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  1. You are right LA. That was an excellent and informative article about what is really going on. I believe our federal government has become our true enemy these days and their final goal is to bring America down. It’s no wonder why they want to take our guns.

  2. Firstfruits from Bransom 2012…

    Awesome roundtable interview by Derek Gilbert with Pastor Mike Hogard and Doc Marquis

    “VFTB Live at the Prophecy Summit: The Occult”

    “http://vftb.net/?p=4533” (2 hours)

    Wide ranging discussion covering many related issues affecting the Church and the lost.

    Not the least of which is the simplicity of the Gospel of Christ.

    • yes, that was a great interview!!! also, check out the next 2 nights on PID. LA and doug hamp on i think sat!!!

    • Prophecy Summit: The Future


      Joining us to discuss the future and what it will look like when get there: Ken Johnson of BibleFacts.org, Ray Gano, the publisher of Prophezine, and Cris Putnam, co-author of the best-selling book Petrus Romanus: The Final Pope is Here and publisher of the excellent website Logos Apologia.


      my pleasure, but credit to Derek & Sharon Gilbert … these roundtables are always great!

    • Prophecy Summit 2012: Day One Wrap Up (Gary and Bob)
      with cameos of LA, Doug H., Russ D., R. Skiba, etc.

    • I really appreciate these updates slipping out. I know I’d be a crazy person if I were there because I wouldn’t be able to sleep and I’d probably just be slunking around looking for people to talk to and hug and what not in between engagements. πŸ™‚

    • FLTS provides another perspective on the Bransom Prophecy Summit…


      To wrap up the post for today, I’m excited to continue to meet people and talk God, Jesus, Prophecy, and the Bible. No where else are you going to find the brightest minds on the topic with brothers and sisters in Christ who are after the truth.


    • VFTB Live at the Prophecy Summit: The Nephilim
      Derek Gilbert conducts a roundtable interview with Doug Hamp, Rob Skiba, and LA Marzulli


      LA talks about receiving the mantle from Dr. IDE Thomas.

    • Doug Hamp explains that the 10 horns and 10 toes of Daniel’s prophecies and in his days are the 10 kings in the Revelation, fallen angels, prince of persia and the kings of persia

      Daniel 10
      13 But the prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood me one and twenty days: but, lo, Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me; and I remained there with the kings of Persia.
      14 Now I am come to make thee understand what shall befall thy people in the latter days: for yet the vision is for many days.

      20 Then said he, Knowest thou wherefore I come unto thee? and now will I return to fight with the prince of Persia: and when I am gone forth, lo, the prince of Grecia shall come.
      21 But I will shew thee that which is noted in the scripture of truth: and there is none that holdeth with me in these things, but Michael your prince.

    • Branson 2012 Prophecy Summit Day 2 Wrap-up … more cameos Bob Ulrich (*), LA, Rob Skiba, Bill Salus

      (* Prophecy in the News)

    • Branson Day Three: Lunch with LA and Fellowship (FLTS = Gonzo L. Shimura)


      The coolest part of my day was two fold. One was lunch with the great LA Marzulli. It was awesome. He’s a very cool dude. Just gotta say that the man is as raw as he is on his radio show, or all the talks he does. Just a genuine person really out to tell the truth … fascinating.

      also see:

  3. Syria takes WMD out of storage: US: Situation incredibly dangerous

    As part of its ongoing war maneuver, Syria Thursday, July 12, this week drilled the firing of advanced Scud D ballistic missiles capable of carrying chemical weapons and nerve gas – a clear message from Bashar Assad that weapons of mass destruction are now in play to save his regime.

    American officials, alarmed by the movement out of storage of parts of his vast arsenal of sarin nerve agent, mustard gas and cyanide, warned it could escalate the Syrian conflict and expand it to other parts of the region. “This could set the precedent of WMD [weapons of mass destruction] being used under our watch,” one U.S. official said. “This is incredibly dangerous to our national security.” The Obama administration has begun to hold classified briefings about the new intelligence

    • alarmed by the movement out of storage of parts of his vast arsenal of sarin nerve agent, mustard gas and cyanide, warned it could escalate the Syrian conflict and expand it to other parts of the region

      If Assad’s WMDs begin to disperse within Syria, the danger won’t simply be in other parts of the region, but anywhere in the world Islamic terrorists want to attack whoever they perceive as infidel or enemy. And their targets would include Americans, American businesses, Russia, Israel, Israeli embassies, India, and who-knows-what else (Christians in Indonesia or Egypt? synagogues in Europe? opposing sects of Islam? women’s education? vocal Islamic converts to Christianity? the list is almost endless, Islam being such a loving religion).

