Sunday go to Meeting Bun – Are we Dead or Alive?

Bun!!!Sunday Bun


L. A. Marzulli

1st part in a series!

1 Corinthians 12: 4  Now there are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit. 

Here’s the back story.  Jesus has long since risen up into the heavens.  The Holy Spirit has descended on the those gathered in the Upper Room in Jerusalem and filled them with the spirit of the living God.  Peter, then goes out onto the balcony and preaches to the crowd that has gathered there, and 3000 people are “born again” that day!  This is the Holy Spirit of the living God, not a dead religion.  This is promise fulfilled of the coming of the Comforter, Jesus told us would come when He went away.

Jesus also promised the Holy Spirit would teach us in all things.  By the way, without trying to start something here, there is no place in all of scripture which tells us the Holy Spirit has been withdrawn and His presence, as well as the gifts He brings to men and women have somehow been withdrawn and are no longer applicable today.

Think about this for a moment.  If that were true – the gifts being withdrawn – then we are left here defenseless.  There are no gifts to enable us to destroy the works of the Fallen One.  There is no Holy Spirit, guiding and leading us and teaching us in all things.  How dismal is that?

The apostle Paul is writing this letter from the ancient city of Corinth.

Paul-2nd Miss Journey 1024Corinth, or Korinth (Greek: Κόρινθος, Kórinthos) was a city-state (polis) on the Isthmus of Corinth, the narrow stretch of land that joins the Peloponnesus to the mainland of Greece, roughly halfway between Athens and SpartaAncient Corinth – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

He is a man who is far from his home.  He is on a journey to spread the good news, the gospel, and he is bold about it.  Some put this writing about 57 AD, just before the siege of Jerusalem in which the city and the temple are destroyed and millions of Jews slaughtered.

Paul is writing to a church that is not familiar with the Holy Spirit.  They are not sure how to move in the gifts, and perhaps don’t know what the gifts are!  Paul begins his teaching by stating there are a diversity of gifts.  This clearly means there are more than one gift.

A gift is something which is given freely.  A person can’t earn it.  It is bestowed upon he or she with favor and blessing!  Think of the gifts we give to each other at birthdays or Christmas, so it is with the gifts of the Spirit.  We can’t earn them they are given by the Holy Spirit freely.

Next Paul tells us: but the same Spirit.  You will notice Spirit is capitalized.  As Christians we believe the Holy Spirit is the third person of the triune God.  He was able to manifest in the early church as He settled on those in the upper room in Jerusalem.  The building shook, and the people began to speak in other tongues or what theologians call the glossolalia.

In closing todays Bun:  Paul is instructing the people in Corinth that there are gifts which come from the Holy Spirit.  He makes it clear there is more than one gift, in fact there are a diversity of them.  In the coming weeks we explore these gifts and how we should operate in them as the church and individually.  This is how we roll!

Blessings and Happy New Year! L.A.




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  1. Amen! Hallelu-Yah!!

    1 Cor. 12:31 “But covet earnestly the best gifts: and yet shew I unto you a more excellent way.”
    1 Cor. 13 (charity = caring, love, lovingkindness)
    1 Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity,
    I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal.
    2 And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge;
    and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity, I am nothing.
    3 And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned,
    and have not charity, it profiteth me nothing.

    Some think that prophecy ended with the 70 AD destruction of Jerusalem.
    Others are trying to establish a school of prophets.

    Abba, Father-God, please restore sight to your people, that the blindness about your Son, Yeshua be overcome, that their spiritual sight be restored and spiritual ears be opened — so that they recognize Jesus Christ as Messiah. Who came for them and sacrificed His own physical body at the cross for them, resurrected, ascended, and is coming again not only for His bride — but also for His people.

    And we pray for the peace of Jerusalem, especially in these days with so many enemies at arms.

    And we pray the blessings of the Creator even on the lands of our enemies that the physical world have gentle rains, weather, winds, and climate — on the just and the unjust. As much as you allow.

    Ever in Y’shua’s Name!

    • They are wrong….prophesy does not end until Christ returns as King of Kings.

      Daniel 9:24-27= Seventy weeks are determined upon thy people and upon thy holy city, to finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, and to seal up the vision and prophecy, and to anoint the most Holy. Know therefore and understand, that from the going forth of the commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem unto the Messiah the Prince shall be seven weeks, and threescore and two weeks: the street shall be built again, and the wall, even in troublous times. And after threescore and two weeks shall Messiah be cut off, but not for himself: and the people of the prince that shall come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary; and the end thereof shall be with a flood, And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.

      The above verse verifies that vision and prophecy are not sealed up until the end of this seventy “sevens”. (literal 70 sacred Jewish Years=Passover through The Last Great Day, Mar/Apr through Oct/Sep of each calendar year). There are other scriptures in the Bible that declare the sons and daughters of man will prophesize (sp) in the latter times.

      The above verse also declares that at the end of the 70 years Jesus/Messiah, King of Kings will be anointed. That has not happened yet! So this verse is all about the latter day Israel and the returning King of Kings!

      The above verse declares that everlasting righteousness will be brought in. Has that happened here on earth? No….but when Jesus is King of King and ruling on this earth during the Millennium Kingdom with the help of the transformed Saints….it will be here….permanently, never to be removed. This has not happened previously in earth times. Unrighteousness is active and well upon the earth. This verse was not referring to Christ coming as the Lamb…who is total Righteousness. It is referring to righteousness being on the earth everlasting….the state of righteousness….not the Righteous One.

      Than it goes on to say that after 69 years have passed only the streets and walls will be built, even tho the times are troubled. That is what exists right now. And, it makes me think that they probably won’t get their temple built, a permanent one. That Christ will establish the temple when He returns….OR….that during the dragon peace covenant a prefab temple will be put up….but this is a “man” temple….because it will be put up to worship the false god who deceived these jews.

      Than it goes on to say that sometime after 62 years have passed of this 70, that Christ (Christianity) will be cut off but not for himself….so it is referring to Christianity. That is happening now, everywhere and especially in the Islamic countries! 62 years have passed!

      The 70 years have been divided up into three chunks. 1 year, 7 years and 62 years. The 1 year section is to be placed somewhere within the last 7 year chunk. It is the year of the peace treaty that is broken midway…and I have always felt that the global system establishes the peace treaty…with some type of extraterrestrial fallen angel support or interference/takeover during the 5th 6th trumpet occurrence. If 1949 was the start of the 70 years (that’s the rub…knowing when the “call went forth”) the 62 year was 2011….so 2013 will be in the last 7 years of the prophesy….which will contain the one year peace treaty (not the 7 year peace treaty orthodoxy are expecting).

      It states, “and the people of the prince that shall come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary; and the end thereof shall be with a flood and unto the end of the war desolations are determined.”. These words do not describe the last destruction of the Jewish temple that was in existence in Christ’s time, the one that Herod refurbished. It was not ended with a flood, and there has not been continuous war desolations occurring there onto the end with a flood. However, we know that if the earth tilts, or whatever, which the scientists are predicting….or the split of Mt. Olive occurs, that will bring in sea waters….because Mt. Olive is to the East of Jerusalem, and any event that causes that big of split will affect the oceans, not to mention all of the other things discussed in Revelations. I believe that the prince that is coming is the prince of the earth….the dragon, and it is his people who will destroy the city, possibly after the peace treaty is broken midway. Who are his people? Well, besides the fallen angels, demons, etc., it is all the people that have a god that tells them it is ok to rape Christian women, to lie to your enemy, and who encourages the killing of neighbors if they don’t believe the same way they do. But, it is also all of those who worship their own ego and will, just like the dragon does. When that peace treaty is broken, and again I don’t know if it is established after the first trumpets sound, or between the 5/6th trumpets and the 7th. The 7th trumpet starts the Wrath war of fire and such headed up by Christ. Dead Sea scroll, war scroll, states that the first 3 apocalyptic battles (trumpets) are won by the children of light (Israel and those who support her?) and the next three apocalyptic battles are won by the children of the dark. The last (7th) is won by God Himself! Sure sounds like the trumpets to me.
      “…and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.”

      In the middle of this one year covenant the false god does something that causes the sacrifice and oblations to cease. The Two Witnesses are very active at this time, trying to persuade the Jews not to believe the false god. Is the event where the dragon orders the two Witnesses to be killed, and God allows it, and than God rises them up from the dead 3 days later with the entire world watching that event which causes many to cease worshipping the false god??? Coupled with the 7th trump (last) beginning to sound which transfigures all the True Believers at the same time the Two Witnesses rise up, could surely cause many to stop their sacrifice and oblation to the false one…..especially those christians who were taught incorrectly and followed their man leaders into worshipping the false god. What an event….picture those left behind who now turn to believing the Words of the Bible, whose souls will be saved, but unfortunately now have to go through the Wrath with their clay bodies, and if they survive enter the Kingdom on Earth in their flesh (this is the goat sorting that occurs amongst the nations when Christ returns at the beginning of the Kingdom,
      Matthew 25: 31-40). Many will be there during this Wrath on earth to help others that the dragon is turning on to slay. There will be a huge revival, after the falling away that occurred when the false god first arrived on the scene with his marvelous deceptive presentation of himself in glory. The Wrath is not over in one day. If I understood the Day prophesy math in the Bible right it is around 985 days to still end within the 70 years given.

      Sorry to have run on so….I only intended to comment on prophesy will not be over until Christ returns.

    • Back to Gifts of the Spirit, especially Prophecy.

      Christ(*) as The Lamb (with 7 Horn and 7 Eyes, which are the 7 Spirits of God) is — The Anointed — through whom the Holy Spirit is poured out without measure. He is the Vine, we the branches. The 7 Spirits directly “correlate” to the Spiritual Armor of God, the Ministries of Christ, the Fruit of the Spirit, and many other expressions of His being and character. (* – also by definition)

      In Galatians 5, (like in 1st Cor. 13), were shown that Love is expressed in several ways. Verse 13 & 14 emphasize Love. God is Love. Then the text shows that Love is expressed in the the Fruit of the Spirit as listed. I believe it means “love: [colon…] joy, peace, patience, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, and temperance.” As The Vine, Christ conveys the Holy Ghost to us to energize His Ministries. He equips and enables us.

      His ministries haven’t changed: Preach Good News, Restore Sight, Heal Brokenhearts, Deliver Captives, Free the Abused, Proclaim release from debt, and execute Judgment. In the church — we help Christ (as His bride / helpmate). Without Him we can do nothing — without His love, whatever we do is meaningless.

      So in the Church we’re gifted to help Him; we can’t take credit. His helpers are called evangelist (preach Good News), prophets (restore sight), pastors (heal broken relationships), teachers (deliver captives), apostles (free the abused), deacons (proclaim jubilee), and elders (testify about judgment and ultimate justice).

      Christ also exercises His ministry of vengeance through the Authorities in the community as in Romans 13. But even Romans 13 points to Love (v. 8-10). Authorities that are a terror to the wicked without mercy do not Honor God, nor do they respect Him. They’ll likewise reap what they’ve sown without mercy.

