Acceleration Radio: Pastor Mike McClung – Occult Roots of Nazi Germany!

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Pastor Mike McClung will discuss his trip to Germany’s Wewelsburg Castle:

Lionheart Restoration Ministries

He imbued the SS, therefore, not only with a sense of racial superiority but with the hard virtues of loyalty, comradeship, duty, truth, diligence, honesty and knighthood. His SS, as the elite of the party, was the elite of the German Volk, and therefore the elite of the entire world. By establishing castles of the order to indoctrinate SS members in his ideals, he hoped to breed a New Man, “far finer and more valuable than the world had yet seen.”

Wewelsburg Castle near Paderborn, Germany – Heinrich Himmler’s SS castle


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In Other News: Tracking the Birth Pains!

Is Egypt about to become the new Iran?

Is Egypt about to become the new Iran? – Telegraph Blogs


U.N. set for implicit recognition of Palestinian state, despite U.S., Israel threats

U.N. set for implicit recognition of Palestinian state, despite U.S., Israel threats | Reuters


Bombs kill 30 in Iraq Shi’ite cities

Bombs kill 30 in Iraq Shi’ite cities | Reuters


Cash crisis, Arab ferment threaten Jordan’s stability

Insight: Cash crisis, Arab ferment threaten Jordan’s stability | Reuters


Israelis will flee occupied Palestinian lands in next war: Hamas

PressTV – Israelis will flee occupied Palestinian lands in next war: Hamas


Crowd Chants ‘Hail Obama’

Crowd Chants ‘Hail Obama’ – Barack Obama – Fox Nation


Guatemala volcano erupts

Watch the video – Finance New Zealand

37 thoughts on “Acceleration Radio: Pastor Mike McClung – Occult Roots of Nazi Germany!

  1. I think this will be an interesting show as there is quite a bit of obfuscation of the occult practices of nazi Germany. It’s tentacles spread even though they were defeated after WWII.

  2. Eager for show time! Sounds like it will be some of the stuff covered by Joseph Farrell but with a pastor!!!!! Should be amazing.

    • I was thinking the same on the ‘better watch out’, Eric. I wonder what ‘natural’ disasters will befall, and how long it will be? I wonder if another quake will hit D.C.? Italy? Wow, the odds are better than winning the lottery. I also wish the UN would move to Gaza.(snicker,snicker)

    • Maybe when the East Coast disappears, they will move to Europe. And maybe Obama will threaten to cut off funding if the UN approves a Palestine state. Probably not.

    • It looks like these were actually fetuses found in 1922, believed to be unborn babies (children of King Tut.


  3. 911 Caller Reports Bigfoot (This is a real phone call made from a house in Kitsap Peninsula,Washington State in 1990) (This clip is rated PG)

    My whole life I’ve wanted to go out there and discover the existence myself. After hearing this tape, without any howls, or visuals, just putting myself in that position freaked me out, and I don’t scare easily. I’ve been interested in Bigfoot ever since I was little but this just gives me the chills when he says “He’s looking at me!” This makes me seriously doubt my abilities to carry out this adventure successfully.
    Something tells me, we as people are better off just letting them be themselves in the wilderness. Eye witnesses claim 8 to 10 + feet tall? And lighting speed to boot?! Just stay in the forest!

  4. This is entirely off topic, but it is something I just heard about today through an email. It is extremely relevant to what is happening to our loss of freedoms and another attack against a Christian business. The first link is to the letter sent by the CEO of Hobby Lobby. The second link is about the Hobby Lobby lawsuit. These two links tell the whole story of where we are under “Obamacare”!



    God bless us all!


  5. Last night’s C2C show was bizarre. This guy who at first sounded like a believer talking about the Ark ends up being (after checking out his web site) a Tarot card-reading New Ager.
    Not only that, but he’s clearly mixing up the Ark with the Mercy Seat. (Chuck Missler believes the Seat is in present-day Ethiopia.)
    Much discernment needed for those shows. The guy was so “enthusiastic” when he spoke of the Ark as a “device” used for time travel and such. It reminded me that as believers, we shouldn’t “cloak” our vernacular in hip terminology if the end product is confusion as to where we stand.
    Jesus is Jesus…not some cosmic traveler.

    • Hi, Lynne. There was a major blow up on here last week about this guy. Right about words, too. Satan’s has always been a master manipulator of them.

