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Overview: Still Ticking….

Posted by lamarzulli on July 30, 2012

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L.A. Marzulli

It’s Monday morning and we’re still here and so far nothing major has happened at the Olympics.  Yes, I am very aware of the opening ceremonies and found them to be occult and a BIG BROTHER like authoritarian spectacle.

However, nothing happened on the 9th of AV, and for that I am grateful.  I had been warning of the possibility of an “event” happening around the 9th of Av, and I was wrong, at least so far!

Meanwhile events are ticking away:

1. The Middle East is as close as it ever was to blowing as the civil war continues in Syria.  What  happens to Syria’s chemical weapons?  Will Hezbollah join Assad to crush the revolt?

2.  Israel is eyeing Iran and pundits are wondering if the strike will be soon!

3. Chinese ships were spotted in the Suez, are they headed toward Syria?

4. Earthquakes are rattling the Pacific Rim again.   Is Southern California overdue for the BIG one?

5.  Fukishima is a ticking time bomb as the reactors continue to melt down with no end in sight.

6.  Christians in Egypt are being persecuted – big surprise there.

7.  Romney declared Jerusalem the Capital of Israel.  Tell that to the Moslem Brotherhood in Egypt who declared that Jerusalem will be the capital of the United Arab states.

8. Ebola has broken out in Africa.

9.  Drought in the USA.  Flooding in China.

10.  India’s Electric Gird crashes leaving millions without power.

In closing todays post:  It’s easy to say, Where is the promise of His coming?  All things continue just like in the time when our grandfathers were alive.  Why watch the world events from a prophetic standpoint?  Is He really coming back soon?  We’ve heard this for the last 30 years and nothing ever happens.  Every generation thinks they are the last ones.

However, we are told to watch for the signs of His return and these sings are listed above and below in The Other News Section.  It’s not the same as it ever was and I believe we are headed toward a  tipping point.  This could be the calm before the storm.

Be still and know that I Am God:  Behold, the day is coming when I will show my strength on the mountains of Israel.



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Review of Wathcers 4 – On the Edge 

Bravo gents!  You’ve bloody well done it again.  Riveting, compelling and Rick, beautifully shot.  Love, love, love it.  Now….what’s next chaps????????

Arianna Eisenberg



Hello Peggy & L A

Thank you for the quick shipment of Watchers 4. My family are big Watchers fans and we are new fans. I caught the Sid Roth show that had L A on. It is the first time I had seen or even heard of him. I was just fascinated and called my family and asked them to watch when it replayed the next day. In fact, I called them a second time to make sure they didn’t forget. Their reaction was the same as mine. I ordered the 3 Watchers DVDs and 3 of L A’s books. We had a Watchers marathon and loved every minute of it. It was the first time I had heard someone speak about the unusual and bizarre events happening around the world. A person knows when they hear “truth”. I think that is part of the pull Jesus had when he addressed the crowds. So back to Watchers 4. There are three of us and we watched it together. My sister liked the Near Death experience interview the most. She said she could watch an entire DVD just on that. (I could too).  My brother-in-law is all ears when the Dr who removes the Alien implants is on.  I liked the hunt for information on the Nephilim. We all agreed on one thing. We were shocked on how time flew and the DVD was over!

Thank you for the hard work.

Joanne L. & family


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Yucatan 2012

L. A. Marzulli will be speaking:  “Exploring the meaning and relevance of two myths and their relevance in this time of transition in 2012; the stories of the “watcher gods” in the first century text, “The Gospel of Enoch”, and the prophecy of the return of Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent-god of the Aztecs. We will be examining correlations between these two in light of our contemporary times.”


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In Other News: Tracking the Birth Pains!

Powerful 6.6 earthquake off Mexico, Guatemala

AFP: Powerful earthquake off Mexico, Guatemala


Magnitude 6.6 quake hits off Papua New Guinea coast: USGS

Magnitude 6.6 quake hits off Papua New Guinea coast: USGS | Reuters


The bid for Syria’s first safe haven in Aleppo region is thwarted

The bid for Syria’s first safe haven in Aleppo region is thwarted


Scalia opens door for gun-control legislation, extends slow burning debate



DHS gears up for civil unrest prior to presidential elections

DHS gears up for civil unrest prior to presidential elections — RT


As Assad teeters, Israel prepares for battle to secure chemical weapons

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/world/2012/07/28/as-assad-teeters-israel-prepares-for-battle/#ixzz22753sv00


Massive India blackout leaves 300 million without power

Massive India blackout leaves 300 million without power – World news – South and Central Asia – NBCNews.com

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159 Responses to “Overview: Still Ticking….”

  1. richard said

    Thank God Nothing happened at the opening ceremonies! However its not over and I think we will still see a “False Flag” event at the Olympics whether its a bomb at an event or a bombing at a transportation facility such as the subway or double decker bus. I’ve read that August 3rd is the next date to watch. Someone posted over the weekend that maybe the Illuminati were just waiting for all dignitaries to leave before they set something off. That makes sense.

    Side Note: Did anyone see the the UFO footage during the opening ceremonies? It doesn’t look like a blimp, a helicopter or a drone to me. See for your self.

    Does anyone remember what happened during the 1984 Olympics when the UFO showed up in LA in 1984 and an alien appeared? Was this foreshadowing of what would occur at the 2012 Olympics? I still believed that a UFO revealing is also a very real possibility used in conjunction with a false flag to bring the whole world under a New World Order. Check out the alien at the end of the LA Olympics. Freaky and for what purpose?

    • Julie said


      Yesterday I too posted a potential Olympics event and have seen more than one source “confirm” that aliens will land on Aug 4. It sounds exactly like the 1984 Olympics that you mention above and is supposedly NOT a false flag but the real deal. I have been “watching” the people who channel these beings for several months now and since they have been lied to in the past regarding Disclosure, they are hesitant to believe now as well. However they are excited with anticipation. I think that we might see more information, dare I say media mention, of Disclosure this week. Who knows. I just know what I have been watching and count myself extremely grateful to be living in these times. I will be watching LA’s post with eyes wide open the next several days.

    • richard said

      Another oddity at the Olympics. Its as if numbers are being controlled? Why?

      Why are there so many empty seats at sold out Olympic Events?

      Despite tickets for the events being sold out, television images revealed scores of empty seats at the swimming, dressage, volleyball and tennis.

      Commentators noted the unfilled seats and members of the public who were unable to purchase tickets took to social media websites like Twitter to express their anger.

      A spokesperson for Locog said: “We are aware that some venues have empty seats this morning. We believe the empty seats are in accredited seating areas, and we are in the process of finding out who should have been in the seats and why they weren’t there.”

    • Mrs M said

      On your first video I noticed something, the mystery religions always have these symbols: a dome like structure representing the womb of Isis, and the obelisk being the phallic symbol of Osiris. Take a look at the fireworks going off, we have that horrible structure of the tower and the stadium being the dome/womb being illuminated with fireworks.

    • To further confirm the olympics ceremony is so much smoke and mirrors…


    • issacsgma said

      Richard look at the date on this one

    • Frank said

      “Hearken not unto mediums” someone here once told me when I was thinking blossom goodchild had insight into a UFO revealing.

      As for disclosure, it already happened, sort of:


    • Louie said

      I noticed the 1984 games “alien”, at the last bit, had very obvious 6 fingers. I wouldn’t have known back then what the significance was in relation to the giants. But now it speaks volumes to me. Not alien, but connection to the giants of old, and one half of their parentage, the fallen watchers.

  2. Frank said

    Personally, I thin CA is about to get the big one. Just a hunch, nothing else really.

    Romney (aka obama 2.0, aka Bush 3.0) is over in Israel basically promising we’ll take care of Iran. Maybe he’s the antichrist?

  3. Mrs M said

    I’ve heard many dates thrown out for the 9th of Av- while I expected yesterday the 29th to be the day, I see a few Jewish and Kabbalah web sites stating it’s the 3rd of August. (If it’s the 3rd it’s Shabbat, so wouldn’t it be the 4th?) With that, I’m still watching!
    ps. I got a word from the Lord one morning, ‘heliacal rise in the east, war will begin.’ Didn’t know what rising, didn’t know what heliacal meant, but after some research I think it could mean the heliacal rise of Sirius which is August 4. I just googled eastern star and a lot of freemasonry stuff comes up with the star being sirius. See the link here:

    • Julie said

      Mrs M, that is amazing. Thank you for sharing.

    • Debra said

      That sounds a bit like the dream I had about 6 mos. ago! All I could see was a gigantic (and I do mean enormous) menorah moving into view from the skyward east and a voice saying “…from the East.” Each candle on the menorah was lit and it alighted onto a beautiful green lawn of sorts. Simple. Yet somehow profound. Does anyone here have any knowledge about what the menorah can signify in this setting?

    • Linda said

      Jesus is the Good Shepherd and leads His sheep to green pastures. He is the Light of the world and center candle ighting all the others He is the source of light! Just my thoughts that popped immediatly into my silly head! :)

    • Linda said

      oh I forgot He will come from the East in the sky!

  4. Mrs M said

    Renee on five doves spoke about Tu B’ Av (15th of Av) as being the day the jewish women danced in the vinyards, not Tisha B’ Av, being THE big wedding day- much like Valentine’s is here.
    her post:

  5. James said

    The tribulation is growing closer and closer for sure. True christians are being persecuted and being attacked by physical and spiritual forces. I know that we have been seeing attacks from the spiritual side causing problems in our personal life far more than the attacks of people, even though we have seen a few of them. We are staying strong and giving God the glory and placing the blame where it belongs, on the devil and his minions. Thank you so much for posting this blog brother Marzulli.

    • brick said

      James, with us being gone to a funeral in Utah for someone trapped in the mormon teachings ( I Refuse to call it faith !), and having to be exposed to their way of thinking, my faith was tried.. it was shaken, it was however, not in the least taken from me because of the out and out hypocrisy of the ones I was with , who call themselves christian. When I read your statement, “True Christians are being persecuted, ect ” I know that I have to respond here to the criticism’s that I am sure will follow by some here. What I need to say is , not even here on this particular blog by LA Marzulli, are people who are TRUE believers, and TRUE followers, never mind that what they might write on a daily basis in reply to what LA says, make them sound like they truly are Followers of Jesus Christ. Yes, they might do the whole ” read the bible, quote the scripture ” thing very well, and they even might say they go to a good church every Sunday.. but sadly, that don’t make anyone a christian..

      The attacks are a sign that Who we believe in, WALK in daily for, trust in minute to minute, is the reason we are being challenged in our faith. We get thrown to the wolves basically because we know INWARDLY Whom we believe in, and we live in HIM every day, not just by words out of our mouths, or the head knowlege in which we try to impress others that sometimes might disagree with us, or who we think are different.

      All I know is, I live my life EVERY DAY closer to Jesus than the day – before because someone showed me the pathway to understanding what it means to LOVE like Jesus when He came into my life, and made me a new creation ( and I am not meaning my being created to take the horrors from my ” host” ).. I just know I can’t make it , for myself, of for my ” Host ” unless I have Jesus to lead me through the enemy attacks both spiritually, and because of ” christians” who don’t get what it truly is all about living for Jesus.

      PS. I am an internal ” part ” of someone who truly gets what it means to suffer the attacks of the enemy because of mind control, or ritual abuse at the hands of family , and others .

  6. Linda said

    L.A. I think something did happen as to 9th of Av we just don’t understand the implications yet BHO signed that Act and did a major kiss up to the Jewish vote/$$ Contributers and gave a false sense of security to Israel that he’s for them(not a chance)! He made sure he said a divided Israel goal and promised the land to the Palestians & what comes with that the Temple site/Jerusalem as their capital. That will go over big time with GOD!!! I’m watching! His cup must be getting almost full! Esp the attacks on HIS Church/Christians suffering/dying in the Mdl East etc. by the hands of Allah & the Muslim Brotherhood. ? on Aug. 3rd will happen, ? at the end of games.

    • Eric W. said

      Feint. Misdirection. More deception. More delay. Ideally, Obama wants to save any kinds of attacks or military action until October when he can exploit it himself for an “October surprise” (think Bin Laden’s supposed killing) and the sheeple will give him a 5-10 percent win over the cardboard prop named Romney.

    • Mrs M said

      I saw that someone picked up on the fact that when he signed the act he was weaing palestinean colors of their flag!!! Greenish suit, burgundy/red tie,white shirt…

    • Did Obama have his wedding ring on? It is Ramadan, and devout Muslims don’t wear jewelry during Ramadan… Last year it was gone, (Wedding ring) for the whole month…

    • Linda said

      Gee again I decided to put one more on (baking)
      This one will give some inside proof/info on the chip/Obama Care. Around 57sec., but all interesting info.

      I’m looking around then compare to scripture ea member of the Body has something to offer, just test the spirit if it’s of God.

    • Linda said

      Amazing! Nothing surprises us!

    • Mrs M said

      “http://www.fivedoves.com/letters/july2012/loras730.htm” link inside the quotes. Yes, he’s wearing his ring.

  7. ansem77 said

    Olympic Missile Accident Commercial (July 30, 2012)

  8. Janet R said

    Thanks L. A. for your continued warnings and updates. The guesses and warnings of potential problems serve to direct the prayers of the faithful so that we can all join together in a chorus of prayer and praise directed at the events. Sometimes I need to remind my kids that while I tell them these things could happen and that the occult wants them to happen, I and other Christian Prayer Warriors are praying against them. Our effective, fervent prayers are powerful and with the Holy Spirit they act to restrain the evil. At some point what must happen, must happen for all of God’s Word will be fulfilled and He has lots of warnings about the evil times ahead. In the mean time 10’s of thousands are saved daily in China, India, and Africa. His patience is for His glory and the salvation of those that will complete the number of His priests/saints. Thanks for the updates and the information. It is all timely and fascinating. I appreciate your research and your thoughts. Keep up the good work, please!!

  9. It took India 12 hours to restore power to 370 million people — but that’s not the end of the story.


    They don’t know the cause yet, but think it’s to do with massive pumping water for crops since there’s been no rain. And the water levels are also down as a result for the 20% of India’s electricity that comes from hydropower.

    An unusually large increase in capacity this year is placing additional pressure on the grid, with more than 26,000 megawatts of power being added during 2012, nearly double the previous year, according to Kotak, a Mumbai-based brokerage.

    Protracted power cuts affect everyone in India, aside from the estimated 300m Indians who have never had access to electricity at all. Businesses complain they are often first to be sacrificed as the government grapples with power shortages.

    “Some of our companies have, quite shockingly, been asked to close down operations to save power,” says Rajiv Kumar, director-general of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry. “In some places its one day a week, in others it is one week a month, but this all imposes a huge costs on industry.”

    This isn’t going away. Japan’s electrical grid was crippled by the Fukushima quake, tsunami, and meltdown.

    The world needs to consider if there’s a supernatural origin to these disasters and if they’re more frequent. Possibly from the enemy — possibly not. Possibly as result of escalating War in Heaven…

    Revelation 12
    7 And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels….

    What’s happening on earth now may be collateral damage.

  10. Gordy said

    • richard said

      Gordy I read the examiner daily. The red pulsating triangle is almost daily I wonder if its not some governmental craft?

  11. Please read my blog. They have clearly shown WHEN the event will take place. If you read and know the series then you will already see that through the Predictive Programming it has already been 100% accurate….down to the weather….

    • “http://warriorshepard.blogspot.com/”

    • Linda said

      Chad if about Harry Potter analogy I read it to my husband in transit on my iPhone. Infact I have it on their waiting to reread!

      Very, very interesting association! Again thanks a lot of work put into that!

    • Frank said

      It was pretty well thought out and intriguing. No offense, but I am wary of looking to “illuminati” and tricky symbolism (think illuminati card game) to make predictions. Though, I think your theory is plausible. I am taking a “wait and see” and appreciate your warning. Your other blogs are pretty good too.

      I would also urge people to check out the template of time as well, as this guy makes “forecasts” using a Biblical model and has gotten fairly accurate. Mubarek being one.

    • I have a different take on Harry Potter. All evil actions in the world are catalysts to prompt global change where moderates rise up in the name of good to battle the evil. This confronting good is a secular, worldly good and not a righteous holy good. In other words, wwi brought us the league of nations, WWII brought us united nations and so wwiii will bring us ‘one’ nation under a luciferic god, I.e. the ac.

      So harry potter would be the AC in this analogy.

    • Linda said

      i think you are both right cause and effect! They are VERY occultic and Pike in Morals and Dogma show the Semiramian Mystery Babylon beliefs/worship of Lucifer. Their codes hidden in the Bible no less and their occult lifestyles of deranged activity, their Lost Atlantis they think Am. is etc. etc. (I said I was going to bed and then I looked and more posts!!! :) )

    • Matt said

      I also have a different take on Harry Potter and that is, Daniel Radcliffe is a pretty decent actor. The film “The Woman in Black” which he made after the Potter series was quite good. It’s a film about a young lawyer travels to a remote village where he discovers the vengeful ghost of a scorned woman is terrorizing the locals. As far as box office take I suppose it was a letdown as far Hollywood standards go, so perhaps it is because I went to the film with no expectations that I came out of it impressed. So called “horror” movies these days get loss in blood and gore and that’s too bad…its what “Holly-weird” thinks is “horror” these days, thankfully this movie took a turn to what a scary film actually is. There are plenty of scenes that make you jump and keep you on the edge of your seat and the storyline is decent as well. And I must say, Dan Radcillffe did a great job. He may not be the most incredible actor, but he has really improved so much since the Potter films. . It’s most evident here because he could not hide behind words or a wand, he could use just his face and body language. They are an actor’s tool after all. To be able to carry a film with body language is something to be commended. Few actors can.
      All said I would not nominate this film for any kind of award, but it achieves what I believe should be the ultimate goal of all “scary” movies: which is to draw us in so close that when the creepy parts manifests itself on-screen, it is already too late to turn away.
      By the way I must have seen all the Potter movies one way or another, TV/Cable , they are not my favorite films to be sure, I don’t support those films simply because they bore me to tears, however, none of them compelled me to rush out and purchase a Ouija board after viewing them either. Of course I had my tin foil hat on when watching those films so perhaps his wand did not penetrate though the foil…

    • Matt, are you mocking or am I misreading your comment?

