The Storm that Wasn’t? We Dodged a Bullet… 7:30 AM

Our power came back on around 10 pm last night so we were without power for about 2 hours.  There was hype all day long about the “storm of the century.”  While some areas were hard hit, Atlantic City and New York, this storm, in my opinion, was a paper tiger.  Am I mixing metaphors?  I watched FOX for a few minutes and the clips they showed were some flahing dangling from a roof and a few shingles on another roof flapping in the wind. Then, some new guy made a big deal about one tree that was uprooted.   Let’s compare this Frankenstorm to Katrina.  In short there is none.  It makes me wonder abbout our media and the hype they seem to be engaged in.  Last night we watched a few miinutes of Conan and he had a clip honoring the news casters who risk their lives to bring us the news – a tongue in cheek piece.  We saw a news caster bundled up in the middle of a flooded street warning people of the danger.  Then, behind him, three youths in bathing suits enetered the frame waving their arms, splashing each other and basically goofing on the so-called extreme weather.  In other words here was the reporter trying to sound grave and overwhelmed with the storms severity, but his credibility went south as the youths clearly showed a differect scenario.   In Closing todays short post:  We dodged a bullet as we got some wind and a little rain but no real damage and no road closures.  Others weren’t so fortunate and flooding did occur.  However, in my opinion, this was NOT the storm of the century,  and Frankenstorm was more like Winnie the Pooh in comparison to Katrina.  More later…. L.A.

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  1. Bah humbug, if it was not for the media there would be no jobs for blondes and unemployable actors outside of hollyweird.

    • I beg your pardon. I am a college educated blonde and have worked in the medical field for 30 years. I resent the stereotypical attitude.

    • I was referring to hollywood actors. The blondes refers to news anchors/reporters, watch the news channels especially Fox. Stereotype? Perhaps a high coincidence of hair color preference. On my part an observation, then again maybe I am biased and blondes seem predominant on the news channels. Anyway the main point was the overall hyped dramatic attitude of professionals trained and groomed to do exactly what they are doing to act and report. Yes they are trained to act in their reporting.

    • I could sing you a tune or promise you the moon,
      But if that’s what it takes to hold you,
      I’d just as soon let you go, but there’s one thing I want you to know.

      …….this tune will be stuck in my head now for days,
      Thanks Matt

  2. I’m in northcentral PA where the “eye” is passing through today. I echo your observations…it was mostly a “dull roar” of wind last night, mixed with a little rain but no real damage. Power blinked on and off but I was still able to buy stuff on ebay between the outages.
    But because NYC and Atlantic City are a very real type of “Babylon” (ie, the center of commerce) and because they, like New Orleans of Katrina fame, are INSANELY positioned below sea level, naturally the water hit them hard.
    Expect the presidential candidates to be doning rubber boots and positioning themselves for photo ops “helping” victims today.

  3. I’m always glad to hear these storms are usually never as bad as hyped by the media. Sensationalism is their business it seems.

    Granted it is a bad one, reports are not good that are known to be true in many areas. The diedown of this thing should begin today I hope.. These storm and disasters are getting worse and more numerous it seems. I believe the 4 holding angels are beginning to turn loose.

    Good to hear LA that it didn’t get real bad there. I suppose there is areas of PA that were hit hard.

    It is still going on, hang in there!

  4. I apologize for this off topic question but…there is no one else I can ask this of. Is there any good website that allows the constant discussion of the fallen angels, channeling and the deceit, and the end times? This would need to be specific to fallen angels and their New Age propoganda. I can’t seem to find a website that deals with it on a daily basis that is Christian oriented. Does anyone know of any good sites where that IS the main reason for the website?

    • Julie, have you tried David Flynn’s Watcher Forum? They seem to discuss a lot of news, but if anyone would discuss that topic, I’d think they would. Or you could ask there if they know of other forums where that is the main focus.

      Have you tried the Rapture Ready forum? They’re extremely busy, so hopefully there’d be multiple people with that interest. [I used to belong there, but left maybe 8-9 years ago and I know the forum went through major changes shortly after I left (the forum head left and was allowed to take the archives; her new forum was busy for a while but I think most returned to RR, which had begun a new forum) . I don’t remember what issue I felt they were so intolerant about (probably Rapture timing), but it was years ago and hopefully their current mods no longer allow the members to make fun of other Christians.]

