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L. A. Marzulli

DEBKAfile Special Report July 25, 2012, 1:31 PM (GMT+02:00)
Deputy Iranian Revolutionary Guard chief, Gen. Masoud Jazayeri, warned on Tuesday, July 24, that Tehran would not permit regime change in Damascus and if Syria’s enemies intervened, Iran would hit them hard. 
I am amazed and somewhat disconcerted by the buildup of military forces in the Middle East.  The beginning of WWIII may be happening right before our eyes.  This latest move by the Russians is huge and with the Iranians insisting that Assad’s removal will usher in a hard response from them – a dynamic that I blogged about a little while ago – it would appear the nations involved are at an impasse.
I am of the opinion that the Syrian civil war will escalate and erupt into a regional confrontation.  I hope I’m wrong, but at this moment it appears that there is no middle ground as the battle lines are drawn and the armies are at the ready.
I am presently trying to take a much-needed vacation.  However, as you can tell by my daily posts, this is hardly the time to do so!  The mood on Cape Cod, where the wifey and I are at present, is business as usual.  People are boating, sailing, eating out, going to the beach.  To most of them the events in  Syria are a million miles away and have no affect on them.  Life is the same as it ever was and nothing is going to change it.  I am amazed at the apathy and the sleepiness of many of the people I run into here.  It’s like nothing is happening and the world really isn’t on the bring of WWIII.
In closing today’s post:  As a watchman I continue to point out what I see shaping up and what I see is the nascent beginnings of WWIII.  As I stated a few days ago, the 9th of Av is coming.  What a “coincidence” it would be if war broke out over this coming weekend.
Be still and know that I AM God.  Behold the days are coming when I will show my strength on the mountains of Israel.
On Another Note:  There is also something happening here that is alarming and it is TSA operating at bus stations and train stations.

TSA Expands Invasion To CA Train Stations & Bus Terminals 

America is becoming more like Nazi Germany every day and all it would take is one train to blow up or a bus and then what?  Would travel would be restricted and people need passes to go from one town to another?  The American people didn’t voice much opposition to the TSA searches and pat-downs, when it was implemented after 911 and as usual the apathy is overwhelming.

Freedom is precious and our forefather fought for it and many gave their lives in obtaining it for us.  Now it is being slowly taken away and soon we will live in a strange land, perhaps with checkpoints everywhere.

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  1. LA: “America is becoming more like Nazi Germany every day and all it would take is one train to blow up or a bus and then what?”

    Where Christ is rejected outright or by preferring some false christ, the rebel angels take over. The same powers and principalities that directed the nazis are directing most in the US. Spiritually the USA is a mix of dark powers from around the world.

    So no surprise when the same demon controlled people that slaughter babies through legalized abortion by the thousands every day — follow after the depravities we’ve seen in all other nations throughout history. And that means the resurgence of the inquisition and slavery and open pagan idolatries in their most depraved….

    Spiritually the opposite of a mountain is a pit or abyss … which in the extreme becomes a bottomless pit, like a black hole. The drain-plug has been pulled on the USA and most everything is swirling down into the vortex of darkened hearts joined to the utter void in the hearts of the rebel angels.

    • I just finished reading some of the late David Flynn’s work out of that nice anthology omnibus that Tom Horn recently put out and he’s just another Christian voice that shows me something that clearly involves America in some kind of key, occultic leaning role before it’s all said and done. I’m of the OPINION since you have D.C. and the Vatican as essential mirrors of each other in terms of architecture, geometry, physical layout…you name it…perhaps the political side (the AC) operates out of the USA in D.C. and the ultimate Whore of Babyloin ecumenical super religion operates out of Vatican Rome. Literal Bablyon is never coming back. The Bible prophesized as much. It’s a glorified tourist attraction.

      As Americans and Christians, I sincerely believe we need to be in a time of serious prayer and reflection because until the Lord Raptures us out of here…whenever that is (I’m pre trib but we might get some scraped knees before it’s all said and done)…we might see more things from our country and our leaders that are going to make us sick to our stomachs and hearts. Stay vigilant. Stay in the Word most importantly. And keep looking up!

    • I quasi-agree with LA, it would be nice to move elsewhere to escape the nonsense here, but where would I go?

      I’ve contemplated china or cuba so I can have freedom again, but honestly, where would we go?

      Mexico – like the wild west…with machine gones and satanic ritual warfare

      Canada – worse than we are in some ways

      Europe – on the brink of collapse, probably enrout to becoming the beast system

      Australia – ozone hole = too much UV radiation. Not to mention all the creepy crawlies that could kill you.

      New zealand – earthquakes.

      Africa – ’nuff said

    • “HI Nome – I agree! We should start learning how to Goose-step or pack up and get out of this place!”

      I know what you mean but the problem is: Where would we go? There is no “safe harbor” per se any more.