      Those of us who help Christ in His ministries, yielded to Him, know what it’s like to experience the gift of His Spirit for the task at hand. As the Word — Christ is the Spirit of Prophecy. As our Master Teacher — Christ is the Spirit of Truth. This is true transcendentally just as God is Love. He ascended so that He could be with each of us at the same time, through His Spirit, the Holy Ghost.

      Whatever’s devoid of Christ’s Spirit in the dead churches is headed for the trash heap to be burned. It’s just toxic waste. Christ’s Spirit is not in whatever we try to do without Him. (That just causes problems. You probably don’t want to be responsible for creating a cult. Or like and Abraham and Sarah, trying to speed up things with a Hagar…. Wrong spirits and you might bear with them — through generations of violence and trauma.)

      And as for Christ’s Anointing, King David was anointed King well before he actually picked up the Crown. Same goes for Christ. We know when that’s coming in prophecy:

      Revelation 11
      17 Saying, We give thee thanks, O Lord God Almighty, which art, and wast, and art to come;
      because thou hast taken to thee thy great power, and hast reigned.


      Revelation 1
      4 John to the seven churches which are in Asia: Grace be unto you, and peace,
      from him which is, and which was, and which is to come; and from the seven Spirits which are before his throne;
      5 And from Jesus Christ, who is the faithful witness, and the first begotten of the dead,
      and the prince of the kings of the earth.

      A prophet tells the determined will of God. What the Almighty purposes is no doubt coming to pass.

      If you want to Hear the Word of the Lord so that you can tell His will and His way — then learn His Word.

      The spirit of the prophets is subject to the prophets.

      1st Corinthians 14
      29 Let the prophets speak two or three, and let the other judge.
      30 If any thing be revealed to another that sitteth by, let the first hold his peace.
      31 For ye may all prophesy one by one, that all may learn, and all may be comforted.
      32 And the spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets.
      33 For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints.

  2. Praying all here will have a happy new year, especially L.A., Peggy, and the prayer warriors but even if the year coming does not bode well for earthly “happiness” we are secure with the peace that passeth understanding and what is a year compared with joyous eternity with Him??? So…. I wish (I wish but He promises) you Happy Eternity!

  3. Amen LA…I like the way you roll….Don’t keep quiet…Preach it and preach it loud….We MUST MUST MUST move in the supernatural…It is the POWER of the gospel.. walking in the sign and wonders…God bless

    ps..LA I sent you something on your email address….important

  4. Awesome Word.

    The entire 12th chapter of 1 Corinthians should be carefully studied by all of us. It makes the point about different gifts, different roles in the Body, and somehow it all comes together. We can’t all be eyes, or ears, and so forth.

    There also isn’t a “some gifts are better than others” concept that I see some teach out there, either. EVERYONE that’s a believer has one or more gifts in the Lord that are as important as anything else.

    It’s as silly and untrue as saying the eye is more important than the ear or the ear is more important than the nose and so forth.

    Thank you for this encouraging Bun today. I can’t believe we’re really about to close the door on 2012. Where’s the time gone?!

    I certainly wish everyone a Blessed New Year in the Lord. Maranatha!

  5. Thank you Pastor LA for the lesson today.
    I pray this New Year will be blessed for you LA and your loved ones, as well as all my brothers and sisters in Christ! Amen.

  6. “”
    There’s some *possible* UFO footage on here that admittedly needs vetting. See what you think.

    “We are the Borg…Resistance is Futile…”

    • Well I guess as much as I can….About 3 or 4 blogs ago I told Richard that every time I saw his name I saw military. I did not know why so I asked him if he was in the military he said no but family members were. Every time I saw his name I saw military all around him and I told him….military, military, military all around him…I told him I did not know why. Then right then it came to me..”What if I am seeing “armed forces” all around you Richard.” He wrote back and said..”Darla, I am under attack like no one can imagine right now. It makes sense.”

      So I prayed and have been praying since then…Now he has disappeared off the blog for about 3 days now I think…… I shared all that because it was l already out there in blog land and I think that is ok since it was not totally private..we spoke and all on the blog could see…I think he is under major attack but I could be wrong…all I know is that I saw military, military, military all around him……that is it in a nut shell…

    • Darla, have you considered that those images and thoughts that you have been seeing in regards to Richard would also fit a scenerio of a…..oh, lets say….a seriel killer….or someone who was being pressured by the evil one to go out an massacre others! “Under attack”, doesn’t that usually refer to someone who is being attacked by the dark one? The “military” angle could have to do with guns and shooting, etc….not necessarily aimed at Richard or one associated within his circle. “Like no one can imagine” makes me think that what is bothering him is not in the usual or normal mode, that which i common to man. He may be trying to resist something that is controlling him. ALL SPECULATION, what I am saying…..not a gift…..just analysing the words that Richard used. Assuming you might have a gift other than imagination, I am also considering the word “military”.

    • That really is all I had ..I saw military all around him which is when “armed forces’ came up and I immediately thought of spiritual battle…then he confirmed that in a sense…we need to just pray…just from his blogging I do not sense the other that you are speculating..:)

  7. Totally looking forward to following you In the coming weeks, as you lead us through exploration of the gifts and how we should operate in them as the church and individually! Thank you for being who you are!

    The only way we can make the most of the times coming is to be under God’s Wing, within His Shelter, allowing Him to totally indwell our Father given spirits….to take control of our will, to be replaced by His.

  8. The Gifts of the Spirit were provided to evangelize the world empowering believers for the task ahead, yet clearly the Word of God has reached the world and is in printed form for all to have access too! The identification of a believer in Christ is exhibited in the Fruits of the Spirit, where love is chief among them. It is in these days that men will not endure sound doctrine yet find appeal in fables, heaping such teachers to themselves. In each Church today there exists a culture of self worship and self righteousness, where evangelism has been replaced with the need to move politically regarding social concerns and of course expand their personal kingdoms in the process.

    • Much of what you say is true, but nothing should be set in concreate except the “Gospel of Jesus Christ” and that is not the Bible or the words in it. The Bible is far more complex and goes beyond the salvational Gospel of Jesus Christ. When the Father created us as His Spiritual Children, and when Christ took charge of our clay bodies, and became our Lamb, and sent us the Holy Spirit to occupy our earthly bodies when He ascended,…. that Holy Spirit runs through all of our circuits, both spiritual and physical which God provided for us in our creation. Not just the circuits that the churches of man would limit them too. Much like a radio…depending on the ability one may have to tune it to the correct channel it functions clearer….and there are many channels…GIFTS….and they were not just meant for the edification of the group church….but for the guiding of each individual child of God also, if that child was motivated in this earthly life to turn to Christ for LIFE Eternal and received the ultimate GIFT provided by Jesus Christ, the GIFT OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. It totally makes me sad to see how man in his perceived enlightenment both falsely magnifies or falsely diminishes this Gift from God….and then goes on to make war over it. Which war over all the doctrines of traditional understanding has caused many to fall off the train to Glory, but also not even want to get on such a train that is diminished by quibbling over non-salvational issues. That is why the Gift of LOVE is the most important….because it covers the ignorance of all of us if we can love our brothers and sisters.

  9. The Gifts of the Spirit were also provided to glorify Christ not individual believers. Today the emphasis is on the Gift of Tongues which is identified as the fulfillment of what occured on the Day of Pentecost yet in error the Charismatic/Pentecostal variety fails to understand that this was a miracle of God used for the spreading of the Gospel among the nations as Jews from every known corner of the globe were gathered for the Feast. This was not an unknown tongue as is exhibited in the Glossia that does not edify the Body but the individual only. This gift requires interpretation to be beneficial to the Body of Christ. This emphasis of tongues is mainly found in denominations that embrace a dominionist and replacement theological viewpoint always declaring revival while they themselves are spiritually dead.

    • Yes there are definitely abusive and counterfeit situations out there and I’d argue the bulk of “Christian TV” is an exhibition of that but I think we can get off the rails quickly if we “nuke the entire area” and say that “It’s all bad and all fake and it’s all gone now and God doesn’t do any of it anymore” when that simply isn’t true, either.

      1 Corinthians 12, for one, outlines the Biblical way gifts should be executed in a corporate setting.

    • I totally agree with you on this one, Rodney. The churches of man have misinterpreted the gift of the tongues. It is a new tongue from a made new mind…..and also a supernatural ability to speak another language (previously unknown by the speaker) that is known by the listener so that the listener can hear the words of God regarding salvation. It is a terrible sin to declare that one does not have the Holy Spirit or is not “reborn”, if they cannot speak gibberish that no one understands. So these same churches that declare this….also teach this gibberish language so that none of their parishers will be left out. My young sweet, innocent loving niece told me over the phone that her aunt was teaching her the “tongue”. I wanted to puke, such a loss of innocence, such an example of man replacing the Truth. I did not want to cause conflict with the family, so I told her that the best way to communicate with God was via our Spirit, and I have already witnessed how her extremely loving Spirit can do that. She understood. I would rather see a person worshipping in silence with tears running down their face, than speaking gibberish….which upon practice in private I could also do, but i knew it was a language created by me.

    • Good example of the kinds of abuses a lot of us have seen Claudia and it’s tragic.

      I’m not going to name names but I won’t forget seeing a popular host recently pull that on the air.

      He “spoke in tongues” and so did his guest right there on the air. They just went for it. No interpretation whatsoever.

      When they were done his guest, no interpreter, and then the guest talked about buying his $10 CD so everyone else could learn to do it, too and then talked about how he used that CD and language to raise some kid from the dead and the rest of it.

      Sadly, this host bring on circus acts and endorses stuff like that all the time.

    • Humming is beautiful and simple.

      Ephesians 5
      18 And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit;
      19 Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs,
      singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord

      Note the distinction between singing and making melody.

      “These are not drunk as ye suppose…”

      While there may be many wrong ways — there’s a right way to make a joyful noise.

  10. The evidence of a true believer is found in the Fruits of the Spirit not in a supposed exhibition of the Gifts of the Spirit. If the Gifts of the Spirit were of a truth operational today among vessels exhibiting the Fruits of the Spirit the Church would not be spiritually bankrupt as it is evident today. What we have is a craving for the Supernatural in congregations led by emotions, not truth, what is exhibited is falsehood and is not of God. If then it was of God it would bear fruit, yet it is evident the modern Church is led by false shepherds who are ignorant of the truth, blind guides leading the blind who refuse to hear the truth and only want their ears tickled believing the dominion of the earth is theirs for the taking. These false prophets appeal to their lusts to embrace the wealth of this world as their inheritance, they are liars and ministers of Satan.

    • I can’t disagree with this at face value although I would not ascribe it to L.A like you obviously intend to as based on at least one of your other posts.