      Sometimes all it takes to get a daily discussion going in a particular area is one new member who starts threads with intriguing titles and first posts. That attracts people who aren’t rabid about the topic, but might become hooked.

      Good luck.

  5. I believe that this whole thing was a concocted fake… created by HARRP and designed to establish Obama as a worthy “Comander in Cheif” which he most certainly is not… I think they blew it up and will now have to answer some tough questions…

    • Last night on Coast to Coast they had on “researcher Nick Begich who spoke about the technology of weather modification, and how weather control could be used as a weapon that has a kind of built-in ‘plausible deniability.’ While it’s possible a technology such as HAARP might have been involved with Hurricane Sandy”

  6. I would like to add that perhaps all our prayers helped turn this thing into something much gentler. I felt the graphics of the storm were pretty intense and even today in Indiana we are getting gusts of 50 mph winds. However, there were so many people praying…shouldn’t we give credit to God answering prayers?

    • I agree, Julie!! Lord, thank You for sparing so many!

      Now if us Christians would just wake up and be people of fasting and repentance, maybe we could see that Third Great Awakening!!

      Lord, teach us to pray!

    • ABSOLUTELY!!!! I believe that the prayers of the Saints turned this whole thing around… I’m in New York and this was NOTHING as advertised!!!! THIS was the “Oct. surprise!” it just didn’t pan out for Obama as it was planned to.

    • I agree also Julie, glad you pointed that out. Those that were spared, good for you. Those that were not, prayers go up for you.

      Before long, ‘the end is here or near Christians’ will be put into the same category of ‘flip a coin meteorologists’. We just do not have control.

    • Amen! I believe so. It was categorized as a catastrophic hurricane.

      Prayers were heard by the Most High and He answered in His mercy. I live by the Gulf of Mexico and when it starts to rain from the gulf, it can get pretty intense. 2 years ago 2 weather systems hit in my area and blew off the chimney and portions of my roof. Very intense and I mostly slept through it! I was the only person in my neighborhood with $15,000 worth of damage.

      However, here’s the miracle: A few weeks prior to the systems colliding (one from the north and one from the east) with hurricane force winds, I had noticed yellow spots in my ceiling and I needed a new roof. I was washing clothes in the garage, took a few moments and prayed between cycles, asking the Lord for a new roof with a chimney.

      He does answer prayer and it’s not always necessary that comfort be involved. So portions of my roof blew off, including the worthless chimney. It was nerve wrecking because I didn’t, at the time, know that I had windstorm insurance coverage–I got a new roof with new chimney without me paying anything.

      To this day I give thanks to the Lord for always hearing me. He always knows better than we.

      I believe LA that He covered you and your family with His mighty shield of protection because of the faithful elect who pray for it. Yes, we prayed for all areas of the east coast and when it’s all said and done, only He will know why some areas weren’t necessarily protected— things have to change for the worse before it can get better.


    • Yes, prayer certainly played a role!

      Jacqueline, have your heard about the Nov. 1 day of prayer and fasting?

      3-minute video calling for a National Day of Prayer and Fasting Nov. 1; I don’t know who the sponsoring group is, but I keep hearing/reading about it in various places.

      Here it’s Nov. 1-6:

      The 40 Days to Save American campaign you have probably heard of (Sept. 28 – Nov. 6):

      I’ve seen other dates as well.

  7. Julie, maybe you can start your own web site. Seriously. It’s not that difficult. Dot easy allows for web hosting rates of $20/yr. If this is something that’s heavy on your heart, maybe God is pushing you in that direction?

    • Thanks Lynne, I thought of that but I work full time and don’t have time to write each day, nor monitor it like it would need. I will try searching a bit more. Not only that but I forgot to pray about it. Figures huh. 🙂

    • O.K. … Hope ya don’t mind me sayin but… Wow Julie…. Love the picture. O.k. now I’m back. I’ve put my spirituality back on. Took it off for a moment there because some things are just itchin to be said.

    • Thanks, I think of myself as a full fledged Watcher…in the sense of watching the fallen angels and what they have to say these days.

    • I like your sense of humour… witty. witty indeed. There’s something so dangerous about that picture yet sleek and thrilling… Lol!

