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Prayer Request

Hello Brother Marzulli,

I would like to ask if you could pray for my wife right now. She is suffering from blood clots and has been for months. They are not getting any better. We really need and want a miracle healing. We want God to just dissolve those clots so we can share the Glory of God. We know he can do it. Also because we are having to run in out and out doctors she is starting to catch other illnesses. We have already casted out a few of these sickness demons but more are constantly coming because of our situation. We are in bad need of a miracle healing for Stephanie’s blood clots. Can you please pray for us?




Mysterious Mounds and American Giants

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Across the United States, structures often referred to as “Indian Mounds” can be found dotting the landscape.  These mounds of earth are distinct from natural formations in that they are clearly designed structures made by intelligent hands.  Long thought to be the creation of Native Americans for various reasons (ceremonial rituals, burial sites, etc), some researchers have begun to question whether it is possible that the mounds predate Native American inhabitants, and are finding that there seems to be a correlation between the mounds and reports of anomalous artifacts in the surrounding areas – including giant human remains.

This weekend, L.A. Marzulli, Richard Grund, and Russ Dizdar are hosting a gathering in Newark, Ohio called the “Nephilim Mounds Conference”.  Also in attendance will be Fritz Zimmerman, author of the books The Nephilim Chronicles: Fallen Angels in the Ohio Valley and The Nephilim Chronicles: A Travel Guide to the Ancient Ruins in the Ohio Valley.

The conference will be held on September 28, 29, and 30th.  I’d hoped to be able to attend, alas it just isn’t possible for me to make the trip.  But if you live in or around the Newark area… or if you happen to have the weekend open and are able to travel, this conference will surely be one not to miss.  Not only are all of the hosts going to be delivering individual presentations, but there will be a guided tour of the various Ohio Valley mound sites which I’m certain will be a fascinating excursion.

Aerial view of the mysterious Ohio valley Serpent Mounds

Of particular note in the area of Newark is a structure known as “The Octagon”.   Occupying an area of 3000 x 2000 feet of terrain, this incredible structure is part of a larger interlocking system of earth and stone mounds that comprises about 4 square miles of the area.  To attempt to describe the massive size of the mound complex in and around Newark, I share this quote from Bradley Lepper, Ohio Historical Society Archeologist.  He says, “The Newark earthworks were built on a scale that dwarfs many of the Old World’s most famous sites. The Great Pyramid of Egypt would fit comfortably within the square enclosure at Newark. The Octagon would hold four Roman Colosseums, and Stonehenge would fit within the small circular enclosure located at the Octagon’s southeastern gateway.”

Photo: Richard Pirko (Youngstown State University)

Early European settlers discovered this gigantic complex and began to speculate about the advanced civilization that built it.  Excavations took place by those looking for treasures within, and many artifacts were destroyed in the process.  It is said that among the items found in and around the Octagon were giant skeletal remains that were larger than any that could belong to even the largest human beings.

With the destruction of so many artifacts and the now “missing” skeletons, institutions like the Smithsonian (which has been implicated in the confiscation of giant skeletons all over the U.S.) have perpetrated the idea that these mounds were built by Native Americans.  However, Native American tradition seems to discount this idea in that like the European Settlers, they claim the structures were already in place when they arrived on the land.

‘The Indians are in agreement in saying that their fathers came from the west; they found the works of the Ohio just as they are to be seen today. But the date of this migration of the Indians from the west to the east varies according to the nations…Another tradition claims that the works of the Ohio were raised by the white Indians. These white Indians, according to the red Indians, were to have come from the east; and when they left the lake without shores (the sea), they came dressed like the palefaces of today’ (From Rene Chateaubriand, “Voyage to America”).

So, if Native Americans are not responsible for the earth mounds, then who built them?  This is the subject of discussion at the Nephilim Mounds Conference.  It is believed by the hosts of the summit that these mounds were the work of a race of beings known as Nephilim.  Biblically, the Nephilim were the giant hybrid offspring of fallen angels and human women.  The plot thickens.