  11. The Apostle Paul identifies that Prophecy, Tongues, and Word of Knowledge were but temporary and would cease in operation as the Church grew to maturity yet what would abide would be Faith, Hope, and Love, the greatest of these three being Love. These things are recorded in 1 Corinthians 13. With the Revelation of the Word of God to men found in the complete canon, both Old and New Testaments it was no longer necessary for these gifts to be in operation as individual believers became equipped themselves in the knowledge of the Word in their daily studies. As a child they were without knowledge depending on the instruction of others, yet with the Word of God in their possession they were fully equipped to carry out their calling according to the purpose and glory of Christ.

    • Can you cite specific Scripture that supports full fledged cessationism as you’re talking about here?

      I don’t see cessationism being taught in 1 Cor. 13.

    • You failed to point this out in the context.
      1st Corinthians 13:10 But when that which is perfect has come, then that which is in part will be done away.

      Has the perfect come if so we see fully, if it has not we still see in part.

      I see no love in storming a site causing a tumult then running back to your own to report being ganged up on. Most of what you say is the truth but some is based on your own interpretation and the attacks on L.A. below came from your own imagination.

      I guess now that you stormed the blog you can go back to your own and say we all ganged up on you.
      Love is not causing strife.

    • Have we not received full revelation of what is to come as promised, for when the Spirit of Truth has come he will lead us unto all truth and show us things yet to come! What is prophesied will surely be fulfilled, the Revelation of Jesus Christ is found in the testimony of John the Apostle recorded in the book of Revelation. We have been equipped to be in full measure.

    • The scripture: 1st Corinthians 13:10 But when that which is perfect has come, then that which is in part will be done away. is all about and agrees with the scriptures that state when we next see Him we will be like Him, and the scripture in Daniel 9 that states:

      Seventy weeks are determined upon thy people and upon thy holy city, to finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, and to seal up the vision and prophecy, and to anoint the most Holy.

      The part about bringing in everlasting righteouness, and to seal up the vision and prophecy, and to anoint the most Holy.

      Who is the most Holy? Jesus Christ, Alpha and Omega, returning King of Kings!!! He is Here, the wait is over….oh what a GLORIOUS DAY!

    • Of course in the last sentence my mind was looking forward to that Day when He does once again set His foot upon this earth! That is when prophesy and visions and others ways of God speaking with us is over….in that Day, not today….because when He sets His foot on the Mt. of Olives, us Saints will already be one mind with Him, never to lose that intimacy with Him. And….we are helping teach the perfect Truth there in the Mellinnium because of our oneness with Him.

    • Rodney, You twist the word of God to your own doctrine, it is as simple as that, and the fruit of what it has produced is testified on this blog.

      Take the time to read 1st Corinthians 12, 13 and 14. Taking one line of scripture out of context would make the apostle appear confused since he address these issues in in chapter 12 and 14 before and after chapter 13.

      A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.

    • Hey Pudding!
      I had to go for coffee today, guess what I thought of and busted out laughing! Boy, I got some sideways stares, so I had to share the Elephant Dung coffee story. Then we all had a laugh! 🙂

    • Moonpie, Who would ever believe a story like this even though it is true. I would love to hear the story on how this was discovered! 🙂
      I imagine one day Kunta Kinte received a long awaited package of coffee beans and as he was parking his elephant after arriving back to his hut from the post office the elephant woofed down his prized beans.. then he had to follow the elephant around with a bucket for a few days and the rest is history..I guess Kunta Kinte now lives in a mansion considering how much these tasty prized beans cost!
      Now I am wondering where these Arabic coffee beans come from?

    • Well Pudding, I have heard of ‘Indonesian Monkey Butt Coffee’ (Kopi Luwak). And boy, I could make a joke about that one! lol

  12. L.A. Marzulli is unfortunately clinging to his occultic New Age desires, he craves supernatural confirmation in dreams, visions, and exhibitions, yet he does not realize he is being led away from the truth and continues in deception. Like a dog returning to his vomit is he being led. I pray that L.A. Marzulli will have his eyes opened concerning these things, while it is these seducing spirits that have whispered into his ears that he is called as a Prophet and will lead the Church to a global revival, the truth of the scriptures should be enough to convince him of this deception, for the modern Apostate Church will not endure sound doctrine and evil men shall wax worse and worse, and the love of many shall grow cold. I will therefore plead that this is revealed to L.A. before it is too late.

    • WE ARE THE BODY OF CHRIST ON EARTH..He has given us HIS power of attorney to do even greater works than He did THAT THE FATHER BE GLORIFIED IN THE SON!!!!!!!! IT GLORIFIES GOD TO WALK IN THE GIFTS!

      I am sorry Rodney but you DENY the POWER of the gospel and that is from THE PIT OF HELL….Go back from whence you came …in the name of Yeshua! Back into the abyss never to return!

    • Unfortunately Rodney this is where you jump the shark.

      I’ve seen L.A. right here on this blog cite abuses and counterfeits of spiritual gifts and execution thereof so this is flat out wrong.

      “while it is these seducing spirits that have whispered into his ears that he is called as a Prophet and will lead the Church to a global revival,”

      😆 C’mon man, if you’re going to troll at least don’t make stuff up whole cloth. This is the same L.A. who has been talking about increasing birth pangs, perilous times, and rest of it?

      C’mon, TRY.

    • Those that cling to signs and wonders in their search for approval of God are no better than pagans, we are children of faith, not of things seen, but of things hoped for! It requires no manifestation of tongues or prophecy or word of knowledge or any other such manifestation today to share the message of the gospel with those in your own community. Knowing this, what then do you search for, the empowerment of the Holy Spirit is manifested in love, not in exalting one another as possessing more power than another. Do all speak with tongues? Do all Prophesy? We already knew the answer to this, yet none of these are required among our communities, these were provided for those carrying the Gospel as missionaries in foreign lands to convince the ungodly of their need for repentance and pointed the way to Christ as the source of power that can transform the dead into the living, born again as a new creature, heirs of salvation and eternal life.

    • I read LA’s blogs daily, yet I have only posted a few times. But I had to say this:

      To all the regular posters on this blog that are filled with the Holy Spirit and support LA: Our Lord God says: “Fear not! For I am with you. Be not dismayed for I am your God. I will strengthen you. I will help you. I will hold you up with my victorious right hand.” Is. 41:10

      There is going to be a lot of backlash and we just need to fight back with scripture! We know the truth of God’s word and we know in our spirit when someone is slandering and sent to sow discord. Our sword is the Word of God! Don’t even waste your time trying to battle it out or have any sort of debate…just use the Word to rebuke and move on. Those with ill intentions will be frustrated they aren’t getting anywhere and will move on…..we pray!!

      My mother, rest her soul, spoke in tongues and as a child, I could interpret for her. I stand firm on the Bible. The Holy Spirit is alive and well and so are all the gifts that He bestows for our defense and battle while on this earth until He comes! For His Glory!

    • Ash, I agree..However because there is so much delusion and many might ‘think” as Rodney. concerning the gifts,.some just might get a better understanding by having this exact conversation being able to see the argument of WHY we do operate in the gifts..One of..the best ways to debate such an issue is with personal testimony..

    • Darla, you love the recognition of the gifts, yet what about sharing the greatest gift of all to strangers you meet, would you speak in tongues to them or would you in plain words share the testimony of Christ. You have sought power to reveal your standing before God, yet this power is not measured in manifestations it is measured in your willingness to share the Gospel with others and observe the transformation of their lives. Without the exercising of our faith in love for the lost, these manifestations you claim are for naught.

    • So Rodney when Jesus appeared to me on the 7th of December 1999 showed me many things about him, loved me so powerfully, spoke to me and touched me all while I was fully conscious. Is that a sign you can’t bring yourself to believe really happened? Do you deny the power of Jesus that he can do that if he so chooses, not because I am anything I am nothing.

      As far as the gifts of the spirit, I was fortunate to experience this over many years in South Africa at Coastal Assemblies of God. We had an open ministry and I can tell you practically every open ministry I attended Gods word was confirmed through interpretation of tongues, word of knowledge/prophecy and teaching from the Word. Many times where I stood up to minister from the bible the message I was bringing was already confirmed by an interpretation of a tongue or a Word or a fellow brother ministering from the bible.

      One I remember where I brought a word of knowledge it was perhaps 16 years ago was ‘God has given us eternal life and this life is in his Son’ guess what the planned ministry from the Word was later in that meeting? God has given us eternal life.

      The gifts of the spirit are operated by faith not of your own understanding. It requires you to bring your heart before the Lord and then you open your mouth and let rip.God puts the words in your mouth it’s as simple as that. You would have to have faith and do it before you could poo poo it.

      I truly believe that if you want to really hear what God is saying to his church then you need to be exercising the gifts of the spirit.

    • Robin perhaps such manifestations only operate in Assemblies of God Churches and the rest of the Word of Faith Pentecostal/Charismatic congregations that seek signs and wonders and constantly proclaim revival while you empty your pockets, they promise you the wealth of this world as your inheritance. Sure I have heard and seen all the fables and false manifestations for myself, you will notice most the interpretations always exalt the Pastor or the congregation as the most holy of servants and that they will bring in the greatest revival ever witnessed on the globe. My advice to you, is to get out while you can!

    • Uh, hello! What rock did you climb out from under? Are you denying the gifts and the fruits of the Holy Spirit? Are you denying that they exist? Read your Christian King James Bible and search the scriptures for yourself before you jump to your unsupported conclusions.

      Be careful before you touch God’s anointed one. LA is a Watchman on the Tower calling out to the World to wake up to the manifested existence of the unholy deceptive one who has definitely affected you.

      Normally, I don’t try to critique at this level but you struck a nerve affecting God’s Word and that’s when I speak out.

      Read your Bible assuming you really care.

      Speaking on tongues is for both the edification of the church, including the translating of tongues, as well as for personal edification in private times.

      I would recommend that you pick up a good Christian book from a well known Christian who can explain it or better yet, try finding a video from a well grounded Christian who you actually would allow to teach you. Oh that too, is a gift–be teachable and learn to flow in the Holy Spirit.

    • SeashoreMary, perhaps you slipped off the shore and got pulled under a wave, for if you read my comments, I do not deny the Fruits of the Spirit, only that the gifts are no longer required in a congregational setting, as the Word of God in full is available to us all. There is no need for spiritual manifestations among those that share our language an can understand the testimony of Jesus Christ as defined in the Gospel.

    • Boy, Rodney….you sure got a discussion going! I have often wished that a temple existed today like the one in Christ’s time where all gathered and discussed the scriptures….in peace. Well…maybe not all the time. It seems that when Christ went there, the peace was often disturbed, because those there that were running the temple were following the dark one.

      I don’t believe that anyone has said that we must demonstrate signs and wonders to be approved by God. Christ said Himself that those little children are what we must be like…and they only demonstrate the Glory of God in their innoccent wonder and ability to fully trust and have faith in those who care for them. He went on and said that the least of these on earth will be the greatest in Heaven! And, yes, you are right, it does not require the manifestation of tongues or prophecy or anything supernatural to witness to humans. Probably the gift of LOVE would be the best one to enable such witness. Which, by the way, that young child has such an unspoiled ability to love, very much like the dog’s ability to faithfully love his master.

