Branson Update

Branson Update


L. A. Marzulli

Peggy and I  met in the Denver Airport on Friday afternoon.   I was flying in from Montreal and she was coming from Los Angeles.  It was great to see her!   We grabbed a quick-lunch before boarding our plane to Branson.  It has been a whirlwind ever since we landed and it just amazing to see old friends and meet new ones.  I spoke on Friday night and the room was so packed you could barely move.  People were crowded in the hallway and sitting in the aisles.  I was scheduled to speak twice on Saturday and so they moved me to a larger room to accommodate the overflow.  I will speak in the main room twice today, once at 10:45 and then again at 6:00, to “close” the conference with UFOs are Real, Burgeoning and Not Going Away.

Bob Ulrich has done an incredible job of putting this conference together and the word is that there are more in the works with possible sites being in California and Florida.

There has been ministry behind the scenes and of course lots of stories from folks who have never shared their experience with the UFO phenomena with anyone, but for some reason feel safe to share them with me.  Thank you for your openness and trust.

The DVD set of the conference is going to be at the top of my list to purchase, as there are so many good messages to listen to.

It is a good thing for Christians to congregate like this and build each other up.  The atmosphere here has been electric and the people responsive and eager to glean what they can from each speaker.  What a line up!

In closing todays post:  I gave a Middle East Update talk yesterday at a luncheon which I nicknamed:  The Indigestion Luncheon as the subject of the Middle East can cause some to have stomach ulcers!   The situation is growing more tense by the hour in Syria as Bashar Al Assad has moved his chemical weapons out of storage.  The question is why?  Will he use then against Turkey, Jordan or Israel?  Russian war ships have docked of the coast of Syria and Iran is preparing for, The End of Days.  With that said, I”m headed to breakfast and then the conference.   I’ll post tomorrow.  L.A.

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  1. Glad to see Bob Ulrich is considering other venues for similar conferences: California, Florida, Texas Dallas, and Chicago Area.

    For more Day 2 reporting see:

    • Wah<^( I've yet to hear that the Pacific Northwest has been/is being considered for a prophecy conference venue. Seattle is a large city and admittedly a popular place of interest. Please consider this an "official" suggestion in the drop box. Blessings!

    • I absolutely second Debra’s input for a Pacific Northwest conference, and add a Portland area consideration. Thank you for those of you who have given some links to the conference, and other great items of interest, really appreciated.

    • Chicago. *sigh* Well, I’m not in that part of the country any more, but if I were….

      I used to think I’d do some traveling after I retired, but that was before the current TSA set-up.

    • The only trick for the booking of a lot of these conferences is I *think* they typically try to pick a location that’s “central” enough in the country where no one group has this huge burden on travel and expense over the others. I’d gotten the idea that’s why Branson is so popular and often chosen by a number of ministries for these sort of gatherings. It’s practically in the middle of the country for all intents and purposes.

      It’ll be interesting to see what they do.

    • @Debra — Do you know of a good church in Seattle? If so, email me at mr[dot]bobhays [at] gmail [you-know-the-rest…]

    • Sara, the DVD set will be for sale through Prophecy in the News. They will probably offer it as a special (in combination with something else, maybe a subscription to their magazine). But you’d be able to buy the set by itself also.

      Here’s their website:

      Click on “Bookstore” at the top to see what they have. I imagine it will be at least a month or two before the Branson conference DVDs are available.

      If you watch some of PitN’s daily updates you’ll see ads for the books and DVDs they sell. Several appearances by LA and other good people.

  2. L.A. seems happy and in his element!!!! It is so nice to feel that undercurrent of joy in these disconcerting times!
    And…..on another topic:
    I think I have written on my association with a dear family of Polish Catholics…..we often agree to disagree and I have always been adamant that the rosary is against scripture because it is repetitious (vain?) but this just showed up on my facebook page (yeah, yeah, let’s not even beat that dead horse again!!! It is not the point here) 🙂

    “In these quiet hours I pray a rosary of special intention for all those I know who are in need of blessing. Some beads are by name, a single person I see so clearly, even if only for a moment. Some are for names I do not know, the hungry, the homeless, the ones in harm’s way. Some are communities. Some are calls for justice, some are whispers of mercy. But all of these beads are living souls, bound together by the thread of God’s love, linked by that love, held fast by the chain of prayer. In these quiet hours my rosary circles the Earth while never leaving my hand.”

