Middle East ALERT! The Beginning of WWIII?

Middle East Alert!

Muslim Brotherhood anti-army coup in Cairo. Tanks move up to Israel border

Muslim Brotherhood anti-army coup in Cairo. Tanks move up to Israel border



OK.  So here’s a story that we might point to as the incident that led to WWIII.  It also may lead to nothing.  We’ll have to wait and see.  In the meantime pray for the peace of Jerusalem.  L.A.

Updates to follow.

54 thoughts on “Middle East ALERT! The Beginning of WWIII?

  1. I figured you’d be all over this. 🙂

    Got to keep close tabs on this thing.

    I’m just wondering how the Egyptian Army is going to respond, though? There were lied to, played as suckers, AND had the rug pulled out from underneath them.

    Bad news for Israel in any event most certainly.

  2. AS the masses in the U.S. lives in la-la land the planet burns? GOOD TIME CHARLEY AMERICA. HEY WHEN DOES FOOTBALL START? AMEN TO YOUR LAST POST, L.A.

  3. “Preach with the Bible in one hand, and the newspaper in the other” (Karl Barth)

    The Jerusalem Post – some current breaking news:
    Morsy defends executive action, calls for ‘new Egypt’

    London kicks off closing ceremonies of 2012 Olympic Games

  4. This “New Egypt” was shaped by the United States whose goal it to threaten the security of Israel and to invoke a regional conflict and the planned destruction of both Israel and their Arab/Muslim enemies mutually! Though their plan will not come to fruition, for Israel will remain a nation before God, it will result in the destruction of the enemies of Israel by the hand of the Lord God! While the Lord God has identified this plan, after dealing with the Arab/Muslim enemies, he will send fire upon their homelands and also to the territory of those dwelling carelessly who plotted and planned in secret, those claiming to be the greatest ally of Israel!

    • That would fall in with Avi Lipkins senario ..They kill off each other thus getting rid of the thorns in the elites sides! Population control also!

  5. The United States, Europe, and their allies will not escape judgement for the hand of the Lord God will also come upon them during the time of Gog/Magog that is quickly approaching.

  6. The meetings of the Muslim Brotherhood at the WhiteHouse and with the Secretary of State (Arm of U.S. Intelligence) is no accident, nor is the continued financing of Egypt and arming of their defense forces.

  7. Full text of the debkafile article below (they may be the only news agency reporting tanks on the border). The excuse for this tank placement is the Egyptian military’s having flubbed last week’s situation with the terrorist attack on their army station … or at least that’s the story at the moment:

    Muslim Brotherhood anti-army coup in Cairo. Tanks move up to Israel border

    President Morsi fires generals

    Having gained control of the Egyptian parliament, government and presidency, the Muslim Brotherhood has made itself the unchallenged ruler of Egypt. Demoting the heads of the military leaves the MB in control of the biggest army in the Arab world.

    Two months after assuming the presidency, the Muslim Brotherhood’s President Mohamed Morsi swept away the powerful pro-American Supreme Military Council heads ruling Egypt since Hosni Mubarak’s overthrow. Sunday. Aug. 12, he fired the Egyptian Defense Minister, Field Marshal Mohamed Tantawi, the Egyptian chief of staff Gen. Hafez Sami Annan and three more generals and appointed Field Marshall Abd al-Fatah Sissi defense minister and Gen. Sidki Sobhi chief of staff in their place.

    The three generals also sacked were Air Force chief Rezza Abd al-Megid, Navy commander Mahab Muhamed Mamish and Air Defense chief Abd Al-Aziz Muhamed Seif.

    President Morsi also annulled the law amendments endowing the military with broad powers.

    debkafile reports: Field Marshal Tantawi and Gen. Annan were regarded as the last major impediments to the Muslim Brotherhood’s complete takeover of Egypt. Morsi’s action has cast Egypt’s military caste out into uncertain territory with regard to its future status in government.

    Morsi’s actions in the last month have aroused serious concern in the United States and Israel. His coup Sunday will give them more unsavory food for thought. They will not have missed the sudden arrival of Egyptian army M-60 tanks (made in the US) right up to the Israeli border of Sinai while the new appointments were announced in Cairo.

    It is still not yet clear whether the Israeli government and army were caught off guard or gave permission for this extreme exception to the demilitarized clauses of their 1979 peace treaty. However, last week, the Egyptian president said that treaty clauses not deemed beneficial to Egyptian interests by the new regime would have to go. Israel did not respond to this statement.

