Our Fragile Infrastructure!

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L. A. Marzulli

Our Fragile Infrastructure: Report from Pennsylvania 

We have a fragile infrastructure and here’s why.  I drove around yesterday and there were a lot of stores shut down.  Our street was blocked by a downed pine tree and remained closed until the afternoon.  The Acme – the market here – lost all the frozen and refrigerated items, as literally thousands of dollars of produce was thrown out.  Traffic lights didn’t work and there are still some places today where officials have put up temporary stop signs.  Many people are still without power and the Jersey shore – I realize this now – was devastated by the storm.  (For those of you who did not read my apology please scroll down)

We had canned food that Peggy and I bought in case our power went down and I also purchased a cheap BBQ with about 6 bags of charcoal so we would have hot meals.   (The power went out for about two hours so we dodged a bullet.)  Bottom line for me is our way of life is fragile and all it takes is a hurricane to put us back to pre-industrial revolution times.  This is why I am always harping on being prepared.  If we have the resources stored and at the ready, then when and if something like a hurricane Sandy occurs we are prepared.

In regard to out infrastructure.  Communities should invest on putting all utilities underground, where they will remain far safer than above ground.  Our government should invest in a way to insure the grid is able to be restored quickly in the event of an emergency.  At the recent Radio Liberty conference, Ambassador Cooper’s presentation dealt with the real threat of an EMP – electro-magnetic pulse weapon.  He believes, as I do this is the choice weapon of terrorists, as it would essentially put us back to the stone age.  At present we have nothing to enable us to offset this kind of attack.  In other words our electric grid, as demonstrated by Sandy, is extremely vulnerable.

In closing todays post:  If you don’t have 4 to 6 months worth of food and water stored please consider doing so now.  We are in uncharted waters as we see storms, earthquakes, floods, droughts, fires and record temperatures being set as never before.  I believe, as most of you know, we are in the birth pains.  These are the signs Jesus told us would precede his second coming.  His words penned almost 2000 years ago are coming about in real-time as we see event after event.  Please pray for the victims of Sandy and please consider getting prepared!  L.A.

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  1. i for one have twenty year shelf life emergency food on hand, enough for seven years. i have been a huge follower of jim bakker ministries, God has been using this man to teach people to prepare, for times such as we r going thru. Having fuel-less generators are a plus also. i dont want to be in a food line, with thousands of people, so i have been buying food buckets like crazy, you can also go to a sams club, and with three hundred dollers, you can buy enough food for a year. rice n beans etc.. it doesnt take much effort to prepare, you just have to want to, and not do it at the last minute. I love your minstry L.A just ordered watchers 5 🙂

    • Marlene, have you used any of that food? You might want to try some. From what I’ve read, some of the “best” emergency meals are quite small; anyone with a normal appetite might want two “servings” — someone working hard (hand-cutting firewood?) might need several “servings.”

    • oh hello! yes i have had alot of it..its really good. each packet in the buckets i get, are for five people, but thats if u feed them a handful. its a little deceiving, but i think the whole idea is when you have absolutely nothing, like if something catastrophic were to take place in our country, and food trucks are not moving, and theres panic buying, and the food buckets are all u have, i think its meant to ‘sustain’ you, not have you over eat. its about staying alive when theres nothing else..i ordered one bucket, its mushroom stoganoff, its like gourmet quality, i got to stay away from that bucket. :p i think im way ahead of alot of people right now, its a shame, most people i talk to are not worried about storing food..we have a well on our property, so have extra water storage, huge amount of food buckets, and i have been canning everything from our garden this summer. i gave up going and doing summer things to canning instead during the weeks. i felt convicted to do so, i didnt want to waste any time, i figure if im learning from a man of God, i better do something with the information i recieve. so yes, the servings are small, but its worth investing in. 🙂

    • Is this the same Jim Bakker! James Orsen “Jim” Bakker is an American televangelist, a former Assemblies of God minister, convicted felon, and a former host of The PTL Club, a popular evangelical Christian television program.

      john B

    • The same Jim Bakker that was “restored” by Knight’s of Malta High Priest – Rick Joyner. Joyner is also restoring Todd Bentley. Restore definition: return something, someone to a prior state. Neither Jim Bakker nor Todd Bentley would still be found lacking if they are back to their prior state!

    • Forget Jim Bakker! Todd Bentley???? The Todd Bentley who has family members in jail on rico charges, the one who cheated on his wife and married another? The same Todd Bentley who kicks people in the stomach and head butts people too. The one who baptizes in the name of the Father, Son and bam? Are you kidding me? Where is the discernment ? aaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!

    • UM YES the SAME God who forgave YOU, has forgiven them for thier sin. You have a problem with that?? take it up with God. and another thing, tough bananas! if i had an attitude like you guys (ugly christians on the indside) i wouldnt have ever tuned into jim bakker a year ago, and learned what i have learned about preparing! hes the ONLY preacher i know of, whos passionately preaching revalation and warning the people to prepare, and store up food. btw, NO ones ever been able to prove that stupid rumor about rick joyner. dont forget! if you judge those guys, you might as well rip the book of psalms out of your bible, because david was no angel. start swallowing your pride, and start watching jim bakker, you might learn something.

    • I am not “up” on what has been going on with Jim Bakker but I agree with you Marlene…….is there anyone here who has never sinned, never repented, never been forgiven? Judge not lest ye be judged! Only God can know his heart and I will not criticize anyone who seems to have heard the words, “Go and sin no more!”

    • Marlene, I owe much if not most of my spiritual progress and authority to Rick Joyner’s teachings. I strongly recommend that the haters just go on mornignstarministries.com and read his prophetic bulletins and judge for yourselves. “Test all things, hold fast to that which is good.” “Despise not prophecies, quench not the Spirit.” Joyner is spot on. I stopped listening to the Christian Doctrine Police and instead started listening to Paul the Apostle and my Friend, the Holy Spirit. I praise God for Rick Joyner. He is a pillar. Haters, please, go read his stuff.

    • A picture is worth 1000 words. Have you never seen R. Joyner in his Knights of Malta – High Priest garb. How much proof do you need? Joyner’s HUGE campus is the former “Heritage USA” in North Carolina that Bakker turned over to him before going to prison. Bentley is obviously demon-possessed and Joyner is restoring him??!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • i love rick joyner, the Lord showed him a massive earthquake is going to level los angeles soon. The lord also showed jim bakker the same thing, that not one building would be left standing! i believe these prophets. i highly doubt rick joyner is a knights of malta high priest, he knows the Lord wouldnt approve of such ungodly soul ties, or he wouldnt be using him the way he does today. so, NO. i dont believe that stuff. crazy, lol how did we all get so sidetracked? all i did was share how im preparing, and who i learned it from..i hope it helped some of you, and encouraged you all to think about preparing to, thats all i wanted was to help. 🙂

    • I don’t know anything about Rick Joyner, However; The Apostle Paul makes it very clear what the criteria for leadership should be in God’s house. Titus1:5-9

      Bakker has proven otherwise.. Repentance may restore his soul, but that does not restore his leadership position… He is not above reproach! Vs6


      john B

    • Marlene; The prophecy about the earthquake that you mention is nothing new.. One dear sister spoke of it before her death 20 years ago..

