Days of Chaos: Harbinger to The Black Awakening?

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L. A. Marzulli

Gunman kills 12 in Denver shooting at “Batman” movie

Gunman kills 12 in Denver shooting at Batman movie | Reuters

Days of Chaos…..

I awakened this morning to this story and I immediately thought of the Arizona Shooter, Jared Loughner.  Like this latest “massacre” in Colorado, Loughner opened fire in the same methodical way killing 13 people.  My colleague, Russ Dizdar and I agree that Loughner would most likely have turned the gun on himself, but as he was reloading he was takled and then subdued.  This latest chaos resulted when a man, who has been identified as 24 year old, James Holmes, kicked in an emergency door at the theater, threw in a smoke bomb and then opened fire on the unsuspecting theater goers.

These are The Days of Chaos and I believe – unfortunately – that we will see  more of this aberrant behavior in the future.  Another interesting fact is that the theater is near the Columbine massacre.  Is Holmes a super soldier that was triggered or just another deranged loner? Is this act of senseless  violence a harbinger to the Black Awakening that Dizdar talks about in his book?

Here are some questions.

1.  What will we find out about James Holmes motivation for the killing spree?

2.  Was he connected to any radical groups?

3.  Did he leave a suicide note at his apartment?

4.  Did he have a history of mental illness?

5.  Why was his mother so sure that the police got the “right” person?

6.  Did he leave a diary or any other “paper trail?”

7.  Will our lawmakers use this massacre to enforce gun control?

8.  Was Holmes involved in the occult?

9.  Is there surveillance video showing a handler?

In Closing todays post:  I believe that we are living in The Days of Chaos.  The weather is weird and the drought here in the USA will affect the food prices, something I’ve been harping on for over year now.  Several weeks ago 4,200 temperature records were smashed due to extreme heat.  Fish and animal die offs continue.  Volcanic activity, earthquakes and pestilence are increasing.  The Middle East is ready to blow and the war in Afghanistan continues.  I believe that there is a supernatural component to what we are seeing.  There is a dark Luciferic agenda, as the Mystery of Iniquity continues to work behind the scenes.  While we play at church, the enemy grows bold.  Now is the time to gird up the loins of our minds and pray.  We must be diligent and wary as the enemy, that age-old serpent knows his time is coming.   However, the Rider on the White Horse is coming too, and when He does this unmitigated evil will be put down, destroyed by the breath of His coming.

Be still and know that I Am God.  Behold the days are coming when I will show my strength on the mountains of Israel.


In Other News: Tracking the Birth Pains!

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Bus bomber was not Bulgarian, minister says | Reuters


Israel’s race toward World War III 

PressTV – Israel’s race toward World War III


Syrian forces stretched, intelligence chief dies

Syrian forces stretched, intelligence chief dies | Reuters


Lawmakers slam Afghan war as defense funding debate begins

Lawmakers slam Afghan war as defense funding debate begins | Reuters


Russia says Assad ready to step down in ‘civilized manner,’ Syria denies

Russia says Assad ready to step down in ‘civilized manner,’ Syria denies


Syria: The next few days will be critical

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112 thoughts on “Days of Chaos: Harbinger to The Black Awakening?

  1. I saw this too, it was so sad.

    I bet within days we’ll see the media report he was either a Christian or right-wingish. Failing that, he’ll be found to have had a Bible on him and he’s otherwise a “normal and nice guy.” Probably he’ll also have had some interesting facebook/messageboard posts and yet no one did anything to stop him before. Yet, on the RRN show, I heard they Swat raided an old man’s house because someone used his wi-fi to threaten cops.

    • LA: Was he connected to any radical groups?

      Apparently someone said on ABC’s morning show that he was a Tea Party member. The James Holmes who’s a Tea Party member in that area is old enough to be the shooter’s father. (I hope he sues the network.)

      (I may not have the details quite right; I don’t own a TV and this was something I heard secondhand, so I’m not certain which show it was.)

    • @JLL, the Huffington posts reports that the James Holmes who’s a Tea Party member was an incorrect report as reported by ABC’s News. “ABC has apologized for releasing information “before it was properly vetted.”

      The Huffington Post site is full of first hand witnesses reports on James Holmes, including photos of James Holmes.

      Fonzi, James Holmes’ female neighbor downstairs reports that James was playing bass heavy music in the dead of night Thursday. She went upstairs and knocked on his door to have him stop the music. She tried the door knob and knew the door wasn’t locked. She thought of poking inside but changed her mind. “Fonzi said she went back downstairs and called a non-emergency police number. She said the bass-heavy music kept blasting, as if it was just one song on repeat, until it abruptly stopped at 1:00 a.m. She and her boyfriend figured it had been on a timer.

      Fonzi said they went to sleep, but were awaken by police an hour later and told to evacuate. When she learned about the shooting –- and reports that the suspect’s apartment contained explosives or had been booby-trapped -– she said she was glad she hadn’t poked her head in.”

      God’s heavy hand of protection was over Fonzi! Thank you Jesus!

      What a way to start Friday morning!

    • Yep. ABC backtracked and eventually apologized. I heard on the radio that the middle-aged Tea Party Jim Holmes had to change his phone number because of getting so many nasty phone calls.

