Sunday Bun! Conference Update….

Sunday Bun


L. A. Marzulli

The big news is two people came to salvation and gave their lives to the Lord.  One on Thursday and the other last night.  I’m hoping for a one more before the end of the day today.

The conference has been very well attended and I’ve met some wonderful folks here in Ah-hi-a.  I want to thank Pastor Tom for allowing us the use of his facility and being the first church in his area to get an understanding of Genesis 6.  He’s a bold, adventurous, out-of-the-box pastor!  Thanks Tom.

Deborah and Buck Collins had us over for dinner last night right after I was finished speaking.  They live on a beautiful hilltop at the end of a dirt road.  The dinner was just amazing and all the speakers plus Sam and Alice Miller attended.  Buck had smoked salmon and chicken and the meal was sumptuous.  Deborah created the  best Tomato bisque soup I have ever eaten.  It’s practically it’s own food group!  I saw how to build a smoke house and I think it’s on my wish list of building projects over the winter.

Today we head to the Circle Mound for a three-hour tour with author Fritz Zimmerman.  Fritz and I spent all day Friday exploring mounds in the Ohio Valley.  We were like two kids in the woods and all we needed was a couple of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and the day would have been right out of my boyhood, in the woods of Pennsylvania.  Fritz and I hit it off and the conversation continued throughout the day without a comma!

Russ, Richard, and yours truly each spoke an hour on Friday night. Richard and Russ hit it out of the park and I did a Middle East Update.  Yesterday we each spoke for three hours and brought enough information about the Nephilim to keep people busy for then next few weeks.

I told everyone about Richard, Russ, Larry, and me going to Chichen Itza.  We now have many folks who are seriously committed to pray for us while we are there.  This is great, as prayer changes things.

I met a woman named Dolly, who is mighty in the things of the Lord.  She’s a warrior for the  Lord.  She also closed the gate at the serpent mound in 1987 when the new-agers held a harmonic convergence on the site.  The Lord awakened her in the middle of the night and told her to get to the Serpent mound.  She had no idea of what she was going to do once she got there, but the Lord instructed her and she closed the gate.  Glad Dolly is on our side!

It’s great to have m y wifey on the road with me as the road is a lonely place.

We head home on Tuesday morning and then it’s off to Albuquerque on Friday for another conference.  October is a very busy month.

A word about the comment section.  I made it as clear as I could last week, I consider this BLOG to be a church, and I am its pastor.  When folks come in here with a different point of view they need to be respectful.  I would point out again I will not tolerate or allow anti-semitic comments or ones which hold a viewpoint against the state of Israel.   I would also admonish everyone from staying off the Rapture as a topic as all it does is lead to arguments and division.

We need to pray for each other in these troublesome and unstable times in which we live.  The Trolls who come here distract and try to suck us in to endless discussions, which, in the end lead nowhere.  Let’s try to say on point and understand the time may be short.  In the end what separates us and makes us different then the world is the love we show toward each other.

Blessings.  L. A.

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  1. FANTASTIC!! I love when our family grows in the Lord! Oh what a feast it will be! Love and prayers for you all.
    Also, prayer request for my son,Jeremy, he has pneumonia.

  2. LA, Nice update and thanks for the information ! My buddy Jeff, who lives in Ohio is attending the conference, too bad I couldn’t attend being over 10 hours away. I spoke with Jeff yesterday and He said the conference and information was wonderful and very informative. Being He’s only a few hours away there in Ohio, I encouraged him weeks ago to attend this conference, as all speakers are top researchers on the subjects at hand. Anyway have a blessed and safe trip back home.

  3. I am so pleased that the conference went well and what could be better than leading two people to the Lord! Praise God! We will continue praying for your upcoming conferences and also for Jeremy.

  4. Let’s resolve to pray for the haters and to not engage in foolish disputes, as Paul warns us. How much good will we do if all of us pray for the haters? (And each other and L.A.)

    • Agreed but it doesn’t help when they come on here every day in a viral fashion with the same clear agenda. I’m hoping a perma ban finally happens, and soon.

    • True, Eric W.! But, also, being silent isn’t SO hard, is it? And isn’t this an opportunity to forgive seventy times seven, to bless those who curse us, and to pray for those who spitefully mistreat us? If Stephen can pray for people killing him with flying stones and ask God to not hold it against them, surely we can pray for trolls day after day, don’t you think? It is a blessed opportunity for us to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Savior, and to cast abroad His grace! 🙂

  5. It is very encouraging to hear about the conference. The fact that people have come into The Kingdom is of primary importance, I pray that more will cross over today. Great update, thanks! Hope to see you in Albuquerque next weekend.
    B’shem Yahshua,
    Santa Fe, N.M.

    • I wish we were going to be there. We moved from Albuquerque to LA a year ago but I’ve been calling friends and family to tell them to attend. I hope it is a great success. I will be praying!

  6. Man, I wish I could have gone to this thing. So badly. Thanks for the update L.A. We’ve all been covering all of you in prayer and I’m looking out for that “one more person” to get saved, too. 😉

    A couple of laundry items from around here.

    1.) Viral guy needs to go permanently. Enough already. It’s got to stop. Every day it’s the same “uncover the evil Zionist” rubbish and it’s never going to end unless it gets put down.

    2.) Not going to name names but there’s a brother here that I know is on fire and means well with typically lengthy scripture posts and such but brother…if you’re going to be angry and lose your patience and insult people…that’s being part of the problem which I KNOW you don’t want to do.

    You can have the best Scripture argument and phone book sized scripture posts from here to eternity but in the end it’s not going to work if you’re delivering it in anger and with insults. Please pray about this and cool off. Thanks. 🙂

    • “”

      I’m going to be a pest and encourage other people to spam obvious problems that fly in the face of what’s written out in that link. Everyone needs to read it and take it to heart. Frankly, anyone that doesn’t stands out like a sore thumb and it speaks for itself.

      Stop arguing. Stop debating. Stop giving these people the attention they want. That’s part of the problem. You’re not going to win the argument or change their minds because they’re coming in here with their garbage on purpose. Stop feeding the trolls.

    • Daddy always said, son you gottta be smarter than what you are working on.

      When a teacher finds himself teaching a class of people not at the same level of knowledge he inadvertently ends up rewarding the top of the class and beating on the lower end of the class who just can’t seem to get it. Those at the top of the class have their own reward, the teacher should focus on nurturing the lower end of class with love, patience and kindness and humility. Does the Holy Spirit beat the Christian or does he not lead him into all truth in all patience?

      An experienced wolf (in sheep’s clothing) when he comes upon the flock is trained to not to cause direct strife and be argumentative but to seduce being even meeker than the sheep he targets, when the sheep attacks him he cries like a lamb, when the sheep hear his cry in meekness they are deceived into shame and the wolf is allowed to graze among the flock. In the moment of calm, the wolf then applies his trade, a vicious cycle for the sake of stealing at least one sheep.

