No Ascension – No Paradigm Shift – No End of the World – Quetzacoatl is a no-show!

Undated handout photo by the INAH shows the exterior of the tomb of a Mayan ruler at the ruins of the Mayan city of Palenque in the Mexican state of Chiapas


There is no ascension, no paradigm shift, no end of the world.  In short all the hype about the Mayan calendar and the supposed end of the world is nothing but a lot of hooey, just like I wrote in The Cosmic Chess Match and predicted this a priori over a year ago.

The Plummed serpent-god, Quetzalcoatl was a no-show.  The Mayan elders with their crystal skulls and kundalini serpent spirit, and secret rituals weren’t able to bring him back.  As I have stated here numerous times, the place to watch is Israel.

There is only one  God who calls out the beginning before the end and the end before the beginning.  Only one and He is true.  He has told us what will happen and it concerns the nation of Israel.  Look to the mountains of Israel.  Look to the prophecies of Ezekiel and Isaiah.

I would ask the New agers to consider this; there is a God outside time and space who alone knows the future.  He is loving and he cares for us.  He does not demand the sacrifice that the Mayans engaged in, where over 50,000 humans were ritually sacrificed on the tops of their temples.  He has sent His only begotten son to shed His blood once as remission for all the nasty stuff we human beings engage in.  By asking Him for forgiveness, for all our nasty stuff, and believing on Him who was sent, we have eternal life.

It is time for the New Agers to realize human beings cannot change without supernatural help.  All we need to do is to look at the world around us to see this.  We see war, slaughter, hatred, envy, strife, jealousy, murder, lying and every sort of “evil” manifesting like never before.

There is no cosmic shift, or cosmic Christ.  There is the real Christ – the anointed one – who stands at the door of every heart and knocks.  Will you let Him in?  He is the one true God and prophecy outlines this in mind-blowing detail.  He is the one who changes us from the inside out and makes us into the men and women we should be.  Being born again of the spirit is a life changing event.  You need not travel to a far away place to experince it.  All you need to do is ask and you shall receieve.

For those of you who are disillusioned with the New Age and the hoopla around the Mayan prophecy, there is the truth, the good news and it will set you free! L.A. December 21,2012

(There are some great links today to very sobering stories see: IN Other News!)

Cosmic-frontFrom the Cosmic Chess Match


L. A. Marzulli

Chapter 31: Have we been deliberately set up through the centuries for a time such as this? Is this the endgame of the Fallen One?

I have been on many talk shows this year and I’m most often asked what my thoughts are on the so called 2012 Mayan Calendar predictions. I have a term that I use for it and it this:

“2012 is a self-fulfilling, staged, prophetic event.” 

This book started as a rebuttal to the 2012 hype that has gripped the Internet, TV, radio, and all forms of media! As I began to research the material it led me on a completely different trail of discovery and thought. As the saying goes one thing leads to another and this adage certainly was the case with The Cosmic Chess Match. 

Here is a scenario for your consideration. I believe that the Fallen One may have constructed an elaborate ruse in order to create what I would call his last great cosmic deception. He is the great imitator and is always trying to be like God, however, he falls short time after time.

Let’s take some time to consider what may be the answer to the 2012 hype that has everyone speculating about what will happen.

Before I do I want to tell you a brief story.

While on a speaking tour I was staying at a hotel near the Denver Airport. Being hungry, I went to a restaurant across the street from the hotel. I was seated and when the waiter arrived I struck up a conversation – something I do when I’m alone on the road. I asked, “What do you make of all the news of the world.”

He looked at me kind of funny and replied, “What do you mean?”

“You know, the saber rattling in the Middle East, the weird weather patterns, the 7.0 earthquakes we seem to be having on a weekly basis.”

“Oh yea, like that Nostradamus guy and the 2012 thing on the History Channel said would happen.”

I nodded and said, yea, like him….

I tell you this to point out that the prophecies of Nostradamus and the Mayan calendar are more widely known than those of the Bible. It is, in fact, a sad state of affairs, when the doctrine of demons has usurped the place of the Word of God. It is, I believe, a sign of the days in which we are living. These days are unprecedented because we see from the exchange that I had with the waiter that he knew about Nostradamus and 2012 but not the prophecies that are contained in the Bible.

I believe that the 2012 “prophecy” is a deliberate ploy by the Fallen One to insert his agenda and we will see from this review below how he carried out his plan.

  • The Fallen One sent his angels to destroy the bloodline of the Messiah and almost succeeded. (Genesis 6)
  • The Fallen One knew that the Israelites were going to go into the Promised Land which is why the Nephilim were there waiting for them.
  • The Fallen One sought to kill the Messiah because he used Herod – his antichrist at the time – to kill all the children two years old and younger.
  • When Jesus began his mission the Fallen One constantly plotted his demise and finally succeeded at Calvary only to have it blow up in his face.
  • Darwin, who I believe has done more to draw people away from the good news of the Bible, published his “theory” that negates creation by a holy God and thus sets up an intellectual and spiritual vacuum that can now be filled with “another gospel.”
  • When the Jews begin to trickle back into the Holy Land, the Fallen One raised up his man Hitler who killed six million Jews in an attempt to wipe them off the face of the earth and, thus, negate prophecy and prove God a liar and win the match.
  • Israel is born in a day and this sets the end-time prophetic clock ticking because the Fallen One, Satan, will come with all signs and lying wonders.

So here we are almost two years away from the 2012 date.  Here are the some headlines spanning from December 15, 2010, to the present.  I’m going to list them so that at a glimpse we will be able to see the state of the world in which we live.  (These were taken from my blog.)