As I researched this topic on my own, it came to mind that I had visited mounds like this in my childhood.  In Mandan, North Dakota there is an area known as Fort Lincoln along the Missouri River.  The site is open to tourists and is a popular destination for field trips for local students.  At Ft. Lincoln one can see the home of General George Custer, experience living history guided tours through the fort, and see first hand the “Indian Mounds” nearby.  Most of these are earthen structures that were designed to be inhabited, but there are a few that stand as mounds with no distinct purpose.

I decided that I’d dig into whether or not there were any strange archaeological finds near these earth mounds of my youth, and what I discovered truly shocked me.  The Scientific American, in 1883, published the following account: (bold emphasis mine)

Two miles from Mandan, on the bluffs near the junction of the Hart and Missouri Rivers, says the local newspaper,the Pioneer, is an old Cemetery of fully 100 acres in extent filled with bones of a giant race. This vast city of the dead lies just east of the Fort Lincoln road. The ground has the appearance of having been filled with trenches piled full of dead bodies, both man and beast, and covered with several feet of earth. In many places mounds from 8 to 10 feet high, and some of them 100 feet or more in length, have been thrown up and are filled with bones, broken pottery, vases of various bright colored flint, and agates … showing the work of a people skilled in the arts and possessed of a high state of civilization. This has evidently been a grand battlefield, where thousands of men … have fallen. …Five miles above Mandan, on the opposite side of the Missouri, is another vast cemetery, as yet unexplored. We asked an aged Indian what his people knew of these ancient grave yards. He answered: “Me know nothing about them. They were here before the red man.”

In my research I also discovered that there is a serpent mound complex in my home state of North Dakota called “Hawksnest” mound.  In Wells County there is a flat topped hill (butte) known as Hawksnest or The Hawk’s Nest, and atop the hill sits a serpent shaped mound several hundred feet long, with five connecting mounds or ridges.  I could find little information about it online, but I found a few comments on the Wells County website rather interesting, particularly that the mound builders, “were unknown to the Dakota Indians…. left evidence of their work on the top of the Hawksnest.”  In other words, the Native Americans that we KNOW lived in the region were not familiar with precisely who built these mounds.  Very curious.  I know exactly where this place is and I have NEVER heard of it prior to beginning this research, but it is now on my itinerary as a must visit locale.

I find it extremely peculiar that the stories being told all over the United States contain a few common threads.  Earth mounds – Giant Skeletons – Advanced Civilization – Predating Native American Occupation.  You probably have a story like this in your own area, but either you’ve not been told or it was shared with you as myth.  But I cannot disregard the evidence that there was a civilization that existed in the Americas prior to Native Americans that possessed a high level of intelligence and skill and were ridiculously large in stature. Knowing this, the Nephilim theory looks more and more intriguing.

If you’d like to find out more about the Nephilim Mounds conference (remember it is THIS weekend!), you can contact the event planners at NEPHIILMOUNDS@YAHOO.COM.  There is a website at, but it is a little wonky in its set up (links are misaligned etc likely due to a quick setup) and in my opinion, doesn’t do a whole lot of justice to the high level of intelligence and expertise of those hosting the event.  To get a great picture of what has been discovered in the Ohio Valley, I’d direct you to Fritz Zimmerman’s site at  He’s done exhaustive research on the actual physical findings of the area and his site should serve as a great primer for those who want to learn more about that aspect of the mounds.

To learn more about the work of the individuals hosting the event you can visit their websites.  L.A. Marzulli blogs daily at  His library of books and DVDs can be purchased at  Marzulli also hosts a weekly radio program called Acceleration Radio at the Fringe Radio Network.  A link to the radio show can be found on his blog.  Marzulli is a frequent guest on Coast to Coast Am with George Noory and is best known for his books such as Politics, Prophecy and The Supernatural and The Cosmic Chess Match, as well as his Watchers DVD series.  I also had the privilege of interviewing L.A. Marzulli.  You can read it in full here:  10 Extraordinary Questions With… L.A. Marzulli

Richard Grund can be heard every Sunday night with co-host Joe Cetrone on Reflections in the Dark, and Wednesday nights on The Porch, both of which can be accessed via Firefall Talk Radio on BTR.  Grund has also recently released a book called The Supernatural Battle which can be purchased here.   The book is a field manual to spiritual warfare as experienced via his years on the front lines of paranormal investigation, demonic battle, and deliverance. His blog can be seen atThe Beacon’s Glare and his website is  I never miss an episode of either of Grund’s programs.   I was honored with the opportunity to interview Mr. Grund, and you can read the full interview right here:  10 Extraordinary Questions With… Richard Grund of the Supernatural Response Team.

