What HAMAS Really thinks of Israel – Why there will be no Peace in the Middle East….

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L. A. Marzulli

Hamas TV Airs ‘Death to Israel!’ Music Video Day After Agreeing to Ceasefire

“Destroy the throne of Zion, the house of absolute evil,” the song goes. “Raise the banner of victory. Be like the fire of a volcano. Repeat in the name of your Jihad: Death to Israel! With blood and fire, resist until freedom. Defeat the soldiers of aggression the enemies of humanity.”

Third Reich (Hitler) Nazi’s in color Brüder in Zechen und Gruben SA song

Third Reich (Hitler) Nazi’s in color Brüder in Zechen und Gruben SA song – YouTube

Hitler is our leader,
He’s more worth than our payment in gold,
(He’ll eliminate) the Jewish thrones ….

While the so-called cease fire continues into another day, those of us who know the intentions of HAMAS don’t buy it for a minute.  In the Other News Section there is a link to a story showing Iran is arming HAMAS, via the Sudan, with the upgraded Fajir rockets, capable of hitting Tel Aviv.  In my opinion, HAMAS is stalling, waiting to rearm itself before launching another attack, perhaps this time with Hezbollah in the North joining the fray.

You will notice there are two links to the songs, which are separated by decades, yet the message is essentially the same, death to the Jews.  The first one is found on HAMAS television the second is from the Nazi’s Third Reich.  (Note the translations may not be accurate)  The vitriol is off the charts and it’s not going away any time soon.

A quick overview:  The Middle East continues to spin out of control as President Elect Morsi, is taking the reigns of a self-proclaimed dictatorship, which will implement the policies of the Moslem Brotherhood.

Syria continues its bloody civil war as the death toll mounts, while the Moslem Brotherhood seeks to topple the monarchy of King Abdullah II in Jordan.  If the Brotherhood is successful in Jordan, Israel will be surrounded by enemies who pose a real existential threat to her.

Enter the Psalm 83 war as written about by Bill Salus.  When Bill first came out with his book, many were skeptical, including this Watchman, however, with the Arab Spring the political landscape has changed dramatically.  Salus believes Israel will expand her borders, like Psalm 83 indicates.  If Jordan falls to the Brotherhood, this scenario could become a reality.

In closing todays post.  A key tactic with Moslems, repeated throughout history, is to stall for time until the balance of power shifts in their favor.  This is what I believe the real tactic of HAMAS, in GAZA, is.  There will not be peace in the Middle East any time soon as is evident by the video.  How can you make peace with people who want to kill you?  You can’t!

Prophecy tells us what will happen in the last days.  Jerusalem will become a cup of trembling to the whole world.  I believe we’re here and  it is only a matter of time before the fighting starts again.  I wrote a BLOG a few days back entitled Walk Softly but Carry a Big Stick.   In that post I pointed out how Israel has armed herself and quoted the famous saying by Benjamin Netanyahu.  I’ll repeat it here as it needs repeating as often as possible.

If the Arabs laid down their arms there would be peace.  If Israel laid down her arms there would be no Israel.

Israel knows what lies ahead.  I believe they are aware of HAMAS tactics of stalling for time.  They will never be removed from the land and the words of prophecy, written thousands of years in advance will come to pass.  When the time comes, Israel will respond and cut off the head of the snake.  Is this Psalm 83?  It certainly could be?  This war could easily set up the Ezekiel 38 prophecy.   As we watch and wait remember: Be still and know that I AM God.  Behold, the day is coming when I will show my strength on the mountains of Israel.


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105 thoughts on “What HAMAS Really thinks of Israel – Why there will be no Peace in the Middle East….

  1. I read yesterday were Israel has tested and implemented the highest level of air rocket defense, David’s Sling. It was pushed up from the original install date of March 2013, I’m guessing they know what’s coming their way.
    The Eisenhower is on it’s way back to Norfolk for ‘upgrades’ for a couple of months, then will return to the ME.

    • Lots to keep an eye on.