      Once the genie (Assad’s hoard of WMDs) escapes from the bottle, there’s no stuffing it back in the bottle.

      Pray hard, people.

    • A Russian ship carrying refurbished attack helicopters destined for Syria has weighed anchor from its Arctic port for a second time after failing to deliver the cargo last month.


  4. Very Strong CME Blast To Hit Planet On Saturday, Communication To be Affected

    An X1.4-Class Solar Flare put out an incredible Coronal Mass Ejection, which is scheduled to hit the planet on Saturday.

    This blast was associated with Sunspot AR1520. Due to the sunspot being directly facing our planet, the entire blast was in our direction.

    Expect communications to be affected. This blast hits when it is daylight over the North American areas, but hits at night for Europe. If the magnetic field goes south right away then Europe will have a very strong auroral display. If it waits a bit, it is possible the display will be over North America, furthar south than usual!

  5. U.S. declares drought-stricken states largest natural disaster area ever

    The United States Department of Agriculture has declared natural disaster areas in more than 1,000 counties and 26 drought-stricken states, making it the largest natural disaster in America ever.

    The declarationβ€”which covers roughly half of the countryβ€”gives farmers and ranchers devastated by drought access to federal aid, including low-interest emergency loans.

    According to the U.S. Drought Monitor, more than half the country (56 percent) experienced drought conditionsβ€”the largest percentage in the 12-year history of the service. And according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the period from January through June was “the warmest first half of any year on record for the contiguous United States.”

    • It’s more than eyebrow raising that the great depression in the 30’s coincided with the dust bowl and now the same variables are taking shape, drought and a looming financial meltdown.

      Nothing makes a populace more desperate and compliant to top down measures than hunger and poverty.


    • Two other interesting facts to consider. There is a band across Europe about the same latitude as our drought path that is under heavy drought. North of this band is experiencing heavy rain. The Olympics this year sol be wet wet wet if it doesn’t stop raining in the UK. Also at the poles, they are experiencing a high altitude freeze.

      Given these facts, and I can link the drought maps if you like, let’s consider the mysterious HAARP technology which heats up a portion of the atmosphere. Heat rises so this could essentially push clouds higher move along magnetic poles lines and drift north. Also know that when rain falls from a high altitude, they form hail and we have been getting major hail storms.

      Smoking gun?

  6. The UFO Files: Tony Blair briefed on alien defense policy

    Tony Blair was so concerned about the disclosure of classified information on extra-terrestrials when he was Prime Minister he received a full briefing about UFOs from the Ministry of Defense, it has emerged.

    The advice was requested by Number 10 in 1998 as the government introduced the Freedom of Information Act, allowing members of the public to seek details about “alien lifeforms”.

    After receiving a letter from a member of the public referring to a β€œcover-up” and urging him to consider making β€œall of the many and varied UFO reports and associated data” available, Mr Blair asked the Ministry of Defence for their policy.

  7. Isaiha 30:25 There will be on every high mountain and on every high hill Rivers and streams of waters in the day of the great slaughter when the towers fall.

    Posting this comment because there seems to be correlation with biblical scripture and the fall of the towers on 9-11 2001. This is something that happened in Israel in those days when written. Close examination of this chapter of Isaiaha reveals that this happened at a time in Israel’s history when the nation was telling the true prophets and ministers of God’s word to go stand in a corner because we don’t want to hear what you have to say anymore. So God allowed these towers to fall in order to get their attention basically. In verse 8 of this chapter, it states this… “Now go, write it before them on a tablet and note it on a scroll, that it may be for TIME TO COME, forever and ever that this is a rebellious people, lying children. Children who will not hear the word of the Lord. That phrase “TIME TO COME” in Hebrew means “ACHARON” or the last generation. Meaning there will be none after this. This puts this scripture as having a form of fulfillment in the End Times. Remember in Ecclesiastes it says “That which was done is that which shall be done and there’s nothing new under the sun”. In other words… history will repeat itself in the future. We see the fall of the towers in New York and indeed it was a day of great slaughter as this scripture points out. This had a double fulfillment in Israel and repeated in the Last Days in the United States Of America. So folks… 9-11 was indeed a prophetic sign to us mentioned in scripture cryptically. An End Times prophecy. Who can deny that ministers of the gospel are being told to go stand in a corner… No one wants to hear what they have to say about the gospel and about the Lord. It seems the Lord is indeed trying to get our attention. Not just America’s of course but was a sign to us. Very interesting indeed.