      To me this is yet another indicator that the Lord is coming soon.

    • You guys would do well to move north to Canada!

      The economy is doing well, schools are better and the standard of living is rising.

      What are they doing differently?


    • Hi Frank and All – Rose, who is a frequent comment maker on this BLOG, was rushed to the hospital with blood clots on her lungs. Please pray….I’ll give you updates as I get them. L.A.

    • Hopeful_watcher got it.

      I’m certain that the only good place to live in this world is the “house of prayer.” Through continuing prayer, we can enter into God’s presence even in the midst of trauma, like the “4 men in the fiery furnace” and “Daniel in the lions den.” I can do so when I’m involved with physical tasks. It’s much more difficult with mental tasks like study or the overlapping demands that take your attention constantly in a busy workplace.

      It’s like the Exodus. The desert was no fun for the Israelites — more like a bootcamp — but they were well cared for. And that included winnowing out those still connected with the rebel angels through their egyptian acculturation, including idols. Elijah likewise was cared for — even by ravens and in the poverty of the widow.

      We know deprivations are coming for those that reject the 666 system. Those that have too much abundance now are probably in much more peril. The rich believe they can provide for themselves without God.

      I’ve worked with that wanted to blast rock and roll off radio stations which had raunchy mouthed dj’s. That’s where I first learned about continuing prayer. We know much more now through folks like LA and Russ Dizdar, about how thin the veil between dimensions can become, (whether between here and heaven, or here and hell).

      But that other dimension we need to live in is the heart-to-heart connection with Christ through the Holy Spirit. Or you might recognize it more easily in that “The kingdom of Heaven is righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost.”

      Ephesians 5 (filled with the Spirit = connected heart to heart)
      17 Wherefore be ye not unwise, but understanding what the will of the Lord is. 18 And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit; 19 Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord; 20 Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ; 21 Submitting yourselves one to another in the fear of God.

      Colossians 3 (Armor of God = like a space suit)
      12 Put on therefore, as the elect of God, holy and beloved, bowels of mercies, kindness, humbleness of mind, meekness, longsuffering; 13 Forbearing one another, and forgiving one another, if any man have a quarrel against any: even as Christ forgave you, so also do ye. 14 And above all these things put on charity, which is the bond of perfectness. 15 And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to the which also ye are called in one body; and be ye thankful. 16 Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord. 1 7And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him.

      LA knows. It’s also part of praise. Like a tree planted by the waters — we need to be The Oasis from which the Fountain of Life springs forth. The Fountain from which we drink never again to thirst.

      That’s the only good place to dwell is not the outward kingdom of the dominionist — where Christ is not present.
      But — in the very presence of Christ — within.

    • Abba father I come before you today and ask for your healing hand on our dear sister Rose.We lift her up to you at this time.You are mighty, Lord, who brings healing to the sick, We know no healing is too hard for you Lord, we ask for a miracle this day because we know with you all things are possible.
      Let Rose and her family know you are there with them through this difficulty Give her strength. And may you, through this difficulty, be glorified in her healing.In Yeshua HaMashiach precious name we pray,Thank you for answered prayer

    • This is terrible news; Rose is not only my friend but a prayer warrior, and a true woman of God. I am so saddened by this news….I will pray for her daily until I hear a praise report she is better. If you read this Rose, I am praying for you and love you very much….stay strong and try not to worry. You have many that are praying for you.

    • Gosh Lass, my heart just missed a beat while reading LA’s report of your illness..so my heart goes out to you while I write this my friend, and I pray the Lord comfort’s you with His peace and relieves you of any and all pain..

      “Lord, we lift up our friend Rose to you and ask for a complete healing in her lungs and body, and pray you will bestow your loving mercy and kindness upon this woman in her hour of need..Nothing is impossible for you Father God, and we believe you are able to heal her totally, completely and in every way.”

      “We also pray you strengthen and comfort her family Lord, and that your peace be upon them and their households..let them know full well Lord Jesus, that you are with them throughout this difficult time ”

      “Lord,..I thank you for being our God, the Creator of all things. Thank you Lord for your Son Jesus Christ, and for His Blood, shed for all,and it is in His precious name I ask and pray these things..Amen”

      Warmest {{hugs}} to you my dear friend…


    • My heartfelt prayers are with you dear Rose. Have prayed the words of others on this blog also. God keep you and strengthen you as we all look forward to a praise report soon, in Jesus’ precious Name.

  2. Something tells me that the sheeple will do precisely as they’re told so long as security is promised in return for their compliance.

    I also believe that the Lord has given the majority of Americans over to apathy and ignorance in accordance with their desires. When calamity does come to this nation on a large scale, those who thought it could “never happen here” will be more than willing to be herded into a camp. It’s amazing how long the Lord has tarried on pouring out judgment on this country, but He has his own timeline of events.

    Thanks for keeping us updated, LA.