      (Mat 23:27) Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are like unto whited sepulchers, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men’s bones, and of all uncleanness.
      Matthew chapter 23 is worth a good reread now and then.

    • Eric W.

      Noticed your post above…

      and “YES”…Friday I did NOT exhibit “great patience” & could have been more gracious in my responses in a few of my postings. Truly I got frustrated attempting to AGAIN explain some key things to the one poster (Kirt).
      Because whether it is him, or anyone else, I simply want to do my best
      to help people KNOW THE TRUTH….that is a GREAT JOY I get from seeing
      people “light up” when the TRUTH is finally understood. It’s NOT about ego.

      Now then….
      After I gave my detailed response with The Word, my intent was to just leave
      it at that and “walk away”. However, after seeing Kirt’s continued posts and then Pudding attempting to ALSO help bring understanding with his own
      string of posts, I saw how the discussion continued to become more “estranged” from the TRUTH…which frustrated me even more…

      So I then made the stupid choice of “venting my frustration” one more time.

      (I am “certain” that NO person on this BLOG…or NO person in life…
      has EVER done a thing like that before.)

      Am I sorry I used my words (typing) to be “unkind” in how I responded???
      Certainly. And to Kirt, I apologize & do ask for your forgiveness for my
      tone & attitude towards you in my posts Friday.
      Should NOT have happened.

      To John Michael,

      Why you (or others) think I am “angry”…
      I have been using CAPS for MANY of my posts ON THIS VERY BLOG…
      for SEVERAL WEEKS NOW….still does NOT make me “an angry person”.

      I did use SARCASM with you on Friday ….. to try and make a few points.
      Obviously, they did NOT get received in the manner intended and I will have
      to be “more tactful” ….maybe even with others too.
      Sorry for offending you. I think you have a “short fuse” with me regarding
      my stance on a few other topics, and I can handle that. I have other
      friends I differ with and still can love them in spite of our differences.
      I simply am NOT afraid anymore to make some things known at times.
      But with that zeal I must learn to use more caution … cause sometimes
      it is NOT received or understood at times.

      Sometimes I forget others have NOT walked the same road I have walked.
      Nor have I walked “in the shoes” of others and our perspectives differ.

      I have a few good friends I can be VERY candid with and speak
      VERY directly to …and they to me…those kind of FRIENDS are RARE
      and do NOT come easily. But because we VALUE each other and our
      input in each others lives…WE HAVE THE PERMISSION OF THE OTHER…
      to knock off our “rough points” …CAUSE WE ALL HAVE THEM !!!!

      ( I demonstrated that Friday regrettably. Well, I guess we ALL grow from it.)

      Iron sharpens iron…and in order for that to happen…you must grow a
      tough skin. Iron must be tough in order to sharpen other pieces of iron.

      I feel the same about CHRISTIANS. We can’t be sappy & wimpy….
      and expect the world to take us seriously.


      “To God Be The Glory” had a good post on that today!!!

      I will leave this post with a passage out of 2 Timothy 2: 24-26….
      one passage I need to better practice myself…

      “24The Lord’s bond-servant must not be quarrelsome,
      but be kind to all, able to teach, patient when wronged,

      25with gentleness correcting those who are in opposition,
      if perhaps God may grant them repentance leading
      to the knowledge of the truth,

      26and they may come to their senses and escape from the snare
      of the devil, having been held captive by him to do his will.

      JESUS IS STILL LORD & “that ole’ devil” is still defeated !!!!

      Ps…My apologies for the long post.

    • Spock to Kirk, In reality or in the real world as they say even the most patient teachers vent behind closed doors about the only way for a certain person to learn is by pounding it into their head. Unfortunately if you start to do that then you have lost at the point point, who cares to strive to teach (rocks) and lose at the same time?
      As for me I do not mind your caps for some reason, but as having been on the net since its early days caps has been equated to shouting, for me normally I hate when people write in caps, but when I read your writing it helps me to focus on the words better. I guess the caps along with your frustration combined equates to anger.
      I guess the lesson for all of us is we always have to remember to practice what we preach and preach from the whole word of God. Keep on preachin bro!
      Faith, hope and love.

    • Kirk,
      Its hard at times to get your true feelings across without being face to face. I knew you didn’t mean any harm, but I also knew that others might take you the wrong way. We can just get all excited with what we’re trying to say, and it can come off as unkind or rude. But I know it was zeal, and trying to make others “get” what you so clearly see can be frustrating. I think we all have so much pent up zeal inside of us that we just can’t wait for that day to come, but yes, we must strive to be kind and not to offend. Its hard sometimes, but apologies are good for the soul, and an internal cleansing, and Maybe I’m different than you all but I really like all the caps Kirk uses. It doesn’t bother me at all. Thats what makes Kirk, Kirk and not any one of us. We’re all different and express ourselves differently. And also the posts about the rapture, I learned something every single time, just seeing the way that scriptures are posted and put together by different people. To me, thats my idea of fun! ha So maybe I’m different than you all. But you’re a wonderful brother, Kirk and I’m glad to know you through your posts. I used to feel embarassed to express love like that until the Holy Spirit taught me differently giving me the example of the woman who cried while washing Jesus feet with her tears. We shouldn’t feel embarrassed to express love to eachother, especially I noted the way that Ally did the other day. I know that we please the Lord very much when we do that, and we need to appreciate eachother, flaws and all, and do more of that. And I think that would please LA also.

    • Happens to the best of us Kirk. 🙂 Today, for example, I probably could have done better myself. Last week TGBTG and I even almost butted heads on some political thing and then I think we both realized what was happening. It happens. We all have to watch out. 🙂

      Got to give props to Pudding for the Trek reference. 😉

    • Agree Eric,
      I think its a fine line though, because some things are strong and true and by their very nature will offend some, nevertheless must be said, but we have to be careful of the tone. And maybe even our tone was good but people still misunderstand and get offended, and take things the wrong way.
      I don’t think constant apologizing is good either. We should never apologize for the truth if we know in our hearts, that we were God inspired, we said it without malice and were only trying to help somebody understand what God has shown us. I’m thinking about the scripture where Peter or somebody said to Jesus, “Lord don’t you know you offended them, (the Pharisees) with what you said?” And Jesus told them, leave them alone, they be blind leader of ther blind.” He didn’t go around apologizing to them when they were offended because He was positive the things He was saying were inspired by His Father. Also, remember when the High Priest had Jesus slapped because of the way He answered his question? He asked Jesus if these things they witnessed against Him were true, and He said, “Ask them what I said, behold they know what I said” They assumed He was being sarcastic, but he was just answering the question the same way He always talked. Directly to the point with truth. People constantly are offended by the truth because its so strong and direct and cuts between the bones and the marrow, etc. But I know that I also still struggle with worrying about offending people. On the other hand I know that the fear of man is not good either and because of that many times we hold back what the Spirit of God wants us to say. Anyway, I think eventually we’ll all figure it out if we keep ourselves humble before the Lord and eachother. God Bless You All!

