Even the Zullilama Must Rest!

Even the Zullilama must rest and so I’m taking today off as I’ve gone 8 days straight without a break.   FOOOOUUUUURRRRRR!

I thought the Coast show went well last night and we had some very interesting callers.  One imparticular caught my attention.  The gentleman told of a cave with drawings in it, located behind a water fall.  I’m hoping he contacts me!  

In the meantime, I’m taking the day off! 


October 6:  Cavalry Chapel East in Albuquerque, New Mexico –

go to www.calvarychapeleast.com

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  1. Have a great day and enjoy your much needed rest. Hope the person with the interesting info contacts you re: behind the waterfalls is…

    What an intriguing profession you have been gifted with!


    • Noory asks LA what message the crop circles are sending?

      Better question, What’s the connection between: burial mounds, nephilim architecture, ufos, and demons?

      Answer: The nephilim had offspring with animals, that have produced tribes, and as they die more cryptid demons.

    • It’s interesting and very significant that L.A. compared the Ohio mounds with Avebury in Wiltshire, England. More than half of the crop circles in England appear within 15K of the henge at Avebury. Ninety percent of the world’s crop circles appear in this area. And what happened this weekend… a crop circle appears near the Ohio mounds – where most of the crop circles in the U.S. appear according to the researcher to whom L.A. spoke.

      There is a definite pattern and connection here.

    • Y’all are welcome!

      And to clarify… I’m suggesting that crop circles might be nesting behavior — for demon possessed cryptids (*) — that are attracted to activity that could unearth the bones of their ancestors.

      (* nephilim bloodline chimera / hybrids, “http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_cryptids”)

      Moreso, I wouldn’t be surprised if the dinosaurs and similar were the same.

    • Nomemoleste,

      Better question yet;

      Does anyone know of any verses that talk about crop circles?

      Why put all this time and effort into crop circles if there are not any verses that talk about them?

      As I posted yesterday our Savior gives us whole list of events that signs of His coming and not one event on the list or anywhere else is watch/study crop circles

    • Eric W I do not have answers to those questions but if it is something that important, something that is suppose to tell us something signficant about the end times don’t you think we would find some scripture on them?

    • Kirt,

      Ever fished with worms? You probably wouldn’t eat them, I hope. Worms that is.

      Fish like worms. They’re attracted to them.

      Jesus supped with sinners. How ’bout you?

    • Could Crop Circles just be part of the “signs on the Earth below”? There wasn’t exactly an exhaustive list of signs given.

    • Ghillie,

      Here is the verse

      Act 2:19 And I will show wonders in heaven above, and SIGNS IN the earth BENEATH; blood, and fire, and vapour of smoke:

      Notice the verse says “IN” the earth “BENEATH”

      Are crop circles IN the earth?

      Or BENEATH the earth?

      And we see at the end of the verse what the signs “IN” the earth “BENEATH” are.

      The signs are blood, fire and vapour of smoke.

      So still not one verse about crop circles…

    • Kirt?

      If you go to a racing site, you talk about racing.
      If you go to a cooking site — it’s cooking.

      As part of a broader discussion about cryptids with George Noory,
      LA on Coast to Coast AM talked about crop circles, burial mounds, nephilim…
      His testimony is about salvation and deliverance from spiritual bondage,
      and in particular from a certain guru and his “family.”

      Religious spirits come in many kinds — an vast menagerie of abominations.
      Some folks need to be delivered from mariolatry (idolizing mary).
      Some folks need to be delivered from bibliolatry (idolizing the bible).
      LA is serving — evangelizing — wherein he was called.

      If you can’t see that and support him —
      you may need deliverance from religious spirits.
      In which case you’ve come to the right place.

      Do you want deliverance?
      — in the name of Jesus of Nazareth, the only begotten Son of God —
      If so, then in the name of Yashua Messiah / Jesus Christ — be free.

      And be filled with the Holy Ghost…
      Like Peter in the vision regarding Cornelius and the gentiles,
      concerning the vision of all that was set before him — rise, kill and eat.

      How’s your taste for worms now?

      “http://youtu.be/3e_ObsHYvA0” (another testimony of deliverance from religious spirits)

    • I would have thought that “beneath” referred to beneath the heavens i.e. beneath Outer Space and our atmosphere. Therefore I would presume the Signs would occur upon the Earth’s surface.