      All of this prophecy if often the parroting of others.. it keeps the money coming in the ministry.

      john B

    • Don’t get me going on the money “The filthy lucre” that these preachers amass from gullible supporters by manipulation and twisting of the Holy Scriptures.. Using the words of Jesus as the tools with which they build their overflowing coffers with the unrighteous Mammon.

      The Apostle Paul said the man in authority of the preaching of the word should not be “fond of sordid gain” Titus1:7


      john B

    • I do not mean to be cruel and I appreciate your intentions, Marlene. I used to follow Joyner until I started noticing who his good buddies were. So I started doing some research about not only him, but Bob Jones, and others. Bob Jones on his website openly speaks of going into trances and “rhythms”. This is very dangerous territory. I repeat: I do not say these things with joy. It is very sad and unfortunately, that is the state of the church today. (for the most part) Even satan can appear as an angel of light. Don’t take my word for it. Check out some of his associates. With all my heart, all I want is truth. I don’t want to be deceived. Jesus himself warned us. He said even some of the elect would be deceived. I don’t mean to offend you. Forgive me if I did. I just want us all to be OK. But as for me, I avoid this group of people now.

    • Marlene and Jacqueline….

      Good Posts to you both…way to stand your ground against ignorance.


      Ps … Great advice Marlene about preparing…I have been setting things
      aside for two years now…a bit each month. Dried foods, cans, dried fruits, etc
      Plus….water….WaTeR….WATER !!!! Can’t have too much.

      Here is a great list to anybody who wants to see great products and prices!

      *******************CHECK OUT THESE SITES…VERY HELPFUL*************

    • Kirk, I think if you did the homework on these people that I have done, you might call me informed, instead of ignorant!

    • Sandy…

      They must have “turned a huge corner” then from when I was in my
      early to mid 20’s …back in early 90’s. I have heard them teach the
      Salvation message through Jesus alone. Could they be teaching a new
      thing that I am not aware of …that I don’t know. I will have to check out
      Rick Joyner’s website since it has been a while. The fact that he believes
      in the Gifts of The Spirit…I do know from the past…& has made MANY people
      “throw their stones” and speak evil of him 20 years ago….
      and probably still goes on today.

      Many people on this site do NOT believe in “speaking in tongues”…
      not to mention learning to use the Gifts of the Spirit. Many people do NOT
      even know what being Baptized in The Holy Spirit is all about…
      which is secondary to receiving Salvation through Jesus….
      cause they are severely untaught. People speak evil against that too.

      Very Sad indeed!!! But it is all right there in The Word.

      But I will research his site…and do my homework again.

      Funny thing is… I just read a book by him last year…and aside from his
      subjective dreams or visions…which mature believers know must be tested…
      and oftentimes you just wait and see if they are real and true…

      UNLESS they directly go against The Word. Then that is obviously wrong.

      So, even guys like Jim Bakker, who did WRONG… and then REPENTED…
      well, guess what, …


      Just like you and me…


    • As one who has also been imprisoned for stupid mistakes… I LOVE IT WHEN GOD RESTORES HIS FALLEN SOLDIERS!!! An old quote says something like; “Christians are the only army that shoots their own wounded…”

    • @sandy, oh no im not offended at all, thankyou for showing me. to tell you the truth i really dont know much about rick joyner, just been seeing him on jim bakker lately talking about what the Lord is showing him. @kirk, good for you, thats wonderful, keep doing it, its so rewarding, you will see! 🙂 seems to me, and mind you, i have only been saved litle over ten years, i dont know everything, thats for sure..Jesus does say in his word, ‘take heed, that NO man decieve you’ so i am cautious. but it seems to me that whenever someone is in leadership, or has a popular name in christian circles, we put them on some high pedastal, like they should never do any wrong..isnt there a scripture ( i cant find it) that says, something about the gifts and callings on someones life is without repentance? something like that, im not sure. meaning you cant quit on what ur called to do, no matter what goes on in ur life? i think? i feel, that if someone such as todd bentley, or jim bakker, or whoever, if people are getting saved, and set free, and healed of things, thru their ministry, doesnt that mean God is still using them? anyone know? seems to make sence tho.

    • 2Co 3:18 But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord.

    • To add:
      It is better not to follow any man, for each man if he is a servant of the Lord, is being changed from glory to glory accordingly, as for you first follow the Spirit of the Lord and he will direct you to which man to listen to if any.

      Just a thought about how to prioritize to trust in the very work that the Holy Spirit is doing for without the spirit you can do nothing.

      Sometimes the Lord just whispers…….Trust me

    • Marlene; the scripture to which you refer “the gifts and calling of God are irrevocable” Rom11:29 does not concern the leadership within the churches.. It is referring to the Gift of salvation which God has ordained for the salvation of Israel’s remnant among those hardened by the calling of the Gospel of Jesus Christ..

      The criteria for leadership is as Apostle Paul established in his letter to Titus… these men are not above reproach, they wallow in sordid gain and lead people astray with the teaching of Balaam Rev2:14

      If tomorrow as a pastor, I was to commit adultery and kept it hidden and some months or year latter got exposed and repented, I would still have to ‘stand down’ from the ministry of the Word.. These people are being restored against the Apostolic principles clearly laid down in the New Testament.

      I have since Jacqueline’s post looked up R Joyner… Definitely Masonic Knight of Malta, Pro Roman catholic ties.

      it is on you tube, please look it up.


      john B

    • The way deception is not always perceived as deception is because they weave a little bit of truth into it. As far as Bentley is concerned, I would never let him lay hands on me. Did you ever read of Jesus drop-kicking anyone? Whatever he is imparting, I don’t want it. Joyner is more subtle than some of his associates, therefore, I believe he is more dangerous. People like Bob Jones come right out and tell you about trances, rhythms, etc. I just read a dream and interpretation Jones had about Romney, that Romney would lead this country in morality and RIGHTEOUSNESS when he was elected. Mormans are not Christian. The Morman Jesus is NOT the Jesus of the Bible. Just remember: just because some predictions they, or anyone else makes, may in fact happen, that does not necessarily mean they are of God. Nebuchadnezzar, in the Book of Daniel had a dream that foretold the history of the world, but he was an evil King who worshiped pagan idols. The main thing is to focus on Jesus and NO MAN. If anything they say doesn’t line up with the Bible, toss it.

    • If anyone is interested, just type in “Rick Joyner/Kansas City Prophets”. It won’t take you long to see the spirit that drives these people.

    • Let it be known that in the New Testament “Balaam” is a symbol of avarice (greed for wealth) 2Pet2:15, Jude11 and of participation in ‘pagan cult’ and ‘immorality’ Rev2:14.

      Judge (discern) for yourself!…. By definition; the masonic Knights of Malta is a pagan cult.. The Roman catholic church is pagan Christianity.. Adultery by definition, iis Immorality and then there is the money, the avarice.

