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L. A. Marzulli

I’ve seen this video before but with all the saber rattling going on in the Middle East I thought it might be pertinent to link it here.   This video is a reenactment of what the first few minutes of WWIII would look like.  Please remember the word I received while at the Cornerstone conference. 

Be still and know that I Am God.  Behold the day is coming when I will show my strength on the mountains of Israel.

The First Few Minutes of World War III Will Look Like 2012-2013 MIRRORED – YouTube

Credit to: grgstaffordbackup on 7 Feb 2012
Mac Slavo
February 6th, 2012

Contrary to conventional thinking, which suggests that an attack on Iran would be restricted only to that country and an easy victory for Western powers similar to that of the first Gulf War, John Galt paints a markedly different picture in How Iran could Win a War against Israel and the United States in One Hour:

In less than sixty minutes, the tiny nation of Iran could easily defeat two of the mightiest military powers in the world if they are allowed to engage in a first strike opportunity against both of those nations. This is not some far-fetched idea as U.S. and Israeli military planners are keenly aware of the implications of an Iranian attack which catches both nations off guard. The problem is not one of strategy or ability by either nation. The military units of both nations could easily defeat the Iranians in a nuclear or conventional war. However, Iran is not a conventional nation-state nor is the modern concept applicable to the confrontation which is coming.

If Iran were to attack, it would be the ultimate one shot “use it or lose it” approach to all strategic, conventional, and non-conventional forces.

Source: John Galt FLA

Among other things, Galt points out that Iranian operatives have already been embedded in the United States through various means, including legal immigration for work and school. This suggests that at the onset of any confrontation those assets would be immediately deployed across the United States in various capacities, including direct attacks on ‘soft targets’ such as schools, malls and public venues.

Moreover, while the Israelis will have overwhelming military support from the United States and access to their own nuclear weapons (never acknowledged but well know in military circles), the Iranians may very well have already manufactured short-range nuclear warheads capable of striking Jerusalem (and are reportedly developing long-range missiles capable of striking domestic U.S. targets). The Israelis certainly believe this to be true, as they have recently indicated that they have until summertime to disable and destroy Iran’s nuclear reactors, and the United States is reportedly deploying at least 100,000 troops just outside of the Strait of Hormuz to be ready by this spring.

The propaganda is being disseminated in earnest on both sides — with the United States and Israel openly discussing the possibility of attacking Iran as early as March, while at the same time Iranian news agencies with support from supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei are actively promoting the narrative to “kill all Jews and annihilate Israel.”

No, any conflict with Iran will be nothing like the first Gulf War, and as has been opined on this web site and many others in the alternative news sphere, may very well be the first engagement of a war that will envelop the entire globe, including Russia and China.

The following short film takes place one year from today and depicts the first few minutes of what World War III may look like. The setting, however, is not Iran, but rather, Israel’s capital city of Jerusalem.