      But….that does not mean those gifts that appear supernatural, according to human’s limited ability to understand, are not real. And….they are not to be envied or striven for….because that is coveting. The last commandment of the ten given by God, that actually covers all the other sins of the earth that are not mentioned in the previous 9! God is so perfect!

    • Rodney as far as me seeking recognition…no I share testimony..that is all and what is interesting is that you claim to know who I am because you think I do not share the gospel with others ect..You have no idea who I am therefore your are operating as the accuser of the brethren as with LA..How can you claim to know who I am and who I have shared the gospel with….you have no idea who I have shared the gospel with….I am thinking this is CD is back on the line folks..

    • Rodney,

      Did you even read my message? I give you personal experience of the gifts being used in ‘the body of Christ’ to edify the body.

      What brought you to this website? Perhaps God is doing a work in you right now that the eyes of your understanding may be opened.

      We are not asking you to join a money grubbing church, I agree with you there are many of them but don’t let that cloud your judgement. Remember the gifts came before the church.

    • Yes, Darla, that is very plain. But, don’t forget, Christ was speaking to Believers who were already on the road to everlasting life….they were already plugged into eternity. All Believers in clay bodies will one day be like Christ. Those words of Christ could have been referring to that day. No doubt there are some on earth still in their clay bodies, during all ages, that have been able to tune in their radio to the stations that God broadcasts on better than others. But….it is nothing to brag about or take glory in. God gives us the “tuner” gift. And it is for His purpose because He has a use for us, something for us to do.

      When He put me in that transformed body in that one Dream He gave me in my 40’s….yes, I knew I was fully equipped to accomplish anything that I was assigned to do. Tho when you are in that body….you are also one in His Will, so you don’t have to be assigned…you are just used to do His Will. Thank goodness we are also one in His Will….because I could have blown up a universe. That is why He teaches us here on earth that it is so very important that we replace our will with His. First thing that we are to pray for every day. His Will and His Kingdom. That is what we pray for. He gives us our daily bread….we don’t have to ask for it.

    • What you point out, all the more supports what I said. Even tho those gifts had not been imparted yet… the clay bodies of earth…..because Christ had not yet ascended…..Christ already knew that those Believers in front of Him would be like Him at the end of the Earth Age…when the earth is made new (probably put in the eternal time zone). Humans should understand that our story has just begun!

  13. Boy LA…You are there is coming an onslaught when you start to BLOG the gifts…Hell don’t like it, Satan hates it …..Be ready… WE stand with you in agreement….you basically in a way declared war by stating that is what we are going to get into which is good….the body needs to start stepping out and operating in them…amen

    • Darla, every breath we take is a gift from God. Every word we speak witnesses to man and God. God will use each Believer who has submitted to Him as God chooses, and in God’s timeing…..whether that Believer plans on it or not! There is no escaping God….thinking of Jonah here 😉 I have found that when I rest in the LORD, instead of striving to serve HIM, He is more able to use me to serve at His Will. When I start getting myself and my plans into the mix, His Will for me becomes a bit more muddied with my ego. But….He will prevail.

    • I am not saying anything different…I guess explaining myself better, Due to the mind set of people like Rodney, many “normal Joes” just do not step out..I did the same thing..I am nobody….but when I made the choice to stop out God moved…I did not care anymore about that I was not in the elite group of the church…When I made that choice and it was a choice then God moved…we are waiting on God and God is waiting on us is the language some use. I am saying think about where your at, who lives around you, who do you see day in and day out, it stores, in the malls, at the post office?Nothing is circumstantial. You are at where you are at life now look around and see if someone next to you needs prayer and ask them politely if you could pray for them. You will be astounded how God it is awesome mercy and grace will move so graciously in that measure of faith that he measured out to you. It’s beautiful. It’s life-changing not only for the person that you are praying for that is a life-changing experience for you to step out. Just step out. That is what faith is. I’m just encouraging people to step out and I’m telling you God will meet you. He says he will.

    • I know what some are thinking right now. It has to be His will! It is his will. It is written in his word. It is our choice and I do mean choice to receive what is written in his word by faith. I made a definite choice to step out and all have it broke loose….. That is all I’m saying….. I want to encourage.

  14. Without Love none of the Gifts of the Spirit would have any power. The Church today is absent of love yet full of self righteousness and declaring themselves victorious as they deny the truth, they cling to signs and wonders, yet the true manifestation of God’s love is not found in these, it is found in the transformation of lives as they receive the Gospel carried by those who have true compassion for the lost. If then prophetic dreams and visions which of course are not listed among the gifts were in operation, what need would we have for the Word of God or faith if all was revealed to us in visions in the night? It is truth that any work of God manifested in various miracles requires faith, yet in this age of Laodicea the evidence is that faith is absent and the lusts for supernatural confirmation whether counterfeit or not is readily accepted.

    • and it was because of love that Yeshua took those stripes that we may be healed..healing is an operational gift and we are the body of Christ on earth so it is because of love that we operate in them and to be more specific if you are walking around in bitterness as a believer but God gifted you with the gift of healing…that gift will not operate unless it is love flowing out of you…yes you still have the gift be He cleans us up a littlle first to be vessles meet for the masters use….so when the actual operation of a gift IS TAKING PLACE IT IS TAKING PLACE BY FAITH AND IN LOVE….gifts cannot operate in a person who has no love …more to come.

    • and as far as the prophesy and dreams issue you brought up….In Joel 2 it states that dreams and visions will come and that people will prophesy…..The interpretations of those dreams and visions are the prophesies….to edify the church and individuals in the perilous times to come…

    • If then the gift of healing is in operation, then it would be done in secret as commanded that the glory be given to Christ alone. Today however, we have such false manifestations exhibited in the sight of many bringing glory to themselves, yet it has all been a deception. If it is in operation as some suggest then the hospitals would surely be empty as well as the funeral homes. The evidence is clear, these manifestations were provided as testimony to the power of God as the Gospel was being spread throughout the nations prior to the written Word being established. We must also realize that such miracles occurred among strangers not those that were within their own congregations as is common today among charismatic/pentecostal undisciplined emotionally led female dominated congregations.

    • Rodney – What about the scripture which describes the gifts of the Spirit in which, we will be studying? There is a list of gifts, surely Paul can not be deluded? Those gifts are for today! I agree there’s been a lot of hokum out there… but the real thing does exist however. Pray and ask Him to show you. He will. I won’t be able to convince you, He’ll have to do that as it’s not my job. Believe what you want to believe but I challenge you to ask Him.

    • and yes we will stand before judgement and He will say” Did you feed. me, did you cloth me.did you give me food? These are actions we must make continually because this is brotherly love……

    • I have seen people trying to walk in the gifts during a time of bitterness in their lives…instead of going through their own healing first they minister out of a spirit of bitterness and in doing so the “trying ” to make the gifts operate are perverted. many have been hurt in the church by this because so many in leadership need to be healed.

    • Darla, the Prophesy of Joel is for the House of Israel, physical Jew’s, not spiritual Jew’s, who will in the aftermath of the Gog/Magog battle of Ezekiel 38/39 have the Holy Spirit poured out upon them in preparation for the Time of Jacob’s Trouble, the context of Joel is clear, this addresses a Jewish audience, confirmation of this is found in Ezekiel 39:29, read it for yourself before you believe the fables being taught today.

    • The REASON we do not see it in the hospital is because what you preach right now….NOT TO OPERATE IN THEM we have a body who has NO EXPERIENCE in operating in the gifts God has given.

    • As far as female dominated…women coming forth in this day and our is just a type and picture shadow of THE BRIDE being revealed….yes both men and women are the bride but all it is a shadow type of the BRIDE finally coming forth…

    • If you embrace fraudulent manifestations of the Spirit the obviously the TBN Family Circus is the programming of choice, the real deal is found in the transformation of lives for Christ, the winning of souls.

    • Rodney let me ask you a question.

      In 1984 my mother got wheeled into the hospital in excruciating pain with advanced and life threatening pancreatitis. She looked like she was pregnant. She was unsaved and a drunk. Her blood alcohol levels were insane for a 5’1 woman.

      She got there and the doctor told her to her face that he couldn’t even guarantee her the next 24 hours of her life and even gave her the “make your peace with God” basically.

      Long/short: She came to the end of herself that night and accept Christ as her Savior having hit complete rock bottom and also at the end of her rope.

      Later into that night a few hours after being saved my mother quoted Scriptures to a lady with terminal brain cancer that came in as a roommate for the night.

      My mother didn’t realize until she’d been home for about 2 weeks after that and was looking through the Bible that she had quoted any Scripture in the first place.

      What happened there?

      The next morning they were coming in there at 5am to prep for her emergency surgery or whatever they could do for her…they walked in and noticed she looked unusually good given her life threatening situation. Pancreas bloating was gone. Blood work came away clean. She was telling them she felt pretty good and they probed and poked her “does that hurt?” and she kept saying no and no one could believe it. Scans showed a little scar tissue on the pancreas and that was it.

      She walked out the next day in perfect health when she should have been dead by all rights or at the VERY least holed up in the hospital to get cleaned up on the edge.

      What happened there?

    • Let me ask you something Rodney…if your child was sick would you pray? and if so why? If you believe the gifts are not for today?

    • My goodness Darla, do you only follow and not read the scriptures for yourself, gentiles are adopted by faith, they do not assume all the covenant promises afforded to Israel. The Word of Faith Movement created by Oral Roberts and endorsed by his university training other ministers of Satan is infiltrating several Churches where the truth has been cast aside and fables embraced. Your above comment in identifying female domination of charismatic/pentecostal apostates as an example of the Bride of Christ is not biblical.


    • Darla, prayer is our direct line of communication to the throne of God and if our prayer is in line with the will of God then surely it will be answered, and it is also assured that we all have an appointed time for death, yet if it is not our time, we will not die, for Yeshua holds the keys to death and hell, he determines our end, not us, for we are not ourselves, we were bought with a great price, paid in blood.

    • I can assure you there was nothing “secret” about what happened to my mother in that hospital and when she walked out. So what happened with my mother there in the hospital?

    • WE have been shut down from speaking our testimonies but that is the very thing Satan cannot take from you ..He cannot take your testimony…your personal experience with the POWER of God…Never ever quit speaking out your testimonies..It glorifies GOD!!!!whooooooooooooooooooh ERIC..speak that out brother..AMEN!!!!

    • Rodney:

      “If you embrace fraudulent manifestations of the Spirit the obviously the TBN Family Circus is the programming of choice,”

      I don’t disagree with this myself but again if you’re applying this to L.A. than it simply isn’t true or accurate.

      “the real deal is found in the transformation of lives for Christ, the winning of souls.”

      Surely you’re not saying or suggesting L.A. at least doesn’t have this as his top priority?

      I’m wondering how familiar you really are with L.A. and his ministry at this rate and what your intentions here really are?