Middle East War – Mexican Drug Wars – North Korean Nukes – Suicide Bomber Blows Up 58 People – Israel Nukes – Partial-birth Abortion – WIKILEAKS – Vatican Sex Scandal – TERROISTS… – Bernie Madoff’s Son Hangs Himself – Iran Nukes – Weird Weather – UFOs Are Sighted Every 10 Minutes – Foreclosures All Time High – Don’t Read WIKI-leaks – BANKFAILURES 151 – Americans Worse off Now – Last Days – Secret Banking Elite  – New World Order – Kennedy Assassination  – Swine Flu  – British Students Riot in the Street – Hackers bring down Government – Missing Radioactive Material – Jerusalem Eternal Capital of Israel – Sand, Snow & Thunderstorms in the Middle East – Suicide Bomber Blasts 58 Dead  – Hezbollah –  – 1,800 Missiles to Venezuela – Mexican Drugs Arrive by Submarine – Global Warning – UFOs…  – Volcano Erupts – No More Antibiotics – EMP Bomb – Imbedded Microchips…  – Paris Hilton – Iran Conducts Military Drill  – Prince William to Get Married  – Japanese Earthquake 9.1 – Children Hostages Freed – Global Financial Meltdown – End Times – Global Hunger  – 7.2 Earthquakes  – Trillion Dollar Opium Harvest in Afghanistan  – States Rights – Iraq War – Obama at All Time Low – Federal Reserve…  – Oil at $110.00…  – Harvesting Body Parts from Abortions – Implants – Locusts Plague Australia… – Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami

The above headlines should shock us all because they show us just how out of control things are on this planet of ours.  I could have listed many more headlines, but I think the list is a fair portrayal of how desperate times are.

The headlines above point to what I believe are the specific signs of the end of the age, the last days, and the end times.  The Fallen One is about to execute his long-in-planning end game.  Here is what I think it is, and I will admit once again that it is speculation on my part.

Here is a short story that will illustrate the point I’m trying to make.

I have a friend who lives in Virginia.  He has a neighbor who likes to cause trouble.  The guy is a nut case.  He enjoys harassing the neighbors around him and most likely gets a perverse sort of pleasure out of his antics. Here’s what I mean: a few years ago he parked one of his cars in front of my friend’s house… and left it there.  It was deliberate because if my friend called the cops and complained about the car being left there he would have been engaging in his neighbor’s “game,” which was precisely what the nut case desired.

If he did nothing and allowed the car to sit there, the nut case neighbor won again because he had effectively invaded his space. No matter what my friend did he “lost.”  While this might seem like a harmless example and more of a nuisance, it is exactly the way the Fallen One plays.

In regard to 2012 

You may remember the chapter I did on the Maya and how they engaged in human blood sacrifice.  This was a deliberate act on the part of the Maya because they knew it would put them in contact with their “gods.”  More than 70,000 human beings were sacrificed in these satanic, ritualistic, blood sacrifices.

You may also recall that I suggested that the Fallen One has a different time/space perspective then we do.  Is it possible that the Fallen One deliberately set the 2012 so-called prophecy in motion?  Here’s what I think.  The false 2012 prophecy ( I call it that because that is what it is) is a distraction because it draws people away from Biblical prophecy.  Added to this is it sets people up in the same way the nut case neighbor does.  If you believe in 2012 and nothing happens then you “loose” because nothing happened.  You wasted your time and were sucked into the ruse.  (A good example of this is the Y2K scare that happened at the dawn of the new millennium. Nothing happened except that the entire world was linked together electronically.  How do you spell deliberate?)

If by chance something happens on December 22, 2012, then you “lose” because you didn’t pay attention.  Either way it’s a no-win situation.

However, I believe that 2012 has served its purpose already and that is to call people’s attention from what is really going on.  In that respect, it’s accomplished its task because millions are waiting to see what will happen. Meanwhile, real, Biblical prophecy is beginning to manifest all around us.

As we saw in Chapter 6 when we discussed Job, the Fallen One could affect the weather because he sent a “great wind” that destroyed the house of Job’s sons and daughters.  Is it possible that the sudden rise of 7.0 earthquakes in 2010 is, to put it in military parlance, a softening of the objective?  The natural disasters are now so frequent and devastating that we can no longer keep relief efforts up with them.  Is all of this in preparation for the final, desperate move of the “rematch?”

We know from the Book of Revelation that Satan is cast down to earth and he’s really ticked off because he knows his time is short.  In other words, he no longer has access to what was once his domain, the second heaven.  It is the time known as the time of Jacob’s Trouble.  It is a time in which… unless those days were shortened, no flesh would survive.  These words spoken by Yashua/Jesus almost two thousand years ago should serve as a sober reminder that there is coming a time when His words will be fulfilled.  It is a desperate time, a troublesome time, a time when a third of the planet is destroyed, when men will faint from fear from what is coming on the earth, when every island and mountain will be moved out of place.

Unless those days were shortened no flesh would survive.


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99 thoughts on “No Ascension – No Paradigm Shift – No End of the World – Quetzacoatl is a no-show!

    • Of course. 🙂

      First of all I have to say thank you publicly again for last night’s show. I was extremely blessed and encouraged by it and I’m sure I speak for many others on that count. 🙂

      I’d say past any unseen spiritual shenanigans and ramifications that I think we all can count on…my biggest concern for these lost people is: When “life goes on” and nothing big or special happens for them…then what? How are they going to respond? Is that when we’re going to start seeing some of the unfortunate suicides? I sincerely pray and hope not.

      I’m deliberately looking out towards the Middle East and anything NOT 12-21 related because I still think this whole thing is/was Y2K on ‘roids with a heavy dose of smokescreen, misdirection, and distraction.

      What are we being distracted from?