    • Thanks Pudding, TGBTG, and Eric W. ….

      Thanks for the MULTIPLE LAYERS of understanding shown above.
      It is appreciated. Good to know that “i still connect” with you all.
      I do not expect others to be ME…good night…that mold was broke years ago!

      ha ha ha !!!!

      it is almost like “you read me like a book”…your post above expresses
      SOOO MUCH of how i feel…as BLOGGING is “very limiting” in certain respects.
      Many times I do not feel like making the effort as to “misunderstandings”
      and my own “shortcomings” in being able to “express” fully my thoughts.

      But then I also know I have much to offer… THAT GOD PUT INSIDE ME….
      for the benefit of others….and others have MUCH I can learn from too!

      Thanks for the words of insight you have as to how I “function”.

      thanks for the “Spock to Kirk” insights and helpful instruction. Appreciated!!
      Thanks for recognizing my CAPS as not “being offensive”…
      but just “my way” of trying to express myself…maybe different than others…
      but 100% me.

      Eric W…
      Thanks for your “gentle rebuke” as well as your honesty.
      Thanks for your “tempered” response and recognizing “the fire” I carry inside.
      I truly want that “fire” to burn bright and BURN PASSIONATELY for HIS GLORY.

      Grateful to each of you and MANY others who Blog here! Always Learning !!!

      Especially grateful for a “seasoned” and sober minded Pastor like LA…
      who affords us all “this place” to grow and to be challenged …
      “to be sharpened” by one another….and by his godly leadership & example!

      Be Blessed 😉

  7. I’m glad to hear the conference is going good and is well attended! I can’t wait for the video to come out so I can get all the updates and info! And that’s wonderful news about the new ones giving their lives to God!

    I found an article that I hesitate to post, because I don’t want to start another Israel debate. But it is about universities in the US that are teaching and promoting anti-semitism in some courses. It includes a video that shows clips from actual class lectures. If everyone thinks it will be okay to post the link, I will. It’s definitely worth reading and the video is worth watching, so you can be aware of how widespread the anti-semitic garbage is being strewn!


    • ^^ See, there’s the problem.

      Phebz, you should absolutely NOT feel any hesitation to talk about that subject here but we all know by this evening what’s probably going to happen again.

      See what’s happening here, folks?

      By all means, post the link to the video and fire away! 🙂

    • LoL…sorry! I would just feel bad if something I posted opened up another debate! Here’s the link to the article…the video is at the end of the article: “” (remove the quotes as usual) 🙂

  8. Please consider that the battle is not with the victims that are manipulated by the rebel angels and their dark spirits.

    Otherwise why consider the nephilim, burial mounds, demons, and strongholds? The enemy is going to try to plant discord using those that aren’t saved which have no defenses against.

    Much better is to overcome evil with good, with Christ. We need Him in our midst. He’s the answer.

    Proverbs 26
    4 Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him.
    5 Answer a fool according to his folly, lest he be wise in his own conceit.

  9. Sounds like you are having fun! Glad this conference is uplifting you LA. and I feel certain all the attendees and soeakers ad well!

  10. LA, would you please check out this video about troop deployment in the past few days, IN THE USA:
    Your sources may be able to verify this, deployment was within the USA and the guy who leaked this out is “missing”. If this is true, then as you have said, we should be preparing to survive some very bad times. Phyllis

    • Phyllis…

      VERY INTERESTING….seems to go along with other troop movements
      occurring as well as foreign troops in our country and bases in CANADA and
      bases in Mexico…possibly even in Cuba….ALL VERY NEAR the US borders. Possibly to deal with unrest. Or the “purposeful” and “orchestrated” national “events” that could be happening SOON.

      There is ALOT of “chatter” regarding SOMETHING TO HAPPEN in the month
      of OCTOBER …but no firm dates “as such”…But I am listening to a few
      things this afternoon to try to place a few more pieces of the puzzle in place.

      MUCH EVIL is afoot and getting stirred up.

      Time to BIND & LOOSE.

  11. Thanks for the update LA, really wish I could have attended .

    I have a family member in Ohio and tried to get him to go, but while a good well versed Christian man, he is very closed minded on the subject and feels the native American explanation is good enough for him. What a shame.

    GOD Bless LA, and keep up the good fight my brother!

  12. @ several threads here today: We wrestle not against flesh and blood, BUT (in the spirit of “church” as L.A. views it) I believe that we need to test the spirits here.

    What a difference between someone genuinely sharing their beliefs and/or questions (and open to discussion) versus someone with an agenda. When I first read something vitriolic here (months ago), I picked up a spirit of darkness after reading just a few words – before I even caught the gist of the point being made.

    We are so blessed that L.A. has utmost discernment, and I trust that he’ll be acting accordingly so the sheep have safe harbor (a new mixed metaphor?) here.

    L.A., I was so happy to read your post today that I choked up. God bless all of you mightily!

  13. This is something new.


    Azerbaijan has looked into the possibility of assisting Israel with a strike in Iran, a report by Reuters reveals.

  14. Here we go again. You’re on the wrong side and everyone knows it. As I suspect you do, too. Why keep this up? I think I know.


  15. Sorry for duplicate but this needs to get through. I’m sure you’ll love this Benevolent Troll but I’m going to show it anyways.

    New video shows U.S. professors teaching students hate for Israel

  16. You can misquote Scripture from here to Eternity and no one is buying it.

    Here’s Benevolent Troll’s “right side of things.”

    This is you all the way and everyone here knows it. No one’s interested. We rebuke in in the name of Jesus for the evil Satanic lie it is whether you yourself are even aware of it or not. I think you are and that’s why you continue to run this obvious viral campaign of yours.

  17. Zecchariah 12:3

    “And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.”

  18. Anti-Zionism is Anti-Semitism in a suit essentially. Funny how didn’t bother to actually deny the appellation.

    You are an Anti-Zionist and obviously proud of it.

    Not a personal attack. Just a sad reality.

    Anyone can look it up “anti Zionism” all over the place from a myriad of sources. Throw Wikipedia out if it makes you feel better. 😉

    On shucks, or maybe they cant because of course the evil Zionist conspiracy lobby controls all of it, right? 😉

    How convenient. 🙄

    I know all the talking points, too. Nothing new, man. Dime a dozen.

    I wouldn’t bother trying to debate the likes of that. It’s Satanic garbage. All of it. And Satan knows how to quote and distort Scripture with the best of them so if you think you’re going to impress anyone with that technique, think again.

    And cut the martyr act. No one’s going to whip out a hanky for you.

