Crop Circles are Real, Burgeoning and not Going Away!

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L. A. Marzulli

REAL UFOS Filmed Making CROP CIRCLES in Wiltshire, England 07/27/10

REAL UFOS Filmed Making CROP CIRCLES in Wiltshire, England 07/27/10 – YouTube

(Picture above from the Hopewell Circle or the Chilicothe Crop Circle 2012)

Tomorrow night on Acceleration Radio we will see the return of Jeffery Wilson who will talk about his experience and research with Crop Circles.  I posted this video from 2010 because it links UFO activity with the formation of a very elaborate circle in England.   If the video is real and not a hoax it would provide a link between UFO activity and the circles being formed.  Many UFO researchers have postulated the link between UFOs and crop circles but to the best of my knowledge no one has been able to capture a UFO actually making a crop circle until now.

If UFOs are responsible then we see they are moving in our air space with impunity.  They come and go as they please and no one can do anything about it.  This is a very elaborate circle and also has some very interesting features which are pointed out by the videographer.

On Acceleration Radio, Jeff Wilson will present  his theory on how the circles are made as well as who he believes is responsible for their construction.  He has investigated over 100 circles and may be the foremost investigator in this field of research in the USA.  It is an honor to have him back on the show.

In closing todays post.  Many folks do not believe in the supernatural.  Yet, when we examine the Guidebook to the Supernatural, i.e. The Bible, we see it full of supernatural events which were recorded thousands of years ago.  There is no place in the Guidebook that tells us supernatural events have stopped and we won’t see anymore of them.  In fact we read the opposite of this in places like 2nd Thessalonians which informs us: The Fallen One will come with all sings and lying wonders.  I believe crop circles are part of the lying wonders we are warned of. While they are beautiful to look at – most can only be appreciated from the air – they set people up to believe what I call the Coming Great Deception, which is that ET created all life on this earth, genetically manipulated us and now at this critical juncture in history they have returned.  The Ancient Alien series promotes this paradigm.  I realize others have a different view of this which is fine, and in that spirit I will close with this: While we may disagree as to what the cause of the phenomena is, we can agree UFOs are real, burgeoning and not going away!

Be still and know that I Am God.  Behold the days are coming when I will show my strength on the mountains of Israel.



Watchers 5:  Let Me In


Bob Ulrich

Gary Stearman will never forget the clear, megaphone-like voice that rang in his ear as he flew his Cessna 207 from Dallas to Lubbock. That booming voice said, “If you look to your left, you’ll see a UFO! What happened soon thereafter is fresh in Gary’s mind, even 30+ years later. His personal UFO encounter dramatically affected his world view and provides all the evidence you need to know that UFOs are real! Was his encounter with this enormous silver craft an angelic rescue from a potential mid-air disaster? Watchers 5 features Gary flying a vintage Stearman bi-plane, sharing the whole amazing story of that memorable day.

The Watchers series has reached new, extraordinary heights, presenting one thrilling segment after another. LA Marzulli and Richard Shaw’s ongoing adventures continue with the story of black-eyed children who appear at hotels and car windows, even on boats at sea! They appear with a singular purpose—they want to be invited in! Demons? Alien hybrids? Urban legends? Speaking of legends, our host interviews the leading expert on The Spear of Destiny, the weapon that pierced the side of Christ and supposedly gives its owner the power to rule the world. What significance does the word OBAMA have in the Bible codes, referencing the Gog and Magog war? And what secrets does the North Pole hold? Were Admiral Byrd and Adolf Hitler’s suspicions right? Is the Hollow Earth theory credible? There’s even more—the latest news from Israel—an interview with David Brennan, author of the Israel Omen—Russian UFOs  and new, laboratory revelations from alien implant physician, Dr. Leir. Yes, it’s easily the best Watchers DVD yet!


Chitzen Itza Trip! 

We made our number and Russ Dizdar, Richard Grund, Larry B. and I are going to Chitzen Itza!  Thanks to all who helped by contributing.  Your prayers are needed now!   L.A.

Yucatan 2012


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In Other News: Tracking the Birth Pains!

BREAKING: Magnitude 6.6 earthquake rocks Costa Rica

BREAKING: Magnitude 6.6 earthquake rocks Costa Rica – Inside Costa Rica | Inside Costa Rica


Strongest-ever earthquake hits Quang Nam

Strongest-ever earthquake hits Quang Nam – Breaking news, sociey news from Vietnam on TuoiTreNews


Severe weather takes a swipe at South Africa

Severe weather takes a swipe at South Africa – Weather – Al Jazeera English


100 Items to Disappear First

100 Items to Disappear First


Top GOP senator backs effort to classify Fort Hood attack as terrorism


Terror suspect trio ‘plotted to fix giant blade to a truck and drive their “ultimate mowing machine” into a crowd’


Special Report: Pakistan’s threat within – the Sunni-Shia divide

Special Report: Pakistan’s threat within – the Sunni-Shia divide | Reuters


97 thoughts on “Crop Circles are Real, Burgeoning and not Going Away!