    Okay, now even though I am not about to get a rosary… least I understand that at least for that person it is exactly like me counting on my fingers to remember people and issues that I need to pray about!

  3. Gonzo (facelikethesun’s) comment arising out of the panel discussion and the interest in Doug Hamp is worth discussing.


    flts quote:
    For some reason, the questions always keep coming back to the second incursion in Genesis 6 and beyond.
    … How did the Nephilim get back on the earth after the flood took place? This question derives from a Genesis 6 passage that reads:

    “The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterwards, when the sons of God came unto the daughters of men.” Genesis 6:4

    Rob Skiba believes that the wife of Ham must have carried the genetic defect caused by the Nephilim because when you trace his line, you eventually get to Nimrod in just a few generations. Doug Hamp on the other hand believes that there was some sort of second incursion where the sons of God came down again to do the same thing as described in Genesis 6.

    Rob and Doug are friends and they get along very well. The debate is mostly a non-issue.

    However, here’s my take on it. With Rob’s view, it’s possible that the genetic defect of corruption by the Nephilim was contaminated through much more of the population of humanity, not just the line that brought Nimrod. Could this be why God told us to wipe out nations? Or perhaps is this a problem with his view because it would actually mean all of us, or at least a large majority of us are contaminated with Nephilim blood? Well, the latter seems not to fit the Biblical narrative. It seems to me that Doug’s view has more Biblical support in that there was a deliberate slaying of tribes and nations that were Nephilim. It would make sense also in that the final slaying of a true giant from the bloodline was Goliath. Nevertheless, the debate was a friendly one and one that will be debated until we’re taken out of here.

    So far… as best I can tell in brief… we have clear and massive physical evidence in contemporary human DNA of neandertal / denisovan contamination of the human gene pool — and that ‘s mostly outside Africa. So the neandertal are the nephilim offspring with humans, while the nephilim are offspring of the rebel angels(*) and humans. (* – in “apparently human” form, cp. antichrist “eyes like a man” and the 4 heavenly creatures where one has a face like a man).

    Of course, much but not all of the major hybrid populations (nephilim offspring) were wiped out as recorded in the Old Testament. What’s left is “tares among the wheat.” The lost will hear the Word and reach out to Christ to save them. The damned will reject Christ, side with the rebel angels, become their proxies through channeling and worse — and continue the same old strategy of replacing God created humanity with corrupted hybrid species, transhumans, etc..

    While the battle in the flesh over carnal nature is a major concern — the corruption of the spiritual body (re: Paul) is likely much more serious. Consider words as seeds — we need to be aware of (and beware) the psyops, mind control, cons (schemes, conspiracies), media manipulation, self delusion, and the antidotes to such attacks — through the Whole Armor of God. And that means we’re already in an ongoing cold war far more serious than WWIII, WWIV, or any wars short of Armageddon.

    Whole Armor of God:
    – Salvation in Christ alone, as Son of God, Jesus Saves
    – obedience to God’s Word consistent with the multiple witnesses in the Bible
    – assembly & reconciling with those saved by at least two’s and three’s in Christ’s name
    – asking for and exercising more of Christ’s Holy Spirit
    – walking with Christ in faith – praise – watchings(guard duty) and prayer (faith which works by love is what makes the difference)
    – helping Christ as Lord extend the lovingkindess of the Father to the just and unjust even enemies,
    – for mature and proven Christians who dwell with Christ to provide counsel through councils about matters of discernment and justice

    … And the even greater collective protections we have through the Tabernacle of God and the Kingdom of Heaven (both now and coming soon to earth openly, extended into this world as the millennial kingdom). God is our Rock Foundation and High Tower. He is our mighty Fortress never failing!

    As for those that believe in random chance in a billion or trillion year old uncreated universe, through slow evolution from crystals(?) to organic life to panspermia(?) … on to godhood(?), and layers of earth and ice as supposedly supporting evidence along with continental tectonic drift through subduction instead “floating” largely stationary on sub-crust earth core currents…. while ignoring the possibility of a constructed designed creation (as a prototype, matrix-like, automated, authored, and programmed) … (also manipulated at the physical level by the rebel angels and their ancient proxies and offspring) … gotta say — you’re in the thralls of delusion headed toward the great delusion of the end time. To the lost, I say turn around, embrace Christ, and come out of death and darkness.

