So Much For Democracy!

Handout photo of CBS Correspondent Lara Logan in Cairo's Tahrir Square, moments before she was assaultedCommentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

Terror: CBS Correspondent Lara Logan described her assault by a mob in Tahrir Square as being ‘raped with their hands’. This photo was taken moments before the attack

Muslim Brotherhood ‘paying gangs to go out and rape women and beat men protesting in Egypt’ as thousands of demonstrators pour on to the streets 
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Magda Adly, the director of the Nadeem Centre for Human Rights, said that under Mubarak, the Government paid thugs to beat male protestors and sexually assault women.

‘This is still happening now,’ she told The Times. ‘I believe thugs are being paid money to do this … the Muslim Brotherhood have the same political approaches as Mubarak,’ she said.

The photo above is of CBS reporter Lara Logan who was molested by a group of men, in Tahrir Square, Egypt, during the Arab Spring.  This is what happens there.  You are beaten, raped or molested.  This is what the Arab Spring has brought to Egypt.  This photo was taken at the nascent beginnings of the Arab Spring as Hosni Mubarak was being deposed.  Now, a year and a half later, it is the Moslem Brotherhood which has seized the reigns of power.  When the Arab Spring first began I pointed out there would be no democracy, but we would see Sharia law.  With the passing of the new constitution which is based on Sharia,  the Egyptian people are once again demonstrating in Tahrir Square, because some of them do not want Sharia to become the law of the land.
Morsi EgyptMorsi EgyptThe Egyptian people have gone from one dictator to another, as president-elect Morsi, continues to grab as much power as he possibly can.

(Protest: liberal opponents of President Morsi took to the streets yesterday angry at his decision to grant himself sweeping new powers)

I would point out that if I were living in Egypt I would flee the country, as Christians under Sharia law will be discriminated against and more than likely churches burned and pastors killed.

(This is what is happening in Nigeria) Nigeria Islamists slaughter 10 Christians in north

AFP: Nigeria Islamists slaughter 10 Christians in north

Ten Christians had their throats slit and militants killed two police officers during attacks on churches and border posts in a fresh wave of violence in northern Nigeria, officials reported Sunday.

In closing todays Post:  The Egyptian people are at a crossroads.  It appears Sharia law will become the law of the land and when it does, say goodbye to any form of democratic government.  Women will be repressed, Christians will  be regarded as Dhimmi, or second class citizens, and the chant of To Jerusalem we go, martyrs in the millions, will echo in Tahrir Square.

The Egyptian people have more than likely lost the chance to become a model of a new Arab state, in the Middle East. They have chosen Morsi and the Moslem Brotherhood and it appears that anyone who stands in their way is beaten or raped.  The Egyptian people have chosen a harsh Pharoah and he is ruling with an iron fist, so much for Democrcay!

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Son of Hamas: ‘Time to expose Muhammad’

Son of Hamas: ‘Time to expose Muhammad’ – YouTube


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Unusual activity at Syrian chemical weapons sites amid rumors Assad is dead or fled

Unusual activity at Syrian chemical weapons sites amid rumors Assad is dead or fled


Monster Sinkholes An Indication That Major Earth Changes Are Coming Along The New Madrid Fault?

100 thoughts on “So Much For Democracy!

  1. Crazy times. I, too, wonder why people sta,,y in these countries with so much violence in the air. Surely if being a Christian really mattered, leaving alive would be ok to yet minister another day.

    Surely reporters would know the dangers they face, especially being women and an
    American who everyone in these Muslim countries love to hate.

    • Kinda reminds me of a comedian years ago who was doing a bit about charity for third world countries and said, “Don’t send food, send luggage, it is crazy to live there” 🙂

    • It would be so hard to leave everything and everybody you’ve every known. Where would you go? Israel takes you if you’re Jewish, but there’s no where that does that for Christians. Seems like the reality of being able to move for most of those poor people is non-existent. God has a way of using believers where they are for a higher purpose than we usually understand.

