Our Fragile Infrastructure!

Commentary and Analysis 


L. A. Marzulli

Our Fragile Infrastructure: Report from Pennsylvania 

We have a fragile infrastructure and here’s why.  I drove around yesterday and there were a lot of stores shut down.  Our street was blocked by a downed pine tree and remained closed until the afternoon.  The Acme – the market here – lost all the frozen and refrigerated items, as literally thousands of dollars of produce was thrown out.  Traffic lights didn’t work and there are still some places today where officials have put up temporary stop signs.  Many people are still without power and the Jersey shore – I realize this now – was devastated by the storm.  (For those of you who did not read my apology please scroll down)

We had canned food that Peggy and I bought in case our power went down and I also purchased a cheap BBQ with about 6 bags of charcoal so we would have hot meals.   (The power went out for about two hours so we dodged a bullet.)  Bottom line for me is our way of life is fragile and all it takes is a hurricane to put us back to pre-industrial revolution times.  This is why I am always harping on being prepared.  If we have the resources stored and at the ready, then when and if something like a hurricane Sandy occurs we are prepared.

In regard to out infrastructure.  Communities should invest on putting all utilities underground, where they will remain far safer than above ground.  Our government should invest in a way to insure the grid is able to be restored quickly in the event of an emergency.  At the recent Radio Liberty conference, Ambassador Cooper’s presentation dealt with the real threat of an EMP – electro-magnetic pulse weapon.  He believes, as I do this is the choice weapon of terrorists, as it would essentially put us back to the stone age.  At present we have nothing to enable us to offset this kind of attack.  In other words our electric grid, as demonstrated by Sandy, is extremely vulnerable.

In closing todays post:  If you don’t have 4 to 6 months worth of food and water stored please consider doing so now.  We are in uncharted waters as we see storms, earthquakes, floods, droughts, fires and record temperatures being set as never before.  I believe, as most of you know, we are in the birth pains.  These are the signs Jesus told us would precede his second coming.  His words penned almost 2000 years ago are coming about in real-time as we see event after event.  Please pray for the victims of Sandy and please consider getting prepared!  L.A.

The Storm that Wasn’t? We Dodged a Bullet… 7:30 AM

Our power came back on around 10 pm last night so we were without power for about 2 hours.  There was hype all day long about the “storm of the century.”  While some areas were hard hit, Atlantic City and New York, this storm, in my opinion, was a paper tiger.  Am I mixing metaphors?  I watched FOX for a few minutes and the clips they showed were some flahing dangling from a roof and a few shingles on another roof flapping in the wind. Then, some new guy made a big deal about one tree that was uprooted.   Let’s compare this Frankenstorm to Katrina.  In short there is none.  It makes me wonder abbout our media and the hype they seem to be engaged in.  Last night we watched a few miinutes of Conan and he had a clip honoring the news casters who risk their lives to bring us the news – a tongue in cheek piece.  We saw a news caster bundled up in the middle of a flooded street warning people of the danger.  Then, behind him, three youths in bathing suits enetered the frame waving their arms, splashing each other and basically goofing on the so-called extreme weather.  In other words here was the reporter trying to sound grave and overwhelmed with the storms severity, but his credibility went south as the youths clearly showed a differect scenario.   In Closing todays short post:  We dodged a bullet as we got some wind and a little rain but no real damage and no road closures.  Others weren’t so fortunate and flooding did occur.  However, in my opinion, this was NOT the storm of the century,  and Frankenstorm was more like Winnie the Pooh in comparison to Katrina.  More later…. L.A.

Sandy: Update – 8:15 (EST)

The storm has made lanfall and we are starting to feel the effects here.  We have sustained winds of about 35 MPH and increasing.  It is a little like the Santa Anna winds we get in the Santa Monica Mountains, where we live.  The power is off now and our candels are lit.  My parents are bedded down and Peggy and I are up and will probably remain at our “post” until the storm subsides or the power comes back on.  From what I suspect, the worst is yet tto come.  L.A.



It’s been raining all day here and I went out first thing and purchased a BBQ so if the power goes we will be able to cook.  The winds are just starting to pick up and from the latest reports the storm should make land in the next hour.  We are expecting gusts up to 90 mph.  I’ve done everything I know how to do to prepare, now we have to hunker down and see what happens.  If the power goes my I-pad has a full charge so I should be able to post for a few days.  We also have a charger in the car so I should NOT be off line.  I will continue updates as the storm progresses.

One last thought.  Someone posted the Chilicothe Crop Circle picture and compared it to the current storm.  Interesting.

Update! Monday Morning. 7:06 am

Peggy and I spent the night at my parents house.  We stopped at the Acme and bought supplies in case the power goes out.  From what I have been hearing Sandy is due to hit sometime today and when it does we are going to have winds gusting up to 70 MPH, for as long as 24 to 48  hours.  We are praying Sandy moves out to sea.  In fact at the Cornerstone conference the entire assembly stood and rebuked the storm while Randy Demain prayed out loud.  I would like to thank all the great folks at Cornerstone and Randy Demain for the conference.  Special kudos to Pastors’ Paul and Cheryl Black, it was great to spend time with them again.  Thanks to Sue for all she does for the church.

I had several interviews and research meetings planned for this week and by the looks of things they most likely will not happen.  However I might try to sneak in one of them today as the storm is not expected to hit until this evening.

A word about the ongoing Benghazi cover up by our media. I am more than ever convinced our media is overwhelmingly bias. The Benghazi attack left four americans dead and yet our media is slow to cover the story. Were our troops deliberately told to stand down? Why did the White House run with the “film” story for almost three weeks. We the people have right to know what is really going on. We the people elect our officials and they are supposed to be accountable to us. I want to know what happened in Benghazi. I think most americans want to know too and we should be calling our representatives demanding they get to the truth of the matter.

In closing todays post: In Watchers 5, we interviewed David Brennan who states in his book, The Israel Omen, there is a link between what we do to Israel, in regard to land for peace, and events like Katrina and the Gulf Oil Spill. It is an interesting study and if you have not read his book –  I’ve interviewed him on Acceleration Radio – I would suggest picking up a copy. I wonder if this storm has a supernatural component to it? I wonder if the storm is fluke, or the finger of God? Please pray Sandy will turn out to sea and the East coast will be spared. I will be posting updates regularly. L.A