      I put no stock in Hollywood or conspiracy illuminati symbolism and the like having any mystical power. It’s all bogus. All evil is impotent against the power of Jesus Christ. All those who are bathed in the blood will not be misled.

      It’s not the believers I worry about. It’s the lost and the lukewarm I worry about. And for them you must acknowledge that Satan has propoganda to mislead the world and movies can be one form of propoganda. For example, the concept of good versus evil. This concept is universal throughout entertainment (including harry potter) and it will lead many to hell, because they will follow any good worldly savior whether they are righteous or not.

      If the AC looks good, opposes evil and saves many lives, then many will follow him over Jesus. We are told over and over so much that the AC will be evil that none will recognise him if he ‘comes as an angel of light.’ Something to consider.

    • Matt said

      No, I’m not mocking at all….I didn’t care for any of the Potter films. My reason might be different from others but the fact remains I felt they were poorly done.
      I’m not here to mock anyone, sorry if it came across like that. I don’t know much about witchcraft and sorcery, I try not to get involved with those things…But I agree with you, Hollywood has an agenda and luke warm Christians may be lead astray from such films….no doubt about it. I stopped watching R rated films and as a movie buff it was difficult, but necessary as these films were dragging me down and not pleasing to God. Again, I was not mocking you, I like your post they are always good and informative

    • No need to apologize. I apologize for reading into your comment things unintended.

      I have had a diminished desire to watch such films, but still from time to time still watch some. I too feel as if they are dragging me down and displeasing to God.

      I think I’ll take your lead and avoid them all together. Peace to you.

  12. mark huss said

    The Rapture of the Church, the Body of Christ, is a signless event.

    It has nothing to do with the Illuminati, Obama, Putin, ebola outbreak, weather changes, volcanoes, earthquakes, financial hemmoraging, dates, ufo’s, numbers or playing cards. During this dispensation, ‘This age of Grace’, the Body of Christ will be will be completed when the last person believes and then ‘This age of Grace’ will be over.

    Then God will begin to work with His people Israel once again as the church, ‘The Body of Christ’ will have been removed from this earth to our heavenly home.

    Following this the Tribulation will begin. How long after the Church, ‘The Body of Christ’ has been removed is unclear. However, the purpose of the Tribulation will be to judge unrighteous government, sinful mankind, Satan, and ultimately to bring His people Israel back into a right relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ as their

    When Christians are constanly looking for signs they run counter to God’s word. They will always be wrong, and will forfeit God’s blessings from His word from a lack of knowledge regarding His Body ‘The Church’, His people Israel ‘The Bride of Christ’, the Tribulation, the Millennium, the Second Advent, etc. . .

    • While everyone is entitled to their opinion, I must disagree. The scriptures are FULL of the things WE SHOULD BE WATCHING FOR. Those warnings and those alone are what we are to hold as truth. The Lord Himself said that he would pour out His Spirit in the latter days on those who are His. I love the Lord with all my heart and with all my soal. God alone is my judge. According to your analogy the walls guard themselves. There is no one put upon them to keep watch? This is exactly why the masses of God’s people are kept asleep. Nothing to see here, move along….Have a cup of tea and go back to your business. Join the world and have a burger. We sound the alarm and you wish to silence it. We cry out and you tell us to shut up. Those who have been called BY GOD to do His will, the watchmen, are doing it. Where were you when demons from hell visited my house and then witnessed again a second night by my wife (who had no inkling that such things existed btw) and child where by faith I cried out the name of Jesus and it fled? Where were you when I, by faith, laid hands on an elderly lady, whom I loved, and she was healed immediately from cancer for 5yrs before she died a natural death of old age? Does satan cast out satan? Is it the adversary who heals the sick and the lame? Those who deny that servants such as myself receive dreams and visions today and heal by the gift of God in Christ Jesus are the same deniers of Christ’s gifts to them that are His. I humbly ask that you look to believe ALL of God’s word and not just that which seems comfortable to your understanding.

    • mark huss said

      I knew that any response to what I wrote would be challenged by those who have had subjective experiences. I cannot address someone who has had ‘experiences’ with demons and healing powers and dreams. I only have the Word of God.

      The Word of God is empirical and objective (factual) as opposed to subjective (experiences and feelings).

      So, what of your reference to Joel’s prophecy regarding dreams in the latter days? This is not addressed to you but to Jews living during the Tribulation. You won’t be there as a member of the Body of Christ.

      In reference to being a watchman. Again, Old Testament reference to the faithful prophets who would attempt to call either Israel (the 10 northern tribes, or Judah the 2 southern tribes back from apostacy and unfaithfulness. Once again, not meant for you as part of the Body of Christ.

      Regarding your healing experiences. In the Book of Acts the gift of healing, as well as some other miraculous ‘gifts’ were given to the apostles to confirm their ministry and message as authentic, and given by God. The same was true for Jesus during His ministry on the earth.

      So the apostles ministered and wrote (God ‘breathed’) His words to us and confirmed all of this by the miraculous works and gifts of the Holy Spirit. Their writings take me to the eternal state and there God put a period on His revelation. That is, God Himself declared His Word as complete. Any further revelation (so-called via dreams or messages or visions etc…would not be of God).

      Any arguement to the contrary of what I have just stated will always be based on subjective experiences of individuals and not on the Word of God.

      I choose the objective Word of God rather than the subjectives experiences of anyone.

    • Brother OUR God is an awesome God… He WILL NOT be put in a box… I’ve walked with God for 40+ years, and He has BLOWN-UP EVERY BOX MY MIND HAS EVER CREATED FOR HIM!!!!

    • mark huss said

      Like you I have walked with the Lord 40 plus years. God is who He has declared Himself to be. “He changeth not”.

      You are right He is awesome. God is also logical. He is also consistent. He is holy and perfect in all that He does. He is righteous and loving. He bestows mercy everyday. He paid for my sins. He offers eternal life.

      He is also clear as to His plan for the Body of Christ as He revealed it in the Scripture.

      Being all powerful God does whatever He wants, right? Wrong! God is never inconsistent with His attributes.

      As a finite sinful man I cannot ‘put’ God in a box of my imaginations. I do not restrict God from who He is because I believe in what He has written concerning Himself.

    • God says that He honors His Word above His Holy Name… But do you truly believe that our “cannonized” Bible contains ALL that God is, or ever could be??? Have you read books like Enoch, which were held as “Scripture” in Jesus day, quoted in the book of Jude, but TAKEN OUT of our current “cannonized” versions???
      There comes a time when the more you know… the more you know that you don’t know…

    • Linda said

      True Enoch was ref., but not included because of obvious contamination/corruption. Why didn’t GOD give more if more was needed? We hold ev. written up against scripture not the other way around though. We can not trust man because we can not know their whole councel, motives, beliefs, heart etc. Look at the mess in the teachings out there! Look at the many Bibles esp from liberal men and women putting them together! Some Lesbians, spiritists Wescott and Hort etc. We need to be more guarded esp in these days of ev. wind of doctrine & paganism on the rise.

    • Linda said

      oops and I was thinking some walk in Christian circles their whole lives and still are cueless and sometimes unsaved (not meaning you). But yrs don’t necessarily mean anything.

      We will never know all of GOD maybe even in heaven in his presense.

    • Linda said

      Mark in both of your posts you said nothing that was incorrect! The gifts ceased when the Jews rejected their Resurected Messiah basically, that doesn’t mean we can not be healed as God chooses, but they are not for a sign today. The Body doesn’t need signs they need to Believe, by Faith the Written Word of God and to be in the ministry of Reconcilation as 2nd Cor.5:18-20 instructs us. That being said we are aware of the seasons as well by scripture, but not for being Raptured, but in sharing scripture with the lost. People do tend to pridedful at times adding ev. to the church. We have so many “denominations, so many “Gospels” so much division not like “that they may be one” So much tradition and a very loose way of applying scripture to our thought, feelings, incounters. So adament they are all from God. Some don’t even line up with scripture.

      We are to guard and contend for the Faith once delivered to the saints. We can be watchful, but I believe you are right in saying the watchman were the OT prophets.

      I know GOD is not in a box also he can heal whom he chooses and I have had the miracle to my arm to prove it and no man had a part, He allowed me to intercede in Faith and showed me in a dream a healing HE was going to give to my friends newborn dying grandson, even the Dr. knew it was a miracle, I was new born again & HE chose to show HIS power and Glory to me. He actually brought me on a miracle after miracle journey at that time, so it doesn’t mean no miracles just keep the scriptures in context! I think that’s what you are doing. No offense to anyone here :)

    • mark huss said

      I know what God has revealed in His Word and I’m responsible to that. I agree that God honors His word even above His Holy name. When Lucifer tempted Jesus, it was the Living Word who asked Lucifer what saith the Scripture. Same pattern with the religious hypocrites of the day, same also with the disciples. That was God’s pattern and will always be mine.

      Yes I have read the Book of Enoch, as well as others that were not cannonized.

      Linda, thank you for the reminder of the ministry of reconciliation. This is the mandate for the believer who is a part of the Body of Christ.

      Everyday there are miracles done by God. Salvation surely is a miracle. Physical healing by the Lord I’m sure occurs regularly. My reference earlier was to the gift of healing.

      I agree that we must be circumspect. We are taught this in Scripture.

    • richard said

      I dont think anyone here is looking for a date Mark. We all just know that we are in the end of the end of days. The rapture could occur today.

    • mark huss said

      I pray the Rapture of the Body of Christ is today. We all know that it is not normal out there. Certainly, shadows of future Tribulation are making their way into the present.

    • To God Be The Glory said

      Have the gifts really ceased? Has the Holy Spirit taken His gifts back, or kept them to himself, like many want us to believe? He still indwells believers, doesn’t He? God poured out His Spirit on the day of Pentecost. When they witnessed them speaking in other tongues, (one of the gifts) Peter said what they saw was in fulfillment of the prophecy spoken by Joel the prophet.

      Acts 2:17: and it shall come to pass in the” last days” I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh, your sons and daughters will prophecy, and young men see visions and old men shall dream dreams 18 On my servants and my handmaidens I will pour out of My Spirit “in those days” and they shall prophesy.

      I will pour out my Spirit “in those days”. What days? The last days!. Have the last days ceased? No. God is still pouring out His Spirit, and people are still receiving His gifts. I should know, since He has given me one of them, in fulfillment of this scripture.

      The reason we don’t see more miracles, is because of lack of faith, and because of spreading wrong information like we see here. Jesus Himself could do no miracles where they had no faith. God is still pouring out His gifts on those who believe His word and ask Him in faith. This pleases the Lord greatly, when we believe His word and with faith, act on it!

    • Linda said

      The Jews were always called servants. We are. Never called servants, but sons(daughters), children of God. Abba Father!

    • Linda said

      Jesus could do no miracles, or would not do any miracles? Faith how do you interpret that? Just want to be sure I understand you.

    • Linda said

      Now this will cause a stir. Tongues. As babel like even shamans speak, or the languages of all the diverse people present that they understood them in there own tongue?

    • To God Be The Glory said

      (So, what of your reference to Joel’s prophecy regarding dreams in the latter days? This is not addressed to you but to Jews living during the Tribulation. You won’t be there as a member of the Body of Christ).

      I forgot to add this important scripture (Acts 2/16) where Peter explains that what they were actually seeing ( when they heard them speak with other tongues)was a fulfillment of the Joel prophecy: So how can it be addressed to the Jews living during the tribulation?The promise was to them and to us and to as many as the Lord shall call.

      Acts 2:16 ” But this is that which was spoken by the prophet Joel”

    • John said

      After reading all the back and forth going on here I’m so glad that I have words of comfort to one so simple as I.

      Titus 3:9 But avoid foolish questions, and genealogies, and contentions, and strivings about the law; for they are unprofitable and vain.

    • To God Be The Glory said

      These are not foolish questions, as the gifts of the Spirit are a very important factor and extremely necessary for the last days.

      “the jews are called servants, we are never called servants”

      Luke 17:10 So likewise ye, when ye shall have done all those things which are commanded you, say, We are unprofitable” servants”: we have done that which was our duty to do.

      Because they didn’t believe, Jesus’ power,( which needs their faith to operate), was hindered.
      Mark 6:5 And he “could there” do no mighty work, save that he laid his hands upon a few sick folk, and healed them


      1 Cor 14:23 If therefore the whole church be come together into one place, and all speak with tongues, and there come in those that are unlearned, or unbelievers, will they not say that ye are mad?

      Genuine tongues will not generally be understood by others, Paul said. Unlearned people might think they were mad, which is the same thing you were implying?

      For the church to operate properly, we need to make use of Gods gifts and appreciate them and be grateful for the help. They are gifts. They are to help us in the job we are called to do. I use my gift every day. I thank Him and praise Him for His gift. If you want a gift too, just ask Him, using your faith!

    • John said

      I was implying all that, really? The only person I ever knew who spoke in tongues was my brother in law (who spoke in tongues while he was in the shower,no one was there to interpret believe it or not) who happens to belong to a cult. I know what my gift is it was given to me when I was saved, I didn’t ask for it, it was given. As far as the foolish arguments is concerned….. Case closed,though I’m sure you’ll feel a need to respond. Goodnight.

    • Linda said

      John that was combative and unkind.
      “Case closed,though I’m sure you’ll feel a need to respond. Goodnight.”

      I hope you got the needed rest!

    • mark huss said

      Concerning the prophecy of Joel that Peter spoke of in Acts 2:

      This was a partial fulfillment of this prophecy that was given to the Jews present at Jerusalem during the Passover.

      At some time yet future, there will be Jews on earth during the Tribulation. It will be at that time that a total fulfillment of this prophecy will be understood. The Jews 12,000 from each tribe will take God’s saving message to all nations and tribes and kindreds everywhere on this earth. Languages, unlearned languages, will be taken to all people everywhere in fulfillment of the ‘Great Commission of Matthew 28:18-20.

      The prophecy of Joel has to do with Israel and her commission by God to be a light unto all nations, tribes and kindreds. One only has to read the second chapter of the book of Acts to understand that this prophecy, the message by Peter, those who were listening to it, the feast of Passover, and the reference to David and the millennial promises were strictly Jewish.

      The Body of Christ, that is the church of today applies this prophecy to itself in violation of every principle of interpretation.

      The church had not even been revealed at this time. God kept the church a mystery that was unknown at that time. It would later be revealed to Paul on the road to Damascus years later.

      So the question is do you believe God’s word or will you cling to subjective experiences (speaking in tongues, or your private prayer language) that dictate what you believe about the Scripture?

      After I was saved, I was discipled by a Pentecostal man who believed in speaking in tongues, having visions and dreams, doing supernatural healings, raising people from the dead, prophesying, and a host of other things. I was always taught to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. I was continually reminded that if my life was not filled with supernatural gifts and experiences that I lacked faith.

      I knew that I did not need experiential living but simple trust in God’s revealed word. My prayer then, as it is today, is that God will lead me and guide me into all of His revealed truth..

    • Linda said

      AMEN!!!!!!!!! and ditto! Sounds similar to mine (Pastor out of Assembly of God, big Charismatic church, full Gospel etc.) then $$$, slick mrktg for “Big Churches”, almost partnered w/Binny Hinn GOD help us! Wised up to that!!, but lost the sweet spirit in that church, a big split and his wife ended up having an affair it was so sad!! Took a long time to get the junk along the way out of my head! God is Faithful and led me to Pastor David’s web site and he led me scripture by scripture, challenges your ideas and the takes scripture to make it’s case and is teaching me the Word of God! Good job well done! It’s not a msg. well received by most.

    • To God Be The Glory said

      Sorry John
      The first part of my comment was to you, and the rest of it was in answer to Linda’s last three questions which I felt were directed at me. I should have pointed that out. Sorry for the confusion.

    • Linda said

      Nope no direction sorry, just putting it out there. The one who said walked 40yrs did seem to have a little sting attached though. Can’t remember who said that, it doesn’t matter because it fits us all at times and we must try to be loving and most of the time when we are passionet about things we come off strong etc.

    • To God Be The Glory said


      The Promise came on the Jews first, but then the Gentiles also.

      Acts 2:16 ” But this is that which was spoken by the prophet Joel”

      Acts 2:17: and it shall come to pass in the” last days” I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh, your sons and daughters will prophecy, and young men see visions and old men shall dream dreams 18 On my servants and my handmaidens I will pour out of My Spirit “in those days” and they shall prophesy.

      Acts 2:38 Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the “gift of the Holy Ghost”.

      39 For “the promise is unto you, and to your children, and to all
      that are afar off, even as many as the Lord our God shall call.”

      Acts 10:45 And they of the circumcision which believed were astonished, as many as came with Peter, because that on the Gentiles also was poured out
      the “gift of the Holy Ghost”

      Acts 11:15 And as I began to speak, the Holy Ghost fell on them, as on us at the beginning.

      16 Then remembered I the word of the Lord, how that he said, John indeed baptized with water; but ye shall be baptized with the Holy Ghost.

      17 Forasmuch then as God gave them the like gift as he did unto us, who believed on the Lord Jesus Christ; what was I, that I could withstand God?

      18 When they heard these things, they held their peace, and glorified God, saying, Then hath God also to the Gentiles granted repentance unto life.

      The gifts of God are nothing to be afraid of, and are to be greatly desired and sought out.
      The gifts of the Spirit are a huge blessing to the church and bring glory to the Father.

      1 Cor 12;31 31 But covet earnestly the best gifts….

      The early church knew how to pray, and they understood what they needed and asked for it. We need all of the help we can get down here.

      Acts 4;29 … grant unto thy servants, that with all boldness they may speak thy word,

      30 By stretching forth thine hand to heal; and that signs and wonders may be done by the name of thy holy child Jesus.

      31 And when they had prayed, the place was shaken where they were assembled together; and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and they spake the word of God with boldness

    • To God Be The Glory said

      The church had not even been revealed at this time. God kept the church a mystery that was unknown at that time. It would later be revealed to Paul on the road to Damascus years later”

      The mystery that the Gentiles also could receive salvation was revealed to Peter first. As they were all shocked. Its explained in the famous dream Peter had…

      Acts 11 And the apostles and brethren that were in Judaea heard that the Gentiles had also received the word of God.