  8. Ezekiel 20: 27-29 “What is this high place to which you go? So it’s name is called BAMAH to this day.”

    What were these “high places” mentioned in old testament scripture? Upon examination of scripture it becomes very evident that these “high places” were places that offerings were made to idols… not just any idols… but watcher gods. Aliens anyone? Of course, I don’t believe in aliens but alot of people do. I think our government is in contact with these beings and have indeed made some sort of covenant with them. Roswell anyone? The evidence over the years in my opinion has been sufficient to make that statement. You see in scripture that this is something ancient Israel was doing and it provoked the Lord. Indeed the Lord called these high places “BAMAH”. Here’s the kicker… for some reason the King James translators translated this BAMAH word as a place name rather than an actual name. In the Hebrew it says this… “What is this high place to which you go? So it’s name is called UBAMA to this day.” Here you can see that the name UBAMA (OBAMA?) is connected to these high places. Could this be yet another cryptic reference to what is happening today. Could president Obama be a clue of some type to us prophetically? Look at what is going on with this UFO madness. People… and shall i say our government… is in contact with these beings and worshipping them as our creators! This in my opinion is again provoking the Lord in judgment today as it did in Israel’s ancient past. It seems President Obama could be a cryptic reference in scripture to all of this. Could it be said that Obama himself is not what he appears to be. Is he a nephilim-human hybrid? Is it referencing something else in connection with all this? Very thought provoking indeed.

    • Ive heard them speak of a council of 9 or of thirteen which usually leads back to this new age galactic federation of light. Yet they are all vipers they speak poison you watch the venom drip from their fangs whenever they open their jaws to speak.

    • Interesting point to consider about the “high places” as places of idol worship, but there were many Holy encounters on mountains that don’t match up with what you suggest. Ten commandmemts on mt. Sinai, the transfiguration of Jesus, the offering by Elijah on mt. Carmel to challenge Baal worshipers, just some to spring to mind.

  9. A Beliefnet article on the most recent annual convention of the Episcopal Church in the U.S. Don’t read this unless you have a strong stomach where heresy is concerned.


    [I read this on the Blaze, but the article is Beliefnet’s, and apparently reprinted in toto. Beliefnet seems to be either super-slow or totally incompetent today, so I’ll just give you the Blaze link.]

  10. James 1:2-4 Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing

    Whoop there it is!

    • OH …SO RIGHT ON !!! Thanks for watering me w/ the Word tonight!
      I needed that ~ ( :

      “James 1:2-4 Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of
      various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing

      Whoop there it is!”

    • faithful that resonates big time with me. i’m in a health trial at this time concerning my heart, procedures, possible surgery even the rather substantial financial dealings that accompany them.
      not much joy lately. this was quite encouraging. might i humbly ask of any who read this for a bit of prayer support. that would be a comfort in this rough spot.

      thanks folks.

  11. Jack Van Impe says that he has a heavy heart about the Olympics. He feels that there will be a terrorist attack.

    Reuters today

    – Last December, a purported Islamic fighter called Amir Ghrozni posted a cryptic message on a password-protected website connected to al Qaeda.

    “London, perhaps the punishment is near,” the message said. “Await the glad tidings, as we will never calm down.”

    Similar threats to the 2012 Olympic Games, which begin in London on July 27, have surfaced since.

    A February message on a different website urged readers to “be the initiator O Soldiers of Usama, as London has been beautified with its nicest decorations and the best of dresses.”

    In April, someone calling themselves “Kafir bel-Taghoot” reposted a 2003 religious tract by a militant Saudi Imam offering Islamic arguments legitimizing the use of weapons of mass destruction.

    “Due to the nearing of the London Olympics…I gift you the holistic book that displeases the advocates of surrender and defeater of the advocates of reconciliation and tolerance,” the message said.

    Official and private experts say such messages are representative of “chatter” that U.S. and European intelligence agencies are picking up about the London Games.

    But they point out that the threats are utterly non-specific – no dates, targets or methods of attack are mentioned.

    • Mark I know its coming in the East. I just cant understand for the life of me why the Rockefellers would predict 13,000 deaths two years before hand if they werent planning something.

    • Check out the first 2 songs of the Playlist for the Olympics Opening Ceremony.

      The very first song with lyrics is called “GOING UNDERGROUND”!!!! If that isn’t a hint, what is?
      Second song: “Map of the Problematique”!!
      Sample of lyrics:
      “Fear and panic in the air, I want to be free, from desolation and despair,
      and I feel like everything I sow, is being swept away, well I refuse to let you go”
      WOW, isn’t that an inspirational loving song

      Third song: “God save the Queen”!! The Queen will be in the audience. However, this is the Sex Pistols version!! Sample of lyrics:
      “God save the queen, the fascist regime
      They made you a moron, potential H-bomb
      God save the queen, She ain’t no human being
      There is no future, In England’s dreaming
      There’s no future, no future, No future for you”
      Sweet, wonderful choice!!