Russ Dizdar is host of The Ragged Edge and Shatter Live, part of his Shatter the Darknessministry.  Links to all of Dizdar’s work can be seen on the Shatter the Darkness website linked above.  He’s the author of the chilling non-fiction work, The Black Awakening which chronicles the rise of the satanic supersoldier and coming chaos via exploration of satanic ritual abuse, the Nazi regime, MKULTRA and Project Monarch and so much more.

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  1. Excellent Russ Dizdar interview on Canary Cry Radio (Gonz)

    Gives an overview of Russ’ ministry over the years helping free folks from demonization and bringing them to Christ. And how they became aware of the patterns and structure behind cult multiples, involving the militarization of the demonic and the enemies’ end-time agendas.

  2. I have been to mounds from Virginia down to Macon, GA. I can say from first hand experience there remains a supernatural force in and around these things.

  3. Wow, GREAT write up today by our guest columnist! 😀

    So I can’t wait to hear all the garbage out of the UN today. Not. You couldn’t pay me to watch or listen to any of it.

    • Eric, Bah! Humbug! You would have loved Obama’s speech. I found it interesting that OB’ stumbled right before he said that Iran would not be allowed to have nukes. I can’t wait for the Almondheadedjihad show, I think it is on Wednesday?

    • I’m seeing the headlines. BHO knows the election is coming up. ‘Nuff said. You don’t go from “block out the noise” and no red lines and all the rest of the nonsense to suddenly caring about whether or not Iran has nukes. Nothing’s changed.

      Our Persian Hitler friend is speaking tomorrow on Yom Kippur. I’m sure that’s just a complete random coincidence.

    • Hi, Guys,

      I’m fine. I am deeply touched by this woman’s plight, however. Blood clots are no laughing matter. I will be praying for her. I hope they have her on the right meds. Blood thinners can be extremely expensive.

      Faithful, I’ve spent a good bit of time in prayer for you, my friend. I know what you’re going through is very difficult.

      Eric, you are always a breath of fresh air. Thanks.

  4. Paraphrasing his words, obama made a comment supporting the muslims’ call for ‘any negative comments about the religion would not be tolerated’.

    When has he ever spoken up about Christianity? Everyday comments are said that degrade Christianity and Jesus Christ and no one even noticies anymore……………..when will our fellow American brothers and sisters wake up?

    • “”
      Here’s the entire speech. Transcript.

      I think the part that jolted me is where he talks about how the future shall not belong to those who slander prophet of Islam.

      Wow. Hello?!?!

    • “when will our fellow American brothers and sisters wake up?”

      The Lord woke me up a few years ago. Up until then I was your typical, average believer. But something happened to me a few years ago, an awakening of sorts, to where I can never be satisfied and go back to where I was. I didn’t do anything to make it happen, the Holy Spirit caused it and now I believe it was in answer to prayer. The Holy Spirit was responding to the prayers of the saints. Saints that were already awake and were praying for the rest of His body to wake up too. Its no fun when your foots asleep, its hard to walk. But thats exactly whats happening now. We’re trying to operate with major parts of our body, still asleep. We have to aggressively pray for the hearts of our brothers and sisters to be awakened from their slumber and that understanding and fresh revelation be given them, so that they can see how late the hour is and that they are desperately needed at this time to go to their post and to watch with us, and get into the battle with us. We desperately need their help. So thats something major that we can pray for, that some of us may have overlooked.

    • “”

      President Obama: The Future Must Not Belong to Those Who Slander the Prophet of Islam

      All too self explanatory.

    • TGBTG,
      Amen, all glory to Him, so thankful he woke me up too. And praying also for Stephanie, Lord heal her as a testimony of your goodness to your people.

    • Hmmm….but if I point out what the Jews say about Jesus in their Holy Talmud,then I am probably being “anti-semitic”?