      As for the reporters, they’re just stupid and deserve what they get.

    • Yes that was stupid and naive of the reporters, but nobody deserves that. I’ll give you the benefit of doubt that was just a figure of speech and you didn’t really mean that.

      What I think we saw was a demonically inspired fury whipped up in a mob to act out their lawless lustful desires. I don’t support the immodest attire we see in the US, but the other end of the spectrum is men who require no self control, because they are never challenged with temptations and therefore as soon as the opportunity arises they turn into animals.

      I saw the 60 minutes interview. They were held in check by the camera. As soon as the battery died, someone said in Arabic “let’s take her pants off.” It happens that quickly. Evil in the heart is just looking for opportunity. It’s why Jesus challenges us to consider the root of sin starts in the heart, because behind a sinful heart is lurking a sinful action.

    • Nope, Hopeful. I meant it. Unfortunately, life has some hard lessons, and this could have been a lot worse – ask women who live there who DON’T deserve that kind of treatment. That report knew the risks, but as most liberal females, obviously was willing to accept them to show the world that women are equal to male reporters and exerted her “right” to be there. I’m sick of it.

  2. Here’s yet another shot against what little is left of American sovereignty or at least the pretense of it:

    Senate to Vote on UN Treaty, GOP and Critics Slam Threat to U.S.

    The U.S. Senate is set to vote on the ratification of a deeply controversial United Nations treaty on disabled people, dubbed the UN “Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities” (UN CRPD), which critics say represents a serious threat to American sovereignty and certain unalienable rights…

    Click link for full article.

    • Thanks, Eric for reporting on the UNCRPD. Tomorrow is the final vote, so please call your senators!!! I have a disabled child and I have been calling every day and the offices do keep a tally of votes. The votes are EXTREMELY close–within 3 senate votes to pass and you can bet Senator Reid and his cronies will be trying to wrestle out a final vote today.

      This treaty will give the UN rights to interfere in parental decisions, such as therapy, medical decisions, and even educational choices such as home schooling or private schools. Supporters claim it will be based on American disability law, but if you read the treaty, nowhere does it list American or U.S. disability law, ADA or IDEA. The language is broad and vague and about anything could be applied. This is an extremely dangerous treaty and if it passes, you can bet the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child will be next up for ratification. This treaty will allow government to interfere with parental rights for ALL American children. Our parental rights are in the cross hairs and I strongly urge everyone to call their senators TODAY.

    • I hope I have not broken any blog rules here urging people to call their senators. This has been on my heart for quite awhile and I have actually traveled to my own senator’s office to encourage him to vote against the treaty. Originally, the senator’s office was extremely supportive of the treaty and I was very surprised he decided to vote against this treaty during the last vote. I have wanted to write in about this and was not sure how to do this in a socially sensitive manner. I have been very encouraged the UN CRPD (so far) has not passed after the election and it is nice to see the Democrats getting a run for their money here. I just hope and pray the treaty fails again tomorrow. Please stay in prayer for this if you feel led. Thank you!

    • its another nazi like culling about to take place except this one will be world wide. The only difference is this one isnt just about race its also going to throw in spirituality and those that are involved in religion instead of a personal relationship with the GOD that made them.

  3. You leap into a snake pit you can expect to get bitten. These thugs that committed these horrible acts on Lara Logan are so far down the evolutionary scale, they make amoeba look like Einstein. When the news broke on the savage attack on Lara Logan I wondered why in the world would CBS sent her to report in such a hotspot? Did they wrongly presume she would be safe from the volatile crowds (majority Muslim males) because she is a woman? The media seems to have a bloodlust to be ‘first with the story’ to the point that safety takes a back seat. CBS should not have sent any female journalist to Egypt at this time of lawlessness in that country…I believe that she had been spotted, and marked, by these thugs who attacked her. As it has been reported: “she and her team had been detained, just a few days, prior to this attack.” And, she was allegedly warned: “to leave the country, and not return.” So, taking all that into consideration, it appears that she was a marked woman. When will they get it through their thick skulls, these Muslim radicals are worse than animals and can’t be reasoned with, you would be safer in the middle of the Congo reporting on Gorillas, which seem to have a higher IQ then these Muslim thugs.