      Fourth song: “London Calling”!! Sounds innocent, right? WRONG!! Check out the lyrics:
      “London calling to the faraway towns
      Now that war is declared and battle come down”
      I’ll stop here, but you get the point. Just check out some of the other titles and there uniting themes:
      – Jerusalem
      – Nimrod
      – Arrival of the Queen of Sheba
      – The Dambusters March
      – Push the Button, followed by
      – Enola Gay (the airplane that dropped the A-Bomb on Japan)
      – The Stripper
      – Uprising
      – Pass Out
      – The Hindu Times
      – Eclipse

      Get my point!! There is no happy stuff from, say, Elton John. There is a theme here, it is VERY obvious for anyone looking. All this would have been approved by the masters of this show.

      I just can’t help but be suspicious about perhaps the NWO springing the next part of the trap, another 9/11 type incident. We’ll soon see!!

      Jeff 5 doves

  12. Free Syrian Army preparing for β€œfinal battle” for Damascus By Caroline Akoum

    Beirut, Asharq Al-Awsat – In light of the noticeable development in the Free Syrian Army [FSA]’s military operations, not to mention the escalated pace of defections from the regular army’s forces, the FSA has announced that it is gearing up to take the fight to the al-Assad regime in Damascus. Speaking exclusively to Asharq Al-Awsat, FSA commander Colonel Riad al-Asaad revealed that β€œpreparations for the battle of Damascus are underway and are in full swing, particularly as this operation – which will be the final and decisive confrontation with the regime – requires special preparations and arrangements”. He added β€œthis has led to the battle being postponed so far; however once it starts it will be resolved quickly, within a matter of weeks.”

    The FSA commander also stressed that β€œwith regards to today, you could say that the situation has changed. We are now able to take decisions at the right time, after the FSA seized weapons at depots affiliated to the regime, in addition to those present in the border regions.” However al-Asaad denied that the FSA had been given surface-to-air missiles enabling them to bring down regime helicopters.

    asharq – e . com

  13. I know this is long but I had to post.

    Hosea 4: 1-3
    “There is no faithfulness, no love, no acknowledgment of God in the land. There is only cursing, lying and murder, stealing and adultery; they break all bounds, and bloodshed follows bloodshed. BECAUSE of this the land dries up, and all who live in it waste away; the beasts of the field, the birds in the sky and the fish in the sea are swept away.”

