I have not gone through that….

    Interestingly enough, just as Mae stated, I was ministering to SRA way before I ever remembered that I had been a witness to grizzly murder.

    God amazes me 😉

    • Saw your testimony yesterday in the Sunday Bun about the gigantic glory cloud when you cast the deomons out of that guy. Wow! You weren’t kidding the other night when you said you’ve had many supernatural experiences with God! I bet every demon in Hell dreads to see you comin! 😀

  21. Hey there Darla… Just hopped on at work and wanted to see if any of those demons are giving you any nightmarish images in your head of giant truck-sized erasers (per our discussion the other night. Lol! It’s a subject i could discuss with someone all day long. If more scriptural encouragement is needed for your personnal peace of mind I am definitely doctrinally equipped to do so. 😀

    • HEY COREY!!! I was hoping to see you…. I still need to study this out…any info you can give me can you email me…My email is in my profile just click on my head there on the left….OMGosh..I had such a blast with yu the other night..I lauged sooooooo much and OH by the way my dogs name is DARBY not poo!!!! 🙂

    • Corey,

      Amazed said she is going to show me the right way of dealing with the blog as far as not having to go in and out of it just to see a new post…I will relay to you

    • Darla… Awesome. I sure would like to know myself. For awhile I just thought my computer had a virus of some kind or whatever. I’ll email you with some info on that whole subject. As a believer, it’s something that I feel very motivated over to share with other believers as well as lost people if they are of a mind to know because it can be a very unsettling idea that eraser thing. For me, it used to be a tormenting thing. I’ve studied it very vigouously over the years and with the help of the Holy Spirit enlightening the scriptures abit for me, it’s something that doesn’t torment me anymore. I found out soon after getting saved that this kind of fear all but ensures you from being a good servant of God. There’s no peace in that kind of a fear. But I also had a fun time the other night as well. You kept me awake and kept my head from smashing my desk in a sickening thud… It was that time of the morning when it’s the most difficult to stay alert… for me anyway.

    • Like I stated Corey…I have studied it from both sides of the coin and I still wonder because if you gave a list of pros and cons you could line up a lot of scripture for both side but if there are two separate books being spoken about then that puts stuff in a whole different light…so to speak….so I surely would like to see your studies and how you determined what you did..I have to process this in my head…..

    • Corey I would help keep your head from slamming into the desk tonight but me head is bobbling all over the place because I am tired tonight…out looking for a place to place…keep me in prayer about finding the right place…I will meet up with you tomorrow …this has been a very interesting blog today…..

      Good night and send me email and a place that I can respond

    • Hey Darla… Sorry it took long to respond but I had to deal with something here at work suddenly. You’re probably reading this the next day since you’ve now gone to bed per your previous entry. I will email you Wednesday or Thursday or both. These are my days off and I’ll be home with access to my bible and uninterrupted thoughts concerning this whole subject matter. Hope you slept well and will keep you in prayer for the right place to live. I’ll go build a campfire in my living room tomorrow and sit there with my bible opened up to Revelation and hum alittle and then sprinkle holy water on a picture of a nice house with the name “Darla” written in red marker. Then cartwheels through the fire and we’ll see what happens. Just kidding 😀 I had to do it. Sorry everyone.

  22. in 1991 my uncle, his girlfriend, and two others were camping by a river when for some reason his gf decided they wanted to summon something. My uncle *who is just a year older than me* wasnt raised in Christ but knew enough to not be a part of any kind of ritual. He leaves. The girl and the other 2 pull out a book or some rite they had gotten their hands on and do this thing. My grandmother tells this story *shes half cherokee indian and wasnt raised in Christ either* because he will not. I dont rememberr how much time goes by but They get an answer…

    They hear what can only be described as something gigantic wading up this river and they hear huge splashes that sound as if giant feet are walking and sloshing along. They didnt wait around to see exactly What they called up…no, they didnt keep this book or spell either. Thats about all i know of the story except my uncle left that girl and she got with one of the boys that did this spell with her. They had a rough life until divorcing after he got shot. I went to school with them but didnt hear of this until after high school maybe 10 years later.

    You cant play with this stuff. Its like a loaded gun except with this you dont know how many bullets are in it when you spin the chamber. It always always pays off. It just seems like the bullets leave the chamber whenever they want to…

    God bless you all!

    • btw if anyone ever wanted to write a book about hauntings my grandmother 50 or 60 years ago lived with my grandfather and their oldest daughters ( dont think my father was born yet or was a baby) in this very big house somewhere in south carolina. They used to tell me stories that would raise the hair on the back of your neck. They were once eating a very early breakfast and their 2nd oldest daughter levitated asleep down this spiral staircase one of the old fashioned kind. This happened in front of 3 people. Two of which were there when the told this one story. I cant remember the rest but they got out of that place as soon as they could.

  23. @ Elaine: as you said, “I will introduce you at the Wedding feast! But he will probably walk right up and say, “Come here Mae, you get a hug!” He was that kind of guy.”

    Too long a story for right now, but when I read that, I became convinced that he’s a LOT like my Dad (who went home in ’96) & I honestly believe your Dad has met my Dad already.

    Planning to follow up with more details when I can, but for now – wow, how sweet to read your reply! (Tears of joy, my sister)

  24. A hospital would be the perfect place for these insidious deeds. When i had my first ruptured disk in my back i was in a catholic hospital doped up on pain meds awaiting the surgeon to come in the next morning. That night i heard this young child screaming *i was 27* ill never forget this as i told my wife and son about it the next morning. I get up my heads swimming like mad and walk out of my room. The crying is frantic now when all i can remember is being ushered back to bed and given a shot i didnt need and being half comatose the next day. I still wonder what happened to that child. I asked the nurse that morning but she said i must have been dreaming…who knows? I sure dont.

    • Indeed. I have heard horror stories about doctor’s offices. Recently in my city a dentist was brought up on charges of molesting a woman while she was under anesthesia‎. Evidently, his nurse had enough of his shenanigans and turned him in as he has done this before to others. The lesson here? One…try not to be put under during a dental procedure …and two, do your best to find a female dentist.

  25. Al Qaeda-linked terrorists in Africa today posted gruesome pictures of a man they said was a French commando killed in a failed operation to rescue a French intelligence agent overnight Friday.

    The pictures, released via Twitter by the Somalia-based terror group al-Shabaab, show a white male in a dark blue shirt and camouflage pants surrounded by military gear and weapons. The shirt is covered in blood and the man appears to be dead. As a caption for one photo that shows the man’s crucifix necklace, al-Shabaab tweeted, “A return of the crusades, but the cross could not save him from the sword.”

    “A return of the crusades, but the cross could not save him from the sword.”

    We need Vlad the Impaler back. He knew how to put the fear of God into these people.

    I wonder if France will turn the Legionaires loose, go in and simply wipe out all of the Islamic terrorist as they round up and expel all of the Muslims in France?

  26. Glad to see that the “wall of red tape” is being erased in Cuba! They’ve dropped exit visa restrictions and now allow up to 2 years stay abroad. The USA should likewise drop erase the wall of red tape restricting US citizens from traveling and doing business in Cuba.

    And since both Texas and California were able to balance their budgets — the federal budget should also be balanced. Politicians and bureaucrats that won’t follow a budget should be recalled, convicted, and jailed for neglecting their duties. Such as selective law enforcement, which really means intentionally not doing your duty.

    (It’s the type of leadership that tells students that it’s ok to only answer the easy questions on a test or only do what they think they should on homework or only do what they like when the coach gives a drill.)

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