  3. ” People are boating, sailing, eating out, going to the beach. To most of them the events in Syria are a million miles away and have no affect on them. Life is the same as it ever was and nothing is going to change it.”

    Luke 17:27
    People were eating, drinking, marrying and being given in marriage up to the day Noah entered the ark. Then the flood came and destroyed them all.

    • Yes He is Jeff. Yes He is. Praise to be the one true God for His mercy and grace forever and ever!!!

  4. A beautiful thought came to me this morning on my drive into work. Thought I’d share.

    As disciples of Christ, we are nothing but musicians in God’s symphony of grace and mercy. Are you familiar with the sheet music? Are you focused on the conductor? Is your instrument in-tune? Do you rejoice for the music of praise and honor for the Lord?

    • Good positive pointer, Hopeful Watcher! I do not understand God’s plan very well, since it winds through centuries and millennia of darkness, but I am glad to remember that there IS a plan.

    • Sometimes when you’re singing harmony, the part you’re singing may not as attractive as what the sopranos are singing. Your part may be odd and difficult — or even downright dull. But in the final performance, with the orchestra present and the big-name soloists too, everything fits together and sounds more wonderful than you ever imagined possible.

      And you’re a part of it. And it wouldn’t sound the same without you.

  5. Perhaps this is way too siimplistic but it seems to me that one man was the lynchpin for this Syrian civil war which could very well escalate into a war of ships on two fronts. If Asaad would have stepped down, that would have gone a long way to at least postponing all this chaos. Then again, with all the war games going on…but if Asaad would have stepped down before all this started, or if the rebels had been successful like they were in the other Middle East countries, this might have all been avoided (I understand they are basically the M Brotherhood but still). I watched one of the Jason Bourne movies recently and just one small thing erupted until the US and Russia were ready to nuke each other. Seems to be a parallel to what’s going on overseas. The pride of one man can be an incredible trigger to something horrific that may very well affect us all. (The pride of one angel Lucifer, started us all down the path to this.) However God gives us freewill. Howard Storm said in his NDE book that God hates war and God does not want war. He gave us freewill which we don’t even understand and frequently use to hurt others. There are times when I hem and haw about a decision and pray about it and my answer is “You have freewill, choose”. Not everytime mind you, but enough to recall that we are here to love and serve others. That is our purpose. So what choice do we need to make to follow the Golden Rule? Therein lies the answer. I would like to think that Asaad is not beyond hope, but I truly believe that Satan is right now whispering in his ear what he should do next. Lets keep watching and praying!

    • if Asaad would have stepped down before all this started, or if the rebels had been successful like they were in the other Middle East countries, this might have all been avoided

      Those scenarios have the same problem we have now: who controls the WMDs?

      There aren’t many workable ways to keep those WMDs out of the (all-too-numerous) bad guys’ hands — and hopefully destroy them.

  6. The other day someone on the blog posted “2012 London Olympic False Flag “Last Minute Proofs” Urgent Must See”

    I watched all 6 videos and they were excellent. In fact I thought they were so well vetted and put together that I feel that a “False Flag” terrorist event at the Olympics is almost certain. I encourage you to watch them knowing what you see in the middle of video 6 is unacceptable! Who ever put the videos together really knew what they were talking about. All the symbolism for 7-27 is darn right scary. I know we are not suppose to live in fear but I am actually scared about what I think may happen to our world as result of a false flag at the Olympics whether its on 7-27 or sometime during the Olympics.

    What scared me most about these videos other than their accuracy is what happens in the middle of video 6. I actually stopped watching it, but I did finish it. I rebuked my computer as well as the person who wrote it and I cant stop thinking about it since. Every faith believes their messiah is just around the corner in fact all of them believe he could be here this year.

    The muslims in particular believe their messiah the mahdi is behind schedule to come. The Islamic rant with a special warning in the middle of video six which reads “TO THOSE OF YOU WHO WORSHIP JESUS” was to me written as if the actual terrorists put these collections of videos together to prove that they along with the Global Elite will see this event through to fruition. The author of the videos tries to act if we are in danger and that Allah is the only way.

    I’ve never been so shaken. Maybe its because I’ve never been preached to from a muslim perspective. I posted the following response on you tube.

    TheTruthsFromGod3 “Jesus is the way the truth and the life. “NO ONE SHALL GET TO SEE THE FATHER IN HEAVEN EXCEPT THROUGH JESUS” I pray that God gives you the vision that hundred of thousands if not millions of other muslims are having about Jesus. Millions of muslims are coming to Jesus. Repent Now accept Jesus as the messiah or stay go through tribulation possibly die end up in hell until the Great White Throne Judgement. Its your choice.

    I still encourage you to watch all six videos. The correlations are stunning. Minus the rant at the middle of video six.