      2 And when Peter was come up to Jerusalem, they that were of the circumcision contended with him,

      3 Saying, Thou wentest in to men uncircumcised, and didst eat with them.

      4 But Peter rehearsed the matter from the beginning, and expounded it by order unto them, saying,

      5 I was in the city of Joppa praying: and in a trance I saw a vision, A certain vessel descend, as it had been a great sheet, let down from heaven by four corners; and it came even to me:

      6 Upon the which when I had fastened mine eyes, I considered, and saw fourfooted beasts of the earth, and wild beasts, and creeping things, and fowls of the air.

      7 And I heard a voice saying unto me, Arise, Peter; slay and eat.

      8 But I said, Not so, Lord: for nothing common or unclean hath at any time entered into my mouth.

      9 But the voice answered me again from heaven, What God hath cleansed, that call not thou common.

      10 And this was done three times: and all were drawn up again into heaven.

      11 And, behold, immediately there were three men already come unto the house where I was, sent from Caesarea unto me.

      12 And the Spirit bade me go with them, nothing doubting. Moreover these six brethren accompanied me, and we entered into the man’s house:

      13 And he shewed us how he had seen an angel in his house, which stood and said unto him, Send men to Joppa, and call for Simon, whose surname is Peter;

      14 Who shall tell thee words, whereby thou and all thy house shall be saved.

      15 And as I began to speak, the Holy Ghost fell on them, as on us at the beginning.

      16 Then remembered I the word of the Lord, how that he said, John indeed baptized with water; but ye shall be baptized with the Holy Ghost.

      17 Forasmuch then as God gave them the like gift as he did unto us, who believed on the Lord Jesus Christ; what was I, that I could withstand God?

      18 When they heard these things, they held their peace, and glorified God, saying, Then hath God also to the Gentiles granted repentance unto life.

    • Janet R said

      I find it interesting that Paul in the same chapter of I Thessalonians where he warns about the antichrist tells us not to quench the Spirit’s Fire and then tells us to “Test everything. Hold on to the good. Avoid every kind of evil.” I Thessalonians 5:19-22. It seems to me that this is indicative of the fact that some of the most believable deceptions will occur in the last days before the appearance of the antichrist.
      The gifts of the spirit have not ceased. He makes it clear in the New Testament that they are an important part of any believer’s life. To say that He doesn’t heal people today when there are Christians overseas with new limbs literally growing on them before people’s eyes and practically whole villages being saved because of this evidence of the love of the Lord God Almighty is really sad and myopic, not subjective. I have heard this teaching for years in many mainline denominational churches and it is based on a fear of the supernatural world, not on a subjective study of God Almighty’s ways. The preacher’s who preach it have to cut out verses or parts of verses to even make it close to plausible. In Isaiah 59: 21 God Almighty speaks to the real sons of Israel, not just the natural, but also the spiritual when He says: “My Spirit, who is on you, and my words that I have put in your mouth will not depart from your mouth, or from the mouths of your children, or from the mouths of their descendants from this time on and forever,” says the Lord. If you go back to verse 19 you will see that this applies to all people who put their trust in Him. I find it really, really sad that so many preachers stand up in a pulpit and declare that the only guidance that we have is just the Bible and our “subjective” interpretation of it. That we should never let emotions guide us. God is love people and He gives us love to share. Yes, love can be a decision, but to really live it, it is also an emotion in response to His love for us.
      Yes, everything should line back up with His Word, but he is still revealing himself to those who believe today. In American we live in a land that is so clouded in Greek Humanism that most people do not believe that God is real and moves today. Most people just want to think of God as the sweet little old man sitting on the porch who handed out a book years ago that we should read but he doesn’t really care what we do and it is okay to sit in a pew and stew in your boredom as you subjectively study the Word of God. The Living God who is the Same Yesterday, Today, and Forever. I don’t see anywhere where He says that His Holy Spirit with its gifts will leave before the Tribulation. I think that the occult stepped in and started slowly mocking and nay saying and people started believing the lie. In the process we have disobeyed and quenched the Spirit’s Fire.

    • Linda said

      “I Thessalonians where he warns about the antichrist tells us not to quench the Spirit’s Fire and then tells us to “Test everything. Hold on to the good. Avoid every kind of evil.” I Thessalonians 5:19-22.”

      KJB: IThess5-5 But of the times and the seasons, brethren, ye have no need that I write unto you.
      2 For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night.
      3 For when THEY shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and THEY shall not escape.
      4 But YE, brethren, are NOT IN DARKNESS, that that day should overtake you as a thief.
      5 YE are all the CHILDREN of lLIGHT, and the children of the DAY: we are NOT OF THE NIGHT, NOR OF DARKNESS. (capitals added for emphasis)

      First Paul is adressing Believers and warning and encouraging them that those still in darkness will be caught as a thief catches them(satan is that theif who comes to steal, kill and destroy!!!) Quenching the spirirt is doubting His attributes in teaching and guiding directing us doing our thing , not taking His heed etc. like when our children ignore our councel and behave badly inspite of our intruction and warning). What an insult to God in the 3rd person!, but we doi it al the time.
      Isaiah 59: 21 God Almighty speaks to the real sons of Israel, (we are NOT ISREAL that’s replacement theology!) we are Gentiles grafted in and the BODY of Christ. All undergrace Jew and Gentile are that!

      6 Therefore let us not sleep, as do others; but let us watch and be sober.

      This is our walk IN CHRIST, we are to study and show ourselves approved, we are to KNOW GOD, we are to walk in LOVE we are to be in our ful armor because of this enemy above we have after us. We are to be aware of the wiles of the devil. To warn others of his ways and intent.

      Second below you will notice the HS is NOT in them but ON them. This is the way it was/OT and will be in the Great Tribulation when Grace has been removed and they go back under the :LAW and JUDGEMENT! Like David and OT Jews etc. who the HS had not been given to indwell them yet as Jesus had not come yet and left the comforter sealed in them as in Grace/the creation of the Church/BODY of CHRIST. Remember David pleading with GOD not to TAKE HIS HS from him. The HS never leaves us we are sealed in Christ by Him and He remains in us as our guide and comforter to bring us into all truth! To reveal our sin nature when it rears it’s ugly head and help us repent/ meteneo=change our mind and line ourselves back up with GOD.

      “My Spirit, who is on you, and my words that I have put in your mouth will not depart from your mouth, or from the mouths of your children, or from the mouths of their “

    • Linda said

      Janet I had to continue here had trouble w/curser staying in place.

      Isaiah 59: 21 God Almighty speaks to the real sons of Israel,

      (we are NOT ISREAL that’s replacement theology!) we are Gentiles grafted in and the BODY of Christ. All under grace Jew and Gentile are that!

      “Greek Humanism that most people do not believe that God is real and moves today. Most people just want to think of God as the sweet little old man sitting on the porch who handed out a book years ago that we should read but he doesn’t really care what we do and it is okay to sit in a pew and stew in your boredom as you subjectively study the Word of God. ”

      They aren’t humanists any longer they are paganists who believe in eseoteric, new age, greek mythology,satanism which we now see as not a myth! This thinking has crept into the church as well as the masses who see more power in /Yoga/Eatern Mysticism/New Age Masons, Contemplative, Emergent thinking “the Church”. of today. Liberal theologians are furthering this assult on the church with bad theology rebuking sound doctrine and creating a new “church’ in unbelief if that ain’t an oxymoron.

      It is very easy to read scripture with our preconceived ideas at what it’s saying lining it up to our ideas instead of scripture proving scripture. Right;ly dividing the word of GOD and using things like a concordance and 1st mentioned rules. What the meaning was when 1st mentioned and checking the concordance for the def. used etc. We camn move those meanings around easily when we use our paradyme etc. to add our intent. That is done with frequency and that’s why so many denominations all arguing against ea other member. That’s why I said before “That they may be ONE(BODY)” where’s the Unity here, that the world saw in the 1st century when the Apostles who were with Christ gave the pure words of Jesus by the power of the HS(Penticost) to the masses and they were will to die horrific deaths because of their Faith.

      I have listened to Missionarries come back home and visit and they haven’t a clue to The Gospel msg. on salvation! Missionaries!!! So what do these “new believers” really believe. Scary!

      “His Holy Spirit with its gifts ” which gifts are you saying stayed and which eft? We are to have the gifts/attributes of the HS functioning in our lives always. Love, Patience …. The “Gifts” the Apostles had did cease when the Jews rejected the Prophecies and testament of Jesus and His miracles after His Resurrection and chose to remain in unbeief and then were set aside temporarily until Jacobs Trouble come into play! They were to be sparked into jealously by the Gentiles receiving what they woud not.

      “I think” what does the Word say and what does History prove according to the word?

      Healings have not cease, but the ministry that was by the Apostles did cease they were part of the signs that would folow their teaching since the sign people/Jews were to look for those signs. We have the Word of GOD/Faith and Believe in Faith the testimony of the Word of GOD w/o signs. That’s why it’s such a unique dispensation, we believe w/o seeing we believe by Faith!

      They saw and they still didn’t believe and credited Satan with the miracles! GOD then set them aside(Temp.) for their unbelief.

      I experienced a healing in my arm I know GOD can heal, I was in a car accident/rear ended I have a shattered heal and deteriorating ankle. I have lived with it since 89′ I prayed in Faith(because I KNOW my GOD can heal), but HE chose to let it remain and I have severe pain and in other areas , I asked GOD when I was Told re.damaged/pain
      please let it hold up till old age and HE did grant that, it’s falling apart now (89′-2012 is a long time!) He decided it was for a greater purpose to allow it to remain. If HE wants HE can change it period I accept HIS decision.

      The point is there’s a ;ot of liscense taken in interpreting GOD’s Word and not as much searching scripture to know the meaning. The “I think’s”) I truely do not mean to offend anyone, but we should be able to discuss these things openy and help each other and question things like a Berean and defend the Gospel, not let men creep in and corrupt GOD’s word vet them like we would a candidate(oops they don’t do that either!!!)

    • brick said

      Linda, AMEN! to what you wrote here:
      “oops and I was thinking some walk in Christian circles their whole lives and still are cueless and sometimes unsaved (not meaning you). But yrs don’t necessarily mean anything.”

      I’ve only been a believer, a FOLLOWER , for not very many months, but one thing I know is, Jesus doesn’t count the years, but He does count those who trust, and follow the way He asks of us..

    • mark huss said

      The vision of Peter in Acts chapter 4 deals with the pride that was pervasive with those believing Jews at Jerusalem who thought that as God’s people all of this supernatural attention of the Holy Spirit belonged solely to them. However, God wanted them to understand that His plan would also be inclusive of the Gentiles who were considered to be unclean.

      So, during the Tribulation period (not the Church Age) God will be saving many Jews and Gentiles from every tribe and kindered and tongue.

      What is easily confused at this point is that God was telling His people that He was not finished with them at this point. At a later time (The Tribulation) they were to accomplish God’s purpose for them and for the Gentile nations. Keeping in mind that the church, the Body of Christ was yet to be revealed years later by the apostle Paul.

      Since speaking in tongues and whether the sign gifts have ceased, has been of particular interest I thought I would
      add some information to this discussion that may be helpful to those of you who are willing to step aside from the subjective experience(s) of the sign gifts to the meat of Scripture.