      Gittin 57a. Says Jesus is in hell, being boiled in “hot excrement”,was sexually immoral,and practiced wirchcraft.

      At least the Muslims say that Jesus was a prophet born of a virgin,who did miracles.

  5. Has anyone noticed that the outline of some of these mounds sure look a lot like some of the crop circles that have been found around the world?Maybe they are communicating to each other or mayme just having a goodlaugh at our ignorance.L.A.,did you know thatthere is an earthen pyramid in norhtern Louisiana?It was said that when the first white exploreres came to these parts and found these things,the Indians that lived there said they were here when they came.Always wanted to dig into it just to see whats there but you know they just won’t let you do that..

  6. “” is a good site with a great deal of info similar to the above about giant skeletal remains, among other things.

    • LA:

      I see James’ request for healing from blood clots (among other things) for his wife:

      “Father God, in the name of your holy son, Jesus Christ, I rebuke the spirit of infirmity off of James’ wife, permanently! I believe Father God that she has sinless blood flowing with life. Dissolve those blood clots, Lord.

      Father she’s being interfered with by the enemy. Satan, the Lord rebuke you, I command that you ‘LEAVE HER ALONE NOW’ instantly!

      Lord, send and surround both James and his wife with your holy angels. Lord lift her up, strengthen her, fill her with your enduring peace–it’s your battle Lord, deliver her according to your word.

      Thank you Lord for your mighty hand of deliverance and we give you the honor and the glory for your name’s sake. Love you Lord. I call it done in the name of Jesus Christ and His holy sinless blood.”


    • Just now, saw the prayer request for Stephanie. I agree with everyone here for a miracle for Stephanie. Is there anything too hard for the Lord? Father we pray that you would dissolve those blood clots permanently, in Jesus mighty name! Thank you Lord, that you’re not a God who is far away, but a God who dwells within us. A faithful and kind God who hears and answers the prayers of your people.

    • TGBTG, I was just reading an article and you came to mind because of the discussion we had yesterday, it is interesting to have a look at for the sake of looking.

      Chief Rabbi: Israel Will Win – with or without US

    • @ Pudding “The People of Israel will be victorious, with or without the United States.”

      Yes, I agree with that Pudding. Israel doesn’t need the U.S. If they are forced to defend the land of their inheritance, God will back them up, with or without us. He’s the One Who gave them that land in the first place, so its Gods will, that they should appreciate it and do what they must to protect it.

  7. AWESOME GUEST BLOG! I visited the “Cairns of Clava” in north Scotland and felt a strange energy there as well. They were burial mounds like arms off of a main circle, all built with stones, dated at about 6,000 BC. As I entered the circle I felt like something was pulling me in and down. As a believer I knew this to be some sort of evil. The structure itself did not have stones necessarily built by giants, because the stones were much smaller in size, but it seemed ceremonial. Perhaps ancient Celtic pagans built it to copy earlier Nephilim type sites, who knows. Very interesting topic. Keep it coming!

  8. I am requesting prayer for a very dear Sister in Christ. I cannot give her name due to her situation but have spoken of her before on this BLOG.

    Many of you remember the fired up posts by a young man by the name of “Brick” a couple of months ago and you might have realized he is not afraid to speak his mind. What some might not have realized is that he is an “Insider” to the host that created him as her mind had been splintered as a result of being a true-to-life MKUltra Monarch “Slave”.

    I have spoken of her situation a few times on this BLOG in recent months and am bringing her up again because she is literally fighting for her life. Last week, she was a victim of an attempted abduction (snatch and grab) but a very strong insider took over and was able to fight off one of her many enemies that work for her “Handlers”.

    Another dear sister that serves alongside me in this ministry to see her free from her horrific past and continued daily triggers and programs contacted Russ Dizdar two months ago as we were reaching out for help.

    This case would make the story of other well known cases of MPD or what is now called DID look like “Heidi” in comparison.

    I am very grateful for men like Russ who are making the “Conspiracy theories” regarding mind control to be more main line and believable due to his excellent work in this very specialized field.