    The rant starts at 5:20 Please comment on You Tube as I did

    • Even more oddities is that Romney, who has experience running the Olympics in Salt Lake City, is now in London for the opening cerimonies says that London is not ready. Coincidence or more seeds of anxiety being planted into our psyche?

    • Richard,
      Can you identify the date that the party posted “2012 London Olympic False Flag “Last Minute Proofs” Urgent Must See” on this blog? I will gladly go watch them. Your input is very much appreciated as well.


  7. I believe that Russia is pushing Iran’s buttons because Putin WILL NOT give up the warm water port in Syria… It would appear that Putin/Russia really ARE READY to go to war over Syria… That is if Israel doesn’t beat everybody to the punch…

  8. Thank you LA for your blog postings on events as they occur overseas, particularly their impact on Israel.

    I just finished reading an article “Israelis Fear Breach Of Syria’s Chemical Arsenal” but what touched me the most was the photo image of “An Israeli girl tries on a gas mask at a distribution center in a shopping center in Mevaseret Zion on the outskirts of Jerusalem on Wednesday.” Why affect innocent children?


    Tragic, sad, chilling and I pray for the peace of Jerusalem in the name of Jesus! I rebuke you satan, in the Mighty Name of Jesus!

  9. For whatever it’s worth…

    I know a lot of folks like to use the “Illuminati Card Game” cards as proof and prediction of disasters coming and past. For example 9/11. Some are using it as proof of something at the olympics.

    That said, I found a gallery that has all the cards on display, and I don’t know that I’d put too much stock in the theory these cards predict anything. I mean, how do we determine which ones do, and which don’t? Are they all predictive? If so, there are some absurd things on the way.

    For example, atomic monster (think godzilla), or albino alligator (in the sewer) and Count Dracula.

    Anyways, check it out


  10. I have had extensive pat downs in the airports. Some substance I take, possibly magnesium according to a Ph.D. chemist I’m related to (one of several chemical/physical wizards I know) sets off the machine the pat-downers put their gloves into after patting me down. I expect this. I do not mind it. You may think I am apathetic about nazis, but hardly! I have Jews in my extended family, including my deceased Christian husband who was half Jewish. I hate nazis. But if this patting discourages a few terror types, OK by me. I am one of those “old white ladies” whom it is stupid to pat down, some say. But they have to do everyone to be democratic, and that’s OK by me because it doesn’t hurt me. It just delays me. I travel for medical treatment in Scottsdale and I allow an extra hour at each end. I guess I just have an eccentric point of view, one of those “old eccentric white ladies.”

  11. Off the subject, but I just read that CO shooter made up mind control programs:

    and the govt gave him over 20k grant…he had a mentor as well, or shall we call him a handler. Watched a youtube video showing a woman who inadvertantly caught a ‘trigger’ on her tv while watching the local tv news show:

    • and while I’m off topic, I’ll add another : )
      crop circle looks like a winged planet, with an alien gray….

    • Mrs M-crop circles fascinate me. I wish David Flynn was around to decode them. They are beautiful and yet they are not from God. I look at them as potential information but like LA says, the fallen ones can only see so much.

  12. i came to the conclusion recently i feel exactly as L.A. described, out of place or a great apathy is on a good number of the population of The United States. i have become the radical religious Bible thumper to pretty much everyone i know minus a few Christians. it is hard to know anything about the “build up” in the Middle East with most people getting their days news from Rev. Al Sharpton or Rachel Maddow or Hardball with the Obama worshipper. i digress, but not for L.A. or Hal Lindsey’s news blog, basically stuff on AM radio and some websites we would be blind. Dan.12.9,10 says in the latter day the wise will see and understand these things. i am almost convinced that Isaiah 17.1 has just come to pass in front of our eyes. i will keep all of you in prayer along with our Country and Israel. later

    • I, too, feel “out of place” here. I rarely watch network tv and then it is usually O’Reilly. He, too, has backed down from talking about all truths. Since the Arab prince purchased Fox, even they are keeping the whole truth a secret. Most of the people I know are living their lives in a deep sleep. Oblivious to what is coming. They look at me like I have a screw loose when I talk about the current events that parallet with bible prophecy. IMHO, I think most people choose to be blind to what it coming. It is too frightening for them to face. I am very sad for all of my friends who don’t know Jesus, too. I believe this weekend is going to be a game changer for us all. I pray it won’t be, but there are too many things lining up.

      I can’t help but wonder if we may be raptured this weekend. As we all know here, the 9thof Av is the worst date in history for the Jewish people. They lost the 1st and 2nd temples on those days. If we look to the Bible, we see where we are told that believers are the “temple.” Wouldn’t it be catastrophic is we are taken out of the picture! Imagine the chaos that will ensue! Israel will be in deep you-know-what without us here! Just a thought I wanted to share with you all! I am SO ready to see Jesus!!!