      All this ceasefire is, is another round of Hudna. People stupidly keep falling for it.

      What I’ve noticed is that right now Israel’s enemies are gloating and think she looks fairly weak and pitiful. First there was Lebanon and then caving in like this.

      I think that’s going to be a factor that increases the brazen activity and whatever follows after that.

      All this ceasefire was and is, is legit cover provided for Hamas and Israel’s enemies by Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood. Feel free to read into that any way you want, but really: We keep double dealing, double crossing, backstabbing, and interfering with Israel and the consequences will be severe.

      Keep in prayer. Keep praying for the peace of Jerusalem and all that it entails.

    • Moonpieeyes, believe it or not there was a sci-fi book written in the eighties about a super weapon belonging to Israel called “David’s Sling”! I met the author and got an autographed copy. Perhaps I should re-visit that book….

    • not to worry;


  2. I believe you are correct. I remember a teaching that using peace is a known tactic for stalling for time to re-arm and their word has no real value…

    What a time to live in! Peace to Jerusalem in the name of Jesus!!!


    • I remember reading about that tactic, too. Mohammed was the first one to put it in practice, and seems to have worked well ever since. What a surprise they have coming.

      Come Lord Jesus

  3. Ahmadinejad again calls to “wipe Israel off the map”

    Apologists for the Islamic Republic in the U.S. such as Reza Aslan of the mullahs’ lobbying group, the National Iranian American Council (NIAC), have denied that he said this in the past, claiming that it was “mistranslated.” The problem for them is that he keeps saying it. “Ahmadinejad again calls to ‘wipe Israel off the map,'” from Elder of Ziyon, November 24 (thanks to Lachlan):

    From the official Iranian Mehrnews Arabic site:

    Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that resolving the Palestinian issue does not need war, but requires a unified Islamic decision to remove the Zionist entity off the map.

    Again, this is the official translation from Iran, and it has been copied by many Arabic newspapers.

    • Why not?

      As of right now, short term, Israel’s enemies got a victory thanks to help from the USA and the Muslim Brotherhood.

      I think we’re going to see that Palestinian statehood thing get a pass here in the UN pretty soon which will simply foment further chaos.

    • Yep – he doesn’t have to worry about being reelected any longer. That’s already happened, and he can vote the way he “really” wants.

  4. I thought the real news this weekend was the resignation of Ehud Barak.

    Ehud was always the one who did not want to invade Iran. Now that he is gone I look for a spring invasion of Iran.

    • Didn’t know about Barak’s resignation until this morning. Quite a surprise. How he and Netanyahu ever saw eye to eye on anything is beyond me. Netanyahu is very hawkish, and Barak is anything but. Remember when he was Prime Minister – he was practically ready to give the store away to Arafat, for peace?

      In the article I read about the resignation it stated that Barak was the one who encouraged Netanyahu to bow to the wishes of Obama. Yikes – and double Yikes.

      Don’t know about anyone else here – I’m glad he will be gone.

    • Really? I hadn’t thought of that. According to the news story, he is through with politics, and wants to spend more time with his family. We’ve all heard that one before, haven’t we?

      Even Barak would be preferable to Ohlmert, who I hear is going to run. What a total disaster that would be.

    • “http://beforeitsnews.com/global-unrest/2012/11/warships-on-the-move-positioned-u-s-russia-iran-the-great-theater-pawns-in-place-2448350.html”

    • Blic writes: “so with ehud gone bibi can attack without that interference. maybe way sooner than spring!”

      How awful to actually want this thing to begin.

    • God said it was going to happen. i can’t stop it. let’s get it done!!!

      and alan in case you haven’t noticed it HAS begun.

  5. Not even 3 weeks after the election and now they openly call BO ‘our lord and savior barack obama.’ (see his links section.) It’s all out in the open now- even though he says it in a joking manner, but he makes them stand up…crazy.