    • there is no evolution, they are they are corrupted, misled dogs that prefer vomit. just keep praying. maybe our witness will change a heart or two.

    • I know, it was a figure of speech. I was wondering how long it would take to be chided about that comment here…lol However, blic, come to my neighborhood and I will personally take you on a tour and show you why there is a strong argument for evolution.

      By he way is the guy in the hoodie in the back of the pic Egypt’s answer to Jon Lovitiz?

    • Jane Goodall does not have to go on her safaris anymore… She can camp few a nights around my house…she will have tons of data to calculate, it amazing to see chimps in their natural habitat, it quite a sight.

    • hahaha, lol. yes, he is the spittin’ image, yeah that’s the ticket “you misbegotten son of an asp!” ;-).

    • Well said, Matt!

      And this mindset, this evil is being openly invited to take root on our shores. The fact that this POTUS was re-elected or should I say, re-enthroned knowing that he bows before the leaders of this animal mindset completely mystifies me. It is the only proof we need that we have literally given the soul of America to The Beast of HELL itself!!

    • I hope this comment is taken properly, but it will probably be misunderstood.

      What we see before us in Islam and their animalistic base desires coming out in mob form is demonic and evil at its worst However, I believe very very strongly that this rising tide of evil is done with purpose and deception. The evil men are pawns for a “higher” purpose beyond their bloodlust and sexual lust.

      The angel of light needs a CRUSADE to unite the world. Faced with such evil, the moderate west will gladly comply.

  4. 1.) How can I follow the blog without having to post a reply?

    2.) I’m reading Steve Quayle’s book on giants but am having a very difficult time getting past the gap theory between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2. Are there those who understand fallen angels/Genesis 6 who don’t present it as being linked to that gap?

    • I haven’t read SQ’s book, and think I have a basic general understanding of fallen angels. I am open to the possibility of the Gap Theory but don’t think it’s necessary to understand the issues of fallen angels, Nephilim, and giants.

      What particularly bothers you: what is it about fallen angels/Nephilim/giants that seems impossible to explain without resorting to the Gap Theory? Maybe we can come up with some answers.

    • this should help greatly. best i’ve heard!!!

      After decades of looking into this topic, especially regarding the giants, no one, Heiser included, has done a more thorough examination of the topic. Anyone who watches these videos, will likely be surprised at the LARGE number Scripture references to giants. There is very little extra-Biblical information used.

      Pt 1
      Pt 2
      Pt 3

    • I don’t have any problems with giants/nephilim; I have a problem with the gap theory. Excuse me for not making that point clear. I’ve read debates on both sides of that issue for a long time, and believe the evidence falls in favor of there not having been a gap. I am wondering if “everybody” who teaches about fallen angels/nephilim supports the gap? Are there other opinions that don’t include the necessity of a gap?

      It seems that believers who accept the gap theory do so mainly in an effort to reconcile creation and evolution. I haven’t been able to find anything that specifically addresses a Genesis 1:1 earth that was originally inhabited only by angels. I seem to be stuck in the middle here not knowing whether to go backwards or forwards and hoping someone can help me get out of this maze..

    • LookingUp, “caffeine depletion” Happens to the best of us :þ
      But for Blic I think he has a Bud Heiser problem. 😦

    • LookingUp,

      Genesis 1:1-2
      In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. 2 The earth was formless and void, and darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was moving over the surface of the waters.

      Lets say that I took some soil and created some clay and that’s all it was, a lump of clay, without any particular shape or use, so I took it and formed/created a bowl. No gap, just the process to the final creation, a bowl.

      Read it again, without the ‘gap theory’ in mind. See if you can understand it like this, God created the heavens and the earth and the earth was barren, empty it lacked life, a huge lump of nothing, uninhabited by life of any kind. So He created life in all forms, plant, man and animal.

