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L. A. Marzulli

John 12: 9  Much people of the Jews therefore knew that he was there: and they came not for Jesus’ sake only, but that they might see Lazarus also, whom he had raised from the dead.  But the chief priests consulted that they might put Lazarus also to death; Because that by reason of him many of the Jews went away, and believed on Jesus.

Most of us know this story.  It is when Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead.  I discussed this in-depth in The Cosmic Chess Match, as I believe it illustrates the battle between Jesus and the Fallen One while Jesus walked the earth.

I want to call your attention to what the chief priests are up to.  They want to kill Lazarus.  Why?  Because he was a living witness to the power that Jesus displayed in raising him from the dead.  Another reason is that Jesus threatened the chief priests power base.  In other words who needs the chief priest to intercede with God when God himself is walking amongst men, healing them of all their disease and even raising some of them from the dead!

I bring this up because it is indicative of human nature.  Nothing has changed in 2000 years as far as the religious mind-set that is fearful of loosing its power base.

I’ll never forget a mens retreat I was on years ago.  I was the worship leader of a denomination that didn’t believe in the moving and gifts of the Holy Spirit.  A group of men who were part of a rescue mission joined us for an evening service at the retreat.  These men had hit the bottom and had been healed and restored by Jesus.  They worshipped freely, extending their arms toward heaven, and some of them began to pray in tongues.  As I closed with the last song, the men began to loudly praise the name of the Lord.  Some wept and while others shouted out their thanksgiving.  Their actions were infectious and soon the men from our church began to pour out praises to Jesus.  I remember looking at  the pastors face, who was perhaps 10 feet from me and he was fearful.  He was like a fish out of water.  He had never experienced this and was threatened by it.

The rest of the retreat was amazing as the men from our church got excited about the Lord and some of  them began to move in the gifts of the spirit.  We were excited by this REAL from of christianity, which was demonstrated in the 1st century and now, we were getting a taste of it.  We wanted to take it back to the congregation.  Sadly, the following Sunday, the pastor assumed his role of authority and quashed any  attempt to move in the gifts.  So ended a brief but snuffed out revival, killed by the chief priest!

The man held a doctorate in theology, had been a pastor for 20 years and yet when faced with the spirit of the living God, like the chief priests and Pharisees of old, acted in the same way, as he “killed” the move of the spirit.

In closing todays Bun.  The Holy Spirit is alive and working today as there is no place in the Bible which tells us He’s packed up and left.  The gifts of the spirit, like those which Jesus demonstrated are available on a case by case basis to the believer.  All we need to do is ask Him.  However, because of our unbelief most of us live under a brass heaven, and so we don’t see the power of the Holy Spirit manifest.

As most of you know we did not go to Chichen Itza because the spirit of the living God told us not to go!  This was confirmed multiple times by pastors and mentors and many emails to Russ, Richard and myself.  Yet there are those who deny the spirit moving today and like the Pharisees and Chief Priests they accuse me of scamming the public for money.  This will be the last time I address this on the BLOG as I have already given an accounting of where the money went and how Power Places Tours did not and will not refund any of the money back to us, even though we didn’t go.  Unfortunately, the religious spirit is still alive and well and seeks to kill any move of the spirit.  However, greater is He who lives in me then he who lives in the world.

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    • Amen.

      Quick personal testimony cliff note: My family started out completely unsaved, under oppression, chemical abuses, etc. and it took 25+ years but EVERYONE in the family ended up saved.

      Don’t give up hope! I know the patience wanes…been there done that…and it may take a lot longer than we’d like but hang in there. Keep praying, keep planting seeds, keep loving, keep doing everything you do in your walk with the Lord. Sometimes the most powerful witness for the Lord is the consistent character. That gets undervalued sometimes.

      Blessings. 🙂

  1. Powerful Word and testimony. Thank you for this Bun today and I hope clan Marzulli is enjoying the weekend.

    The Spirit gives distributes different gifts to different people for different roles. We can’t all be ears, eyes, etc. It’s fun to step back and watch Christians I know and how each of them is different, has different gifts, and watch it all work in harmony. 🙂

  2. I do not go to parties or bars (any longer) not since being born again , However i did go to a end of the world party and i was able to witness to a couple of ladies. The party hostess said nothing but instead just wondered away, The ladies i did reach stopped me on my way out and said wait wait we have questions! i was able to give them some resources before leaving and was asked to pray for them . Thanks LA for leading the way,some of us are listening and learning.

  3. Without the Holy Spirit within we will not be able to see as we should the guidance and Truth of God spoken through His prophets. Also…so many without the Holy Spirit have missed the message in Daniel for the latter day Believers because they have been told by man what it means…which overides the “sight” and understanding from our Holy Spirit within. Dan 9:24 is a literal 70 sacred years given to the latter day Israel. A Sacred year is the 7 month span within each year where all the week of Holy Sabbaths and the week of Holy Feast Days fall…..”sevens” or “weeks”….70 of them were given (70 years).The KNESSET (legislative branch of Israel) moved to Jurusalem on 2/14/1949. I believe that is the start of the 70 years…when the call went out to restore Jerusalem. We won’t know the day or hour…but God wanted us to know the time so we could endure to the end with the knowledge that He gave us thousands of years ago. The Day prophesies all fit within this 70 year period defined by God to His prophet. The last 2,300 days are at the end and within the last part of the 70 years. The 1,260, 1,290 days and the 1,335th day are all there within the 2,300 days. Blessed are they that endure until the 1,335th day. Why? Because i think that is when the last trump sounds (7th) that reveals the Man of Sin with the true Revelation of Christ’s return….King of King…dispensing the Wrath of Fire….which has been shortened to 965 days, the last part of the 2,300 days. We will be like a pregnant woman that nears her term and is ready to give birth…she will not know the exact hour of birth but she will know the completion of her term is very near. The term is 70 years, the labor pains start with the last 2,300 days of that 70 years, the water breaks when the false one proclaims to be god and demands worship (1,290th day) and the birth comes at the 7th trump which is only 45 days later. Only those who know God’s word….not man’s word….will not despair and will hang on until the 7th trump sounds and they are transfigured….becoming like Christ in their body….one mind with Him….fully equipped to help Him dispense with the tares and help in His Mellinium Reign of perfect teaching. PS: the 7 year peace treaty that the religious men look to start their time table…is a one year peace treaty….one “seven”/”week” (one sacred Jewish Year). Depending on whether that “peace” is brought about by the UN global system after the first 3 trumpets sound in the Middle Eastern World, or whether it comes when the dragon takes over rule from the UN I am not sure. The dead sea scrolls (war scroll) states that there are 7 battles…the first three being won by the sons of the Light, and the next three being won by the sons of the dark, and the last (7th) being won by God (Battle of Armegetton, fought after True Believers in Christ are transfigured…..hopefully we will be able to fight with God to destroy the evil tares!