      I did say it wasn’t an exhaustive list. The Book of Revelation is brimming with supernatural happenings which expand way beyond “blood, and fire and vapours of smoke”. These Book of Revelation descriptions are quite basic as it is, which is why there has been so much talk about what they are referring to exactly.

      I would think that the ” Prince of the Power of the Air” and his cohorts would perhaps be likely candidates at least for Crop Circles. We know Satan is the god of this world. I can’t post a verse with “Crop Circles” in it, neither can I do the same with “Orbs”. L.A., Richard Grund and Russ Dizdar have come up against aspects of the Demonic which aren’t itemized in the Bible. Should we write off their experiences because we can’t find a bible verse which doesn’t explicitly state what they have witnessed and experienced?

      Kirt, I really think you should contact Richard Grund. He’s the one to speak to about such matters, Orbs etc. I don’t think it’s any use to keep on asking for a bible verse. Speak to one of the men who deals directly with these matters. You seem to me, perhaps wrongly on my part ,to be edging close to saying that believers in Orbs, Crop Circles etc are deluded.

      Kirt, feel free to correct me. As I’ve stated before, I get corrected on a regular basis.

      If you do contact Richard Grund, let me know how that works out for you.

    • Here is the scripture that talks about crop circles.
      2 thes 2:9
      The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with the work of Satan displayed in all kinds of counterfeit miracles, signs and wonders

      I approach the topic of crop circles like a Christian might approach a ouiji board. Hands off with the understanding that what is being communicated is a lie to promote an agenda. I don’t need to understand the intricate workings of a ouiji board to understand its evil, nor do I need to “study” a crop circle and look for messages in them.

      However, it is a source of deception, for that reason alone we need to be knowledgeable enough to redirect others. Just like when the bible says no divination. Think of a crop circle as the world’s largest occultic message.

    • Yes, Hopeful, I would say that “all kinds of counterfeit miracles, signs and wonders” would cover all of Satan’s machinations without having to go into intricate details.

    • Now that I have given my biblical breakdown, here is my speculative response to the who, what and why.

      I believe our government, not our civilian government, but a shadow governing elite that manipulate our collective sovereign governments, knows of secret knowledge of demonic powers and they have been misled to believe it good, at least for the select few.

      They know that these entities will come, but the masses must be groomed to accept them. Since we no longer believe in many Greek and Roman gods with their heroes, they now position themselves to come as interdimentional travelors. Therefore, these crop circles are man made using satelites and a precision instrument to direct a source of extreme magnetism. All of this for the purpose of planting the seed of curiousity as to who are doing it, because our government would never do such a thing (tongue firmly planted in cheek). So when space craft, or interdimentional craft, show up in droves, we will have our answer and embrace them. “See, their messages were friendly. They were trying to warn us.” Blah, blah blah

    • Yep, Crop Circles are from Satan, whatever size, shape,species or dimensional orientation of the henchbeings [ humans included ] Satan is using.

  2. GOOD FOR YOU!!!!! I saw the hours you were speaking at the mounds and all the other activities and was praying for you to have that precious “be still” time…….it is the mom in me I guess, remember young man, you are just getting over a bad cold!!!! Take a couple days if you need them…..you are going to need all your strength for Mexico soon enough.
    End of momming 🙂
    I just reminded myself of Erma Bombeck…..heh heh, “If you fall and break your leg, don’t come running to me!”

    • Richard, that was debunked by a couple of ex-military guys at a Christian site I visit. They are regulars there, mature Christians, and credible.

      The troops mentioned in the video belonged to one branch of the service and the military base is a different branch of the service. The two ex-military guys said that would never happen; that alone, for them, was reason to disbelieve the video.

      I have a longer post at yesterday’s blog. The videos are embedded or linked earlier in yesterday’s blog.

      Something weird may be happening — is probably happening. But that particular rumor doesn’t seem to be credible.

  3. Good! Get that rest and enjoy! Long live Grand Master Zulli! 😀 😆

    Blessings to the good folks Marzulli as they get the much needed R&R. 🙂

    I haven’t seen anything new from Russ yet as far as his mother goes. Anyone have any new word on that? Hope she’s doing alright.