      The only photo I’ve seen of the shooter bears a disquieting resemblance to Jared Loughner (who shot the Congresswoman in Arizona a year or two ago).

      Eric, Matt Drudge really shines in reporting major stories and disasters. To me, however, he seems not to know quite what to do when there isn’t a big story to report. (Of course, I don’t have any suggestions for what he should be doing … but it seems he hasn’t found it yet.)

  2. It was a real jolt to wake up this morning and then come on and see this kind of news. 😦

    Frank’s right. Somehow we’ll hear in the MSM this is “another right winger” like they did with Loughner even though a slew of evidence came out saying otherwise and of course there was never a recanting or retraction.

    They’re going to come after guns one way or the other but they’re not stupid. Banning them outright is more trouble than it’s worth. It’ll be more gradualism as they make it more prohibitive and expensive.

    But that’s a secondary issue. The primary issue here is, one way or the other, this is evil, regardless of whether this guy is one of Russ’s SDE or just a screwed up demonically inspired individual.

    It’s clear he came in locked, loaded, and with clear intent. Pre-meditated all the way.

    As usual: I expect to get very little truth about this story out of most of the media outlets so I’m going to be relying on brother L.A. and some others to swim through the garbage and pull out grains of truth about the whole thing.

    “Be still and know that I Am God. Behold the days are coming when I will show my strength on the mountains of Israel.”

    This can’t be emphasized enough, especially when you see news like this. You could 50 size font this and it works.

    Keep praying, folks.

    P.S. This particular situation isn’t related but again it merits mention: We’re getting VERY close to the 9th of Av as L.A. and others have been mentioning it and we’ve already seen an uptick in violence against Israel and something like this makes me think that Israel herself isn’t going to be under the gun alone, so to speak. Christians, too, need to be praying, staying, vigilant, watching out…and looking up.

  3. We were watching biased msnbc last night and they were all piling on Michelle Bachman, then the four people talking jumped on on all right-wingers, including fundamentalist christians.

    This brought in the month of AV, with the release of “The Dark Knight Rises” talk about prophetic.

    • There’s nothing you could offer me to put MSNBC on in my house for two seconds.

      Now they’re saying the cops are in this guy’s apartment and he has it booby trapped and rigged. This guy is a real “piece of work” to say the least.

  4. Off topic…

    Please keep this in prayer “”

    I’ve contacted a campus crusade worker in paris that my church supports to see if he’ll be willing/able to go reach these cats. Please pray for God to open “joe’s” heart to go share the Gospel with them.

  5. Different topic:

    “Assad has given final warning before using WMD, say Washington security sources
    DEBKAfile July 20, 2012, 5:55 PM (GMT+02:00)

    Security sources in Washington criticize the Obama administration for not treating seriously enough Bashar Assad’s threats to start using chemical and biological weapons against Syrian rebels and other Middle East targets if the revolt continues. “Assad has shown he means what he says,” those sources said.”

  6. Glad to hear from L.A. on the show that he and the Mrs. are going to take a vacation. Good stuff. I hope that’s a blessed time of much needed and WELL EARNED R&R. 🙂

  7. Look at it this way folks… LORD OBAMA IS STILL IN CHARGE! Kool-AID will come out of our water fountains before too long. All our bills will be paid free of charge. ALL HAIL LORD OBAMA! Of course… I’m being sarcastic for anyone who for a moment thought I was serious.

  8. Is Denver a Satanic Portal Opening like Mount Hermon?

    I live in downtown Denver. Two weeks ago at Jazz in the park a gang member shot a police officer point blank in the face. I went to a city high school which I loved but we had two high school students who were shot at point blank in the head. My mothers good friend was an aunt to Dylan Klebold the Columbine shooter. His family was completely baffled and never understood his motive. Denver currently has a bad gang problem. An elderly lady was recently beat up by 5 young men and gang raped. An elderly man and his son were recently beaten with a baseball bat by a gang of ten. Several years ago we had the Chucky Cheese murders where a gun men shot the whole staff execution style. Then you have the Denver Bronco who shot himself two years ago and then there was the limo that was shot over a hundred times by a gang member that killed the Denver Broncos corner-back. Last summer a man dragged a body behind a pick up truck until the body lost limbs and was decapitated. Even more odd two identical twins shot each other at a shooting range last winter, one survived. Denver also has a huge homosexual population in addition to 6 or 7 strip clubs, a newspaper devoted to hookers as well as church that was turned into a nightclub complete with gargoyles. Its disturbing. Not to mention all drugs are easy to come by and and Colorado will legalize marijuana this fall. Its all just crazy. Satan is definitely in Denver.

    The individual that shot up the movie theater this morning was from San Diego. His mother when she first heard about the shooting said “that’s him.” To me that says she knew that he was the killer and she knew he was capable of such a thing. So why did he choose Denver?

    The bigger question is why does Denver have so many unthinkable disturbing murders and why are they so frequent? As Russ Dizdar would put it satans dark soldiers are in Denver.

    The FBI has moved its headquarters to Denver so has the CIA. The NSA has moved all of its files underground to UTAH. And yes its rumored that there is a complete city under Denver International Airport which is “rumored” to be the presidential safe house.