    You’ve never hesitated to fire off personal attacks including against LA himself more than once. Right Passing Thru?

  19. Here’s a sad story…I was going to drive the 8 hours to the conference but I also wanted to take a friend along. When I told her what the blog’s fellowship has been like–sometimes hurtful, name-calling, divisive–and that it often leads to the blog having to be shut down, she decided she didn’t want to go. The concern being that the fellowship at the conference might be of the same nature.

    Thank God, it sounds like that hasn’t happened there. I would have gone myself if I’d felt more positive about the tone that this blog strikes. So let this be an encouragement to those who participate here…what you say and how you say it resonates far and wide. Had there been a prevailing spirit of love here, I would have made the drive myself.

    I don’t know how a more loving spirit could be had here but I have a few suggestions for what they’re worth:
    1-I think people should use their real names. When you hide behind a moniker, it’s easier to “blow smoke.” When your reputation is on the line, I think people try harder to be nice.
    2-I think people’s comments should be restricted to the topics and news links LA sets up at the beginning. It seems as if the first couple posters actually comment on LA’s writings, and after that it’s “off to the races” and inevitably ends up way off-topic.
    3-You need to realize that what’s said here reverberates with the whole world. This is not a closed group. Words matter. The world is watching. In my case, I didn’t go to the conference because I was concerned the same angry people who vent here would also be venting there.
    I realize many people here, myself included, have a spotty church history. Many have been kicked out or have stormed out or have voluntarily left churches. That doesn’t bode well for warm fellowship here. But maybe, just maybe if we realize our own nature has been like lightning rods, attracting trouble wherever we go, it will cause us to hold our tongues a few seconds longer and to act with more restraint than we have in the past.

    • That’s sad. I wouldn’t have let words on a screen dictate whether I was going to go to a conference like that or not. I’m sorry you all missed out. 😦 If LA himself were reacting in the manner you all are talking about I could see not wanting to go but I wouldn’t let us Internet rabble out there make or break something like that. 😉

      “1-I think people should use their real names. When you hide behind a moniker, it’s easier to “blow smoke.” When your reputation is on the line, I think people try harder to be nice.”

      It’s the Internet. Can’t be too paranoid. I’d never put my full name out there for what little privacy we have left. I get your point but still. I never have. I never will. No way. I could tell you stories about cyberstalking and other things that would make your head spin.

      “2-I think people’s comments should be restricted to the topics and news links LA sets up at the beginning. It seems as if the first couple posters actually comment on LA’s writings, and after that it’s “off to the races” and inevitably ends up way off-topic.”

      Agreed. I’ve even email LA himself and suggested the possibility of a real forum that would be well moderated by people trusts, etc. It affords better control, flexibility, and structure. IMHO, it would be a better concept for this type of discussions vs a blog’s setup but of course, that’s his call. 🙂

      “3-You need to realize that what’s said here reverberates with the whole world. This is not a closed group. Words matter. The world is watching. In my case, I didn’t go to the conference because I was concerned the same angry people who vent here would also be venting there.”

      They wouldn’t for, ironically, some of the reasons you’re touching on here.

      This is the Internet. Civility left the building a long time ago. People hiding behind screen names, mice , and keyboards will say and type outrageous things all the time that, in real life, would rightly earn them a trip to the hospital.

      I’m not making any excuses for it but sadly, that’s the way the Internet is and what it’s cultivated.

      Another point: No one would misbehave the way you and your friend were concerned about with LA, Russ, and Richard right there to kick their butts, either. Think about it. 🙂

      Don’t let Internet rabble make or break any decision like that for you and I’ll include myself in all of this because I’m not perfect, either, and if I’ve contributed to that problem them I truly apologize. 😦

    • “When I told her what the blog’s fellowship has been like–sometimes hurtful, name-calling, divisive–and that it often leads to the blog having to be shut down, she decided she didn’t want to go. The concern being that the fellowship at the conference might be of the same nature.”

      Boy, my first impression was, is that all it takes to stop a Christian these days? How could she ever follow Jesus then? Remember all through the gospels Satan followed Jesus around and attacked Him causing arguments etc. What about Paul? Same thing. Thats how Satan reacts when we are actually DOing something for the Kingdom. There is Always going to be strife, but woe to that person who is causing the division. But to stay away from good teachings/meetings losing out on a chance to be blessed reveals a lack of spirtual understanding. How can God ever use us if we give up so easily? Things like this will never go away and only increase at the time draws closer. We just have to learn how to deal with it like the early church did, thats all.

    • Not everyone is as thick-skinned as their neighbor is. This friend I’m speaking of is what’s called an “HSP” (highly sensitive person). It’s a psychological trait where they can be easily irritated by other people or stimuli.
      But HSPs are believers too. Just as Paul says we aren’t to force our habits (meat eating, for example) onto others, neither should we question someone’s spirituality just because they are turned off by bickering and ranting and raving.
      I’ve been to conferences where the fellowship was sweet. (Chuck Missler.) I had every reason to expect that because his internet discussions a number of us participated in were that way too.
      And the fact that that’s just the way the internet is shouldn’t mean that where christians gather it should be the same wild wild west where anything goes. Like I say, the world is watching us. If we aren’t any different from them, what’s the point of becoming a believer?

    • Give it time Lynne. Things will change for CM as well.The wolves are also gathering around Missler as we speak. The type of thing you see happening here will eventually be everywhere, and there will be no stopping it except to stand your ground. I wasn’t questioning the spirituality of your friend but someone (maybe you) needs to expalin to her, and show her in the scriptures where they would follow Paul from city to city and stir up the people to fierce arguments trying to cause obstruction and division, and they suceeded alot! Also there was a lot of back and forth (arguments) between the Corinthians in the Bible as well, thats why Paul said when you bite and devour eachother take heed lest you be consumed one of another.”

    • I fully understand where you and your friend are coming from Lynne Whelden. We’re not all the same. I tend towards the HSP myself. I fully understand your decision not to go on the drive or why your friend drew back. Believe me ….. I understand .

    • I wasn’t having a go at anyone else above and their comments. It’s just that when you’ve done the old “walk a mile in my shoes ” trick you can deeply understand where someone is coming from and what they are feeling.

  20. “They do have the whole world in their grip right now,”

    😆 Your entire post is making the case. You’re a witness against yourself, really.

    “but few will call it out for what it is,afraid of being called “Anti-semitic”. I know how the term is used and it doesn’t phase me in the least.”

    This might be the most honest, cutting through all the BS thing I’ve ever seen you post here. I’ll salute you for that honesty if nothing else and believe me, I don’t salute you for anything else at all.

    ‘Nuff said. I rest my case.

  21. Greetings! I have a little something I’m feeling burdened to discuss. But before getting into the background circumstance of topic I need to ask if anyone here has any experience and/or knowledge of physically manifested golden glowing orbs? In house or outside. Really needing some help here…….