  4. Zullilama nevers fails to make me laugh! Just looking at your head photoshopped onti the robes brings peals of laughter and a great deal of chuckles to my day! If I had a computer and printer I would make an 8×10, matt it n frame it, hang it on my wall. Myfriends would ask me questiins. Very quietly and reverently I woyld answer. Why its the greatest of all lamas. Far greater than the dali! Don’t you know the Zullilama has cracked the codes from the guide book to the supernatural during a life time of study and neverending devotion? oh and he is an amazing film maker also! Want to watch one of his movies? Teeeheeeeheee!
    Plus I woyld never leave or enter my house in a foul mood. The neighbors would probably wonder about me. Im sure they already do!!!
    I’m praying the “cave” man reaches you today! Before the evidence is erased. Can you send a local to start looking for it? The directions were pretty good.
    Also participating in the 40 day fast repent pray til election day. Didnt commit to a total fast due to wishing to succeed and knew this would be the weak link for me. Satan attacked me with wicked diverticulitis and haha, I cant eat really for a little while. Ironic eh? 😉
    If anyone wishes to pray fast or repent please go to “www.ifmypeople2012.org” everyday there is a different pastor doing a 5 munute vudeo where you can pray along. And also a soecific focus for the day. Even if you are super busy or super slack , or scared if praying the wrong way or whatever, this is pretty failsafe.
    Get some rest LA! I’m hoping you are returning to Ohio in the next day or two! 😉

  5. Blog posted on another christian blog site from Curtis. WOW!

    I have been one of the nay sayers on all the Obama martial law takeover stuff. I have been a police officer in one of the major cities for the past 24 years. Just doing my job. I ran a high crime task force with 40 officers working for me in my unit. I’m not at the top more of a mid level management position.

    To the story. Recently there has bee a lot of movement on the department. Several people were promoted and placed in key positions. Most had no experience handling the new jobs or the jobs were created out of thin air for these individuals. (exaples would be putting someone over the swat team that has never worked swat or know anything about swat, placing someone over the aviation unit who has never flown) The department has started buying large numbers of M16 military assault rifles. I found all this to be strange but I just minded my own business. The department has now purchased a military armored vehicle.

    So, I started asking around, nothing official about what was going on. I was told all the people being placed in these positions were die hard democrats and Obama supporters. As for the weapons no one knows. Anyway, the powers that be called me in wanting to know why I was asking questions regarding the weapons and the turnover in the key positions. I said I was just wondering if something was up. They just looked at me and walked away. The next day I was replaced and told to go home and moved to a different unit. I was later told I shouldn’t be so inquisitive. I still have no idea what is going on but it’s like “Invasion of the body snatchers” on the surface everything looks normal but if you look harder there is something very wrong going on.

    Also, on a note I was officer of the year for the past 3 years in a row. It was offered this year but I turned it down. My feelings were if something major does go down I don’t want to appear as one of the inside guys.

    • We’ll see what happens. I know several hype videos along these lines have been going around the last week and have all be debunked so just vet your sources and see what’s what.

      Trust, but verify as they say. 😉

    • He ran a a high crime task force with 40 officers working for him, I guess this proves you can be in management and be clueless. This story has more holes than Swiss cheese, but I see that it is getting reposted on other blogs as well, lets all make cheese sandwiches.

      With Love,
      Barney Fife.

      cc: Otis

    • I believe our country hangs in the balance, and the outcome has been left up to us. I believe this is our last chance to be granted an extended grace period. God is well able to slow things down so they don’t happen so fast, giving unsaved family and friends more time to be saved. But if we don’t take this election seriously by getting on our knees and then proceed to get back up and vote, our country will be forever taken over by evil men that not only hate us but the God we serve. If we don’t believe God hears us and has power to change things, then why pray at all? I, for one, am not looking forward to persecution or my religious freedoms being taken away, and if its possible to put that off for a while, why would we even consider anything else?

    • I’ve been wondering about this:
      Steve Quayle “IT’S GOING HOT” w/Greg Evensen (1 of 2)

      Either way, Richard, I do believe your discernment is right on.
      God bless you

    • My post was not to say anything bad about Richard. Mamma Mia!
      I mentioned about the story being reposted because I did a little research on the subject and guess what this particular story is blog hopping. Oh BTW the story was written and posted by Curtis as stated above and reposted here by Richard.