    • Hey Claudia, interestingly enough….remember the Oslo Peace Accord..signed on September 13, 1993? Oslo means “Toilet Seat”…You can read about Oslo in Wik pedia..I thought you might like that tid bit for whatever reason:)

      Also member in Daniel when the Lord told Him to shut up the vision it was not for Him and He would not be able to figure it out basically? The 1260, 1290 and 1335 “days” had to do when certain Feast dates would happen… In Daniels time Hanukkah and Purim had not been established yet and that is one of the reason he would never be able to figure it out….those Feast had not been implemented and set up as of yet and Daniel understood how to interpret things through times and seasons ….takes much to explain fully but thought you might be interested….blessings

    • Thank you for the info, Darla, regarding Oslo, but i don’t put much store in those things that man names. Totally the Holy Days given by God are meaningful for man. The other day I decided to count the days between the last day of Unleavened Bread and Pentecost for the years 2009 through 2018 on a chart showing all the dates of the Holy Days…..came up with 46, 48, 48, 44, 48, 48, 44, and ……finally a 45 in 2016. Than it was 48, and 44 ending in 2018. It was the only 45 day span. found it odd that there was only one year where there was exactly 45 days, 2016. Of course I wondered if perhaps this would be the 45 days from 1,290 to the 1,335th day….which Daniel was told “blessed are they that reach the 1,335th day. I am kinda partial to the Spring Holy Days because I was born on a Passover day which starts the Sacred Holy Days and my son and grandson were born on the Feast of Tabernacle days which end the sacred year Holy Days. I like to watch the Holy Days because God laid alot of things out for us on these days, so we would keep certain things in remembrance and look forward with others. I think another reason that God told us these things thousands of years ago, is so that when they start happening….and those who have been taught the words of the prophets see them happening….unlike the Mayan Calendar myths….they will know that He is God, and hopefully they will turn to Him and His Son Jesus Christ who provides the only Doorway to our Restoration. The Words of God make it very clear that Israel is central in the latter times. He is so hoping that they will turn to Him, His Son, instead of starting up sacrifices for their sins when they get their (mostly prefabricated and ready to go) temple thrown up during the peace treaty. This 70 years was given to them to finish their iniquity. “Seventy weeks are determined upon thy people and upon thy holy city, to finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, and to seal up the vision and prophecy, and to anoint the most Holy.” I pray for them with all my heart that as many as possible will recognize their true Savior and Messiah, Jesus Christ, before the false one which comes during the 5th and 6th trumpets…so they won’t be deceived and will wait and be transfigured at the sounding of the last trump. All will recognize Jesus when He lands on Mt. Olive and splits it asunder at the end of the Wrath…..but by than they will still only have their clay bodies to enter the Millennium Kingdom of Christ in….and they can only enter if they had the heart to help others being persecuted during the 5,6th trumpet period and during the Wrath.

      Pray that they may see and know their Savior Jesus Christ.

  4. One thing I’ve learned in life…if people are attacking you, you must be doing the right thing! Keep on L.A!

    • I find this to be true in the spiritual realm as well. Once I begin to get closer to God, fasting, prayer, reading the bible, all hells breaks loose around me. If I drift off and dont do these things I am left completely alone. When I don’t seek God I am no threat to Satan and seems negative things do not manifest around me. It’s very difficult to praise God when your life is in turmoil, but is easy when things are going smoothly. I am now aware that once I begin to get closer to God, I can expect a brutal attack, and to be honest it is a deterrent.

    • Matt, thanks for your post. I to am attacked the more I struggle to be closer to the Lord. Satan does not waste his time on those he already has. It is like a bitter custody battle, and Satan only goes after the souls that believe in Jesus and trust Him. I often think of Job and how Godly he was. Yet, God let him be tortured and abused by Satan. We are on trial here, tested every day. What I do know, there is NO sin I commit that if repented of, and asked for forgiveness through Jesus, that will keep me from him. I must humble myself every day and turn myself over to the Lord, and then put on the armor, strap it on tight, and know He is victorious in the end.
      My God bless you and keep you strong always.

  5. Hello L.A. Dennis Bishop here, I just want to edify you, Richard and Russ, you all did the right thing listening to the Spirit. Most people ( Christians included) don’t even know what that is much less submit to it when told. I read your blogs everyday and I read some of the comments people make, there is always going to be at least one goat among the herd. The devil has his people everywhere especially during these last days, but so does God have His people where they need to be. It took a lot of courage and guts to stand down knowing that you would probably face nay- sayers who want to condemn any deviation from said words or plans. They are the Christ-less souls that Satan uses to confuse the rest of the people to sow discourse. That is what the enemy does. And one more thing, the way all three of you received confirmation to stand down shows the super natural ability of the Holy Spirit to protect His people. That in itself is proof we serve The Living God , if people would just BELIEVE ! But some can’t because they choose to believe the LIE of the devil so God gives them over to a reprobate mind. If people don’t believe that, just look at our Congress and most Politicians, they cannot the see the solutions to fix our economy and problems because they are looking at things with an earthly mind. I urge you , Russ, and Richard to continue to stand strong until our Lord comes and know that you have many, many people that are standing with you in intercessory prayer. Continue to preach the Gospel and proclaim the Good News that we have already won the war through Christ’s work on the cross. It is finished!!! God Bless, Dennis

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  6. You have hit the nail on the head. Quench the spirit of God and follow your own desires. I too have seen ministers quinch the spirit of God. When the Holy spirit deals with you on something you must follow his leading. Thank you for standing your ground and following the Holy Spirit. Will keep you in our prayers. Also thank you for being a true Man of God

  7. God’s ways are mysterious. During Abraham’s time there were some who believed that a sacrificial act had spiritual powers to earn mercy from a higher power. And God used such a ceremony to come down, to hold back Abraham’s hand and redirect him away from child sacrifices as a means to connect with God. Likewise, if a trip requires funds that are nonrefundable and then God redirects us where the money is lost, then like Abraham we can conclude that God is telling us that money has no value to God.

    L.A. had a prior word that we shall be still and know that He is God as He reveals His strength on the mountains of Israel. And now God told LA to be still. Sometimes that is one of the hardest things for us to do, but God is far more capable than we are.