      As for Genesis 6 being linked to Genesis 1:1-2, I don’t understand it that way. Over fifteen hundred years passed from the creation of Adam and the time of Noah in Genesis 6. It was after mankind had inhabited the earth that the fallen angels came down on Mt Hermon. I’m trying to understand what you’re looking for, I hope you find this helpful.


    • Looking Up: A couple days ago you’d asked me if I knew about Quayle’s books. I don’t know if you saw my answer and in case you didn’t here’s what I wrote:


      ^^ Highly recommend that package right there.

      I have a couple of minor quibble/disagreements with Quayle on a few of his ideas but overall I can still give the thumbs up. Well researched. Lots of food for thought.

      Also recommend this: “″

      Pastor Hoggard did one heck of a Giants video series here. He used NOTHING but the King James Bible. Pretty incredible.

      These are what Blic linked to. WELL worth everyone’s time.

      You don’t need the Gap Theory to understand fallen angels and Nephilim at all. 🙂

      The Gap Theory is interesting and I see some good arguments for it and I “get” the concept but I ultimately reject it.

      I’m firmly in the “only evolution needs a Big Bang and millions of years” camp and I can refer anyone to ministries like Answers In Genesis, for example, that can explain in detail with both Scriptures and science how and why that is with far more justice than I could ever do it here.

      Gap Theory assumes “old Earth” so it all goes hand in glove for me. I simply don’t agree with it. I don’t think it’s the kind of issue where people should fight about it or “dis-fellowship” or anything like that.

      For ALL that…if you can “take it for what it’s worth” you’ll still get a lot of those Quayle books. 🙂

    • Thanks, Michael. That’s the way I understand it, too. From what I understand so far, Quayle says that (Step 1) “in the beginning” the earth was inhabited by angels based pretty much on Ezekiel 28:11-13, and it was perfect. (Step 2) Satan rebelled, and (Step 3) the earth paid the consequences as part of God’s judgment of that rebellion, and BECAME formless and void. Then the best I can figure, it kinda sat around for a while or something until God decided to go to Plan B.

    • How is it that no one ever considers the possibility that there may have been Female Nephilims. Are we to think that those who occupied the land of Canna consisted of men only. They are referred as the sons of Anak in Numbers13:33.

      It is further stated verse 32 (all the people whom we saw in it are men of great size) the original denotes (people and men) in the neutral gender, indicative that the people of great size were male and female and as such could copulate in order to populate the land.

      It is obvious that these nephilims had been there for a lengthy period of time, possibly centuries

    • Thanks, Eric. I did see your reply, but then the comments got closed and I lost everything. I’ll check out the links.
      I can live with this answer and go onward through the book. I’m a little disappointed, because I have a brother-in-law that I would like to give it to, but he’s a borderline “christian evolutionist,” and I’m afraid it would lure him farther down that sinkhole.

    • Also adding to my previous comment Are we to think that (those mighty men of old,men of renown) Gen6:4 abstained from sexual intercourse with women and produced offsprings?.

    • Lou, I always assumed the Nephilim were of both genders … if not in the first generation from the fallen angels, then certainly in subsequent generations. And I do believe the descendants kept breeding, and that the fallen angels were only around on certain occasions (at least once before the Flood, and at least once after the Flood).

      The alternative to that (we do know that Noah was perfect in all his generations) would be that Goliath & co. were descended from a few bad genes in either Noah’s wife or one or more of the daughters-in-law. And I don’t think that works.

      The question of female Nephilim depends on where the fallen angels got their DNA: if the fallen angels had actual DNA of their own, then it’s quite possible they had no X chromosome, and could only sire male offspring. But if they materialized into bodies of flesh for which they created DNA from scratch (which I think would have been within their capability), there could certainly be female offspring.

      If the descendants of fallen angels could only be male, they’d eventually run out of wives….

      As to the stories (and bones) of giants in other parts of the world … it’s interesting that they all died out, while the normal-sized locals survived. How’d that happen, I wonder? Of course, the Israelites killed all the giants in the Middle East.