    In another new departure, he appointed a former senior judge Mohamed Mahmud Makki vice president, a new office in Egyptian government.

    debkafile was the only publication to report that the Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi were exploiting the terrorist attack in Sinai to rid Cairo of the pro-Western military control of the Egyptian government. A faster worker, Morsi has achieved this in exactly seven days.

    • Ooops: link to the debkafile article:


    • The Times of Israel’s take (no mention of tanks on the border):

      Morsi was said Sunday to be about to launch an intensified crackdown on terrorist cells in the Sinai, a week after Islamist terrorists killed 16 Egyptian security forces at their base near the Israel border, commandeered an armored vehicle and smashed across the border into Israel, where they were blown up by the Israel Air Force.

      Israel last week gave Egypt permission to deploy forces in excess of limitations set out in the Israel-Egypt peace treaty in order to carry out the crack down. “The question is, after the military operation, will Morsi take the troops back out again,” said [Israel’s leading Arab affairs analyst Ehud] Yaari.


  8. Saudi Arabia threatens Israel if attack on Iran is launched

    A SPECIAL UPDATE From Mike Evans the founder of the Jerusalem Prayer Team
    Sunday, August 12, 2012

    The government of Saudi Arabia has reportedly threatened Israel if they attempt to cross Saudi airspace as part of an attack on Iran’s nuclear program. Israel faces enormous logistical challenges in launching a strike to stop the mullahs of Tehran from achieving the means to annihilate the Jewish state, and the route over Saudi Arabia presents a number of tactical advantages.

    It is unclear whether Saudi Arabia actually means this; the rulers of the House of Saud are no fans of the radical Iranian government. It may be that this statement is merely for public consumption, while a different message is being sent privately. I have met a number of highly placed Saudi officials, and while the Gulf Kingdom is not a great friend of Israel and there are those who are violently anti-Semitic, the general tone there is that Israel would be doing Saudi Arabia a great favor if they delayed or halted Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

    • That’s new. For a while it was almost one of those “We’ll look the other way and here’s our airspace” deals with SA because they don’t want Iran to get super powerful. Sunni vs shiite, etc.

    • That sets the stage for credibility when Israel does just that and they deny they were involved and gave access. Maybe more of a show for the UN!

    • Yes, Mark, Amen
      Come Lord Jesus.
      Thats all we can do really, if you think about it, is pray for the peace of Jerusalem.
      However, when we all do that collectively, in obedience to the word, theres power there.

    • Yes and with that prayer comes the Great Tribulation. There’ll be No Peace till the Prince of Peace Comes/Jesus, until they call on Him who they have pierced to save them (He that cometh in the name of the LORD). Lot’s of trouble/Jacob’s trouble to come before that and we are surely moving quickly to that end!

      I pray that the secular minds in Israel will be opened to GOD! That they receive their Messiah Jesus not the false one.

    • They play ‘imagine’ at every Times Square New Years Eve bash. This last year Cilo Green sang it and he changed the line “No religions too” to “All religions true.”

      The illuminati either wants to stomp out all religion and have pure science be the world religion OR merge ALL religions together to form a new age suedo religion that uses genetic sciences mixed with enlightened beings to explain our origins.

    • I’m surprised they could do that considering the Kadima party bolted and broke up the unity government a few weeks back because Mofaz was making some stink about how the draft was being instituted and a fight over orthodox Jews getting drafted, among other things, was in the mix.

    • Erik, a couple of weeks ago a former MK (a non-believing Jew who loves Christian friends of Israel; I don’t remember his name; everybody, please pray for him) and a Jamaican evangelist (I think it was Jamaica; he now lives in Oklahoma), Dr. Sherlock Bally, were here while touring the U.S. getting support for Israel and I got to hear them on our tiny local radio station for two wonderful hour-long interviews (a Christian show and a local talk show). [They were speaking at various churches in the area, as well as the two closest Messianic congregations — about 20 miles NW and SE of me (same rabbi). They’re driving all over the country for three months talking to people.]

      The ex-MK said there’d be no problem — should an emergency occur — over the Kadima Orthodox draft issue. Looks like he was right.

    • Seems “power grabs are everywhere not just Mr. BHO! What does it mean that’s the million dollar question (re.video insert).

  9. I wonder what will be the fate of the two military bases in Egypt of the Multinational Peace Keeping Forces of which contain an American Battalion sized Combat force at South Camp and American logistical support forces at North Camp. Also at North Camp are combat elements from other nations.

    • Thanks for the link Nome ….. in ’85 I was with the 82nd Airborne Division 1/508 ABN INF and was stationed at South Camp and at one of the Checkpoints out in the Sinai desert. I remember how uneasy we felt back then because all of the base shops / laundry / and custodial support was provided by local residents that virtually walk the camp virtually unchecked or guarded. On one hand it seems that our Government is supporting what’s happening in Egypt, but then again the Muslim Brotherhood is definitely anti west. Seeing that the MFO is comprised of mainly western countries, at some point bad things are bound to happen.