    • I ALWAYS have a missing sock. Shoe, not so much.
      Yes, what we may be distracted from is the Middle East. Debka reports rival militias striving to overtake Syrian chemical weapons depot, one side sent by Jordan and Nato, another the AlQueda equivalent called Al Nusra.
      Iran is developing mini-subs for suicide missions. ETC.

      L.A. some New Agers down in Cancun may be quite happy with Decenber 21 results. They will believe through self-deulsion that a better Spirit has entered their hearts. Yet a few will be blessed to finally see the Light of the True God.

  1. I read the article about the Batman movie and I have been wondering about this since someone posted a youtube video showing the clips last week and the corelations. My question is has anyone actually viewed the movie to make sure none of this is just fabricated?

    Many will not believe the hard evidence if it exists anway. What is the reason if this is true? Just to rub it in the Watcmen, or Watchwoman’s face?

    • Hi Eric,
      If you are talking about the Aurora and Sandy thing in the movie….My comment on it is Satan ALWAYS from my experience exposes himself before he does things…It is like a counterfeit to the scripture ” God never does anything without first revealing it to His servants the prophets….I have learned this through “watching” over the years..

    • welcome and continually keep your eyes open…the Ax commercials and Victoria’s Secret are showing falling angels……

    • Whichever it may be..the enemy is revealing himself and the watchmen of the Lord are picking up on that. thanks Mrs M

  2. Good morning LA.

    I want to tell you I listened last night to the radio show and I want you to know I stood in agreement with you 3 gentleman/warriors as did many others in the blowing of the shofar. I believe we did “Declare War” on the enemy…(an offensive move which is scriptural)…The kingdom of God suffereth violence and the violent taketh by force..( an offensive stance)

    Yesterday I was on your blog on a log thread speaking to one who does not believe in warfare and does not believe one needs to go before the Lord and repent for anything anymore because this person is saved.

    I would like to share concerning warfare considering the stance we took last night as a whole…This is for those who want to stand in agreement.

    The bible tells us that the OLD testament was a foreshadowing of things to come. Looking into the OLD we find that when the children of God went into the Promise Land they had to wage war against the enemy (possible giants) to take the land. This is an offensive move…they waged war….all through the Promise Land they waged war….Most times they won! However those times when those battles were not won was when there was hidden and open sin in their own camp. God would then deal with this issue. If the children repented by coming before God and confessing their sin, then the Priest would take the sacrifices and spill blood for the people which restored the people back to God thus the camp received mercy and they were once again able to defeat the enemy. This was a foreshadowing of what is going on now.

    Winning the battle and being in a repentant heart go hand in hand. Repentance, confession and receiving mercy, in the practical application of confession and asking for God to cleanse, never went away at the time of salvation..

    The difference after Christ’s death, was that He became the final sacrifice so we do not have to use the blood of bulls and goats and He also IS our HIGH PRIEST….Through His final sacrifice He made a NEW & LIVING way for us to come before Him (Book of Hebrew) and in doing so we can “Come boldly to the thrown of grace to receive mercy and obtain justice”. We can go to the His thrown room 24/7 for whatever reason and be cleansed by the blood….”They overcame by the blood of the lamb” and the word of their testimony…and that testimony is the testimony of Christ and the “Testimony of Christ” is “The Spirit of Prophesy” the bible states

    NOW…we who are saved can go before the High Priest ( Jesus/Yeshua)and ask Him to cleanse us with His blood and herein lies the scriptures “ they washed there robes and made them white in the blood of the lamb’.

    Friends in these times and in these last hours of this age …we must keep going before the Thrown to receive mercy and obtain justice…..whenever and wherever there might be sin in your lives….go boldly to the Kings Thrown Room…….consider it daily…..enter the Thrown Room in prayer and asked the Spirit to help in any area of your life that there might be something dark, something hidden….in doing so on a corporate level…as a gathering together of like minded ones we can take so much more ground…..

    Joel 2:18 “Then the Lord will be jealous for His land and pity for His people….Yea the Lord will say “Behold I will send you corn and wine and oil….I will remove the army and drive him into a land barren and desolate”. This is what He does after He tells us to come together and repent. He gives us times of refreshing and rebukes the enemy.

    Spiritual warfare on a grand scale is won when there are repentant hearts that are seeking His face.

    Each time you go to the Thrown Room it is an invitation from the King…He made the invitation through His blood…He invited us to ask for mercy and in asking we receive justice which just happens to be the defeat of the enemy.

    When two or more are gathered in like mindedness…do I hear an amen?

    A warrior in Christ

    There are 2 different types warfare explained in the New Testament..
    The battlefield of the mind (2Cor 10:3-5 & 1Tim 4:1)
    The actual battlefields in high places (Eph 6:10-12)

    • Darla H. I myself am still curious as to why you never answered her question. All I see is scripture mounted up to try to support your idea, with too many numerous errors to counter. As for one you quoted out of context “The kingdom of God suffereth violence and the violent taketh by force”

      You said: “Yesterday I was on your blog on a log thread speaking to one who does not believe in warfare and does not believe one needs to go before the Lord and repent for anything anymore because this person is saved.”

      If you are calling people to your battle, I will have no part in it, being that you are new here you should go a bit slower lest you intend to devour.

    • This is not my battle it is the Lords….and I stand in agreement with La, Russ and Richard….New or not I have been with the Lord and scripture for years and I have been in battle,….I do know what I am talking about and I will not and cannot keep quiet about what the battle about to be unleashed and is now. Sorry Pudding..I am not going anywhere.