    • I like to think of myself as being incognito when I read/respond to their websites, hence the “hidden” look. 😉

      However I am quite serious about my purpose while on the new age websites. These angels don’t just lie, they deceive. They twist and turn the Guidebook to the Supernatural around so much that they attract even more followers because those people have heard some of the truth before. It’s very sad.

  8. I saw some pretty bad real stuff on the news. I watched several hours, even though I don’t usually watch TV news. The 50 houses that burned in Queens–was that due to the storm or a coincidence? I was in the other room when they explained how it started. In 3 NJ towns a levee broke and the people were on the roofs like in Katrina. The subways are still closed and may not open this work week in New York, and the presidential campaign is “halted” or at least completely changed, and who knows how that will affect the election? It looked pretty serious to me. The water rise in the Battery (lower Manhattan, near Wall St.) was an all time record, over 14 foot rise, while the previous recors rise was somewhere around 11 feet. The death toll IS much lower than Katrina, agree with that. But twenty billion dollars in damages estimated just now on TV. And unregistered suffering of house turned into moldy messes. And a premier New York hospital entirely evacuated, including preemie babies, due to explosion of generators–and many other explosions of electrical stations.

    • I agree Mariel,

      The storm was very bad and is still going on inland. Millions are without power, not near what they projected though. It is good that it is no worse than it is. I wouldn’t care if it would wash up both presidential canidates and wash in a good one though!

  9. Amazing news! Praise the Lord!

    Unfortunately it wasn’t hype for certain areas like NYC.

    The slow northern track the storm is going to be taking all day means headaches aren’t done yet, either. I’m really happy for the Marzulli clan in Philly. 😀

    Best non hype weather sources IMHO:




    Cable news has to kill air time. Way oversensationalized.

    Weather Channel? We call it the Panic Channel around here for good reason. 😉

    • Agreed. This is no Katrina praise the Lord although if this beast had hit at Cat 3 or higher instead of 1 things might have been different. Praise the Lord that didn’t happen!

      But it’s still “bad enough” for a lot of people right now and unfortunately the day is young. It’s going to be a long, slow, northward slog on out of here.

    • Time will tell, but the ultimate damage for the nation as a whole, may have nothing to do with wind or flood damage. The financial strain and damage to the stock market may put our economy into the unrecoverable tail spin.

    • “”
      MSNBC Entertains Possibility Of Delaying Elections Due To Hurricane Destruction

      Just putting it out there…

  10. O.k. Just in case Julie didn’t see my comment above… Wow… Love the picture. As for the hurricane… I have to admit I think I got suckered in at first. All the while knowing all about the media and what they do.

    • “”

      It isn’t/wasn’t all hype on depending on where you’re at.

    • You may be one of the fallen angels yourself… I’m right aren’t I?! There’s something really dangerous yet sleek about that picture. Thought I would repeat myself.

  11. LA-glad you guys are ok! I totally believe prayer is what chilled this hurricane out! There was, of course, much damage to places built directly on the beachfront and under our near sea level. And its sad to hear about people dying.
    But here in Va. Overall we are ok. Unless you were in a low spot, or in the mountains-where this rain came down as snow, you are probably doing ok. Frankly it was mostly wind and not nearly as bad as the derico that came thru twice this summer.
    I give God all the Glory and Thanks that it did as liytle as it did do. The prayers of a righteous man avails much!
    Stock exchange closed. Wonder what kind if manipulations are occurring behind the scene.
    Praying for all!

    • THIS was “supossed” to be the “Oct. surprise.” They obviously don’t have as good a grip on HARRP as they thought… The prayers of the Saints can still TRUMP man’s science!!!!!

  12. I read this post earlier today and have tried not to respond but I feel I have to. I was saddened by the lack of compassion and care displayed in these comments.

    LA, while we are all very glad you dodged the bullet, untold thousands did not. I dare say that if any of us had watched helplessly as our home slid off its foundation into the street or came home to a house burned down, leaving us shivering in the cold rain, we wouldn’t think we’d dodged a bullet. There is no logic to comparing this to Katrina at this stage of the game. 12 hours after initial impact no one had any idea then that the total human displacement would eventually be 200,000. Katrina impacted a city or perhaps a state. This storm has impacted most of the states east of the Mississippi. There are parts of NJ that cannot even be reached yet. Who knows how many have been or will be displaced? Who knows how long it will take to rid the subways of sewage and rats? Who knows if there will be health issues as people drink unsafe water? Who knows what the impact will be to part of our country’s infrastructure? Who knows if this will lead to civil unrest in NY and NJ as the hours and days wear on? No one.