      Balaam also had an anointing from God but in time his teaching became corrupt and damnable.


      john B

    • These people claim that they are a movement of a “super-christian” army or a “super-christian” church. The Bible speaks of a remnant of people who will take up their cross, daily. Hardly sounds like one in the same!!

      Rick Joyner. Just copied from his site: MorningStarMinistries.org

      MorningStar Ministries Statement of Faith

      The following is a statement of our position of basic Christian doctrines. As once stated by a great missionary, “There are certain basic Christian truths about which there must be agreement. On all other doctrines there should be liberty. In all things there must be charity.” It is our resolution to take an uncompromising stand on the essential doctrines of the faith, and extend “the right hand of fellowship” to all who hold to them. It is also our resolution to protect the liberty of Christians to hold different perspectives on the “non-essential” doctrines.

      There are doctrines we may consider non-essential, but which are important. We therefore make known our belief on these, while presenting them with tolerance toward those who may hold a different position. We are committed to truth and accuracy in doctrine, but also understand that one can hold right doctrines and still do damage to the body of Christ by causing divisions over the non-essentials. We are therefore just as committed to the essential Christian character, believing that “In all things there must be charity.” As the apostle stated, “The goal of our instruction is love, from a pure heart and a sincere faith” (I Timothy 1:5). That, too, is our goal and commitment as we promote the following teachings that we hold as truth:

      On the Person of Jesus

      There is only one true God, Who is revealed in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ is the Word (Logos) of God. The Word was with God in the beginning, which states His pre-existence as one with God. “By Him all things were created, both in the heavens and on earth” (Colossians 1:16), therefore making Jesus the Creator. Jesus Christ is the Purpose of God found in all of creation. He is the Father’s delight and desire, and the Father is looking for the reflection of His Son in all created things. Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. In the beginning, it was the ultimate purpose of God for all things to be summed up in Christ (Ephesians 1:10).

      Jesus Christ, Who pre-existed with God in the form of God, emptied Himself to become fully a man that He might be the propitiatory sacrifice for the sins of mankind. Through His propitiatory sacrifice made on the cross, all who believe in Him and His sacrifice have their sins remitted and are restored to the fellowship with God lost by man’s transgression.

      Jesus was born of a virgin, by the seed of the Holy Spirit. His virgin birth is a testimony that only the Spirit can beget that which is Spirit. Those of the new creation are not solely of human origin, but are born from above by the Holy Spirit. The resurrection of Jesus’ physical body after His crucifixion was literal, as will be the resurrection of both the just and the unjust on the Day of Judgment.

      “There is one God, and one mediator also between God and men, the man Christ Jesus” (I Timothy 2:5). All who seek restoration and fellowship with God must go through Jesus and cannot approach God through any person, spirit or doctrine. It is also a supreme presumption for any person or institution to seek to be mediator for others in place of Christ Jesus Himself.

      The apostolic commission was for His followers to labor until Christ was formed in His church, to present every person complete in Christ, and to manifest the sweet aroma of the knowledge of Him in every place. When Jesus is lifted up, He will draw all people to Himself. We consider it the primary purpose of the church to esteem and exalt Jesus in every way. It is the focus and devotion of MorningStar Ministries to know and preach Him, and not ourselves. We pray for the grace to continually respond to His call to return to our first Love, that we might passionately devote ourselves to pleasing Him in all things while preparing for His return.

      On Man

      We believe that man was created by God from the dust of the earth, without sin or the knowledge of good and evil. The first man, Adam, transgressed the command of God, and as God had warned, the process of death entered him and all of his descendants because of that transgression. Therefore, all have sinned and are worthy of the sentence of death. Because of our unrighteousness, we are unable to approach a holy God, except through the atoning sacrifice of Jesus. Through Jesus, we not only can come before the Throne of Grace, but we may approach it boldly since our confidence is not in ourselves, but in the Lord Jesus.

      On the Atonement

      Because all have sinned and are therefore under the sentence of death, all must trust in the atoning sacrifice of Jesus for the remission of sins. There is no other way to reconcile with God or escape from eternal judgment, except through the propitiatory sacrifice of Jesus.

      Those who trust in Jesus Christ have access to the Throne of Grace by His sacrifice and by His sacrifice alone. Good works are acceptable to God only as a love offering given to Him because of His worthiness, and have no bearing on our acceptance, standing or approval, all of which were accomplished by the cross. Good works offered for the purpose of acceptance, standing or approval are therefore an affront to the cross by which all of these things were gained for us by Jesus. Good works are not offered for His approval, but for His joy and glory, and must be offered through the Son (I Peter 2:5) in obedience to Him. Therefore, the goal of our service is obedience and not sacrifice.

      On the New Birth

      Believing in our hearts that Jesus is the Son of God and in His propitiation made for our salvation results in a regeneration and renewal that constitutes our new birth into new creations. Although this does not imply immediate perfection in our temporal life or lifestyle, it does mean that true faith will result in a radical change in us. Being “born again” implies a new beginning, not an ending. Christian maturity in faith, truth and life is a process. Even so, this process must begin with spiritual regeneration or new birth. While it is possible to change our behavior without regeneration, changing our hearts requires the new birth, and it is our hearts upon which God looks.

      On the Purpose of Faith

      True faith is of the heart and not just the mind (Romans 10:10). God’s purpose in requiring faith for salvation is to raise our focus and concentration above the temporal to the One who is eternal. Therefore, the gospel that is able to save souls must be preached in the power of the Spirit of God. The gospel is not dependent upon human eloquence or persuasion that may change minds, but cannot change hearts. Only the Spirit of God can reveal the Son of God, and only the Son of God can reveal the Father.

      On the Authority of Scripture

      We believe in the Divine inspiration and authority of the 66 books of the Holy Bible as the complete canon of God’s testimony to mankind. We are committed to esteeming Scripture as the very Word of God, inerrant in its original form. We do not accept any doctrine which contradicts Scripture.

      We understand that there are many practices and doctrines that are considered orthodox which do not contradict the Scripture, but which are not directly addressed in His Word. We are committed to giving liberty in the belief and practice of these teachings, but we will endeavor to maintain the simplicity of the biblical testimony and its stated practices as we are given grace to perceive them. We do not accept any spiritual experience as having its source in the Holy Sprit that does not have a precedent in Scripture. We do not accept any revelation, vision, dream, prophecy or discernment as truth which contradicts Scripture, or cannot be verified by it. We do not believe that any other writings have the same authority as the canon of Scripture.

      On the Lord’s Supper

      We acknowledge the ordinance of the Lord’s Supper in remembrance of Jesus and as a testimony of our communion (common-union) with Him in His body, the church. We consider it a holy ordinance, but we do not accept the teaching that communion is for the purpose of remitting sins, which Scripture testifies is based solely in the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross (Hebrews 9:25-28).