    • and as for scripture…the entire old testament of the children going into the Promise land is about taking ground from the enemy….tooooo many scriptures to quote…it was all forshadowings…

    • This isn’t directed at anyone specifically but I, too, am concerned with what I see/hear as possible New Age and Occultic concepts possibly being adopted/applied by some Christians in almost a “fight fire with fire” concept and I would strongly implore anyone on that score to PLEASE check the Scriptures first, middle, and last.

    • Yes..Yes I agree! Go through the scripture Old & New….The Old were foreshadowing..types and picture shadows….It was not just picture shadows of Christ…it was pictures shadows of future things to come…The bibles states and proverbs If you want understanding….

      ” Come eat of my bread and drink of my wine which I have mingled”

      The bread is the Old and the wine is the New…

    • This may be at the end of an age and approaching a new one, but there is nothing new under the sun. The battle today is the same as it was in the garden.

      The solution is easy, our burden is light. We decieve ourselves when we believe its more complicated than “just” Jesus. Seek the one authentic Christ. Accept no substitutes.

    • Darla Jesus already took that ground it is finished, we are called by Jesus/Paul to the Ministry of Reconciliation 2 Cor. 5:18-20 This is are commission! We are accounted Righteous in our standing upon our new birth, we are His Body and nothing in that Blood shed is called unclean! We either are, or scripture is a liar NOT. Our walk on this earth is a living testimony to the world and when our flesh conquors us we are to quickly go to the Father through our Saviour/Propitiation/mediator align ourselves with GOD/His word and agree we are in error/ sinning in the flesh and the HS never condems us He guides us and redirects us with encouragement to get up and keep going in Jesus. Therfore there is no more condemnation for those who are IN Christ! (paraphrased).We can not keep crucifying Him ike the Catholics do to be reinstated=Transubstantiation. He is off that cross and Resurrected to Power and Glory. Our flesh will work against us until we are w/Christ sometimes more sometimes less as we yield to the HS, but our standing never comes in question we are then carnal Christians acting like babies. All are sins have been covered they were all future when Jesus shed His Blood for Sin, so all are covered! We spoil that sweet fellowship with our Father while we remain in sinful behavior and guilt hampers our testimony and our service to HIM. So we are to confess quickly, lign up quickly that we are not walking in the Lord. Grace is our Blessed Hope and we are to share the Blessed Hope with those around us. 2 Cor. 5:18-20 They can have this same HOPE and Salvation if they Believe/Completely rely on Jesus’s death and Resurrection to Glory=no sin in Him conquoring spiritual death and eternal seperation fom GOD the Father. This Hope does not mean like our translation “I hope it pans out” THis is Hope, an already executed action that we hold onto by Faith.

      “When two or more are gathered in like mindedness…do I hear an amen? ”

      What on earth is that…the Mayans are gathered in like mindness, the Football fans gather in like mindness, that ea. wants their team to win, that is a complete error of scripture! Ommitting and removing the deity of GOD, the Father, Son and HS! Whatever translation you study from throw it away! It sounds as if there’s more poison to be sipped from it!.

      Matthew 18:20 JKB For where two, or three are gathered in my name, there( I Am) I am in the midst of them (simplist fom of a local church); 19 is re. That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in Heaven,

      James tells them that they don’t get answers to prayers because they ask amiss, asking for their lusts (paraphrased), but if they ask anything in the Fathers will it will surely be done! Scripture also tells us that GOD allows some answered prayers not in our best interest because we beg and insist and a lesson’s about to be learned.and that some in their lust he allows in a judgement for their sinful desires ie like turning someone over to their wishes of a repubate mind. This is probably enough comment back for now=long. Did you read my reply re. “Repent” Grk= “a change of mind” and do a study? Just curious from this comment you posted.

    • Linda first of all after I posted i realized i would get flack from the likeminded statement….When we are 2 or 3 in Christ we are gathered in agreement and therefore likeminded…….many on this site are not likeminded…i believe in warfare and so do a few others on this site…then there are other who do not and others on the fence…I know the scripture about two or more..i put the likeminded in there are purpose…I am interested in hearing from people who agree with La, Russ and Richard…People get on this blog and say amen to to LA’s last night broadcast but do not agree with warfare yet this is what he does…..REALLY? and they say amen like they are in agreement.

      Secondly if you study Hebrews and yes I know it was Paul speaking to the Jew so i do not need to be educated in that Linda, what I have spoken about is true. ..and it sounded like you have in a way agreed with me on the confession thing because of our flesh getting in the way …which means you did agree one needs to confess but you had to make an issue out of it because i called you on the carpet for “your gentiles being the sons and Israel,the Jews being the servants”
      You stated that a son can be a servant and but a servant cannot be a son and I then replied back ” Then the Son of God cannot be the Son of God because He called Himself a servant” (and was a Jew)….to add you stated that no other apostles went to the gentiles but Paul and I pointed out that Peter who had the vision did. …..So if I hear you right you agree about coming before the Lord when our flesh gets in the way but decided to be a bit nasty in how you agreed.

      and No, HS does not condemn us “”our own hearts do”” that is WHY we go before the Lord….

      and if you want to keep knit picking me on individual words…. the people in the OLD Testament before Christ came were only COVERED…which is a different term than washed…so when we go before Him we are WASHED not covered.

      He is our HIGH PRIEST our mediator as you said and through a NEW & LIVING way( the whole book) we can NOW come boldly to HIm. Those that say they have no sin do lie…is what the word says.

      1JOHN 8-10 ” If we say we have no sin we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us. If we confess our sin He is faithful and just to forgive us our sin and CLEANSE us from all unrighteousness…If we say we have not sinned we make Him a liar and His word is not in us.