    This sister is going through the roughest time of her life since becoming a born again Christian over three decades ago, with the month of October being by far the worst part of the year. She is under constant attacks as even last week her home PC was hacked into. Two weeks prior, they were tampering with her phone box outside along with the Charter Cable hub down the street for the entire neighborhood.

    As I write this, I have not been able to speak to her as there are more and more alters coming out and introducing themselves for the first time to me and the other Sister in this ministry as a way of keeping her safe.

    I cannot stress enough the TRUTH that she is a very real mind controlled “Monarch Slave”. The battles between Light and darkness have never been so strong in all her years walking with Christ. Were it possible, her story would be a block buster book and movie. That will never happen though as those who are in MKUltra/Monarch are all Satanists with enormous demonic power backing them.

    However, even as strong as these powers of darkness are, I am an eyewitness to the fact of the overcoming power of Jesus Christ. Time and again for almost two years I have been privileged to see and help with the “Dissolving” of many Satanic alters creaeted in her while just a baby/toddler because they are no match for the Holy Spirit indwelling this Sister in the Lord.

    Please PLEASE understand that she is NOT demon possessed nor ever has been. She was and is FORCED against her will to be “Compliant” to the orders of her “Handlers” from Monarch. The same ones who began the process of mind control while she was still in the womb of her WILLING Mother who also is controlled by Monarch.

    What Brother Lynn, Brother Russ and the others are doing with this conference is opening the eyes to the REALITY of what Satsn is ABLE to accomplish in his efforts to take God’s most loved creation and DE-HUMANIZE them as much as he can.

    There is probably nothing more effective for any rogue Government than to have an army of these Satanic mind controlled “Super Soldiers” that are classified as “Deltas” to carry out assassinations, murder and
    mayhem for if these mind controlled human robots are caught, those in control of them need not worry of getting caught as there is no way to trace them back as the “Delta” is programmed to have zero recollection and is always labeled as “Criminally Insane”.

    My Sister in Christ NEEDS OUR PRAYERS. They have already tried to get her to commit suicide by kick starting the “Recall Program”. It is ONLY by God’s Grace and Mercy she is still here fighting this very day.

    I bring all this up to encourage Brother Lynn on this BLOG as the Enemy will not allow his dark deeds to be exposed without enacting a terrible price. I ask you to trust me when l say there are those who come here professing to be born again when in reality they are Agents of Satan odered to cause strife and division among the Family of God. One would not know or suspect them as they come across as well meaning, loving and kind. They also have their own BLOGs, Forums and “Christian” websites as fronts so they can carry out their mission with impunity.

    I apolgize for the length of this post but I needed to stress the important urgency in this matter. My Sister needs your prayer support. Brother Lynn needs your prayer support more than ever. What has been witnessed on this BLOG lately is nothing in comparrison to what is coming in an attempt to shut this BLOG down and in turn, censoring the TRUTH of the workings of the Prince of Darkness.

    To God be the Glory!

    Respectfully in Christ,

    Jeff D

    • Wow, this got me fired up.

      Pudding said it: The enemy will not prevail.

      1 John 4:4

      “Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.”

    • Jeff, I understand completely & I am praying! I too appreciate what Russ and L.A. (and others) do in this area. Right away I thought of 1 John 4:4, even before I saw Eric’s post.

      I have directly witnessed how our Lord is so generous and merciful to sustain people calling out to Him from such extreme attacks & He is , truly faithful – exceedingly more than we can ask and imagine. I’m praying for your Sister to keep her focus on Him to a supernatural degree.

      I’m also praying for a solid contingent of fellow believers to stand with her in prayer and companionship, speaking the Word over her as much as possible.

      Given that it’s so long since she’s been born again, I’m trusting that she has the foundation in Christ to endure this battle and emerge victorious. Again, I say this from what I’ve witnessed first-hand in this area, but also from a sense of what you’ve described here.

      God bless you, Jeff, for standing by your friend. I recall your earlier post, I have been praying & I will keep at it! Please keep us updated as you’re able.

    • Praying…..