    I take on the Patrick Heron’s theory that America is the Babylon of the end times. I know LA disagrees. One thing I do know is that Denver is the new future planned capital of America. I believe that America is not in bible prophecy because God judges America. I think America will be bombed with nuclear devices as Mark Hitchcock suggests.

    I also believe that Denver is one of Satan’s planned ruling states. The satanic global elite will rule from Denver one day soon. Knowing this I believe that Denver is a satanic portal and that Denver is being inundated with satanic soldiers. Check out Jesse Ventura’s trip to Denver International Airport. The FEMA camp paintings on the wall are very disturbing.

    • Richard,

      I am troubled by Colorado in general as I too believe that there is a strong luciferic influence there. I’ve spent much time in Co as I used to have relatives that lived there and I back packed the mts in the past. Things have changed and for the worse and God only knows how bad things really are there.
      Shalom and Maranatha

    • LA: Why was his mother so sure that the police got the “right” person?

      From an ABC news website:

      A San Diego woman identifying herself as James Holmes’s mother spoke briefly with ABC News this morning.

      She had awoken unaware of the news of the shooting and had not been contacted by authorities. She immediately expressed concern that her son may have been involved.

      “You have the right person,” she said.

      “I need to call the police,” she added. “I need to fly out to Colorado.”

      I read this to mean that ABC News called everyone in the San Diego phone directory whose surname was Holmes and asked if they were related to Jim Holmes of (forgotten the town name), Colorado. When a female voice answered the phone, they asked “Is this the mother of Jim Holmes of ——, Colorado?” She answered, “You have the right person.” (i.e. “I’m the woman you’re trying to reach.”)

      Remember, she hadn’t even heard there was a shooting when she answered the phone.

      She immediately expressed concern that her son may have been involved. — I interpret that to mean that she was told that someone with her son’s name and age, apparently identified as from San Diego, was involved in a shooting that had killed a dozen people. And she said something — we don’t know exactly what, and I doubt the ABC people got her permission to tape the conversation — which the ABC people then rephrased as “expressed concern that her son may have been involved.”

      Maybe she knew he liked guns and explosives. Was he a Batman fan? Maybe he’d said some off-the-wall things since he’d suddenly dropped out of med school. Or maybe the family had no clues ahead of time, and she was simply reacting to being told early in the morning that her son was apparently a mass murderer.

    • Gee Richard! Coincidence? No. Too many factors involved that lead to the same path.

      I’ve watched Jesse Ventura’s programs and I think he brings great information to the forefront and isn’t afraid to speak out. In fact, it’s because of him that I found out about the Fema Prison Camps, the Plumb Island laboratories, and the vaccines that are designed to “depopulate” people in America and third world countries–all part of satan’s design in the form of the New World Order now in progress.

      Thanks for your insight.

    • richard, agree big time! we need to keep pastor richie furay and his church in major prayer!!! he pastors a calvary chapel fellowship in denver.
      of note he was a fouding member of the rock group buffalo springfield, poco, and souther-hillman-furay. a member of the r&r hall of fame and saved from
      the rock lifestyle!!! praise God for him!!! maybe a soon to be modern day lot.

    • John Michael.. I am baffled by your comment , (and others) about Colorado having a ” strong luceferic influence ” there. What I would like to say is, Colorado is no different than any other state in the country, no different than any other country in the world – as people are concerned. Where ever people are, there is sin – this is fact.. Where there are people there is murder, rape, even manipulation, and mind control, occultism, covens sacrificing animals, or worse…and its not just in Colorado, sad to say.

      But on the other end of the spectrum, there are people whose lives make a difference, and there is beauty in those lives that reach out and show compassion to people, even in Aurora/ Denver or any other town, or city in the entire country without shame, or persecution – it just takes those willing to see outside the box to know that its not where we live, that destroys lives, or things around us, but it is about those of us that live according to God’s Holy Word , who understand when He tells us to be like Jesus , and show compassion, and grace, and mercy.. even to those that we think should be put to death, judicially. And by the way, I am not opposed, or in favor of the Death Penalty , but it depends on the circumstance – just so that’s made clear by my comment.

      Thanks, John Michael .. Though I respectfully DISAGREE wholeheartedly about your comment about Colorado, I accept your thoughts as they are your, and yours alone. But , I for a fact , know quite a few awesome people who live there, and they certainly aren’t people that go around shooting guns, or pointing fingers at people they live next door too whom they might consider evil just because they live in Colorado..
      Sorry, but your comment caused an uproar with us this morning.

    • Manitou Springs, (Just outside Colorado Springs) is where Anton Lavey moved his Satanic Church to from Santa Cruz, CA. Manitou, in the Native American language, means “Little Power Keepers.”
      The whole Ute pass is COVERED in Satanic activity!!!

    • Mystic, ” We “, as in my ” Host’s ” internal system of different alters, live in a place right now, in a completely different part of the country that is RIPE for satanic activity ,too. All I was meaning when I posted to JM ‘s comment is wherever people are, there is sin, and darkness, satanism, mormonism, catholicism, any and all ” ism’s.” – because we all, ” insiders “, or not, Christians, or not, ARE all born sinners , and it really doesn’t have anything to do with where we live, but HOW we live in the place we have resided.