      I John 2:1 My children I write these things to you that ye sin not…but if you do sin we have an advocate with the Father, Christ Jesus the righteous and not for OUR sins only BUT for the sins of the world….( our sins..He is speaking about believers and the world sins He is speaking about the unsaved)

    • to add Linda. the old testament was a foreshadowing of ‘THINGS” to come…not just a foreshadowing of Jesus but a foreshadowing of “THINGS” to come.

      Read the is in the word….they went into the Promise land and waged war and took the ground……i did not write this it in the word….Gideon waged war with only 300 I believe it was and slew many….these are all types and picture shadows of things to come…..

      We are here and the Body of Christ on earth….He came first as the suffering servant, the lamb…He will be revealed through His people the Lion of the tribe of Judah as His Sons come against the evil in this day and hour…..

    • Linda,
      and to add to your statement about Jesus took the ground….God told the Children of Israel He HAS GIVEN it to them and they had to GO TAKE IT….

    • He has given us the ground through Christ and we as the Body of Christ and the sons of God must play proactive role in taking it.

    • Linda, is another thought…..Satan has a counter for every and do mean Every TRUTH and OCCASION of God….Keeping that in mind…..why are all the cults practicing warfare? Because they no more than the believers do about this.They Know there is a remnant Of God who WILL fight them.

    • Darla H. I don’t believe you really know what everybody on this site personally thinks nor their prior experiences. It seems on a few occasions you have not paid attention to the questions that people have asked you, an opted instead to show yourself.
      You have made known your great self importance and that of your highly gifted sister and now start to diminish everyone else because we are not up to your warrior standards.

      You said: “many on this site are not likeminded…i believe in warfare and so do a few others on this site…then there are other who do not and others on the fence.”

      You said: “I am interested in hearing from people who agree with La, Russ and Richard People get on this blog and say amen to to LA’s last night broadcast but do not agree with warfare yet this is what he does…..REALLY? and they say amen like they are in agreement.”

      What shall we do to comfort you?

    • Pudding..I have a Comforter….Belittling me will not work..I am not going anywhere. I am standing in firm agreement with LA, Russ and Richard and am simply asking if there are any here who are in the like mind when it comes to spiritual warfare. Yesterday I did “read” the question right from LU…..She meant it differently as she expressed to me later. Anything else you want to poo poo..

    • and truthfully Pudding….what I have seen you do on this site is exactly what you are doing now…nothing good comes from it….how about some imput instead of belittling remarks…how about letting us hear from the depths of your heart…

    • “And it was given unto him to make war with the Saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him”………

      There is not going to be any grand scale revival as such, But a falling away.
      No taking of enemy territory, Only a witnessing under great persecution in that territory.
      A witnessing of coming judgment against the enemies of God in the spirit of Elijah.
      The Glory of the church in her final hour will be the baptism of Blood.

    • Louthesaint,
      Yes he makes war with them and what happens? They OVERCOME and how do they do that? “By the blood of the Lamb” (repentance/keeping our garments washed before the Lord) …and “By the word of their Testimony which is the Testimony of Christ known also as the Spirit of stated in Revelation… which is the “Spirit of Elijah” coming upon the Sons of God…Elijah had a prophetic ministry and moved in POWER….This is what John the baptist moved in when he prepare the way of the suffering servant and we will move in this also to prepare the way of The Coming King.

    • The picture of John the Baptist and Christ was also foreshadowings of things to come..John was odd man out…he was doing and speaking something completely different from the majority rule…out in the wilderness…Christ said what went ye out to see? Something was happening concerning that odd man out…but people were still going to see John the Baptist…why? What he was speaking was revelation concerning the Son of God for that time frame….people were looking in the sky for the King….John was preparing them for the suffering servant so when He walked out from amongst men they could receive Him…so they could receive the carpenters son as The True Son of God…that is not what the church leaders were preaching….

      That is a foreshadowing… will not be the majority rule thinking…

    • Darla H. You said: “and truthfully Pudding….what I have seen you do on this site is exactly what you are doing now…nothing good comes from it….how about some imput instead of belittling remarks…how about letting us hear from the depths of your heart…”

      Darla you are sure are demanding for only posting on this blog for almost a week. If pointing out your belittling remarks makes be belittling in your mind then there we are.

      Yesterday when I made the statement pointing out the new age mumbo jumbo: “As the Christ Consciousness is raised up in us” Give me a break!

      You said this to me: “and for Pudding…..the more our mind is washed in the word the more Christ minded we are….you poo poo many things ….everyone can brings things to the table….we are not all perfect…..but if we do not bring things to the table the puzzle it harder to put together….I like to read what others bring….if we are not accurate in what we bring then there is grace and discussion …there is no need to poo poo…..most are on the site because we want to think outside the BOX.


    • I keep seeing ‘poo poo’ here and ‘poo poo’ there, I see ‘poo poo’ every where. lol Now do I need to get Gunny Gump’s litter box? ha

      I love the discussions here, just keep it straight in the Word and we will be fine. The key being ‘discuss’. (ring bell, next round)

    • Pudding when you stated “Give me a break!” I was coming back to say that when someone says something like ““As the Christ Consciousness is raised up in us” that it does not necessarily mean some New Age thing….it just may have been meant more Christ minded……as I was discussing with Linda earlier concerning me sayng likeminded….( meaning in one mind together in the Lord gathered in His name is all I meant) …

    • to add when I was speaking earlier on the site about people who were like minded about warfare and said I was interested in hearing what they had to say I said that because I want to truly know who is in agreement in warfare…I am interested in who on” this site” truly are so that I can also know who I am in agreement with when it comes to these things…it was not to put people down who are not….I was seeking out who are because I want to know who i am in agreement with on this site is all..(concerning warfare)That way if something comes up i can put out a message to them and get their imput…that was all that was about……that is the problem with messaging… leaves room for wrong interpretation.