    Does it matter if this storm was engineered by humans, HAARP or CERN? While it’s interesting fodder for discussion, the real issue is that there are thousands of fellow believers who are hurting physically, emotionally and financially. In addition there are thousands who do not know Jesus and do not have Him to turn to. Whether this was hyped by the media or not makes little difference now. There are real people hurting at this moment. Let’s dig in and help where we can and at the very least pray for them.

    • I myself knowing the posters here to a certain extent have no doubt that everyone here has already been in prayer long before today`s topic and still is.

      I stand in the gap for the rights of grumpy old men and women with good hearts.

      Matthew 23:5 But all their works they do for to be seen of men: they make broad their phylacteries, and enlarge the borders of their garments,

    • Kathy…

      You have “just about” …THE ONLY SANE POST…on this blog today!!!

      UNREAL to hear the STUPID assessments that come from people!!!!

      SO many “opinions” …….of JUST HOW BAD IT REALLY IS…!!! Pathetic.

      Well, think of this….”you bunch of know-it-alls”…

      when YOUR house is in the middle of an INTERSTATE HIGHWAY…
      I guess “in your opinion”……that is “just your average storm”. Huh?

      Or maybe some of you can’t count how many states in our country
      were effected by this massive storm about 1,000 miles wide !!!!

      Some of you should REPENT of your idiocy !!!!


    • Kathy…

      I think you have “just about” ….THE ONLY SANE POST here today !!!

      Many of these people have NO idea how many people, properties, and
      personal possessions…along with profits from business have been lost.

      Certainly the death toll is NOT in the “stratospheric numbers”…thankfully!

      PRAISE GOD for that !! That is an answer to MILLIONS PRAYING for MERCY.

      MAYBE if their house was IN THE MIDDLE of an INTERSTATE HIGHWAY…
      MAYBE if their house was torched to the ground by fire…
      MAYBE if their business wasn’t filled with 3 feet of water…
      MAYBE if their homes & vehicles were not smashed by trees…

      then…”just maybe”… they’d have more “sensible comments”…

      rather than revealing their idiocy!


  13. At least 7.4 million people across the East were without electricity.
    Current death toll is 33 in USA.
    Sea water flooded the Ground Zero construction site.
    As much as 3 feet of snow expected in west virginia.
    Sandy broke record low pressure readings in Atlantic City, NJ, Philadelphia, PA, Harrisburg, PA, Scranton, PA, Trenton, NJ, Baltimore, MD and Harrisburg, PA.
    Quoting from Jeff Masters Weather Blog: “Superstorm Sandy roared ashore in New Jersey last night with sustained winds of 90 mph and a devastating storm surge that crippled coastal New Jersey and New York.
    Sandy’s record size allowed the historic storm to bring extreme weather to over 100 million Americans, from Chicago to Maine and from Michigan to Florida.
    Sandy’s barometric pressure at landfall was 946 mb, tying the Great Long Island Express Hurricane of 1938 as the most powerful storm ever to hit the Northeast U.S. north of Cape Hatteras, NC.
    New York City experienced its worst hurricane since its founding in 1624, as Sandy’s 9-foot storm surge rode in on top of a high tide to bring water levels to 13.88′ at The Battery,
    smashing the record 11.2′ water level recorded during the great hurricane of 1821. Damage from Superstorm Sandy will likely be in the tens of billions,
    making the storm one of the five most expensive disasters in U.S. history.”

    • No one denies the severity of this storm… we are praying for God’s MERCY for all the victims… but here in Buffalo NY, it was a pussy-cat instead of the predicted Tiger… No “National Emergency” with the Pres. holding court was required… it’s been staged, and it didn’t pan out…

    • Issacsgma…

      Your post is a good step towards the REALITY of this storm.

      BUT….it still doesn’t tell the WHOLE TRUTH of what has happened.

      I THINK…people are now SO “de-sensitized” to these “natural disasters”
      that people think very little of these events anymore…hence….

      one of the “reasons” God says…”The love of many will grow cold.”


    • I minimized nothing Kirt I was only trying to point out how serious it was.We have not seen its full impact yet ….But I dont think it is for you to come here and point out that love has grown cold as if someone here was cold hearted you know not anyone on this blog… you are not God.. so I THINK you should leave that job for him..And that froggy little attitude you have is going to come back and bite you one day watch and see.