  1. Glad you’re getting Jeff back on. Even two hours probably isn’t going to do all that material justice. 😉

    A few odds and ends:

    More than 80 Rockets fired at Israel overnight by pro-Iranian terrorists.

    More than 70 rockets and mortars hit south Israel, three wounded

    When’s enough enough? Respond already!

    I couldn’t imagine living like that day to day.

    Anti-Semitism continues to grow worldwide

    Case in point:

    Member of European Parliament Denies Holocaust on Romanian TV

    • I have to wonder why anti-semitism is growing. What is making it grow. Is it just the religions of those around Israel there or is this growing world wide?

    • I have to wonder why too JGB. But it’s happening and not going away as LA said. I am dealing with anti-semitism within my own family. Which for me is shocking. Considering we are a Christian family.

    • JGB; it is more than anti-semitism I think! We are told about the
      “Love of men growing cold”
      The UN agenda on multiculturalism only intensifies this coldness of heart. and that is part of the NWO plan..
      n the US it was only sixty years ago a black man had to ride the back of the bus..where I am in Australia there is black anti Aboriginal sentiments, in England they are anti Pakistani, and so it is around the world.

      Look at the history of all the genocide committed among the races (Vietnam’s Pol Pot) It is still going on in certain regions of Africa, people are being hacked to death.They are insignificant to the powers that be! so no one intervenes.. communist China.. Sudan etc people are being killed everyday in the name of something!

      Then there are the historical conflicts of religion (the inquisition) is but one example.. It is true that “man knoweth not the way of peace”

      Every heart of man void of God’s Spirit cannot live in peace with his fellow man.. That is why Jesus has an eternal kingdom wherein all that have been translated out of Darkness can live in His peace. but that does not mean that we be tribulation free in this present darkness.
      we are the greater target of all as it is us which bear the Light of Christ in this present darkness.. Oh people will love our kindness and our good wishes towards them, but present to the source of it, that light of the Spirit and they will hate you and shun you, even kill you!

      Religious people who fight and Kill in His name have been plenty and shall continue so..These are not in that Kingdom of the beloved Son, They think they are, but like the Pharisees they do the will of their father the devil.

      I am anti nothing, But rejoice in the justice of God when it is made manifest on behalf of His saints.


      john B

    • “”
      The bombed Sudanese factory produced Iranian Shehab missiles

      Bombed by Israel. Good! 🙂

  2. Re: Hopeful_Watcher’s notes on the theory of microwave’s from satellites… Wilson’s comment about scatter in the atmosphere causing diffusion of any beam is well made. So the obvious next approach is to conclude that the beams come from somewhere closer than satellite range. Another objection is that energy is reduced as the inverse square of the distance. Masers could bump up the power, but can’t focus the scatter of particle diffusion through the atmosphere.

    So a closer source makes more sense. Perhaps even an extradimensional source. I’d tend to expect something like a craft (whether terrestrial or ufo) or an orb. Same enemy in all cases.

    Microwave or electrical field doesn’t account for the twisting of stalks on some crop circles (CC’s).

    I’ll still assert that the CC’s are nesting behavior for some tribe of nephilim offspring. Likely chimera, definitely cryptid. And what they’re doing is trying to attract mates. Meaning humans. For what is probably better termed infestation or infection or possession. That may be how they propagate.

    • Nome, I really think your take on the cc issue has merit and deserves more consideration. Never have I heard the nesting behavior hypothesis suggested elsewhere. On that note how would this behavior draw humans? Would this only happen when a human walks into and investigates a cc? Or? Now I’m wondering why the need for such elaborate designs and graphics…….

    • I was reading that crop circles have been around since the sixties and fairy rings were reported as far back as the 1600’s. Mounds, pyramids, large circle shaped stone formations and deep grooves carved into the earth only visible from the sky. Man didn’t make those so they could stand on each others shoulders to admire their work. I don’t believe they’re made by mankind.

    • For Debra…

      Crop circles are physical. So whatever makes them has to be physical or at least some sort of energy or vortex….

      The easiest way I can say this is that many types of angels are energy beings, as pointed to in my exchange with Faithfulelect yesterday. The rebel angels that mixed with humans and probably animals also, (chimera considered), are probably part energy being, part other. So when their partial-human or partial-animal body dies, some types of demon still can control energy. That doesn’t mean they have human mentality, nor human types of communication. Their species may have tribes or packs of their own, peculiar to themselves.

      Why mating behavior? Binny talks about those attracted to the circles being transfixed. I’d say obsessed.

      Binny’s point below furthers the discussion.