    • Mysticmentor, I have to disagree with your comment, “The whole Ute pass is COVERED in Satanic activity!!!”. I know many Christians who are making a difference here. Yes, I said HERE, as I am a resident of the Ute Pass region. I’m pretty sure my home is not covered in satanic activity…. spiritual warfare, yes, but I know, God dwells here.

      I also don’t think a sub-culture in Manitou Springs defines the entire town. I’m not denying some crazy things go on there, but that just motivates me to pray more for the residents of the town and I realize how much opportunity there is to share Christ’s love there. I personally find solace in this area- I see God and his magificent creations daily everywhere. I gotta agree with Brick, sin is everywhere…. And thanks for sticking up for CO, Brick!

    • I lived in Woodland Park, at the top of the Ute pass for approx. 3 years… When I say that the ENTIRE AREA AROUND PIKES PEAK IS CHALK FULL OF SATANISTS, (Especaially on Bald Mt.) THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT I MEAN!!!


    • “I never even HEARD about that, much less ever said it.” I wasn’t saying YOU said that. 😉 I was referring to some of these other folks that constantly quoted around here that can tend to stir the hype pot and then reality ends up being (thankfully) less than what was “predicted.”

    • As ALWAYS… it will depend ENTIRELY on how much PRAYER is covering the events and the Olympics over all… ESPECIALLY how many boots are on the ground in attendance and activly engaged in prayer walks, evangelism, etc… the Chritians in the Olympic Villiage, (Athletes) could make a huge difference if they met and prayed together!!!

    • Hi Mystic! Ok, I went and looked at the letter just because you asked us too. 🙂 Seems plausible, pretty good logic behind it. Remember follow the money trail! HOWEVER….all we can do is pray. Pray God’s will be done, pray for mercy pray for safety, pray someone foils the plot, pray for whatever you think is what we are supposed to pray.
      And KEEP YOUR EYES ON JESUS AT ALL TIMES! Supernatural events will be occurring all around us like a whirlwind. There wont be any earthly way to deal with it so Yeshua is our lifeline!
      Yeah, a lot of really bad stuff is going to be happenning for sure. The enemy is pissed off, really pissed off cuz its the 9th inning baby!!!!
      Rock that sheild of Faith!
      I can’t say we all know whats coming, or how it will play out in the short term. I think how much we pray and battle spiritually will determine how hard the ride and landing will be. And at some point, we are outta here. But no matter what, Jesus is with us! Capeche
      Look up

  10. “”

    ‘Dark Knight’ Shooting To Be Exploited For Political Grist

    “…within hours of posting this story, political opportunists like Mayor Bloomberg seized upon the tragedy to push for gun control.”

    • Wouldn’t surprise me but again, too blatant, sloppy and stupid. These folks prefer “frog in a slowly ever increasing heated boiling pot of water on a stove” concept.

    • Common people let’s have some compassion for these victims instead of putting prophetical significant into this,try telling this stuff to people who just lost there loved ones in this chaos. This is what I been saying we focus way to much and then try to put in a prophetical significant act behind this, all part of what’s boiling in the middle east. Isaiah 17 a must read.

    • MIght’ve agreed recently, Eric, but IDK anymore. If Prez. Obama were to be described as blatant, sloppy and stupid, few here would disagree – and just look at him go. They’re hosing us right in the face with blatant, stupid slop; they no longer feel any need for restraint.

    • Fair points. Art of subtlety has been thrown out the window the last 4 years especially. I can’t deny that.

      Jeremiah78 certainly is right on. First and foremost is the victims in the center of this tragedy. 😦 And newspaper exegesis, while fun, can take us all down the rabbit hole to nowhere fast.

      Appreciate the “check” Jeremiah. 🙂

    • If we don’t seriously consider the ramifications this could have on our Second Amendment rights, there will be thousands more victims.

      Killing innocents is the trademark of luciferian organizations. Satan was a murderer from the beginning.

      Don’t be naive.

    • Jerimiah, to your admonishment I give a HARDY AMEN!!! We MUST remember the families of those who lost loved ones and lift them up in prayer. We have more than enough time to talk about gun rights.

      Right now, families are GRIEVING and need as much prayer support from those of us who are called by God Almighty to pray for those hurting.

      May this be a wake up call for the NEED to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior as it reminds us all of our mortality. May the Christians in CO. pour out their hearts to these grieving the loss of their loved ones in this horrific scenario.

      Helping these families through the awful crises by praying for them is paramount in my opinion.

      If your child was one of the slain, would you want people to be rushing out to talk about how our rights are being take away or would you prefer MERCY, GRACE and COMPASSION in YOUR hour of need.

      I am not saying these topics aren’t worthy of discussion as they are, but Church Family, we have families who are DEVESATED by their loss RIGHT NOW!

      I am just asking to please FIRST remember the victim’s families and allow them the same respect you and I would want from total strangers on any BLOG on the net.

      This is our opportunity to be Salt and Light to this dying country. May they see Jesus Christ in us before they see us ignore the pain they are going through so we can talk continually about the issues this tragedy has caused to resurface.

      Sorry for the rant but had to speak my heart.