      South Camp is virtually on the southern tip of the gulf of aqaba …. the southern most tip of Sinai ….. North Camp however is approximately 50 miles away from the Israeli / Egyptian border in the Northern Sinai. South Camp is virtually set up like a prison camp. Double perimeter fencing with concertina wire stretched on top and along the fence. There are unfortified Guard towers that encircle the entire perimeter and are manned 24/7 by infantry soldiers with small arms. There are no combat fortified bunkers surrounding the interior of the compound. The main access road is set up with obstacles and barricades to prevent any suicide bombers from driving into the compound and also has a guard shack with a fortified machine gun position. The camp is against the sea so it’s open to attack on three sides. Tanks and artillery could virtually breach the three sides of the camp with no problem from a ground assault and the camp is totally exposed to attack from the air due to no air defense artillery batteries being stationed there.

      I went to North Camp one time but don’t remember the layout of the base other than I was not impressed with the security there either. I pray that the Lord protects all of the Soldiers at both camps and keeps them out of harms way.

      The soldiers out at the checkpoints in Southern Sinai run 4 man combat patrols fully locked and loaded ….. three soldiers and one medic. These patrols are usually no more than 6 kilometers away from the check point but it is not uncommon to run into Bedouin tribes or families out there in the desert. There is potential for a small arms exchange to occur as tensions rise in this rapidly deteriorating political environment.

      I’m sure to some extent that the Muslim Brotherhood realizes that any attack to either one of these bases would result in immediate retaliation, but how long that will deter them from taking any action only time will tell.

    • You’re welcome, Nick.

      I applied to MFO about a decade ago. Things went well through the face-to-face via teleconference. I believe they saw that I have a disfigured nose due to cancer reconstruction, that might have been taken as a “finger on the nose” which the muslims associate with their idea of the dajjal.

      It was clear in our discussions that the work crews were mostly local workers. I’ve seen something similar even in Guantanamo Bay where the local workforce included some Cubans that would make the trip into the base daily (back in ’80-’81) along with a resident Jamaican workforce.

      I would have found exploring the Exodus route in the Sinai fascinating…. but such was not to be. I probably have too much of a martyr’s inclinations to work among the muslims.

      The simplest way I can describe the MFO is as a “fuse” made up of many nations military to provide a trip wire, likely sacrificial, in the event of major conflict with Israel.

      The MFO is a creation of Jimmy Carter, Sadat, and Begin. (c. ’79)

      I think it’s suicidal to try to patrol the Egypt – Gaza border right now.

      So yes, I very much agree with your prayers especially for those in the MFO trying to be peacemakers. Interesting that “they will be called the sons of God.”

      It’s worth considering if that has any rebel angel connections, perhaps as replacements….

  10. Ezekiel 30: 3-8

    3“For the day is near,
    Even the day of the LORD is near;
    It will be a day of clouds,
    A time of doom for the nations.

    4“A sword will come upon Egypt,
    And anguish will be in Ethiopia;
    When the slain fall in Egypt,
    They take away her wealth,
    And her foundations are torn down.

    5“Ethiopia, Put, Lud, all Arabia, Libya and the people of the land that is in league will fall with them by the sword.”

    6‘Thus says the LORD,
    “Indeed, those who support Egypt will fall
    And the pride of her power will come down;
    From Migdol to Syene
    They will fall within her by the sword,”
    Declares the Lord GOD.

    7“They will be desolate
    In the midst of the desolated lands;
    And her cities will be
    In the midst of the devastated cities.

    8“And they will know that I am the LORD,
    When I set a fire in Egypt
    And all her helpers are broken.

    Should be something we are watching!!! Sobering Times!!!


  11. To be a fly on Israel’s/Egypt’s walls! I was reading where God says he gave the “river” (nile to Israel, then I thought the proclamation ag. them(Egypt) for saying “the river is mine” and the Tower of Syrene/Aswan Dam=40 yrs of uninhabitation! It’s coming!! Look at those swarms of men like animals enraged in their hearts. The pot is sure boiling soon boiling over!

    • Ezekiel 29:8-14
      King James Version (KJV)

      8 Therefore thus saith the Lord God; Behold, I will bring a sword upon thee, and cut off man and beast out of thee.

      9 And the land of Egypt shall be desolate and waste; and they shall know that I am the Lord: because he hath said, The river is mine, and I have made it.