      Like using mandalas, or chanting, or hypnosis, or meditation, the idea is to get folks focused on the design, such as wondering what it means. No different than the writings of nostradamus. Or the georgia guide stones. Or masonic architecture. Or geoglyphs. It’s attractive like a plant uses flowers. And what it attracts is people mostly. Though I’ll be keeping watch out for ravens based on Faithfulelects observations.

      My point is that the spirits of the dead nephilim (hybrids) that once were chimeras (part animal), multiply by taking over other bodies (most likely human). Something like what happens with the fungus that invades zombie ants or with phorid flies and army ants. The fungus and the fly use ant bodies as hosts.



      How would they affect a human being? Some sort of manifestation of being out of control most likely. Running around nude like the Gadarean demoniac (Luke 8:26+) … cannibalism, vampirism, beastly, etc. etc. The demon hive takes over.

      Can it affect DNA or give rise to new species? Based on the number of hominid species found probably. New diseases, probably.

      The spirits of the dead nephilim chimera may replicate more like a virus than by breeding. Perhaps the exact mechanism is to create compartmentalized personalities in the human heart (spiritual) which can then become a dwelling place for larval nephilim?

      With puffer fish castles there’s a mating of flesh to flesh. For crop circles, I’d say the desired mating starts spirit to spirit, though it becomes pysical. The sin code (Russ Dizdar’s term) that contaminates our spiritual DNA, makes us susceptible to more contamination (infection, infestation, impregnation). Like AIDs, our spiritual immunity gets compromised. Without Christ — if we spend time focused on crop circles and similar, we open ourselves to other types of demonic infestations.

      But does that result in physical contamination? Actual hybrid chimeras or cryptids? Part angel, part human, part animal? Well have there been human cross breeds? That happened with angels (Gen. 6 and after). Human-animal abominations are created in the lab. There’s neandertal and denisovan DNA in humans. Many propose that humans have snips of ancient animal DNA. So yes. (note Romans 1 comment below)


      Since humans can do such things, no doubt the fallen angels were probably doing the same back in Noah’s day.

      “” (hybrid new species of butterfly)

      I’m convinced that the processes we see in nature are similar in the spirit. In the Romans 1 sense, spiritual contamination leads to physical contamination. So whatever it is that makes crop circles, whether possessed humans, or some species of nephilim infestation, or some type of nephilim spirit (dead nephilim, demon) that manifests as orbs or energy…

      In any case, it’s most likely from the enemy.

      AND the fascination that humans have for secular and occult holidays in no different. That’s my halloween disclaimer.

      ps. Why are some fractal? That’s easy, much of nature is fractal?

    • GPS receivers work off microwave signals. Scattering and absorption are well known problems in atmospheric propagation of GPS signals.

      It might prove an interesting discussion H_w to clarify the facts if you’re game?

      Not tonight of course. Hopefully there’s opportunity tomorrow.

    • I do not understand the eagerness to discredit the idea that this phenomena is done using military technology. Certain frequencies work better through high water vapor cloud cover and they are free to choose days that have more optimal atmospheric conditions.

      Are we eager for these to be of supernatural origin so we validate our belief in the supernatural to others? Who says that just because there might be a physical component to their creation that it would invalidate a supernatural component? It does not. They are not mutually exclusive. I would say there is a huge occultic, demonic component to these. All this would prove is that our government, an unelected shadow government, is complicite in these activities and they have an agenda to promote an alien presence.

      Prophecy states that the end will an emerging of religion and government. So I wouldn’t rebuff the idea that globalists aren’t doing some of the steering, even if they are just pawns for the demonic.

    • John Michael, early crop circles look nothing like modern crop circles. Why not?

      They were very simple circles of probably flattened crops, since no one was studying for node elongation or bending versus breakage of nodes. Could these have been areas where a whirl wind touched down? Tornadoes are invisible until they pick up dust and debry. Were these locations where an aereal craft touched down? I am open to all possibilities.

      But one thing I do know is that crop circles are increasingly more sophisticated as time goes on and they are being used to communicate. As far as I know there was no attempt for communication with earlier crop circles other than to say we are here.

  3. Donald Trump’s Big announcement: “If Obama releases his college records and applications, as well as his passport records, Trump will give $5 million to a Chicago charity of the president’s choice.”
    From what I understand, there’s more damaging things than just these hanging over P Obama’s head.

  4. “I think the Jonah time for the U.S. was the Second Great Awakening. Then we had a few revivals break out in the early 20th Century. It’s been about a hundred years, and the effects, like those in Ninevah, have been discarded by the vast majority of citizens. Now it is the time of destruction”

    If you sincerely believe that, exactly how do you pray for America then?