      Jeff, please tell Brick I’m especially praying for him. I just came back from the store a little while ago and on the way home, in my car, the Lord brought Brick to my mind and had me praying for him before I read any of this. Tell him that for me. I hadn’t thought about Brick for quite a while and suddenly there he was in my heart needing prayer. God is good, you all. God is amazing and is working in every situation no matter how serious it is, diligently working through the prayers of His people. I’ve come to realise that we are dependent on each others prayers. God made it that way. Thats part of the “work” assigned to us as believers. Paul was full of the Spirit, had more than his share of the gifts of the Spirit, including faith, did mighty miracles and yet he always made sure that the church was praying for him. Why? Because he understood that no matter how spiritual we are, we can’t go it alone, but need the prayers of each other, because we’re spiritually connected to each other in His body. If he was strong enough ,he would have never stressed his need of their prayers so much, and in every situation. I thank my God, for the faithfulness of real Christians who will not run away from their God given responsibility, but will take the time to get hold of God and pray for one another to be delivered and to be healed. We’ve got a lot of work to do, you all. Time to turn off the TV and get to work! Amen?

      Romans 15:30)
      30 “Now I beseech you, brethren, for the Lord Jesus Christ’s sake, and for the love of the Spirit, that ye strive together with me in your prayers to God for me;
      31 That I may be delivered from them that do not believe …..”

    • I remember Brick as well. Will be keeping this situation in prayer for sure.

      Maybe a dumb question Jeff but have you been in contact with Russ and L.A. about all of this?

    • All said today here by this gathering is SO TRUE! I have prayed and stand with each of you. I am so thankful that we have each other brothers and sisters, a good gift from the Father!

    • Does YHWH ever set these MK Ultra victims COMPLETELY free or do they typically have to continue to struggle on w/these alter-personalities?

    • I apologize in advance for the length of this reply.

      Pudding and Eric, I can attest that 1 John 4:4 is used on a nightly basis along with Isaiah 54:17 while wearing THICK Ephesians 6 armor. It is a process that must be repeated time and again. You have to remember these EVIL parts inside were created by her “Handlers” for the purpose of doing their bidding, so when one is called out (Something the Lord has blessed me with the authority to do with her) it is basically the same format as dealing with a demon, although I have never been involved in an actual deliverance session. Just seeing how they are able to control and manipulate not just thoughts but feelings and sensations tells one the power of evil that CAN reside in a true born again Christian.

      Again, she is NOT demon possessed but those who caused her mind to splinter at such a young age believe that she was literally born to Satan and that these “Demonic” alters they created are demon possessed. This is NOT true though as we all know a demon cannot take up residence in the Temple of the Holy Spirit. That being said, these EVIL alters have one purpose and that is to destroy this dear sister from the inside. They are able to manipulate her body the same as a demon would. They can make her throw herself up against a wall to appear a lunatic and things of this nature. Thankfully, there is a small army of Christian alters. Some of which I have had the honor and privilege of leading to the Cross and being born again. Some of these now Christian alters were actually created by Monarch. So you see the power of God Almighty FAR outweighs ANY darkness that Satan and his minions can put out there.

      Amaezed and TGBTG, I cannot thank you enough for your prayers as well. I just got off chat with her for the first time in exactly one week. It has been a week of sheer Hell for her as noted above, her “Handlers” sought to snatch her. Thankfully one of the Christian alters took over to protect her (as that is the role of this specific alter) and used her foot to say “Hello” to the man’s groin. This leads me to the reason for this request for prayer for her. He swore to her that she “will pay for that”. And she will, this I know. One way or another, whether physical or psychological, she WILL pay unless the Lord directly intervenes.

      And thank you for praying for Brick. I relayed your message to him along with your prayers and he was VERY appreciative. Don’t look for him coming back here though as sadly he was wounded badly by “Christians” which is one of the hardest things for victims on this type of mind control. They “Know” that ALL Christians are phony. This is what they are taught and sadly, it is backed up by the words, attitude and actions of so many claiming to know Christ when in reality they are very alive in the flesh. So the “Training” regarding Christians becomes a self fulfilling prophecy of sorts as there is no shortage of well meaning Christians not showing the Love of Christ but instead wanting to be God for them instead of remembering that God alone is God and they are not. He experienced this here on this very BLOG but thankfully he won’t be experiencing it any longer as most of them have either moved on or they are hanging out on the periphery. And of course you have the classic facade of a Satanist who claims to be a Christian and whose sole purpose is to come to wonderful BLOGs as this one and do what they do best…create strife and discord. With Brother Lynn’s discernment in shutting down the comments, many of them lost their edge and went on to another place.
      And yes, Brother Russ has been contacted about this dear Sister and spoken with by my ministry partner but as busy as Russ is, he can’t just drop what he is doing to take on this one case as he, like Brother Lynn is daily bombarded by seeking souls in need of help.