    6th July 2012 – Mass Oyster deaths: 600 Million snout otter clams dead, leaving farmers broke in Quang Ninh Vietnam.
    5th July 2012 – Fish kill on Century Village Lakes in Florida.
    5th July 2012 – Fish kill on Roy Lake in South Dakota.
    5th July 2012 – Thousands of Fish found dead in James River in Lamoure North Dakota.
    5th July 2012 – Over 20 dead Birds (Egrets) found in Rockport Texas.
    4th July 2012 – Thousands of Fish found dead on Dexter City Lake in Missouri America.
    3rd July 2012 – Major Fish kill: Hundreds of thousands of Fish dead in Lake Wichita Texas.
    3rd July 2012 – Hundreds of Fish found floating dead in Upstate Lake South Carolina.
    3rd July 2012 – Fish Kill: Catfish die-off on Lake Buffum near Fort Meade Florida.
    3rd July 2012 – 2,300 dead Fish washed ashore on South River in Butts County, Georgia America.
    2nd July 2012 – Thousands of Fish dead in Chautauqua Lake in Havana Cuba.
    2nd July 2012 – Thousands of Chickens killed due to Bird Flu outbreak in Xinjiang China.
    2nd July 2012 – Thousands of Fish dead in South Knoxville Pond in Tennessee America.
    2nd July 2012 – 18 mass Fish kills have happened in past 2 months in Periyar River in India.
    30th June 2012 – 1,000,000 Birds died or culled at 129 Farms due to Avian Flu in Mexico.
    29th June 2012 – Hundreds of dead Fish line the banks of Pottersburg Creek in Ontario Canada.
    29th June 2012 – 73 Turtles wash ashore dead, scientists concerned, in Australia.
    28th June 2012 – Fish die-off in Platte River in Nebraska.
    28th June 2012 – Fish kill in river Vartry in Wicklow Ireland.
    26th June 2012 – 200,000 Bird deaths at three farms in Mexico.
    26th June 2012 – Over 75,000 Goats killed by a disease epidemic in Congo.
    26th June 2012 – Thousands of dead Sardines wash ashore on Taboga Island in Panama.
    26th June 2012 – Fish kill in Wisconsin Counties in America.
    25th June 2012 – Several thousand fish dead in a lake in Georgia America.
    25th June 2012 – Thousands of Fish die in Gomti River India.
    23rd June 2012 – Mass Cattle death a β€œmystery” in Elgin Texas.
    23rd June 2012 – 67 Birds found dead at Kanaha Pond Wildlife Sanctuary Hawaii.
    22nd June 2012 – Mass deaths of Horses and Cattle due to snake bites in Kiev Ukraine. (Russian)
    22nd June 2012 – Fish kill on Lake Odessa in Louisa County America.
    21st June 2012 – Dead turtles washing ashore along Delaware and New Jersey coasts, scientists not sure why in America.
    21st June 2012 – 150 Birds washing up dead or dying on East Florida beaches in America.
    20th June 2012 – 750 Bee Hives poisoned killing thousands of Bees in New South Wales Australia.
    20th June 2012 – Hundreds to Thousands of fish washing ashore dead on Sutherland Reservoir Nebraska.
    19th June 2012 – 17 dead Seals wash ashore in Parnu Estonia.
    19th June 2012 – Hundreds of dead Fish found in Red Hill Creek Canada.
    19th June 2012 – Fish die-off at Buffalo Pound Lake in Canada.
    19th June 2012 – Over 4,000 Fish found dead in River Nene England.
    16th June 2012 – Fish kill in Big Birch Lake in Todd County Minnesota.
    15th June 2012 – Fish kill found in canal near lake Manitoba in Canada
    15th June 2012 – Mass death of Sardines (about 10,000) found in Kanagawa Japan.
    14th June 2012 – 130 Sea Birds found dead in Australia.
    NOTE: 120 Dolphins that died off Texas coast between November and March declared β€œunusual mortality event” America.
    11th June 2012 – Fish kill along 1.5Km of the Chovva Canal in India.
    9th June 2012 – 40 TONS of dead Fish in a pond in township of Guangzhou China.
    8th June 2012 – Large number of dead Fish found in East Lake Park China.
    7th June 2012 – Hundreds of Birds found dead in East Melbourne Australia.
    6th June 2012 – Over 100,000 mass Fish die-off in Feidong Ning Kong (sic) ReservoirChina.
    6th June 2012 – Mystery surrounds massive Fish kill in Coevorden Netherlands.
    6th June 2012 – Over 10,000 dead Carp found in Blue Springs Lake, Missouri.
    6th June 2012 – 5,000 dead Fish in a lake is a mystery, UK.
    5th June 2012 – Tons and Tons of dead Sardine washing up in port of Ohara in Japan.
    5th June 2012 – Alarming Reindeer Die Off on St Paul Island in Alaska.
    5th June 2012 – Thousands of Dead fish found in Imperial Lakes in Florida.
    5th June 2012 – 2500 Fish dead in Swan River in Australia.
    31st May 2012 – Thousands of Fish dying along coast of Burma
    30th May 2012 – Large Fish die-off in a Lagoon in Chacahua Mexico.
    30th May 2012 – 500 Fish die in Canal in England.