      On Water Baptism

      We believe that water baptism should be by immersion and accomplished immediately after commitment to the Lordship of Jesus and His atoning sacrifice for our sin. This ordinance is a personal and public statement of faith in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ on our behalf, and is a commitment to lay down our lives to be one with Him in His death, burial and resurrection.

      On the Baptism of the Holy Spirit

      We believe that the “baptism in the Holy Spirit” is an additional impartation which may be subsequent to regeneration (see Acts 8:15-17 and 19:1-6). This baptism is usually accompanied by the gifts of the Spirit, such as speaking in tongues, prophecy, etc.

      We believe that this gift is presently available to all who believe (Acts 2:38-39), but is not essential for salvation or regeneration. While these are accomplished by the Holy Spirit (Acts 19:1-7), there were disciples who did not even know that there was a Holy Spirit. Just as Paul made it a priority to instruct those believers and pray for them to receive this gift, we are committed to doing the same.

      The purpose of the baptism in the Holy Spirit is to impart spiritual power to the believer to be a witness (Acts 1:8, 5:32). This baptism is to be distinguished from being filled with the Spirit (Acts 4:31, 7:55, 13:9,52), which can be a special and repeated empowering for specific purposes.

      We believe that when Christians truly have been baptized with the Holy Spirit, they should begin to take on His nature and fruit, becoming “helpers” and “comforters”, leading others into truth, and testifying of Jesus.

      On the Present Ministry of the Holy Spirit

      We believe that “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever” (Hebrews 13:8) and that His ministry in and through the church by the Holy Spirit has not changed from the beginning. We accept, acknowledge, encourage and seek all of the biblical gifts and ministries of the Holy Spirit as present and vital for the church to accomplish her full purpose today.

      On the Second Coming of Christ

      We believe in the literal, physical return of the Lord Jesus Christ to take authority and rule on earth. We believe that those who are alive and remain at the return of our Lord will be changed and caught up to be with Him in the air. Those who have died in the faith will be resurrected and precede those who are alive in being changed and caught up to be with Him.

      We believe in the literal, physical resurrection of both the just and the unjust for the Day of Judgment. For those of us who have been justified by faith in Jesus Christ and His sacrifice on our behalf, this resurrection is for eternal life in fellowship with God. Those who are not justified by faith in Jesus are resurrected for an eternal judgment.

      To the above Statement of Faith in Jesus Christ…


      Ps…AGAIN…I did my homework.

    • Thank you, Kirk. Let’s stick to Joyner’s words and Jesus’ words. I could go type up “LA MARZULLI FALSE PROPHET” and find all the “proof” he’s a false teacher I wanted to. Doctrine dogs are a dime a dozen. Jesus said we would know them by their fruits. Paul said to test all things, not go to the gossip mill. Come on Christians! Go to Joyner’s website. Read stuff. Watch videos. Enough hearsay, already. Be mature.

      I have enjoyed a steady diet of his teachings and it has only yielded greater boldness, greater dependence on the Lord, a greater vision of the spiritual battle and the value of souls, and a greater wonder of the greatness of our King.

    • Jacqueline, you said “stick to Joyner’s words and Jesus’ words”? It’s your provocative to listen to whom ever you choose, but don’t you think you should list Jesus before Joyner? Joyner headed up the “Kansas City Prophets”. Read a little bit about his co-prophets: Paul Cain – Bob Jones – Mike Bickle and see if it sounds ANYWHERE CLOSE to what you got off his site. These are wolves in sheeps’ clothing. Don’t say you weren’t warned!!!

    • How can you guys throw such damning words at people that you’ve never even met???? Have you EVER prayed with one of these men? I have… accusing the “Kansas City Prophets” of being wolves??? And on SOMEBODY elses say-so/opinion??? YOU ARE ON VERY DANGEROUS GROUND YOU WHO MAKE YOURSEL JUDGES…

    • You tell them Sandy…”WOLVES IN SHEEP CLOTHING”

      Ecumenical Dogs! Rick Joyner praises the late pope John Paul as a man who loved the Holy Spirit… It is on his site!!!….No! He loved ‘not’ the Holy Spirit that birthed the Apostolic church, But the Babylonian ecumenical Spirit that welcomes worship of the Queen of heaven, who places Buddha along side of Christ.
      The deceit is rampant and it is the “Name above all names” that rolls of the tongue of these Mammon hungry Apostates.

      john B

    • Thank you, John. You are 200% right! Apostacy is rampant. It is not my intention to argue for the cause of being right, or trying to prove someone else wrong. I HATE the fact that soooooooo many people are being lead astray. When it says in the Bible that on that day; many will say: Didn’t we prophesy in your name? Didn’t we do this and that…And they will hear – “Depart from me, I NEVER KNEW YOU” and if these “prophets” continue in their ways, WOE BE UNTO THEM!!!!!! Discernment is a must in times that we are living. My prayer is that none of us be deceived. God Bless You ALL!

    • Jacqueline said: (I have enjoyed a steady diet of his teachings)

      The proof is in the pudding! an Australian saying.. (you are what you eat)

      I may be the “doctrinal dog” but you eat their ecumenical vomit..

      JOHN B!




    • Kirk; I have provided the scriptural evidence concerning this movement!

      it is ecumenical and has ties to Masonic principalities (knights of Malta)
      It covets Mammon (the seed sowing principles)
      It manifests the doctrine of Balaam
      its leaders are adulterers and criminals.

      we have been told by Sandy that she came out of the movement on basically the same principles i have put forth..

      Now you put forth Todd’s emotional side “the repentance message”
      True repentance is to make amends and not keep living in adultery. MK10:11


      john B

    • henever I see such heated debate, I am alerted that an exposed nerve of deception is at hand. It is a chasm such as this that will bring forth the great apostacy.

      I won’t sit here and condemn any specific man or woman as a false teacher, but what I will do is point out we ALL are condemned outside of Christ. Even great religious leaders with solid doctrinal foundations falter from time to time, because it is in our nature. The challenge for teachers and prophets to remove the yeast from their teachings. Can we not see that King David killed for jealousy and King Solomon took many wives and yet we think our religious and world leaders won’t falter either. It’s why humility and sake cloth is so important.

      John B is right to point out that the yeast in modern religion is the ecumenical movement. If we don’t recognise this even when our beloved teachers teach that its a Christian thing to do, then we set ourselves up for deception.

      The root of Satan’s deception lies in this false assumption: those who oppose a great and horrific evil MUST be good.

    • @sandy, i understand what u r conveying. i watched the lakeland revival on Godtv, in 2008, i saw how todd done things, he compared it to, when Jesus did healings, he was unconventional also. He said jesus healed a blind person, by spitting in mud and putting that mud on the eye of that blind person, and so he believes the the Lord has him step out inot faith and do the same things. i dont know, i think todds very strange, im not real sure of him. i was going to a church about 10 yrs agom, it was an assembly of God, i got saved there and baptised in water, while attending that church, Todd Bentely was there a few nights as guest speaker, and laying hands on people, i had never heard of him before that, i was so nervous when he got closer to me in the pew, he was going up n down the aisles yelling and praying for different people, when i felt he was getting closer to me, my heart was pounding, and i got up n split as fast as i could. i cant put my finger on it, but i felt fear n very scared, now is that the holy spirit telling me somethings not right, or the devil not wanting me to get a blessing? sometimes i cant discern things like that. but i will never forget it.