      Respectfully in Christ,

      Jeff D

    • It is a time for compassion for the families of the lost, and if the world were a sane and reasonable place we would all stop and grieve with them. But, we are dealing with people and entities who deal huge blows and losses and use them to their advantage – quickly capitalizing on the fear and chaos. They thrive on chaos. Remember 9/11? The draconian laws that now have us humiliated every time we go through an airport, or that can with impunity have an American citizen assassinated, or use torture… all that came quickly on the heels of tragedy. They are using your grief and compassion for their foul motives. You are being manipulated.

      Grieve and pray, yes… but we must also vigilantly defend the principles that keep us free. If we lose the ability to defend ourselves against government oppression and foreign invaders, we will all be victims.

      Not everyone is cut out to do the same job. If you are called to grieve and pray – do it! But don’t criticize others who are fighting for the principles that so many have already fought and died to defend.

    • Activation eh?Now I realize “they” can and will say whatever they want to fit their agendas… but come on activation!!!!And the “kid” has just dropped out of Med.School!? Whether or not he was on anything or we’d ever know the truth from them this is an eye opener …even to those of us that know about pharmakia.Lord God, give your people wisdom insight,and discernment in these days amen~

      …I suspect that toxicology results will come back to show that the shooter in
      Colorado was on psych medications.

      When I worked for Eli Lilly, studies showed Prozac caused, “activation.”

      Learn about this gruesome side effect at the link below and see how they’ve been hiding it!

      If it’s true that the shooter was on psych. meds, does that release him of responsibility?

      Post your comments at the bottom of the blog here:

      Dare to live young,

      The People’s Chemist, 3600 Cerrillos Dr. #714C-802, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87507, United States

    • Rose, Rose, Rose…ARISE!

      You too are called to grieve as a born again Christian. Every self confessing Christian is called to mourn and grieve for the loss of these in this tragedy.

      I hate to think I am being “Manipulated” by the compassion of our Lord and Savior. But my Lord has “Manipulated” to grieve for those who lost their loved ones and lift them up in prayer the I am GLADLY “Manipulated” by such a great Savior!

      Just ask yourself if you would be saying the same thing to someone asking prayer for your own child in this tragedy. Would they too be “Manipulated” to grieve and pray for you?

      I honest believe you missed the whole of what I said and kindly ask you to read it again from the perspective of a Mother who is now grieving the loss her child…your own child.

      May Christ be Glorified in these times we live in, even through this horror that has happened and those that are yet to come.

      May the world KNOW their is One True God because we have the compassion of His Son living THROUGH us to those who need us right now in their lives to help ease their suffering and pain.

      Respectfully in Christ,

      Jeff D

    • I agree with Rose strongly. Some have a burden. Would that all our hearts be tender and compassionate for the traumas that the survivors go through. Not in the least is the guilt trip that somehow if a survivor had done any little thing different then it wouldn’t have happened. Let the lies of the enemy be exposed.

      I have to ask though — where is the compassion and where is the heart for the 2500 babies aborted EVERY day in the USA? Or the 150,000 aborted world wide every day? Or the billions headed headlong into hell??

      The fact is that in our fallen condition — even the saved are jaded about what doesn’t impact them personally.

      – All have sinned and come short of the glory of God…
      – The love of many will grow cold…
      – Will Christ find faith when he returns…
      – The tares / apostates seeded among us don’t care…

      What to do?

      In Jesus name — as my name is written in Heaven by His great sacrifice and unfailing love — that which He’s provided to soften our hearts and to remove those old hearts of stone be activated, especially that reserved for such times as these! We need a heart transplant whereby our Savior’s heart beats within us. And His lungs breathe through us. And His backbone enables us to stand. We are nothing without Him — Y’shua Messiah / Jesus Christ.

      Exalt Jesus!

    • Wow really Rose you are calling me naive? Fist off, while Christ died on the cross for our sin’s he also loved them that hated him, so there fore you calling me naive you also are calling Christ naive he showed us compassion for us when he died for us.Also you shouldn’t be putting your trust in the worldly government system especially when comes to wrights as we Christians should not take in part of this worldly system. So don’t wory about gun controll and the rights that are being taken away from us and so many other rights cause we as christains are not part of this worldly system. And you should have some compassion just like Christ did, and how he took you in before u where saved. Remember that he accepted you before you accepted and again have some gosh darn compassion and quit calling other Christain beliver’s naive be carefull what you say.

    • We have all been naive and manipulated – you, me… everybody except those doing the dirty work. And even then the lie is different at every level.
      We all need to stop being naive and manipulated.

    • I am sorry to disagree with you Rose, but it is PRECISLEY those doing the “Dirty work” who ARE THE ONES who have TRULY been “manilpulated” by the “Great Deciever, Satan”.

      Yes we have all been “manipulated” by our own sin nature and the enemy of our souls. I agree with that for we ALL have fallen but most here are REDEEMED by the Blood of the Lamb and we are now “Overcomers”.

      Glory to God Almighty,

      Jeff D

    • Really? Is that why we now have Homeland Security, the MIAC reports, the Patriot Acts I and II, the NDAA, TSA, the rescinding of Posse Comitatus, etc., etc., etc., … Did that happen because the redeemed of this nation have been “overcomers”?

      Indeed, the possibility exists for all who call on the name of Christ to be an overcomer, but precious few actually are. They are asleep: lulled by comfort and ease.