    • “It reminded me that as believers, we shouldn’t “cloak” our vernacular in hip terminology if the end product is confusion as to where we stand.”

      kinda why i’m so adamant about using only the 1611 KJV bible. when we bend and compromise we lose.

    • I agree, blic, as far as not using Bibles that are interpretations like the Living Bible, NIV, The Message, etc. Like the KJV, translated versions, i.e. New American Standard, are also translations from the Hebrew, Greek and Aramic manuscripts. There is no bending or compromising but translations based on the most current understanding of the original words through advances in linguistic scholarship and archeological discoveries like the Dead Sea Scrolls. Even the KJV was updated with the NKJV on that basis and to make it reflect current English instead of the older English.

      I usually use the NASB for study along with Strong’s concordance, OT Wordbooks, and Hebrew and Greek lexicons. Since Strong’s is keyed on the KJV, sometimes I have to use it to track down the word I’m trying to find, but when that happens, the original Hebrew or Greek word is always defined as the word that was used in the NASV. I can’t remember ever finding a discrepancy. I like the KJV, too, but get tired of the thee’s and thou’s and the other issues that make it hard to read.

      The debate over the KJV being the only “holy, authorized” version of the Bible has been raging since the first alternative translation. I’m sure it will continue until we meet The Original Author. Soon and very soon.

    • New King James Version (1979,1982)

      The NKJV translators claim to have “preserved the authority and accuracy” and “improved the purity and beauty” of the original KJV. We disagree that the “purity and beauty” have been improved. Although the NKJV uses the underlying Textus Receptus Greek text, the translators repeatedly use marginal notations to reference the Modem Critical Text upon which all of the modem versions are based. The NKJV advocate opens a door that lends credibility to a perverted underlying text used by all the other versions. Furthermore, changes in the text are made which simply are not warranted. The NKJV primarily uses the 1967/ 1977 Stuttgart edition of Biblia Hebraica and draws from sources which result in a Hebrew text that is different from the Jacob ben Chayyim text underlying the KJV Old Testament. As a result the NKJV preface rightly stated, “significant variations are recorded in footnotes.” We believe the potential for most textual problems and variants between the KJV and NKJV will be found in the Old Testament.

      New American Standard Version (1960, 1971)

      The NASV was to be the Bible for conservatives, Evangelicals and Fundamentalists. The foreword states that the NASV “has been produced with the conviction that the words of Scripture as originally penned in the Hebrew and Greek were inspired of God.” The basic problem with this translation, however, is revealed in this statement: “This translation follows the principles used in the American Standard Version 1901 known as the Rock of Biblical Honesty.” Who gave the ASV such a title? In the Principles of Revision, it is stated: “In revising the ASV consideration was given to the latest available manuscripts with a view to determining the best Greek text. In most instances the 23rd edition of the Nestle Greek New Testament was followed.” This gets right to the heart of the major problem with the modern Bible versions – most are patterned after the corrupted Westcott-Hort Greek Text rather than the Textus Receptus. The word virgin does appear in Isaiah 7:14, but a footnote says, “or, young woman”- no doubt a sop to the liberals. Verses like Matthew 18:11 and Matthew 23:14 appear in brackets with a footnote saying, “most ancient manuscripts omit this verse” or, “this verse is not found in earliest manuscripts.” A corrupted Greek text thus becomes the basis for raising questions about the entire verse In other instances as in Luke 24:40, the number of the verse appears followed by “see marginal note” which explains that “some ancient Mss. add verse 40.” One wonders if the NASV translators were determined to list everything anyone ever added or left out of a manuscript until one discovers that some parts of verses are left out with no explanation whatsoever as in Colossians 1:14 and 1 Timothy 6:5. It is sad to see so many conservatives pushing this version and criticizing the KJV.


  6. Germans Scientists were getting advance technology from fallen angels, then we brought them hear and put them all over the country. Some wound up working with Jack Parsons “JPL” who was a protege of Aleister Crowley, the “Beast” and L. Ron Hubbard the founder of, “Scientology” This world in firmly in the hands of the fallen until Yeshua comes and casts them into the pit for all eternity. Shalom

  7. NASA Announces That Magnetic Portals Do Exist!


    “We call them X-points or electron diffusion regions,” explains plasma physicist Jack Scudder of theUniversity of Iowa. “They’re places where the magnetic field of Earth connects to the magnetic field of the Sun, creating an uninterrupted path leading from our own planet to the sun’s atmosphere 93 million miles away.”

