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  1. After reading Jerry Robinson’s article on the real reason behind the Iraq and Afghan wars…http://ftmdaily.com/preparing-for-the-collapse-of-the-petrodollar-system-part-4/
    and then hearing Dietrich’s alternative view on Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor…I’m starting to think we don’t have a clue, not a clue as to what’s REALLY going on. It’s all behind the scenes. What we read in the newspapers or on the internet seems to be miles from the real truth (that we may not know for years).
    Which is one reason why I’ve always leaned toward a mid-trib position. I don’t think any of us will know when the antichrist signs any covenant deal. That will undoubtedly (in my mind, anyway) be behind the scenes, a backroom smoked-filled session with power brokers nobody’s ever heard of.
    It’s just not going to be that obvious. Certainly not as obvious as some biblical scenarios are laid out to be.
    Just my opinion.

  2. war and rumor of wars——————————————– BOOM!! May all believers be under the wing of God!!!

  3. How do we pray blessings on a mass murderer who’s near his breaking point and ready to take as many with him as he can?

    I pray Bashar Hafez al-Assad hasn’t completely given himself over to the rebel angels and their demon offspring. That in the best interest of Israel and by the lovingkindness of our Heavenly Father that Bashar Assad does not feel meglomania nor utter terror that he would lash out in desperation, nor complete indifference that he could call for mass murder against faceless families. That he look for a way to preserve his family and name in heartfelt repentance turning from mayhem, torture, and unmerciful death. That all communications with the rebel angels, their influence and manipulations of him and his staff and command be cut. That his sins be remitted and that he be able to see not only that God is willing to forgive him, but in justice that the Almighty is very aware who has real responsibility for the wicked things done at his hand, and will hold the actual prompters and promoters of murder, terror, and war responsible. He knows when we are used, no matter what the tribunals of this world judge.

    And that he truly experience the love of God eclipsing all else — in Yeshua’s Name, (even Jesus Christ, only begotten Son of the Most High God).

  4. For crying out loud, aren’t ‘we’ funding these so called rebels? Aren’t we training them to help get this despot out of there? Let us not forget the big picture written about in Pike’s letter to Mazzini: the third world war shall be between Christianism and Islam (and the Torah Jews smack dab in the middle).

    • Alan, You are 110% right. There is a video – ” Shocking: Infowars-video shows Syrian “REBELS” testing chemical weapons on rabbits”. This is why Ambassador Stevens and the other three were killed. Stevens was funneling Qaddafi’s weapons from Libya, for the Syrian “freedom fighters”. (including chemical weapons) Al Qaida plus other terrorists.

      Why is it that Americans can’t board a plane without being groped by perverts because Al Qaida might be in our pants; but over there, they are called “freedom fighters”; and WE ARE ARMING THEM!!!!!!!!!

      Who has more to gain by using chemical weapons? Assad??????? I don’t think so! However, if Assad gets killed or overthrown, because of a false-flag event involving chemical weapons that was blamed on him, who do you think will take his place? Here’s a hint – Egypt! Christians in Egypt are being crucified; among other things since Muslim Brotherhood came to power. Many of the 40,000 people in Syria that have been killed were Christians, and the “freedom fighters” have done most of the killing! Assad is not a saint, by no means, but you didn’t hear of Christians being killed before all of this started!

      The Obama administration has applauded what has taken place in Egypt, and have you heard them say a word about the killing of Christians there, in Nigeria, or anywhere else? No! I’m starting to see a pattern, here.

      Russia has made Syria it’s “red line” in the sand. Russia’s oil flow hinges on Syria. They have naval bases in Tartarus. If Assad is over-thrown and M. Brotherhood comes to power, all of that is at risk for Russia. Do you think they approve of what the US and NATO are doing? The US was warned by Putin REPEATEDLY before 9-11-12 to stop arming the rebels. The night Stevens was killed he had just had a meeting where he was told that their operation had been compromised. Russia had satellite images of rebels being trained to attach chemical weapons to rockets – in Turkey. That’s why soooooooo many lies have been told about Benghazi.

      The media, for the last few months, have thrown in a story; here and there, saying there is a concern that Assad will use Chemical weapons. All of that was just to plant the thought into the mind of the public. Then when “they” pulled off this false-flag event, Assad would be blamed and they would have the public backing to invade yet ANOTHER country!

      If all this takes place, it will be WWIII. Russia has too much at stake. China, also. Shouldn’t we be suspicious if it APPEARS that the US and NATO is doing the right thing??!!!!!!!! I hate to say it but, if the New World Order was a train; then the US is the locomotive. The power, driving it. I don’t say that with joy. It rocked my world when I started seeing through the lies and I had to come to grips with the fact that the picture I had painted of my country was just an illusion. It’s a very hard thing. God help us!