      The Apostle Paul wrote to the Corinthian church that “they came behind no other church” when it came to the gifts of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 1:7 ), no church had more of the gifts of the Holy Spirit than the Corinthian church, yet Paul says that he spoke in tongues more than all of them (1 Corinthians 14:18 )! However, the Lord revealed to him that those sign gifts were going to cease, “whether there are prophecies, they will fail; whether there are tongues, they will cease; whether there is knowledge, it will vanish away” (1 Corinthians 13:8 ).
      Here, the Apostle Paul writes of the gift of tongues, the gift of prophecy and the gift of knowledge (1 Corinthians 13:1-2 ) and states that the risen LORD Jesus Christ had revealed to him (1 Corinthians 11:23 ; 15:3; Galatians 1:11-12 ) that a time was coming when these sign gifts were going to cease to operate. The question has always been…when?
      So…fellow LLMr’s, let’s tackle this: When did water Baptism and the sign gifts cease?
      First Step: Arranging Paul’s letters in the order that he wrote them:
      Let’s begin by setting up a time line of the Apostle Paul’s ministry. Paul was saved in Acts 9 when Christ appeared to him on the road to Damascus. Paul would go on to write 13 books in the New Testament (from the Letter to the Romans to the Letter to Philemon). When we remember that the Apostle Paul is the subject of at least half of the Book of Acts, we realize that half of the 27 books in the New Testament are either about him (The Book of Acts) or were written by him (13 Books).
      The Apostle Paul’s letters are arranged in The Bible two ways: The letters to the churches are put first, nine letters from Romans to 2 Thessalonians, then the four letters written to individuals, from 1 Timothy to Philemon. The letters are also arranged by length, Romans is longest and is first, then the Corinthian letters, then Galatians, etc. Longer letters are first, shorter ones later.
      However, to understand when the sign gifts ceased, we need to read the Apostle Paul’s letters in the order that he wrote them. When we arrange the letters in the order that they were written, all becomes clear!
      The first 6 of Paul’s letters can be fit into the Book of Acts. Therefore, we can read the Book of Acts and then read the Apostle Paul’s letters and we can see where Paul was when he wrote these letters.
      The Letter to the Galatians is first
      In Acts 13-14 Paul and Barnabas went on their first apostolic journey which took them into Galatia, with cities like Antioch, Lystra, Derbe, etc. Soon after Paul returned from this journey he wrote the letter to the Galatians (see Galatians 1:6 where Paul writes to the Galatians and says, you are “so quickly turned.”). Galatians was written soon after Paul returned from that first journey, therefore, soon after Acts 14:27 . That makes Galatians the earliest of Paul’s letters.
      Then 1 Thessalonians and 2 Thessalonians
      The next letters the Apostle Paul wrote are the two letters to the Thessalonians. In Acts 17 , Paul, on his second apostolic journey, came to Thessalonica and preached there. Many were saved, but Paul was driven out of town. Paul continued on to Corinth where he wrote the two letters to the Thessalonians. Timothy’s return from Macedonia mentioned in Acts 18:5 is also reported in 1 Thessalonians 3:6 . And in 2 Thessalonians 2:5 Paul reminds the Thessalonians of his teaching, as if it had not been very long since he had been with them. So the writing of 1 Thessalonians and 2 Thessalonians can be placed into Acts 18 during the Apostle Paul’s ministry in Corinth, and that makes them the second and third letters that Paul wrote.
      Next is 1 Corinthians and 2 Corinthians
      The next two letters that the Apostle Paul wrote are the two letters to the Corinthians. In Acts 18 Paul spent a year and a half ministering in Corinth (Acts 18:11 ). He later returned to his home base at Antioch (Acts 18:22 ), and later in his third apostolic journey he arrived in Ephesus (his ministry in Ephesus extends all the way through Acts 19 , a period of more than two years, see verse 10). It is here in Ephesus, during Acts 19 , that Paul wrote 1 Corinthians (1 Corinthians 16:19 ). Shortly after that the Apostle Paul traveled to Macedonia (Acts 20:1 , and 2 Cor. 2:13 ) and that is where he wrote 2 Corinthians.
      Then comes Romans
      In Acts 20:2-3 Paul arrived in “Greece,” actually Corinth again, and spent three months there enjoying the hospitality of a believer named Gaius, mentioned in 1 Corinthians 1:14 . In Gaius’s home, in Corinth, the Apostle Paul wrote the letter to the Romans (Rom. 16:23 ). This is the last letter written during the Book of Acts. In Acts 21:33 , the Apostle Paul was arrested in Jerusalem, and would spend the next 5 years in prison, right through the end of the Book of Acts.
      Summary of Above
      So, so far, from Acts 9- Acts 28 we read of the earlier ministry of the Apostle Paul and find that during these years he wrote 6 of his 13 letters. Once again, for those not really paying attention…lol, the order of these first six books is: 1) Galatians (end of Acts 14 ), 2) 1 Thessalonians (Acts 18 ), 3) 2 Thessalonians (Acts 18 ), 4) 1 Corinthians (Acts 19 ), 5) 2 Corinthians (Acts 20 ),6. Romans (Acts 20 ). In Acts 21 Paul was arrested and remained a prisoner through to Acts 28 , and beyond.
      Now, The Prison Epistles: Ephesians, Colossians, Philemon, and Philippians
      Shortly after the end of the Book of Acts, while he was still a prisoner, now in Rome, Paul wrote four letters, the “prison epistles”: Ephesians, Colossians, Philemon and Philippians. In each of these letters he writes of his “chains” (Ephesians 6:20 , Colossians 4:18 , Philemon 13 , and Philippians 1:13 ).
      Then, The Pastoral Epistles: The letters to Titus, First Timothy and Second Timothy
      The Apostle Paul was released from this imprisonment and continued his ministry for a few years, maybe 3 years. During this time he wrote the three letters known as the “Pastoral Epistles,” because these letters were written to the Apostle Paul’s co-workers…Pastor Timothy and Pastor Titus.
      At the end of his life he is again in prison. This time he anticipates being beheaded for the Lord and writes the last letter, Second Timothy.
      Now let’s read the epistles in the order Paul wrote them
      Having surveyed the 13 letters and having put them into their chronological order, let’s see what they tell us about our question: when did the sign gifts cease?
      In the first six letters, all written during the period covered by the Book of Acts, we find that the sign gifts, including water baptism were operating in all these churches. All through the Book of Acts we read of tongues, the gift of prophecy, the gift of healing, etc. We read of, tongues and prophecy in Acts 19:6 , the gift of prophecy in Acts 21:10-14 , the gift of healing in Acts 19:11-12 and Acts:28:8-9, and so on. Correspondingly, in the “Acts Epistles” we read of the gifts operating in the churches that the Apostle Paul founded. In Galatians 3:5 , 1 Thessalonians 5:20 , 1 Corinthians 12 , 1 Corinthians 13 , 1 Corinthians 14 , 2 Corinthians 12:12 , and Romans 12:6 , in all of these we read about the gifts in operation right through to the end of the Book of Acts.
      But, during this time in the Book of Acts, the RISEN Christ revealed to the Apostle Paul that the sign gifts were going to cease, as we read earlier in 1 Corinthians 13:8-12 . The gifts were all in operation all through the Book of Acts period and are mentioned in the letters written during that time, but, again, the LORD Jesus Christ had revealed that the sign gifts were going to cease at some time in the future.
      HERE is where the gift of tongues ceased
      Now we turn to the prison epistles, the four letters written shortly after the end of the Book of Acts, while the Apostle Paul was a prisoner in Rome, these are Ephesians, Colossians, Philemon and Philippians. In them we find that there is not one word about tongues, or the gift of healing. Even where we might have expected the Apostle Paul to write of tongues in the passage about being “filled with the Spirit” in Ephesians 5:17 , he has nothing to say about tongues. Then, concerning the gift of healing, we read of a co-worker of the Apostle Paul’s, Epaphroditus, who fell seriously ill during this time, Philippians 2:25-30 , and the Apostle Paul no longer had the gift of healing, and was no longer able to heal as he did only a few years earlier in Acts 28:9 . The sign gifts were no longer operating at the time that Paul wrote the Prison Epistles.
      So, we ask, can tongues be found in the Pastoral Epistles?
      In the 3 Pastoral Epistles, as in the prison epistles, we do not read of tongues or the gift of healing operating at this time. We do read of prophecies that had BEEN made about Timothy in 1 Timothy 1:18 , 1 Timothy 4:14 , and 2 Timothy 1:6 , but these were given years before. So far as we read in these three letters, we wouldn’t even know that there had been a “gift of tongues.”
      And, again, in places where we would have expected the Apostle Paul to mention the sign gifts, he is silent. When Paul gives Timothy and Titus instructions regarding the choice of men to be elders in the churches, Paul says nothing about the desirability of these men having a gift such as prophecy, or healing, or other sign gifts (Titus 1:6-9 , and 1 Tim. 3:1-10 ). The gifts of tongues, prophecy, etc., were no longer in operation by the time the Apostle Paul wrote the pastoral epistles.
      It is clear that the gift of healing has ceased because, as in Philippians, Paul was no longer able to heal, even his co-workers. Timothy was suffering stomach problems and frequent infirmities (1 Timothy 5:23 ) and the Apostle Paul can’t heal him, also, he doesn’t recommend that he go to a healer in the church, doesn’t send a prayer cloth or a bottle of anointing oil (remember the miracles of some 8 years earlier in Acts 19:11-12 ). Likewise in 2 Timothy 4:20 , Paul has to leave behind his co-worker Trophimus who had fallen sick on the last journey. The Apostle Paul’s gift of healing (Acts 28:9 ) was no longer operating in Philippians 2:27 , 1 Timothy 5:23 and 2 Timothy 4:20 .
      What Have We Learned So Far
      The sign gifts, water baptism, tongues, prophecy, the gift of healing, etc. were operating all through the Book of Acts, and these gifts are mentioned in the letters that the Apostle Paul wrote during the Acts period. But when we turn to the letters written AFTER the Book of Acts (the 4 Prison Epistles, and the 3 Pastoral Epistles), we find that the sign gifts either aren’t mentioned at all or we see, as with the gift of healing, that they were no longer operating in the Apostle Paul’s life. What he could do in Acts 28 , he could no longer do in Philippians, or in 1 Timothy and 2 Timothy. He could heal all the sick on the island in Acts 28:9 , but he couldn’t heal any of his closest co-workers…Timothy, Epaphroditus, Trophimus…after the close of the Book of Acts.
      Therefore, arranging the Apostle Paul’s letters in the order that he wrote them allows us to see the pattern of truth that is found in the Word of God:
      The sign gifts were operating in Acts and in all of the Acts Epistles: Galatians, 1 Thessalonians, 2 Thessalonians, 1 Corinthians, 2 Corinthians, and Romans. Let’s take note again, in this time period, in 1 Corinthians 13:8-12 , the Apostle Paul tells us that Christ had revealed to him that these gifts would cease some day. THEY DID. In the letters written after the Book of Acts, the sign gifts had ceased, just as the RISEN Christ said that they would. The pattern could not be clearer, and the contrast could not be sharper between the earlier letters and the later letters, between the time when all the sign gifts were operating, and the time when all the sign gifts had ceased.
      Therefore, we can now give a scriptural answer to the question that we started with: when did the sign gifts cease? The answer is that the sign gifts ceased at the end of the Book of Acts. There is no record in Scripture of any of the sign gifts operating in any of the letters that Paul wrote after the end of the Acts period, and it is clear that the gift of healing had ceased since the Apostle Paul could no longer heal even his closest co-workers after the close of the Book of Acts.
      So all of this begs the question: WHY did the sign gifts cease?
      The Holy Spirit, through the Apostle Paul writes in 1 Corinthians 13:8-12 , “Love never fails. But whether there are prophecies, they will fail; whether there are tongues, they will cease; whether there is knowledge, it will vanish away. For we know in part and we prophesy in part. But when that which is perfect has come, then that which is in part will be done away. When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things. For now we see in a mirror, dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part, but then I shall know just as I also am known.”
      The gift of tongues, prophecy and knowledge during the Acts period were only “in part”, they were incomplete, they did not communicate the full knowledge that the LORD Jesus Christ had to reveal. But the LORD revealed to the Apostle Paul that “that which is perfect” was coming. In English, as in Greek, this is a neuter pronoun, “that thing which is perfect.” Paul was not writing about the coming of “He who is perfect” but of the coming of a “thing” which is perfect. When it came, then the gifts which were only “in part” would cease.
      Before the end of the Book of Acts, during the Acts period, and in the letters written during the Acts period, the risen Christ, had only revealed part of the “Dispensation of Grace”(Ephesians 3:2 ) to the Apostle Paul, but He had not yet revealed the entire message to him. It was still only “in part” during the Acts period, but with the close of the Book of Acts, the risen Christ, completed the revelation of the “Mystery” (Ephesians 3:3-9 , and Colossians 1:26-27 ). “That which is perfect” was finally revealed in all its fullness to the Apostle Paul and at that moment, those things which were only “in part” passed away from God’s program.
      The Holy Spirit through the Apostle Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 13:12 , “Now I know in part, but then I shall know just as I also am known.” When the Apostle Paul wrote “now I know in part,” he used the common word for “know,” the Greek word gnosis. But then, when he wrote “but then I shall know…” he changes the word from gnosis to epignosis,”to fully know.” To paraphrase: “Now, as I’m writing 1 Corinthians in Acts 19 , I have gnosis…I know, in part, what God’s message is for us today in the Dispensation of Grace, but then, when that which is perfect has come…I shall have epignosis, the full knowledge of God’s message of Grace for us today.”
      All through the Book of Acts the Apostle Paul had only “gnosis,” partial knowledge of the message of Grace, but when we turn to the Prison Letters we suddenly find Paul using that word “epignosis”, he had now received that “full knowledge” which he didn’t have when he wrote to the Colossians, “For I want you to know what a great conflict I have for you and those in Laodicea, and for as many as have not seen my face in the flesh, that their hearts may be encouraged, being knit together in love, and attaining to all riches of the full assurance of understanding, to the knowledge (epignosis: full knowledge) of the Mystery of God, both of the Father and of Christ” (Colossians 2:1-2 ).
      “For this reason we also, since the day we heard it, do not cease to pray for you, and to ask that you may be filled with the knowledge (epignosis: full knowledge) of His will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding; that you may walk worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing Him, being fruitful in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God; strengthened with all might, according to His glorious power, for all patience and longsuffering with joy; giving thanks to the Father who has qualified us to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in the light” (Colossians 1:9-12 ).
      In all the seven letters written after the close of the Book of Acts, the Apostle Paul uses this word “epignosis”, the full knowledge. What he had not yet received in 1 Corinthians 13 , he NOW has. That which is perfect HAD come, completing that which was not, and so the sign gifts had passed away.
      Let’s not forget, the “sign gifts” were signs for God’s “sign people”
      The close of the Book of Acts was also the temporary close of God’s dealings with the Nation of Israel. Acts 28:25-28 stands as God’s last words to the Nation of Israel for more than two thousand years. The Jews sought after signs (1 Corinthians 1:22 ) so God gave them signs…among the Gentiles! This was done in order to provoke Israel to jealousy (Romans 11:14 ). But with the close of the Book of Acts, God sets aside Israel for a time, and when God gave up on the “sign people” for a time, the sign gifts passed out of His program. Pentecostalism is the mixture of Judaism and the Grace of Christ and while their error differs somewhat from that error that the Apostle Paul sought to correct in his Epistle to the Galatians, the same principle is involved.
      So what do you tell someone who says “I speak in tongues, what should I do?”
      Many true Children of God today have had an experience that they think is the scriptural gift of tongues. However, after studying the Apostle Paul’s letters and the scriptural teaching concerning the cessation of the gift of tongues, they ask, “So, what should I do now?”
      There are several possible explanations for the experience. It may be a psychological experience or even a spiritual experience, but clearly, from the Word of God, The Bible, it is not the Holy Spirit’s gift of tongues. Also, let’s not forget that Satan is the great imitator, and his demons are very active. So, what should they do? There are two simple words to bring this to resolution. Those two words are: Stop It. Simply: Stop! Stop speaking in tongues because it is not from the Holy Spirit. Regardless of what you might feel. Regardless of what you might think, or even want to believe. If it is not from the Holy Spirit of God, YOU DON’T WANT IT!
      There are many that have been taught that a person has to speak in tongues to prove that he is really saved, or that he really has the Holy Spirit dwelling within. So they’ve “learned” to speak in tongues, but when they see from Scripture that this gift is not in operation from the LORD Jesus Christ today, they can at last cease their effort to prove their salvation and start to walk by faith and not by sight and signs.
      The Holy Spirit’s instruction through the Apostle Paul to the prophets at Corinth is pertinent, “If anything is revealed to another who sits by, let the first keep silent. For you can all prophesy one by one, that all may learn and all may be encouraged. And the spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets. For God is not the author of confusion but of peace, as in all the churches of the saints” (1 Corinthians 14:30-33 ).
      If you are of the Pentecostal persuasion and are having an experience, (as has been shown exhaustively above from the Scriptures is NOT from the Holy Spirit and therefore not from the LORD Jesus Christ), it is time to “KEEP SILENT”. Then, remember that our spirits are to be under our own control, and NOT under the control of whatever spirit is trying to, or has possessed you. Again, “the spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets.”
      Listen to Christ’s, WARNING:
      “Many will say to Me in that day, `Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?’ And then I will declare to them, `I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!'”(Matthew 7:22-23 ).
      Yes, they really had had these experiences. They had prophesied in Jesus’ name, they had cast out demons and done miracles in His name. The LORD does not deny that they had done these things, notice that. HOWEVER, then He tells them that even while they were doing these things, He had never ever known them. It is important that our belief be based on the Word of God, The Bible, and not on experiences, because experiences and signs can deceive us.
      And, about the gift of healing:
      As we have seen, the Apostle Paul was able to heal many sick people all through the Book of Acts. He healed every sick person on the Island of Malta in Acts 28 . And he wrote to the Corinthians about the gift of healing that was operating in their church during the Acts period (1 Corinthians 12:9 ). But we have also seen that with the close of the Book of Acts, the gift of healing ceased to operate. The Apostle Paul could no longer heal anyone, not Epaphroditus (Philippians 2 ), not Timothy (1 Timothy 5:23 ), and not Trophimus (2 Timothy 4:20 ). The gift of healing had ceased to operate, along with the other sign gifts.
      Today God no longer gives the GIFT of healing, and there are no “healers.” But we should not think that God Himself no longer heals! LOOK, in Philippians 2 we read of a healing that God did after the gift of healing had ceased to operate, “Yet I considered it necessary to send to you Epaphroditus, my brother, fellow worker, and fellow soldier, but your messenger and the one who ministered to my need; since he was longing for you all, and was distressed because you had heard that he was sick. For indeed he was sick almost unto death; but God had mercy on him, and not only on him but on me also, lest I should have sorrow upon sorrow. Therefore I sent him the more eagerly, that when you see him again you may rejoice, and I may be less sorrowful. Receive him therefore in the Lord with all gladness, and hold such men in esteem; because for the work of Christ he came close to death, not regarding his life, to supply what was lacking in your service toward me” (Philippians 2:25-30 ).
      The Apostle Paul commends Epaphroditus very highly for his faithfulness even unto death. But when Epaphroditus fell sick, near to death, Paul was no longer able to heal him because the gift of healing had CEASED TO OPERATE. But we read that Epaphroditus WAS healed, directly by the Lord…”He was sick unto death but the Lord had mercy on him….” There is healing today, but there is NO GIFT of healing, there are no “divine healers.” There is no gift of healing today, but God still heals… sometimes. He healed Epaphroditus, but He did not heal the Apostle Paul in 2 Corinthians 12:8-9 , or in Galatians 4:13-15 , or Timothy in 1 Timothy 5:23 , or Trophimus in 2 Timothy 4:20 . He heals according to His will today. However, the promise that He gave to the Apostle Paul is still our promise today in the Dispensation of Grace, “My Grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness” (2 Cor. 12:9 ).
      Therefore, whether we are well or sick, whether we are like Epaphroditus or like Timothy, we can always claim this promise from the RISEN Jesus Christ, that His Grace and strength are sufficient for us. He never allows us to suffer something that He doesn’t give us the strength to live through.
      OK…So what have we learned?
      We have learned that we cannot scripturally free the Gospel of Grace from Israel’s Kingdom program, from religion, water baptism, signs and symbols, by closing the overlapping, or Transition, period with Stephen’s message and martyrdom, in the year 35 A. D.; or with the Apostle Paul’s message and program at Ephesus, in the year 54 A. D.; or with Paul’s Epistle to the Corinthians in the year 58 A. D. The only intelligent conclusion must be that the sudden closing of the Book of Acts, in the middle of the Apostle Paul’s epistles, must be the close of the overlapping or Transition period.
      Therefore, once again, Israel’s Kingdom program, religion, water baptism, and signs are absent in the Holy Spirit’s messages, through the Apostle Paul, to and for the Gentiles, after the close of the Book of Acts.
      In those messages, after the close of the Book of Acts period, the unmixed Gospel of Grace is so clearly set forth by the Apostle. Do we not see that all of the attempts today to duplicate or perpetuate the signs of Jesus Christ and His apostles are worse than futile? And can we not see that it is the subtlety of Satan to corrupt minds from the simplicity that is in Christ by perverting the Gospel of Christ? Do we not see that every endeavor to prove the signs of Mark 16 , or 1 Corinthians 12 , for this Age of Grace, can only produce skepticism, unbelief, fanaticism, or demonic infiltration?
      The absence of the signs is NOT due to unbelief. Let me say that again…The absence of the sign gifts is NOT due to unbelief, but due to God’s change in His program at a later time. It is our duty to find, and KNOW that time. As defenders of The Faith we must maintain something more than a passive attitude toward this delusion of the absence of sign gifts resulting from unbelief. And if we have the curative for this menace, shall we withhold it because of the fear of controversy?
      There are FAR too many Teachers, and Pastors among Christian Fundamentalists who can NOT offer any intelligent Scriptural explanation as to why the Transition period program is or is not God’s program, for the Body of Christ during this Dispensation of Grace, the Dispensation of the Mystery. THAT is a real shame. For that matter, I have yet to find the first unprejudiced, honest, intelligent, sincere student of the Word of God, who believed in some form of sign gifts including water baptism, who did not change those views after studying the subject thoroughly in the light of what we have shown above in this message, and in other writings on LLM.
      As we observe that the last record of a believer’s baptism with water is in Acts 19 , about 54 A.D., and that various signs are recorded in that same chapter, we should be not only willing but eager to diligently search the Scriptures until we find why and when those accompanying signs became separated from water and ceased; and why the “Church” during the centuries has held on to the water without the signs.
      What intelligent student of the Word of God can disprove or will refute the statement that in Romans 9 , Romans 10 , and Romans 11 , God is setting the nation Israel aside? That Epistle was written not earlier than the year 60 A. D… Who can follow Paul from the time he wrote that Epistle, on to Jerusalem, and there behold him in the temple with a vow, and then on to Caesarea, and Rome, without learning that Israel was NOT set aside until the Apostle Paul pronounced that final judgment recorded in Acts 28:25-28?
      Most significant are these words, “Be it known therefore unto you, that the salvation of God is sent unto the Gentiles, and that they will hear it.” These words are found in Acts 28:28 . After this declaration there is the general statement that the Apostle spent two years in his own hired house in Rome. The Book of Acts closes suddenly with this statement, but gives no details. Undoubtedly, many students of God’s Word have often wondered why the Book of Acts ended this way. The last fourteen chapters of the Book of Acts deal principally with the ministry of the Apostle Paul. Paul’s ministry did not cease with the close of Acts, but that Book does not give us a record of his ministry after this general statement referred to.
      We read and learn in Romans 11 , that blindness was God’s judgment sent upon Israel, and that that blindness would remain upon the nation until the fullness of the Gentiles be come in. In Romans 11:13 , the Apostle Paul magnifies his office as the Apostle to the Gentiles. In Romans 11:11 he states that salvation is sent to the Gentiles to provoke the Jews to jealousy, having quoted in Romans 10:19 from Deuteronomy 32:31 , that the Lord would anger Israel by a foolish nation.
      Again we state that any Bible student should learn from reading these three chapters in Romans and the closing verses of the Book of Acts, that the Jews, had retained their priority rights until after the Apostle Paul’s declaration in Acts 28:25-28 . In the seven Epistles that Paul wrote after that judgment was declared, surely, his ministry was exclusively to the Gentiles, and so different in many respects.
      The overlapping Kingdom transition period had ceased and with the cessation of that transition, God’s order to the Jew first had ceased. Miracles, water baptism, signs, wonders, and tongues, mentioned 198 times before Paul reached Rome, cannot be found once in his Epistles written from Rome.
      During the transition period, the Apostle Paul in the Jewish synagogues had reasoned out of Jewish Scriptures that Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa`, The LORD Jesus Christ, was the Messiah. And as this declaration in the four Gospels and in the ministry of the twelve apostles in the Book of Acts was accompanied with water baptism and signs, so was the same ministry of Paul to the Jews.
      Healings and other signs were God’s proof to Israel that Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa`, The LORD Jesus Christ, was their Messiah: these signs, including water baptism, were so that Christ might be made manifest to Israel. Israel was temporarily set aside with the close of Acts. Signs and water baptism had served God’s purpose, and he, or she, who would go on to perfection, from babyhood to full age, must pass out of the Transition period into the full revelation and blessing of Body truth!
      “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved” Acts 16:31 , while there is still time!
      So There You Have it!
      Spread this message to everyone you know, far and wide. The time is short
      Grace be to you and peace, from God: our Father, and The LORD Jesus Christ.
      In The LORD Jesus Christ,
      The Lion and Lamb Ministry
      Pastor David Picos, D.D.
      Minister and Ambassador for Christ in the Ministry of Reconciliation (2 Cor. 5:18-20 )

    • Mrs M said

      Mark H you said: At some time yet future, there will be Jews on earth during the Tribulation. It will be at that time that a total fulfillment of this prophecy will be understood. The Jews 12,000 from each tribe will take God’s saving message to all nations and tribes and kindreds everywhere on this earth. Languages, unlearned languages, will be taken to all people everywhere in fulfillment of the ‘Great Commission of Matthew 28:18-20.