      Jesus said in Luke 16, “And the lord commended the unjust steward, because he had done wisely: for the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light. ”

      Nothing has changed much. You can see it everywhere you look.

      Jeff, you’re wasting your time quibbling with me. Go and do what God wants you to do.

      God bless.

    • Rose,

      If that is your heart speaking then you are correct, this IS “Waste”‘of my time.

      Have a blessed day Rose and a happier tomorrow.

      Respectfully in Christ,

      Jeff D

    • Sometimes when we focus so much on what the enemy of our soul is doing, that we can inadvertantly give him glory and make it seem that he is mightier than God. Why not with all the doom and gloom add a praise report, of something God has done for you lately. A prayer answered perhaps. When government is out of control, its not necessarily a bad reflection on a lazy church. The true church is certainly praying, as it did when the Apostles were put to death by the ruling elite of their day. Remember that ruler/Herod put John the Baptist to death while Jesus was alive too.We see through a glass darkly. Some of us think we know it all, but the information that “leaks” how do you know it wasn’t purposely leaked? The church is busy in things that belong to the government and should do a serious check up closer to home. We all need to do a heart check. some of us are long over due.

    • To God Be The Glory,

      I appreciate your words of common sense and exhortation.

      I pray we ALL do as David admonished in Psalm 139:22-24, “Search me O God and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.”

      Amen and Amen!

      In Christ

      Jeff D

    • To God Be the Glory,
      Thanks for speaking truth , when others who appear to be holy, and always right, only cause a stirring of darkness in their posts here, and other blogs/ forums, ect. It makes me wonder who is in control over those that profess to be believers, and quote scripture, yet has no understanding of what is meant from the Word of God.

      Jeff D, for what you wrote, it is those that live in their self serving, and prideful gray zone of faith, yet believe they live in the Light, who are misguided, and whose lives are not OVER Comers. Those that truly understand Gods Redemption from the inside ,out, and live in that understanding, ARE those who can be called OVERCOMERS, brother.

    • Rose, something you said has bugged the crap out of me all night since I read it.. You said Satan was a murderer from the beginning..Not to split hairs here, but SIN was the murderer when Adam and Eve took that bite of the little’ ol’ apple..

      IT was that bite that broke hell loose here on earth, in which people like you and me , began using sin to our advantage, UNTIL the time we either acknowlege our part in our own sin, or we justify our sin in hopes we will make our mark as Christians, or non , in society by things we say, do, possess, or take from other people. IF we have not LOVE, we have NOT Jesus… and it doesn’t matter if we own guns, or the amendments or not. If we have not LOVE, we have not forgiveness, and Redemption in the Name of Jesus..

    • No, Brick, Jesus said it:

      “(the devil) He was a murderer from the beginning, and has nothing to do with the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks out of his own character, for he is a liar and the father of lies.” John 8:4

      I am very happy you have come to Christ; you will be eternally grateful that you have.

      God bless you and I wish you well.

    • Brick, I too am very happy that you have come to Jesus to have your sins forgiven, and to be made part of God’s family. Aren’t we all so blessed? I love you already! I have read your posts and I can hear the truth speaking out of you. You have a way of zeroing in on the heart of the matter. And God has blessed you with discernment. You have already understood the basic principal that knowledge puffeth up, but love edifies. Some christians can spend their whole lives chasing knowledge instead of Jesus. Thay have become satisfied with the praises of men. But not you, Brick, I see a zeal in you being fueled by truth and by love.I wanted to encourage you today, in your walk with Jesus, You’re doing great!

    • TGBTG – Thanks so much for your BOOST of encouragement. The puffing up of people here , even on this part of the thread , make me really sad, and really disgusted in their claim to know Christ, but the fruits aren’t there, or at least aren’t visible in the comments I’ve read. That to me is just as painful in the spiritual sense, as being physically, and spiritually shamed because we are ” internal ” parts of someones fractured mind.

    • Brick, I knew in the Spirit you were feeling sad, and discouraged, thats why the Lord told me to write you a note of encouragement. You were correct that sin is root of everything. Satan can only tempt us, but it is sin that destroys, so you are correct. Iknow that the arrogance of some christians is hard to bear sometimes. It is a sign of being carnal, like the Corinthian church was. They were saved, but Paul said they acted like mere men, even taking eachother to court.The amount of each mans fruit will be different. Jesus said, some thirty, some sixty, and some a hundred fold. We are all on a journey, some are being led by the Spirit and some are being led by their flesh. But only those who are led by the Spirit will make it. Many who are watching for His coming are totally unprepared. When He comes there will be no time to tend to their spirit which they have neglected. God is not mocked, whatsoever a man sows that shall he also reap, this includes christians. I enjoyed reading your heart felt posts. Don’t be discouraged, keep contending for the faith.Don’t ever stop, and try not to let yourself feel discouraged over the behavior of other christians. Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus. We fight for Jesus and for the truth, and the truth is in you and speaks through you. I love you in the Lord, Brick.