    • Heck! Yesterday I wrote the word Revelations with and “s” instead of Revelation with no ‘s’ and got a reply back stating something like Revelation’s’ is a new Age term… was a simple misspell….like I said messaging leaves room for wrong interpretations….

    • Moonpie, Can you lend me Gunny Gump’s litter box, I need to make me a zen garden so I can cultivate more poo poo? :þ

  3. Another reason the war with Iran may be pushed up. Iran is receiving Russian Air Defenses from Syria.

    The Iranian nuclear threat has been put on the back burner both in the United States and Israel in recent weeks, but the latest news out of Syria has the potential to alter the discussion about the West’s leverage over Tehran. According to a report broadcast this morning on Fox News, diplomatic sources are saying that a Russian air defense system sold to Syria is now being transferred to Iran.

    Iranian Spiritual Leader said Today, “That Iranians Must Prepare For Environment That Will Bring Mahdi/End Times”

    Tension is rising in the Middle East again. The civil war in Syria is worsening, Western sanctions on Iran are intensifying, large-scale military exercises by both Tehran and the West are on the cards. This is all worrying and cause for alarm.

    Yet, it is an unprecedented, largely ignored national address by Iran’s supreme leader that is most alarming. On Friday, a number of Iranian state-run media outlets ran stories highlighting remarks by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. In his address, Khamenei warned his people all over the world that Iran must prepare for war, and that we are now living in “the end of times.”

    More specifically, Khamenei warned of the imminent return of the Mahdi, or the 12th imam. “The issue of Imam Mahdi is of utmost importance, and his reappearance has been clearly stated in our holy religion of Islam,” he said. “We must study and remind ourselves of the end of times and Imam Mahdi’s era. … We must prepare the environment for the coming so that the great leader will come.”

    The belief of a returning Mahdi, or 12th imam, is a defining doctrine within the most populous group of Shiites known as Ithna Ashari, or “Twelvers.” In addition to Iran’s supreme leader, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad also belongs to this influential group. According to Twelver theology, the Mahdi’s return will be precipitated by planet-engulfing wars, the likes of which will destroy one third of the world’s population, and another third as a result of widespread hunger, disease and social unrest. Finally, the destruction will be capped with the annihilation of the Jewish state and the killing of all infidels, after which the seed of Islam will be planted in the four corners of the Earth.

    War in the Middle East is Right Around the Corner.

    • “”
      NATO Confirms Syria Firing Scuds on Rebels
      Syrian regime’s Scud firing “an act of a desperate regime,” says NATO’s Secretary-General.

    • Richard I appreciate your up date……have you been in the Service before?….Armed forces. Navel…anything like that? If I can ask that question?

    • No my father was I have several other family members who have been and are in the military as well. My nephew is a snipper in the Rangers. He’s been told they are going to Iran.

  4. Wonderful show last night! It seems like every show or interview any of you guys have done since the great redirect have been absolutely amazing! Just sayin’

    …..and Rose, sorry about your shoe transcending this plane to go to the realm of the new agers, mayans and their serpent god…..sooooo glad you were not in it! 🙂

    • Ha! If Richard Hoagland transmits some pictures of the pyramid of Kulkukan to George Noory, and you see a blurry, white women’s Nike on the apex — it’s mine.

      I hope the Lord uses it to kick Quetzalcoatl in the hinter lands.

    • Spunky, can you tell?

      I’m fine, Richard. The Lord has been very gracious to me. Thank you so much for your prayers and concern.

      My friend, you misunderstood me a couple of weeks ago. I have never thought ill of you. I was excited about what you put up, that is all. We have been reading each others’ material on this site for years now, and I have always thought well of you and as a friend.

    • LOL Elaine!
      My family says it sounds like an ‘insane asylum’ around here, when they hear boisterous laughter wafting through the house when I come across a humorous post!

    • Yeah, when I was little and didn’t want to sing, my mama told me it is good to make a joyful noise unto the Lord…….little did she know then that half a century later my joyful noises would include L.A. doing his voices as he preaches! God has a great sense of humor…..just look at aardvaarks!
      There is gentle joy in the humor here and I love you all!

    • Hey Moonpieeyes…

      Down where the tabs are below a youtube site video, tabs labled: About Share Add to, Click on Share.

      Share opens up to show a link that can be used directly in LA’s blog to show a youtube video screen.

      The link for this video below, looks like this: “”

      Just paste the “share” link in (without quotes) to get a youtube video screen (and no delay for moderation).

      This is about a UFO in Astana, Kazahkstan yesterday.

      And shows clearly how a UFO can be seen as an apparition or angel.
      Nor should it be coming out of a local building….

    • There is some debris in low earth obit from a russian rocket that exploded last week, there are clips on youtube from south africa with similar images. This is probably debris interacting with the upper atmosphere as it hurtles around the earth

  5. “”
    PRY: North Korea EMP attack could destroy U.S. — now
    Obama must take immediate action

    Great. More good news.

  6. I have never commented here but I just want to say this and forgive me if this thought has already been mentioned…..2012 has served another purpose in that when things go bad in the near future and The real truth is preached about what is happening people will scoff and laugh at those such as Lee who are predicting what is to come.

    • John P… Funny… I was getting ready to say the exact same thing. I think there was something… and continues to be something… significant about December 21, 2012. I think something truly did happen in the spiritual realm. First of all, can someone say CERN? Can someone say “Illuminati” with all their ritualistic occultic practices. The point is… all of these occultic activities that were performed by the worlds occultist groups probably more than likely caused something horrendous to open in the spirti realm. Just because we cannot see that anything happened with our eyes doesn’t mean that December 21 was not significant. Let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater here folks. As far as what John P just said… I think this Mayan December 21 thing will serve to cause the biblical prophecy of people scoffing in the last days about the return of Christ to come to pass. Now just listen to everyone scoff and not want to hear what Christians have to say about the end times from now on. After all.. nothing happened on December 21 DID IT! they will say. I can see where all of this is going.