    • @sandy again, sorry, yes, i heard something about romnet being elected, mormans are not christian, but they still have morals about issues, such as abortion, gay rights, and israel..he may possibly be elected, and lead us in the ways of righteousness, who knows? he sure is a better pic than the other! 🙂

  2. Rice and Beans can cheaply provide a long term supply of food… might be dull after a bit… but the only other option is a FEMA camp. And yes! good for Jim Bakker! So nice to see a brother restored!!!

    • i know what u mean about rice n beans, sure better than starving. my point was, to try and have long term food on hand, that has long shelf life. 🙂 God Bless You 🙂

    • I have been buying those staufers “completes.” You can eat them hot or cold and they are right under two bucks at my local super store. The shelf life isn’t bad on them. Canned salmon too. Plenty of protein and those omega 3s I need. Long shelf life. Ramen noodles. Well they are ramen noodles. Stocking up on beans too. Bleach, hydrogen peroxide, bandaids.

      We are aparment dwellers. I have a small camping grill that hooks up to a large or small propane tank. I have been searching around on the internet and am kind of looking at solar powered generator also. It won’t creat smoke and send signals to everyone that you have fuel.
      Some pre-65 90% silver coins are not bad to have either if you had to barter
      God Bless,

    • I just got done reading an older book called “Alas, Babylon”, about what happens to a small town in Florida after a nuclear attack. They fare better than most, but one thing a character commented on was the fact that he was always hungry. That’s something few of us here in our abundance know much about, unless we impose it upon ourselves to fast or to diet.

  3. Oh, L.A……I do believe that the storm did not seem as bad to you because He was with you and yours per Isaiah chapter 20…….you were kept safe in your chamber as it says in verse 26. Hope you know how many prayers go out for you every day…..between living in California with the shaking and all your travels to spread the good word, we here on the blog, pray for you daily! You are one of our most appreciated teachers! Maybe this was His way of reassuring you that He will continue to have have His shield around you in Chitzen Itsa!

    • Agreed. That and yesterday morning we all knew a lot less than we did by day’s end or now. It’s clear now we’re looking at another “historical” and to a degree “unprecedented” situation here in terms of damage and fallout.

      I thought all that porkulus money was supposed to help out with the infrastructure? 🙄

  4. It is hard thing for an electric company to get out all the trees that are a danger to taking down the line. people want their tree and feel it won’t happen here, but it does everytime somewhere with someones beloved tree over love for all the rest and himself too the tree is a hazard to.. When I got this place, after a few yrs I had them take them all out at the power lines.

    I was an electric lineman for 35 yrs, 10 yrs with a contractor, 25 with a rural cooperative.

    But as the whole system is almost all cyber controlled EMF bombs will be used and it is not long coming. I see this coming around Iran and Israel and progressing into a last world war and armageddon.

    Be prepared to live without electric power is a must.

    • As an illustration of the size of this storm:

      When the eye was nearly nearly 900 miles from us (off the NC coast), we had trees down all over the county, including some a mile or two from here that caused a power outage. Monday — even Tuesday morning — we had more than a thousand electric customers without power (they measure individual billing locations, not the number of folks who live there). A tree here, a tree there … they add up.

      There were also trees being cut for firewood across the street and behind me in the direction of the golf course (I heard that one fall). I was lucky to have no more than a momentary outage, but it tripped the thermostat in the new(er) part of the house and it took a few minutes to figure out the problem.

      Lots of people calling restaurants and asking, “Do you have power?” Lots of workplaces without lights and computers/cash registers.There was snow in the mountains and school was cancelled.

      Sunday night there were 70 mph gusts atop Grandfather Mountain (900 miles from the eye at that point).

    • I agree about the trees. My house had two huge silver maples and a large birch tree when I bought it 10 years ago. Part of the appeal of my place is that the front yard goes off to the side of the house instead of the street so one of the maples was removed because it could hit wires or the house. The others are still enjoyed because the weather here pretty much always comes from the north and west so they could go down and not do damage except blocking a side street. Not many people think about those things until they have a disaster. So…..unless a storm comes out of the south east……:)

  5. “http://flashtrafficblog.wordpress.com/2012/10/31/dramatic-twist-iran-used-up-some-of-its-uranium-this-summer-pushing-back-moment-of-truth-8-to-10-months/”

    • Talk about an act of God! We have been praying for peace in Israel, and God has answered, at least for a little while.

    • Not for nuthin’ but while I certainly hope and pray this is true let’s take this into consideration.

      The source of the info is liberal Ehud Barak who wouldn’t mind giving away plenty more land and his shirt to go along with it so…take it for what it’s worth. I’d like this story to be vetted more and would love a second and IMHO more credible witness than just Barak.

      Hopefully we’ll see more about this soon.

    • Guy’s; don’t fall for the political puppetry!

      It is obvious that Iran must conform to the Muslim brotherhood of the NWO


      john B

    • Eric, I am a firm believer that Iran has nukes…bought them from rogue entities (Russia America, etc?) or on the black market. Some well known Watchmen and others have talked about this for years and I believe it’s just a matter of time before they use these weapons either to attack Israel or, with their well-known allies, launch an EMP attack over America. Marlene and Isaacgsma are correct that we must prepare and be ready. I am concerned for those living in the southern U.S. as I believe the issues causing the sinkhole in LA may very well reach a cataclysmic end. Earth changes while man tries to play god…the price will be unfathomable! There has been a lot of wisdom here over the months. L.A., your humility yesterday was precious to me….so rare in Christian leadership this days! Thank you and God Bless and keep you! Blessings to All gathered here!!

    • G-Force, I’m with you on that. S. Quayle and Hawk have said since 2004 that Iran has nukes. I think what it comes down to is any nation that doesn’t have a NWO central bank should be very nervous. The 1st thing they did after Iraq fell was set up a central bank. It should tell us who is calling the shots – the bankers.

  6. I have been preparing for awhile now. I still don’t feel we are where we need to be. I will keep collecting. Most of all praying. I am thankful my family went unharmed during hurricane Sandy. I feel for those who didn’t. I will continue to pray. I see times getting harder.

  7. I have a bit stored but certainly not enough. Will improve my efforts.

    Very glad so many people came through alive; praying still for those unfortunate who lost their homes and possessions.

    Blessings to you LA and your family. Side note re: Jim Bakker, he is a man of God spirtiually and physically restored. He has his mind on helping God’s people.

    He is, in my opinion, a sample of what God can do when the person is willing to turn and follow Him for His glory.