  6. I know that the most important thing to keep watching is Israel and all that is happening there…but I just could not believe my eyes when I went on Drudge Report this morning and the first large headline was Jamie Foxx at the BET awards claiming praise to “Their Lord and Savior, Barak Obama”. My Lord have mercy on these people. Do they not know what they are saying or what they are heaping upon themselves. I just can’t imagine people thinking like this, even in jest, it is so blaphemous. God help them. Amen!

    • ‘Go Daniel, because the words are sealed until the time of the end. The wicked will not understand, but those who are wise will understand’.
      Book of Daniel; c 2200 years ago.

  7. Meanwhile In a parallel universe (where Obama is not a God)..

    Brzezinski: “Populist Resistance” is Derailing the New World Order

    During a recent speech in Poland, former US National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski warned fellow elitists that a worldwide “resistance” movement to “external control” driven by “populist activism” is threatening to derail the move towards a new world order.


    Hmmmmmm I guess it would be fair to assume the populist movement needs to be marginalized for the sake of the new world odor. Maybe the internet is causing global warming?

    Sieg Heil!

  8. As I prayed at my son’s bedside last week, I had to think about how every Israeli must feel as they worry that the lives of their children and loved ones might be snuffed out at any moment or suffer horrible pain from injuries.
    I had just a bit less than a week of that intense, agonizing worry. I just can’t imagine having to live under constant threat. I am not only praying for the piece of Jerusalem as a general prayer for the country…..now, every day, I am praying for those parents and children specifically!

    • Thank you Eric W.
      We have had a major miracle and I feel like so many must have felt in Jesus’ day…..”Really, this guy was almost a goner and He healed him!” while folks just say, “Oh, really?”
      My son was released from the hospital and his bruises never even blossomed into the purple yellow mess that one would expect. The internal organs, including the shattered spleen and collapsed and punctured lung have healed!!!!! His breathing is absolutely back to normal and all bleeding stopped…..he is in a brace for his broken back but after he took 200 steps without a walker or cane just 2 days after surgery they released him to go home…..we were expecting weeks or months in the hospital. The prayers of everyone here were a huge part of this miracle! The doctor is astounded…..so I told him we went behind his back to the great physician in the sky!

    • Exactly Elaine — prayer.

      L.A. wrote, “There will not be peace in the Middle East any time soon as is evident by the video. How can you make peace with people who want to kill you? You can’t!”

      With humankind alone that’s so, we can’t. Unless it’s a scam like with antichrist — a false peace.

      But it’s not just up to us.

      We can’t do anything but pray just like when anything else is out of control.

      Of course, it would help to remind the Israelis — and especially the messianic Christians — they have other options:

      Proverb 16 (cp. Leviticus 26:6)
      7 When a man’s ways please the LORD, he maketh even his enemies to be at peace with him.

      Psalm 23 (Quite like the Shepherd’s Psalm)
      5 You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.

    • We know God works in miraculous ways, but it’s always a faith-builder to see Him do it. Thanks for sharing, Elaine. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

  9. Isaiah 19

    19:2 And I will set the Egyptians against the Egyptians: and they shall fight every one against his brother, and every one against his neighbour; city against city, and kingdom against kingdom.

    19:3 And the spirit of Egypt shall fail in the midst thereof; and I will destroy the counsel thereof: and they shall seek to the idols, and to the charmers, and to them that have familiar spirits, and to the wizards.

    19:4 And the Egyptians will I give over into the hand of a cruel lord; and a fierce king shall rule over them, saith the Lord, the Lord of hosts.

    19:10 And they shall be broken in the purposes thereof, all that make sluices and ponds for fish.

    19:15 Neither shall there be any work for Egypt, which the head or tail, branch or rush, may do.

    19:16 In that day shall Egypt be like unto women: and it shall be afraid and fear because of the shaking of the hand of the Lord of hosts, which he shaketh over it.