    The Gospel is simple. Jesus as Son of God is well able to save us from sin, self, and satan. Instead of wiping us all out with legions of angels and starting fresh — He sacrificed himself at the cross, overcoming death and hell through resurrection, and then ascended to Throne of Heaven — to save fallen sinners such as us. If you want Him to save you then just ask Him with at least enough courage and faith in your heart to tell someone. And He will also give you eternal life with Him, overcoming even death … along with even more of His Holy Spirit — if you’ll just ask Him.

    Prophecy conferences like Branson 2012 provide every opportunity to make a difference. But it all really comes down to you and Jesus — Y’shua Messiah. None of it matters without Him. But that the Lord build the house, we labor in vain and the watchmen watch in vain. Amen!

    • There have been constant incursions since then.

      How else do you explain Greek, Roman and lots of other mythology, the very idea of alien abduction, and all sorts of other ancient tales?

      If God was going to let people onto the Ark with defects… well it kind of defeats the very point of the flood right?

    • Though I generally agree with the point about the flood, God did definitely put 8 people on the Ark with defects and most notably sin. “For all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God” — except Christ as the only true and begotten Son of God.

      And yes, I’d agree that the pantheons are easily explained as rebel angel princes, like the prince of persia, prince of grecia, and kings of persia (from the same passage as the prince of persia).

      That said, even though the 1st generation nephilim likely had titan-like or superheroic abilities — most of the myths and legends are likely popularized “short” stories like our modern videos and entertainment. I think they’re used to brainwash the masses for the most part, but at the underground, occult, black-ops, mad-science, and most deviant levels there’s plenty of actual hybridization with animals and outright possession going on.

      The first generation nephilim can likely be considered a failed experiment or a too risky venture by the rebel angels. Later supernatural, paranormal, occult, alien, and taboo genetic experiments are more recent attempts to refine the process, including attempts to reanimate the dead.

      The much more effective “incursion” is on the more common and open mental and spiritual level. I’d include organization and economic also — the doctrines of demons are seeds that have yielded global corporations and all manner of delusion.

      Not unlike the secularization of memorials to the rebel angel princes in the names of the weekdays, months, astronomy, government programs, corporations, and such. While lesser gods and monsters are memorialized in ball club and school names and mascots — still carrying their “team” spirit. Well over 90% of the efforts of the rebel angels are likely non-material.

      The neandertals, dinosaurs, and oversized animals of the past are also likely attempts to create animals they control, possibly even as avatars.

      Brightside, to me it’s a matter of percents. Some small percent of enemy activity is openly genetic — otherwise they’d be openly wiped-out again. The flood shows that there’s only so far they’ll be allowed to go. Much the same as with Job or for that matter with the Crucifixion of Christ. There’s a price to pay with massively greater penalties and restitution imposed. The Almighty could wipe out enemy efforts with insects or elements if He chose, rather than turn the rebels on each other. Or use ice-ages, or boloid impacts, such as destroyed the mound builder cultures (Younger Dryas impact, cp. Clovis comet).

      The greatest expression of restorative justice is soon coming in end-time events. Attempts to destroy Israel will result in the millennial kingdom. Attempts to wipe out or conquer the greater portion of believers will result in the great multitude in Heaven (Rev. 7). Attempts to destroy the world will result in dissolving this creation and bringing forth the new creation and New Jerusalem. I say will because the enemy has been told.

      Neandertals are depicted as cave men and savages in pseudo-scientific anthropology — though larger and bigger brained that humans. As nth-generation nephilim hybrids, I can see how that could happen to some groups cut off from cultural main streams. But the ancient civilizations and megalythic or geoglyphic works (including the mound cultures) are far less likely about “human cultures” than more-and-more-dilute nephilim hybrid cultures.

      It’s not just a simple matter of genetics apart from our spiritual bodies. Nor are all the angels rebels in the heavens.