    • Hi Nick,
      I am right there with you on the feeling of our time,… downward,apathetic spiral into the muck.
      Soooo, since I cannot do to much about the Middle East bean soup, I could not have apathy on this crud with the mayor of Boston concerning Mr. Cathey’s ( of Chick-Fil-A) stand on Biblical marriage. After reading yet another article on The Lookout by Dylan Stableford,Yahoo News, I was ,well, pissed. So, I e-mailed the mayor and let him have my two cents worth, and no doubt now he knows
      that is All Boston will get from me…,2 cent. I planned to take my sons on the freedom trail for a vacation, but I cancelled all my reservations and we will go elsewhere, closer to home, SC. (I sent copies of cancellations so spineless mayor could see my ‘ conservative ‘ dollars would be more than content not to end up in his Bostonbean gasbag back pocket. ) And just to peeve him more, with the savings from switching plans, I bought 20 Chick-Fil-a gift cards for the needy, and sent him the pics!
      I,m throwing it out there in my’ southern drawl ya’ll’, I am so sick AND tired of yellow bellied, side steppin, two footed lizard lickin, dirt devil worshipin heathen, TRYING to put Christians in the corner to turn the other cheek and to be a coward. NOPE! not me.
      I am a responsible, single, Christian Mom of two boys(14,21).I taught them how to shoot a gun at 8 years old, to be responsible for their own actions, and to use the common sense God gave them. And to stand by their beliefs, not behind them.
      God brought me through some rough years, he stood beside me, showed me the way, and I survived. Now, as small a gesture it is, I must stand up for my Father’s Word to the abominations the world wants to make our ‘new norm’.
      So, please, anyone that can, e-mail the mayor of Boston, snatch that glove from his hand that smacks Christ in the face, teach it to the world, not the choir. ( I think we have a pretty good choir here, don’tcha think? 🙂

      Oh, and another thing federal tax dollars are going to….to build private barriers in public libraries in San Francisco so pervs can watch porn in peace!! We’re all paying for this crap if you pay fed taxes.

      OK, thanks all, ranting is over, must go to closet for time out!


    • I am right there with you all in feeling just so fatigued and sad that so many are just sleeping through all the signs. I have been trying to stay in constant prayer and it seems that really irritates the dark side! Really odd “troubles” keep popping up to distract me so tonight I have been just being still and watching old “Little House On The Prairie” episodes and found myself weeping!

  13. Oops, forgot my quotes around the link. Here it is again

    For whatever it’s worth…

    I know a lot of folks like to use the “Illuminati Card Game” cards as proof and prediction of disasters coming and past. For example 9/11. Some are using it as proof of something at the olympics.

    That said, I found a gallery that has all the cards on display, and I don’t know that I’d put too much stock in the theory these cards predict anything. I mean, how do we determine which ones do, and which don’t? Are they all predictive? If so, there are some absurd things on the way.
    For example, atomic monster (think godzilla), or albino alligator (in the sewer) and Count Dracula.

    Anyways, check it out


    • I see your point, Frank. But, did we think we would see people eating the faces of other people in the streets?! I’m not saying I believe the cards are predictive, I’m just not so sure there isn’t something to them. I don’t plan to be here to see it all, anyway! Jesus is coming to get us soon!

    • Dawn, you may take this the wrong way and I hope you don’t, but I hope Jesus already has you. He lives in your heart. We are waiting for the kingdom of heaven to come to Earth, whenever that may happen.

      Romans 8: 38-39

    • From what I saw, none of the cards say anything about bath salts or face eating. Did I miss something?

      I guess all I’m trying to say is if we are looking to see the future predicted out, we should seek out God’s word, not a card game. Sure, there are some cards that MAYBE is the “illuminati” calling out “I’m doing X” but even if it is, we shouldn’t put stock in it.

      THEY are (probly) planning to stop Jesus’ return at armageddon (probably) but we all know how that plays out in Revelation 19.

      So, long story short, don’t put stock in the cards. But take a look and see if you find anything interesting.

      Me, I’m waiting for Godzilla. Without a science patrol, gamera or ultraman to stop him, should be an interesting news day.

    • Awww, come on Frank, I like Godzilla,here kitty kitty,lol.

      What scares me , or ticks me off, is the agenda of pedifiles to vote as many of their own kind into public office, to change age concent laws so a 10 year old can make their own decision to have sex or not. Now what scares me is what i will do to any one who approaches a child with that in mind.

    • haha, you can just give him some of that tea you had!lol we can always send him to the neighbor’s yard to poop,ha

    • Lol. Yes, that bob marley tea would a great way to cool down the middle east, let me tell you!

      Although mostly chamomile, the other calming ingredients are interesting. Especially valerian root. I had all the side effects from it that I can recall. Dry mouth, head ache, apathy, even vivid dreams. I can’t remember them, but my dreams last night were very real, mundane and seemed to play out longer than normal.