  8. Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound! Thank you God the Father, God the son and God the Holy Spirit for our brother, LA Marzulli.

  9. Amen LA and to back you…If you remember there was a Pharisee, whose name escapes me at this point in time….He was one who was well read in the scrolls and taught many on the coming Messiah because he was well read and looked upon as leader in the religious community…..He had studied all of his a life about the coming of the messiah. He KNEW the scroll….however when the Son of God was right in front of him, he was the very one who pointed a finger at that very Messiah and told Christ He was the son of Satan. Remember Christ also said “If they called me the son of Satan, how much more will they call you”….The example you gave about what happened in the retreat I have personally witnessed many many times….when the Spirit/ the Supernatural moves, the people who have only Studied the word but have never truly stepped out in the supernatural are the people who are the first to point a finger and say “that was not of God!” If Satan is calling his chosen wicked ones to arms, then surely surely God is calling His chosen ones to arms because Satan counters everything and I do mean everything God is doing. I am with you brother!!!!!March on! I thank God you walk and believe in the supernatural….Blessing…

  10. Greetings, and Merry Christmas to everyone!

    A couple of weeks ago there was some questions being raised about portals and whether they were mentioned in the Bible. I found some interesting things.

    In Matt.16; Jesus and some of His disciples were in Caesarea Philippi. You all know the account. Jesus asks them who the people said He was. Then He asks Peter, “Who do You say I am”? Peter answers; “You are the Christ; the Son of the Living God”. Jesus says; “….upon this rock I will build My Church and the ‘GATES OF HELL” will not prevail against it”!

    This is a profound statement, in and of itself, but what we overlook is WHERE He was when He said this: Caesarea Philippi.

    It was located at the SW base of Mt. Hermon! The god “Pan” was worshipped, there and in the surrounding region.

    Up to this point, Jesus did NOT want anyone saying that He was Christ; the Son of God, but here, He assumes that title, gladly, and says the Gates of hell will not prevail against my Church! Why? Was it because of where they were? Were they standing at the “GATES OF HELL”? Jesus Himself made that statement!

    The Book of Enoch, today, is not considered canon, but several writers in the Bible quote from Enoch, so apparently, in those days, they esteemed it on a higher level than it is today.

    The summit of Mt. Hermon is where Enoch says the “watchers” CAME DOWN and made a pact with each other to take human wives and procreate with them.

    Today, this area is known as the Golan Heights. There is much dispute over control of this area. Also, The UN has an outpost on the summit of Hermon; WITH AN OBSERVATORY!!!!!!!! What (or should I say, who) do you suppose they are looking for? Do they expect a repeat of what happened in the days of Jared, that Enoch wrote about? Is the Golan Heights a portal? Is it “the gates of hell”? Interesting questions.

    • Well said Rolltide!…..Remembering “The Old Testament is a foreshadowing of THINGS to come…not just a foreshadowing of Christ but a foreshadowing of things to come…..blessings.

    • Actually, Rolltide, this has been discussed. If, in fact, that location was a portal or whatever, Jesus missed a perfect opportunity to teach His followers to take authority over the forces of evil there. Did He? No, He did not. Did He rebuke the forces of evil there? No, He did not. Did He organize a prayer walk at the base of the mountain? No, He did not. What He DID do was tell us that nothing would be able to stand agains our faith in Him.

      What the UN observers expect is a repeat of the 1967 war. Demonic forces were behind the first one and ditto for the remaining attacks that we know are coming, but it’s the people that are doing their dirty work that the UN observers are looking for.

    • Perhaps! Maybe it’s all just a coincidence that this is where the ‘Watchers’ descended! Maybe it’s just a coincidence that Roswell, NM is exactly on the opposite side of the world from Hermon! Maybe it’s a coincidence that the name “Pan”; the god of that region, comes from Pandemonium; the “capital” of hell. Maybe it’s just a coincidence that Jesus uses the term ‘gates of hell’ – in this location. By the way, the place He left from, heading to Jerusalem< He had to go out of his way, to go through Caesarea Philippi. They didn't have cars. So He must have had a good reason for detouring, and this is the story that comes from it. When you put all these things together, you can only assume that there was something about this place.

      The UN Observatory – They may be looking up rather than down. After all, wouldn't you agree that the UN could care less about keeping Israel safe and looking out for them? Don't nearly everyone want Israel's destruction? Do you really think that outpost is there to protect Israel?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. IF you took the money to be a scam artist God will hold you accountable. I myself do not believe that is the case however to those who do not see in scripture that God sometimes wants to see our obedience to him I bring you the story of Abraham and Isaac . To Abraham ,Isaac was dead the moment they started up the hill.

    • Marc – Funny you should mention that as this was the word I received from the Lord not to go! This was after we prayed about the dream my daughter had received. If you scroll down to earlier posts on the blog you can read the full story.

    • To say that Isaac was “dead to Abraham as soon as they started up the hill” — I think, is inaccurate. According to Gen. 22:5; Abraham told the servants to wait with the donkey while he and the boy went ahead to worship and then THEY WOULD RETURN.

      As far as Joseph having a “re-direct” to take Jesus to Egypt; If you read Hosea 11:1; “My Son have I called out of Egypt”- It wasn’t a re-direct at all. It was to fulfill the OT prophecy. It was the plan all along!

    • Rolltide if I may , In Mathew 2 if you read 13-15 Joseph and Mary did indeed go into Egypt until Herods death:: 15) that it might be fullfilled which was spoken of the Lord thy prophet “Out of Egypt have I called you”…He was already there and was there until Herod died…..

      To add I stand corrected on the redirect with Jospeh & Mary….I thought they were “re” directed when the dream was given the Joseph but they were actually directed at that time…..however they were still warned in the dream…I had re -read it. My mistake on that one…..All these years I keep thinking I read they started out one direction but changed the direction because of the dream……they actually were not….i love learning……..

    • Hi, Darla!
      The point I was trying to make is simply that it was no re-direct, at all. Hosea made his prophecy appx. 700 years before. Yes, Joseph was warned in a dream to take the child to Egypt, but to say that it was a “re-direct” seems to imply that Herod threw God a curve!; but that’s not so. God knew WAY in advance and told His prophet. The prophecies of the Bible WILL come to pass, God will see to it that they do. But to compare the cancellation of the Chitzen Itza trip, which has been controversial and surrounded by confusion, to Joseph taking Jesus to Egypt, to fulfill prophecy?