      It does seem that the Generation Two giants were weaker than the Generation One Nephilim. What made the difference?

    • More corrupted genes? I don’t know. I’m new to all of this. However, I thought God is the only One with the ability to create.

    • hey ya’ll, not sure what to rebutt. i like heiser took language class with him. don’t really care about the gap theory. maybe not using extra biblical books?
      hoggard shows ya don’t need em.’ no jubilees, no enoch, or jasher, or comet and blitzen either.

    • since i believe there are female holy angels male angels can passx type chromosomes. i think isis, and medusa are female nephillim.

    • Blic; Angels are the Sons of God! No female gender when it comes to Sons. God is Father.. Male gender, created Adam, Male gender.. Jesus Male gender (made a little lower than the angels) Heb2:7 begotten of the Father.. Why would angels be any different?

      There are no female angels.

    • then explain zec 5:9-11

      Then lift I vp mine eyes, and looked, & behold, there came out two women, and the winde was in their wings (for they had wings like the wings of a storke) and they lift vp the Ephah betweene the earth and the heauen. 10 Then saide I to the Angel that talked with me, Whither do these beare the Ephah? 11 And he said vnto mee, To build it an house in the land of Shinar, and it shall be established, and set there vpon her owne base.

      they are not demonic because they do God’s will. they are differentiated as angels who did not talk to him.

  5. Israel Asked Jordan for Approval to Bomb Syrian WMD Sites

    He went on to provide context of the Israeli request: “You know the Israelis — sometimes they want to bomb right away. But they were told that from the Jordanian perspective, the time was not right.” The Israeli requests were made in the last two months, communicated by Mossad intermediaries dispatched by Prime Minister Netanyahu’s office, according to these sources. (I asked the Israeli embassy in Washington for comment on this, but received no answer.)


    • Atta boy Blic on the Mike Hoggard recommendation! He really knows his KJV inside and out. Seriously, Pastor Mike has an incredible spiritual insight concerning lining up and correlating scripture with topics discussed here such as alien agendas, nephilim/giants, prophecy, etc., again, all from a biblical perspective. Many of you here may have exposure to him on PITN.

    • No Gap Theory in that 6 hours that I can recall. It was all about Giants and Nephilim.

      As for the subject of this thread: I’ve never forgotten the weapons stockpile in Syria. Hadn’t heard about it for a few weeks.

    • US, Israel, Turkey, Jordan primed to strike if Assad activates chemical weapons

      Very interesting especially the last part of the article is there a hidden message here?

      “In Istanbul, meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin told reporters at the end of his one-day visit: “What we are concerned about is Syria’s future. We don’t want the same mistakes to be repeated in the near future.” He went on to say: “We shall remember how some regimes supported the militants in Libya and how the situation ended with the killing of the American ambassador in Libya.”
      This was meant by the Russian president as a warning to the US not to get involved in the Syrian crisis as it did in Libya.”


  6. So I’m listening live to Obama talk about lost nukes, and of course it’s not on yet although it was to start 4 pm EST, and they have a hot microphone at the WH, and the guy is rolling the f-bombs off his tongue, the phone rings. he answers and says, ‘oh yea, I got it’ and hits the mute button!!!! Lol, these people are pathetic. So much for our democracy here in the USA

    • Goes along with what you posted here at least in terms of theme:

      Hungarian Jews Called “National Security Risk

    • The first clip was on CNN in 2005. Any idea why it’s showing up now, or what happened to their lawsuit?

      Avi Mizrachi has pastored a Messianic congregation in Tel Aviv for decades and has never had any serious problems with the Ultra Orthodox. Definitely need prayer.

  7. Listen to Blog radio with Kenneth, John and Cathy last night, ummm, LA you were great as usual, after that it got kind of bizarre. Praise Jesus.