      I did find valerian root is used in the occult, however I don’t know if they ingest it, or do something else with it. Seems they do lots of other stuff with it, but it is a natural way to treat insomnia. Good thing for someone to look into.

      I don’t know if id’d drink the tea again. It’s appealing, but I don’t think I want to get high again. At least it felt like getting high.

    • Just like the time Blossom Goodchild said a craft would appear on October 14.

      I will wait and see, no offense. I’ve been taken in too many times.

      It reminds me of Goonies, when Chunk says he saw a police chase. And his friends say, “just like the time michael jackson came to your houxe?”

      Or when chunk calls the cops about the fratelli gang and they say just like the time the town was under attack by creatures that multiply when they get wet (gremlins).

      I believe its possible, maybe coming soon, but anyone who says “on x date, UFOs!” I go “OK. We’ll see.”

    • Let’s hope and pray that there is no false flag alien invasion or terrorist attack during the 2012 Olympic games. If it may trigger
      a step towards major political and social changes.

    • There is a lot of focus on something happening the opening ceremony, but it could be any day. I have a very strong feeling some kind of disclosure will happen during the games, but opening day maybe quiet.


  15. John Moore Show

    Military has been given evacuation orders regarding all coasts as well as the Mississippi and they have been ordered to sign non-disclosures. Why? They are being told that Nibiru is coming into our planetary system and it will be causing major flooding problems within 6 weeks of July 1st.

    Makes sense LA just stated that Greenland, Iceland and the Ar tic circles are seeing glaciers shrink and waters are rising. Add to that information that poles are adjusting. In addition to what “Stan” knows from his inside source that a major solar storm will hit the world prior to October flooding can and will occcur.

    John states that his inside governmental source told him that the government believes Niburu’s placement within our planetary system will cause major flooding. I debated about posting this two weeks ago because the majority in my opinion think Niburu is an unprovable hoax. Stan thinks that if Niburu is coming its on the other side of the sun and not visible with earthly telescope.

    Stan Deyo has talked about it but it was posted today on his site which means from my opinion that Stan either endorses this opinion or he has inside governmental sources that are stating the same to him.

    The tribulation period will be quickly upon us if we are still here.

    • TerralO3 really made me take a hard look at planet x. (He was more an elenin guy) And i don’t buy it yet. Why cant we see it if it’s so close?

      Here’s my look, skeptically balanced.


      Maybe i’m taking this out of context, but it may apply.

      1 Timothy 1:4

      4 Neither give heed to fables and endless genealogies, which minister questions, rather than godly edifying which is in faith: so do.

      Regardless, God’s still in control and on His throne. Don’t worry.

    • As I mentioned its on the other side of the Sun. Our government can spot it with the Cassinni Telescope from satellite. Do you think they would tell us if they are watching it? NO!

      From my perspective the tribulation is right around the corner and wormwood is a star / planet and whether it is coming naturally to us naturally or super naturally its coming soon.

      “And the third angel sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp, and it fell upon a third of the rivers, and upon the springs of water; And the name of the star is called Wormwood: and a third of the waters became Bitter; and many people had died of the waters, because they were made bitter.” (Revelation 8:10, 11 – KJV).

      1st Timothy does not apply to what I am not talking about. I’m not presenting fables.

      “And the third angel sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp, and it fell upon a third of the rivers, and upon the springs of water; And the name of the star is called Wormwood: and a third of the waters became Bitter; and many people had died of the waters, because they were made bitter.” (Revelation 8:10, 11 – KJV).

      I agree God is control I’m not scared but excited about the blessed hope. This is just one more example of how close we are to the rapture of the church. : )

    • ABSOLUTELY!!! Military Dependents are being counselled/prepared to leave at a moments notice… with only ONE piece of luggage per person!!! ON BOTH COASTS!!! (sounds like what Jesus said about not going back into your house to get ANYTHING, but “FLEE TO THE WILDERNESS!!!”)

    • ? Aside from the video, where are the sources? I understand if planet x is on the otherside of the sun, proof is hard to get…but planet x is always on the other side of the sun, ready to come any day. It was the same thing when it was comet elenin. If it’s not on the other side of the sun, it’s really far south, only visible from the south pole because it’s below th ecliptic.

      Why is it so elusive? Can it telport? Is it a quantum planet, doing weird things when observed?

      Then, about the troops…Troops and family are being moved, one luggage, both coasts? Links? Or is this just a general advice? Have they been told of a specific threat? If a specific thing, proof should be easy to get.

      Sorry for my intense questioning, but I just want to examine the claims before committing to a line of thought. I mean no disrespect. It’s just there’s so many folks making so many claims, and most of them are trying to make money or deceive people.

      Btw, rose, prayed for you!

    • Frank you know what wormwood is. Its either a star or a planet.

      I didnt exactly say it right. They were given orders to evacuate at a moments notice. You should listen to it.

