TONIGHT! L. A. Marzulli on Coast to Coast!!!

Coast to CoastL. A. Marzulli will be on Coast to Coast 12-12-12!

The Watchers 5 DVD Collectors set!

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The Perfect Gift to wake up your friends, neighbors and loved ones!

Watchers cover the subjects the media ignores, and the church doesn’t want to talk about.  Yet, all of these events are happening in real-time.  The Collectors edition would make the perfect gift to wake up your family and friends!

Here’s what viewers are saying about WATCHERS!

Just finished our viewing of the 5th installment of the Watchers series. Jam packed with mind-blowing current and past events. Tons to process and pray about. Stay with probing issues to pull out the truth!
Gary & Karen Z.

Here are just some of the topics we cover in WATCHERS!

* The Shroud of Turin cover up!

*  Torah Codes and the Obama code.

*  Live UFO footage.

*  Black Eyed Kids

*  Fish and Animal Die Offs

*  Interviews with an “Alien” Implant Physician

*  Fallen Angels and the Nephilim

*  World War 3 and the Middle East


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37 thoughts on “TONIGHT! L. A. Marzulli on Coast to Coast!!!

  1. What mini-updates?
    Wait a minute. Did I just order the Watchers Series?
    Yes I did.
    I finally did it. I have faith it is well worth it.

    God Bless,
    Jimmy Douglas

  2. Here’s an odd twist for you Matt…

    Clackamas is a bigfoot haven.


    • That’s pretty cool; I think it would be thrilling to see one, at a distance of course. One time I heard some commotion in the middle of the night, the sound was coming from the back area of my garage, I listened for a moment and the noise would stop just to resume a few minutes later, almost like a digging sound. Finally I decide to get out of bed and see what it could possibly be. I grabbed a flashlight and cautiously made my way to the garage, as I slowly turned the corner I could see something very large in the back area, very near to my freezer that I keep in the garage. My heart began to pound as whatever this thing was, it was huge. The moonlight shone through the garage windows just enough to visually make out a slight sloping forehead and from what I could tell the creature was very hairy, as the light shone on its fur like a cheap suit….I realized I had no weapon with me so I retreated back to house, when I came back it was gone, but strangely my freezer lid was left open. The next day my mother in law who was visiting us for the week gave me a hard time about not having anything to eat in the house, she said became hungry in the middle of the night and decided to rummage through my freezer for a midnight snack….this is the closest to date I have come to seeing a Sasquatch and it wasn’t pretty, in fact quite terrifying, it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up…

    • She only had one daughter and thankfully she was adopted, something about being lost in the wilderness as a child. Although there are some biological brothers to deal with, all look very similar to Richard Kiel.

    • I’m still waiting for the updated blog…I sometimes wonder if we “rag tag” folks end up being…well, hidden for the next few days so as not to scare away the visitors!

  3. NYT on the Clackamas shooter…


    …a close friend of the gunman also expressed shock and bewilderment that someone she remembered as so mild-mannered in many ways — never even raising his voice or getting angry through about 10 years of friendship — could have suddenly turned into a killer.

    Jaime Eheler, a friend who was living with Mr. Roberts in Portland, said she had no answers either.

    “I saw him yesterday, two or three hours before the shooting,” said Ms. Eheler, 26. “He said he was going to help a friend move. It was around noon. Something was off. There was a strange look in his eyes, like a stone-cold look. It was not him.”

    Mr. Roberts had no known prior criminal history, the authorities said. They said he had been a crime victim of some sort, but did not have more details. His Facebook page offered a mixture of the ordinary — he liked the Beatles, the Beastie Boys and the Pittsburgh Pirates — with hints of something darker.

  4. Beyond Belief … pay vid online with George Noory hosting


  5. Feliz Navidad?

    Anxieties rise as surge of tremors makes Navidad the shakiest town in Chile


  6. Someone set me straight here, please.

    No less than the lovely Peggy Marzulli herself reminded me on Russ’s FB page last week that apparently the fellas are headed out TODAY. I’d honestly forgotten that. Is the gang going to be down there until December 22 or some such?

    I wish I knew more details about what was planned for that trip. 🙂

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