      Eric, I’m on the 3rd cup of coffee. :þ

    • Richard, I have been following the original blog post. I would not exactly say he is lying but..

      In his story the rearrangement of personnel is a standard play out of the management book, thou it is strange especially for these workers it is not strange for management strategy, I have experienced this very thing he described and it happened in 1992.

      The buying of M16`s for use in state or government agencies is common. The use of various types of APC`s armored personnel carriers is common.He did not show anything uncommon.

      For a man with that much time in service plus management experience plus declining his award for officer of the year and being vague overall and not specific is strange. His reputation as he states should be impeccable but it seems he is despised, this leads as to some doubt to there might be some other problem.

      He said that he was told that all the people being placed in these positions were die hard democrats and Obama supporters, how was that fact determined, did someone ask each person who they supported? Considering that 50% of the U.S. supports Obama in theory, would be unlikely that many of the workers there are Obama supporters.

      I think anybody in their consideration of others would have wrote a more specific post so as not to unduly alarm the readers, he did not due this. Lastly, on the blog he is getting very high praise for his comment many are claiming that it has been discerned by the Holy Spirit filled on the blog. If that is the case and everything he said is true and the Holy Spirit has verified this, it time to run for the hills brother.

      To keep this short I won’t comment on the other aspects and stop here.

    • 3 years in row he was cop of the year and suddenly dismissed? The purchase of AK’s are common? We’ll how do you explain the purchase of hundreds of millions of rounds of 223 ammunition from agencies such as the Social Security administration? There is no rational explanation.

      I dont know why this guy would go on a christian blog to

      I dont know how he could have been more specific?

      The global elite have already choosen Obama to lead the new world order. Listen to Henry Kissinger who is in every global elite group from the Bildabergs to the Club of Rome.

      There have been police officers from across the US claiming that they are being told that something major is coming in October. We will see.

      Check out the video below where Kissinger endorses Obama for the lead of the New World Order.

    • Richard, for the sake of clarity they were not AK’s, they were M16’s and if you do a little research on the net you will understand what I stated above. Also “3 years in row he was cop of the year and suddenly dismissed?” he was not dismissed he declined the offer for the 4th stating that: “My feelings were if something major does go down I don’t want to appear as one of the inside guys.”
      The ammo that the SSN admin. received and BTW they were not the only agency, I could guess at why but I really do not know. What ever the case I would load for bear before going down there to ask them. 😆

      I tell you my mistake was ever making a comment on this issue considering how people blindly go along with things without at least doing a minimum of verification. As I first stated there are holes in his story and of course who lies or fabricates things or blows thing out of proportion on the net, so why doubt him, right?

      Surfing Babylon dude!

    • Zoinks.. I said above: “Lastly, on the blog he is getting very high praise for his comment many are claiming that it has been discerned by the Holy Spirit filled on the blog. If that is the case and everything he said is true and the Holy Spirit has verified this, it time to run for the hills brother.”

      What I said in quotes was not entirely accurate, I got confused between some other things I was reading. Strike it from the record.

      I’ve got a brain I feed it three squares a day, put a roof over it and this is how it treats me. Upgrade scheduled for the near future.

  6. Days of Noah Culture Alert:


    Child Pornography Legal To View Online In New York; Court Rules Looking At Porn Doesn’t Mean Possession

    Don’t think this country is begging for and already under at least remedial judgement?

  7. Latest PITN from over the weekend that a lot of people like me missed because GEB pre-empted programming. Gary has Doug Hamp and they discuss the Fall Feasts and the Budding of the Fig Tree. Fun and encouraging show. 🙂

    • That boy in that video got it all back to front. That boy preaching old Testament works of law saying it is apply to Christians. Somebody ought to tell him that them feasts, festivals, new moons, Sabbath day belong to the shadow of them Jewish things before the cross Col2:16,17

      That boy don’t understand what happened at the Cross. at the cross all them things finish. all thing bran new now like Jesus new body raised up. scripture saying them things are decrees can be used by rulers and authorities against us Col2:14-17 that boy don’t know what he talks about he kind of messed up, Lord have mercy

    • Doug Hamp is right on the money…GREAT teacher!

      Jesus says, “TAKE HEED ….HOW YOU HEAR.”