    • And for those of you who read Tom Horn’s material “Apollyon Rising 2012” and “petrus Romanus”… don’t forget about the significant factual information you were exposed to in those books. There was and is indeed something very significant prophetically about 2012. It’s going to get very interesting from here on. Something has been loosed in the spirtiual realm.

  7. 12-20-12 prayers on Acceleration Radio – Spiritual Warfare 101

    Father in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ,
    We ask the Spirit of God to guide us and to lead us right now
    And guide and lead thousands of other to [also] pray.

    Father we pray right now in the name of Jesus,
    Thank You! We worship You! We bless You!
    We lift up the name of the Lord Jesus right now.

    We ask you to stretch out your hands
    God as we raise our voices to you together in prayer
    And acknowledge your blood and your cross and what you’ve done.

    We pray God for the salvation…
    for the Spirit of God to fall in power and grace and might
    … extraordinary miracles Lord.

    We pray together God right now that you’ll just uh… whatever Lord

    Even if there’s earthquakes that crack things open,
    and rip things open and bring exposure and show what’s behind the scenes
    and everything else.

    God we pray for the salvation of lives
    We pray for Jessica and all the rest down there
    Bless the believers, strengthen them, guard them, protect them.

    Save souls, engage lives,
    Send Father in the midst of our praise to you and prayer to you tonight
    Go ahead and send confusion in the spiritual realm there, God.

    And destroy the work of the enemy, 1st John 3:8, we claim it:
    The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the devil’s work.
    Stretch out your hands across Chitzen Itza, all around the area

    Destroy the devils work, save people, heal people, deliver people,
    Strengthen believers, and call more of us into action.
    In Jesus Name.

    Thank you Father. Thank you Lord. Lord we just, we just thank You!

    We thank you for how much you love us.
    We thank you for how awesome you are!
    I am never underwhelmed; I am always overwhelmed.

    We thank you for this opportunity.
    We thank you for the ability to speak your Word.
    To stand up for you, to represent you.

    Lord I speak into the Spirit, and I pray that through the Spirit…
    All these people that think they’re going to be a part of something new,
    And something great….

    And that they’re going to be a part of some tremendous banquet
    I pray that you’d reveal to them that they are the banquet!
    That when these things come through, that they’re the meal.

    They’re the victims, they’re the sacrifice,
    That these things that they want to serve…
    That the scales would fall off their eyes.

    And they would see them for what they are
    They would see them for what mankind saw them at the end of the days of Noah
    Saw them for the blood thirsty murderers that they were.

    And they cried out to You.
    But this time they can cry out for salvation.
    The ark is Jesus!

    Lord, we ask that they would come to their senses, even just one.
    That they would come to their senses as we all did.
    And cry out to You!

    Now, Father, in regard to the fallen and their schemes and their plans,
    I pray that you do what you’ve done before.
    I pray that you squash them.

    I pray that you dwarf them. I pray that you make an example of them.
    And make them captive…
    And make a spectacle of them in the heavenlies.

    Show your people that you’re still on the throne.
    Show your children that the church age is not over,
    That we still have a job to do. (Amen!) That we still have a calling.

    That there’s still lives and souls to be saved.
    That until the King returns, we must be about our Father’s business.
    Now Father, I’m going to pass this off to my brother.

    And when my brother’s done, I’m going to blow the shofar. (Amen!)

    And we’re going to pray for release in the Spirit to those listening.
    We’re going to pray for release into the Spirit into Chitzen Itza,
    And every sacred site all over the world.

    And we say, let’s see whose god is God.


    Father – You are God!
    And You are the real God.
    You are “The Great I Am,” “The First and the Last,” “The Alpha and Omega.”

    Your Son spoke everything into existence.
    And just as John said, of everything that was made,
    “nothing was made that was made without Him.”… His hand is everything.

    And Father we know that nothing – Nothing(!) – has taken you by surprise here. Nothing!
    We thank you for your sure Word of Prophecy, and dreams and visions.
    And the confirmation that we had to call this thing off.

    And the obedience that we had … we lay it before your feet.
    But Father we also pray, that if something, whatever is happening down there
    That your will would be done Father.

    That nothing would be allowed to come through or allowed to come through,
    Obviously without your total will.
    And Lord, what we pray, …that you would shut this thing down Father.

    You would collapse this temple. You would show it for what it is.

    I pray Father as things try to come through, people would see the good angels.
    That you would release your good angels.
    And they would watch them push the dark forces back. Lord, if that’s your will.

    Father we speak salvation to those people that are down there.
    That have spent years and decades in darkness thinking that they’re serving the light.
    We pray that the blinders of those people, men and women, their eyes would be opened Father.

    We pray that the deception they’ve been under, that deception by broken by the Blood of the Lamb!
    We speak it out over them Father, that they would be healed and delivered,
    That their eyes would be opened, and that they would see Yahshua.

    And that they would understand that it’s not… what they think it is.
    …they would see you in power and glory and might.
    …they understand that you love them.
    Even in their darkness you still reach out for them and that you would love them.

    Father, we love you. We just count on it.
    We’re just blown away Father, that you allow us to take part in your Kingdom.
    And to do the things we do in your Name. And we thank you that Father!

    I thank you for this show. I thank you for the people that have sown into this ministry.
    And I thank you again, Lord, for the people that sowed into the trip.
    And I ask for a special blessing over them.