      I just can’t buy into it being the plan of God; and then He changes His mind? Look at all the confusion that has ensued. God is not the author of confusion. God had nothing to prove by this trip, But for His Word to be true, He had to get His Son into Egypt, before He could call Him out. Hosea 11:1


    • Hey Rolltide, My point in bringing up Joseph during the re direct of the Chitzen trip was about how God re directs all the time because were are in fluid situation in this Primal battle between good and evil….. Hope you got that part ..

      and in turn like I said I stand corrected on what I stated because it was not a redirect…it was a direction….so therefore my Joseph and Mary example didn’t work anyhow 🙂 I always thought they were re-directed in that dream until I jsut read it again…I stand corrected …amen:) I love learning the word..I love it…Blessing to you brother…I love talking about the word..i LOVE it:)

    • Darla, I understand what you’re saying. God does have to re-direct us at times, but it’s NEVER because He put us in that place. There’s no safer place than being in God’s will. Unfortunately, we sometimes put ourselves in a position to need re-direction. God, in His mercy, is faithful. But to say God re-directed me from doing what He previously told me to do, I believe, is in error. If God says it, He WILL bring it to pass!

    • Hey Rolltide…have you every heard of a mission being aborted in the military? Same thing…God is Commander and we are in a fluid situation…..think about it….:)

    • and you are right about God never re-directing us because He put us in some weird place….He has to re-direct As Commander in Chief , when the enemy comes in and makes a well rounded stratigey of attack against.. Our situation is fluid it is changing all the time because of war….blessings:)

    • Here is another way to think about it…A a savior He saved us…As the great Physician He heals and has healed us….As a Father we can cry Abba….and as Commander in Chief He guides as a Commander through the Spiritual Weather.

    • You are right in all of that but one thing He will NOT do; embark on our free will. We often make bad decisions, from which we need His intervention. When He does come to our rescue, there is often wreckage left in the wake. Sometimes other people are hurt or damaged by our decisions. That’s why I don’t think it’s right to involve other people when you can’t back up your decisions with the Word of God. We need to be careful all the time but especially if others are involved.

    • Well, what about when He spoke out of an ass because that one on it was going his own direction? What about Jona who was swallowed up by a whale just so God could get through to Him? Just questions to consider? I love this talk Rolltide…I like speaking about these types of things… i appreciate this;)

    • I think Jonah probably would have avoided those 3 days and the other people on the ship would have had a smooth sail if he had just obeyed God to begin with and went to Nineveh! But instead, God made an example out of Jonah and at the same time gave us a great Bible story!

    • Funny thing about that story is that Jonah did indeed go back and tell Nineveh to repent and THEY DID? Then he was mad cause they did because he still had an attitude….They were one of the few who actually listened to the prophet of God and the prophet actually still had an attitude……shows that God can still use us but BETTER to be obedient than to be spoken to out of the mouth of a donkey by God or swallowed up by a sea monster….:)

    • I actually had a similar experience not being swallowed up or anything but one time the Lord wanted me to go speak to a pastor…..I was horrified that I HAD to do this…..I did not want to but it was clear with many confirmations I had to speak to him….When the time was right I did….. Afterwards,I went home and I did not feel any better. I thought I would feel better after I had done such a thing for the Lord. I was on my knees asking Him what was going on with me…I thought I would feel better after this uncomfortable situation I just went through. ( It was actually a discipline/ correction for that pastor and I felt bad I had to say what I did.but I was truly being led by the Lord). So now on my knees in my room, i cannot figure out how come” I” do not feel better…The Lord spoke to me right then and said, “It’s not about you daughter”. He gently rebuked me and I got it.. The mission He sent me on had nothing to do with how I felt….He wanted to say something to a Pastor…I was just a voice He used to speak through…Nothing about me at all…but “I ” wanted to fell better…..good lesson from the Lord. all…

  12. LA: Thank you so much for sharing that story about the men’s retreat! What a blessing that must have been and what an opportunity missed by the pastor! Even though I’ve never been fortunate enough to be in a place where the Holy Spirit manifested in that way, and I also was raised in a denomination who denied “the moving and gifts of the Holy Spirit”, I was well aware of HIs presence, His “nudgings in the right direction”, His displeasure when I strayed, His love and forgivness when I repented, since I was a child. I praise His Holy Name daily for His presence in my life for these 70+ years. We need that awareness of His presence now more than anytime in the past. May He richly bless and protect you, your family and everyone who comments here!

    Psalm 91:4 (KJV)
    4 He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler.


  13. As a reminder the chichen itza event is still in full swing…. (forum here)


    there’s a live feed mixed with transition material and a forum

    should you be moved to provide prayer, witness or to expose, tear down strongholds, etc.

    Definitely come with full armor.

  14. To LA, who I really don’t know, just someone I hear the radio and read on this blog, a man I consider to be a brother in Christ: I believe there’s a reason people have dreams, the magi passed another way due to a dream to avoid Herod’s wrath. We should all be careful about what we say when we plan for the future because we don’t know what the future holds, so let our yes’s be yes’s and our no’s be no’s.

    Merry Christmas everyone and happy Channukah. I think Mr. Farah at WND had an interesting article about how perhaps Hannukah is the celebration of the conception of Jesus Christ… Which was a very intriguing thought. As we all should know that God placed the stars and universe in order to serve as a sign for the times to manifest Himself. Maybe there’s indeed a deeper meaning to why there was that miracle…

    • High Dilatemind….I believe that is correct too about conception….I cannot explain right now to much info…but it lines up with Him being born during Feast of Tabernacles ‘God with us” tabernacling with us. During that Hannakka time 9 months earlier the light /Spirit went in unto Mary….The Feasts times are important when rightly dividing the word……blessings

    • Just wondering…did you vet this at all?I heard something somewhere else that there was another one.A sighting in Jerusalem I mean… don’t remember where, but no video.Was the shape of this object an elongated triangular shape to you?I watched it twice and stopped vid and it sure looked like it to me.Thanks as always for the link ! Pretty good photo shop if it was faked~that baby was bookin’ @ the end !!!



  16. LA I was so sorry to hear they would not refund the monies but you guys are not the only ones who got ripped off.

    Reasons to Avoid Power Places Tours.Warning !! It is the opinion and experience of Free Spirit that Power Places Tours are a company engaging in unethical business practices including bullish behaviour, intimidation, supporting people engaging in illegal activities, withholding monies and threatening speakers with lawsuits for exposing their practices.That it would be ill-advised for anyone to sign up for a travel or speakers package with Power Places Tours.

  17. Gary McKinnon; British man who hacked into NASA and Pentagon computers, looking for info on UFO’s is FREE. He will not face charges anywhere. He will spend Christmas with his family for the first time in 11 years!