    • I believe the massive defect in Rob Skiba’s viewpoint on the resurgence of the Nephilim is that God destroys the ancient world with the Flood but somehow manages to let Nephilim DNA onto the Ark. God destroys all Nephilim tainted life with a Great Flood but still manages to let a nephilim tainted human onto the Ark. It just doesn’t make any sense. No matter how eloquent Rob is , there is no way to get past this seeming dilemma.

    • yes i agree. i think angels may even still be leaving their first estate today. these would be the ones behind the alien deception. the first angels are bound and out of the game so to speak. i believe more were recruited.

  4. That level of fellowship is what the Lord designed us all for. THAT is the way it’s supposed to be!

    That’s the immediate lesson I’m sure everyone there at that conference takes away right off the bat.

    Bob and Gary said in a quick update yesterday that those DVDs should be ready by September. Needless to say that’s an immediate purchase by me first crack out of the box.

    Have a wonderful blessed time there LA and everyone else that’s there. Soak it up. Enjoy every second of it. 🙂

    • september is way too far away. these videos should be posted for download purchase asap. why edit? let all experience the way it happened. september may be too late.

  5. Israel Preparing for Action in Syria, Says Former Mossad Chief

    Israeli National News
    July 14, 2012

    Former Mossad chief Danny Yatom said on Thursday that Israel is preparing for the possibility of military action in Syria, in case its chemical weapons were to end up in the hands of Hizbullah or other terrorist organizations in the region.

    Yatom spoke to the British Sky News, which reported that Israel is deeply concerned that Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad may deliberately give Hizbullah chemical weapons or that they could end up in the hands of other terror groups

    In either case, this could lead to a regional war, Yatom told the network.

    “The conventional wisdom should be that we cannot exclude a non-conventional attack on Israel,” he said. “We would have to pre-empt in order to prevent it. We need to be prepared to launch even military attacks… and military attacks mean maybe a deterioration to war.”

  6. New security fears as Heathrow checks miss terror suspects

    Inexperienced airport staff ‘missed five alerts in one day’ Fears come after fiasco over G4S Olympic stewarding

    Inexperienced new recruits, deployed to shorten queues, are repeatedly ‘missing’ passengers who may need to be referred to counter terrorism officers. Photograph: Steve Parsons/PA

    Terror suspects on the Home Office watch list are entering the UK in the run up to the Olympics without the necessary security checks, according to front line officials at Heathrow.

    One senior border officer told the Observer that inexperienced new recruits, deployed to shorten queues after complaints over lengthy waiting times, are repeatedly “missing” passengers of interest who should be referred to counter terrorism officers when they reach passport control.

    The official said he was personally aware that three terror suspects – all of whose names are registered on the Home Office suspect index system – had been waved through by staff on his shifts since the start of July. Border officials should immediately notify counterterrorism police or MI5 if they suspect that “SX travellers” are attempting to enter the UK. Another colleague alleged that five suspects were “missed” in one day earlier this month.

  7. What is this world coming too?

    Jennifer Lopez joins American Idol exodus she has been an American Idol judge for two seasons

    Following the departure of Aerosmith’s Steve Tyler, singer Jennifer Lopez has announced that she too is giving up her role as American Idol judge.

    Where is Kofi Anan when you need him? How will the idol three ever be the same? Randy might as well quit now. The is Crap!

    I think what makes me laugh the most is when these people lose they cry like they have just been moved to a FEMA camp and they have been told they will be executed. Life just wont go on after an American Idol Loss. I cant wait for season 13!

    I hear Celine Deon is the front runner. Can you imgaine? ALL I CAN SAY IS SWEET!

  8. If you want to understand the symbolism behind the illuminati and why so many people are screaming about why the Olympics could be a terrorist site. Check this video out.There are 50 others just like it.

  9. Please, please, please consider coming to Atlanta!!! That would make me really happy!!! If I were in Branson this weekend, I would be walking on air!! I can’t wait to see where you guys turn up next time!! I’m so glad L.A. is having such a good time!

    On another note:
    Does anyone listen to John Moore’s radio show? His last broadcast was about Nibiru. It seems he has a reputable contact that is connected to the military who says the 10th planet is scheduled to graze Earth very soon. The military higher-ups and their families on the East and West coasts were called into a debriefing to put them on standby for their upcoming evacuation. They aren’t sure when Nibiru will come close enough to cause cataclysmic devastation to the planet, but Moore’s contact believes it will be within the next 6 months. Can anyone tell me it this information is to be taken seriously? I living on the East Coast and would appreciate knowing if I should be ready to get to higher/safer ground. Thanks!