    • Hey, I’m praying repentance, restoration and revival! Cuz Abraham asked for a break if he could find just 10 good men! I know we have st least that many here 🙂
      And as bad as it is here, and i2 is bad, there are people here who still help the poor and fatherless and ive yet ti see entire cities full of gay men beatung in one persons door demanding to they send out their guests for a citywide gangbang. And apparently we are not worse than ninevah yet (unless you count what our govt is doing oversees and under our noses). So yes, I hold out hope!
      And this might be good time to brung this up. Some people are strong prayers but pray for the wrong things! If I hear one more idiot praying for the destruction of America, I think I’m going to puke! Really? Why in the would would anyone pray for where they live to be famined, pestilanced and destroyed? What, you think somehow you are special and its not gona hit you too? Smak hand in forehead. Oy Vey!
      Ps. This comment was not directed at Rose! Love ya lady 🙂

    • abraham wasn’t living in the end times. if he did i’m sure his prayers would be different.

      Father said it would end. i believe it’s time.

    • I pray for America; for honest elections; for the salvation of those in federal and local government (and their families); and that they would seek to know the Lord’s will for them in their public and private lives, that they would know His will, and that they would do His will.

      I also pray that God’s people in America would wake up, and for the salvation of the lost.

    • “I don’t pray for America. I pray that those in this country who love the Lord will remain faithful”

      @ Rose,
      What about your neighbors who don’t know Him yet? What about unsaved loved ones who haven’t had enough time? What about all the good people in America you have never met, who haven’t made a decision for Christ yet? What about them? You are blessed. You are in His Kingdom, but what about all those outside? What if the Christians before you, didn’t pray you in and only prayed for themselves and other Christians who were already in, to remain faithful? Where would you be right now, if they didn’t plead with God on your behalf, to stay God’s hand of judgement, so that you could safely get in? Where would we all be if God had judged this country 30 or 40 years ago? We’d all be in Hell! It’s our duty, its every generation’s duty, before God, to pray for the country we live in, and for the people around us to be spared. Yes they deserve His judgement, but so did we! Now that we’re in, do we just forget that and only concentrate our prayers on those who are already blessed to be part of His family? They are already saved! There is something about that attitude that doesn’t fit with God’s loving kindness and mercy. We want God’s mercy for ourselves, but we won’t plead with Him to have mercy on others. I believe this is one of the sins of the modern day church, that needs to be repented of, in these 40 days of prayer for this nation, and beyond. Our lack of compassion for a dying world. Since our sins have been forgiven and the burden lifted, the rest of the world can just go to Hell! May God forgive us and grant us to be a compassionate people expressing His love and mercy, especially may God see a compassionate heart, much like the old prophets, when interceding for the people we live amongst every day.And may God be merciful to America.

    • If those who love the Lord are faithful, they will obey His voice and speak when they know the Lord wants them to speak, and be quiet when the Lord wants them silent.

      Every one in this country can walk into the Dollar Store and buy a Bible for a buck. God will only tolerate rejection for so long, and He has tolerated it here for a long time.

      It is the blood of the martyrs that is the seed of the church. Pray that you remain faithful.

    • “Every one in this country can walk into the Dollar Store and buy a Bible for a buck. God will only tolerate rejection for so long, and He has tolerated it here for a long time.”

      Exactly how long is a “long time with God?” One day is as a thousand years, remember, and a thousand years as one day? We are so lucky that God is very patient and long suffering. “Love suffereth long and is kind…”And thank God that He’s God and we’re not, because with our impatience, and pay back attitude, we would probably have exploded this planet a long time ago! Amen? I know you hate sin, and I admire that. Please know that I mean no disrespect, but when I was lost, I was really bad. It never even occured to me to read a Bible, let alone walk into a dollar store and buy one! They need our prayers, just like we needed the prayer of those who came in before us. Prayers that will cause the evil to be taken out of the way long enough for them to accept or reject Him. What seems to be rejection many times isn’t really rejection, its just that they are so blinded, they don’t even have a clue the danger they are in. God says, they don’t even know their left hand from their right hand. This we know for sure, that its not Gods will for any of them to perish, but that all would come to repentance. Thats why its taking so long for Jesus to come back. Each day that goes by, many more are saved, many more who thank God for being patient with sinners. We need to learn that kind of patience and that kind of love. The God kind of love. He’s a good God, who can be persuaded by the earnest prayers of His people. He ordained it to be this way. For those who have tasted of His goodness and mercy would then pray and ask for the lives of their countrymen to be spared, and given the same chance for salvation as they had. He has ordained that He would respond to the prayers of His people. And so we pray for America. For God to have mercy and open the blind eyes, so that they can see, the same way we did. May God have mercy, and bless the United States of America.

    • Pray in like manner as Jude regarding these last days…

      Jude v. 17-25

      remember the words of the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ

      – there will be mockers in the last time
      – who walk after their own ungodly lusts
      – who separate themselves sensual
      — having not the Spirit.