    • Believe it or not, I had a lightly suspicious experience when I was a young kid that as I’ve grown older and done more research…might…and I want to emphasize that…might fit that description but I certainly will not classify myself as an expert.

      But I’m sure everyone here will agree with me: If you need to unload a burden or testify, by all means, feel free. 🙂 If it’s something you need help with, don’t hesitate to contact LA at He WILL answer when he can. 🙂

    • D. Since rebel angels can manifest and angels of light… and since the spirits of their demonic offspring carry some of their traits… orbs are the result.

      Others might see them as faeries, or apparitions, or ufos. Depends on the person.

      I was talking with a gent just a short time ago after church, who’d been in prison for ten years. Let’s call him “J.” He’s got tattoos all up and down his arms. He comes by church for a hand out when things get tight, like at the end of the month. So I’ll get him to do drawings for me for $5 each… cause a man that doesn’t work shouldn’t eat….

      Anyway, I asked J to draw a picture of “la santissima” as the first of a series. The theme of the series is about the masks that rebel angels and demons wear. For this, the idea is to have the corner of the picture rolled over in the clawed hand of a demon that’s peeking out from behind the picture.

      So another in the series will be “la virgen de guadalupe,” and another “quetzacoatl….”

      So if someone is seeing orbs, they need to do the same as for ufo aliens or demons — as LA says, Rebuke First Ask Questions Later (RFAQL).

      Looks like a good approach for the blog here too.

      As our names are written in Heaven, by Christ’s bloody torture, death on the cross, burial of His body, resurrection in the flesh, and ascension to the throne of Heaven… In the Name of Jesus Christ who is also Yashua Messiah — enemy spirits you’ve got to go now! Go down to the abyss or out into uninhabited deserts and don’t come back — but that the Lord Jesus tell you otherwise — now GO!

    • Oh wow…thank you so much brothers. moving along then. Well, in 1992 i certainly wasn’t walking in my faith. i had taken several detours after a failed marriage that unfortunately had been filled with physical and yes…spiritual…abuse. it is true that my minister husband was an abuser. hard to believe but true. anyway, those detours led me to this particular time and place when myself and a friend were delving into tarot cards. one night we were “studying” them when i happened to glance towards an upper doorway corner and i noticed a 6 or 7 inch wide golden glowing sphere! yes, i took a couple double takes and rubbed my eyes. my friend was still looking at the cards while all i could do was stare at that thing. i couldn’t even speak (due to “dumbfounded-ness”) so could not tell my friend what i was seeing. within about 40 seconds it disappeared so i resumed looking at what my friend was doing. still i said nothing about what i had just seen. suddenly she pulled back while staring intently at the space between us and then slightly off to my right side. i asked what she was doing just as she blurts out there is a golden glowing orb in front of us. only difference was that at this point i couldn’t see it…but she could! okay. by now we needed to talk. so we did. of course we never came to an understanding of what we had just experienced.
      On the heels of this supernatural experience, in this same place (which btw was my small apartment) came an even more unnerving experience. about 2-3 weeks later i was in bed (not fully asleep) when i noticed my apt. was bathed in a grayish photon-like glow. the air was kind of crackling. it looked and felt as though i was in an underwater electromagnetic field. no other way to describe it. i jumped up and demanded to know what the heck was going on! i walked over to the doorway where i had originally seen that sphere/orb. there to “greet” me was the most horrifying thing i’d ever seen. it was an entity composed of em form with some sort of fiery red nucleus within. i really thought i was going to die in that split second. just as suddenly i was pulled by a “force” back into my bed and felt a warm, gentle physical hand comforting me on my face and brow. i was awake but could see no one. just felt the presence. the presence of the Almighty. no matter how far i had strayed still He was with me. dumbfounded was my name in those days. ;^)
      here is my burden today about this experience. i have not seen my friend who was with me thru the orb ordeal in fifteen years. we went our separate ways for many reasons. God knows them all far better than i. recently we have been brought back into each others lives. why i do not know. yet i know there is good to come of it. my friend is being drawn by the Holy Spirit. i have discernment about this as it shows in her stories and line of questionings. what keeps “bothering” me is how to, in our upcoming conversations, make sense of that supernatural experience we shared all those years ago. i know there is a great lesson(s) to be had here and that God wants it now to be made known. it’s just that talking about something so extraordinary is difficult for even believers like me… let alone someone just comin’ ’round! Btw… for some reason i keep getting the idea that “Watchers” were involved. just saying.
      i hope i’ve made my “dilemma” somewhat understanable. again i thank you all for your time and input. blessings and His peace to you.

    • Debra: I think that powerful, honest testimony is something that no one can deny including your friend. 🙂 I think it’s obvious that you all have not been reunited by chance or accident. 😉 We’ll be praying for those talks you’re sure to have. Keep us posted. 🙂

    • Debra, After having read what you wrote, I recognized something familiar, what I mean by this is that the Holy Spirit and the Angels are always active, this we cannot see, nor perceive, unless the Holy Spirit wants us to. In my opinion the Holy Spirit allows us to see such things for our understanding, the understanding of that particular situation is between you and God, why did it happen? It happened for your understanding. To what end? For your perfection according to will that God has for you. What started at that time of your occurrence appears to be continuing according to his will. What will be the end result? Only He that holds all things together can truthfully tell you. As for the Tarot cards and dabbling with spirits, I assume you understood what you brought upon yourselves and you also perceived that you were saved from them. Simply God has a plan and the Holy Spirit will bring it to completion.

    • Debra, a relative of mine who lives in Costa Rica recently reported to me that she’d seen many lights from her mountain home in the distance over the ocean and would see them nightly. Before long they got closer and she could tell they were weren’t solid ufos as she at first thought but were orbs that she described as circles within circles – much like the description in Ezekiel. Soon they had gotten closer to her home and a little later entered her home and would hover over her bed at night. When she asked them to leave they would simply rise to the ceiling. They would even get close enough to her that she could feel some type of energy that emitted from them. When she told me about it she was excited and assumed it had to be “godly” since it was supernatural. She’s only been a Christian for a short time. I told her “to rebuke first and ask questions later” which she did and she has subsequently reported to me that the “orbs” are gone.

    • Debra, you and your friend, you living in disobedience and she, it sounds, not saved opened a portal, offered an invitation to demons through the tarot cards. I’m guessing you no longer have these cards, yes? The cards, books, games, idols that you might still have must be removed from your home and destroyed. Rebuke them in the name of Yeshua and ask God to forgive your use of the tarot cards and anything else of that nature. When you speak with your friend about the orbs I would do it in a neutral location. Tell her what evil manifested itself and tell her that its the blood of Christ that was shed for her that will save her. You don’t say if she is still involVed in anything like you shared 15 yrs ago. It could be demonic influence bring her back into your life. If she admits she needs and wants salvation tell her to believe and ask Yeshua into her life now and to cleanse her possessions of anything even remotely of the same nature as I mentioned previously. If she rejects Christ now or wants to hang onto anything as I mentioned you should limit your contact with her. Pray first, put on the amour of God before you meet again. I pray that she gives her life to our Lord and for your protection. Shalom.