      I think we need to take look at Ephesians 2, Jesus broke down the barrier between Jew and Gentile. Judah is only 1/12 of Israel. 10 f he 12 tribes became, ‘not a people’ as Hosea described, but yet in the future they shall be like the sands of the shore, too many to be counted.

      There is an order to everything; The firstfruits: 12k from each tribe (as represented by barley harvest), the wheat harvest is the large gathering of believers, and the grape is trodden in winepress of God’s wrath. So not only the Jews will be left ministering. It’s a misnomer. Think about the parable of the ten virgins; they are all believers, but some do not have oil, they are not ready. They are the ones who need to replenish their oil. Is 6 or maybe 7, it says their eyes are blinded until the cities lie waste and are unihabited. Is 30 further explains it, THEN they will see their teachers saying, this is the way, walk ye in it. (So that blindness will finally be over (blindness has happened to Israel until the fulness of the gentiles be come in. Fulness of the Spirit, I believe) All this to say there will be a people on earth as a final witness who are changed by God, filled by the Holy Spirit to minister: the gospel of the kingdom shall be preached to all the world, and then the end shall come. We as believers, watching for His return, need to be a people who have clean hands and a pure heart so He can use.

    • Linda said

      Mark H you said: At some time yet future, there will be Jews on earth during the Tribulation. It will be at that time that a total fulfillment of this prophecy will be understood. The Jews 12,000 from each tribe will take God’s saving message to all nations and tribes and kindreds everywhere on this earth. Languages, unlearned languages, will be taken to all people everywhere in fulfillment of the ‘Great Commission of Matthew 28:18-20. I think we need to take look at Ephesians 2, Jesus broke down the barrier between Jew and Gentile. You used that “I think” again re. fullness.

      This barrier was to make one new man that’s a BELIEVER. (Gentiles were out of the promis/covenant at that time) GOD was going to begin HIS plan for them on the road to Damascus through PAUL, given his ministry directly from Jesus to go to the Gentiles.

      Those stuck in the Great Tribulation are there because of unbelief. They will comprise those who were on the fence pre this judgement, those who will never believe and the Jews. The Jews are judged for UNBELIEF and REJECTING their Messiah, the only HOPE for their salvation, the nations for how they treated the Jews GOD’s chosen /called out People and the gentiles who heard, but did NOT make their decision to Believe in Jesus for their salvation during the offer of GRACE/unmerited favor until the FULNESS of the gentiles and that’s when the last Believer who will enter the “arc” Jesus and be taken out of the way of judgement. Notice also in the end the Believers/the Kingdom will be removed and the world will be judged by fire and there will be a NEW JERUSAEM without barriers ONE new man both Jew and Gentile.

      When Jesus sent the HS to All Believers (no one can believe w/o GOD giving them the Faith to believe first) he had THEM wait in the upper room, he was empowering THEM to go to the Brethern with all signs and wonder so the sign people would believe them as sent/annointed. There were followers and also gentile followers who believed when Jesus ministered and taught the masses, but He still was sent ony to the Brethern/Jews, because of such great faith by some gentiles HE in His mercy granted their requests/miracle. He did only what the FATHER asked of Him. So GOD in HIS mercy gave those miracles(a taste of HIS GRACE) to those gentiles. HIS perfect will in action.

      We do need to heed the HS and ask for His dutimous (sp) power and asked GOD to use us for this dying world and for each other, but if the Apostles gifts/annointing was truely going on today there would be millions of resurrections, healings, limbs etc. hospitals would empty and a revival like no other would be in motion, or GOD’s gifts are weak, inferior and hopeless actions. The limbs you see who is restoring them, by what word, by what spirit. Do we know what power is doing this, do you know the men etc. invoved what they beieve in. Test the spirits and prove if they are of GOD. Satan has power over these things and will use them to deceive. As an angel of light. These wil be trying days and even the elect would be fooled if possible. Look at the fooled following Benny Hinn etc. Ive seen videos of these men doing drugs etc. Disgusting a Pastor had a member(old lady) get a broken arm as they shoved her over to “slay her in the HS”. Charletons.

    • To God Be The Glory said

      Jesus said, Luke 24;49 “I send the promise of my Father upon you but tarry in Jerusalem until you be endued with power from on high.”

      And when the day of Pentecost came they were all together in one place Acts 2;3, “And there appeared to them cloven tongues like as of fire…”
      v4) And they were all filled with te Holy Ghost and began to speak with other tongues.”

      When the men in Jerusalem asked about what was going on, Peter, inspired by the H Spirit said that what they were witnessing was a fulfillment of Joel the prophet’s words, Acts 2;16) that in the last days God would pour out His Spirit upon all flesh. Why now? Because Jesus went to the Father and sent the Gift of the H Spirit to the church. Jesus always talked about doing this and now finally it happened.

      It was not only poured out upon the Jews but the whole church. Acts 10, talks about an Italian man who loved the Lord named Cornelius, who the H Spirit by vision and gifts of the Spirit sent Peter to and after he preached the gospel , he watched the H Spirit “fall on them” v44, just the same way as it had happened to them, in the upper room, which remember Peter said was the fulfillment of Joel.The evidence was speaking in tongues.

      Acts 10;45 “They of the circumcision which believed were astonished…because on the Gentiles was poured out the gift of the H Ghost”

      The evidence both times was speaking in tongues, one of the gifts of the Spirit.Others are the word of wisdom and knowledge, faith, the gifts of healing, miracles, prophecy, discerning of spirits, tongues and their interpretation.
      These manifestationsof the Spirit, have been given to the church to profit with

      The H Spirit was poured out according to Joel the prophet in the last days. We are living in the last days, which means that the Holy Spirit and His gifts are still being poured out on whoever asks Him.

      Thechurch desperately needs the Help of the H Ghost. Wonderful christians have been deceivedby wrong teaching.The gifts are for the whole church and are for this present time. We are living in the end of the age. We need more than the written word. We need the power of God in our lives.

      !Cor 2;4,5
      4 And my speech and my preaching was not with enticing words of man’s wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power:

      5 That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God.

      1 Cor 4;20 “For the Kingdom of God is not in word but in power

      Power-dynamis strength, power, ability
      b) power for performing miracles

    • mark huss said

      My reference should be Acts chapter 10. My apologies

    • To God Be The Glory said


      Are you actually saying besides everything else, that christians don’t have to obey Jesus and be baptized? I’m not sure I understood what you are saying. Also are these your own words or somebody elses teaching?

      Mark 16;15 “And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

      16 He that believeth and is “baptized” shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.

      17 And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; “they shall speak with new tongues”;

      18 They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.”

    • Linda said

      Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved.
      Water can’t save you only the Bood Atonement of Jesus received by you can save. Water B. is an outward sign by choice. Baptism of the HS being sealed is required. It happens as you beieve He is your ernest until the day Jesus collects His property the Believer so to speak, His BODY.

      You seem to be attacking Mark like a big gang attack. Don’t kill the messenger!

    • mark huss said

      I find it shocking that a Christian would ever say to another Christian that “we need more than the written word”. Who do you think the ‘Living Word’ is?

      For your information, the Holy Spirit indwells believers. What does this mean? It means that God Himself takes up residence in a believers life . . . forever.

      The Holy Spirit seals the believer. What does this mean? It means that the believer is eternally secure and all of the promises of God for the believer will be accomplished.

      The Holy Spirit fills the believer. What does this mean? It means that the believer is controlled and empowered by God Himself.

      What exactly are you lacking? Power? God is all powerful and living in you.

      You have everything you need because you are ‘IN CHRIST’.

      As I said in my earlier posts. When subjective experience is the order of one’s life the objective truth of God’s Word will always be displaced by feelings, emotions, and experiences. We either make the Scripture conform to our image or the Scripture conforms us to God’s image. It’s up to us. I choose the latter.

      Mark Huss

    • mark huss said


      I wrote the first eleven lines. After that I used a piece from David Picos of Lion and Lamb ministries that I thought would be helpful regarding the issue of the sign gifts. I would pray that it would be helpful to you and others that are caught up in the sign gifts. Sometimes the perspective of another is useful.

    • A person with an experience is never at the mercy of a person with an argument…

    • To God Be The Glory said


      You should be able to say in your own words what you believe. When you depend on the teachings of others, means that these things are not flowing out of your heart.

      We are not caught up in the “sign gifts” thats not what they are called, but we are talking about the “gifts of the Spirit” Which is in truth what they are.Call them by their proper name. “Sign Gifts” is a manmade idea.

      You were shocked” because I said that we need more than the wriiten word?
      I have witnessed many preachers open their Bibles and preach dry dry sermons. There was no life in their words. The Spirit was not in their words. There was no anointing when they preached even though every word came out of the Bible. Nothing was happening. It was the word of God ,yes, but the Holy Spirit must breath His life into them or they remain words on a page.The written word is ours for a reason. Not just for us to read, but to use it to bring life to others. But the Holy Spirit must bear witness to what we are saying.

      The early church specifically prayed for power, in the book of acts. and when the Holy Spirit “fell” on them, they spoke the word, with power. They had to pray for this power. They had to ask for it.

      1Cor 2;4,5
      4 And my speech and my preaching was not with enticing words of man’s wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power:

      5 That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God.

      1 Cor 4;20 “For the Kingdom of God is not in word but in power

      Power-dynamis strength, power, ability
      b) power for performing miracles

      Acts 4;29 … grant unto thy servants, that with all boldness they may speak thy word,

      30 By stretching forth thine hand to heal; and that signs and wonders may be done by the name of thy holy child Jesus.

      31 And when they had prayed, the place was shaken where they were assembled together; and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and they spake the word of God with boldness

    • To God Be The Glory said

      “I have yet to find the first unprejudiced, honest, intelligent, sincere student of the Word of God, who believed in some form of sign gifts including water baptism, who did not change those views after studying the subject thoroughly in the light of what we have shown above in this message, and in other writings on LLM”

      Mark are you in agreement with this man thatnot only the gifts of the Holy Spirit have been done away with, but that even water baptism is not for today?And is considered a “sign gift”?

      Mark16;15) He that believeth and is “baptized” shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned

    • Linda said

      Mark I saw your long post above(good job!) and thought whew and then read it. I knew I sensed Pastor David’s teachings!! Then I saw LLM. :) I should’ve just posted his teaching, but I think if the questions are after it that some still can’t see it. Above I was quoting Janet(I believe) relplying to you before I commented I forgot tto put quotes so it reads Mark…. It’s a pleasure to know you are here posting Pastor’s teachings, now it’s up to those to test or be accountable if in error and refused to check and let the HS w/o predjudice teach them. The object and always is is that we KNOW GOD and HIS Word=Jesus. To GBTG GOD”S Word=Jesus is not dull not lifeless not w/o power and it will perform that which GOD has sent it to do and not come back void. The hearer is dull the speaker is dull but never the WORD dull. Jesus is LIFE, life everlasting. The Word is all power, all wisdom, and a LIGHT/Jesus to our feet/path.

      Maybe the dull pastor is an unbelieving Pastor who just has a nice job at a church and not a SHEPHERD to Jesus’s flock. There are plenty out there! Jobs are hard to find and that one seems appealing, but has a consequence to the teacher, a responsibility and an accountability harsher than others.

      To the ? re. water Baptism: We are NOT SAVED BY “water” Baptism, we are saved by the Baptism of the HS being sealed by the HS at the moment of Belief. There’s more than those 2 Baptisms by the way. Rightly divide the Word, keep in context, define the word used and it’s meaning study carefully that’s what we are called to do. Test the spirits.

    • Janet R said

      2 Timothy 3:1-5. But mark this: there will be terrible times in the last days. ……………………..People will be ……………………lovers of pleasure rather than God – Having a form of Godliness but denying the power thereof.

      I know the Holy Spirt lives in me. Yes, I speak in Tongues just like my Bible says believers will who are filled with the Holy Spirit. I was baptized in the Holy Spirit as a teenager and saw the golden light of His fire dancing above my head bouncing across the walls. I heard the wind that comes from everywhere and nowhere. He had promised to give me the gift within two years when I asked for it. He used those two years to teach me humility and to trust that His word is faithful and true. He lives in me for the Holy Spirit came down on me in power and love.

      Do not talk about the Holy Spirit and the sign of Tongues as though they are dead and attribute all the works of the Holy Spirit to some evil source just because they are outside your experience. Do not slander the Holy Spirit and His Works and His signs just because they make you feel uncomfortable. Yes, some movements are not real, thus we are told to test the spirits. However, to slander a genuine move of the Holy Spirit and attribute His works to some other source is to put yourself in danger of the unforgiveable sin.

    • Janet R said

      Linda, I did not use any replacement theology with my quotation from Isaiah. That was part of my point that if you go back to verse 19 it clearly says that men will come from the west and fear the name of the Lord. I know that if you read Romans 9 through 11 it is impossible to put Christian in place of Jew and have it make sense. I will also say though that the principle applied in Romans 9:8 applies to the prophetic words of Isaiah: “In other words, it is not the natural children who are God’s children, but it is the children of the promise who are regarded as Abraham’s offspring.” In other words God is not just saying that His Spirit will be on the physical offspring of Jacob forever, but also that it will be on his spiritual offspring forever.

    • To God Be The Glory said

      Mark and Linda,
      What does this scripture verse mean to you?

      2 Tim 3:5
      ” Having a form of godliness, but denying the power ( dynamis) thereof: from such turn away.”

      The word here for power, “dynamis” means

      Power-(dynamis) = strength, power, ability
      b) power for performing miracles

      For clarity, and so there is no mistake in what hes talking about, that same word dynamis is used in the following scriptures…

      Mark 12;24)
      24 And Jesus answering said unto them, Do ye not therefore err, because ye know not the scriptures, neither the power (dynamis) of God?

      Mathew 11;23
      And thou, Capernaum, which art exalted unto heaven, shalt be brought down to hell: for if the mighty works (dynamis), which have been done in thee, had been done in Sodom, it would have remained until this day.

      Mark 5:30
      And Jesus, immediately knowing in himself that virtue(dynamis) had gone out of him, turned him about in the press, and said, Who touched my clothes?

      Luke 9:1
      Then he called his twelve disciples together, and gave them power ( dynamis)and authority over all devils, and to cure diseases

      Luke 4;14
      And Jesus returned in the power(dynamis) of the Spirit into Galilee: and there went out a fame of him through all the region round about.

      Luke 24:49
      49 And, behold, I send the promise of my Father upon you: but tarry ye in the city of Jerusalem, until ye be endued with power(dynamis) from on high.

      1 Cor 2;4And my speech and my preaching was not with enticing words of man’s wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power:(dynamis)

      1 Cor 4:19
      19 But I will come to you shortly, if the Lord will, and will know, not the speech of them which are puffed up, but the power.(dynamis)

      This is the word of God, not some mans idea. When Jesus first appeared to the disciples He breathed on them the H Spirit, but He told them that they must tarry until they were indued with power.

      (John 20:22)
      21Then said Jesus to them again, Peace be unto you: as my Father hath sent me, even so send I you.

      22 And when he had said this, he breathed on them, and saith unto them, Receive ye the Holy Ghost

    • Linda said

      I have NO clue what you are asking. The HS does empowers us so what’s your point? The ? asked is who are the Apostles preaching to Other than Paul and his fellow companions ie. Timothy. You say the gentiles aong with the Jew I say the Jew, as they were authorized by Jesus to go to the Jews, Paul also at first until the Damascus experience then Jesus assigned him to the preach to the Gentiles. To the Ministry of Reconciliation IICor 5 :18-20

    • Mrs M said

      I’m confused re your post, was it in reference to what I wrote?
      You said:

      Mark H you said: At some time yet future, there will be Jews on earth during the Tribulation. It will be at that time that a total fulfillment of this prophecy will be understood. The Jews 12,000 from each tribe will take God’s saving message to all nations and tribes and kindreds everywhere on this earth. Languages, unlearned languages, will be taken to all people everywhere in fulfillment of the ‘Great Commission of Matthew 28:18-20. I think we need to take look at Ephesians 2, Jesus broke down the barrier between Jew and Gentile. You used that “I think” again re. fullness.

      This barrier was to make one new man that’s a BELIEVER. (Gentiles were out of the promis/covenant at that time) GOD was going to begin HIS plan for them on the road to Damascus through PAUL, given his ministry directly from Jesus to go to the Gentiles.-end quote

      The main point I wanted to point out is the misnomer of how all Israel ils composed of all Jews.

    • Linda said

      sorry quoting your comment first and then didn’t put quote marks.