    • Man,blic, I was thinking the same thing…didnt want to say anything, but it seemed as if they were transmitting from some hippy commune like my buddies from REZ band. Listening to them was like going into a time machine during the 70s Jesus movement. It was entertaining though. To be honest I wondered if they could possibly be high on something. I finally got too creped out and turned it off and put on Coast….when you trump Coast on the creep factor you have seriously outdid yourself.

  8. im not entirely sure but i believe jim wilhemsen’s site has some detailed videos hes made discussing the gap theory… although you might have to watch a few theyre all great. I believe chuck missler has a teaching on it as well i ran across on youtube a cpl years ago, but again im not sure just check for yourself.

  9. This is for Matt and others likely appalled about 7 million puppy mummies in the tomb of anubis in Egypt.


    Would they go to that much effort without some compulsion or pay-off?
    Blood sacrifice to draw anubis (rebel angel) to those willing to controlled by him (it).

    Could be the same “territorial prince” as in Cairo, behind the molestation, rape, and mayhem.
    Like berith showing up in multiple states on Richard Grund’s SRT missions.

    The point is to bind it (anubis) and cut off the communication between the enemy angel (or any others) and the “brotherhood.”
    That means the tomb — the one with 7 million puppy sacrifices — is charged just like chitzen itza.

    Saqqara Egypt is likely a place for rituals on 12-21-12. We need prayer interdiction directed there in authority now and then.
    Anubis is also god of the dead like kulkulkan / quetzalcoatl. The site is a necropolis outside ancient Memphis.

    I suspect that the “sifting” satan wanted to do to Peter would have fractured his personality that then can be separately demonically assaulted if not taken over and possessed. So bringing humans to the ritual site sets them up for MPD and being taken over by even legions of demons. It could be worse… concerning opening dimensional gates. Or closing them, like Jacob’s Ladder being controlled at the dome of the rock on the temple mount.

    The point is to disrupt enemy interaction with their minions.

    That’s the working theory. It would take those like Faithfulelect to confirm — possibly by discernment at an actual ritual site or high place.

  10. About those sinkholes:

    The Louisiana sinkhole is such a problem only because it’s above a salt dome, particularly a salt dome that was in use as this one was (i.e. not a salt dome in its original and more stable state).

    That sinkhole has nothing whatsoever to do with the New Madrid Seismic Zone — no more than did the whole Lake Peigneur salt dome disaster. Take a look at the Lake Peigneur disaster to learn about the peculiar geology of salt domes:
    “” (9 min. of video from the A&E documentary; these vids tend to disappear as soon as they’re posted, for violation of copyright)

    The salt dome will not affect the New Madrid Seismic Zone, and — barring an 8-something quake — the New Madrid Seismic Zone will not affect Louisiana salt domes. As far as we know, the 1811-12 quakes didn’t mess up any Louisiana salt domes.

    The first I heard of the Ohio sinkhole was a Facebook post that someone traced back to a woman who feels she’s an expert on disasters and likes to scare folks needlessly. From the bit I saw — reposted who knows how many times — she used the same USGS map that’s in the article, and claimed the size of the new sinkhole in Ohio (several hundred miles from the New Madrid), combined with the months-old in Louisiana, pointed to a 7-point quake on the New Madrid within 24 hours — apparently anywhere in the red area on the map! Needless to say, people in the Midwest were fearful — some near panic.

    By the way, the red areas on the map (plural: note the small red spot in Southern California) actually compare the areas which experienced damage from two old quakes in different parts of the country. I’ve seen similar maps online.

    The Ohio sinkhole, it turns out, had a simple and definitely non-EQ-related cause:

    The collapse occurred when Newton Asphalt Paving Inc. employees, who were dredging sand and gravel from the company’s pond near Bair Road, got too close to the edge of the pond.

    Because the dredging was too close to the edge, the toe of the slope started collapsing into the water, and it continued collapsing around to the Route 516 side. In a few minutes, the collapse extended more than 100 feet, MacAdam said.

    The area is primarily sand and gravel and yields a fine grade of sand, he added.