    • Hello Debra. Richard Grund [ Firefall Radio] often encounters Orbs when he is “closing Portals” and doing Deliverances. He says the “true” Orbs , not lens flares’ etc, are those which Rhema above said had “circles within circles” or an Orb with a distinct outer circle.

      As for the “electromagnetic field”, Richard believes that the Fallen since being disconnected from the Power of God now have to draw power from the natural world i.e. electricity, fire etc. They are using electromagnetic power. Flickering lights, stalling cars etc aren’t to frighten us . The Fallen are draining power so that they can manifest.

      Lots of good advice from all the above crew. Words of Wisdom.

  22. (Titus 3:10)
    “A man that is an heretick after the first and second admonition reject;”

    (Titus 5:20)
    Them that sin rebuke before all, that others also may fear .

    (Rom 16:17)
    Now I beseech you , brethren mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them.

    (Ps 122:6)
    Pray for the peace of Jerusalem they shall prosper that love thee.

    (Ps 135:21)
    Blessed be the LORD out of Zion , which dwelleth that Jerusalem . Praise ye the LORD.

    (2 Ch 6:6)
    But I have chosen Jerusalem, that my name might be there; and have chosen David to be over my people Israel.

    You are so caught up in what you believe and changing other’s minds that you have forgotten something very important; When it comes to the spiritual things of God and fellowship in the Spirit, division is a serious thing. God doesn’t like it! Period. If you find you can’t live in love and harmony with a certain group of people and that you can’t convince them, and they will not agree with you and will never agree with you, then the Spirit of God would want you to move on. Simply move on somewhere else. You are seriously wrong and it was explained to you by many people who have also prayed for you and will continue to pray for you, but when you continually disregard clear instructions from the Pastor, the leader responsible for this on line church, then you are in violation of scriptural authority. You are out of line and are plainly sinning. We can and will pray for you, but either you will have to remove yourself, or else live with the fact that with every comment, you are grieving the Holy Spirit of God in us, as well as you, and because of that you will suffer the consequences. This is no small thing in Gods eyes and reveals a heart that is not in tune with the Holy Spirit, despite trying to convince people other wise.

  23. Wonderful bun, L.A. I’m glad you had a great time and the conference was a success.

    I wonder how many Christians around the world will be involved in keeping gates shut in December. Of course we don’t really need to know in order to pray for whoever-they-are.

    At the risk of “commenting off-topic” 😎 I’d like to share a link.

    Calvary Chapel Kaneohe (Hawaii) does a Mideast Prophecy Update each Sunday. The videos are posted on a Christian forum where I was lurking; I was initially put off because three or four people would post the same video each week. And I’m not eager to spend time on a video; I’d rather read. They were all raving about this guy I’d never heard of, and I figured I paid attention to the news already … but after a couple of months I watched one, and I was hooked!

    The pastor, JD Farag, is an Arab (came to the U.S. as a baby), which makes for some interesting insights. He’s funny, too.

    It’s a 25-30 minute video. Because of the time zone difference, it’s posted about midnight EDT. (Is it midnight yet?)

    Look on the right under “Latest Teachings.”
    They also have a YouTube channel, alohabibleprophecy (I guess that’s for folks who can’t spell Kaneohe).

  24. On a happier note, I’m so happy for those who came to Jesus and had their sins washed away. Having all of your past sins washed away is a big deal, and boy I had a lot of them. When I think back on my past life and what God freely forgave me of it scares the crap out of me! And it causes me to glorify Him. He’s so wonderful!

    (Eph 2:7)”That in the ages to come he might shew the exceeding riches of his grace in kindness toward us through Christ Jesus.”

    When you think about it, our God is the most Amazing Being. We were His enemies, and so what does he do? Torture us? Kill us? Make us pay? No. He allows Himself to be tortured FOR US, so that we might go free. This is OUR GOD! Our Wonderful, Amazing God, filled with love and tender mercy. We’ll never get tired of telling Him how much we love Him and appreciate all Hes done for us. Thank you, Father for sending us your Son. Thank you Lord Jesus for being willing to suffer on our behalf, and thank you Holy Spirit for being willing to dwell in us and to suffer us, in Jesus name, Amen.

  25. As LA has stated, this should be a church… as such I would like to ask for continued prayer for my brother, Greg, that this illness would draw him to the Lord, and that he would be healed in the name of Jesus. Thanks.

  26. “The entire strategy of labeling an individual as an anti semite is akin to a thumbed eye in a fist fight.”

    Nope, it’s the truth and you’re yet another one…assuming you aren’t the same individual under yet another screen name.

  27. This is what the Lord has shown me. LA is in front of the church, speaking to the congregation the Lord has led to him and here they come, grabbing the microphone out of his hand, they turn and face the church saying, “disregard everything LA just said, and listen TO ME!” Is there any question, what spirit could be inspiring this?

    • Normally an Elder/Deacon would be snatching back the mic. and escorting the disrupting person out the door…
      Here though, completely ignoring the posts of such a person is the most effective form of “Church discipline.”

    • OK, this is now the FOURTH time, I’m posting this comment. If the other three similar comments suddenly manifest, my apologies again.(I’ve already apologised on my previously second and third disappearing comments, if they happen to materialise later) I’m wondering what it is about this comment, the enemy is afraid of? Calling attention to authority, maybe?


      Yes, Mystic I agree, silence up to a point, unless the spirit persists, and then the sword of the Spirit, the word of God is called for. And affirming truth too, because what these obstructionists fail to see is that when they persist in sinning after one or two admonishments, they open themselves up for demonic attack. I heard of a christian family who was struggling with demonic attacks and they learned through their sufferings, that open violation of scripture is also an opened door to demonic attack for their whole family. We invite them (demons) to come in and bother us when we knowingly violate scripture. In this case disobedience to scriptural authority. It is no longer the content of what is said, but they are in disobedience to the authority of the Pastor of this blog. That fact alone should cause us to be quiet, if nothing else.

    • (1 Tim 5:17)
      17 Let the elders that rule well be counted worthy of double honour, especially they who labour in the word and doctrine.

      (Titus 3:10)
      “A man that is an heretick after the first and second admonition reject;”

  28. Jack Bernstein publishes his book, “The Life of an American Jew in Racist Marxist Israel,” which contains the following statement under the heading, “A Challenge,”

    “I am well aware of the tactics of you, my Zionist brethren, use to quiet anyone who attempts
    to expose any of your subversive acts.