    • To God Be The Glory said

      So we see that the Apostles received the Holy Spirit right then when Jesus breathed on them, but they did not as yet receive the power, dynamis until the day of Pentecost. This is the same power that Jesus demonstrated when He performed His mighty works. Thats what He was so excited to be able to finally give them!
      Scripture tells the story. Men come along and twist and pervert it according to their own dignified ideas. What they all have in common is that they always deny tHis power. We are on very dangerous ground when we compare the Holy Spirits gifts of tongues with the language of. Shamnans

      “Now this will cause a stir. Tongues. As babel like even shamans speak,”

      Or when we tell people not to use their gift like this man did…..,

      (Quoting from above article posted by Mark)

      “Stop! Stop speaking in tongues because it is not from the Holy Spirit. Regardless of what you might feel. Regardless of what you might think, or even want to believe. If it is not from the Holy Spirit of God, YOU DON’T WANT IT!”

      I think /know this man who is quoted above is on some seriously dangerous ground telling us not to use our gift that the Holy Spirit gave us.When we ask God for His gifts, Jesus stressed that we were NOT to be afraid. He said the Father will give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him. So if you haven’t yet recieved the gifts of the Holy Spirit, just ask Him. Don’t be afraid. You can trust God to give you what you ask for.

      (Luke 11:9)
      9And I say unto you, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.

      10 For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.

      11 If a son shall ask bread of any of you that is a father, will he give him a stone? or if he ask a fish, will he for a fish give him a serpent?

      12 Or if he shall ask an egg, will he offer him a scorpion?

      13 If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children: how much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask him?

    • Amen… I will say it again… The person with an EXPERIENCE, is NEVER at the mercy of a person with an argument…

    • Linda said

      I think you have mistaken this “gift of tongues” as your babel/heavenly language. I am stating a fact that missionaries have reported tribal shammans as speaking the same language you are speaking. A fact. Go ahead and use it your mind is closed and it’s no skin off my back. You even refused the scriptures that stated it ceased! A sacred cow! A man heard it wondered how he knew his language and marveled, tongues a language that was unknow to the person prior to speaking and another to interpret it, a miracle gift given to them to prove they were annointed by God with signs and wonders to the sign people. It doesn’t edify either if no one in the group has a clue what is said also.

      Don’t bother to answer it’s going no where but strife and division! Amost like when they beat up Paul etc. when he delivered the truths to them.

    • mark huss said

      To Mysticmentor:

      I do not consider the Word of God a tool used for arguement. The Scripture is God Breathed. It is alive and living. I cannot change what a person believes. I have already stated that a person who has had a subjective experience will most likely never change and move toward objective truth. 2 Timothy 4:2,3.

      To GBTG:

      Linda is correct. The Word of God is living. I what you have heard is dull and lifeless is that the fault of Scripture? The Scripture is living. Jesus Christ is the Living Word. I don’t believe Jesus is dull and lifeless and I’m sure that you don’t either. Yet by your own statements you are saying this.

      Yes, I quoted David Picos. I agree that my words would be the intention of my heart. I do not deny this. As I stated I thought another perspective would be helpful. Yes, I could have taken the time to express all of that information to you. However, I chose not to.

      You seem to be concerned with the word dunamis where we get our word dynamite. Power. Yes I believe in God’s power. He lives in me through Christ. I have the dunamis of God residing in my life. The indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit. I also believe in all of the gifts of the Spirit. I believe some were for a specific reason as I have already stated. Before the Church was revealed and known the Holy Spirit would come upon men for a specific reason. This was true at Pentecost and elsewhere in the Book of Acts. After the Church was revealed the Holy Spirit would come no longer upon men for a purpose but in them for God’s eternal purpose. Once the Church is removed these same gifts that ended will once again be operational. Again, for God’s purpose (namely Israel). No matter how hard you try to make your new life in Christ out to be Jewish before the Church was known or revealed you will fail. It does not belong to you, it belongs to them.

      Here is something for those of you who think you can have the promises of Israel applied to yourselves. Have you ever thought that Satan can counterfeit your experiences? Let’s see for example let’s use tongues. Yes, Satan can do that. Visions? Yes, Satan can do that. Prophecy? Yes, Satan can do that. Healing? Let’s use your paradigm. Subjective experience. OK I want to see someone heal someone else. Can’t be done and Satan can’t couterfeit it. How about picking up deadly snakes? Go ahead, I look to your paradigm and wait for the subjective experience. Last, but not least, raising someone from the dead. No record of Satan ever being able to do that. How about you folks. Let me see this gift of the Holy Spirit work in your life. Show me. While Satan has the ability to counterfeit some of God’s gifts that were used for a specific purpose, Satan is not able to counterfeit the others. However, Satan has deceived many in the church today with a counterfeit gift of tongues, prophecy, and visions and even healing.

      I would challenge all of you who believe you have this or that spiritual sign gift to go to your local cemetary and raise someone from the dead. If this seems too great for the dunamis of God in your life, then head to the local zoo or pet store and find yourself a deadly snake and let it bite you. There should be no problem. Right?

      The alternative is to believe what God has written concerning His chosen people the Jews, what He has written concerning the Church, and what He has written concerning the Tribulation and the Millennium.

      2 Timothy 3:5 Clearly unsaved people who dress themselves with religion and do not have the dunamis of God’s presence residing in their life. That is, they have not the Holy Spirit of God and are not born again. Mark Huss

    • ????? who are you talking to??? cause it’s NOT ME…

    • lamarzulli said

      Hey Mark – We are called to love one another. Every post that you have here has an edge to it. What’s the beef, anyway?

    • brick said

      I read all the comments, and shake my head, because for one, I don’t understand alot of the stuff ya’ll are talking about, and two, whose place is it to question how God works in any of our lives? If He gives someone the gifts that the Bible talks about, then thats up to God alone to use them through the one He sees fit to share them with. BUT truth is, and this is from just me, Brick, a newish FOLLOWER of Jesus, so take it for what it is, Jesus doesnt want any of us to focus on what we as human beings think about what we suppose the Bible means, Jesus wants only for us to LISTEN to the Holy Spirit, and to follow after Him in our lives as Christ followers.. So instead of you all bickering about the use of spiritual gifts, tounges, ect , why not just look to God, and ask HIM ALONE to speak to your hearts, and then do as He leads you as individuals, in your OWN walks. Forget about the aruguments the Church as a whole has distorted, after all , NONE of us are perfect , and our own understanding is screwed up, just like the next person.. Ok, said my peace, and now I choose to listen to the Lord telling me whats true, and whats right from His heart to mine.. done here reading because its definitely a ” thread” thats getting twisted each time someone writes.. at least thats my two cents worth.. Jesus, people – JESUS, listen to HIM, not anyone else!!!

    • To God Be The Glory said

      Mark H and Linda,
      Please take this in the Spirit it is given. I would strongly advice you both to stay away from the teachings of this man who is responsible for writing the long article that Mark posted here.
      I’m just being honest here, that this man’s ministry is extremely cult like which produces “followers” that just love him.
      He uses words like “sign gifts” and “sign people”, No where in scripture are these terms used or stressed, the way he uses them and builds his doctrine around them.
      He says things like “So fellow LLMr’s” not fellow believers, but LLMr’s.
      He says so fellow LLMr’s when did water baptism and sign gifts cease? He is going to build his whole teaching around this “sign gift” idea that isn’t scriptural.
      He even includes water baptism as passed away with the rest of the “sign gifts”
      Do you Linda and Mark agree with him? Because thats what hes teaching.

      Then he goes on to say that “the risen Lord revealed to Paul that the gifts will cease”
      I’d like to know where in scripture the” risen Lord” told Paul that. He acts like it was a literal appearing of Jesus to Paul, but its no where to be found in scripture, yet he builds his doctrine around this statement as if its fact. He uses it to build his idea that the gifts have ceased.

      When Paul talks about tongues will cease and prophesy vanishing away, he never said the “risen Lord” said that. No, he was just using his common sense when he said that, not thus saith the Lord as this man eludes.
      When Jesus returns, and the mystery of God is complete, when we finally get our perfectly glorified bodies, when the veil is moved back, and we can finally know, the same way that we have been known by Heaven,when we see God the Father, and Jesus and the Angels,then there will be no more need to speak to God in a secret heavenly language, no need for prophesies to tell us whats to come. We will fully know just as we are known now.

      As for now, does anyone know when Jesus will come back, does anyone know exactly what our glorified bodies will look like, does anyone know why bad things happen to good people, or why God allowed this or that? Does anybody have perfect knowledge?Are you possitive who the anti christ is? If we did, then we would know now, as we are already known in Heaven.

      But that which is perfect hasn’t come yet.Now we still see through a glass darkly. Full disclosure hasn’t come. There are still many unsolved mysteries.
      Now, we must still rely on the Holy Spirit to show us things to come andopen up and reveal scripture to us.We don’t have perfect knowledge. We need the gifts of the Spirit.We need prophecy and knowledge, we need tongues and helps, we need everything the Holy Spirit is willing to give us, while on this earth. We need His help. We can’t do this alone. He is willing to arm us with Spiritual gifts, but some of us are too learned and intelligent to take them. Something is wrong here.

      This man writing the article is way out of line. To actually tell us to deny our gifts! To deny water baptism. To build whole doctrines around his own made up ideas, is dangerous. I would never follow a man like this. We should be able to say in our own words what we believe and not lean on the knowledge of our teachers.
      Truth is easy to remember. But when its a lie we have to go back over and over again to get it right. We have to seek out the originator of the lie and have him explain it one more time, till we can repeat it word for word and get it straight.

    • To God Be The Glory said

      I would challenge all of you who believe you have this or that spiritual sign gift to go to your local cemetary and raise someone from the dead. If this seems too great for the dunamis of God in your life, then head to the local zoo or pet store and find yourself a deadly snake and let it bite you. There should be no problem. Right?

      Satan said the same thing to the Lord Jesus, “If thou be the son of God throw yourself down…or make these stones into bread”

      Have you not heard,” thou shall not tempt the Lord thy God”. He is God, and we are not.

      We may have the gifts of the Spirit, but they are under Gods soveign control. Not everybody gets healed Jesus Himself said that. Its a mystery. That which is perfect hasn’t come yet. Now we just try to do the best we can with what Hes given to us and we don’t give up and we don’t lose hope. If we don’t get it right we just keep trying and learning till the day we’re taken out of here

      Even Jesus could only heal a few sick people in His home town because they didn’t believe in Him and He could do no mighty works there with all of that unbelief. If Jesus Christ was limited, how much more His servants?

      Those of us who speak in tongues will never know this side of Heaven, what was accomplished for the Kingdom through our prayers as we yielded ourselves to the power of the Holy Spirit. You could be a part of that too, but you refuse.
      God is looking for people who believe in the supernatural, because thats where the conflict is. Thats where we use our weapons. Thats where we worship God, in spirit and in truth.He led captivity captive and gave gifts unto men. But some men refuse saying, no thanks Lord, this is not for today.

    • Linda said

      God gave us HIS word Jesus is that WORD/LOGOS. We need to put on Christ , to Know GOD, to be saved by hearing the Word of GOD to be in the ministry of Reconcilliation IICor. 5:18-20 to bring men GOD is drawing back to HIM.

    • To God Be The Glory said

      Oops! Forgot to put (Mark says) on my above comment

      Mark says, “I would challenge all of you who believe you have this or that spiritual sign gift to go to your local cemetary and raise someone from the dead. If this seems too great for the dunamis of God in your life, then head to the local zoo or pet store and find yourself a deadly snake and let it bite you. There should be no problem. Right? ”

      I just noticed also, Mark, that you are repeating the same error of your teacher calling the Gifts of the Holy Spirit “sign gifts” Do you see how his teachings have gotten inside of you? It is a form of brain washing when you start repeating words that are not scriptural to make your point. Call them the gifts of the Holy Spirit from now on, because thats what the Holy Spirit calls them in the Bible To call them spiritual sign gifts sounds occultish and I believe thats what this man wanted..

    • do not answer a fool according to his folly…
      non-essential doctrines have fractured the Church of Jesus Christ to the point of being impotent… We need to all chill and give LA his blog back!!!

    • To God Be The Glory said

      Mystic, I know you said, “non-essential doctrines have fractured the Church of Jesus Christ to the point of being impotent’ But I do believe these things are important, especially blaspheming the Holy Spirit.

      In the above article posted by Mark it says this:

      “So what do you tell someone who says “I speak in tongues, what should I do?”
      Many true Children of God today have had an experience that they think is the scriptural gift of tongues. However, after studying the Apostle Paul’s letters and the scriptural teaching concerning the cessation of the gift of tongues, they ask, “So, what should I do now?”
      There are several possible explanations for the experience. It may be a psychological experience or even a spiritual experience, but clearly, from the Word of God, The Bible, it is not the Holy Spirit’s gift of tongues. Also, let’s not forget that Satan is the great imitator, and his demons are very active. So, what should they do? There are two simple words to bring this to resolution. Those two words are: Stop It. Simply: Stop! Stop speaking in tongues because it is not from the Holy Spirit. Regardless of what you might feel. Regardless of what you might think, or even want to believe. If it is not from the Holy Spirit of God, YOU DON’T WANT IT!”

      He has told children of God who have received the Gift of speaking in tongues that its not from God, mentioning Satan and demons. and to immediately stop
      I Do think this issue is extremely important and worth our time to address. No, speaking in tongues is not essential to being saved, but to cause people who might be weak in the faith to stop using their gift, in my book is important. Or for those who were on the fence about the gift of tongues that Gods Spirit was dealing with to now be put off, is to fight against the work of God. And to elude that any gift of tongues we receive today might be from Satan, saying its surely not from God, isn’t that blasphemy?If that isn’t blasphemy then what is? Is it teaching others to go out and say the same thing, if we don’t loudly object to what this man said? I for one am on record saying that this man is way off base, hes not being led by the Spirit of God in what hes teaching, and that anyone reading the article he posted should use discernment and not be deceived. It may be a non essential but this is dangerous doctrine hes spreading and should be vigorously refuted by all those who knowand understand the serious error
      and are led by the Holy Spirit..

    • Your right Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is not forgivable… but ignorance is… bye now, I’m watching the Olympics… Go USA!!!

    • brick said

      LA – Brother, and I mean no disrespect here, but dude, you need to get control over this thread, or shut it off because the enemy is here doing a darn good job of messing with people, because there is NOONE here to say what I tried to say earlier, and that was for people arguing about whats right, or whats wrong biblically, to hush up , and listen to what the Holy Spirit might be trying to say through the comments..Did everyone forget that it is through our silence, that God will speak Truth???

      I might be just some teenaged ” ex practicing Satanist here “, who became born again ( at least to one or two of you that have made comments ) but there is nothing to be gained by continuous fighting like is going on here on this thread about gifts, or whatever – this is your blog, LA, and truth be told, its more like Satan’s playground in this thread. and I sure as heck don’t need him to be any closer to me, than what he would be if I stayed here to read peoples fighting against each other.. My feeling is the enemy knows where he can weasel into, and it’s HERE, today LA. .. and those that keep arguing for the sake of being right, are the ones that Satan has influenced the most and it’s pretty clear that he won this battle, and there ain’t no reason for it to happen if the war against what people commented about was backed up how God said to act .. IN LOVE, not fighting against brother, and sisters in the Lord.. Geesh people, this thread might as well of been in the dark side where Satan roams – because it got OLD along time ago today..

    • To God Be The Glory said

      Linda said @ 1:30 Am

      ‘I think you have mistaken this “gift of tongues” as your babel/heavenly language. I am stating a fact that missionaries have reported tribal shammans as speaking the same language you are speaking. A fact. Go ahead and use it your mind is closed and it’s no skin off my back. You even refused the scriptures that stated it ceased! A sacred cow! A man heard it wondered how he knew his language and marveled, tongues a language that was unknow to the person prior to speaking and another to interpret it, a miracle gift given to them to prove they were annointed by God with signs and wonders to the sign people. It doesn’t edify either if no one in the group has a clue what is said also.

      Don’t bother to answer it’s going no where but strife and division! Amost like when they beat up Paul etc. when he delivered the truths to them.”

      I wasn’t going to answer, but felt I had to say something in response to this particular comment. Just because missionaries hear shammans speaking in an unknown language what in the world does that have to do with the Heavenly language that the Holy Spirit gives to all those who ask Him? How do you know that what they speak is the same language as christians speak in prayer to God.? Have you measured them both side by side? Then how can you make such a bold statement and call it a fact?

      You say that my mind is closed but couldn’t I say that about you as well? I have shown you many scriptures that tell you plainly that the gifts have not ceased. A sacred cow? Yes, anything we receive from the Holy Spirit is good and very sacred and as such should never be called babel/heavenly language as you did.I told you before you shouldn’t say things like that about the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and as my sister in Christ I warn you, that is near blasphemy, showing no respect at all for the Lord. What if you’re wrong? are you that sure of yourself?

      You and Mark have come under the influence of this teacher who in my opinion is very cult like and changes the scriptures of even basic doctrine, such as saying water baptism,is not necessary and part of the “sign gifts” that were done away with. Your teacher reduces the gifts of the Spirit and mockingly calls them sign gifts and now thats what you and Mark call them too and just like your teacher, you’re not afraid to say anything about them, as if it doesn’t matter. This is wrong and you need to take it to the Lord in prayer.

      I’m not looking for strife,I’m not trying to be right. It has nothing to do with that or me, but only telling you the truth. How will you know if someone doesn’t tell you? Sometimes people just don’t know, so I give you the benefit of the doubt, but in love I warn you and pray that the Lord will open both your eyes and Marks.

    • Linda said

      “How do you know that what they speak is the same language” How do you know you aren’t speaking theirs…you have no clue what you are saying

      “Just because missionaries hear shammans speaking in an unknown language”
      No I said they are speaking tongues as you describe tongues to be. We all who have heard know what tongues sounds like, and why would you want to speak a supposed siritual anguage when you don’t know what spirit is inspiring it=[oh you know for sure!
      Even the missionaries were appalled.

      ” that is near blasphemy” it’s not near basphemy because you can NOT tell, nor prove your “language” is of the HS. You can NOT prove it means what you say it means= tongues a “heavenly language” you can not even affirm that the interpreter knows, even saved as we don’t know their heart only GOD knows who really is a believer=why we don’t judge a salvation by works because we can not discern their motives and heart.