      So you should
      edify yourselves in holy faith
      pray in the Holy Ghost
      keep yourselves in God’s love
      seek the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life.
      on some compassion is what avails
      others help save with fear pulling them out of the fire

      [v. 23b …hating even the garment spotted by the flesh
      as in v. 12 concerning spots in your feasts of charity…
      such as secularized or occult holidays like halloween]

      To Him that is able
      – to keep you from falling, and
      – to present you faultless
      – before the presence of His glory
      – with exceeding joy,

      To the only wise God our Savior
      – be glory and majesty
      – dominion and power
      – both now and ever.


      [His Kingdom come, His will be done, on earth as in heaven]

      Come Lord Jesus please take up your power and reign!

      Revelation 11:15-17
      The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord,
      and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever.
      And the four and twenty elders, which sat before God on their seats,
      fell upon their faces, and worshipped God, saying,
      We give thee thanks, O Lord God Almighty,
      which art, and wast, and art to come;
      because thou hast taken to thee thy great power, and hast reigned.

    • Ally, I didn’t take what you wrote personally – no worries, my dear.

      It sounds like many people are praying. That’s a good thing!

      Thank you, TGBTG, for praying for me when I was sick. I appreciate that.

    • Nome, I hang on to this with a clenched fist:

      To Him that is able
      – to keep you from falling, and
      – to present you faultless
      – before the presence of His glory
      – with exceeding joy,

      I know myself far too well – and I know what has happened in other countries when their currencies failed. I know that we all have intense suffering in our future; I have prayed for 20 years that the suffering of our family would glorify Christ.

    • @ Rose,
      Yes, I prayed for you, because I care about you very much, even though we disagree A LOT! When you started back posting again, I thought it was a mirage. I was so happy you were ok, and that God answered our prayers for you. God is so good to all of us! I can never thank Him enough. And His people are the most wonderful people on Earth!

  5. Good Afternoon All!
    Eric-please if possible, put a link up for this! Giant Aliens caught on tape in peru. Its on you tube by unidentified footage. Please watch and make sure LA sees this. Id like your opinions please. Can you say Nephilim?
    I’ve stumbled across this accidentally but wow….we are like grass hoppers in their eyes makes a lot more sense now. Lol! David, where are you?
    Also lets schedule somekund of pray a thon for this mexico trip.
    Loving you people! 🙂 Blessings!

  6. I know this is off subject. I would like some advice on how to properly go about this. I am currently in a heated debate with my older brother about the word Moslem. I posted on my FB yesterdays blog post on the Moslem Brotherhood. Long story short my brother says I am spreading hate by calling Muslims Moslem. I calmy tried to explain the differencing in verbiage. We also got into a discussion about my faith and how I support Israel and the Jewish people. Remember my brother is a Christian. Now I am starting to wonder if that’s changed. He asked me when did I become a Jew. I am totally confused as to where to take this conversation with him. I don’t see this ending well. I think the best thing is to say my piece and move on. Input would be greatly appreciated.

    • Kristen,

      I heard something on this a while ago (Moslem vs Muslim), i.e., that the former term is now “derogatory”.

      Here is the explanation from an online source. Apparently the sound of “Moslem” is similar to an Arabic word meaning “oppressor”, etc.

      Maybe it would help to send your brother this link, and just explain you didn’t know there was a difference in word usage until you saw this. (His defensiveness and his attack on you is something else, though.)

      Here’s the link:


    • Fasting and prayer is where to start. We are not given a choice as to whom we are to love. The Lord said many times that they are chosen peolle of His forever. If we don’t come to see God’s point of view then His arguement is with The Creator. I would ask what his definition of “forever” means as well. It is sad to say, and I have many in my family who are the same, but it sounds like your brother has not been rooted in The Word of God and is being tossed about by the blowing winds of today. I will pray.

    • JESUS… forget EVERYTHING else… pray that your bro knows Jesus… EVERYTHING ELSE WILL TAKE CARE OF ITSELF…you get close to Jesus and you WILL know the TRUTH…

    • Thank you both. I appreciate it. I am going to pray as well. All of this is blowing my mind. I do believe the Moslem Brotherhood or Muslim Brotherhood are oppressors and have an evil agenda.

    • i don’t see it ending well either. sounds like he’s been listening to some redneck israel haters. i would ask him when he got confused.

    • Blic. He is currently living in Washington D.C. and attending college at the University of Maryland. Ever since college he has been changing his view points on a lot of things. I will for sure be praying for him. He is refusing to talk about it any longer.

    • Moslem is a spelling mostly getting faded out. It’s an easy “concession” to stick with the spelling “Muslim” which is considered more accurate anyways.

      I’m more concerned about the “you become a Jew?” comment which suggests some kind of hate issue. People don’t just come up with that and pop off with it unless there’s something behind it.

      Hate obviously isn’t a fruit of the Spirit. Now, please don’t read into that the wrong way. I’m not trying to make a call on whether your brother is saved or not.

      Obviously living in a pagan capital like D.C….possibly one of the most evil places on the planet… and a ultra liberal university like Maryland it’s pretty easy to figure out he’s being misled and corrupted.