  10. Hi LA, I made the mistake of clicking the “Hitler Nazi’s in color” on youtube and received a threatening comment from you tube,that If I saw that tape I wold be consider dangerous.I never have had that happened before. I don’t know if this would happen to other viewers. I’n not a nazi, but a born again christian. Nel

  11. There is an article on Beforeitsnews.com about giants in ancient america that stood 8′ and had double rows of teeth. I read the theory here first, what a great site. As for the middle east, there was an article that Egypt’s morsi is the next pharaoh. Are Christians the only ones awake to these times? The anti-semitism is seems so un-real, scary times

    • “http://beforeitsnews.com/science-and-technology/2012/11/haarp-unleashes-tesla-death-ray-2498644.html?currentSplittedPage=0”

      here we go!

    • Students in Northside ISD in San Antonio have RFID chips in their student ID’s. I’m normally proud to be a Texas (yes, I know I need to be purged from it), but this is not the way we need to be leading the nation. Why would a parent allow this to be forced on their child?

    • (yes, I know I need to be purged from it)

      nah, just the evils of neo-conservatism. join us the goldwater republicans. the real republicans!!

    • If you insist on a label, I’m a biblio-conservative and not affiliated with any party other than the upcoming Weddding Party.

    • What??? You don’t think the Bible is conservative spiritually, morally and economically? And, as usual, blic, you missed my point anyway in your seemingly uncontrollable urge to stir the pot. My point was that I am not a republican, “real” or any other. Good grief.

    • Jeremiah 6

      16 Thus saith the LORD,
      Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way,
      and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls.
      But they said, We will not walk therein

      17 Also I set watchmen over you, saying, Hearken to the sound of the trumpet.
      But they said, We will not hearken.

      18 Therefore hear, ye nations, and know, O congregation, what is among them.
      19 Hear, O earth: behold, I will bring evil upon this people, even the fruit of their thoughts,
      because they have not hearkened unto my words, nor to my law, but rejected it.

    • hey nome those are great scriptures man. hey, if ya got a minute i was asking lu if he could point out conservatism in the bible. any thoughts on that?

    • Conservative: favoring traditional views and values; tending to oppose change.

      By definition, traditional values come from the Bible so they are conservative and include but are not limited to the following: There is one God who is Creator of all things; man is created in God’s image so all life is sacred regardless of stage or quality of life; marriage is between a man and a woman for life; truth is absolute and found in Christ; there are absolute rights and wrongs as revealed by Christ including sex outside of marriage, adultery, homosexuality, bestiality, stealing, coveting, etc; we are to live honoring God, not to please ourselves or others; we are personally responsible to take care of the poor, orphans and widows; sin is real and separates man from God; hell is real; evil is real and we are to expose it and stand against it; integrity is a virtue; we are to be good stewards of all God has given us; God does not make any mistakes in gender assignment; economic systems based on freedom, private ownership and work ethic; justice for everyone regardless of social standing; wealth is given by God for His purpose.

      Those are just the things that immediately come to mind.

    • Hi, Nome. You were right on target with Jeremiah 6:16. There is nothing new under the sun, and the old paths are still the best ones.

    • Neither conservative nor liberal in the Kingdom of Heaven.
      Seek first God’s Kingdom and His righteousness…
      Which is Jesus’ way — doing the will of The Father.

      Bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you,
      love your enemies, love your neighbor as yourself,
      — and definitely love God with all ya’ got.

      Long before Abraham, in the Garden of Eden,
      God was happy to prayer-walk in the cool of the day,
      talking with Adam and Eve.

      That’s the good path, walk there with Jesus
      and there’s no worries about going right or left.
      Just follow His lead.

      Thanks both for asking!

  12. “Texans going wild with ‘secession fever,’

    The only response needed from the feds is GRANTED! Unlike other states, Texas actually *can* secede. See the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
    I don’t remember this country ever being so divided and angry–it already is two countries living under one roof…not a healthy situation. I guess its time to build a fence araound the capitol and keep the politicians inside it.

    “The Constitution is NOT an instrument for the government to restrain the people,
    it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government lest it come to dominate our lives and interests.”

    – Patrick Henry

    • Secession from the union was something that was last spoken about back in the 1860’s. They at least had Abraham Lincoln as president. Look what we’ve got – Obama.