    So this is a reminder not to build our houses on sand. And also a reminder to watch out for weird stuff online.


    Unfortunately, there are now indications that the fault zone is becoming more active as a recent Examiner article explained…

    “Tuesday evening, two shallow earthquakes, although small, were felt in Mt. Carmel, Ill. as well as five miles outside Edmond, Okla. Illinois had the largest at 3.6 magnitude, leaving Oklahoma with a smaller 2.9 magnitude quake as reported by the USGS.

    “The fact that both of these quakes were shallow and follow on the heels of Kentucky’s 4.3 just 10 days ago makes the questions begin to fly. Is the New Madrid waking up?”

    First of all, is not an authoritative source. It’s like Wikipedia: could be correct info … could be total hogwash.

    Second, shallow quakes cause more damage than deeper quakes of similar magnitude, simply because damage is worse closer to the epicenter (doesn’t make any difference if you’re measuring down or sideways). However, shallow quakes are not indicative of more quakes to follow, despite all the bad info on the Internet.

    A very misleading sentence says the two small Nov. 20 quakes were felt in both Mt. Carmel IL (SE IL) and in Edmond, OK.

    Wow! Such small quakes, felt so far apart. Sounds bad!

    Luckily it wasn’t true.

    These maps show where the quakes were actually felt: they were not both felt in any location. The IL quake wasn’t felt any farther south than (roughly) Carbondale, and the OK quake wasn’t felt outside Oklahoma at all. (In fact, the gap between the closest areas where the quakes were felt is about 400-500 miles wide.)

    Was that sensationalizing, or merely bad writing? Well, it’s

    The IL quake was located in the Wabash Seismic Zone. Here you can see a map that shows the New Madrid and Wabash Seismic zones:
    The red dots are quakes larger than 2.5 between 1974 and 2002 — so you can see that long before’s worries, there were plenty of small and medium-sized quakes in those zones. And outside those zones.

    It’s certainly a good idea for folks in the eastern half of the country to know about the potential for a life-changing quake on the New Madrid. For several decades, officials in that area have done all they could to avoid the issue, including decades of delay in bringing buildings, bridges, and other structures up to the necessary codes. The area will be devastated by any major quake.

    However, the quake in eastern KY Nov. 10 had nothing to do with the New Madrid, and it is both sensationalizing and just plain wrong to suggest that.

    • Ok, guess no one has heard of them. 70s, 80s Christian music, or what there was of it back then. I use to search for decent Christian bands and most of them were horrible back then. Only a few were worth listening to.

    • i remember them matt. i’m just trying to stay away from any type of r&r because of it’s satanism. even with holy lyrics r&r has those satanic drum patterns and backbeat that empowers and manifests entities.

    • ahhhh really? Then I guess im doomed. I agree some Christian rock is trash and nothing but a cover to draw the youth in, but Rez band has lead many to Christ so if that is Satan’s work he must be P. O.’d

    • I don’t think drums are evil, depends on who is playing them,,Im sure they had some kind of drums when Jesus walked the earth, in fact he might have even been a fan of drumming, there is no way to know for sure. If you single out drums then you might as well include wind instruments and guitars, key instruments, i mean where does it end? There are several instrumentalist that praise God through their work, they don’t have to belt out “the old rugged cross” for it to bless and touch someone,,,God can work through instrumental music just as much as singing if the person playing it has the gift of praise and worship.

  11. I am going totally off topic here and I don’t care….. 🙂
    I am so amazed at the good hearts that meet on this blog and one in particular is truly proof of Hebrews 13:2. I am speechless with love and gratitude. May God bless and keep you, dear friend!

    • Don’t sweat going off topic Elaine, I seem to do that on a consistent basis and the # 1 offender in that regard, although not my intention…I’m thankful LA has patience with me…

    • Well if you are going to go off topic my friend, so am I. I just wanted to tell you Elaine how inspiring your story of the miraculous recovery of your son is. Thank you so much for lifting our spirits in these dark days. Our King is amazing.