    NASA’s report: “Observations by NASA’s THEMIS spacecraft and Europe’s Cluster probes suggest that these magnetic portals open and close dozens of times each day. They’re typically located a few tens of thousands of kilometers from Earth where the geomagnetic field meets the onrushing solar wind. Mostportals are small and short-lived; others are yawning, vast, and sustained. Tons of energetic particles can flow through the openings, heating Earth’s upper atmosphere, sparking geomagnetic storms, and igniting bright polar auroras.”

    “NASA is planning a mission called “MMS,” short for Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission, due to launch in 2014, to study the phenomenon. Bristling with energetic particle detectors and magnetic sensors, the four spacecraft of MMS will spread out in Earth’s magnetosphere and surround the portals to observehow they work.”

    Just one problem: Finding them. Magnetic portals are invisible, unstable, and elusive. They open and close without warning “and there are no signposts to guide us in,” notes Scudder. Actually, there are signposts, and Scudder has found them…

  8. Many of you are probably aware of the degree public education has had on indoctrinating our children in the mindset of being global citizens. Satan always especially targets the most innocent, and this is no different. And it’s been global for a long time. I stumbled across this article and thought someone else might find it interesting. Enjoy the blessings of your day. Maranatha.


  9. Doc Marquis just put this up and I’m happy to help him spread the word. 🙂


    “Dear Family and Friends; just a quick note to let everyone know that finally, as promised, I have put up an “Amazon Book Store” account. Everything, except for DVDs 9 and 10 are up though, if you would still like to look at DVDs 9 and 10 please go to my web site @: “”

    If you have already purchased any of my DVDs, would you mind going to Amazon and putting in a review of those DVDs you had purchased and viewed? I would really appreciate it you do. Now, just in case, I was told it could take a couple hours to a day for things to be up as they should be. However, after that, you’ll be able to buy any DVDs from that Amazon Book Store account, or through my web site once it is completely finished, or through me, as always @: 402-228-9476. Thanks a lot everyone! Take care and God keep each and every single one of you…Doc!”

    I highly recommend Doc’s resources. 🙂

    • big time eric!! doc also has a great series on the AC/illuminatti on a website called end time talk radio. “”

      many other great rescources there too, even LA sometimes.

  10. I didn’t get a chance to listen to last night’s coast to coast show. I was curious about George Noory’s reason why he couldn’t make it to the previous night’s show. Apparently, the reason was supposed to be a strange one and George was going to share why. Can someone tell me the reason? I’m curious.

  11. Before It’s news has a story ( not confirmed, yet, if ever), stating a ‘unknown incident’ has occurred at a Iranian nuclear plant that has sent several to the hospital. uhmmm, just as UN is voting on Palestinian state.
    I hope someone tripped on their shoe laces and flipped the switch on a dud inside the nuke plant. *snicker,snicker*
    ( I know Lord, time to spank myself, put myself in the corner, and send myself to bed,….without supper.)

  12. “”
    Cult of Green: The United Nations Environmental Sabbath and the New Global Ethic

    Good read. Highly recommended resource. 🙂

  13. UNITED NATIONS (AP) – The U.N. General Assembly has voted by a more than two-thirds majority to recognize the state of Palestine.

    The resolution upgrading the Palestinians’ status to a nonmember observer state at the United Nations was approved by the 193-member world body late Thursday by a vote of 138-9 with 41 abstentions.

    • Hey All….Had a thought about the cease fire last week in light of the impending vote on Palestinian status…. Seems to me the cease fire was orchestrated for just this event. Now, if Israel takes action, she’ll be doing so against a recogized “bonified” nation state rather than a loosely described people group. I’m sure the rest of you already figured that out but…just saying…


    • I think it has all been ‘not as carefully planned out’ as they think they have. If Palestinians attack Israel first, same applies to them. Then Israel, I feel, will hit them hard and done. Bibi has said that this action voids Oslo, and Israel will react accordingly. I do not think the next rockets fired will be the same as this last time. i think they will bring out the big boys. Now, I do think Palestine, if Hamas attacks, will say they were not sponsored by the ‘state’ of Palestine.

    • Oh no, buckle your seat belts it is going to be a very bumpy ride! I hope WY is safer place to be rather than the east coast.

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