      This is not the country I grew up in, and I really miss the good old days.

      People don’t even want to think of these days as “the last days”. And, heaven forbid that you say anything about the Rapture, and you get the usual “no one knows the day or the hour” reply. But I truly believe we are in them, and hard as it is to see what is happening to this once great country, it is exciting to see prophecy unfolding before our eyes.

    • “This is not the country I grew up in, and I really miss the good old day”.

      You said it….. I see a major change at my age, just imagine what seniors citizens, folks our parents age , if you are blessed enough to still have them with you…just imagine the changes they see.

    • too bad mr. henry didn’t forsee the coming military industrial complex.

      patrick henry wanted no part of the constitution. he said of the fisrt meetings “i smell a rat.” he was right. the constitution is being used as a tool against the people as he envisioned. the articles of confederation is all we ever needed.

    • Texas is already on Obama’s naughty list…The Gov. is resisting Obama care and it’s a solid red state which loves guns and the death penalty,,, which I’m proud to say #1 in the nation.

      From Ron White, native Texan
      “I’m from Texas. In Texas we have the death penalty. And we USE it. That’s right, if you come to Texas and kill somebody, we will kill you back. That’s our policy. They’re trying to pass a bill right now through the Texas Legislature that will speed up the process of execution in heinous crimes where there are more than three credible eye witnesses. If more than three people saw you do what you did, you don’t sit on death row for 15 years, Jack, you go straight to the front of the line. Other states are trying to abolish the death penalty … my state’s putting’ in an express lane”

    • Matt,

      When I said “this isn’t the country I grew up in” – we’re talking a long time here. I am one of those seniors, so I’ve seen plenty. The comparison between “then” and “now” is tremendous.

      I feel so sorry for my grandsons growing up in this America.

    • It was terrible when I was a kid, I can’t imagine what is thrown at them now. We didn’t have computers, cell phones, texting; none of that… best we could do was a CB radio (breaker 1-9 good buddy) and if we were lucky we could go to the arcade to play pinball on the weekends if we mowed some lawns and saved our quarters….I will tell you though, I truly miss playing vinyl records and putting those plastic things in the middle of the 45s so they would stay straight (I always lost those things and tried to put 45s on the player by hand, some music I’m not even sure what is supposed to sound like played normally without the record wobbling all over the place) of course those were the days without remotes. Just imagine, kids today have no idea you physically had to get up to change the channel, plus 9 times out of 10 the knob of the TV was broken off and the pliers to change the channel was missing. I love the sound of an LP on a turn table…nothing like that sound in the world, with all the imperfections, its sounds great and can’t be duplicated…sometimes new and improved is not better

  13. This is a revelation: remember last year BO “celebrated Hanukkah” almost two weeks early? He gave some lame excuse about a busy schedule. WRONG ANSWER. He was celebrating a hindu festival of lights: KARTHIKAI DEEPAM which started on Dec 8.

    source: Discovered on 5 doves.

    Praise Yahweh, the Most High for healing Elaine’s son.

    • So how many international holidays DOES Mr. Obama celebrate anyway? According to all the info we’re given about him, seems he can’t be (or not allowed to be) pigeon-holed into any one particular religion. I s’pose he’s just about diversity and tolerance then?

  14. had an interesting morning;

    i had a vision where i was hovering over a flooded coastline covering a great distance. i felt i was over the east coast. i felt great tragedy had occured. it was on my heart that the giant tsunami wave caused by cumbre vieja had struck north america. i saw nothing but desolation.

    good morning mark!!!

    • I live on the east coast. Between your vision, and reading about possible earthquake activity on the east coast, makes me thankful for my precious Lord and Savior. I know he is with me, so I have no fear about anything that might occur along those lines. It’s the daily “little” stuff that sometimes causes me fear. Shame on me! Have to keep taking it to the Lord.