    Father we love You!. Father we long to see your coming… Long to see your coming!
    In Jesus’ Name.

    Holy, holy, holy – Lord God Almighty
    Who was…. And is…. and Is to Come.
    (sounds shofar long x3)

    …praise you Lord …praise your Father.
    Thank you Jesus! Thank you Jesus. (Thank you Lord.)
    Bless your name. …praise your name Father.

    Father we pray for your children right now.

    Some of them have been frightened.
    Some have been agitated about what they feel in the Spirit.
    They don’t understand… they’re afraid.

    They have desires to serve you Lord.
    We just come together. We say bless your children.
    Turn loose the real. Turn loose the blessing. Turn loose the Spirit.

    Not the counterfeit Lord.
    Let them [the others] have them have the counterfeit,
    If that’s what they want, that’s what they can have.

    But from the throne room itself…

    Release the Ruach Ha’Kadesh [the Holy Ghost].
    Release your power upon the remnant.
    So that we can finish the job and you can come back.

    The Lord is good. (The Lord is good.)

    Hallelujah! (The Lord is good.)

  8. The fact that the ‘teachers’ taught the Maya about 2012 and it’s significance with astrological alignment so many hundreds of years ago, and if you look at all the work David Flynn did and the belief system of the masonic order then you are left with the conclusion that this is a significant event for the other side. Just as our God prepared and laid the ground work for the manifestation of Jesus in the flesh and then the beginning of his ministry so they have progressed with their plans, just how far they are we don’t know just yet.

  9. tomorrow im going to post about an attempted mass abuction or visitation that happened to a few of the neighborhood children when we were younger and what i think was a vision 3 days later the enemy tried to trick me with im beat now or id go into it. I think the Father is saying its time to start revealing a few things as others i know are beginning to get get the same kind of confirmations as well.

  10. There is a reason I don’t read all the comments on this great BLOG anymore. That reason began a few years back when a certain female by the name of “Sandy” showed up one day and basically sought to take the BLOG over with a certain agenda that she was heavily pushing. Instead of the slow pace of posting and introducing her mindset with care and respect for those posting here, much less the owner, Brother Lynn, she began dropping posts as though she were THE authority on whatever topic it was she chose. In doing so, she implemented the classic “Divide and conquer” tactic of control. And my opinon that is what she was ALL about…control. And that goes for all the subsequent times she returned. She finally started to use different names after what I could only assume was LA having no choice but to block her IP address in an attempt to keep her from co-opting hIs own BLOG.

    Now I am witnessing what I can only describe as “The spirit of Sandy” again on this same BLOG. I have no ill will to this new member posting their thoughts, no matter how devisive they have already been. I do however have concern that this new member is not ADDING to the concept of communal ideals and the free debate thereof, rather I am personally witnessing the SUBTRACTION of common sense kindness and cordiality in favor of “Look at me, no matter the cost”. What is always at stake on any Christian BLOG or Forum is the cost to the Body of
    Christ along all who silently read on the

    There are many who read these posts and are negatively affected by not just the tone from the one originating them but also the comments of those compelled to correct what is seen either as a misapplication or misunderstanding of Scripture to the out and out control by overtaking the BLOG with the mindset of “I will post what I think regardless…” and that is regardless of the obvious damage being caused to this place they area brand new member of.

    I FULLY recognize every person’s right to post what they want, when they want it. But each of us are only afforded the “Rights” that LA extends to us as visitors to the BLOG that is HIS intellectual property. If and when we seek to have our own voices heard over the voice of the owner and over the common rules of decency at a public BLOG regardless of the cost, then we think more of our own voices than we do the very Truth we claim to hold on to.

    Respectfully in Christ,

    Jeff D

    • Jeff, Very timely and well spoken, I am under the discernment that the Holy Spirit was grieved and I can not put into words how that makes me feel at this moment.

    • Well, I am truly sorry if I have offended anyone..I have had a few days off and was excited to have found this site because of how LA believes and operates concerning warfare..Anytime someone speaks of warfare someone else is always trying to makes sure they do not….With the subject of warfare comes a lot of explaining why one believes such a thing because the majority rule is that is is not true yet the very person whose blog we are in operates and practices this very thing….So being in the conversations on this subject I was backing my comments with scripture ….With that said I will respectfully bow out….I will still stand in agreement with LA, Russ and Richard on this subject of warfare…and to add there was never an agenda,,,, I was excited about being with people who I thought were in agreement with La concerning this very important subject (warfare)…… I am however sadden to see that there are people who do not believe in coming before the to to repent when in sin, that there are people who do not believe in warfare because if you have ever been it you KNOW it is real, there are people who speak of the gentiles being “sons” and Jews being “servants”….sadden about the massive amount of non agreement when we have the Word…and yet we are called to be in agreement in the Lord…..
      God Bess

    • You know whats funny Jeff Sandy emailed me off the blog. It turned out she was a nice person but she was stubborn on her rapture stance.

      Im dying laughing knowing that people are being labeled New Age’rs? Were on a Christian UFO blog. The current church laughs at this kind of thinking.

      We would definitely as a group be labeled New Ager’s.

  11. Darla H~
    As believers in, and followers of, Jesus Christ, all of us…at all times…are engaged in SPIRITUAL warfare. And the word “warfare” is being blown and tossed about in these blog threads for a couple of days now. I think it only “fair” for you to define/describe your meaning of that word as you understand it in its Biblical light. It’s a powerful word and can be interpreted from several perspectives. So I am going to ask you plainly if you believe that a physical army of Christian believers must necessarily help cleanse the Earth in order to take dominion in order for Jesus Christ to return [and set up His millennial rule]?

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