  8. If a magnetic pulse weapons was used and put us back to the Stone Age, unfortunately, food and water and other life essentials would not be the only things to consider. There will no police protection, and mostly likely in that scenario, armed thugs would roam the streets looking for the weak and unprotected. Protection of your family is of the utmost importance. Please don’t over look this, as what good is food and water if someone can come by a simply take these things away from you? When we had our hurricane a few years back, I didn’t leave as everyone else tried to do, as I wanted to protect my home from looting which was rampant after the hurricane hit. There was no police on the streets and these looter knew that, no one to stop them, I can tell you my home did not get looted, however many in the area did. A few days before the hurricane hit there was a homeowners meeting to discuss boarding up and things you need to do to secure your house. Many of the parents are the parents of (and I use the word “parent” here loosely ) thugs, gang bangers. I served noticed at that meeting with a local sheriff present that any one even attempting to loot my home will leave in a body bag …I guess my message was received as my next door neighbor got broken into as well as the folks across the street, my home was not touched. Of course taking this stance does not come without consequences as I have had graffiti on my home, with racial slurs and things like that. Not a big deal considering that’s all they can do.

    • Use of an EMP weapon would not only mess up equipment and infrastructure in the area, but it would result in the total collapse of society for the entire duration of the “abnormal” conditions — and, I think, a collapse that in an End Times scenario could not be reversed.

      Consider that the bodies of the Two Witnesses will be able to be seen by everyone in the world (Rev. 11:9). That would require not only everyone getting new cellphones but also a replacement of the equipment in all the cell phone towers … and a replacement of all the power plant generators and all the electric lines … and a stable, law-abiding population not only able to afford to pay for cell phone service but also not inclined to rob and murder the linemen replacing all the power lines and the cell phone equipment installers — as opposed to a population starving for lack of food, dying for lack of medicine, freezing to death, killing everyone they see (hoping for something to steal or simply as an expression of their frustration and anger), etc.

      For some people, the above argues against any successful use anywhere of an EMP weapon.

    • JLL, just a thought… If the Two Witnesses are seen by the world as scripture says…. perhaps the world is a far less populated place and, as such, many parts of the world may be uninhabitable due to nuclear fallout and/or volcanic winters. It may well be that new technology will exist that will make their images visible in the inhabitable world (holographic technology). Or, knowing Abba Father, it would be just like Him to enable us to see them regardless of where we are in the world. After all, “With God, all things are possible.” I am willing to think outside of the box on these issues because we are all seeing new groundbreaking technology that we had only ever dreamed of coming into fruition, yet we’ve been told for years through the Hollywierd set what to expect, what the Luciferians were working on. So God will either allow the Lucies to put on their show or He will show them up when the time comes. He has the final say but it will be an incredible if not “bone chilling” show! May God be glorified!!!

    • JLL is right. The worst kind of deception is the illusion of ‘no deception at all’. Think about it. if things just keep going along as usual with the occasion bad storm, earthquake….no one is really going to be looking for the true signs of Christs return….

  9. New York was also equally as devastated, if not more so. My father, not the least bit spiritually minded, found 3 points interesting and worth mentioning to me: 1) The storm seemed dead-set on Atlantic City and Manhattan Island. 2) It shut down the NY Stock Exchange longer than it has been since 1888, and for the first time since 9-11. 3) According to the National Hurricane Center, the barometric pressure fell to approximately 27.85 inches of mercury, very low (for comparison’s sake, Katrina was 27.17 in.Hg). He seemed very interested in the number, but commented that in such low pressure it becomes difficult to breathe. He reported feeling lightheaded and said the dog took on a bad wheezing cough. It spooked him. I’m still not entirely sure what to do with all of that information, but it certainly gives one food for thought. Now, in regards to the fragility of our infrastructure…. What I do know is this: Not everybody will be so prepared in the event of a disaster (many through no fault of their own). We are each allotted a different portion, hard as we may work, to the glory of God. My husband and I live in a small 1-BR apartment. There is simply no way to store upwards to 6-months of food. Being practical, I can say that I could stretch our reserves for maybe a month and a half, if I got creative. We are certainly aiming to improve our situation, working very hard to that end. But life is what it is, and, should the worst befall, we will have to make do with what we’ve managed, whatever it is. And we are better than most (that I personally work with). I know that there are a great many in need. One of the greatest frustrations I have with the food supply (among other state resources) is how unevenly distributed they are, especially among the pantries themselves. One pantry in a shelter I’m involved with is practically overflowing, and their greatest concern is, “What do we do about all of this food that’s about to expire?” Another food pantry I’ve worked with (opposite end of the county) never has enough food, and can feed 100 families (when they have the means) in a matter of hours. Their greatest concern is, “How are we going to get enough food for one day, let alone a week, a month, a year?” I say all of this to say that, in the coming months and years, it is going to be of paramount importance that the Church work as an actual BODY of believers, seeing the need and working to meet it. Right now, the eyes that see don’t know how to get the hands to move to serve the mouth that is in need. If we can’t do it now, how will we handle the need of a more global crisis? There is much work to be done, not simply preparing for ourselves, but also preparing to serve the needs of others in the future…

    • Just a suggestion, Kate…..you could store approximately 400 standard soup or veggie cans under a full size be and 800 if you can stack them 2 high. Or, if you have a queen size make it 450 and 900…..If you have a king size then you have a large apartment and there are bound to be other places. Why can’t the shoes and stuff on the closet floor sit on top of boxes of stash? 🙂

    • oops, forgot to say that, YES you are right and we should all be storing away as much as we can because we are Christians and will share!

    • EXACTLY… we store up to distribute… so that God’s love shows forth… in the coming days “our” willingness to share will be a testimony to many… don’t doubt it… IT IS COMING….

    • Nice to hear the comments about sharing. I heard some prepper being interviewed on the radio. When asked about sharing, he basically said “No, it’s their fault. Why should I be responsible for their bad decisions.” With an attitude like that, it’s easy to see how his starving neighbors would mount an assault on his place. Movies like “The Road Home” depict this scenario quite well.

    • Kate, we will need to operate in the power of the Holy Spirit, handing out the loaves and fishes until all are fed to the full and baskets of left-overs are collected, when that instant need is met. We will see incredible works of God but we will see it in the midst of our need, not in the midst of our abundance! Kate, you do what you can to prepare and trust God for the difference. He will be your “need-meeter,” precious sparrow!!! God sees your heart and He knows your situation!! You are trusting Him now and you will be able to trust Him then. That goes for all of us!!! Blessings…!!!

    • Dear Kate,
      I would only do what GOD is telling you to do. HE may not want you to store up because you may be moving quickly to another local and wouldn’t have time or room to carry your stores. Do only what the Holy Spirit tells you to do, with no false guilt from another.

    • A reminder for those who do have food stored…don’t forget to check it for bugs!
      Unless,…who knows,…maybe we’ll want those bugs for nourishment?!

      I’m talking about those little ones that show up in oats, cereal, and flour and pancake mixes, etc,…
      You’d probably never even know you were eating them if you had to.

      I threw some of my supply out, but thought, really, would I care if it was an emergency?
      Probably not.

      Anyone recommend what bugs are good for eating?