      I know what the fruits are starting to look like.

    • you know why many souls were saved in the bible…BECAUSE THEY SAW THE POWER OF GOD that their deities could not offer them..many were saved through witnessing miracles..

    • Nobody is shutting down anyone’s testimony here, what is being provided is the truth in the midst of fables. There are some among the Church that seek the glory of men in fraudulent manifestations supposedly from the Spirit of God, yet it is evident they are false, for inwardly they are bitter souls always ready to announce their own exaltation as superior among men. They will daily speak in tongues among the congregation, yet those at their place of employment, friends, relatives, and those strangers they meet never hear the message of the gospel pass their lips.

    • Rodney,
      I agree with SOME of what you say, but let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater! The power of God is real; always has been, always will be. The things he did yesterday, He still does today. The thing about it is; satan is a counterfeit, and he has his counterfeit agents. One need not look ant further than Todd Bentley; if you don’t believe that’s true; and others. If there is counterfeit, that means – there is REAL. This is why we need discerning of spirits; to know the real from the fake. The standard is the word of God and then – “by their fruits, ye shall know them”.

    • Sorry Eric, I am making a distinction here, that what L.A. seeks is only extension of his former life in the New Age/Occult arena, he seeks supernatural manifestations to prove his worthiness before God as he did before pagan idols and demonic spirits, yet no such manifestations will take place for in seeking these things he identifies carnality and the carnal mind can not discern the things of the Spirit.

    • Rodney – You couldn’t be more wrong. If not for His leading I would be lost. There’s a lot of hype out there and false signs and wonder, gem stones, gold dust and other nonsense, however there is the real Holy Spirit. Let’s have a test. Why don’t you ask Him to show you? I’m sure He will if you ask Him. What have you to loose except what you think is false and isn’t. Blessings.

    • Rodney that’s an awfully weighty and serious charge that I think is wholly unfair and unfounded.

      Have you ever approached L.A. directly at least over email? If we’re going to do this thing let’s do it right. Clearly you need to approach L.A. under the flag of Matthew 18 and I recommend that you do so.

    • Perhaps it would be good to start reading the scriptures wwooohhoooo, before you do your jumping jacks for Jesus and run around the pews and babble the same incoherent words over and over again. Sane people do not take these circus entertainers seriously.

    • L.A. why would I have to pray for certain manifestations of the Spirit when none of these are required to speak plain words to testify of Christ and his precious sacrifice that provides atonement for us all? What exactly are you looking for L.A., we receive the indwelling Spirit of God at the time of our profession of faith in the process of exercising our faith we will mature in Christ not in seeking glory of men in various manifestations that only served to increase the Body of Christ in foreign lands where paganism was prevalent.

    • Rodney. We’re going to disagree here. You have not dealt with what Paul plainly states in the Gospel. You are talking about atonement which is something altogether different than the gifts. Then you set up a straw man argument by saying anyone who uses the gifts are looking for the glory of men. I’m certainly not saying that or approving that in any way. Everyone who is born of the spirit should be fluent in the real gifts. These come on a need to know case by case basis. I have moved in all of them at one time or another. When the situation calls for them I ask and sometimes He delivers what I need to pray specifically. This is what the early church did in the Book of ACts, which I will be bringing into the teaching as well as the to go hand in hand. May I suggest once again that you ask Him to fill you with His spirit? In closing. There has been a lot of false junk all over the TV. I’m not talking about this.

    • I guess my point is that in America there is a Church on about every corner claiming supernatural manifestations while the community around them is crumbling at the seems, obviously something is wrong with this picture. Those that clamor for revival never seem to realize revival will only come with the exercising of our faith in proclaiming the gospel to a world in darkness which is the reals source of power, not in self edification and the lust for signs and wonders seeking our approval or standing with God. Take a look at society around you, our standing is evident, the modern Church pales in comparison to the 1st Century Church under the direction of the Apostles.

    • Rodney- I agree and this is because the early church moved in the gifts. Read the book of Acts. It’s an open book and we should be doing likewise today. Sadly the church has fulfilled prophecy by embracing a form of religion but denying its power. What is the power Jesus is pointing to? It’s the power of the Holy Spirit which filled the Apostles and stood the ancient world on it head!

    • L.A., what you fail to grasp is that it was not the manifestations of the spirit or the power exhibited that changed those in whom the Apostles ministered too, it was their heartfelt compassion for the lost, their desire to exercise their faith both in word and deed. Today the Church merely exercises in word, or words they have manufactured to benefit themselves and their various lusts. You can not expect to see an increase in power of the Holy Spirit as long as the vessels refuse to operate. It is in the exercising of our faith that we increase in power, for a vessel that pours it self out will be refilled even some to overflowing.

    • ROdney – Most of America is a mission field. I deal with this on a daily basis behind the scenes when people email with all sorts of stuff. I rely on the gifts to discern what is going on. The natural man can not understand the things of the spirit. You are painting with a very broad brush when you say: Today the Church merely exercises in word, or words they have manufactured to benefit themselves and their various lusts. There are those of us who operate with Him and He with us. Without Him in my life and the gifts that Paul admonishes us to work in, I could never do what I do. You are confusing faith with the gifts. We need faith to operate in the gifts. When Peter said to the man who was crippled get up, he was moving in faith, then the gift of healing and miracles went into operation and the man stood up. Nothing has changed in 2000 years. There is the real thing and then there is the counterfeit. Most of the junk on the television is an abomination. However, don’t through the gifts under the bus as there is a remnant who operates in them. I am part of that remnant as are others who visit here. Praying He would show you. Blessings.

    • You have certainly stirred up a hornest’s nest, Rodney. We live in a day of extremes. Jesus said we are to worship in spirit and truth, and it seems that there are plenty of churches that worship in spirit without truth and others that worship in truth but no spirit. I’ve seen much of what you’re protesting against. I’ve been in many churches with prophetic utterances and interpretations, but I don’t remember ever hearing a word about repentance or calls to holiness; they’ve always been about coming blessings. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen; I just haven’t seen it. I hear people presuming to speak for the Lord all the time, and more times than not, their “word” is far from the clear writing of Scripture. I think it’s safe to say that we all know people who have had dreams and visions or spoken words of “prophecy” that have proven to be false words. We are told to stay away from people like that, but we tend to make excuses for them instead.

      There has been a long debate over what the “perfect” actually refers to in 1 Corinthians 13:10. You have been taught it means the completion of Scripture. There are many bible commentators who say it refers to the 2nd Coming or our eternal state when we see The Perfect One face to face. While the original manuscripts may be perfect, we don’t have any of them. The errors in the manuscripts that we do have may be inconsequential with no bearing on what God wants us to know, but there is no error in perfection.

      I never been able to find anything that speaks historically of the gift of tongues being that of the babbling gibberish of today. As you said, foreign tongues were a gift to spread the gospel. That said, I had a close friendship with a guy from high school until he died in his 40’s. His dad was a Baptist preacher, but Danny was an atheistic, drug-dealing, coke-head. He nearly died in a car wreck and was semi-counscious for several days. Like many people, in one of his lucid moments, he told the Lord that if He would spare his life, he would serve Him for the rest of it. Not only did he make a miraculous recovery, he started speaking perfect Spanish. Never spoke it before. He spend the rest of his short life as a missionary to small villages in the enterior of Mexico. The gift of tongues had not ceased for him.

      One problem I have with your posts is that you are limiting the Church to those in America. Just because some/many/most believers here don’t operate correctly in the gifts does not negate the gifts. We may be able to validate our experiences by Scripture, but we cannot validate Scripture by our experiences

  15. Greetings, everyone! God Bless You All.

    LA, that was a great word today.

    God has been dealing with me with something that I think goes hand-in-hand with that message. He confirmed it to me, once again this morning as the sermon I heard came from 2 Cor. 5:10; and really the whole chapter.

    Verse 10 says that we will ALL stand before the judgment seat. Yes, those who are saved will ALSO be judged. The saved – The judgment seat of Christ / The un-saved – The great white Throne judgment. That’s the one we want to avoid. If you are at that one, your doom is sealed. So if we are saved, we will still be judged. For some it will be wonderful, for others, it will be a time of shame and tearful regret. (This is prior to the time that he wipes away all tears from our eyes. Also, I think this is where the tears come from)

    I have been searching myself, with fearful reverence to a Holy and Righteous God. Not only will ALL my works be judged, but ALSO, my reasons and inner-most intents, for doing the things I’ve done.

    Everything will be tried by the fire of the Glory of God. Spiritually speaking, only the things that were of a PURE heart and PURE motives will remain. (gold,silver,precious stones) Those that were done, for ANY other reason than to bring glory to our Savior, will burn up, by that same fire.(wood,hay,stubble)

    So with fear and trembling, I need to EXAMINE MYSELF. I will not answer for you, nor you for me. WE are accountable for OUR OWN actions. We may be able to fool others by what we do or say; but there is one who sees and knows ALL things, and EVEN our reasons for doing what we do.

    I don’ know about anyone else but that scares me to death! IT makes me want to be VERY cautious. I can fool you all and you all can fool me, but when we stand before Him, there is the fool!!!

    I am not directing this to ANYONE. This is for me!!! But if anyone can glean anything from this, so be it.

    This I DO know. I am a wretched, proud, arrogant, self-seeking, and pathetic sinner!! There is NOTHING WHATSOEVER good about me. My BEST is as a used menstrual cloth, before a Righteous and Holy God. I deserve only death. But, Thank God, He cared enough, to send His ONLY SON, to do for me, what I couldn’t do for myself! How awesome is that!

    I fail Him ssssooooooooo often. He gave us His ALL and His BEST. My best could never, ever compare to that. My question is this: Do I even TRY to give and do my best? If I’m honest to myself; I have to say, NO!

    I have sought Him and I have asked Him to grant me the spirit of repentance. Time is so short. With ALL my heart; I don’t want to be ashamed, on that day of judgment. I want crowns and rewards to lay at His feet. I don’t want to be empty-handed. I could never give Him enough, for all He’s done for me. But I have to remember, the difference in being ashamed or being joyful, on that day, depends on what I do now. Day after day, post after post; WHATEVER!

    p.s. sorry I got long-winded!

    God Bless you all! Happy New Year……………and Roll Tide Roll!!!!!!!!

  16. Dear Mysticmetor:
    I have not read any comments on this blog today, as I have been urged to write to you. You are on my mind since your post about your daughter. I pray for you and your situation often, and hope you are receiving help. Jesus is well able and the Only answer, however, my hope is your situation is beginning to get sorted out. Continue to shine the light on the lies, and stay in the truth. May God Bless you and Keep you, shine His Face and Grace on you, lift up His Countenance and Peace upon you. Amen.
    Respectfully Yours,

    • Indeed. I haven’t seen Mystic in a while. Hope all’s well. Hadn’t forgotten about mystic’s daughter, either. Hope Mystic drops us a line soon.