  15. I’m surprised nobody mentioned the information dispensed on last night’s coast to coast radio show regarding the DNA analysis of bigfoot hair samples collected…turns out it’s a combination of human and non-human (or at least, not like any DNA samples of humans registered so far on this planet). This info is supposed to be released soon in a reputable peer-reviewed scientific journal! Can anyone say “nephilim”?

  16. Here’s the quote from c2c’s email summary:
    Bigfoot DNA:

    In the first hour, former lawman turned investigative journalist, David Paulides, detailed a potential breakthrough in Bigfoot DNA research. He explained that, as a result of a five year study, his colleague has been able to “unlock a method to get to the DNA itself and how to test for it” within possible Bigfoot hair samples. As a result of this development, Paulides said, the findings indicate that Bigfoot is a “very unique homo sapien” species and that part of the DNA is “nowhere in the billions of documented DNA ever seen.” He stressed that this testing has eliminated the possibility that Bigfoot are either Neanderthals or large primates and actually reveals that they are “thinking, breathing, intellectual people that are quite different” from humans.

    • Oddly enough, both David and the host derided advanced rumored conclusions that this might be “angel DNA.”

  17. LA, why are you bombarding your followers with this issue? Christians should not be viewing Muslims any differently to Christ-denying zionists. Both are lost and need to recognize Jesus Christ as Lord. I don’t understand why you are so behind the Israeli government. They reject Jesus Christ and are therefore under the power and influence of their father, the devil.

    Again, your avid support for Israel would appear no different to those who supported the Catholic crusades. No evil is good evil and the Israeli government has the blood of innocent children on their hands.

    I’m sorry, but I simply don’t understand your thinking on this issue.

    • bcgaplin – Because prophecy centers around the reformed nation of Israel. If you don’t believe in this, then I believe it’s impossible to understand what the scriptures say. “They will look on Him whom they have pierced and mourn for him as an only son.” Read Ezekiel 38.

  18. It is after the rapture, millions of people have gone missing around the world causing untold chaos and destruction. Meanwhile at the home of Richard Dawkins where his publicist has just entered the living room…
    “Sir i have some good news and bad news about those pesky christians. The good news is they were right.”
    “Yes, yes and what about the bad news?” Dawkins asked wiping beads of perspiration from his forhead.
    “Well unfortunately the bad news is …they were right.”

    Wake up people we near the end of all things for some and an eternity of bliss for others. God bless you all.

  19. Remember faith is like a fact and as im fond of saying Prayer works! We were given a red bone hound puppy a few weeks ago. Yesterday she got into some flea and tick remover liquid drops and chewed the bottle ingesting most of it. She was convulsing and it sounded as if her lungs were melting with every breath and her left eye looked dead and milky. My wife wakes me from sleep I prayed over the poor thing told them “she’ll be fine” and went back to bed.

    5 hour later i get back up and she is running around as if nothing happened…this after poison control said there was nothing that could be done… There is always something to be done!! PRAY!
    If you dont believe you and yours can be healed well they wont be. Know the strength of the LORD ! Limit him not. GOD bless ya!

    • I live in the country and get to keep my 2-year-old grand daughter sometimes. I always pray for God’s protection for her – there are so many dangerous things around here and it’s a long way to a hospital – especially to keep her safe from snakes and insects. The last time she was here, I was in the kitchen fixing lunch, and she was in the bedroom going through things in the toy box. She started calling me and jabbering, and when I got there, she was holding up a scorpion between the pointer fingers and thumbs of both hands. “Wha zis, Nana?” Still makes my heart race thinking about it. Somehow, I knocked it out of her hands without it stinging either one of us. Still thanking Jesus for that one.

  20. Won’t surprise anyone here:

    Confession: James Holmes Tells Inmate He Was Programmed To Kill

    Didn’t surprise Russ, either.

  21. way to go angus!!

    Jones plays Jake, the son of Jon Cryer’s uptight divorced chiropractor character, Alan, and the nephew of Sheen’s hedonistic philandering music jingle writer character, Charlie. Sheen, who has publicly criticized CBS, was fired and replaced by Ashton Kutcher, who plays billionaire Walden.