      Ally, thank you for your kindness and for standing in the gap for our Sister.

      LNL, the answer is “Yes”. There are many who have been totally freed from this torment. They have been healed. Our dear Sister is on that same road but it is a HARD road to travel this I assure you. Even tonight, she along with the GOOD “Insiders” as they refer to themselves, are not able to recount the happenings of the past seven days and nights. She thought this was Sunday night. She is daily missing time due to being triggered and “Zoning out”.

      Thankfully, the Lord rose up in her during the middle of her being triggered to carry out a specific program and she, along with the help of the Christian alters was able to “Dissolve” a very wicked and evil dark alter by the name of “Black Raven”. I can testify these Monarch created alters are truly evil to the core. Some are able to have a conscious and begin to “See” the goodness of the heart of our Sister (their host) and start asking questions after they make themselves known. Those who are programmed by Monarch to remind her of “what she is” which in their mind, she is the “Bride of the Beast” due to a certain ritual she was forced against her will to participate in, are “Dissolved” and sent to what is known as “The Dead Pool” in the “System” or as Monarch calls it, “The Pool of the Dead”. This is where the “Handlers” send alters who have gone rogue or become worthless to the overall cause. The good news is that God ALWAYS has a plan in place to reverse the very evil that the enemy has taken by reversing what was good to begin with. We are able to use this “Dead Pool” that was created by Monarch for evil intent and use it against the very alters that Monarch created.

      This is a nightly battle that occurs. As I type out these words, she is not able to remember the events of last week or this past weekend. That is because Monarch creates what are called “Amnesia Walls” so that the victim will never be able to “rat out” who their “Handlers” are. This is how they create these “Super Soldiers” to be so effective and do their bidding. Since the mind cannot recall past events, there is no way to trace back the original source from which the victim carries out their commands.

      And this is why this conference on the Nephilim Mounds is SO important. The more the darkness is exposed to the Light of Jesus Christ; the more the enemy has no place to hide. PLEASE raise our dear Brothers in this Good Fight up for much protection during this critical time. I tell you the enemy IS AFTER Brother Lynn and those speaking. Brother Lynn has a special spiritual Bull’s Eye on not just his back but his heart because of his constant exposing the fruitless deeds of the Evil One. We must do OUR part in standing in the gap for our Brother Watchman here. He needs the prayers of the Righteous as he is going on the Enemy’s turf where there is a great stronghold of evil.

      Thank you all for allowing me to answer and try to explain in the hopes of giving some understand and shedding a little bit of Light on the subject of the very real evil that is MKUltra and Monarch Programming. It is real. It is a monster. It is huge and it is growing.

      Respectfully in Christ,

      Jeff D

  9. Since Gordy has not put a video on here let me beat him to post part 2 of the video about the Olympic Opening Ceremony that I posted before by Mike Hoggard.

    • Love Pastor Mike! 🙂

      The Olympics were so blatant with the paganism, freemason, occult, and illuminati imagery that even some people that normally don’t notice those sorts of things made mention.

    • Eric, Agreed. I noticed in this video he briefly mentioned the mounds in passing. The mystery of the harlot is becoming lesser of a mystery as we get closer to her end.
      For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known.

  10. Ditto on the prayers. May God act in a way that brings the most glory to his Holy Name, I pray this in Jesus Christ. Very interesting write up. I remember Steve Quayle being on Coast to Coast AM talking about giants in North America and how the Native Americans defeated them and held up their hands to show that they had five fingers and not six as a way to show peace… Interesting stuff.

    The more I see that more I think St. Thomas Aquinas was right. Essentially, that science and faith do meet. If they do not, it’s because our lack in the understanding of science or that it is the lack of understanding in our faith…

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