  18. Looks like the livestream at chichen itza has ended about 7pm today. Did you pray?

    Why don’t more in the Church keep the Holy Days of God as given in the Bible? God gave His Holy Days to Moses.

    Which were kept by Christ 2000 years ago.
    And which will be kept by Christ again during the millennial reign.
    And forever!

    I’m not pointing to Hebrew Appointed Times or Jewish Feast Days, though related.

    His Holy Days point to Christ’s plans and how He does things:

    1 His sacrifice as the Lamb Slain on the Cross (our Passover)
    2 His body entombed and Spirit descends into Hell (our Unleavened)
    3 His resurrection as guarantee of eternal life (our First Fruits from the dead)
    4 His ascension to send the Holy Ghost to be with those who ask (our Pentecost)
    5 His return (1st as a thief and for His watchful bride), then in might (our Trumpets)
    6 His rule for 1000 years extending the kingdom of heaven to earth (our Atonement)
    7 His renewal of creation, the old passes, New Jerusalem comes, (our Tabernacles)

    Is it because they’re considered applicable to the Jews only?

    note for #5 (still checking)

    Christmas and Christ by Dave Hunt

    • Hi Nome, If I may reply ….Everything out there (truth) to got diluted over the centuries and Constantine changed much. The early church was birthed into the power of Christ…they had to come up with a way to bring it down and take the power out of it so instead of trying to completely fight it out all the time they came up with a way to ‘Intermingle the Truth and with what was pagan holidays and then throughout the Centuries we adapted to the Pagan and not the truth…They took powerful foundations out of the truth for instance:

      1. Instead of being saved by grace we adopted their “saved by work”.s
      2. Instead of water baptism by submerging into water and believing it to be as Paul states an operation not made by the hands of man but bu the miracle of God
      ( which is weaponary not just a ritual) we adopted “the sprinkling ritual” never really staying in the truth about the POWER involved in water baptism.
      3. Instead of allowing people to move in the Holy Spirit they said it was witchcraft and burned us at the stake.

      When these 3 foundational truth were removed centuries ago from the teaching of God, it literally spun the world into what was called ‘The Dark Ages’ and we were kept in those dark ages up until the late 1800 -early 1900’s…..when these truth started to be brought backing to teaching the Truth about Christ. In all the darkeness, the feasts were lost too for the most part…..

      Without these 3 foundational truths we walk in darkness.

      sorry for the length but thought you might be interested. 🙂 Blessings

    • Very interesting about the dark ages. More interesting about reconnecting with the fullness of the Holy Spirit.

      Seems that the end time problem also involves casting out the counterfeits, based on Rev. 2-3.

      So a two part solution for the Church.

    • Who changed the Sabbath that Jesus kept every 7th day to the first day of the week? Could those who changed that commandment, have also decided that it was not necessary to honor God by keeping His Passover, Unleavened Bread week, First Fruits, Pentecost, Trumpets, Atonement, and Week of Tabernacles? Days that were given to keep us in remembrance of Who He was, is, and is to be? Did they do that to control the power and wealth of faith? From the old Testament prophets it seems that these Days will be kept within the Millennium…..and He will be with us than in person. They were also given to help our understanding. Only faith in Jesus Christ saves us, but many things were given to us to help us grow in our faith.

  19. Well put….Hey Nome I have an email of….If you want to reply to that email and put Nome in subject I would like to ask if our friend from the other conversation doing alright…..not here though…only if you want…my email open..:)

  20. The fullness of HS is here…just as truth of saved by grace and water baptism truth….those truths came back into teaching around early 1900….I can get you to free info (History) on all of this but too long to right on blog

    • Darla,

      Yes, I’d be interested. Thanks!

      I bought a really interesting book at the local Bible college the other day while looking for some ESL teaching materials (*). It’s called “Charts for a Theology of Evangelism.” by Thomas P. Johnston. There are charts that compare doctrines across denominations as well as doctrinal shifts in history.

      This is an disposable email account I’ve used for years.
      (Very interesting to see all the subject lines for scams that come through.)

      (* – for a school in Cambodia… anyone know anything about the Side by Side ESL texts?)

    • Hi Nomemoleste….I’ve taught ESL and used the Side by Side books. Was there anything specific you wanted to know?

  21. Actually if you go to here :….free download on some of his books….If you want to print off this one for free you can ” Water Baptism. Weapon or Ritual”..I met him in Alaska and I consider him my mentor in the Lord. He use to be the most notorious criminal in Australia and now he wins more souls and walk in the Spirit more than anyone I have ever met….His books are SOLID and great history research…FYI.

  22. “” (they don’t say exactly what though)


  23. What do you think Yeshua would think about being tied into this christmas celebration?


    Reminds me of “burning man.”

    What would you think of having christian worship services at pagan sacred sites?

    Makes me wonder just what the abomination of desolation is regarding the Daniel and Revelation prophecies? (videos, web-bot-like oracle, crowd sourced preaching ???!!!)

    Antichrist worship no doubt. Likely in an all faiths form. Possibly just the symbol = the image of the beast.

    • I cannot say exactly what the abomination of desolation is as spoke of in Daniel, but it has always crossed through my mind when I read that scripture….that it would be so very sad (like a dagger to the heart) for God to have the Jews start sacrificing animals for their sins when they get their new temple up, when He had already provided the blood of His Son, Jesus Christ. What an abomination that would be. Also crosses my mind at times that what if they decide that the false one is their messiah….the one so many are waiting for??? It makes me ill to think of it.

    • Yes, definitely. Wise insights Claudia, I believe. Thank you!

      I was puzzled for a very long time at the rooms for sacrifice in the prophesied Ezekiel’s temple. But I reconciled those as potentially places for the sacrifice of praise in many languages, perhaps with separate rooms for translation.

  24. Christmas has to do with Nimrod and the worship of Tamuz….Easter is worship of Mythra goddess of fertility…much more…Ya know why we dye eggs?…Did you ever wonder where that came from?….Way back when…priests would take virgins and impregnate them…nine months later they would take the newborn babies and sacrifice them on the altar and then dye eggs in the blood of the sacrifice babies….this is not how we are suppose to celebrate the high days of the Lord…but we are ignorant after all these 1000’s of years….Christmas tree represents an erection with balls symbolic of testicals…..God said do not do such things and then say that it is of me….do not put His name on it another words….much more on subject if you want info..

    I had to leave for a couple…have a recluse bite ….