    • Dawn, I followed a link to that show (much as I love the Deyos, they do link to some rather questionable sites at times — maybe things they haven’t taken the time to read/listen to completely themselves, which were recommended to them by people whose recommendations they shouldn’t follow?) and listened to the whole thing last night while I was doing major rearranging of some craft stuff (are there beads in Heaven?). I’d heard Moore once before years ago, but I don’t remember the details, just that at the end of his show I realized it was the same guy.

      Moore says he’s a Christian, but in the show you’re referring to, he cited Zechariah Sitchin as one of the reasons he believes in this Nibiru planet stuff.

      Sitchin absolutely wasn’t a Christian, and his theories are apparently pure invention. You can go to this site (put together by a Christian scholar) for a de-bunking of Sitchin’s work. Apparently Sitchin’s “translations” are fiction, and he has seriously-less-than-perfect understanding of the culture.

      Here is Michael Heiser’s site:

      I looked at some of it once and Heiser is very persuasive (not that i ever put any faith in Sitchin, as IIRC he was rather wacky besides being totally anti-Biblical). I don’t remember if Heiser gets into Christian stuff, or if the site is more from a scholarly direction.

      As far as Moore goes, he makes his money selling to preppers and doing consulting work for preppers (it was that which reminded me I’d heard him before). So it’s in his monetary interest to claim a disaster is coming. I don’t know if that’s any part of his motivation.

      As far as the rogue-planet scenario is concerned, I go along with all the astronomers who say that if any astronomer (pro or amateur) had actual proof such a planet exists, there’d be world-wide publicity and discussion among the astronomical community — something at a much higher level than YouTube videos put out by amateur videographers (however computer-adept they are). By the way, the photos of a star field with a circled fuzzy dot suppsedly on its way to kill us all apparently date from ten or twenty years ago; if the fuzzy dot was actually Nibiru headed in our direction, it would be much closer by now, many more astronomers (including amateurs) would have seen it by now, and we’d have many more — and closer — photos than the blurry dot.

    • Hi Dawn, I’m sure if/when, we will have some advance notice, wether by sources or the Holy Spirit. Get some basics supplies put up and organized for a quick getaway and try to have some friends or relatives in other places aware you might be coming for a long visit. Even just looking at maybe campgrounds you could drive too in an emergency.
      Try not to worry. Yeshua is totally in charge and he will make a way for you and all of us! 🙂

  10. For those of you wishing you were here, please let me help. There is a modern thing called an airplane. You get on it, and guess what.. It takes you to all sorts of new strange wonderful places including prophecy conferences. Imagine that! What a concept. Even Avi Lipkin and his son Aaron flew in all the way from Israel. If they can travel half way around the world, then the rest of you lot can do the same but only much closer.

    Personally, I flew in from the east coast, a thousand miles. It was the best weekend I’ve had in ages and would do it all over again. Don’t deprive yourselves of something as wonderful as this just because it isn’t held in your back yard.

    LA offered a superb presentation at yesterday’s luncheon as well as this morning. The room was erupting!

    • I wish I could fly but due to health reasons both my husband and I can not fly, and the fare for a train or to drive from NY would blow 3 months budget….so I guess I wish I was there but will have to wait and save pennies to buy the dvd.

  11. L.A., I saw the photo of you, Tom Horn and Doug Hamp that Doug posted on Facebook. I sure wish I could go to one of these conferences sometime.

  12. Yesterday’s PitN update (looks like LA was one of the big stars of the conference):

    Well, in case that didn’t embed properly (never tried before today, and all that html doesn’t look too successful; I really wish WordPress had a Preview). Anyway, if that doesn’t embed, here’s the PitN YouTube page:

    • So if you consider his inauguration on 1/20/2009 + 42 months= July 2012. Something to consider. My thoughts are similar to that of Patrick Heron’s. The beast from the bottomless pit is antichrist: Apollo. The bible may infer a host body housing Apollo’s spirit.
      He (false prophet) will breath life into image of the beast. Life in the greek is pneuma: a spirit. Image may mean representation (body?)

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