    • Mystic, one thing that most outsiders dont realize is, that its up to the HOST to be completely reintegrated, not us. Some insiders dont want to be because they are afraid they will be losing their lives as they know it. I am torn, because I know I like my life NOW, the things I do, the guys I hang out with both inside, and outside, but my purpose NOW is to help our Host find freedom from all that her family or others did to her which is unfathomable to the outside world if they ever knew. But I know my heart is to see her free, and healthy and whole, and healed by God alone, because as evil incarnate as the ones that try to continuously destroy her, God is bigger than that mind control, and or abuse that was sadistic, and torture to be honest. All us insiders who know Jesus as Lord , can do, and do do is pray that one day she will be free, and we will have succeeded in doing the roles that we are given , in the right way of doing them. Thanks for the prayers, too, Mystic. But don’t just pray for me, ok? Pray for the ONE that was so damaged by sin and evil in her life, because SHE is the one that needs God to move powerfully in helping her get through every freaking minute of the day sometimes.. Sorry, but its been a BAD morning here in the system, because of someone ” inside” that decided to go on a rampage in her house, and left it a total disaster area which now, ALL of us have to be on clean up patrol. Just saying some of us inside dont know what it means to be helpful to our Host, in fact, this one is gonna have his, or her ” go to Jesus meeting” if they don’t quit trying to get our Host to fall apart today. Ps. I was ONCE like this part, so I am a little bit more patient because I know there is hope if someone like me could be saved, too.Ok, my ” time ” is up for the day here. sorry folks, but someone else’s turn now – sometimes having to live with so many alters , and sharing things SUCKS.. just saying..

    • Brick, We are ALL praying for the WHOLE person!!! you, your host, and ALL the other moving parts in your system… Brick have you ever heard of Pastor Douglas Riggs??? You can find him on line, or hear him at Coast to Coast… Pastor Doug has been working/ministering in this area for years… Check him out when you get the chance. Praying.

    • Hey_Hopeful Watcher… Just wanted to let you know to look at yesterdays post that L.A. put up. I think you oughta read my response to what you wrote about Jesus saying depart from me I never knew you. I know you were responding to someone else’s post but I couldn’t help it. I think It may help you out tremendously like when I first got saved. This is a pet peeve of mine… but really it is a big deal and it is important to understand something about that verse of scripture as it relates to our salvation and eternal security. Happy reading. God Bless.

  11. Cut and dried, sounds like one of Russ’s bad guys.


    • Actor Randy Quaid listed Heath Ledger as one of the victims of the “Star Whackers.” Quaid and his wife had to flee the USA, running for their lives. They did a couple of interviews on CNN about how they were gang-stalked, and how a certain network murders stars to get their money/assets.??????


  13. Has anyone noticed that the shootings took place in theater “9”…and who left the “emergency door”, which is an “exit only” ajar so the gunman could ‘kick it open”?

    • who left the “emergency door”, which is an “exit only” ajar so the gunman could ‘kick it open”?

      Is that something a theater employee might do for some reason? I’ve been in theaters where emergency exits were regularly open a crack (the distracting light made it obvious).

      I don’t remember which theater that was, but it was one I went to often enough that I knew to expect to see that light. It might have been an ancient theater which had been cut into multiple small ones, or one of the major multiplex chains.

    • I did notice that it happened in Theater 9. Regarding the door, I just heard it reported that apparently the shooter bought a ticket and seated himself in the front row, and then went out through the front exit to where his car was parked, dressed in his armor, got his weapons, etc and came back in the same door he had left through (apparently wedging or taping it open to get back inside.) When he returned at that time, he threw the tear gas up and started firing.

  14. Isnt ramaadan a ding dong starting today ?
    Oh more sacrifices for you know who!
    Oh Denver shooting….wait, bath salts right?
    No, he will escaped being labeled rightwing. This time the dark side will get credit, where credit is due. After all those, satan wanted all the attention right and was angry cuz God got more! Heavy mmetal music, theres a clue wwhich way the medias taking it.
    Denver a portal? Ya think!
    as for the steve quayle thing. I think Steve talking about the Russian Usa joint practice drill was important! Think about this for just one little second. Who in their right mind, would invite their worst most powerful enemy over to “practice” taking over their most important security and information centers? Really, just chew on that for 5 min. Howza bought just 5 seconds? Do you think russia would invite us to “take” over the kremlin?
    We would have heard a lot more about it but the conveniently timed fires consumed the news. Have no clue what Steve posted over there today. I might wander over there later to look if I have a chance.
    Im going to possibly go to the local messianic synagoge tommorrow morning for service. Just feeling it, you know, like maybe people might be serious about praying in a group there tommorrow.

    • So, Wednesday the 18th of July a bomb exploded in Syria that killed Assad’s brother in law and several top officials.

      On Thursday the 19th of July a bus full of Jewish young people were killled in Bulgaria by a bomb.

      And very early Friday morning, the 20th of July, many people were injured and killed in a shooting massacre in Aurora, CO.

      Are we to have deadly violent acts committed everyday until the 9th of Av? Or has our world engaged in a blood frenzy and these are the only atrocities to which we’ve paid attention?

      I think hanging out in a messianic synagogue is a really good idea.

    • Ramadan in 2012 will start on Friday, the 20th of July and will continue for 30 days until Saturday, the 18th of August.

      Based on sightability in North America, in 2012 Ramadan will start in North America a day later – on Saturday, the 21st of July.