      “What if you’re wrong?” I ask you the same! You have judged me, Mark, and Pastor Picos D.D. all based on your concept that your “tongues” is of GOD. Pastor David gave you a study, scriptures and I would say you have disrepected GOD by not studying “tongues” with an open heart and mind. You are definately NOT open to correction if needed. I am NOT saved by TONGUES, nor WATER BAPTISM, are you? So if a brother rejects that teaching we are NOT blaspheming the HS period. I am not saved by my works, but by Believing the Word of GOD/Gospel of Jesus Christ al it entails by Grace through Faith and I KNOW I am SAVED Eternally by Jesus and no one can seperate me not even me(works) (I am sealed by the HS) from the LOVE of GOD=JESUS! (GOD will chastise my works and “keep” me on tract till I get home.

      “Your teacher reduces the gifts of the Spirit and mockingly calls them sign gifts”
      They are for a sign! so sign gifts nothing satanic about that or Blasphemous. Jesus rebuked the Jews because they were always looking for a sign and stiffed necked!

      “This is wrong and you need to take it to the Lord in prayer. I’m not looking for strife,I’m not trying to be right. It has nothing to do with that or me, but only telling you the truth.”
      You didn’t state your belief and why, you attacked someone because they disagreed with you. Whose truth are you telling us? You can Not prove your point, you were taught it in a Charismatic church and you are willing to hurt a fellowship over the issue :( L.A. repremended Mark that he seemed edgy, I did not see it that way he was defending his point against a direct nasty accusing attack, to both of us. Sorry.

      I still think it is babel I once was under that teaching years ago and studied and left it! I did not do this because of teachings from Pastor David Picos D.D. I did it because in prayer and careful study I knew to leavre it alone. You do what you feel I have no authority over you GOD does.

      I said not to answer me back it was going no where, but you just had to. I am done with this subject please quit baggering me with your views on the matter. It’s done. I do not want to sit and argue this with you. Oh and Blaspheming the HS is to reject Jesus, the HS is the witness to Jesus as God and He speaks only of Him and until you dies there’s aways forgiveness, but if you Blaspheme the HS testimony re. Jesus and die there is no more HOPE! Please! don’t come back arguing this to me either. We obviously see scripture differently. I live under Grace. There’s always hope for the sinner until he/she dies. If you can NOT come to Jesus except God bring you to Him than GOD will finish HIS work succesfully. HIS dynamo power.
      ( I was up till 1:00AM reading & deleting the 60+ emails from 3:00PM that day.)

    • mark huss said

      Mr. Marzulli:

      I’m not sure why my comments are understood as having an edge to it. We are called to love one another. We are also expected to carry out some other responsibilities in the Scripture as well.

      My intentions were to be helpful. My apologies if you did not see it that way.

      I was answering various responses to my posts. Being helpful is one thing. Being hurtful is entirely different.

      I have no axe to grind. No chip in my shoulder. However, I do know some Scripture that I thought would be helpful to those who were asking.

      There are young believers and there are older believers on this blog. I understand this. There is the milk of the word for those young in their faith; and their is the meat of the word for those older in our faith. Sometimes there is error that is expressed, and sometimes truth that is affirmed.

      Mark Huss

    • brick said

      I am sort of a new believer, but after this thread yesterday, sometimes I wonder what God has prepared me for in my faith, ( and others inside our ” Host’s system )- because honestly, this whole entire blog is turning into some place that LA has no control over , at least yesterday , when the “spitting of fire against fire” was allowed, and IS still being allowed in comments that keep the aminosity going.
      Today is a NEW DAY, brothers and sisters, so get over the last thread , and let God work in other ways today. So instead of letting Satan direct the attitudes that ALL of you, not just Mark, as LA singled out last night, spend time asking God to soften every one of your hearts , and act as He would act if He were standing next to you. He wouldn’t be chastising others like you are doing for having a belief system thats different than someone else, so why not do what He did, and that was to LOVE your neighbors as yourself, instead of arguing a point that will NEVER be agreed on as long as the church is alive..

      My feelings, too , LA, about your comment to Mark last night – It was not only unfair that he was chastised , but it should be with EVERYONE of those that argued a point that the whole ” church ” will never agree on..Seems like there was only he that was criticized by your comment, when there are others who should have been made mention , too, for their lack of Christ like attitude.

      To my brothers/ sisters – Get over it, past it, beyond yesterday you guys – its getting old, and I won’t be back here on this blog if LA keeps allowing such back fighting to happen as it is still today. God took me away , as my host was taken away from Satan’s playground as it was, and we don’t need to go swinging around and around again, with the enemy laughing in our faces , if you even get what I am saying here..

    • Linda said

      out of the mouths of babes as they say (spiritual babes), it ought to be that when we share the scriptures with brethern we look into as a berean and seek God not bite as the world bites and you are correct. I thought it went away last night, but there it was again AM round 2. I stand convicted as it appears, I was the incorrect one, I have it wrong and I am in error, and I am in danger. So be it. I only care what God thinks of me and the HS will whisper softly what I did or not did that was an offense and I will ask forgiveness. Like I should when offending GOD. I learnered here that you may share with an unsaved person possibly with less affliction. I am considering whether to discuss anything with anyone public saved or unsaved and just work within my immediate family. It’s not safe for sure and was it really worth it to share some scriptures for review? Probably not! I am going to search out something in L.A.s archives if I find it I will post it. :)

      Thank You for reminding us to walk in LOVE, except today everyone disagrees about something so we should apply it with Love (I don’t mean like you are wrong and I need to fix you up :) )

      I can only imagine what Paul came up against from his fellow Pharisees, disagreeing Jews, and then the pagans with their many gods not to mention the fractions in the churchs he was starting!!! Makes you appreciate him even more if that’s possibe!

    • To God Be The Glory said

      I’m sorry this has been stressful for you, I as well. But I believe the Lord will work good through it. He always does. If I see a sister I care about doing something out of ignorance that may harm her should I keep going and ignore what I’ve seen? Or should I at least try to help? I believe as christians we should try to help and face error and confront it. I know you trust your teacher, but I see danger for you, if you continue on, that’s up to you. At least a seed was planted. Just becareful in what you say by ascribing the gifts of the Spirit to evil. I know that we can blaspheme the Holy Spirit and I don’t know how far ignorance stretches as an excuse, hence all the warnings.

      I wish I could give you a big hug, you and Mark both. It isn’t about being right or attacking people, but walking according to truth. You feel I did you harm by speaking out, but I feel I would have harmed you more if I kept silent and went on my way, living you a victim of seriously wrong teachings that can harm your walk with the Lord. Down the line, you may remember some of the things we have talked about here, but for now, it is enough.
      God bless you my sister.

    • Daniel Ellis said

      It is a sad day when a Christian brother or sister is accused of blasphemy when they reject heretical primary doctrines of the Christian faith, or when they reject manifestations that force people into out of self controlled behaviors ie. spiritual drunkeness, spazmatic jerking, people flying across the room, animal noises, etc. etc.

      I’m not even a cessationist. I believe in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and that they are operational today.


      In the last days three things will befall the Great Pentecostal Movement:

      1. An overemphasis on power rather than righteousness;

      2. An overemphasis on praise to a God they no longer pray to;

      3. An overemphasis on the gifts of the Spirit, rather than the Lordship of Christ.

    • mark huss said

      Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit:

      What is the Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit? When Jesus began His ministry, as was foretold by the prophets, His ministry would be confirmed by various signs and wonders. The reason for the signs and wonders were to confirm who Jesus claimed to be. That is, the Son of God and the promised Messiah.

      As was true throughout the Old Testament the Holy Spirit would come upon an individual for a specific purpose. During the ministry of Jesus, as the promised signs and wonders were being manifestly displayed before the Jews to confirm His ministry there were those who did not believe the confirmation signs and wonders that were not only written about, but were now being manifestly displayed by the outworking of the Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ.

      The conclusion of those who did not believe that Jesus was who He claimed to be, or the person the prophets of the Old Testament wrote about was that this Jesus did these miraculous works by the power of Satan. Thus, the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.

      This blasphemy could only occur this one time. That is, while Jesus was here on this earth giving confirmation of His Messiahship to His people the Jews. He was confirming to them that He was indeed prophet, priest, and king. They chose not to believe Him, labeling Him and His mighty works of the Devil and not of the Holy Spirit, and rejecting Him as prophet, priest, and king.

      I hope this helps.

      Mark Huss

    • I try not to get involved in “Non-Essential” doctrine debates… However, your suggestion that the Holy Spirit could only be blasphemed while Jesus was alive is something that I would consider “Essential.” Not real sure what theological background would endorse such a doctrine, but I can tell you that when a person “sells their soul” to Satan, they are required to do exactly what you claim to be impossible. I will not reply further, but I would be VERY careful about how you treat this entire subject matter.

    • mark huss said

      All Scripture is essential. The idea of “non-essentials” came from theological liberals around 1950. I have no interest in discussing theological modernism in recent church history so I guess you will just have to trust what I just wrote.

    • To God Be The Glory said

      Mark 12:24 “Do ye not err because ye know not the scriptures, neither the power (dynamis) of God?

      Mathew 16:14 A wicked and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given unto it, but the sign of the prophet Jonas. And he left them, and departed.

      The SIGN that Jesus was who He said He was , was when Jesus was raised from the dead. The miracles didn’t confirm who He was.

      (Romans 1:4) And declared to be the Son of God with power, according to the spirit of holiness, by the resurrection from the dead:

      Mathew 12:32
      31 Wherefore I say unto you, All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men.

      32 And whosoever speaketh a word against the Son of man, it shall be forgiven him: but whosoever speaketh against the Holy Ghost, it shall not be forgiven him, neither in this world, neither in the world to come.

      Does it say blasphemy against Jesus ,Mark, or against the Holy Ghost?
      It is blasphemy against the Holy Ghost that is unforgiveable.

      If blasphemy against the Holy Spirit was only a one time thing like you said, and it only meant not recognising who Jesus was by the “signs” He did, then why would Jesus also say that this particular sin would not be forgiven in the age to come either?

      How can that be if itsonly a one time occurance? There would be no need for Him to say that would there?
      In the world to come, the Jews won’t be looking for Jesus anymore, so if blaspheming the Holy Spirit only had to do with not recognising who Jesus was, then how is that possible?

      Jesus meant exactly what He said, That blaspheming the Holy Spirit is different from blaspheming Jesus. The Trinity decided it would be that way. Which means we better be very careful not to speak a word against Him or His wonderful gifts.The Father and Jesus have decided to honor Him this way, and we would all do well to give Him that same honor and the respect and the reverance He deserves.

      Did you know that in the world to come we will still be operating in the gifts of the Spirit? We just have a taste of what that power feels like now, but in the world to come, He’ll still be operating through us! Its wonderful!

      Heb 6:4 For it is impossible for those who were once enlightened, and have tasted of the heavenly gift, and were made partakers of the Holy Ghost,

      5 And have tasted the good word of God, and” the powers(dynamis) of the world to come”

      Do you see that? Some of us have already tasted the powers of the world to come. How? Through the gifts of the Spirit! So thats why Jesus said that this sin wouldn’t be forgiven in the next life either, because the Holy Spirit and His gifts will go on and on. And we’ll go on and on too, operating in His gifts!

      God is so generous. Hes given us gifts. We should all want everything He has for us.

      *Message to Brick,
      When there is serious error, should we not refute it? what would Jesus do? He would refute error wherever He found it.This is love too.

    • Well said.

    • brick said

      One thing I learned from the one that Created me, and one that created me to take her pain, is this very thing – when words are spoken, or written to further pain, or confusion, it is not meant for good. I know that I don’t know squat about what life long christians might now biblically, but after all the comments made yesterday, and again today, on this particular thread, its more a nuisance, hinderance, ” my way is the right way ” , and that is NOT what Jesus would do, say, or want if He were reading this thread. I think that it needs to be ended ( LA, where is your leadership here, because it seems you are not monitoring the comments, yet you were good to single out that guy without really being fair here with others that were / are attacking as well? All I know is I can’t come back here to read because YOU ALL are screwing with my head on what is biblical, and what isn’t, and thats not from God, but from Satan as he is playing you all for the foolish because you all seem to think you’re right in this matter.. Please, for the sake of those like me, or other newbies to the faith, just drop the matter, and let GOD speak, when you can listen instead of fight amongst the other wolves in sheeps clothes. ENOUGH from me .. just please.. quit confusing those of us that are in the LIGHT now, where the darkness don’t seem much different than what yesterdays comments were like.

    • To God Be The Glory said

      try to understand. Spiritual warfare isn’t pleasant, but necessary, and is our God given duty. You said, “let God speak” He is speaking. Try to get quiet and you’ll hear Him.
      I love you in the Lord Brick

      To God Be the Glory

    • brick said

      TGBTG, It is HE who is speaking, but it’s not those commenting here who are hearing because how can you listen to the Holy Spirit when all of the arguing the points that keep being dredged up speak louder than His still small voice?. I respect those that might know the bible, but I have to wonder where Jesus attitudes are in all that bible knowlege..

      I am sorry, but when you wrote ,” You said, “let God speak” He is speaking. Try to get quiet and you’ll hear Him.” I take offense at your presuming it is I who is making so much noise.. Hum, seems to me it’s not me thats being noisy, because I am the one thats asking YOU ALL to just let God be God, and to speak through you all instead of all the commmenting that you all think is right.. Theres a BIG difference in sharing truth, rather than cramming what people percieve their own understanding to be truth is, or how they percieve people that they don’t even know, and honestly I walked away from that judgementalism, and I don’t wanna go back there, no sirree…

      It’s just sad , but I’ve had that here , especially when I first came on board by Rose from Kentucky, and I for one, think that God is bigger than all the understanding humans think they have, and I guess I am going to say ” fare thee well “, because I’ve got better places to be where God will be shown in the lives of His followers without alot of bickering and pointing fingers…

    • To God Be The Glory said

      Don’t be sad and don’t be offended in me. I would never do anything to hurt you. I care about you too much. Understand there is only one God, one Spirit one Unity of the Faith, and we all have to conform ourselves to that. But if some of us are trapped in strongholds of error, then how will that be possible? Please don’t misunderstand whats going on here. I’m just showing Mark where his teachings are not lining up with scripture, which is the truth we all live by. Its not about throwing around Bible knowledge with no purpose, but conforming to the truth. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love Mark, or Linda as a brother and sister. You’re misunderstanding. These things must happen to root out belief systems that are not lining up with the truth. Thats all. So don’t be offended, OK?
      Nobody is bickering or pointing fingers we are just discussing scripture.

    • brick said

      sorry, but you can’t beat a dead horse with repeated arguing.. it won’t listen before or after.. You have alot of thoughts, and share them with Mark, and whomever. But isn’t it their choice to recieve them? If they won’t it’s not your fault, but all I am saying is when things are repeated over, and over, its more a debate instead of what God would call loving interaction. Yes, you have your thoughts, as Mark, LInda, and even me – but when there is a dissention because you don’t like what they ( or vice versa) believes, it isn’t Godly anymore, it’s humanity, and THAT TGBTG, is what all that thread is turning into. I don’t want any more struggles with humanity , and
      my STUBBORN sin that I have already and that is sad, when I have to have it rear it’s ugly head here on this website / thread/ blog…

    • To God Be The Glory said

      Yes Brick, Its up to them if they want to receive the things said or not.You’re right. Sometime I’d like you to read in the book of John where Jesus interacted with those who only believed in Jesus, but hadn’t committed themselves to follow Him fully, yet. I think its chapter 8 or 9, not sure. You’ll read where He went back and forth with them. He didn’t just agree to disagree which is the way they do it today which I think that you believe is the more loving way, however Jesus didn’t do that..But He always strongly adhered to the truth,and was a witness to the truth which is what we need to be, too.

      You are taking things too personally Brick, its about conforming ourselves to the truth and coming under His authority and cleaning up the strongholds we might have and washing our minds with His words, until we all believe the same things. Thats what Jesus wants. He doesn’t want you to believe one thing and Linda believe another thing and Mark something else and me etc. We’re striving for the unity and knowledge of the Son of God, until we come to a complete perfect man, in love. Thats what its all about and we need to help eachother in areas they may be weak, thats all.There is no pointing fingers at anybody when we bring truth to light.We’re not preaching things we haven’t already done and applied to ourselves. I hope you can see that. The Son of Man came to seek and save men’s lives, His truth never destroyed anybody so we shouldn’t be afraid to speak it.


    • brick said

      No need to start telling ( or encouraging me ) to read things in the Bible in order to understand. I follow Jesus, and what He will, and leads me to read, and be corrected by if needed, or taught in truth, andTHIS IS what I will do. I didn’t just spout off about you all being quiet so you could hear the Holy Spirit, TGBTG.. I prayed LONG and quietly asking God to give me words to say that were from HIM, not from me. And after praying a little while ago about remaining here on this blog, it is clear that what I was reminded of this morning by my internal preacher ( his name is Preacher Paul ) is that the fact is God is God, and none of us will EVER hold authority over anyone else, about the bible or anything else. Preach told me that ever since I directed him to this particular thread today, in his opinion, he said it was like preaching to deaf ears by everyone. He strongly felt the presence of darkness in how things are run here, and urged me STRONGLY to go to God again, and seek His directions in staying or leaving.. It is doing that, where though I tried to be ” real ” here , and be as God wants me to be in genuine faith sharing my heart with those that come to share to, its not welcomed . end of story…

  13. Gordy said

  14. kimberly2012 said

    I wanted to share this with my Brothers and Sisters in Christ. I have a good friend who is in the Air Force and she is staioned in Mississippi on the coast. She stated that military members and their dependents recently had a briefing and they were told that they would need to be ready to leave the Coast on quick notice. She didn’t go into any specific detail as they had to all sign a statement.

    Anyway, this got my suspicion up and I was told by a friend to go to The Liberty Man website and the hosts’ name is John Moore. This was astonishing, as Mr. John Moore stated he had confirmation from several folks regarding this military briefing. He stated that the planet Nibiru, or Planet X, which according to NASA does not exst, will be at the nearest to our planet on 8-16 as it passes and then again on 9-26 as it again leaves.

    As I read and listened to John Moore on You Tube (someone had downloaded a couple of his daily shows) he reiterated what my friend had told me with specifiicity.
    Anyone can listen to this on You Tube by typing in John Moore. If I was more computer literate I would try to attach it here.