  17. The Power of God is found in the Testimony of his Son, the Gospel message is this power, not supposed manifestations in the confines of the Church walls, that is what many fail to understand. The await Sunday worship to go and be energized in their spiritual frenzy and the accompanied desired manifestations that is sure to follow, yet they will not lift a finger to lift anyone out of the pit, for this would take away from their own self glorification process. Instead of speaking in tongues for 60 minutes, how about trying to share the Gospel of Christ with your fellow man with equal time.

    • Rodney only speaks the ‘rightly divided’ dispensationaly correct Truth. This is where so many people here, particularly the rabid charismaniac Darla with her feminist Jezebel led church, are in error. Read the KJ Bible! Not these Alexandrian per-versions (niv esv etc)! Quit following man in some ‘Christian’ book and learn to rightly divide the word. It’s lunacy that people like Darla are still drinking from a bottle and not eating ‘meat’! I mean not discerning Jew from Gentile dispensationaly is embarrassing really. :(. You folks that are looking for signs and wonders are in for a devils delight when he brings his finely crafted deceptions upon you.

    • Remember the Scribes an Pharisee’s asked Jesus for signs, and he rebuked them! If we put our faith in signs, we can be deceived. If we put our faith in ANYTHING; except what He did at Calvary, we’ve missed it! He does perform the supernatural, and all that is just a bonus! The greatest miracle of ALL is SALVATION; being born again.
      Jesus: (paraphrase) Don’t rejoice that demons obey you; rejoice that your name is written in the Lamb’s Book of LIFE. It’s ALL about Jesus; not ANYTHING ELSE.

    • We seek His face…..we know this and are not denying this and we are not denying everything that comes with seeking His Face

    • Sorry if people think I am over the top about this topic but I consider it passionate.I am passionate about this because it is truth…it is the POWER of the gospel truth.

    • Eric,
      Do these guys deliberately come in droves or is it just me?
      Maybe hell really did get unleashed on Dec 21st..hehe

  18. Rodney,

    I think you have shot your bolt, LA is talking about the gifts of the spirit as they stand in the bible, not the chicken flapping and rolling on the floor ‘gifts’ operated by some churches which are not in the bible. Take a step back re -evaluate your argument and then apologies to LA because it is clear to all of us that something has driven you to launch a personal attack on LA which is totally unwarranted.

  19. And as far as the adoption issue goes Rodney,

    Sheepherders know that when a lamb has been abandoned through a mother’s death, that sheepherder will take that lamb to another mother. The only way that mother will truly adopt that lamb is to wash it in one of her own’s blood. She she cannot adopt that lamb until fully bathed in the blood of her own. We are washed in His blood and adopted. We were not his Chosen….. As far as engrafted? We are established all the way into the True Vine, therefore Joel 2 is for us also.We are established to his bloodline his roots.

    • Ghillie, stop calling names. Rodney is not a troll, and you will be accountable for calling him that. He is a brother. He has never denied the Gospel of Jesus Christ which is that Christ is the only Way to return to Eternal Father and Life Eternal, that He is the Son of the Father, He died for us on the Cross, descended for three days, resurrected for 40 days, and ascended to Heaven, and returns as King of Kings. Plus more after the Mellinium!

      I hate the wars of mankind. They are spawned by the dark one. Stop it!

    • He’s a Troll and a particularly nasty one . Check his comments above. L.A. is ” like a dog returning to his vomit”. L.A. is “clinging to occultic New Age desires. He craves supernatural confirmation in dreams , visions and exhibitions”.

      Then comes the blatant lies. Seducing spirits,it appears,are whispering in L.A.’s ears that he is called as a prophet and that he will lead a Global Revival.

      What absolute,lying,unmitigated nonsense. What viscous character assassination . What completely unfounded garbage. When has L.A. ever said this!

      Me stop it! PUHLEESE!

    • I didn’t reply promptly because I’m in a different time zone .I’ve just returned from work.

      As well, it seems L.A. ” is being led away from the Truth and continues in deception”. I wonder what RD is accountable for!

    • “vicious character assassination” not “viscous”, although the untruths were certainly of the sticky,gummy, clogging type.

    • Ghillie, Depending on the degree of viscosity one can stumble and fall, slide backwards or dance Gangnam Style which is not directly related to any certain time zone.

  20. The Lord had much to say concerning the modern Church which is an extension of Laodicea, they claim to see, they claim to be clothed in righteousness, and they claim to be abundant in power and wealth, yet they are blind, naked, and poor! They have love for themselves yet ignore the plight of those around them, their version of Christianity is without power, for they spend their time seeking the acknowledgement of those within their fellowship, everyone having a vision, dream, and prophecy exalting themselves above others. These claim supernatural manifestations while their own household is crumbling in rebellion, they love the adoration of others while their children know their true spiritual plight. They give abundantly to their congregations yet refuse to acknowledge the strangers next door who suffer, they love those that love them, yet refuse to love the stranger among them.

    • I,m not trying to be a smartelic, but I hope you include yourself in the words you post. I don’t know where you are RD, but it is night were I’m at. Should you not be walking the streets where ever you are, with blankets for the cold, food for the hungry, a pillow for their head? Reading the Word for those that cannot read? Just saying, arrogance in your self believe of being full of wisdom, means you are not wise at all. If you believe we are the swine, then you are commanded by the Word to dust off your feet and move on. (casting your pearls) where have you been all day?, behind a computer screen, when there are those who have no clue how to be saved. Hiss at me if you must, but you speak with a forked tongue, you are as boastful and egotistical as you accuse others on this blog of being. Even Satan knows the scriptures, and can quote them word for word. Humility, can knock anyone from their ‘high horse’.

  21. The Lord is sickened by this Church and is prepared to vomit them out and remove their candle, for they do not represent Christ, they only represent themselves and their selfish lusts.

  22. Satan means for there to be division amongst Believers….he offers many doorways for man’s salvation….he authors confusion.

    As for me… doorway is Christ..Yeshua….He found me. My Gift and teacher is the Holy Spirit….and my Father is Jehovah God. How they all relate to one another will be taught to me. My salvation is not dependent on how I view their unity…I am not big enough to see them yet. That teaching is another that satan has used amongst the churches to keep man from God. As each church fights for their glory and their identify as the best one…and even the only one….people see it…and decide that God does not exist…because His followers don’t know the first thing about love for one another….and how to value one another….and hope for one another. The churches battle is with satan….not with each other. Churches are like kids at the play ground…..each striving to get to the slide first….being in charge…swinging higher than another….going faster. When we all should be like people in a field….planting our rows and tending them so that the plant will produce fruit from this earth. That field belongs to God, the seeds are from God (they are not modified seeds from Monsanto), and the workers are each of us who are guided by the Holy Spirit. After God harvests the fruits…He will unite us as One with Him.

    I am not searching for a true church. I just search every day to know my God better…so I can love Him more. It will be an endless search because He is infinite. I am not searching for a peace of mind….because I am here on earth…and every day I find peace when I am with Him through the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit, Christ and God did not want man to be divisive with His truth..causing conflict within His True Church….the Body of all Believers. I know we are all the seeds of God…and only the Holy Spirit can cause that seed to grow. The GIFT of the Holy Spirit does not belong to any one church on earth to give out based on the covenants one has made with the church. Only God controls the Holy Spirit.

    I still and always will believe that any church on earth that claims it is the only one….is ran by man…because no man is perfect enough to claim a church for his own. God’s true church is not here anymore….but will be when He returns. After Christ gave all believers the Holy Spirit to protect them from the strivings of man….we no longer needed a prophet to lead us. The Gift of the Holy Spirit was not given to all believers in Christ until He ascended…..thus…before that….prophets were necessary…as they spoke for God. Why ask for leadership in something less than the Holy Spirit, which all Believers now have? The curtain that was torn was the separation between each believer and God. We can now go directly to Him….we do not have to go through the pope or a prophet…tho we can respect both if they are pure of heart and working for their congregations. One thing that I know is that we should test all spirits that appear to us….because even satan can appear as an angel of light and glory.

    There is only one True Church of God….and to be a member of that Church you only have to recognize your unworth (repent and turn away from sin) and bow on knees and ask Christ to forgive you…and accept Him as your Lord….above all others. Salvation, freely given to all as a choice….claimed by many…all unworthy of making that claim…but allowed by God to do so. Those who do….belong to the Only True Church….and the ID card they carry is the Gift of the Holy Spirit….Who will reunite them as one body when Christ returns. No church of man can offer that gift….it has been taken from man. The Jehovah Witnesses, The Seven Day Adventist, The Catholics, and the Latter Day Saints, The Church of Christ (and a thousand, thousand more that have all claimed to be Christ’s restored church of the latter times…all with their prophets)…..none hold exclusive rights to God or His Salvation….but all members within them….as individuals….can partake in Christ’s sacrifice and Gift…because it cannot be earned by our merit.

    My truth is all Christ and none of man…..and this truth is narrow enough without making it even more narrow. In these times we are to love one another…..pray earnestly… open to the leadership of the Holy Spirit. We are not to claim that my truth is greater than yours….or yours is greater than mine…..because we are all Believers in Christ….and through Him all things will be taken care of. The soldier in the field who accepts the Lord and is killed…does not have to wait for a man to baptize him….or for one of his ancestors to baptize him after he is dead. There will be plenty of time to do that in the 1,000 years when all knowledge is perfect …..if that is necessary. If you are doing good in your church….than continue to do good…..unto Christ’s return. What i believe….if it is good….I will continue in that belief….and in my walk with God….as there are many who the Holy Spirit teaches regarding the understanding of the conflicts in the Bible….as we look to Him first for inspiration….as all are welcome to do the same.

    The Holy Spirit does not inspire anything or anyone (including me) to draw conclusions that cannot be verified in the Word of God….the Bible….even tho man wrote the words down….The Holy Spirit can always give us the correct meaning of the words. I am somewhat suspect of new authority that comes after the time of the Apostles. There have been many, many, many, new authorities…including the Pope….that have changed the direction of the message to point towards the opinions of a man….instead of towards The Holy Spirit, The Christ, and The Father. I can have my own ideas and thoughts….but they are just opinion until they are verified in the Bible…..until something ties together there. It says somewhere in the Bible, Christ said it, that many things will not be understood until the latter times….because of the Holy Spirit tying together that which was spoken in the Bible by events that take place during our times.

    I just find it a more simple and narrow road for me to stick with….that which has already been provided. I can’t imagine the Christ giving us a gift that would be defective in any way….and would need further refinement or revelation from man after those times. The catholic church tossed some of the books of the Bible…but they are still available for reading by those who seek them out. In fact…the catholic church tried to keep the entire Bible from their followers. The Holy Spirit was given as a guide to all who accept Christ….the only perfect guide to help them understand scripture and prophesy that has already been given about our times in the Word of God…the Bible…finalized by the Apostles who could bring life forth from death because they had the blessing and power from God. The depth of the Bible is almost infinite with what it gives about all matters. It lays out what is going to happen in our times, and it lays out the authority….Christ…who will be the head of the church once more during the Millennium. Why do we have to make things more complicated then that? We can study the Bible every day, every year and it contains all man needs for salvation….with the help of the Holy Spirit.