    • Things like that are too big for me to imagine! If we get wiped out by some other planet, then surely for those who die it will be very quick! The survivors,…not so fortunate!

      However, I did hear something about NASA that caught my attention, from a guest on Coast to Coast last week, Nick Redfern. He said that on Halloween, NASA holds a memorial to Jack parsons. The same Jack Parsons, who, with L. Ron Hubbard, supposedly opened a portal to another dimension back in 1946 that could bot be closed. That was called Babylon Working.

      Sure, it could be just because of his contributions connected to rocket fuel, or,…is it something more sinister?
      My guess is the latter!

      Also, NASA is supposed to make some big announcement tomorrow about Dark Matter.
      I don’t follow those things too closely, but it might be a big deal to the science community and their puffed-up intellects.

    • Gordy, would you please tell me how to post videos?
      I wanted to post a music video yesterday but all it did was “await moderation” and then show up as a link.

      I don’t know what code to use or how to find out!

      Thanking you in advance,…or anyone else who replies to this question! 🙂

    • Kaylee, From the way it looks post the link like you did last time except make sure the link starts with http and not https, I am assuming that the http(s) prevents the video from being embedded. Give it a whirl girl.

    • If this works, it is because I used to Share button underneath the video instead of the url at the top of the page.

      When we have severe weather, I am reminded how fragile things are indeed. For those of us fortunate to be out of harm’s way this time, we can bet our time will come sooner or later.

      Best to keep on that one and only foundation that can’t be shaken! 🙂

      “…And he works and he builds with his own two hands
      And he pours all he has in a castle made with sand
      But the wind and the rain are comin’ crashing in
      Time will tell just how long his kingdom stands…..”

    • Hi Kaylee,

      I didn’t notice your request, but I see Pudding gave you the info on how to post Youtube videos.

  10. Another question! To Ruggie, if you are still reading this blog, or to anyone else…concerning the weather warfare that has been discussed. Knowing that one of the most powerful reasons for this weaponry must be it’s secrecy and the deniability it gives the perpetrator, how would anyone be able to tell the difference? If someone is tracking a storm, wouldn’t it be the same whether it was “real” or man-made?

    Are there always tell-tale signs of interference, such as “HAARP rings” ?

    I’m very skeptical of the HAARP sites that claim to show where activity is happening, just because an enemy would not reveal so much. Also, they have so much we don’t know anything about. HAARP is only one source of mischief.

    Has anyone read Brezinski’s book “Between Two Ages”? I haven’t yet, but it looks real good.

    ***on page 57 ‘By the year 2018, technology will make available to the leaders of the major nations, a variety of techniques for conducting secret warfare, of which only a bare minimum of the security forces need be appraised. One nation may attack a competitor covertly by bacteriological means, thoroughly weakening the population (though with a minimum of fatalities) before taking over with its own armed forces. Alternatively, techniques of weather modification could be employed to produce prolonged periods of drought or storm…”

    ***In addition, it may be possible–and tempting–to exploit for strategic-political purposes the fruits of research on the brain and on human behavior. Gordon J. F. MacDonald, a geophysicist specializing in problems of warfare, has written that timed artificially excited electronic strokes could lead to a pattern of oscillations that produce relatively high power levels over certain regions of the earth…. In this way, one could develop a system that would seriously impair the brain performance of very large populations in selected regions over an extended period…. No matter how deeply disturbing the thought of using the environment to manipulate behavior for national advantages to some, the technology permitting such use will very probably develop within the next few decades.”


    • “HAARP” rings always center around weather radar (NEXRAD) stations — check it the next time you see one. They are caused by a particular level of moisture in the air in combination with a particular radar setting. (So in some ways similar to radar “ground clutter” which I believe is also related to air moisture.)

    • Pudding Caffeine Assessment

      1 cup of coffee: Stops drooling. Can focus on objects more than 18 inches away. Responds to his name.
      2 cups: Recognizes members of his family. Can hold himself in an upright position. Can tie own shoes.
      3 cups: Synapses start firing. Can read and rant about articles in the paper or on the computer. Can name the president, vice president, and speaker of the House.
      4 cups: George Carlin level perception (but much less vulgar). Capable of quoting Murray Rothbard or Milton Freedman verbatim while discussing the Chicago school of economics. Can dance the lead male role in Swan Lake.
      5 cups: Can find the derivative “i” while contemplating the hidden calculus in unrelated text. Is contacted by alien intelligences for advice as to proper alignment of hyper-dimensions or anti-gravitics. Charts worm holes.
      6 cups: Becomes unintelligible to other humans. Only God and the angels can respond. Begins to vibrate and is not fully visible.
      7+ cups: Whether in or out of the body… no one knows.

  11. It never ceases to amaze and offend me the way people try to play God!


    • There is a grid system of them around the world, a map can be found of the prominent ones, don’t have the url now but a simple search will get it.

  12. Fascinating….

    MARION, OHIO — The problem already happened in Greensboro NC last week – now it’s cropping up in Ohio, a highly contested state in the very tight Presidential election.

    The issue: Voters select Mitt Romney on their touch screen voting, but President Obama shows up as the selection. Repeatedly.


  13. Rose! 😆
    Amen sister. Yes there is a drinking curve.
    By the way I have found a way to counter act the astro projection level, by cooking up a pot of Irish beans which consists of 239 beans, cause if just one more bean is added it becomes two farty and worketh not! :þ

  14. This may seem like it has nothing to do with the topic at hand but yet it does… Last night I understand that a certain medical doctor was interviewed by George Noory on Coast to coast. I didn’t listen to it but I heard his testimony before somewhere else. He had a death experience wherein he went to Heaven and floated around on a giant butterfly wing with some woman etc. etc….. The deaths resulting from the Hurricane prompted me to say this… This has to be a demonic deception. This man does not hold christian beliefs. He does not accept Christ as savior but yet “went to heaven”. As you all know no one but no one gets into heaven unless he believes on the Son. This is just like Satan. Make people think they can get to heaven and don’t need Jesus to do so. This has the fingerprints of demonic deception all over it. I felt this needed to be said because there are more people deceived by this than probably anything else regarding the afterlife. You would shutter to think how many people will spend eternity in Hell because they believed this lie. Yet… I do not hear enough christians addressing this issue to the unsaved world at large while people stumble into hell every day. We need to be warning people of their eternal fate by believing this lie. We need to be able to intelligently make the case that this is demonic deception using the correct scripture. Example… Satan masquerading as an angel of light. The princes and principalities of the air. Wicked spirits in heavenly places etc. I wonder how many unsaved, eternally damned people heard his testimony out of curiosity and came to the conclusion that they are going to heaven when they die and they need nothing to do with the bible or Jesus. These are people who more than likely will never listen to a salvation message by anyone because after all… I’m going to heaven anyway so why bother with Jesus. We need to fight this deception head on and bombard the gates of Hell with this message and warn people as often and as massively as we are able.