    • Domitrovic,

      If you quote the whole verse instead of just part of it, then you will know why the love of many shall wax cold.

      Mat 24:12 And BECAUSE INIQUITY (lawlessness, breaking the commandments, including the Sabbath) SHALL ABOUND, the love of many shall wax cold.

    • Issacsgma….

      You missed my point…TOTALLY !!! I mean ENTIRELY !!!

      I was NOT saying you “minimized” anything….BUT THAT….

      YOU were one of the FEW who actually stated the “seriousness” of the
      storm on this BLOG today, rather than making “light” of it.

      And I continue to say…. in line with YOUR post…. that it is TOO EARLY
      to make a “declaration” as to how many were effected & how bad it is….

      because THE WHOLE TRUTH has certainly NOT come out yet.

      And I feel it is “utter foolishness” …FOR ANYBODY…
      to make an assessment of a storm…”from our tiny vantage point”…

      that we can only “see” from our own little “square mile” or
      through a few images on a screen…or because some reporter “hypes” it.

      I feel your Statement of Facts in your post only covered a tiny bit of the
      TRUE SCOPE of the storm, and that YOU were showing MORE…
      of the REALITY of the effects of Sandy…

      BUT most on this Blog today…did NOT.

      I had a whole list of things I was going to put down on this blog,
      BUT YOU…already beat me to it…so why re-invent the wheel !!

      So I simply stated my own feeling that MANY PEOPLE see so much
      devastation now…that it seems to be getting to the point of “an old hat”.

      Nothing special.

      And I think that makes people more “de-sensitized” to the events around us.

      That is what I see.


  14. Heads up for anyone interested in the subject…..Coast to Coast will have on tonight Proof of Heaven author Dr. Eben Alexander. Neurosurgeon for the last 25 years, Eben Alexander, M.D., will discuss his transcendental Near-Death Experience (NDE), in which he was driven to the brink of death and spent a week deep in coma from an inexplicable brain infection. He has spent the last two and a half years reconciling his rich spiritual experience with contemporary physics and cosmology

    “Dr. Eben Alexander’s near death experience is the most astounding I have heard in more than four decades of studying this phenomenon… one of the crown jewels of all near-death experiences… Dr. Alexander is living proof of an afterlife.” ~ Raymond Moody, MD, PhD

    • ummm oh yeah, 2nd Half of show is ‘Ghostbuster Gals’ Ronnie Rennae Foster and Laura Lee Mistycah who talk about ghostly incidents, and the thin veil between dimensions…might want to turn that off is you are freaked out on the subject of Ghost.

    • Thanks Matt, I will listen to the doc’s account. I just finished his book over the weekend and couldn’t put it down. His NDE was different than most.


    One Christian preacher has blamed Hurricane Sandy on the US government’s support for gay marriage and abortion. On his website Defend Proclaim the Faith, Chaplain John McTernan says: “Once a nation legalises sin, like abortion and homosexual ‘marriage’, that nation falls under the direct judgment of the Holy God of Israel. God does not destroy a nation right away but first warns.” He concedes that his readers might be angry with him, but insists that it doesn’t change the fact that America “has fallen under the judgment hand of God”.

    Read more:

  16. Weather and in particular snow is a big hobby of mine, heck my handle on the net is Snowbrain. I agree with several here that pointed out the magnitude and scope of this monster storm. I live some 400 miles west of where the storm hit land, and lakeside communities on Lake Erie had gusts over 65 mph, with over 200,000 w/o electric. New York City is a disaster, the Jersey Shore is a wreck from top to bottom. I guarantee you over 200,000 people are displaced at this time.

    LA you are the man when it comes to Nephilim and prophesy, but you missed the mark on this storm. Sure, on a mesoscale the destruction to New Orleans was tragic, but when you consider the entire envelope of coverage this storm damaged, you are misguided with initial impression.