      In the course of a conversation I’d tell him that you, Kristen, are indeed a Christian who is following the teachings of Paul in Romans chapters 9,10,11. We are to be supportive of the Jews as Christians, and not haughty. Some fine day the Jewish nation will know and love Jesus as it says in Zechariah 12. We are just speaking the Gospel till that day like Jesus told us to, and we are Loving God and others as ourselves.

      The REAL issue is the lies of Islam, as well as replacement theology, as opposed to genuine Christianity.

      We’ll keep you in prayer over this. I know it’s not easy. It’s not going to be easy but your brother needs help. He’s getting drowned down in garbage, basically. Keep us posted and if there’s anything we can do to help somehow let us know. 🙂

    • Kristen, from what I’ve read, there’s a huge amount of misinformation about Israel and the Palestinians on college campuses. Some is the classic “the-poor-Palestinians-were-driven-out-of-their-historic-homeland” revisionist history, and some is utter lies about present-day Israel practicing genocide against the Palestinians in Israel, Gaza, and the West Bank.

      I’m sure there are web sites that can provide the best “talking points” and strategy for this situation, but I don’t know what they would be.

      Anyone else have ideas?

    • Ministries like Zola Levitt, Jews for Jesus and the like all have materials and are more than happy to help out fighting against that sort of thing.

    • Thank you all so much for your input. I do believe my brother’s thought process has been corrupted the last few years of living in D.C. and attending Maryland University. He is a totally different person now. It’s caused a lot of heartache and division in our family. I never in my life thought our family would be so divided. When he asked me if I became a jew I was taken back by the harshness of the question. I felt as Eric W. said that there was something behind it. I will look into those ministries you listed. There is no doubt that my brother has been mislead. It’s sad that he can’t see that. I don’t plan on hearing from him for awhile. He tends to cut us off when we disagree with him on subjects such as these. Prayers much appreciated. Thank you again.

    • yeah got you in prayer for sure. colleges have become secular despiritualization centers. very tough to make it out unaffected.

      don’t back down. maybe still a good idea to make him explain his comment though.

  7. “Top GOP senator backs effort to classify Fort Hood attack as terrorism”

    Obama administration trying desperately to call it “work place violence.” Workplace violence, really? An inside job by a Muslim who was communicating with a terrorist, and then shoots soldiers, is considered workplace violence? Hasn’t this political correctness gone far enough? If Obama and the Dept. of Defense want to play with words and deny the soldiers benefits through classification, then perhaps 9/11 should be re-classified as Vandalism? I mean really, what is wrong with this picture? Hassan was heard yelling “Allah Akbar” or some such thing. That is what a Muslim terrorist yells when they are trying to fill innocent people with lead or blowing up buildings and buses filled with woman and children. . The Obama administrations statement is Hassan is “alleged” to have killed 13 soldiers. Note to the stuff shirts in Washington, Hassan succeeded in murdering 13 and wounded 32 others…Give him his last meal of pork ribs, put a needle in his arm and be done with it.

    • “obama has been selected to bring this nation to ashes. it’s working.”

      Not so fast! Don’t bury America just yet. Let’s see what God will do in response to our prayers. You know, its not just America that’s praying for America. It’s God’s people in Israel, and Enland and France and Austrailia etc, God has people in every country on their knees, all being lead by the Holy Spirit to pray and cry out to God, for America. Don’t count her out yet. Remember this, there’s nothing too Hard for Jehovah. If there is a turning around in this country, and Obama instead is brought down to ashes, and America spared, be assured whose Mighty hand did it! And don’t forget to give HIM the GLORY!
      WE serve a Mighty God, who is able to do more than we ever hoped for, or even imagined!

    • TGBTG: The way I see it; a turning around would mean no gay rights, no abortion rights, cleaning up Hollywood of all violence and porn, closing down the money laundering of the reserve bank, abolishing evolution from education.. basically reinstating all the unrighteous amendments made to the constitution.

      Do you really believe that all of this is going to happen.. I don’t
      Read 2Tim3:13 That is the reality of where we are at, not just in the US but world wide.. A common observation of the decline of the moral status of humanity confirms the words of Apostle Paul to Timothy. There is a point of no return Just as it was in Lot’s day and prior to that the days of Noah..
      God is not about reforming that which is decayed, He is about calling people out of this decaying world that they be not condemned with the world 1Cor11:32

      My prayer is that God will bring to account all who put the twig to their nose in defiance and provocation of His Majesty on High.. the sooner the better.


      john B


    • John B,


      “If former Gov. Mitt Romney wins this year’s presidential election, there is a realistic chance that Roe v. Wade — the Supreme Court decision that protected a woman’s right to have an abortion — could be overturned under his administration, experts say.