  15. Regarding above comment I posted… I believe this is probably why George Noory himself does not believe in having to receive Christ as savior because he had the same kind of experience years ago. I heard him say this on occasion. How sad it is that people you know and care about are eternally damned because they believe this demonic deception.

  16. Two new tv shows that are focused on “apocalyptic” scenarios. They are called “Revolution” — about human survival after losing the electrical grid (think emp) — and “Last Resort” — about treason, plausible deniability, cover ups, navy seals, delta force, nuclear exchange, military coup, weapons and drug running etc. Could be some ptb hand-tipping? Curious how many of you have seen these and what your take is.

    • Debra, I am watching both of them (the only network tv I indulge in at the current time and I watch on hulu.com not on tv). Anyway, it is interesting to me that those in Revolution all look so healthy well-clothed/nourished, etc. I found it interesting that they all appear, for the most part, to be “beautiful people” (pleasing to the eye) rather than a better cross-section representation of surviving humanity. I am waiting for the luciferian twists in this…have seen several. There is no obvious spiritual component at all…yet… and I’m sure that’s intentional. Last Resort has been interesting and conceivable. Last week’s episode introduced the idea that there had been a sinister move against Pakistan prior to the launch of nuclear weapons by US ships against them. It’s taking interesting turns as well … the jury is out on both of these shows for me at this time but I am “hooked” for now… However, there is nothing as sinister as what is playing in real life these days … read the news pages (RevolutionRadio.org; SteveQauyle.com; StanDeyo.com; DrudgeReport.com), keep up with L.A., Larry Taylor, Joel Rosenberg, Glenn Beck has been good on Benghazi, although I don’t catch him all of the time. Stay in the Word – it is our compass! Be blessed!

    • Thanks so much G-force (love that handle) for chiming in. I too only catch any tv on Hulu and watch some on Netflix streaming… primarily BBC Masterpiece stuff. I’ve only seen first episode of Revolution; wasn’t sure if i wanted to follow up but perhaps i will now based on what you’ve shared. That “healthy beautiful” look thing is predictably American Hollywood. That’s why i only saw ep. #1. Betcha if it was UK produced there’d be none of that to suffer through. Bleh;^p I am getting a lot out of Last Resort though…very thought-provoking and timely. I also listen to and read most of the web links you mentioned. Good stuff G! Especially that “compass” thing:^)
      Blessings. His peace be with you.

  17. with the comment section closed on your “apology” about the storm i could not get out what i wanted to say and it is i figure i know you pretty well by now L.A. because i was sure you did not have the full report and like me got brushed or less by the storm in VA Beach cannot imagine the horrible way of life millions are having to endure. so not to worry, your analysis is still batting around 1000 with me. the thing i wanted to run by you is when the storm was still off Florida i looked at the tidal chart, (i live by the Chesepeake Bay), then saw that one of the two highest high tides of the year was Mon. Oct.29, same day as full moon. i had to tell somebody how i thought it might play out so i did and feel bad that i said it. but i thought the perfect storm damage and human tragedy would be if New York City was hit head on on mon. Oct. 29th at the full moon high tide and i did and was much worse. so, althogh i do not feel good about saying it, we need to, as a country do some soul searching and realize we have cursed Israel and made her enemies stronger, voted in or by other somewhat unconstitutional means brought in Federal State sanctioned gay marriage, made hugh efforts to complete driving Our Heavenly Father out of public or personal life totally. the few on this chatroom know the punishments that The Scripture proclaims to the nations that are guilty of these things. we need to pray in a Godly government. one comfort is to see Scripture come to pass lets you know that God is on His Throne. God bless you all.

  18. My apologies for recommending the Coast to Coast show with Proof of Heaven author Dr.Eben Alexander. After listening to the program, I now feel this person is nothing more than Satan’s mouth piece.
    His so called “proof” of heaven was nothing but reincarnation propaganda. What a disappointment.

  19. I had a dream where many hawks and doves were perched on a wire, the hawks flew off and then turned into turkeys. It had me wondering if the U.S would enter war on thanksgiving, on second thought, no, just a re-hash of images i have seen of late. No big point to this story, just that it’s difficult to think that Hurricane Sandy is being thought of as a harbinger when so many innocent people were hurt. Though this is not as bad as politicians saying that global warming is to blame, so as to further their agenda for more global control. I pray that people come to Jesus, not from fear but out of love of the Lord. At the same time, i find the “end times” theories, fascinating reading, and I enjoy this blog immensely.

  20. The NY looters are already siphoning gas illegally (is there a legal way?) from privately owned vehciles in the dead of night and stores are being broken into and looted, especially liquor stores and places that sell cigarettes and beer.

  21. Brother Lynn, I appreciate your ongoing status reports from your view point of what you have gone through in this storm. I am thankful that you and your family are OK. I can only imagine what each of you had to endure as you rode out the violence of this storm and am thankful the Lord heard all the prayers being lifted up asking to keep you safe.

    I am very sorry that some on this BLOG were basicaly attacked and called really ugly names for their belief that HAARP may be involved in the formation of this storm. That kind of behavior of name calling has never been welcomed here and I pray it is still not welcome. I don’t believe that anyone that believes this was possibly a HAARP started storm is anything but searching for the Truth, We all have certain “Facts” and even you Brother Lynn had your own “Facts” from your vantage point of the storm and I am thankful you shared them.

    You went above and beyond what most decent human beings would do with your public apolgy for giving your opinion on what you personally witnessed in this storm. May the one who spoke so ugly to the readers of this BLOG also give a public apology for the rude behavior that was totally uncalled for and completely against the rules of this BLOG.

    I hope you and the readers that come here will not be attacked in this manner again for sharing personal opinions. I pray that those who did share their opinions still feel safe enough to contine doing so, regardless of whether or not that opinion is popular and in spite of the personal attack on them.

    Please don’t let the vitriolic rudeness of the minority compell anyone to no longer speak their heart and share their valid view points.

    Respecfully in Christ,

    Jeff D

  22. I’m kinda sick and tired of people using this blog to tear down other Men of God… Ones that they’ve NEVER met and are simply regurgitating somebody elses opinions… No wonder most of the world looks at “Christians” and says NO THANKS!!! We try to consume each other within our own belief system… WE ARE SUPOSSED TO BE KNOWN FOR OUR LOVE … NOT OUR ABILITY TO CONSUME EACH OTHER….

    • It is frustrating to me too, which is why I try not to attack any specific person as a whole, for they may be struggling Christians like the rest of us, but address the yeast where I see it.

      There is grave danger when we put leaders and teachers up on a pedestal. Satan targets such individuals to try and fold some yeast into their teachings knowing they will impact many. It is why we are suppossed to embrace leaders who wear sack cloth in their humility.

      Not to bash Catholics as this is but one example, but they believe in Papal infallibility and therefore it is all beyond reproach. Well I say to that even Peter, the first pope in the eyes of the church, was filled with Satan for a time and scolded by Jesus.

      If Peter isnt without fault, then surely none of us are. Let us humble ourselves before the Lord, stop puffing ourselves up and seek the Lord’s guidance through His precious spirit.

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