    30th May 2012 – Thousands more Fish turning up dead in Maryland.
    30th May 2012 – Red tide Kills 55 Million Abalone in China.
    29th May 2012 – Mass Fish death – 13,000 Fish found in Ohatchee Alabama.
    27th May 2012 – Entire Fish Farm stock to be killed after virus found for first time in waters of Washington State. Link
    25th May 2012 – 10 TONS of dead Fish found in Laguna de Bay Philippines.
    25th May 2012 – 300 Dolphins wash up dead during past several weeks raising concern in the Black Sea Russia. Link
    25th May 2012 – Thousands of Shellfish found dead in Peru.
    25th May 2012 – 540 Antelopes die in Kasakhstan.
    24th May 2012 – Thousands of Fish found dead in a pond in Sichuan China
    24th May 2012 – Hundreds of Fish found dead in Briar Creek in North Carolina.
    23rd May 2012 – 60,000 – 100,000 dead Fish in three Creeks in Maryland USA.
    21st May 2012 – Thousands of the β€œmost resilient species of fish” found dead on Mula-Mutha River banks in India.
    20th May 2012 – Hundreds of Fish found dead at Clear Lake in Minnesota.
    20th May 2012 – Large Fish kill reported in Sanya Egret Park China.
    19th May 2012 – 500,000 Salmon destroyed after virus found in fish farm in Vancouver Canada.
    17th May 2012 – Mass Bee deaths – β€œStaggering losses” reported in Minnesota, Nebraska and Ohio USA.
    17th May 2012 – Mystery surrounds 34 Dead Deer on Greater Qiu Islet in Taiwan.
    17th May 2012 – Over 8 TONS of Fish poisoned in Guiyang China.
    16th May 2012 – Fish kill in Arcadia Lake in Oklahoma.
    15th May 2012 – Over 10,000 Fish dead in Guanzhou China.
    14th May 2012 – Another Fish kill in Lake Bito in MacArthur Town Philippines.
    14th May 2012 – Thousands of farmed Fish found dead in ponds in Nanjundapuram village India.
    13th May 2012 – Mass Fish death reported in Pathalam belt in River Periyar in India.
    12th May 2012 – 500 Fish have died in Eichbaum lake in Germany.
    12th May 2012 – 2,300 Birds found dead on beaches in Chile.
    10th May 2012 – Fish kill in South Negril River in Jamaica.
    10th May 2012 – UPDATE: 5,000 Birds found dead on beaches in Peru.
    10th May 2012 – 550 TONS of dead Salmon in Norway.
    10th May 2012 – Thousands of dead Fish washing up on the shores of Lake Simcoe inCanada.
    8th May 2012 – 12 TONS of Fish found dead in Chengdu, Sichuan China.
    8th May 2012 – Hundreds of dead fish in Brake Lake, Perry County America.
    8th May 2012 – Low numbers of Muttonbirds returning to NZ is β€œmost unusual event” in 20 years studying these birds New Zealand.
    7th May 2012 – Fish kill in Kuwait Bay in Kuwait.
    6th May 2012 – Mass Fish death found in Heritage Park Pond in Massachusetts.
    5th May 2012 – 50,000 Fish found dead in a pond in Shenzhen in China.
    5th May 2012 – Mass Bird death discovered in waste water in Finland.
    4th May 2012 – A local β€œphenomena” with numerous dead fish appearing on the same day in Spain.
    4th May 2012 – 2 TONS of dead Fish found in a River in Jinzhou China.
    4th May 2012 – Mass Fish kill found in Muttar River causing panic in India.
    3rd May 2012 – Dead Fish are washing up on shore of Lake Houston in America.
    2nd May 2012 – Large number of fish found dead in River in China.
    2nd May 2012 – Many dead Fish washing up dead in Village causing panic in Turkey.
    30th April 2012 – Hundreds of Bull RedFish found dead in Alabama.
    28th April 2012 – 1200 Pelicans found dead in Peru.
    27th April 2012 – Mass Fish kill on Lake Elsinore in California.
    26th April 2012 – Mysterious Death of possibly thousands of Storks in Thailand.
    25th April 2012 – 11,000 dead Fish found in River in Kettering, America.
    25th April 2012 – 28,000 dead Fish found in River in Strongsville, America.
    25th April 2012 – Porpoises dying in alarming numbers, causing concerns of a local β€œecological catastrophe” in China.
    25th April 2012 – 4 Dolphins wash ashore dead at Bandra Bandstand in India.
    22nd April 2012 – Thousands more Fish wash ashore dead in Pakistan.
    19th April 2012 – Thousands of Fish, also Cows and Dogs killed in Pakistan.
    17th April 2012 – Thousands of fish (30 species) dead in a creek in Tennesse.
    17th April 2012 – Thousands of fish continue to turn up dead in the Zandvlei Estuary in South Africa.
    17th April 2012 – Several thousand Fish found dead in River in India.
    17th April 2012 – Thousands of Dead Fish found floating in Pond in India.
    16th April 2012 – Mass Livestock deaths in Kyrgyzstan.
    13th April 2012 – Mass Bees falling dead in Canyon Country California.