    In the video posted by the Forerunner Christian Church in Fremont, Calif., Jones describes a search for a spiritual home. He says the type of entertainment he’s involved in adversely affects the brain and “there’s no playing around when it comes to eternity.”

    “You cannot be a true God-fearing person and be on a television show like that,” he said. “I know I can’t. I’m not OK with what I’m learning, what the Bible says, and being on that television show.”


  22. I’ve been reading and posting on this blog since 2006 or 2007. After my pc got “sick’ and then re-worked… I returned to this blog and decided to use my proper name. Former screen name was “In A Moment” (for those who remember.) In recent times here I notice that there seem to be many disagreements, arguments, and an influx of what are referred to as internet “trolls.” Just read an article on WND about this trolling problem they have had on their forums. Article written by Jerome Corsi. Seems that this trolling issue is becoming quite prevalent in many forums and reflects what is going on in our increasingly polarized society… i.e. who/what to trust and conflicting mirror games such as is prominent in international intelligence circles. I am saddened by this phenomena. Not a good thing at all. My prayer is that true Christian spiritual discernment prevails. The anti-christ REVEALING (he is probably here just not revealed yet) may be close at hand. May be a few years down the road. From a Biblically historical viewpoint, most (if not all) prophetic fulfillment becomes evident after the fact.
    There was a book written in the 1980’s by a man named Peter Lemursier called “The Armageddon Script.” I read it. Scary stuff by a “new age” globalist. Check it out please. Now here’s the connect to my point. Not long ago someone here posted a link to an article by a woman named Carolyn Hamlett. Her blog is called “Beyond The Physical Realm.” She claims to be a generational family member belonging to the UN Lucis Trust/Theosophical Society programs. Her recent article brings attention to an issue we believers might be overlooking… although it may sound slightly confusing and convoluted. Nonetheless it is worth our consideration (what is Biblically called “sober mindedness”) and prayer. The article is called “The possibility of a fake anti-christ before the REAL counterfeit “Christ.” I found this to be somewhat full of second guessing… kind of like trying to catch a thief. Know what I mean? Anyway, the world agenda is running on this sort of fuel right now. Deception. We really, really need to be on our guard. Believers CAN get fooled. Jesus didn’t say we couldn’t. He only said “if it were possible…” Language wise that doesn’t equal IMpossible.
    I know this post is long and might be considered a rant. But it’s not really. Just some in-depth sharing.
    Blessings to all in Yeshua’s Name.

  23. My favorite devotional book is Henry’s Blackaby’s “Experiencing God Day-By-Day”. His devotion for this day spoke to me personally as very timely considering all those blinded by the world’s enticements not just this time of year, but every day and our responsibility as followers of “The Way”.

    God Is with You
    Daily Devotional for Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

    Thus says the LORD of hosts: “In those days ten men from every language of the nations shall grasp the sleeve of a Jewish man, saying, ‘Let us go with you, for we have heard that God is with you.'” Zechariah 8:23

    “God’s desire is to fill His people with His Spirit so that others recognize His powerful presence in them. The presence of the Lord in a believer’s life ought to be obvious. When the Spirit of almighty God fills a believer, the believer cannot go on living as before. Others will see God.

    God told His people through the prophet Zechariah that His presence ought to make a difference in their lives. If God’s people walked closely with Him, people from every language and every part of the world would hear that they were a people who knew God. People would come from every nation on earth to find the true God among His people. If the people saw a child of God, they would long to be with him or her because in so doing they would be with God. God gave the vivid picture of ten people clinging to one believer, hoping to find God.

    Christ’s presence ought to be so evident in your life that the people around you are drawn to you. They should want their children to be with your children because your children are being raised with a godly influence. Employers ought to want you in their workplace; people should seek you for their leader because they know you as someone of integrity before God. Your life and your home ought to be a magnet for people as they sense God’s presence with you and your family. The more you allow Christ to make His presence evident in your life, the more people will draw near you and find Him.”

    Respectfully in Christ,

    Jeff D

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