      I had decided a few weeks ago not to hang out here and I will not, but when I saw MORE of that PROPAGANDA being pushed on my Brothers and Sisters; I had to speak out. We get enough of that from the lame-stream media. It’s lies, people! Please understand if we invade Syria….It’s WWIII. Don’t get behind this lie. Pray and pray hard. Life will Never be the same if this happens and it’s ALL A LIE!


    • Ghillie, I left because if you think with YOUR OWN mind, here, and express YOUR OWN opinions, here; if they are not a carbon copy, you get attacked and accused of thinking you are “more spiritually enlightened” than everyone else!


    • UK’s Hague confirms ‘evidence’ of Syria chemical arms plans
      British Foreign Secretary William Hague says the UK and the US have seen evidence that Syria is preparing to use chemical weapons.

      Mr Hague told the BBC there was “enough evidence to know that they need a warning”.

      The foreign secretary did not give details, as he said the evidence had come from “intelligence sources”.

      evidence had come from “intelligence sources”.

      would be interesting to know……how can we forget what happned last time with these so called “intelligence sources”.
      Ever since the US-funded rebels started, well, rebelling, the US have stressed that if any chemical weapons are used then ‘a line will be crossed’. There could possibly be military action by Christmas by the US & UK

      The wheel turns….

    • Rolltide , hopefully I wasn’t doing that. I try not to post about the Rapture or the timeline of the Book of Revelation because the posts just go around and around and around…….. I have been known to accuse people of being Trolls or of being too denigrating [ this is hard to do without coming across as denigrating as well].

      I’m wondering if sometimes we can post comments and mark them as “No correspondence will be entered into regarding my post. Please read and think about but please don’t comment on”.

    • No, ghillie; it wasn’t you. Subject wasn’t rapture or timeline. I was just sharing some things that I feel that the Lord opened my eyes to and because it didn’t fit the mold, I was accused of considering myself spiritually superior that everyone else; and that is NOT true. If those people felt “intimidated”; I cannot help that. As long as I work out my salvation with fear and trembling and seek God to show me truth and not add or take away from His word, I’m gonna take HIS truth over someone else’ opinion EVERY time. The most popular way is not necessarily the right way. The Bible backs that up: “Straight is the gate and narrow the way, AND FEW THERE BE THAT FIND IT”. I look for edification; both incoming and outgoing, and if that isn’t happening, it’s somewhere I don’t need to be, and this is one of those places. I’m not perfect and no one else is neither, if we were, we wouldn’t need Jesus.

      The reason I jumped in today is because this is such a DIRE thing that is going on. People need to STOP this backing of evil lies that the media vomits up. This is WWIII we are talking about. Life on this planet will change drastically if this happens. Tens of millions are going to die because of a lie. Putting up a blog that would lead people to approve of war, and call for it, especially; a war based on a lie is just wrong. I just had to jump in and try to warn my Brothers and Sister… NOT to jump on this bandwagon.

      Blessings to you, ghillie. Pray, Pray, Pray!


    • Hello Rolltide , there are hideous things approaching for both saved and unsaved. Many times it’s not a matter of cheering for the arrival of doom but that the sooner these horrors occur, the sooner the Lord Jesus is coming back. I imagine that when everything starts to rapidly spiral into the abyss we will have fond thoughts of the present time as being a desirable “golden age”! When we’re inside the proverbial “cement mixer” the knowledge of the return of Jesus will cheer us even as we anticipate each successive calamity [ for as long as we survive that is] .

    • Hi, ghillie:Finding that Psalm 91 place in God is our ONLY hope. I want to press in to God as I never have. Yes, the sooner it all happens, the sooner we’ll see Jesus, and I am excited about that. But there STILL are people that I love that wouldn’t be ready if the evils of war came to our shores. For that, my heart breaks. Much prayer needed!

    • Rolltide, I hear the urgency in your post and with that I agree.

      I am torn however, and I vasilate back and forth about freaking out about it to the other spectrum of saying what ever will be will be.

      We know fearful horrible things are coming. If its not this scenerio you paint it would be a different one. The question is what do we do with that fear?

      You seem to have it right which is to press in to Jesus. The majority of the world will look to worldly sources to conquer their fears.

      That is the REAL tragedy. Not that WWIII is coming, but that so many people will be without a lifeboat when we hit that iceburg.

    • Hey Rolltide, sorry that you feel that you have to leave, because there are quite a few other Christian’s that know about what is going on with the New World Order and Syria.

      I too had the exact same thoughts when I started reading the news about Syria and Chemical weapons… My exact thoughts were, ” Great so when are the rebels going to launch of false flag”

      I wonder if there are any Satanic holiday’s that require a sacrifice around the corner or perhaps any days that align with numerology besides the obvious 12-12-12.

  5. while many of you watch things taking place on the ground a few of us watch whats going on in the air.

    We near a great judgement as i have never seen so many nor such vivid manifestations. These are some of the powers and principalities at work in the air above us and in broad daylight now. i suggest you guys look at this and if your still in doubt pray about it.