    • Eric W. said

      Your friend is probably the most credible source you have there for that obvious reason of being your friend. ;) Thanks for that heads up. I’ve never heard of John Moore so I can’t comment either way on that.

    • kimberly2012 said

      Eric, if you look at it please give me your thoughts. It’s very bothersome and (could) fit right into this Great Deception. Thanks in advance!

    • Kirk Domitrovic said

      Concerning John Moore…

      link is below. I just watched this LAST NIGHT. WORTH WATCHING.

      YES, there is a NIBIRU / Planet X or whatever you want to call it.


      Read Revelation 6:12-17

      I believe …from verse 17 … that these verses tell us when the TRIBULATION
      BEGINS as God’s WRATH is being poured out on the entire earth !!!
      I also believe this speaks of a pole shift and the accompanying
      signs of “sudden destruction” spoken of in 1 Thessalonians 5:3.

      IF in fact Nibiru rips past the earth, Revelation 6:12-17 certainly COULD
      be the effects upon the earth, Pole shift, atmosphere shreaded, meteors
      of Nibiru’s tail pummeling the earth’s surface, etc.

      I also think it is entirely LIKELY that Revelation 6:12-17 is the same event
      spoken of in EZEKIEL 38:18-22 !!!


      ( May also blend into the 1st Trumpet Judgment…but I am unsure.)

      I also KNOW FOR SURE that Revelation 6:15 is spoken of in ISAIAH 2:10-22

      It is also clear that Revelation 16:17 says, “IT IS DONE”…
      meaning: with this LAST bowl judgment God’s WRATH is complete.
      Yes, Revelation 19:11-19 tells of us coming with JESUS for the battle
      of Armageddon. But essentially, ALL JUDGMENTS are done at that point.

      Also, read the LAST HALF of Revelation 6:17 and compare with

      Sure seems like the same thing spoken of regarding BELIEVERS…
      who will be RAPTURED OFF THE EARTH…saved from the WRATH to come.
      1 Thessalonians 1:10 and 5:9 and a whole lot more!!!

      Also, the Revelation 6:12-17 event is implied to cover the whole earth
      from verses 15-17 and EZEKIEL 38:20 definitely says that
      “all the men who are on the face of the earth will shake (at HIS) presence”.

      So, I would offer to you all that these are THE SAME EVENT.

      Also see Joel 2:31……….Acts 2:20……….Revelation 6:12 (SAME)

      Since Rosh Hashanah is Sept 17-18 and also known as
      The FEAST of TRUMPETS, and THAT FEAST is the next one to be
      fulfilled in order, I think it is entirely possible that
      we may be going HOME then, especially since there is so much
      warfare preparations in the middle east at this time & “Nibiru is close”.

      it will not be long before something happens.
      I first look for DAMASCUS to be a ruinous heap. isaiah 17:1

      As I understand it, CHRISTIANS are fleeing in mass.

      So, God could let that event happen soon once they’re clear, like Lot !!!

      I also think it “convenient” for the military on the coasts to be WARNED
      of needing to be ready on a moments notice to escape from the coast
      very soon. I have heard this from multiple sources & seen a few maps!
      It also seems to fit with LUKE 21:25-28…give it some thought & prayer.

      Since the Planet x/Nibiru “EVENT” is “supposed to” come behind
      earth on August 17 and then pass in front of earth on September 26…
      the earth would pass through the tail possibly of the PLANET X and
      all the debris it drags behind it…which sounds a whole bunch like
      what we read in REVELATION 6:12-17, specifically verses 13-14,
      and THE REASON for verse 15 occurring with MANY fleeing into
      the Deep Underground Military Bases, PLUS the people ON EARTH’s
      response in verse 17… THAT THIS IS GOD’S WRATH !!!

      It is at least worth mentioning that this scenario has THE RAPTURE
      occurring just before “sudden destruction” would happen on earth.
      Also interesting is that the word HARPATZO in greek has the idea
      “of being pulled out of danger by the scruff of the neck”. Hmmmm.

      I think JESUS knows what He is talking about…and told us in advance!

      We must remember that the TRIBULATION is for 7 years. It begins with
      the signing of a 7 YEAR peace agreement with the LEADERS of ISRAEL.
      Daniel 9:27 makes 7 YEARS for this agreement very clear.
      Isaiah 28:14-22 goes over this regarding “a covenant with death.”
      Note verse 14 “Who rule this people” …who are in JERUSALEM.
      God always deals with the LEADERS of Israel.
      Note verse 22 at the end…”decisive destruction on all the earth.”

      Read Isaiah 13:6-16……….Joel 1:15……Amos 5:18-20

      Obadiah 1:15-16………Nahum 1:2-6…..Zephaniah 1:2-3, 14-18

      So, just like 1 Thessalonians 5:1-11 and 2 Peter 3:10-12 indicate…

      This “sudden destruction” very well could be from Nibiru’s passing
      through our solar system AND the means by which God begins
      the whole TRIBULATION.

      i praise God for His grace and mercy …for His GIFT of SALVATION !!!

      Amen!!! Hallelujah!!!!

    • Linda said

      Whew!!! I have to organize these vs. tomorrow since it’s already 11:09PM here on the maybe soon to be sunken coast! I sure move to the craziest places. I moved to Co Spgs in 74 and they had an earth quake (and my dad teased and they also had one in Mn where he was), Co Spgs was in some 100yr warming period(coming to the end of it!), experienced a wild weird storm, golf size hail in summer with sleet and the scariest clouds above us low, when it got cold went to Az. to a 100 yr flood and Carter’s disaster & ended with the 11th banking crash crisis(89)lost our shirt and ev. else just about!, went to Paso Robles, Ca. (Horses) and immediately had the San Francisco quake as we were moving in. I felt it plenty, we were on a faultine, well the fruits, nuts and flakes were true not to mention they came out of the RE slump and into the boom as we arrived so lack of water, 2 yr morotoriums for bldg, impact fees to schools, and land around $300,000. for shacks or bare land spelled astalavista (or sp?). Back to Az to regroup(knew it well and then to Fl. and the Hurricane in Homestead. We even had one go right over us we were in the eye I think errie calm just after huge blowing tree limbs . If I told people I’m moving near you they’d tell me to stay away! lol I guess I like to live on the edge and now I may very well be or falling off the edge! I know where I land though and the storms will be over!

      You know when L.A. and Pastor David Picos and others talk about a fake version of the AC etc. and then the real one coming in to save us from the “bad one” type scene and distractions, the spin on the Olympics all over the internet could be a spin away from a bigger issue Nibiru! How long have they known? Long enough to bld. Denver Airport and all the underground networks!! Some insider said buliding in record speed I thought I saw (maybe on a Jessie Ventura video re. Denver Airport). Just to keep us stirred over bombs etc. and watching for Aug. 3rd, end of games on & on so we don’t raise a panic, a stampede out of danger. Who knows what any more, best to not fear man, but Fear GOD! We are not given the “spirit” of fear, but of love, joy, peace and a soundmind! So with that I’ll say my prayers to my Father and say good night all. Be safe IN CHRIST!

  15. Marty said

    Mr. Marzulli – something did happen on the 9th of Av…your President signed a very interesting document regearding the Iron Dome with Israel.

  16. Gordy said


    Blood Red’ Rain Falls In India People Are Freaking Out

    TRUTHER JULY 16, 2012 3
    On Thursday, July 5, 2012, around 6:50 p.m. local time, a mysterious red rain shower fell for about 15 minutes in Kannur, Kerala, India. Locales within a one kilometer area in the Indian state of Kerala experienced this phenomenon, as it filled courtyards with blood red rain and stained people’s clothes pink.

    Godfrey Louis, Ph.D. and Santosh Kumar hypothesize, “The red cells found in the red rain in Kerala are considered as a possible case of extraterrestrial life form.”

    • blood rain in India circa 2010

      blood rain in India circa


  17. Eric W. said


    Good “alien gospel” breakdown as it pertains to the Prometheus movie.

    • Linda said

      Just read the article very good and a quote taken from it: “the wicked King of Syria was attempting to capture Elisha, since the prophet of God was thwarting all of the King’s plans to attack the Israelites:”

      As Solomen says nothing new under the sun!
      Stii pooting ag. Israel.

      Same Philistines also at it!

  18. For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.
    Neither is there any creature that is not manifest in his sight: but all things are naked and opened unto the eyes of him with whom we have to do.
    Seeing then that we have a great high priest, that is passed into the heavens, Jesus the Son of God, let us hold fast our profession.
    For we have not an high priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities; but was in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin.
    Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.

  19. amaezed said

    Not sure how to embed the video, but YouTube has something called “Food Rationing IS happening. Why?” It looks pretty credible; talks about some runs on staples like flour and rice in some parts of our U.S.

  20. amaezed said

    re “Food Rationing IS happening. Why?” Link is http://youtu.be/piQpnndf7uU

  21. most don’t see spiritual realities … many deny them

    those that don’t pray … miss the most profound proof that exists — ongoing interaction

    when there are options short of miracles … most want “a bird in the hand” not “a ram in the thicket”

    Mark 6
    3 Is not this the carpenter, the son of Mary, the brother of James, and Joses, and of Juda, and Simon?
    and are not his sisters here with us? And they were offended at him.

    4 But Jesus said unto them, A prophet is not without honour, but in his own country,
    and among his own kin, and in his own house.
    5 And he could there do no mighty work, save that he laid his hands upon a few sick folk, and healed them.

    6 And he marvelled because of their unbelief. And he went round about the villages, teaching.

    7 And he called unto him the twelve, and began to send them forth by two and two; and gave them power over unclean spirits;

    • Linda said

      Nome he also was preaching to His brethern the Jew. He did not come to the Gentile, but to the Jew. He sent them 2×2 to His brethern only and later James and Peter etc. agreed that Paul would go to the Gentiles (Jesus gave that ministry directly to Paul after the road to Damascus experience, when He shared the Mystery Hidden in God Before the Foundations of the World(never prophecied/Hidden), us/grafted in and they would go to the house of Israel the Jew. Paul went 1st to the Jew and then Jew and Gentile, then to Genties and any who would believe and receive the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to be saved by Grace through Faith in Jesus Christ. Paul fulfilled Isaiah where he said the gentiles would be saved. We are not nor ever have been the covenant people we were outside. The law was not for us, but for a schoolmaster for the Jew. To show them their sin and that they could NOT keep the law, their need of a savior. They had was it 615 (?) laws they were bound under. Then Jesus further showed them their yoke with the spirit of the law; you say you have never committed adultry, but have you looked on a women with lust? You say you never murdered, but have you had anger against your brother(enough to want to kill him)? If so you have broken the law. (They could’ve taken His yoke and received salvation and their Kingdom after His Resurrection).
      We were always pagans! They were God’s servants, He is their King, He is the head of the Body, us. God was their Husband, they were the harlot, adulterer going after other gods. They will one day soon be put through the fire like fine gold, all the dross burnt off. They will become the Bride without spot, or blemish. We still will be His Body. In the final we will all be made the one new man and be in the New Jerusalem. Even that is marked with the 12 Tribes and the 12 Apostles.
      I don’t know if anyone looks at the 3 Callings teaching and search the scriptures in it to see if they have misunderstood, or not. I don’t know if anyone wants to they may have to change their ideas about the way they were taught. It’s up to them, but we should not be haughty, or drive someone off because we think we know. Our commandment and the greatest is to love. It’s listed as the greatest in the OT also. So many divisions in the church, God/Jesus did not want that we are to be one. Why is it we are not?

    • Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word.
      Without Christ we can do nothing.
      Faith which works by love is what makes the difference.

      1 Corinthians 12
      28 And God hath set some in the church, first apostles, secondarily prophets, thirdly teachers, after that miracles, then gifts of healings, helps, governments, diversities of tongues.
      29 Are all apostles? are all prophets? are all teachers? are all workers of miracles?
      30 Have all the gifts of healing? do all speak with tongues? do all interpret?
      31 But covet earnestly the best gifts: and yet shew I unto you a more excellent way.

      1 Corinthians 13
      1 Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal.
      2 And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge; and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity, I am nothing.
      3 And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned, and have not charity, it profiteth me nothing.

  22. Matt said

    “I was thinking some walk in Christian circles their whole lives and still are cueless and sometimes unsaved”

    Linda, My question is how do you know who is saved and who is not? Sure we can look at the fruits of someone, however, there are many backslidden Christians out there that are saved and just need to repent return to the Lord, but who are still saved none the less. . In fact not long ago I was one of these prodical sons. I needed to rededicate my life to Christ and stop being a double minded man…one foot in the world and one foot with God. I said yes but I lived no. I was indeed the prodical son, I needed to ask forgiveness and shake myself loose from my sins. Not so I could play some kind of religious game, not so I could pray some cheap prayer I wasn’t willing to live out. I said many times,,oh yeah, I’ll follow you Jesus, im sorry for the way Ive been living my life , forgive me,, but I wasn’t living for Christ, he wasn’t first in my life. I was off in the closet with my sins while the world burned, while people were going to hell, with all kinds of struggles and hurts…. what about bigotry, what about racial prejuce, what about rape and child abuse, what about people in the gay scene, what about drugs and Satanic rock music, there are lot of people in hell because of these things.
    God offered me away out of hell and my own selfishness, and hypocrisy. We are not here by a mistake, we are not in this world without a purpose, God put us here for a purpose and until we fulfill that purpose for which he created us we will never find peace and fulfillment inside.
    Not even as a Christian, cause we can say the words like I did and not lived the life and what good is it?…Its empty. It’s empty.
    I’m not sure what qualifies for a clueless Christian but if it’s about chasing UFO’s, Ghost, the Supernatural, and my personal favorite Bigfoot, then I guesses I’m clueless.
    These things are fueled by Satan himself, and chasing these rainbows with out end was what started my backslide in the first place. Satan had me chasing UFO’s Ghost, Devils. My eyes were not on God anymore, I was too busy trying to find answer to questions that didn’t have any, chasing my own tail if you will…. I totally stopped witnessing, and being a servant for the Lord, Satan had me fooled. . He is a master of deception and I fell for it and took the bait.…..now my brother is in the same boat as I was, he will read 100s of books on UFO’ trying to find ”the truth” but wont touch the bible. And he at one time was walking close to the Lord, I believe he is still saved, but Satan has him searching in all the wrong direction. As I said, if your eyes are off The Lord, you are not threat to Satan, and his mission accomplished.

    • Linda said

      Not by fruit picking, but out of their own mouths. They state that they don’t know if they’re saved. The scripture says we can Know because it’s not based on works, feelings, but by Faith in the finished work on the cross by Jesus/His Blood Atonement & Resurrection. He being God come in the flesh and us receiving that provision by Faith=Grace through Faith.

      You are correct in that many will read every author out there and not study the word of God. What does one put first is everything. I have 45 post responses since 4:09 PM getting a little crazy! I haven’t looked, but maybe they alot about fruit picking and tongues!

  23. Gordy said

    A&E Biography-The Manson Women 2002 – this is one of many documentaries that shows the danger of cult leaders and cults that use new age philosophy, drugs and mind control. Charles Manson claimed to be Jesus and Satan at the same time. There have been many others who have claimed to be the messiah or Christ. There are ufo cult leaders that also promote themselves as the latest or final messiah.



    [24] For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.


    [5] For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.

  24. Gonz (facelikethesun) interviews Rob Skiba…


    quote: Theory on how to create nephilim, “From Judd Burton…” the spirit intended for a distinct body doesn’t fit into a hybrid, which makes it then a vessel for a disembodied nephilim (which formerly had a hybrid body).

  25. My wifes sister is a psychologist and she spoke to her yesterday about this topic which i will now share. “The first thing crazy people do is turn the bible and Jesus. It is the first signs that they need mental help.” She went through the full 4 years of indoctrination ofcourse and other schooling afterwards. She still goes to church a few times a year but sleeps through it most of the time.
    Also let me remind you when i was committed for my bipolar manic disorder a different psychologist once warned me not to tellt he psychiatrist in charge of my care that i believed in Jesus or I would quote “NEVER get OUT of there.”

    To all you crazy faithful on here…look out they might be coming after you next.

    • Linda said

      You are correct! Esp. parents w/ an ADDH child bewarey! Anger management etc. the words are probably and will be used ag. you when needed!

      We are definately Pilgrims passing through now and now we are consider dangerous tresspassers! Why infact Terrorists!

  26. Linda said

    oops meant plotting darn fingers lol

  27. do not answer a fool according to his folly…
    non-essential doctrines have fractured the Church of Jesus Christ to the point of being impotent… We need to all chill and give LA his blog back!!!

    • Linda said

      Amen I have over 50+ comments since 3:09PM and I am sure most are a negative to Mark and I!
      I only looked at 3 from 3:09PM or so.

    • brick said

      Yea, Mystic, La needs to get his blog back because the enemy knows he won this round as the bickering about what everyone thinks is right, is clearly what keeps Satan roaring in laughter at what people are doing here ALL in the name of Jesus, and Truth. Sorry to be so blunt here, but my old life as a practicing Satanist was just as DARK as this thread is, LA.. Where is the silence like I wrote earlier, because only when any one of us stops to be quiet, and listen ( instead of fighting God, or other people trying to convince us of what they might believe) , will things become clear as to what Jesus wants us to know. My word, take it as you will, says just quit acting like babies in the spiritual sense, and lean on God’s understanding, not your own. Enough from me .. hopefully enough from those of you commenting who are fighting Satan’s war which he won for sure in this thread.

  28. Linda said

    TGBTG are you a Baptist?
    Here’s a study on Baptisms in the Bible. (not by that herectical occult man you think Pastor David is! :( ) By Dr Hank Lindstrom deceased. He aso taught extension Bible studies for Moody Bible College.

    I suggest anyone hear take a look it’s scripture list of Baptisms in the Bible.

    By the way he calls them LLM’rs because they join the Lion and Lamb Ministry as a member to study the word of God together. It’s an endearing term. We sign up as an internet Body of Christ and get all the privileges freely of the web site. Those who casually view can access what’s available in that format (ones who don’t want to dig in). It costs nothing and he never asks for money! I have never even seen a store. He never draws attention to himself he draws attention to a deep study of scripture.


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