    • Sorry y’ll; but that boy teach grace and Law. what the Jewish feast of the Law got to do with jesus coming again nothing! any born again bible believing man who say Jesus is coming on some feast day don’t know what they talking about. all them feast before the Cross not after it.
      It don’t matter for Jew no more them feast day and new moon cause Jesus is come and makes no different for jew or anybody gentile.
      Them feast days got nothing to do with no one no more. Jesus gone to come when father G tell him so. it ain’t got nothing to do about no feast except for that marriage feast which all been invited jew and anybody gentile can come to that if they gets themselves baptised and believe in Jesus.

    • Thats the work of God! Our kindhearted God takes care of his people. Those who fear Him, those who worship Him in Spirit and in truth.There is nothing too hard for our God! We need to ask and believe for more. As long as its according to His word, and its God’s will, we need to become bold in our faith and ask for more.Whats not right, that we want changed? Just ask! You have not because you ask not! Theres nothing beyond His power, nothing too great that He can’t do. Our Almighty God is powerful! I still believe God is able to do Anything we ask.Anything!

    • Wonderful news! Thank you Mm.

      I also believe that Y’shua has a soft spot for mothers.
      (from personal and ministry experience)

      Very cool(!), considering how much they go through for their children.

  8. I found this video on youtube today, what a great presentation to show what Islam believes. It’s quite obvious this is a satanic religion and basically takes the opposite stage to what we Christians see in Revelations and the Old Test Prophets, as the Antichrist and false prophet. These people are so decieved and cheering on the Antichrist and will worship him when He appears, what a shame. No wonder they are violent and kill for their religion, it’s a lie and empowered by Satan himself. Also some mention in these Islamic prophecies of what LA talks about. The fallen Angels and UFO type stuff as another influence during these last days.

    Islamic End Time Prophecies

    • Know that radical Islam is the precursor to the beast system. Islam will be to wwiii what Nazism was to wwii. A reason to unite and fight for a common good. But this good is a worldly good and not a holy or righteous good.

      the root of deception lies in this false assumption. those that oppose great evil must be good

  9. This reminds me of a couple of shows on Coast a few weeks back.

    “A new genome study of three African populations has found foreign DNA than doesn’t resemble DNA from any modern humans or even Neanderthal DNA. Linda Moulton Howe, interviewed Prof. Joshua Akey from the University of Washington about the DNA that came from an unknown group. Though the DNA is “foreign,” Akey said there was no evidence that it could be the result of ETs manipulating human DNA”

    As well as a show on California’s Mount Shasta that has been the subject of an unusually large number of myths and legends. In particular, it is often said to hide a secret city beneath its peaks. In some stories the city is no longer inhabited, while in others it is inhabited by a technological advanced society of human beings or mythical creatures

  10. “http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/10/03/us-syria-crisis-turkey-mortar-idUSBRE8920VV20121003”
    Syria conflict: Shell kills five in Turkey

    Getting hotter. No way that Syria mess is going to stay confined inside their own borders much longer on top of everything else.

    • Now at this point everyone should be up in arms that Turkey fired on Syria. Okay maybe not, Syrians are not Jewish.
      Got to go make Kebab now bye bye.

    • “http://www.kpbs.org/news/2012/sep/14/uss-peleliu-camp-pendleton-marines-deploy-monday/”
      Three ships and expeditionary Marines will from Camp Pendleton will deploy Monday to the Middle East and Western Pacific, the Navy said today.

      Not going out there to exchange golf tips and smokes.

    • “http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2012/09/30/264323/kissinger-intel-community-accept-israels-end/”



      Henry Kissinger, high archon of the NWO, says Israel will cease to exist within 10 years or less.

      Wow. Let the full ramifications of this sink in, folks.

    • Thanks Moonpieeyes!

      I love the boldness of this man, this one man. Where is every body else? What are they afraid of? At the end of the day, is it about pleasing men or pleasing God? I love Christians who aren’t people pleasers but who choose instead to speak the truth boldly and plainly, no matter the risk. No matter who they “offend”. Jesus Himself, was known for that. John the Baptist did that. If we have the same Spirit of God in us, then we should be “doing that” too.Would to God every American church was blessed with a Pastor who had half the holy boldness of this brave man. Pray, America, pray! Its not too late! God is willing to give us an extention, if we would just believe and ask Him.