    • Santa and satan share the same letters. I have always given God permission to change me in any way He choses, no matter what I think I may want. Over the years He has brought me out of the Christmas celebration and decorations….but not out of the LOVE for His Son (on that day and every day) who many honor on that day….including me. I have always thought that God understands man’s intentions with His mercy and grace….and probably understands that man’s intent is to honor Him with love and giving at this time of the year…as we should everyday of the year. The more holidays we can take over for God the better, but these man made holidays should never be considered Holy. When my cat drops a mouse on my chest when I am asleep…..I know he is honoring me…..tho that is not really the way i like to be honored! 😉

    • Darla, I pray for restoral in as much as possible of the tissue. Which is asking for a miracle!

      Are you ok? Fever? Open wound drainage? Not on any thin areas like fingers I hope????

    • Yes Nome…We pray in the name of Yeshua this thing it has to dry and cease and dissist of any damage! I have been doctoring it since day before enemy Holiday…Hurts like a mother though…I finally got bleach in it..bleach is an over the counter anti venom….We call upon healing anointing over my body right now! We recieve the answer to prayer right now in Yeshua name!!!!! My sis got one same time about …sounds funny but we believe that to be deliberate…..

  25. Nome if you really want to have good history on this kind of stuff that isn’t a line of bull but actual history on how these practices came into being…go to my email and I will send you some things….I was appalled when I realized all of this but I too was ignorant of these things…….

  26. This was all part of the things I said earlier of how things were intermingled with truth now we have adulterated practices…

  27. It makes perfect sense now, L.A. is a charismatic, the Gifts of Spirit were used for the spreading of the Gospel empowering individual believers during their ministry and exhorting one another. This was all done while the Churches were yet being established and prior to the wide distribution of the Gospel to many nations. The gifts do not identify a believer in Christ but the fruits of the Spirit provide this identification. Speaking in Tongues was abused even in the days of the Apostle Paul among the believers in Corinth, yet even this gift was not the same that occurred on the Day of Pentecost, for these were known languages among the Jew’s gathered from every corner of the earth at that time. What occurred on the Day of Pentecost was a miracle of God used for the spreading of the Gospel among many nations. Pentecostals/Charismatics in error identify with this time as evidence of their empowerment in error. This is the present age of Grace, by faith do we operate collectively within the Body, prophetic dreams and visions are in context, provided to the House of Israel to empower them just prior to the Time of Jacob’s Trouble, or Tribulation, as recorded in Joel 2:28,29 and Ezekiel 39:29 in the aftermath of the Gog/Magog battle. What Pentecostals/Charismatics identify with is a clear error as they also join with those in the Dominionist and Word of Faith Apostate movements.

    • Carl,…Our identity is in Christ……..The authority we walk in is because we are human kind and God gave human kind authority in the garden but then we lost that authority in the fall of man. When we are birthed back into Christ we again walk in the authority ( right standing with God).That is the authority issue. The POWER issue is that fact that we have received the Holy Spirit. The Gospel is not to be preached in word only but in POWER ….that being signs and wonders following.

      We are bible believing, Spirit filled, walking in the AUTHORITY & POWER of God… believers in Christ. Yes there are 2 kinds of tongues…known and unknown…known meaning speaking in another language like Russian so someone so that tongue might hear it…unknown tongue is a direct line to God that Satan cannot understand…so what is the problem Carl….Dream & vision are poured out upon ALL flesh in the last days as Joel said not just a certain sect.

      To add I have moved in all the gifts BUT speaking in tongues….does this mean I have no Authority and Power …NO My authority is in Christ and the power I
      walk in by faith in the blood, is the anointing of the Holy Ghost upon my life.

      What is it exactly that you take issue with….

    • Call us charismatic, crazy- matic,automatic…..we choose to BELIEVE what the bibles says.

      B because
      E em manual
      L lives
      I I
      E expect
      V victory
      E everytime

      Because Emmanuel lives I expect victory everytime

    • Darla, what you have erroneously adopted is wrong, for while it is true that the initial spreading of the Gospel among the Gentiles required signs and wonders, at that it is still provided among those ministering the Gospel in hostile lands as missionaries, the evidence of a believer today is surrounded in the Fruits of the Spirit such as Love, Joy, Patience, Long Suffering ect, the power of the Gospel is not found in the manifestation of signs it is found in the acceptance of this message in truth. We have seen many false manifestations of signs and wonders by charismatic/pentecostal varieties such as witnessed on TBN, with the likes of Benny Hinn, Oral Roberts, Creflo Dollar, T.D. Jakes, Kenneth Copeland, Rod Parsley, a long list of Apostate ministers of Satan. People are not looking for circus performances and stage acts, they are looking for genuine compassion and love, they are looking for the truth backed up with the heart of a believer as exemplified by the Fruits of the Spirit. The reason why the true Gifts of the Spirit are not manifested more readily as they were during the First Century is because the modern Church appear barren and without fruit, having a form of godliness, yet denying the power thereof. Sure they make a lot of noise and glorify themselves, seeking always to identify themselves as favored in various manifestations, yet the evidence suggests they are liars and deceiving themselves. Has speaking in tongues ever saved anyone? What testimony does it provide? Is it not to be interpreted and done with discipline, how is it then when one lost one comes into the assembly that all of you speak in tongues, will he not think you mad? Tongues only edifies the individual, it serves no purpose among the assembly if not interpreted. Read what the Apostle Paul admonishes about the Gift of Tongues that so many claim to have even though it is one of the lesser gifts.

    • Darla the context of Joel 2:28,29 is for the Jew’s prior to the Time of Tribulation, read it for yourselves. That is the main problem today, individuals refuse to read the Bible for themselves they are led by false shepherds that appeal to their own lusts to be glorified of men. They want recognition yet outside of their circle of friends, know one knows them, nor do they recognize them as Christians, for their bitterness and hatred of their neighbor and those in their community is known.

    • So sound to me as if you too deny the POWER thereof…Yes speaking in known tongues has saved people with that same tongue…an unknown tongue is what Paul told the believers to stir themselves up in…There is known and unknown tongues…Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever…. What you are telling me is that the I i prayed for who came back from the dead didn’t really come back from the dead yet there were 3 other witnesses to the miracle, you are telling me that 3 women who were delivered from demons due to satanic ritual abuse did not really happen…ask them…you are telling me the woman who was on her way top get back surgery but never had to go because her leg grew are telling me that never really happened…tell her that…you are telling me that the man addicted to meth who walked in with 2 canes and got saved and healed and delivered never walked out without his canes… I had them hanging on my walls later…tell him that Carl….you are telling me that the man I prayed for who was completely cursed of terminal cancer in Alaska ….tell him that never happened…….tell the woman who projectile vomitted across the room when she was delivered..tell her it didn’t happen because God does not move through His people anymore….Carl go ahead and tell THEM that…. God bless and I was there for all of that and more importantly God was there.