    If the person is a Gentile, you cry, “You’re anti-Semitic,” which is nothing more than a smokescreen to hide your actions.

    But, if a Jew is the person doing the exposing, you resort to other tactics.

    First, you ignore the charges, hoping the information will not be given widespread distribution.

    If the information starts reaching too many people, you ridicule the information and the persons giving the information.

    If that doesn’t work, your next step is character assassination. If the author or speaker hasn’t been involved in sufficient scandal you are adept at fabricating scandal against the person or persons.

    If none of these are effective, you are known to resort to physical attacks.

    But, NEVER do you try to prove the information wrong.”

    Jack Bernstein subsequently offers to debate the Anti-Defamation League on live television, the ADL decline, and instead Bernstein ends up being assassinated by the Mossad.


    • (1 Timothy 1:3)

      3 As I besought thee to abide still at Ephesus, when I went into Macedonia, that thou mightest charge some that they teach no other doctrine,

      4 Neither give heed to fables and endless genealogies, which minister questions, rather than godly edifying which is in faith: so do.

      5 Now the end of the commandment is charity out of a pure heart, and of a good conscience, and of faith unfeigned:

      6 From which some having swerved have turned aside unto vain jangling;

  29. Could we all tone it down a bit? I think half the problem is you guys are arguing by throwing around terms like zionism and you two probably aren’t even on the same page as to what that means. Formerly speaking Zionism is pro-Jewish homeland, its people and the prosperity there of. However, somewhere along the line its meaning has been twisted to a corruption through wealth and power to consolidate power in the hands of a political elite using Jewish causes as a means to an end. Like it or not, there is an element of that going on, but it is a misnomer to call that zionism. More accuratly would be to call it evil corruption and leave it at that.

    It’s like being in support of Europe, but acknowledging that at one point they had a policy of imperialism. To say you are oppossed to imperialism does not mean you hate Europe. To say you are opposed to Obama does not mean you are a racist. To say you are against a political consolidation of wealth and power (please stop labeling that as zionism cuz its confusing) that is void of God’s holy righteousness does not mean you are an antisemite. It means you are against corruption not true Israel. True Israel is the people of God obedient to God’s laws.

    Listen, we are told point blank that we are against powers and principalities in high places. THAT is the enemy! The cause of Israel is being hijacked by some who only view the plight of God’s chosen as a means to an end. Does this surprise anyone since Satan hates them? If you truley love and care for Israel, then do not ignore foxes in the hen house… You know the wolves in sheep clothing.

    First agree on the term zionism. Then agree on the real enemies of the Jews, so we can stop bickering about what I would call a misunderstanding. Satan is laughing his head off at the turmoil he is creating.

    • I challenge you all to respond through scriptures, so that others may be edified just by the scriptures themselves. No need for human reasoning. Its a spiritual problem with a spiritual enemy, and the remedy also being spiritual is the word of God. So take out your sword and use it!


      We have to have willing blindness to believe that Israel is beyond reproach and never drifts from the Lord. It happened over and over again, but the Lord was faithful and His mercy endures forever.

      Can there be some in power, either a king or behind the scenes, who does evil in the eyes of the Lord, while true Israel (the faithful and the humble) remain pure and righteous? If the old testament is any indication, then the answer is a resounding yes.

    • Ghillie, I have been a reader, follower and commenter in this blog for the past three years. Anyone here knows I fight the good fight for the Lord and I am considerate and respectful..Me trying to see reason past misunderstandings and make peace qualifies me as a troll because I don’t fall inline? I don’t think your continued insult is very constructive.

    • Hopeful, I wasn’t talking about you. This morning I got a bit confused and ended up putting my “Please don’t feed the Trolls” in the wrong Thread or some Comments by “dem Trollz” were deleted and my comment migrated to the wrong spot. I’m betting on me being confused. Twelve hours ago parts of this Blog were a bit untidy. To me anyway.

      I do agree with you about Israel’s place in Prophecy and the fact that they have returned in unbelief i. e. they are not Christians. They are definitely not perfect but God has called them back.

      I knew what Eric. W meant and that his comment wasn’t aimed at you but with hightened feelings on this Blog I too [ believe me!] have to watch my initial reaction to comments.

      Hopeful, seeing some names on this Blog fill me with dread, but when I see your name I know the comment will be sound , thought through, and well worth reading.

  30. I had the privilege of attending the Nephilim Mounds Conference on Friday and Saturday. Really wanted to go today but had to work. It was a great conference. Many people came from far away. I was only 2½ hrs away. Please pray for the dear Lutheran pastor where the conference was held. He is battling these fallen ones pretty much alone in his community. I am sure Russ, Richard and L.A. are going to help him now. He never heard of the things that were talked about at the conference and I know the Lord sent this conference to him. He was very grateful for all the teaching. He said when he got the call to be the pastor, that he was asked if he knew how to cast out demons. He said that being a Lutheran, he didn’t know much about that, but this dear man has had a baptism of fire. His name is Pastor Tom Olson.

    • Hi Gina, My friend Jeff was at the conference this weekend as well. I spoke with him again today and He told me the same thing about this Lutheran Pator and some of the supernatural battles He’s dealing with since taking over in this area.

      Let’s hope and pray this conference, and especially the speakers at hand, can help with these continuous battles.

      Jeff also said, this morning He was one of the first at the nephilim mounds for the tour, and felt sick to his stomach, before more believers showed up, as if He felt that ugly, evil presence there at first arrival by himself. Once again, I would have loved to attend this conference, but I’m like 10 hours away over here in NJ.

      God Bless,
      John R. AKA > Ruggie

    • Oh! Oh! Oh! You were able to go Gina? That’s great! 🙂 Can’t wait to hear from more people! Want to hear stories, testimonies, whatever ya got! 😀

    • Thank y’all for returning to the topic of the day!

      More direct support for the St. John’s church via this site…

      I’m interested in what LA, Russ, and Richard are doing at the mounds and other high places — but few seem to want to discuss them.

      Richard points this out in his “Supernatural Battle, Field Manual…”

      p. 130 partial quote:

      SRT’s technique…
      1 Under the guidance of the Lord and leading of the Holy Spirit …
      determine if an enemy prince or demonic threat is involved
      2 By studying the history of the land, town, geography
      3 Including any nearby ley lines
      4 To see if demonic spiritual energy is perpetuating the stronghold,
      then cleansing the land
      5 And ministering wholeness, healing, and relief from the attack
      6 Not something for which all believers are called to do… (!!!)
      7 And thus clearing a path for the Gospel

      Romans 14
      1 Him that is weak in the faith receive ye, but not to doubtful disputations….
      19 Let us therefore follow after the things which make for peace,
      and things wherewith one may edify another.