    13th April 2012 – Hundreds of dead Fish litter Ocean Floor in Durban South Africa.
    11th April 2012 – 300 more Dolphins found dead on beaches in Peru.
    11th April 2012 – 14,000 Fish dead in Creek in Missouri.
    9th April 2012 – Thousands of fish found dead in Lake in India.
    9th April 2012 – 3 Whales wash up dead in India. Link
    6th April 2012 – Over 50 Turtles wash ashore dead in India.
    6th April 2012 – Thousands of Dead Fish found in waterway in Malaysia.
    5th April 2012 – Thousands of Dead Fish found floating in Ganga river in India.
    4th April 2012 – 615 Dolphins Found Dead on Beaches in Peru.
    4th April 2012 – Over 100 Dead Catfish found in Boyne River Australia
    3rd April 2012 – Thousands of Dolphins are dying in Gulf of Mexico
    1st April 2012 – 9,000 Livestock killed by Foot and Mouth Disease in Egypt.
    1st April 2012 – 3,000 Dolphins have washed up dead this year in Peru.
    30th March 2012 – Hundreds of Birds Killed in Hail storm in Texas
    20th March 2012 – Thousands of dead Fish wash up on riverbank in Singapore.
    20th March 2012 – Thousands of dead Fish found in River in Minnesota
    17th March 2012 – 4 beached Whales die in East China
    13th March 2012 – 5,000 Fish found dead in a lake in Malaysia.
    12th March 2012 – Disease Kills 170 Chickens in South Africa.
    9th March 2012 – Dozens of birds drop dead in University grounds in Florida
    8th March 2012 – 34 Dolphins wash up dead along coast in Texas
    4th March 2012 – 400 Grey Seals found dead off Cape Breton in Australia.
    3rd March 2012 – Many Little Penguins Dying in Perth, Australia.
    2nd March 2012 – Thousands of Jellyfish wash ashore in Texas.
    1st March 2012 – 800kg dead fish found in Cyprus.
    NOTE: During 2011 – Record number (335) of Sea Otters either found dead or ill along California coast in America.
    28th February 2012 – Over 20,000 Chickens dead in Dharke in Nepal.
    27th February 2012 – Thousands of fish found dead at nature reserve in UK.
    25th February 2012 – 60 Gulls found dead in New Zealand.
    21st February 2012 – 3,000 Tuna Fish found dead off coast of Dubai.
    21st February 2012 – 25 Rare Turtles wash up dead in Bangladesh
    18th February 2012 – Thousands of Lambs being killed by incurable virus in the UK.
    16th February 2012 – Tonnes of dead Fish wash ashore in Somalia.
    15th February 2012 – 100 dead birds found along highway in Maryland America.k
    14th February 2012 – UPDATE: 124 Dolphins have now beached and died in Cape Cod America.
    9th February 2012 – Over 200 Dolphins wash up dead in Peru.
    9th February 2012 – 800 dead Birds found in Christchurch New Zealand.
    7th February 2012 – Dozens of dead Birds found on beach in Florida.
    6th February 2012 – Tens of Thousands of Birds to be β€œculled” due to H5N1 virus in Nepal and India.
    3rd February 2012 – Thousands of Fish wash up dead in Nigeria.
    3rd February 2012 – 100 Pigeons found dead in South Dakota.
    3rd February 2012 – 1,000 Fish found dead floating in two ponds in Virginia.
    31st January 2012 – 800 Star Fish found dead on beach in Japan.
    31st January 2012 – Massive Fish death in Philippines.
    27th January 2012 – 64 Dolphins and Porpoises found dead along the Atlantic Coast.
    27th January 2012 – 10,000 Fish found dead in Japan.
    27th January 2012 – 12 Dolphins wash up dead in Louisiana.
    27th January 2012 – 10,000 Ducks to be Killed in Australia
    24th January 2012 – 5,000 Fish found dead in Perth’s River in Australia.
    UPDATE: 85 Dolphins beached, 61 dead in Cape Cod in America.
    24th January 2012 – 82 Whales dead in New Zealand.
    22nd January 2012 – Hundreds of dead Birds found in India.
    21st January 2012 – 4 Whales found dead on beach in New Zealand.
    19th January 2012 – 20,000 Birds killed by oil spill in New Zealand
    19th January 2012 – 3 TONNES of dead Fish wash ashore in Somalia.
    NOTE: During the past 6 years, 6.7 MILLION Bats have died from White Nose Disease in America.
    16th January 2012 – 53 Fur Seals found dead on Beach in Australia.
    14th January 2012 – 30 Dolphins beach, 20 dead in Cape Cod in America.
    11th January 2012 – Hundreds of dead Fish wash ashore in The Bahamas.
    10th January 2012 – 2000 Chickens dead in India.
    10th January 2012 – Large number of dead fish found floating across 3km of river in China.
    9th January 2012 – Hundreds of Wildlife Animals found dead in Zimbabwe.
    9th January 2012 – Dozens of Turtles found dead in Florida.
    8th January 2012 – Thousands of Deer have died during past few months in Northern Plains in America.