      With the justices sitting on the court now, it’s very unlikely an abortion case would garner the five votes needed to reverse the ruling, said Harvard Law School assistant professor I. Glenn Cohen, co-director of the school’s Petrie-Flom Center for Health Law Policy, Biotechnology, and Bioethics. But Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a left-leaning judge who is 79, could retire during the next administration, allowing the president to nominate a more conservative-minded judge. Another justice could retire as well.

      If that happens, it’s “possible to likely” that the court would have enough votes to overturn the 1973 ruling, Cohen said.


      John B, its a start! It could be the first major domino that falls! Thats what we’re all praying for. Why pray for something we don’t think will happen? My GOD can do anything, even reverse Roe v. Wade

    • John B., the streets of New England were full of drunks in the colonial days before the Great Awakening. It was a mess. I think that if there was a third Great Awakening, America would be transformed. I hope it happens. With God, all things are possible, right? There ARE a lot of saints humbling themselves and praying and turning from wickedness. . . and remember Abraham’s plea for Sodom? We will see. . . .

    • Jacqueline;I am not saying not to pray.. we are all called to pray what transpires in the US will have ramifications world wide..This is not just a US current state of affairs, It is world wide.. God will save individuals out of all nations in this final harvest of souls..
      The beast system is destined for hell and to hell it shall go. look at History, revivals never changed the course of nations.. It called a remnant of people to come out and be separate! That is always how God works, be it Noah, Lot, Israel, the church. I do not doubt the mercy of God, But the end-time shaking is happening and it will intensify! Men will refuse to repent and keep on blaspheming God Rev16:9


      john b

  8. It’s my opinion that the hatred of the Jews has always been with us, just ask someone who’s a Jewish and they’ll tell you. As the strength of Israels enemies grows on a daily basis they have become emboldened. Islams leader knows that his time is running short and he is intensifying his efforts thru his followers. Pray for Israel and for US leadership not to desert them.


    • I agree. The hatred of the Jews has been with us all along, but seems to be intensifying more and more as each year passes.

      I pray for Israel every day. You also say “and for US leadership not to desert them.” Israel doesn’t need the US. But we need to be firmly on the side of Israel for our own sake. The thought of us turning our backs on Israel makes me want to throw my arms over my head, and wait for the axe to fall. We have to always remember God’s promise to bless those who bless the Jews, and to curse those who curse them.

    • Obama may desert The Jewish people but he will not sever relations with Zionist policies of the political elite. If he does he is a dead man!

      The man with the Muslim name whose birth certificate is a mystery, was specifically selected for the unification process of the middle east and the amassing of their wealth by these Elite.

      it is happening is it not!


      john B

  9. “Things” are coming which even the “ones in the know” know NOTHING about… Mankind can only comprehend a wee bit… except by the spirit of prophecy, which is the spirit of Jesus… We know very little…

    • I’m already ALL THE WAY IN… if you knew the personal price that I’ve paid for my outlandish opinions on say the “Nephilim” and other such subjects… My “Home” church thinks I’m a complete radical knucklehead… I’m with y’all…
      I believe!!!!

    • Mystic, Personal price? Do they keep you chained to the pew? 😆
      I was just thinking that if we did not have the info that we have or speculate now on Aliens, Nephilim etc. perhaps we would only have the Catholic/U.N. stance to follow, so we would be expecting our space-brothers to arrive so that we might immediately baptize them and make them Democrats and rob them of their technology. Being on the cutting edge hurts a wee bit.

    • my 4 kids have over 40 first cousins in this church… our family is a large part of the “Bedrock” of this non-denominational fellowship… ain’t nothing cut and dried when dealing with family in leadership… if y’all could just pray for us, I’d REALLY appreciate it…

    • Mystic, Mamma mia che cosa una grande famiglia!
      I’ll pray for ya’ll: Php 2:2 Fulfil ye my joy, that ye be likeminded, having the same love, being of one accord, of one mind.

    • i hear ya mystic i bear the same wounds along with not supporting every republican out thes because as we all know you can’t be a christian unless you are a full on card carrying republican. will gladly pray.

    • Mystic, I understand where you’re coming from. I wrote an 11 page paper and gave it to my class on Genesis titled “Nimrod and the Nephilim Threat” and was told by leadership that I was scaring people.

    • John Michael
      In that instance, then what do you do? This is where I am, not that it happened exactly in this way, but are we jumping the gun in this regard? When the Lord pours out His spirit, is it then we are to go throughout the Earth, as in, the gospel will be preached in the whole world and then the end shall come. It’s like it’s falling on deaf ears, and they are even coming against you. I’ve thought about this.