    • and Carl I agree with you on the modern church..but not all of us are like that…there are spirit filled bible believing children of God who ARE doing the works and that is why He gave the gifts…They will know the true children of God by the lOVE they have one for another.. gifts and walking in power never went away…

    • Darla, if then you have been a vessel for such deliverance you would not have sought to bring glory unto yourself, for what we have done in secret, we will be rewarded for openly by the Lord himself. The evidence has been provided, for without fruit the tree is barren. Is there then any media that can substantiate your claims, local paper, television, video?

    • There is no glory to myself but to the POWER of God in this day and this hour…many many witnessed events…. I have spoken out the POWER of the Gospel that is manifesting today Carl…in this day and in the hour…The apostles gave testimonies of the POWER of the LIVING GOdD we worship today and I speak that as a witness against these slanderous remarks which are slanderous against the Holy Spirit which is the unforgivable sin..

    • Why would I want media? To glorify myself……No media..only witnesses to the events listed above that are true and are HOLY……they are a witness against all that you have proclaimed tonight and there a witness against the words of your mouth…

    • Darla, who could keep such a miracle silent, if one was raised from the dead and many other miracles performed, surely you would not even have time to write on this blog, why not cease from the lies in seeking to support your ministry based on fables. Where did this take place Darla perhaps you can at least provide this?

    • Hey Nome….I will get a little letter for you ready and how you can get good history info on what we spoke about…..I think right now I am going to rest…the bleach PAIN took a lot of oomf out of me….

  28. Well I just read Carl Davis so I might be here for a couple more minutes….I want to figure out what he is getting at.

  29. Let me ask L.A. Marzulli a question, what divine purpose would it serve for you to gather your company in a high place where pagan sacrifices were offered? Do you believe it would be an Elijah moment like that on Mount Carmel with showdown with the Prophets of Ba’al? Elijah the Prophet did not seek glory to himself he sought to reveal the glory of God to a rebellious Israel. Your portrayal of offering yourself even to the death on this mission you claimed of divine origin reveals your intention to bring glory to yourself not God, therefore it is certain that your dream and vision is a lie. While it is certain that the Lord God will not strike you down for such deception and blasphemy as there are many who have joined themselves in this rebellion daily, yet they too will make an account for all they have done. Would you have poured out pearls before swine, would you then demand a sign from God to convince them that you were sent unto them to declare the glory of God? Why would God withhold such a noble mission, did he withhold his beloved Apostles or his Prophets from declaring the Word of the Lord even if it threatened their lives? The evidence of your fraud is revealed, I pray you repent.

    • Carl D, this sounds like all your personal opinion without any backing from scripture and …….why am I feeding a Troll?

    • Amen Ghille.
      sounds like a case of ‘dickweedery’, full of envy and, wait,… he is as guilty of boasting and pride as he accuses others of. Oh well, a Pharisee on every corner.

    • Come on now Carl Davis, that’s a little strong. I believe LA has addressed this issue several times now and his reasons and explanation is quite satisfactory for everyone that is involved, stop beating a dead horse. Mr. Marzulli owes you nothing and I believe he has been quite gracious in sharing his heart on this issue. If I were in Mr. Marzulli shoes I would try to refrain from bringing this subject up again as all this does is make it fester and the nut balls come out of the closet to attacked over and over again on the same issue for which has been explained multiple times now. As a Christian brother I’m sure he feels a sense of responsibility in providing the reason this all came about, and that’s fine to explain once, maybe even twice for those that are a bit challenged in their reading skills or have trouble comprehending and understanding the meaning of print., (you have to have compassion for those individuals) after that it’s a non issue. He doesn’t deserve or is it warranted to beat the man over the head over and over again on the same issue that has been explained multiple times. You want a personal punching bag tune into TBN and take your pick, but as far as Mr Marzulli is concerned you are barking up the wrong tree and it needs to stop.

    • Not my personal assessment that Mr. Marzulli has addressed the issue multiple times on his blog, that is a fact. Go back and read it for yourself.

  30. Carl..he did take care not to have Paul go certain routes because of the enemy….people were warned in dreams…..Carl I rebuke that seducing spirit that is upon your life who has blinded you to the true gospel of Christ and any word spoken against LA shall not prosper but return to its owner void and that is the heritage of the saints. ..Anything that is spoken against LA SHALL return upon the heads of the one speaking it out……..In the name of Yeshua. I call upon the armies, the warring angelic ones to protect La and his family right now in the name of Yeshua…. I call upon the blood of the Lamb to war on LA’s and families behalf… weapon formed against Him shall prosper and anything spoken against him shall be condemned……..In the name of Yeshua..right now Lord right now we receive your proection in the name of Yeshua…

  31. When will these lost sheep acknowledge they are being led by false shepherds? L.A. Marzulli is a fraud and evidently it requires that those that follow him be as blind as he is. Darla the difference between the Apostle Paul and L.A. is that Paul did nothing for money or for material for writing a series of books for profit. Wake up and stop being fleeced. You can call upon the name of the Lord even as you will be joined by many others who will say, Lord, Lord, in that day, yet the reply of the Lord is also recorded, for he does not know you.

    • Paul worked as a tent maker at one stage to pay his way. He was also given money……….why am I feeding the Troll? I don’t quite know but I’ll try not to do so again.

    • I agree Ghillie. We all know Satan and his ‘goat’ will always try to infiltrate the church to deceive. Satan is always where Christians gather.

    • If you had read the scriptures Ghillie, you would know the Apostle Paul received collections for the Church in Jerusalem that was under a grevious famine.

    • Carl Davis, trust me L.A. Marzulli is not a fraud. I find it hard to believe you are even a Christian as being brother’s accusers is very dangerous ground to be on. If I had to guess I would say you have a personal vendetta against Mr. Marzulli for some reason… for reasons only a demon infested mind would know. That’s the problem with being a pastor and man of God in the spotlight, it opens yourself up to demented lunatics who’s only goal is to discredit you and mercilessly attack you. We all need to pray for LA, as it’s become quite obvious he is under attack from the pits of hell as the demons are coming out of the woodwork. Look at it this way LA, you certainly got someone’s attention, you must be on the right track.
      By the way Carl Davis if someone wants to support a ministry, what is that to you? You didn’t earn the money; they can do with it what they desire.You are just like an atheist, it bothers you so much if others don’t believe as you do. If you don’t like LA for whatever twisted reason you have then get lost, go somewhere else and pester them. We here support Mr. Marzulli and believe in the work he does, if you don’t then, well, BYE….