      Its not too late for God to set this country on fire! With each and every American pulpit burning first, set on fire by the Spirit of God and then flowing out into the people and out into the streets. Its time for the church as a whole to rise up with holy fire, holy boldness against the evil powers and take back what rightfully belongs TO GOD!

      “the wicked flee when no man pursueth; but the righteous are bold as a lion!” (Prov 28:1)

    • I love everything this man is saying. I only have one question for him. What the heck took you so long. The democRATS have been heading down the anti-God road for decades slaughtering the unborn and gay rights among other disgusting things. I could be wrong and he may have been speaking like this for years. I hope so.

  11. I think it goes deeper than just Obama..the shifting of positions, guns, etc in the police force. Remember that both republican, democratics, etc are all controlled by the illuminati. One must be a freemason to be in politics. Especially a 33 degree mason and those who got were moved into position with no experience or knowlede of police work, etc..were probably ones who ‘compromised’ in order to get those places..I have a friend who remembers as a child being satanic ritually abused by Freemasons and who remembers being passed in a circle of ‘important looking people in suit and ties, etc..being molested by them. They were told they could not go anywhere in their careers if they did not physical or sexually abused her or the other children there present. Obama is just a puppet on a string, just as Bush was, and if Romney is elected, he will be the same.

  12. In this presidential debate they have a graph to gauge undecided voters at the bottom of the screen, shame they don’t have a lie detector graph.

    • TGBTG, during the debate I was praying God for him to chose, Romney was strong for sure, maybe Eric will change his mind now?

    • Pudding, it wasn’t normal was it? Even the Dem’s noticed it. Obama usually isn’t this weak. They don’t know this, but its because the saints ARE PRAYING! And of course they don’t believe in prayer, but WE DO! I’m SO excited because I see that its working. There is a back and forth in the spiritual realm. Sometimes they win, and sometimes ourside wins, but you could really see that we’re winning, because Gods children are PRAYING and seeking His face and calling out to Him! Boy am I excited AND encouraged. I’m going to keep on praying and then when Nov finally comes, I’m GOING TO VOTE! ha Can’t wait. No more Obama. Please Lord, NO more Obama or anyone like him ever again.Not in our lifetime anyway.

    • AMEN!! TGBTG
      I believe…..them old demons are passing the bottle of ripple, planning their next attack, more depraved than the last.
      Christian Brothers and Sisters, we MUST rise up and rebuild this country. Get the Word outside the walls of this blog. Share it with your friends, family, enemies. One Lego at a time.

    • TGBTG, agreed. Romney had clarity, it makes the choice clearer for those interested in America. Obama has noise in his ears.

    • “Obama has noise in his ears”

      Yeah pudding, all those demons buzzing around in there.The man is dark, and I’m not talking skin color, but remember when he had an interaction with Gov Jan Bruer? She said she was afraid of him, and the press mocked her? I believe her. I believe she sensed great evil. Ancient evil. Have you noticed when older Jewish men talk, its as if all the Jewish people are talking through that one wise man? Its hard to explain what I mean. Its like there is a depth to their character? Well, in Obama, I think that what JB experienced was the same thing. There is a depth of evil in Obama and it goes back for generations. The destroyer lives in there and is seeking to destroy America through him.Hatred is in there, vengeance too.
      But he’ll never win, because the Lords on our side, the Lords on America’s side.If we’ll just be faithful to pray and do our part, we really can change the course of America. Glad you’re still up, Pudding, to savour the moment. Great victory for the Lord and His people tonight! Praise God!

    • I found it strange when Obama said, ‘I agreed to marry Michele’, like it was prearranged, and not by God.

    • I am hopeful that Romney might be able to pull us out of our deep hole as a nation that we find ourselves in, but he is no savior. If he wins and succeeds, its because God has willed it so.

    • I reiterate what I wrote above. It applies to American politics as well as world ideological struggles.

      The root of deception lies in this false assumption. those that oppose great evil must be good

  13. No, I’m not changing my mind. Why would I?

    Everything I’ve written around here stands. I’m not going to repeat myself and I refuse to argue with anyone about it. I won’t change your mind. You most certainly will not change mine. 🙂

    Romney looked and sounded good on TV tonight in a controlled environment.