    God does not change…..that same teaching should be prevalent today. One should not be required to belong to this church or that in order to have the label applied to them that they are acceptable of God. Because only God can make that call…..not man. That is what was being taught. Jesus Christ, Yeshua….is the way and His hand still stretches out to all the lost from each light within a Believer….which comes from the Holy Spirit.

    Man has made worship very confusing to so many folks since the true Apostles left earth, …because like at a carnival…with each barker shouting “come here…..come here”….each man has added his own beliefs and “inspirations” to the mix….each man…as is man’s way…has tried to make himself stand over another. The prophets of God’s authority, the Apostles, and Christ foretold what would happen….in detail. No other prophet of God uplifted himself…but only pointed toward Christ and Christ’s authority and leadership. I know the Pope and Joseph Smith both still proclaimed God above them….but they both inserted their authority between the Holy Spirit and their followers. There in comes the danger….the Holy Spirit could be witnessing to a catholic or a mormon, or some other exclusive church of man….and unless their earthly authority verified that witness, interpreted that witness, the follower will not listen to what the Holy Spirit may be saying. The follower turns to his man of earth for guidance….thus putting something between them and the gift from Christ….the Holy Spirit.

    Christ made it very clear….that after His sacrifice, after His earthly death, shedding His blood, and His resurrection, and before His ascension, that He was leaving the Holy Spirit with each Believer as their gift for belief in Him and enslavement to Him….and that Holy Spirit would be their guide……a straight connection…..the veil was torn asunder….man could now have direct access to God, through the Holy Spirit…..he no longer had to go through priests for his understandings. No where does it foretell in the Bible that there will be any one great person to gather the church again in the Latter Days….but that all the men and women of God will through the Holy Spirit receive inspiration, revelation, and understanding if they seek it with pure hearts during the latter times the sons and daughters of man will prophesy, dream dreams, see visions….and understand the ways of God”. Joel 2:28-29.

    This did not set well with man who wanted his own glory and understanding of things to be foremost. This great and glorious Gift took the power away from those that would use believers for their own ends…..with intent….or with innocent misunderstanding…..they interpreted things differently and did not bend on their interpretations….because of their ego and their desire to be wise and unique. The Word was written down in the Books of the Bible. There is nothing in there that the Holy Spirit cannot interpret for a Believer if he has earnest love for God and seeks true understanding….only for the sake of knowing their God better…..not for any attempt to prove their own opinions or their own elevations. Each time I come up with an opinion…..based on my search….I am aware that if I still have it wrong…it will be straightened by the Holy Spirit. I am not seeking to uplift myself….or create any stature above another. I just want to love my God as well as I can…I want to know Him as much as He wants me to….and allows me to.

    I would caution anyone to be careful about allowing any individual of earth to be placed between them and the Holy Spirit…..that great gift given to us all by our Savior. With that great Gift we need no other help in our quest to fully love Our Lord.

    No man or woman….no matter how much honor, glory, or love they offer….will stand between me and my God. No man or woman….no matter how they may seek to dishonor, demean, or overlook me….will stand between me and my God….or shape my actions….as long as the Holy Spirit rules within. That is my understanding as I progress in my limited abilities holding fast the hand of the Holy Spirit.

    We are to put our trust in no man… says the Bible. All of our trust and hope should be put upon Christ.

    In love….

    • Claudia, I agree with much of what you said, but there was one thing that I totally disagree with you on. You said, “God’s true church is gone”. According to Jesus, “Upon this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it”. He also said; “Straight is the gate and narrow the way, and few there be that find it”. So, according to Jesus, He WILL ALWAYS have a few. It won’t be that “mega” church that is so popular. But He will always have a remnant.

      Remember how God reduced the size of Joshua’s HUGE army, down to 300? Remnant!


    • Rolltide,
      My understanding of that scripture was that the “rock” is the “Power of the Holy Spirit from Eternal Father working within man revealing Christ” (that is how Eternal Father communicates with man, via the Holy Spirit) Revealing that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, sent by God to be sacrificed….just as Abraham was willing to sacrifice his son. In that sense the “knowing” is the Trinity….Eternal Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit all linked together. Upon this rock the Church of Christ will be founded.

      Christ asked His disciples who do men say that He, the Son of man was? They gave Him various answers. Than He asked, who do you think I am? Peter answered that Christ was the Son of the living God (Eternal Father/Spirit). Than Christ said, that Peter was blessed because Peter’s understanding and knowledge of this Truth could not have come via Peter’s flesh and blood capabilities (man’s understandings ) but only Christ’s Father in Heaven could have revealed this knowledge to Peter via the Holy Spirit. Than Christ identified Peter by stating “tho art Peter (acknowledging that He could see the Holy Spirit worked within Peter and that Peter was a Believer), and than stated that upon this “rock” (Holy Spirit Power within Believers, revealing Christ), the Church would be built….and nothing can prevail against that ROCK.

      The CHURCH is built on the Power of the Holy Spirit within Believers, the knowing that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, which the Holy Spirit testifies and always points towards. It is that HOLY SPIRIT that was within Peter that allows all True Believers to use the power of God to SEE, and to interact upon the earth, to be God’s keys to the Kingdom of Heaven. The Power to see Good and Evil….and the power to bind (diminish) evil and loosen (magnify) good. What is done here on earth will be reflected in Heaven. It is the HOLY SPIRIT acting through man that is the ROCK of the CHURCH. The CHURCH that all Believers belong to, not the church that is built of sticks and stones…the CHURCH within our hearts.

    • Amen to all of that. You said God’s true church was gone. I was just saying that it will be thin and lean, but NEVER gone.


    • What I was trying to say when the volcanoe of words erupted was that no one church of man has the authority on earth now. The CHURCH that comprises all Believers who truly possess the HOLY SPIRIT within, is the CHURCH, and it is not headed up by any man, nor can it be confined to any one location or denomination. Men of earth can only be sheppards, helping, and guiding the flock, loving and leading to safety, and creating an environment for their sheep to grow to maturity. The authority does not come back til Christ returns, after He removes the tares.

    • That “authority”, inflexible, is what the iron rod is that He carries in His hand as He is dipicted in Revelations riding the White Horse.

    • Hey Claudia to add ..When Peter stated ‘Thou art the Christ” I believe that was the first time it was spoken out ‘Christ” which means “anointed one”. Christ looks at Peters and told Him upon this Rock I will build my church……Peter had a “revelation” that Jesus/Yeshua was THE Christ… So it was upon the revelation of the Anointed one…..just goes hand in hand with everything…and what was He anointed with? The Holy Ghost POWER…. He was human too just like we are and He received that anointing just like we do…by the Holy Ghost. 🙂

  23. Did anyone happen to read part 1 of Tom Horn’s new series – “Project Lucifer”? I think this is going to be a very interesting series!

    Also, Doug Hagmann has a short article today about a possible virus outbreak on a passenger train in Canada. 1 dead; 3 hospitalized.

    • “
      Tom Horn and Cris Putnam are putting out a book next year about all of this. This is going to be something else.

      Here’s the Hagmann story. Not sure what to make of it.

    • Thanks for the pointer, Rt … much appreciated.

      Re: rail outbreak … they were quarantined.

      Israel also had an outbreak of H1N1 swine flu with deaths.

      How long before it’s jihadis in a major airport rather than passengers on a train?

    • The only thing I can find online about a flu outbreak/deaths/quarantine in Canada was by Alex Jones back in 2008. Closer to home, there seems to be an unusual amount of pneumonia this year, especially in children. Can’t find any stats yet, but my grand daughter has walking pneumonia, a niece and nephew have the full-blown type, and their doctors and teachers are saying there’s lots of it going around.

    • Lookingup: Type in Northeast intellegence network. It’s on front page, entitled; “Virus aboard Canadian passenger train”

  24. I have a question for Rodney and Fitpro,
    If you attend a brick and mortar congregational church, does the congregation use musical instruments during worship? Are you of a New Testament doctrine only? Just curious.

    • Moonpie, I do not attend a physical congregational ‘brick and mortar’ church so i cannot address the instrument part of your question….I left the charismatic ‘works-based’ salvation doctrine long ago. I know how they ‘operate’. Part of my leaving also had to do with Any church, especially the AG that is 5013c. I also know how that effects/affects what comes from the pulpit. I would call myself simply a Bible-believing Christian.I was aware of what ‘fell through the cracks’ doctrinally in Charismatic circles, i.e., the drift from biblical to the extrabiblical…from sound doctrine to the sensual or experiential. I’ve since learned to simply rightly divide and dispensationally discern the word of God. It’s like reading someone else’s mail when you cannot/will not do so. Every word in the Authorized King James bible has a doctrinal, spiritual, and historical meaning to the Church, not just the Pauline Gospel of Grace.

  25. Thank You for this particular Word today!!! I am looking forward to more~ I have my roots and foundation in this very thing and personally I am so very grateful for the Holy Spirit in my life.

    I agree w/ R.Grund when he says what is coming is ” Greater than the Book of Acts ” We always used to say “we walk by faith and not by sight”, but word of faith (false doctrine parts) teaching really made that a religious bondage,but now I say Praise God we walk by faith and not sight. ( : The Gift of Faith enables us to do all things and to endure with Hope… no works or BS vexing,twisting,horrible lies anymore. God is building His Church…regardless of anything or anyone!
    The Lion is Coming and He is Roaring ~ what a Mighty God we serve!And to think He calls us His Friends!

    Great Truth LA !!!

  26. I have a chuckle a bit when folks dump on the Laodicean church. It’s like saying to the overcomers (v. 3:21) that their Father doesn’t know how to correct them (v. 3:19).

    There’s a remnant of overcomers in each of the churches addressed in Revelation 2 & 3. And likewise a larger group of apostates in each church.

    As for those churches being spread out to cover the last 2000 years… Why would that exclude the original 7 churches? I believe that churches like them have existed since Pentecost. Paul wrote plenty of letters for that reason.

    Pardox Brown cites a type of dispensationalism that’s interesting, though in general I think dispensationalism like dominionism and -isms in general are bogus. The idea is like this:

    1 Ephesus = (not explained)
    2 Smyrna = (not explained)
    3 Pergamum = (not explained)
    4 Thyatira = Catholics
    5 Sardis = Protestants
    6 Philadelphia = Philadelphians
    7 Laodicea = Pentecostals, dominionists, etc.

    She (Nicole Malone) goes on to say that 4, 5. 6. & 7 will all have a portion their churches raptured, but the rest will go through tribulation. I’m glossing things here, so this isn’t exact (*). Same problem as the dispensationalists… But why should the churches in Asia Minor in that day be some exception? Thyatira was given the message for their own correction. They weren’t some prototype of romanism.