      Like I said Stan Deyo said it would be clearly visible from government military satellites. It probably is.

    • I understand if planet x is on the otherside of the sun, proof is hard to get…but planet x is always on the other side of the sun, ready to come any day. It was the same thing when it was comet elenin. If it’s not on the other side of the sun, it’s really far south, only visible from the south pole because it’s below th ecliptic.

      We are on the Earth, which is orbiting the Sun. Nothing can always be on the other side of the Sun from us unless it’s in our Earth’s same orbit and exactly opposite the Earth. And if that were the case, the mechanics of the Solar System would be entirely different. And if that were the case, astronomers and physicists and the scientists who work for the various space programs would have noticed the planets (not to mention various comets, etc.) weren’t behaving as they should.

      So Nibiru or Elenin or whatever just plain can’t always be on the other side of the Sun for any period longer than a few months without us getting some hint of its presence.

      I have a real problem with anyone (as for example, John Moore) who cites Zecharia Sitchin’s theories and yet claims to be a Christian, because Sitchin was not a Christian and his theories (both religious and astronomical) conflict with the Bible. (He wasn’t an astronomer either.) So why should we believe him about Nibiru?

      Check out Michael Heiser’s website. He’s a Christian scholar of Biblical and ancient Near Eastern languages and explains why Sitchin was — at best — totally confused and there’s no reason to believe the ancient Sumerians thought there were twelve planets.

      “I can tell you–and show you–that what Sitchin has written about Nibiru, the Anunnaki, the book of Genesis, the Nephilim, and a host of other things has absolutely no basis in the real data of the ancient world.”

    • JLL, I was being quasi-facetious. People always are saying that planetx is on its way…”but we can’t see it, its on the other side of the sun!” I don’t think its there at all. I don’t even reallly think there is a planetx. There is just too muchwish washy data that supports and none that solidly does.

      The original idea for a planet x impact came from someone channelling gray “aliens”. It then got tacked onto sitchin’s 12th planet which heiser has thoroughly debunked.

      Unless you show me some good evidence, I’m a huge skeptic. And to be fair, I don’t even believe myself when I say the sky is blue, I have to go check!

    • ha , Frank, maybe it is Pluto coming to get even with Neil deGrasse Tyson for saying it wasn’t a planet.

  16. AND He said to them, BE CAREFUL what you are hearing … the measure of thought & study you give to the TRUTH (Scripture you hear Hb#8085) WILL be the measure of virtue & knowledge that comes back to you … and more besides WILL be given to you (who hear / shama) … for to him who has (hearing) more WILL be given; and from him who has nothing (for hearing), even what he has WILL be taken away … Heb 11:6 ..

  17. Two weird articles recently about the Olympics recently struck me as odd and seemed to possibly confirm, or make me more wary than I was before of a False Flag Event at the opening ceremonies. First I want to point out that actually the 9th of Av starts at sundown in Jerusalem on Friday, it is not just Saturday (the day after the ceremonies, but instead the opening ceremonies will start after the 9th of Av has begun). Okay, the first article said that the entire show had to be redone because it was too long. It is being specifically redone to end right at the stroke of Midnight. The next yahoo article talks about Michael Phelps not attending the ceremony because he needs extra rest because he is supposed to swim the next morning. That is not big news and apparently a lot of people already knew he had never attended an opening ceremony – so why the big announcement? Was it to show off his hooded picture showing only one eye? Looks creepy to me.

  18. Wowza! Moonpieeyes, im on it! I dont do fast foid but ive eaten 2x this week at chick fil a! Will hassle boston tommorrow! ;;)
    Not running to alaska-glows in rhe dark right now!. Now the rest of Canada sweet!
    Mariel, why I might be ok with it IF muslim women got searched too but they dont. Its offensive and against their religion.
    Oh well, I love me some Yeshua!
    La enjiy ur vacation! Its weurd being back on the east coast isnt it?

  19. Listen to below link…GREAT PASTOR who REALLY LOVES HIS SHEEP !!!!!
    This PASTOR prepares HIS SHEEP, unlike many “impostors” in the pulpit.


    These following verses are the ending of this message above.

    2 Peter 3:3-15
    The Coming Day of the Lord

    3Know this first of all, that in the last days mockers will come with their mocking,
    following after their own lusts, 4and saying, “Where is the promise of His coming?
    For ever since the fathers fell asleep, all continues just as it was from the beginning of creation.”
    5For when they maintain this, it escapes their notice that by the word of God the heavens
    existed long ago and the earth was formed out of water and by water,
    6through which
    the world at that time was destroyed, being flooded with water.
    7But by His word the present
    heavens and earth are being reserved for fire,
    kept for the day of judgment and destruction of ungodly men.

