Sandy: Update – 8:15 (EST)

The storm has made lanfall and we are starting to feel the effects here.  We have sustained winds of about 35 MPH and increasing.  It is a little like the Santa Anna winds we get in the Santa Monica Mountains, where we live.  The power is off now and our candels are lit.  My parents are bedded down and Peggy and I are up and will probably remain at our “post” until the storm subsides or the power comes back on.  From what I suspect, the worst is yet tto come.  L.A.

20 thoughts on “Sandy: Update – 8:15 (EST)

  1. I here ya L.A.! I’m up here in the Blue Ridge Mountains of NC where we have high winds, 32 degrees and snow falling. I pray God’s supernatural hedge of protection about you & your loved ones. Stay safe Bro!

    • Definitely. If something like this had to happen, Praise the Lord that L.A. and the Mrs. were close enough to be near his parents to help them out and have the family together. 🙂

  2. This is a response to a question you asked in your first post today, LA. We have a friend who is a Green Beret stationed in Colorado. He was told to pack his stuff the day of the Benghazi attacks, that they would be deployed Lybia. Over the next three days they were told about five times that they were staying, going, staying, going. In the end his group was told to stay and it was assumed that the Obama administration wanted to avoid anything like this before the election. Personally, I think there was a lot more to it than that. I don’t know if that is worth much, but it is interesting.

  3. Hello L.A. and Peggy, I am praying for your safety as you ride this storm out with your parents. I am over here just southwest of Pittsburgh and it has been raining for about 36 hours now and the wind is really picking up. I believe this storm is a judgment from our Lord, no matter who or what caused it. HAARP? The fallen one?? I am really looking forward to Watchers 5.

  4. I lost a roof a couple years ago, so I know how bad a hurricane can be, of course that was winds of 165+ mph and considered catastrophic. It hit around 2AM in the morning and sounded like a freight train coming right through the living room. When I went outside in the morning it looked like a bomb went off, large trees uprooted and debris everywhere…roofs blown completely off. It was a strange thing to see. I have been through 5 hurricanes and that was the worst one. We couldn’t leave or we would be looted, so we decide to hunker down Plus all those that tried to flee got stranded on the highway, mostly broke down and out of gas from the long lines trying to get out of town. ..Luckily, I had a C Crane windup radio and worked as planned…a few cranks and works for hours. I highly recommend those radios , made in USA too, believe it or not.
    Lost power for 3 weeks, no gas, no stores open, no ice, no nothing…shelves were completely bare a day before the hurricane hit….people who prepared made off better then those who didn’t. What I learned is a generator is a must along with some sort of way to protect yourself , since the police are too busy taking care of their own families to protect yours. The Holly Deyo book Dare to Prepare really helped me think of things I would need that otherwise I wouldn’t have found necessary. It really hard for senior citizens as they usually lack so much and are not prepared…I let some seniors in my neighborhood stay with me as they had some meds that needed to be refrigerated and the 100+ heat and humidity would have killed them wthout power for AC. With the generator I was able to keep the fridge on plus a few lights and run the AC every other hour. Hunker down LA, I’ll be praying for you and your family, God Bless.

    • I believe that this whole thing was a concocted fake… created by HARRP and designed to establish Obama as a worthy “Comander in Cheif” which he most certainly is not… I think they blew it up and will now have to answer some tough questions…

    • Don’t bogart that joint my friend, pass it over to me.
      Arthritis in your chakras?

      I think the kardashians are controlling the weather.
      Its all a dream within a dream.

    • Some of my FB posts have been eliminated soon after posting… gee, whose doing this? I’ve called out Obama on multiple issues… ESPECIALLY THIS HARRP STORM!!!! buisness as usual i suspect… eliminate ANY contradictions…

    • Katrina cost over 100 billion just as a point of reference… this one won’t come close, “Sandy” was supossed to be Obama’s “Hey-Day” as a commander in chief…

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