  6. This is some crazy birth pangs action here:


    They’re up to 500 dead and the typhoon has TURNED AROUND for a second strike. 😯

    This is something a Christian lady from the Phillippines wrote in response to this. Her words, not mine:

    “I guess that happened coz Phils. voted for PA. Ya… Its so sad coz its Christmas soon. ”

    Did you get that? She’s saying she thinks this is happening like this because they, like most of the rest of the world, voted in favor of the Palestinian State in the UN. The timing is a bit uncanny.

    Keep watching and praying, folks.

  7. With Syria in the news now and an imminant strike possible, it seems that the “Destruction of Damascus Prophecy” is near at hand. Question for all pre-tribulation rapture believers. When in this will the rapture occur? Will we the church see the destruction of Damascus or will we be already gone by then? I’ve studied alot about this over the last few years and am of the opinion that we may see it and then shortly thereafter… The trumpet blast and we all disappear. Either way, the rapture is near.

    • Either way… the unsaved whoooooos in whoville are all asnooze. Their puzzlers are not puzzling cause their all medicated on entertainment and other things. Sorry… just got done watching the Grinch steal christmas from everyone on T.V. Lol! One of my favorite classics.

    • And the Grinch, with his Grinch-feet ice cold in the snow, stood puzzling and puzzling, how could it be so? It came without ribbons. It came without tags. It came without packages, boxes or bags. And he puzzled and puzzled ’till his puzzler was sore. Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn’t before. What if Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store. What if Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more. 🙂

    • Matt… Lol! There ya go… I was trying to remember the rest of the grinch rhyms but could only remember the puzzler part.

      Ghillie… Would like your opinion on the timing of the rapture in relation to the destruction of Damascus and the Egyptian destruction prophecy in Ezekiel 29.

    • I still enjoy all those old Rankin/Bass produced Christmas specials. Rankin-Bass consistently made the most treasured and beloved holiday specials of all time.

    • Corey, I don’t comment much on here but a great article to read that gives us an indication of a timeline is by Bill Salus called “The War Before the Day of the Lord” @ http://www.prophecydepot.net/. the book of Zephaniah gives us some great insight as to the wars that will happen at least before the Great Tribulation begins.

    • Hi all!

      Strangely, I feel caught in a time warp… You all are watching Christmas movies while I read the internet news about impending WWIII and re-watch “The Road.”

  8. I saw a neat Christmas movie with my family tonight, geared for kids, “Arthur Christmas”. It was nice to just relax and see something “normal” for a change. Hugh Laurie (“House”) is one of the voices for this movie.

    About “false flag” or not coming up, I don’t have an opinion. How could I know? I am not privy to the medieval minds which plan such things. Help, Jesus, rescue your people from madmen.

    • Amen, Mariel! If those weapons get used, Assad will be blamed whether his guilty or not. Iran, the last nation on the 7 nation list that Clark said would be invaded post 9/11 will likely get sucked in and Russia and China will also get involved – WWIII. Putin has said repeatedly that if we invade Syria, they will take it as an attack on them.
      Russia has a lot at stake. You know it’s bad when Russia seems to be the “good guy”!

      Please realize… this will not be something that’s half-a-world away. Our country will be attacked ON OUR SHORES. This country will experience the evils of war IN REAL TIME. That’s why I’m saying to everyone: BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR – YOU JUST MIGHT GET IT! God Bless you, Mariel.


    • Mariel Strauss, yes I agree Arthur Christmas was a good movie, no doubt about it. There have been many movies over the years where Christmas must be saved from disaster, but I feel Arthur Christmas has a very creative take on it. This is a cliché, but Arthur Christmas follows the old Hollywood maxim of “you make them laugh, you make them cry.” It was filled with colorful, likable characters throughout that I ended up caring for despite their faults plus the film had an expertly played top notch voice cast which alos helped.
      Another good one for a family holiday film although not animated is called Christmas Miracle, its about, eight strangers that are forced to take refuge in an abandoned church during a storm due to an unforeseen road closure. During their time together, they learn from one another how to manage through various personal dilemmas, and that despite their differences; by working together they can make even the most unlikely miracles happen. The film is inspiring and an uplifting holiday film for all families because it proves that when love is lost, faith will show the way. God is there for us throughout many situations and even over the holidays. Have hope and faith. Christmas Miracle is in your local red box if you have one in your area, well worth 1.25 rental charge. Christmas is a great time of the year. The whole family comes together, children are excited, and joy fills the air. What better way to spend the festive season than seeing a family Christmas movie with your loved ones?

  9. LA I am supprised you dont see the truth of this as a psyop… the chem weapons are not in assads hands but in the usa black ops hands they will be the one useing them.
    Assad is not a fool he wouldnt use them if he did he knows he would die…. as it is he has an out in russia a safe place to run.
    It not even close to cool to help hitlery run her psyop man… not even kinda close…

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