      10 Behold, therefore I am against thee, and against thy rivers, and I will make the land of Egypt utterly waste and desolate, from the tower of Syene even unto the border of Ethiopia.

      11 No foot of man shall pass through it, nor foot of beast shall pass through it, neither shall it be inhabited forty years.

      12 And I will make the land of Egypt desolate in the midst of the countries that are desolate, and her cities among the cities that are laid waste shall be desolate forty years: and I will scatter the Egyptians among the nations, and will disperse them through the countries.

      13 Yet thus saith the Lord God; At the end of forty years will I gather the Egyptians from the people whither they were scattered:

      14 And I will bring again the captivity of Egypt, and will cause them to return into the land of Pathros, into the land of their habitation; and they shall be there a base kingdom.

      God will not be mocked by their arrogance and HIS words don’t return void, but accomplish that which they are sent to do!

      I remember a while back some reg.poster trashed Nome (I think) re. witnessing online vs in person and they stated that it isn’t valid basically and I was rather upset and was going to respond when I cooled.

      So regarding God’s Words/Bible Scriptures when we, L.A. or anyone else shares scriptures it is GOD’s living WORD/Jesus=Logos and it will accomplish that which it’s sent to do!!! If that person’s statement was even the remostest bit right than L.A. and every online teacher, watcher, evangelizer, Body member would be wasting their time. That person marginalyzed every shut-in, parapalegic, home bound etc. Body of christ member in their NARROW minded LEGALISM! We pray for you as a weaker brother still needing milk! I for one will plant seeds, share scripture everywhere I can while I can and let GOD reap the Harvest! His Word is alive, and is good for reproof, for Salvation for building up the BODY! How will they hear if HIS Word is not sent.

      How do you know GOD has prepared the hearer (in your small circle of influence) for your words and so therefore effective. While you may pat your back as fulfilling your “duty” they may have trampled it under foot and cut someone (another Believer/Body) with it (throwing pearls to swine)? How do you share with those who can’t be reached? My neighbor is an elderly women who is alone and shut in/wheelchair, she doesn’t answer her door to anyone! She has 2 gay neighbors(now moved) and they are sweet who help her with “things” but that’s it! I know she’s saved because I shared the word through my Christmas card and flowers (we do speak) and she responded with a TY card with the salvation msg. also!! Get out of your paradyme and just spread the WORD time is short! 🙂

    • Linda,

      Not sure who your response is to, but thanks for sticking up for the Word! Rhema and Logos!!

      So much resonates within me in response:
      – Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word.
      – How shall they hear, but that one is sent?
      – Christ be preached, whether in pretense or in truth, what matters is that Christ is preached.
      – His lost will hear his voice.
      – He reaps where He has not sown.
      – His Word will not return void.
      – Cast your bread upon the waters and due time they will return.

      And then there’s all those prison letters from saints like Paul.

      What matters is whether there’s caring love in our witness.

      Love enough to send a card, or tract, or just even to scratch Y’shua’s name somewhere as a reminder.

      I think it’s very eloquent to point to a thank you card. Reminds me of flowers sent with just a note, where all that may be left as time goes by is a note and some pressed petals… tucked away in a big family Bible.

      I’d so much prefer to have the hugging, caring, full interpersonal encounters of sharing life together with family (and our as yet unsaved but soon to be siblings in Christ)… but I’m consoled with this, credit Paul… “we see each other now darkly as through a dim antique mirror… but then we shall know as we are known… face to face.” And heart to heart with Christ.

      We’re just babes in this world…. in separate cribs

      And you my Sister are the War Bride.

      “I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine: he feedeth among the lilies.
      Thou art beautiful, O my love, as Tirzah, comely as Jerusalem, terrible as an army with banners.”

  12. I’m not a huge modern nephilim guy, and I question the use of “who’s ‘they'” in Matt 24, Dan 2 to support the existence of modern nephilim. I think “they” could be more than just nephilim.

    That said, articles that tell us about 150 animal human animal hybrids and this one increase the possibility there are or will be nephilim soon, whether or not the Bible mentions them in the last days scenarios.


    • They will need these supehuman feats to be able to stand toe to toe with angels at Armagedon. All of this taking over the world and god like worship of the AC is all for Satan’s eventual grand superbowl party of war against God where humans are the pawns. Sad.

    • NO WAY that ANYTHING/ANYONE Human will/can resist or fight back on the same level in and of themselves… Angels notwithstanding… I’ve been listening to a lot of Bob Marley lately because I believe that the Lord speaks in SO MANY WAYS, TO SO MANY PEOPLE… and some of his songs deal with the final conflict… (Redemption song) God hides His purposes from man… EXCEPT from those that seek Him, and His ways…

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