    8But do not let this one fact escape your notice, beloved,
    that with the Lord one day
    is like a thousand years, and a thousand years like one day.
    9The Lord is not slow about His promise, as some count slowness,
    but is patient toward you,
    not wishing for any to perish ….but for all to come to repentance.

    A New Heaven and Earth

    10But the day of the Lord will come like a thief,
    in which the heavens will pass away with a roar and
    the elements will be destroyed with intense heat,
    and the earth and its works will be burned up.

    11Since all these things are to be destroyed in this way,
    what sort of people ought you to be
    in holy conduct and godliness,
    12looking for and hastening
    the coming of the day of God,
    because of which the heavens will be destroyed by burning,
    and the elements will melt with intense heat!

    13But according to His promise we are looking
    for new heavens and a new earth,
    ……………………in which righteousness dwells.

    14Therefore, beloved, since you look for these things,
    be diligent to be found by Him in peace, spotless and blameless,
    15and regard the patience of our Lord as salvation;

    Acts 2:21
    “And it shall be, That EVERYONE who calls on the NAME
    of the LORD (JESUS)…….shall be SAVED.”


  20. LA, I have life size replicas of the Shroud of Turin which I have on display at a religious facility on Staten Island, so while you’re on the east coast, why not meet me at Mount Manresa where the lifesize Shroud images are on exhibit. I got them from Barrie in Colorado. You can videotape them and photograph them. The facility is open 7 days a week. Right next to the Veraazanno Narrows Bridge. PS – I can tell you exactly when the Two Witnesses of Revelation will be murdered by the antichrist, it will happen on or just before Christmas Day. Check the wording of Revelation in the passage that describes their murders.

  21. Dear sweet Rose, I am praying in earnest for you. You always lift me up and enlighten me with your knowledge and I thank God for you.

  22. Jesse Ventura was on Coast to Coast last night and touched on the subjecy of “TSA Expands Invasion To CA Train Stations & Bus Terminals ” It was a good show and worth a listen.

  23. lady tells what she saw happening here in America at camp red devil

    [audio src="http://archives2012.gcnlive.com/Archives2012/jul12/CalltoDecision/072312.mp3" /]

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  25. Dream: Divorce Them! Aliens, UFO’s, Deception

    I personally think they are scanning to see who has been implanted with one of those “alien chips.” Or maybe even the Mark of the Beast. Those who are sealed by Jesus cannot be touched.

    The word the Lord gave me regarding the road is “astonishment,” which means: overpowering wonder or surprise; amazement.

    Also, the road was downwards, as if it was sinking ground. Cut out all things “alien” from your life, throw away your alien movie collection, your figurines, your clothing that has alien stuff on them, renounce all of that outloud, verbally and ask the Lord to forgive you and cleanse you from all of that. I have already done this too. And when I find something I missed, off to the trash bin it goes!

  26. LA-is it true or false that Putin has issued an international warrant forGeorge Soros arrest for money and market manipulation? Please try and find out. What a twist that woyld be. Thanks!

    • Ally, so weird, but I watched Conspiracy Theory, Wall Street episode on You tube last night, and sure enough, I think it was in 2008, the market manipulators secretly flew to Russia to convince them to continue to invest in our economy. It was very informative on this subject and it would not surprise me if Putin did/or will issue an warrant.

  27. No more hedge of protection for the USA. The doors are wide open to the destroyers.
    And we’ve seen what happens when protection was removed from Israel in Psalm 80 and Isaiah 5.

  28. Okay, my musings on some of the opening ceremony’s features. I am sure it is just my overactive imagination, but this is what struck me, not in any chronological order.

    -Of course, the illuminated pyramids. My daughter counted 13.
    -The theme of rural serfdom carried over into the industrial revolution, perhaps with the idea of the slavery being carried over into our addiction to music and entertainment. The images include illuminati harlequin-checkered dancers.
    -The iron-smelting river turning into a ring of molten fire: did that look like a giant sperm to anyone?
    -Because the next thing that happened, if I recall correctly, were giant rings of fire/light, coming in like huge UFO’s
    -Then they join into Olympic rings, which someone posted in a video telling they signify the Oracle of Apollo at Delphi, the symbol having been found in the last century and adopted for the games. Apollo is Apollyon, the antichrist, of Revelation. So the UFO rings of fire join to make Apollo’s symbol.
    –Then, the rings rain fire upon the awestruck masses. Isn’t that the whole Apollo/Hermes/Lucifer thing? Stealing fire from the gods (the light of knowledge) and bringing it to man? And the awestruck wonder of the crowd gazing at the rings, and the applause.

    Sperm= seed of the serpent
    Rings= UFO’s
    Olympic insignia= Apollo or antichrist
    Raining fire= He comes with lying wonders and ‘divine” gifts and knowledge.
    Crowd’s wonder= The worship of the beast

    Hope I’m wrong and it’s business as usual. I am starting to feel a little crazy.

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