  12. This video ties in with the subject last night on Coast to Coast.
    “Founder of End Time Ministries, Rev. Irvin Baxter, discussed biblical prophecy, and why he believes many signs are in place that were foretold in the Book of Revelation. “A war is coming that will kill 1/3 of mankind– 2.3 billion human beings,” he warned, adding that the Bible says that the war will start from the Euphrates River (which runs through Turkey, Syria, Iran, and Iraq, countries that currently have much tension). “I will be shocked if we don’t see this war in 2013, but that’s not a prediction, because I don’t know,” he declared. In the event of such a catastrophic war, the surviving populace might be willing to accept a microchip implant in the name of a security, Baxter noted, and this would likely be the prophesied “Mark of the Beast”
    Baxter believes that the Antichrist is alive now, and that he will eventually be possessed by Satan. He will then try to realize his ambition– having everyone on Earth worship him through forcing them to pledge their allegiance to him or they won’t be able to buy or sell– “that’s what the Mark of the Beast is all about,” he said. Whoever is the Pope during the time of the Antichrist will be known as the “False Prophet,” the last Pope, he continued.
    During the time of the Antichrist, there’ll be a one-world government, one-world religion, and one-world economy– this “Master Plan of the Dragon” was launched 100 years ago with the start of the Federal Reserve, Baxter stated. He also spoke about how current events could be strong indicators of prophecy, such as turmoil in the Middle East, as well as his planned Jerusalem Prophecy College”

    • Irvin Baxter is confused about so many things. For example, he says that we’ve already been through the first five trumpet judgments and started experiencing the 6th Trumpet several years ago, BUT the 7-year-trib is yet to come. He also predicted that the Two Witnesses would be revealed in Israel last year.

      That indicates a false prophet to me.

    • Agreed. Recommend steer clear.



    • Again, had no idea who he was till last night on Coast…was a decent show however.
      Anyone find out what was wrong with Noory a few nights ago?

    • Ouch, yeah I think I heard him say that the other night…thankfully Linda Moulton Howe was on the next night and she usually enjoys taking over the show. George usually can’t get a word in edge wise with her. I emailed Noory one time she was on and asked him if he takes a nap or leaves the studio when she is the guest. I don’t think she even takes a breath. So she was a good guest for him to have on his first night back, he didn’t have to say much. Maybe an “uh huh”, every 30 minutes. Rob Simone was good fill in but his monotone voice seems like its best suited for a middle of the night DJ at some R&B quiet storm station.

  13. Democracy is a Gentiile Ideosolgy, It is not a Christian or Jewish Ideologyl

    We’re coming t0 the ending of two bblical ages. The end of th church age and the ending of “the Times of the Gentiles” Age.

    The present Fiscal Negogiations are simply to bring in the “One New World Money System” is my underatanding.

    This is Acdg to Bible Prohecy only. This doesn’t matter if you like it or not.

  14. Apparently there is a UN climate conference/Internet regulation meeting going on in Qatar now also. This was all I found on a Google search, but maybe someone else can find more info. This article only seems to cover the climate part of it. Nice to know the media isn’t covering this either… I’m signing off for the night. Here’s the link:


  15. Debra, I thought so too. They were considered radical back then…they came out of some hippy commune in Chicago. The singer and the guitar player were a married couple. It was the hardest rock you could find in Christian music at back then and since I came out of heavy metal it was my only option at the time. They were not heavy metal though just rock, but then could jam pretty good, vocals on the other hand lacked a bit. I took an unsaved friend to their concert one time and they had an alter call and he gave his life to Christ, so that was pretty cool.

  16. I viewed the YouTube video posted today, on “Son of Hamas” and I continue to be confused about his position. I’m wondering if this video from Walid Shoebat’s site might shed some light on this issue.
    I’m just being watchful. It seems we are surrounded on every side and things are getting weirder and weirder…

  17. BBC BREAKING! NIBIRU EVIDENCE? – Has anyone seen any further evidence of what maybe a brown dwarf star in our solar system?

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