    I simply don’t believe anything that he says any more than I believe anything Obama says. He a slick car salesman who’s flip flopped more than Kerry did. It’s really that simple for me. The Mormon thing is just the icing on the already unappealing cake. And yes, I know Obama is worse. No argument from me there but it’s not saying much.

    What I’m hoping and praying for isn’t going to happen at the ballot box.

    I AM voting. I’m simply not voting for another round of NWO window dressing. That’s all it is. Actions and track records, folks, not speeches.

    Obviously each of you has to do what you feel is right but for me personally it’s crystal clear and nothing’s going to change that.

    • ha! Eric,
      Didn’t know you were still up! Nothing can ruin this day for me. Two answers to prayers. One Russ’s Mom is doing well and two, Romney did well. Two victories in one day, two answers to prayer. Tomorrows another day, but for tonight I’m going to enjoy a luxury I haven’t enjoyed lately. Im going to bed with a smile on my face.
      Good Night All and may God bless America!

    • Eric-Virgil Goode is on the ballot in half the states lol. He is a Virginny boy(lol) w was not in my district so I dint know to much about him.
      Pudding-you make me lsugh so hard! St least Andy would only give Barney one of those projectiles. The cc to Otis, brilliant!@
      keep on praying kiddies! Like annoying kids in the checkout line st the grocery store. Daddy,daddy,daddy,daddy,daddy PLEASE! Giggle, oh yeah. If we pray hard enough maybe he wul give us a new candidate. No Thing is impossible with God!

    • Perhaps obama is the evil ones copy of ‘John the Baptist’ preparing the way for Romney.

      The evil one copies everything God does but in his own twisted way.

      Jesus described John as there being no grater man born of women Matt 11:11

      So the evil ones copy would be ‘the most awful man born of women’

      John the Baptist stood at the end of one age and the start of a new age, the age of grace. Likewise the incumbent has stood before and his reign ends just as one age comes to an end and a new one starts.

  14. Who was that Black guy at the debate with Mitt Romney? Obama was crushed like an aluminum can…Bozos incompetence shined tonight. No softball questions and he couldn’t and didn’t answer any of them…
    CNN Poll – 67% Romney 25% Obama. Frank Lutz independent / undecided went 90% for Romney. Said he has never seen this before. Even MSNBC Chris Matthews is conceding Presidents Obama’s failure at tonight’s debate.
    I don’t think Barry will sleep very well tonight. He looked like a 6th grader debating the senior class president in a debate.
    Next up VP debates… Bidens gonna have to double up on them depends if tonight is any indication of what is to come.

  15. Some major ufo sightings Sept 2012. More disclosure may be following. As Lynn says “ufos are burgeoning and not going away”.

  16. O most honored Zulli Lama,

    It is certain that with your limitless mystic, esoteric, and secret knowledge you long since became thoroughly familiar with this miserable excuse for a (somewhat typo-ridden) web page, but just in case….


    If it’s really 3.5 miles by 5.6 miles, it can’t all be under the Courthouse!

    Don’t overlook the link in footnote 2.

  17. ” The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with the work of Satan displayed in all kinds of counterfeit miracles, signs and wonders, For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness.” (2 Thessalonians 2:9-12)

    I Know My Galactic Family Is Here, Do You? (UFO Disclosure)

  18. The following video gives evidence that there are non human intelligences observing and interacting with people drawn to the crop circles and related paranormal phenomena. Crop circles, ufos, sightings of orbs, and hauntings are occurring around the world with more frequency. Scripture reveals that many of these intelligences are fallen and seductive when they interact with people seeking contact through meditation or self induced altered states, yoga, spiritualism, and other forms of mysticism. If we need answers and understanding we need to ask and seek God and receive discernment from His Word and His Spirit. The Truth is not out there, it is in Christ.


    1. [1] Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;

  19. Al Gore is blaming the altitude in Denver for Obama’s poor performance. Listening to local talk radio, a caller made an interesting point, comparing it to Daniel in the lion’s den, that she believed that God ‘shut Obama’s mouth just as he did with the hungry lion”.

    • I thought Denver to be Obama`s anointed ground, not anymore I see.
      Moonpie, you said: “I found it strange when Obama said, ‘I agreed to marry Michele’, like it was prearranged, and not by God.”
      That is strange, sometimes there are hidden messages in the slip of the tongue.

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