    (* Paradox Brown’s current videos are like riding a rocket. She’s high order aspergers / ASD. Very visual. So grasping and summing up her material is like trying to sum up the Revelation. )

    I believe no institutionalized church (just as no city-wide church) has any claim to salvation by membership or doctrine.

    Christ is Savior. Not the church. The greater cloud of witnesses in Heaven with Him already are our only true tried and proven church. The rest, like it or not, haven’t “finished” yet. So while we’re in the letters to the Corinthians…

    1 Cor. 15
    1 Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you,
    which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand;
    2 By which also ye are saved, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain.

    Have you believed in vain, beloved? Have you finished the race? Are you trying to run on your own faith — or faith in Christ?

    As for which church you think you might be in… don’t get hung up on a church.

    Much more important — don’t let yourself get caught doing any of these…

    1 saying you’re a Jew when you’re not
    2 prophesying like balaam
    3 having a name that you’re alive when you’re spiritually dead
    4 teaching like jezebel
    5 saying you’re an apostle when you’re not
    6 lording over others rather than serving (like the nicolaitans)
    7 having outward prosperity but spiritually poor witness

    Or you can expect a lot worse than the “book of Hebrews” form of Father-God’s correction. Just tolerating such things gets His chastisement and if necessary — tribulation.

    So in case you missed it — when we point at others personally — there’s plenty of fingers pointing back.
    Or get the timber out of your own eye before trying to remove a splinter from another’s.
    Or by the measure that you use, you’ll be measured.
    Or what you sow, you reap — with increase.

    Remember what Christ told Peter about John. And then what Peter should do — said 3 times so he’d get it.
    Are you listening to what He’s telling you? Are you hearing what The Spirit is telling the churches??

  27. And for discussion another day…

    America Unearthed Episode 2 “Medieval Desert Mystery” (Arizon Burial Site)

    xfinitytv is Comcast’s website, which has both payed and subscription material. They’re a cable company.

    The H2 materials like America Unearthed are free. They show a “key” for cable subscription only material — which is locked.

    Do the Aussies have similar mounds?

  28. I made the above comment b/f I read all the above…

    Jeez, LA man you got patience and my that’s a fine fruit,but you also got 5 Fold going on. ( :

    And I want to say thank you and much love to Ash for stepping out.The Holy Spirit given words so bear repeating! You ministered to me greatly!

    ashadele said
    December 30, 2012 at 9:13 pm

    I read LA’s blogs daily, yet I have only posted a few times. But I had to say this:

    To all the regular posters on this blog that are filled with the Holy Spirit and support LA: Our Lord God says: “Fear not! For I am with you. Be not dismayed for I am your God. I will strengthen you. I will help you. I will hold you up with my victorious right hand.” Is. 41:10

    There is going to be a lot of backlash and we just need to fight back with scripture! We know the truth of God’s word and we know in our spirit when someone is slandering and sent to sow discord. Our sword is the Word of God! Don’t even waste your time trying to battle it out or have any sort of debate…just use the Word to rebuke and move on. Those with ill intentions will be frustrated they aren’t getting anywhere and will move on…..we pray!!

    My mother, rest her soul, spoke in tongues and as a child, I could interpret for her. I stand firm on the Bible. The Holy Spirit is alive and well and so are all the gifts that He bestows for our defense and battle while on this earth until He comes! For His Glory!

    Love to All ~ Winds~

  29. Phrase of the day “jump the shark” as in: “Unfortunately Rodney this is where you jump the shark.”
    Credit goes to Eric W. (bubba)

    The Fonz says…Aaayyy ✌

  30. You guys are really good at finding the differences in perspective within your shard faith. I thought I’d jump in and point that out, as a non-Christian looking in. What do all of you agree on, let’s start there….

  31. Not enough self control today, too much name calling, yelling. I pray for peace by the Holy Spirit and the truth of the word. Shalom and Maranatha my Beloved

  32. It is a funny thing about the people, in Israel. When they speak about what they believe to each other they get down right mad right on a street corner and debate. They are passionate about what they believe…in each others face passionate..Then when they are finished they shake hands like brothers and part ways…Then the next day there are passionate again about what they believe……

  33. Sorry about capitalizing on my fonts too much….I was told a while back that that is like yelling on line….who new?…So if it sounded like that I am truly sorry….I was hooping it up for Eric’s testimony though…..I am just so passionate about this because I long to see the Body of Christ rise up…kinda like a call to “LAZARUS COME FORTH!” This cry for the Body to rise up …it is like it runs through my veins…It cries out through the pours of my entire body…..I am passionate about this…

  34. I would like to dedicate this song to all of us who have loved ones that went home to the Lord. We can rejoice when we are reunited in the warm, loving embrace of our Lord.

    For my two babies, I will not forget you, and I will hold you again.

    • The Christian singer,of Owl City, wrote this in memory of his girlfriend who was killed. The people in the video represent those who have lost a child, mother, father, wife, husband, grandparent, someone they loved. Brought through their grieve, they realize they will be reunited in Christ, the Great Comforter.

  35. How do you share this..I mean the video thing on a blog…cut and paste?I am sorry I am blog illiterate…still learning

    • I had to ask to. Nome told me a few blogs back. Let me see if I can find it. I,m not good at giving instructions! I might blow something up! ha

    • Ok, I’ll do my best. On you tube, below the video, you will see a list; about….share…..embed..Click on ‘share’, a blue high lighted address will pop up, below the video. If you don’t see it, move the screen up. You copy, then paste where ever you want. Nome is much better at this. I think it was last Sunday when he told me how on the blog. Hope I helped, but if the blog goes down, we’ll know why! lol

    • You did fine Mpe. Only thing I can add is use the “share this video,” (no need to press the “embed” or “email” after that).

      For the Paradox Brown video “Case Against the Book of Enoch,” you’d see:

      “” (which can be pasted in directly without quotes, and no moderation)

      instead of:
      “” (up in the browser address bar, this invokes moderation, for LA)

      Then “kabooom!” …. no, just kidding.

    • Nome, I listened to Guy and Nicole: their arguments are full of assumptions and logical fallacies. Their statements are magnificent constructs built on toothpicks.

      They want to invalidate the Book of First Enoch in order to prove that nephilim can be saved. It is wrong.

  36. The power of belief is the greatest power (faith the grain of a mustard seed can toss a mountain into the sea). What we believe everyday, comes from drawing on our environment and the beliefs and opinions of others around us. The results of what we come to believe, is the foundation on which we build our lives, the future and our destinies. Your brain is built to follow orders just the Centurion in the bible. It will follow your orders or someone else’s depending on you. Your brain will listen and follow commands and like the quote on “Star Trek” it will “Make it so.”
    Those beliefs will cause all those things necessary to keep the belief alive to be attracted to the holder of the belief. For instance if you believe in UFOs, they will come to exist. 100 years ago there were no test tube babies, but someone believed it could be done and now man can even clone any living creature.
    The tongue has the greatest power, and can bless or curse. The tongue follows the belief of the person who possesses it.
    So, whether you are; creating artificial life, conversing with demons or angels, or being a hero/heroine , believe in faeries, or think you are entitled or think you are a victim all has to do with your personal perceptions and views of both the spiritual and physical worlds.
    Whether or like it you are always in part to blame for what you get because in a way you attract it, into your life. Subconsciously you can attract anger, poverty, trials and pain, all on your own, and unfortunately and for the most part, you yourself are to blame for it. If you don’t want to be a part of spiritual warfare but you like comfort and worship, then you will probably not get a job dealing in spiritual warfare. If you think that only others can be wealthy and are jealous of them, you will probably not become wealthy. If you never get away from hardships, the issue is likely that you continue to make wrong choices. There can be any number of wrong choices. Your best pal marries a gal that is a gambler or alcoholic or worse, a runaround. But if you choose to talk to your best friend about his wife or girlfriend and then wonder why you get in fights with him or he ends up dumping you as a friend. Dangerous too are video games as excessive playing changes brain function and can rob video addicts from the inherent ability to make their own choices towards their own destinies.

  37. Sorry I sent before I was done.
    As I was saying; we attract things to ourselves, sometimes we like the results sometimes we don’t. But we are self-responsible all the same. If we believe in the gifts we will have the opportunity to use them. If we believe that bad things will always happen, then they surely will, though most people will think their bad fortune is undeserved while judging that the good fortune of others is also undeserved. What you believe to be true, will be true for you even if what is befalling you is not what others see or think is going on. Your own pereception can be wrong. That’s why your prayers may go unanswered. You could be asking amiss and expecting a much different outcome than what you get, and then even miss the answer.
    We have to train our minds, ’he who hath ears to hear’. This is a major piece of moving in the spiritual realm. Not to mention daily life.

  38. Gifts Are for Real, we are to understand them recognize them and with the prompting of the Holy Spirit use them to edify and draw the Body of Christ closer to God. It is not a “freak show” it simply is how God allowed and wanted it to be. We, the created, don’t always get it(understand it). So the Holy Spirit indwells in us , causing us to experience spiritual life on His terms, in this case with gifts. Please stop trying to make this an ugly thing. It is not. Prayers for anyone who doesn’t “get or refuses ” to understand this totally God Created and Mandated blessing of Spiritual Gifts . . . .Heb 11:1

  39. and to add to NQF….When God begins to move…do not put HIm in a box….He might so something that you didn’t read an exact story about in the bible so therefore you think it just cannot be…..God moves in mysterious ways….When your are praying, lets say you just stepped out for the first time to pray for someone, and while praying, just out of the blue God tells you something like “Give strong drink to he who is perishing” yet you know that that perishing not flat out dying right then….just do what God tell you to do…He is doing it for a reason that we do not always know about…that is the “being lead by the Lord” part of stepping out…That actually happened to me once when I was called to go pray for a woman who went into morning over her deceased husband who has been murdered 20 years prior…20 years later is when she began to really mourn…I know, I have never heard of that before either…..I get there and the Lord told me to give her strong drink. I denied the Lord two times because I thought.”.How could he be asking me to do such a thing?” The third time He asked I asked her if she had any hard liquor in the house. She had a bottle of whiskey someone had left a while back. I gave her a shot and boom!…Her whole countenance change…it amazed me. It was only one shot and she said the next day that that was the best thing I could have ever done for her….before I gave it to her I had told her how God was asking me to do this and I did not know why but I followed the leading of the Lord.

    I shared all that to say…Do not put God in a box when you step out in faith…Listen and He will lead you, He will instruct you, as you are making the choice in faith to pray for someone.

    Once she came out of “the mourning” because of that “shot” which was amazing to watch I just kept sharing Jesus with her. She was so happy she went to church with me a couple of week later and gave a quick testimony…we thought nothing of it.

    The church did a “drawn and quartering” of me in the spirit as their looks of hate glazed through their eyes ..because I had given her a shot of alcohol that was the leading of the Lord…She never went back and I soon left after that when the Lord released me from being there.

    I said all that to say once again…do not put God in a box.

    Incidentally there is a scripture in Proverbs ” Give strong drink to those who are about to perish”

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