    • Mrs M, the pastor said from the pulpit that Goliath was big, 6’9″ and that David chose five stones in case he missed. I corrected what he said when I went to class. I also wrote a paper titled “Aliens or Demons”. Was told by an elder that I might cause a new believer to pull away from God by telling the stuff I say. I invited the whole class to see LA when he was here a few weeks ago, no one showed up. I have been dismissed by many family and friends and asked to be taken off my email list. My latest attack on their traditions was a paper I wrote on Halloween as they do something called trunk or treat. The truth will set them free and yet they live in bondage. The few that listen to me are afraid to rock the sta
      tus quo. My next move is to start a home bible study to get the truth to those that want to hear it. Sorry for the rant. Peace and prayers to all of you my beloved.

    • Hi JOhn Michael! Welcome to the club. I was fired from the church I was at 4.5 years ago and it’s the best think that ever happened to me! The Lord is taking you out of a system that has a form of religion but denies it’s power and putting you in a place where real ministry takes place. The church I was at had about 4 people a year saved with about a $500,000 budget. We get more people saved, healed and delivered with no budget! I love what the Lord has done! Be at peace as He’s got your back! L.A.

    • We have also experienced very similar things in the church. I have found that there is a growing group of believers, however, that seem to be drawn to the study of prophecy and also seeking truth even if it is uncomfortable or different from what they were taught growing up. We teach sunday school classes and home Bible studies and they are growing. People get excited and share with their friends, so the truth is getting out there. I still do not understand why preachers are so afraid of these topics. People are hungry for this stuff but the pastors won’t touch it. I struggle with what I should say and how far to push. Right now I am sticking to talking to people who want to hear it. The thing that I am dealing with now is how to handle teaching my children. I have a 2 year old boy and a 8 month old boy. How can I send them to school and help them write papers on evolution or do a history paper on things I know to be false? How much truth do I give them early on if it is going to counter everything they are taught in the world? I worry about this every day. I know the answer is to show them the truth, but it will be more of a burden for them then it was for me. And how much truth do you share? It is a lot! What did all of you do?

    • I spoke to a close relative about Genesis and the Nephilim. A photograph of the sneer on their face could have been used in a Dictionary next to the word “sneer”.

  10. I don’t know if anyone watched the crop circle video all the way to the end. But I found the scariest part to be those people who were obviously meditating or worshipping in front of the twisted strands mini-circle. The one girl was cross-legged and I’m assuming that was her intent.
    These are the folks who will most likely swallow the Deception hook, line and sinker. They’re already praying towards whatever evil influence created this. I’m sure their intentions are “good,” as they’re probably awed (as was I) at the complexity of the circle.
    It’s an amazing video. I forwarded it on to an unsaved friend for him to consider just how it was created.

  11. Somebody please link this because I don’t have a computer and can’t do it on this phone. Giant Aliens caught on film in Peru. Thats what it is called. Its on you tube. Its just a couple minutes long but everyone should take a peek. Nephilim alive and well. Pretty astonishing.

    • Hung up in moderation above for your other thread so let me see if this works.

      I’m not sold on this one personally, if this is the one you’re talking about. 😉

  12. This channeling was posted today. Since channelings come from fallen angels, I find them very interesting and read with great discernment.

    “Heaven decreed many dispensations for you, which permits you to avail yourself of an individually tailored, sentient device that removes the many epigenetic blockages and re-knits the many DNA scramblings carried out on you in the past.”

    I am sure that Dr. Roger Leir knows exactly what they are talking about!

    • This is the scientific jargan of the new age movement for what has infiltrated many churches as the ‘ministry of inner healing’ back in the eighties. Dave Hunt had a lot to say about it In his book ‘the seduction of christianity


      john B

    • Yes “even the elect would be deceived If Possible” said Jesus.. Thank God that He keeps a remnant in Truth.. The wheat must Grow along side the Tares up until harvest time..
      That is reassuring for those who are His.
      Elijah thought he was the only one left who worshipped not Baal but the Lord had kept seven thousand among an entire Nation. 1King19:8

      Let us understand the significance of Elijah’s situation, as it relates to the coming worship of the Image of the Beast.


      john B

    • “Dave Hunt had a lot to say about it In his book ‘the seduction of christianity”

      ^^ It’s amazing how timely those books were back when they were written and still are now! I love Dave. 🙂

  13. “”
    Greg Abbott, Texas Attorney General, Threatens To Arrest U.N. Elections Observers [UPDATED]

    Good! Do it!

  14. “Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, came forward to “take responsibility overall” for the attacks at Benghazi, but per Ed Klein we now know behind the scenes Bill Clinton advised his wife to resign over the possible criminal fallout of the Benghazi massacre. Today we learn from sources that not only did Hillary ask for added security, and was denied, but her closest advisers strongly suggested she seek legal counsel just days after the attack. Why? Why did “they” deny Hillary’s requests for added security to Benghazi, and why is this a situation in which a Secretary of State would need personal legal counsel?”

    Was this supossed to be the “October Surprise?” But they botched it? A hostage situation wherein Obama was to be the hero in the public’s eye????? But because of our weapons running via our Libyan ambassador the Russians just ended it…???

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