    • Hi Jeff ! I’ve read some of these comments and the Blog title itself sickens me, sorry LA you have no clue on this one bud ! This was not a hype storm or was it man-made from Harp, PERIOD ! I’m basically a Meteorologist/Forecaster and Jeff knows me very well. I, along with Jeff have been tracking this storm for over a week and computer models showed it developing 10-15 days ago ! It’s sound 101 Meteorology and Physics, NOTHING ELSE ! A Rare, but well forecasted Storm, that never happened like this in history, but has always been talked about, WHAT IF and WHEN, this occurs was always the question asked for decades by Meteorologisits. A late season Hurricane developed as a Greenland upper level ridge setu[ in the North Atlantic ( We call this a BLOCK or NEG NAO) At the same time a strong trough and very cold air was dumping SE out of Canada into the Central and Eastern US. The Blocking Ridge to the north caused the Trough to Tilt negatively, which turned the storm NW instead of the usuall NE and out to Sea direction from the westerlies. There I just explained it Meteorology 101 to all you Nitt Witts on here screaming it was HARP and a MAN MADE event ! Get a grip and a life, you have no facts, I do and just presented them with sound MET 101 and SCIENCE. BTW, I live in South Jersey and lived here just about all my life and have been following weather since I was a Kid, never seen anything like this in my 46 year old life ! The NJ coastline is destroyed in many areas, NYC and SE New England coast were also torn up bad. This is a 20+ BILLION DOLLAR STORM, THAT’S NOT HYPE, AND WELL FORECASTED !

    • Even though I fully believe in HARRP, I still believe that this is a “shot across the bow” for modern Babylon, NYC, by the Lord Himself… David Wilkerson called it way back when…

    • Rose I am happy to be out of New Jersey too. Chardon is truly a piece of Heaven just west of Philadelphia. I miss my business customers, steak sandwhiches, and pizza.

      John Ruggiano is an excellent forecaster, mentor, and friend. He knows his meteorology, and does a better job on calls then local mets that serve the Chardon area. This weather event was modeled over 10 days out, and we followed and made comments as the storm approached on
      some weather sites. The storm was a result of various weather features causing a rare event for our nation, as clearly explained by Ruggie.

      It amazes me when someone is spared destruction or mayhem in his home, and so it is called a dud, while in geographic terms, just across the region people lose their home to floods and wind related damage.

  17. Glad to see that the Blog is still running and that all are well..

    Just something to think about; what if Sandy was directed by the hand of God Almighty and we are saying it is man made!
    Would that be similar to saying that the manifestations of God’s gifts are emotional manifestations of the flesh.. we have to be careful to give credit where it is due..

    Personally I believe that something much greater will follow and it will be known to be of God.


    john B

    • In a way J B the four angels turning loose the winds is allowing His judgements upon men. They have been holding back the destruction. The evil it seems is being turned loose. He wants things held down until His 144,000 are sealed.

      Re 7:4 And I heard the number of them which were sealed: and there were sealed an hundred and forty and four thousand of all the tribes of the children of Israel.

      Re 7:1 ¶ And after these things I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth, holding the four winds of the earth, that the wind should not blow on the earth, nor on the sea, nor on any tree.
      Re 7:2 And I saw another angel ascending from the east, having the seal of the living God: and he cried with a loud voice to the four angels, to whom it was given to hurt the earth and the sea,
      Re 7:3 Saying, Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads.

      I’m beginning to wonder if they aren’t sealed or about so. I think these are commissioned to soon do a great work in the earth.

      The gospel of the Kingdom we know is to be preached into all the world that the end can come.

      Mt 24:14 And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.

      Christianity will not accomplish that without another pentecost I do not think

  18. Guess you have your head in the sand and not paying attention to just how much damage and severe flooding that this storm has caused and will cost billions in repairs!

  19. I found a few “roads closed”, ……….some “real damage”….
    and a few “shingles flapping in the wind”…

    Just see below…

    1) a bunch of still photos…

    2) a 4 minute video below…

    3) a 3 Minute video below…

    Maybe perspectives ARE different as to what “storm severity” actually means.


  20. LA,
    You are so wrong for down playing this major catastrophe that you call ‘hype’. You should be praying for them, not saying that it wasn’t as bad as the media has portrayed. You know better than this LA! Yes God is sending a warning that needs to be heeded! But it was and is the storm of the century, and will have much changes to come because of it.


    Prophecy Update on 10-28-12…Pastor J.D. mentions “Sandy” in a sobering Update
    and ties into several things. Worth listening to what he says.



  22. presenter today called the president of the Unites States of America ‘Obama the murderer’ in relation to the killing of diplomat on 9/11


    john B

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