      Note that in the Muslim calander [sic], a holiday begins on the sunset of the previous day, so observing Muslims will celebrate Ramadan on the sunset of Thursday, the 19th of July.
      [Never heard of that site before, but the info appears also on sites I trust; I quoted this one because it gave more info more concisely … though obviously not without the occasional spelling issue….]

  15. Was the Batman movie shooting imitated from scene in 1986 comic?
    By Sean Higgins

    The horrific shooting at the screening of The Dark Knight Rises in Colorado late last night bears eerie similarities to a scene in the 1986 comic Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. In the comic, a crazed, gun-toting loner walks into a movie theater and begins shooting it up, killing three in the process. The passage concludes with the media blaming Batman for inspiring the shooting, though he is not involved in the incident at all.
    The 1986 comic, written and drawn by Frank Miller, was a key inspiration for the Chris Nolan Batman films. It helped to reimagine the character away from his Saturday morning cartoon image and into a dark, grim avenger. The point of this particular scene in the comic was to show just how far Gotham has fallen since Batman had retired.

    Was the shooter imitating this scene from the comic? Maybe, although in the scene the shooter is portrayed as inspired by his disgust at pornography and heavy metal music. The police’s investigation will surely reveal more in the near future.

    Editor’s note: This post has been updated to reflect the correct date of the 1986 comic, The Dark Knight Returns

    • You know, tying (some at least) batman to the occult isn’t all that hard. There was a recent grant morrison (yech!) Story where batman was basically a chosen one with sub personalities. I believe that batman begins. (Last time I watched it) seemed to have a lot of those chosen one kind of elements, or at least a getting possessed thing. He takes a hallucinogen (opening a gateway to the demonic?) And THEN becomes batman.

      That morrison story also featured what I’ve read was a lot of Masonic imagery, but that’s hearsay at this point.

      I’m sure there’s a lot of other things.

    • The guy in the comic had red hair and a shaggy jawline beard with thin moustache. Now look at the pictures James put on some adult friend finder website. Exactely the same.

  16. This recent tragedy only highlights everything ive trying to tell these lost and almost violent in there atheistic viewpoints. How many of those slain awoke in hell??? “Oh my GOD its real! There is a hell!! I was going to turn my life around. I thought i had TIME. I thought..i thought. i…i …
    You are not guaranteed ONE second in the next minute of your life !! Not one! Oh gather your friends and families close and hammer that home to them. I had a friend die recently who was an athiest at one time and i havent seen him in years. He was 34 and died from a heart attack! This torments me that i didnt try harder even back then when i was a backslidden live for the moment type. You dont want that on your conscience… God bless you and everyone you know.

  17. All have probably heard that ABC News had reported that the gunman was a member of the Tea Party. This was shared with millions on Good Morning America this morning by Brian Ross and George Stephonopolis (sp.). Needless to say, they had to retract the story as they were wrong. By then, and hours later few (probably) heard the retracted statement by ABC as it was made during the middle of the day.

    But it has been confirmed that this crazed gunman registered as a Democrat back in 2011. I wonder how fast ABC will share this with its’ viewers????

    • Might as well pass on any of this “guilt by political association” stuff. The most recent round of finger-pointing can be found on a website/blog called that in turn links to another site known as the (*ahem*) doodooeconomics blog where the shooter is tied to the Occupy movement… which in turn shouts all that down as a possible hoax. Bla bla bla blabbity bla bla etc. Back and forth the accusations fly… while the real perpetrators shadowslink away.

  18. Can I call it or what?

    1) I said normal, nice guy

    “He seemed to be a normal kid, I don’t know what triggered it. This makes me very sad,” said Tom Mai”

    He also described himself as calm, and easygoing on a rent app.

    2) sort of tied to number 1, with the nice guy. He was heavily involved in church. These super soldiers are pawns of satan, and they’re slowly trying to make it look like it’s Christians by doing this and having ties to a church or Christian item guys, were being set up for a fall.

    “Holmes was remembered by neighbours in San Diego as a shy, well-mannered young man who was heavily involved in their local Presbyterian church.”

    3) I said they’d find some message baord posts, and there hasn’t been a ton on that other than he’d made racial comments somewhere.


    Oslo was at first labeled a christian extremist. Then that sort of went to the side.

    Then bath salt zombie guy was said to have a Bible on him when he ate that guy’s face.

  19. Reddish hair picture note: TMZ reports that “A man claiming to be James Holmes created a profile on a popular sex website just days before “The Dark Knight Rises” massacre

    • I read that this account was a “Gold” member account, which apparently means its been around for a while and therefore not purposely done in coordination with the cinema massacre.

  20. FATHER, we pray, have mercy on all of us. For the terrified relatives and friends and those who lost loved ones, FATHER please bring YOUR healing. FATHER for our nation that seems to know not what they are doing on an every day level, have mercy please. Even KING YAHSHUA said, “FATHER forgive them for they know not what they do.” YOU knew how far we fell short. FATHER we are so weak without YOU. We need YOU every hour. FATHER thank YOU for quickening the hearts of so many muslims that are coming to KNOW YOU. Please be with them as they face their dark nights. FATHER help us to encourage each other, to forgive one another, to be patient and understanding of the times we live in. KING YAHSHUA come quickly! Amen.

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