    • It was good to meet Richard Grund and speak with him. He blew the shofar several times. That was awesome. I bought his book but haven’t had a chance to read anything yet. All the speakers were phenomenal and even though they spoke for 3 hrs each on Saturday, it just wasn’t enough time. Richard had demonic voices on tape from when he and SRT ministered in Connecticut. That was chilling. L.A. shared footage on the Spear of Destiny that is said to be the spear that pierced Jesus’ side while on the cross. The man that has the spear claims to be a son the nephilim. Whoa! Maybe L.A. will talk about that on his show one night.

    • GN. If you get a chance… any word on Russ …or Fritz Zimmerman? Or anything surprising on the mounds?

      I’ve read the first 7 chapters of Richard’s book.

      Considering the efforts at chichen itza and the upside down mountain, this is notable.

      Richard wrote in ch. 5, “…makes me wonder if the reason for the battle over the Temple Mount is more supernatural than it is political or religious. … Could it be that the main window through an electromagnetic grid from the heavens into the earthly realm is directly over that area? … Cut off Jacob’s Ladder and no angelic army gets through.” He makes the point elsewhere about the angel that came to aid Daniel being delayed due to opposition.

      Just a taste of the “Field Manual.”

    • Oh Eric, Some day you and others are going to be able to exercise all that good zeal you have for the Lord, that sometimes feels so hard to contain. You’ll be able to finally to give way to all that zeal thats been stored up inside of you for so long. You’ll be there riding a white horse in the Lords army, on that day when He comes back to make all things right. And you’ll be ruling the Nations with a rod of iron, according to truth and righteousness. It will feel so good. Finally, one day it Will ALL happen, just as He said. I get so excited when I think about it! I can’t wait!

      Rev 2:26)
      26 And he that overcometh, and keepeth my works unto the end, to him will I give power over the nations:
      27 And he shall rule them with a rod of iron; as the vessels of a potter shall they be broken to shivers: even as I received of my Father.
      28 And I will give him the morning star.

      Rev 19:14)
      14 And the armies which were in heaven followed him upon white horses, clothed in fine linen, white and clean.

    • I mean really, how good will it feel to tell Obama, Nancy Pelosie and Harry Reid etc, (governmental trolls) “you will stop your lying anti God agenda immediately and bow your knees to The Lord Jesus Christ. Yes, you heard that right, Do it now!” And when you’re done with that sing His praise for the rest of the day! ha I can’t wait!

  31. “”
    Students, experts recoil at alcohol enema case

    Yeah, you read that right.

    Can we be more depraved? I don’t advocate wild partying and getting drunk but if you’re going to do it…do it right.

    Can ANYONE please explain to me how/why/what…oy vey!

  32. Dont worry about the rapture people, Yeshua asks us to keep going about or work, just let it happen when God does it. Its in His hands, we only need to watch that is all! if we are in Yeshua then we shouldn’t be worried about it. For it says No one knows the hour in which Yeshua will return, not even him, Only Yaweh does. so leave the arguments be and worry about your salvation, your family, and love others. Anti Semetism in the Church is what we know as “Replacement Theology” it is dangerous, because in affect the Church proudly say that Israel is lost forever and that the church has replaced Israel with itself. But forget that in Romans Shaul clearly states that Jews are 1st chosen, gentiles are grafted in by God’s Grace, and that ALL Israel will be saved, because it is God himself that has closed the eyes of the Jews in part, but only now are they coming out of it and realizing their Messiah. THIS is Astounding! Because if this is happening Yeshua is not far off coming back. and yet many Church’s sleep and are unaware about these endtime events.

    I’d like to see the face of my Pastor if Nephilim craft started heading towards earth, if he will be the elect that is deceived, or if he knows his stuff. We are in exciting times people, and im glad to have come across L.A and his ministry such a blessing! and I commend you sir and bless you as a brother and I hope to meet you someday.

  33. I hate that out of fear of “feeding the trolls” we are having to limit discussion. I know why it is recommended that people only discuss the topic that LA posted, but what if people have questions? This is one of the few, if not the only, place that people can discuss topics that frequently get overlooked at churches. We have to find a way to make this work where the entire comment section doesn’t get hijacked by people with bad intentions without diminishing what this community can be.

    • Amen to that. I like being able to discuss things that would earn me funny or disturbing looks elsewhere. I can only speak for myself but my greatest agenda is the pursuit of the truth. I realize there are others who have worldly agendas.

  34. Not sure if this was already posted this past week or not but since it was in Ohio I wondered if LA or other conference attendees knew of it.


  35. Dear Nome, Eric W, Rhema, Pudding, and John Michael~
    Yes, back in 1992 i was living away from Christ and had been for some time. admittedly i turned away from the faith after living under the controlling and painful fist of a man who used Christ as a weapon against me. shame, pain, and humiliation was my lot for four long years. i was a babe in Christ when we married, as well as an older teenager. so yes, youthful folly of several kinds was most likely key in most of the happenings back then. consequently my growth as a believer had been seriously stunted. yet blessed Yahweh was with me every step of the way… whether i believed it or not. more and more He proved true to His word in spite of my foolishness.
    When the tarot card incident happened i had no idea my friend and i were opening any “portals” – i was doing that stuff out of curiosity and had not a clue as to the evil inherent in such things. really… we didn’t even know what we were doing. a great deal of supernatural phenomena manifested in that particular apartment and i had to vacate it after living there for 3 years. end of that story. and i was more than relieved to go. btw, those cards were the only “tool” of occultism present during that time. i would tell you all that nothing more was needed for that portal to have been opened. naivety or no.
    I am doing well now and have grown much as a believer… and as a believer is rightfully to do. i rededicated my life to Christ in 2003. a wonderful man of God married my mother and became instrumental in that reality for me. Praise Yeshua’s blessed Name! any “detours” are in the past.
    As i stated in my other post, my friend is feeling drawn by the Holy Spirit. she is inquisitive and expressed sincere desire to attend fellowship with me and another very dear Christian friend! she will come to the Lord Jesus Christ in His perfect timing for her. i have no doubt.
    So Nome, L.A. or whomever – are those orb/spheres fallen angels and/or deceased nephilim? watcher types? possibly related to our present day ufo phenomena?

  36. Hi L.A., I just wanted to say that I have learned a ton from your site and blogs on the issue of Gen.6 and I thought you would find it very interesting that my son’s art teacher here in the hill country of TX is a neuroscientist and use to work for Nasa preparing folks “to go where no man has gone before”, sorry bad joke 🙂 anyways and I was talking with her just briefly and she confirmed so many things that I discussed with her concerning the Gen. 6/ Alien spacecraft. She told me that she had been up in zero gravity herself and that she has some eye-wittness accounts concerning seeing spacecraft flying along side of their plane. She is also a spirit-filled follower of Jesus so that is really cool! Thanks again for being willing to tackle the coming deception head on! Justin C.

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