    • CD, you have proved beyond a shadow, you are the fraud. You are not following the rules that the Lord has set down. Your ‘holier than thou’ and envy laden statements scream of narcissism. I must have missed the memo that you are now ‘judge, jury, and executioner’.
      I rebuke you.

    • Ha, CD, do you dare walk into the thousands of ‘church’ buildings all over the world and rebuke the preachers, pastors, ect., for accepting a ‘salary’, a house provided by the ‘church’ vacation time, fancy buildings, with thousands spent on stained glass windows, fancy this and fancy that? We are taught to tithe were we are fed. Are you one of those who expect the lost to fall through the door of the ‘church’ building? Do you own a Bible? Did you steal it, or did you pay money for it? It cost money to produce Bibles, books, tracks to hand out to the lost. Where do you think that money comes from? They do not magically appear in a box of cracker jacks.

    • Hi Carl – Glad you posted your nasty little comment. Tell us Carl, how an I a fraud? Do you work for a living? How about we all come over to your house for dinner tonight. Surely you will be gracious enough to host us. WHile we’re at it you can pay for our electric bill and car payment. Oh, and don’t forget the mortgage payment that’s coming up. I have asked for money on this BLOG for the Chichen Itza trip. I also gave an accounting of it. How did it benefit me if the money went to Power Places Tours? You sir, are not welcome here and I suggest you move on with your religious spirit and the mind set of a modern pharisee. Merry Christmas and may God bless you.

  32. If you were gifted with the skilled hands of a carpenter you would make money being a carpenter…LA is gifted with the skill of writing and that is what he is making a living at..there is nothing wrong with making a living…..get thee behind me HaSatan!

    • I do not call using the same material over and over again in several books and only altering one chapter worth of material as laboring intensely. That is how many of these so called authors do it today, Bill Salus is another one that uses the same material over and over again basically replicating his first book with very few changes or new material.

    • Ahhhhh ok, you tip your hand there Carl Davis. I see what this is about now. You must have purchased some of LA’s work and you were displeased with it for whatever reason.
      Listen, LA is a cool guy, I’m sure if you write him and stop attacking him, he would be happy to refund your money. Wow, you are bitter. For the record I have most of LA’s work and I don’t see anything that’s repeated. Perhaps you bought the same material twice? Just ask him for a refund and send the material back to him, no reason to attack him and be ugly about it.

  33. Darla, you are not a Jew, why then do you pretend to be? Gentiles are but grafted into the Tree of Promise, they are not the root. Israel will be redeemed, for if you who are of the wild and uncultivated branches fall into disbelief (Apostasy), surely the natural branches can be restored, read Romans 11. There is no revival to come for the Church, we can only strengthen what remains, for the Dead in Christ shall rise first, and then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds of heaven, and so shall we ever be with the Lord. Notice the phrase “alive and remain”, there will be very few that remain in the faith.

  34. On a brighter note, Coast is good tonight they have on Dr. Melba S. Ketchum who is discussing her DNA analysis of possible Bigfoot hair samples

  35. carl,stop playing god!!!,who r u to call td jakes,benny hinn ministers of satan or whatever?why dont you grow up and move on????

  36. i believe that speaking in tongues refers to the ability to speak about Jesus in the language of the people being witnessed to, i.e. when Peter shared the word at Pentecost, it was remarked, “is this the ignorant fisherman?” God spoke to Abraham in Hebrew—Moses in Hebrew, Pharaoh in what, Egyptian?–angels spoke to Mary in Hebrew, etc. etc. I don’t believe in tongues as some kind of unknown kibberish that only a select few do.

    • Why then did Paul say that if there was no one who could interpret Tongues in Church then it would be better to remain silent. You could speak in tongues in Church and you and everyone else would not know what was being said. If you spoke in Tongues and no one could interpret then you only built yourself up Spiritually and not the Church. This wasn’t a bad thing but it was better for the entire Church to be built up.

      One hour till Christmas Day here in Australia.

      1 Corinthians Chapters 12,13,14 don’t appear to be only about Tongues being used in missionary outreach but in Church Services. Paul suggests that it was possible to speak in the language of Angels.

  37. If you haven’t seen AMERICA UNEARTHED on H2… they’re doing a TV series on things like the mound builder cultures.

    First show is on the Georgia – Maya connection.

    Excellent use of LIDAR data. (Look up the technique.) Basically it’s laser survey from a plane to get elevations at every point on the ground to create a map. LIDAR can detect and filter out foilage ground cover. That way they can create a map of remaining structures such as walls, mounds, etc.

    • History Channel — America Unearthed


      They need to make the LIDAR data set available on their website. The one brief frame was really hard to make out, but would show up great in a 3D viewer.

      Alternately, they could give the data set to Google for a layer in Google Earth.

      Of course, let’s hope (and pray) it’s better investigation than the ancient aliens or ghost hunter shows.

    • Here’s an example of something like what they hoped to do in Georgia…


  38. The unknown tongue is from the mind of God, which no man will know perfectly until they are one with Christ, He in them, us in Him and all of us in Eternal Father Spirit. When our minds are renewed with the Holy Spirit our thoughts are as well as the way we now speak. The Holy Spirit seeks many expressions within us to manifest the Holy Spirit Power…..none of it is from man…..none of it. Doctrines of man as applied to the Word of God will continue to divide and destroy man’s attempts to bring the Kingdom of God upon this earth. That is why God has already planned, from the beginning, to have His Day, The Mellinnium Kingdom to be on earth where all will be perfectly taught….soon. The dragon who enters all aspects of earth now to deceive will be bound for the entire 1,000 years….except for the last hour (40 years) which is the Hour of Testing…..which Saints will avoid because they receive their transfigured body at the last trump and are at that time like Christ, one mind with Him….no more room for imperfect knowledge or teaching. The Saints will be teaching and helping in the Mellinnium. Any true gift from God cannot be taught by the churches of man….nor can it be used as a label to determine whether one is saved or not…..or has the Holy Spirit, rebirth, or not. To label things in order to control faith is man’s way….encouraged by the dragon.

    • In the above comment from me, …..the second sentence should read:
      “When our minds are renewed with the Holy Spirit, it is because our thoughts are renewed, and with new thoughts come a new tongue. For example: the old unrenewed mind would speaking of lying, stealing, murder, immorality, etc. The new mind and tongue speaks of things in accord with God’s mind as near as our imperfect clay at this time can be used to understand.

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