    7th January 2012 – Thousands of Dead Fish found floating in the Gholani River in India.
    7th January 2012 – 7 Whales become stranded and die in New Zealand.
    7th January 2012 – Thousands of Fish found dead in California.
    5th January 2012 – 3000 Dead Fish in Ghana.
    4th January 2012 – Oil soaked birds washing up dead on Western Isles of Scotland.
    2nd January 2012 – 20 TONNES of Fish wash up dead on beach in Norway.
    1st January 2012 – 200 Blackbirds found dead in Arkansas USA.
    List of Mass Animal Deaths 2011
    NOTE: During 2011 – Record number (160) of Whales beached in Ireland. Link
    27th December 2011 – “Red Tide” killing fish in Florida. Link
    27th December 2011 – Huge amounts of fish dying in Bavla Pond in India. Link
    25th December 2011 – 50 Birds found dead on Road and more falling out of sky in Montgomery County USA. Link
    20th December 2011 – 400 Birds found dead in Davis County in USA. Link
    20th December 2011 – 17,000 Chickens killed due to H5N1 virus in Hong Kong. Link
    20th December 2011 – Mass death of Herring on the beaches in West Iceland. Link
    20th December 2011 – Dozens (Possibly Hundreds) of Crows found dead in New Mexico USA. Link
    19th December 2011 – 25 Ponies Found dead New South Wales in Australia. Link
    18th December 2011 – Massive Fish Death in Australia. Link
    17th December 2011 – 4,000 Crows have died during past 3 months in India. Link
    NOTE: During 2011 – 600,000 Cows have died in Texas. Link
    15th December 2011 – Thousands of Birds die from “crash landing” in Utah. Link
    15th December 2011 – 1000 Chickens die in Nepal. Link
    12th December 2011 – 300 Crows dead in India. Link
    10th December 2011 – 10 Whales wash up dead on beaches in Corfu, Greece. Link
    9th December 2011 – 300 Seals found dead on beach in Cape Town in South Africa. Link
    6th December 2011 – 75 Seal Pups dead in England. Link
    5th December 2011 – 30 TONNES of Fish found dead in India. Link
    3rd December 2011 – Thousands of Fish found dead in a lake in Germany. Link
    NOTE: During 2011 – 1.7 MILLION Cattle have died in Mexico. Link
    NOTE: During November 2011 – Over 125 Whales Died in various countries … USA, Australia, UK, New Zealand, Guyana, China, Chile, India, Germany, Ghana.
    30th November 2011 – 100 birds (starlings) found dead on a highway in North Carolina. Link
    30th November 2011 – Up to 1000 Crows dead in India. Link
    28th November 2011 – Large number of fish, frogs and snakes found dead in India. Link
    27th November 2011 – Five Dolphins wash up dead in Mississippi. Link
    27th November 2011 – 1000 Fish found dead at Beachmere in Australia. Link
    26th November 2011 – Massive Fish Kill at Estero Bay in Florida. Link
    23rd November 2011 – 77 Elephants found dead during past 3 months in Zimbabwe. Link
    17th November 2011 – Fish Kill affecting two miles of a creek in Western Iowa in America. Link
    17th November 2011 – **UPDATE** A total of 91 Whales dead during the past week in Australia and New Zealand. Link
    16th November 2011 – 65 Pilot Whales die in New Zealand. Link
    14th November 2011 – Thousands of Fish dead in River in Zhangjiang High-Tech Park in China. Link
    13th November 2011 – 22 Sperm Whales Died on Beach in Australia. Link
    12th November 2011 – Large number of dead fish wash ashore along Hamriya Port in Dubai. Link
    11th November 2011 – Massive Fish Kill in Lake Poway in California. Link
    8th November 2011 – Hundreds of Fish found dead in Changbanggang River in China. Link
    5th November 2011 – Unusual number of Birds and Fish found dead in Guyana. Link
    4th November 2011 – Thousands of tiny sea creatures litter a beach at Lyall Bay in New Zealand. Link
    2nd November 2011 – MILLIONS of fish killed by “Red Tide” along Texas coast in America. Link
    NOTE: During October 2011 – Over 30 Whales Died in various countries … USA, Australia, England, Alaska, South Africa, New Zealand.
    31st October 2011 – 500 Songbirds dead in West Virginia in America. Link
    31st October 2011 – 3000 Fish found dead in River Crane in London, England. Link
    31st October 2011 – Oyster Die-off in Pensacola in America. Link
    29th October 2011 – Thousands of Fish found dead at sea in India. Link
    28th October 2011 – 3 more Dolphins found dead in Mississippi. (14 Dead this month). Link
    25th October 2011 – 300 Fish dead in Port of Portland in Canada. Link
    NOTE: Since March last year, 580 bottlenose dolphins and sperm whales have died and washed ashore in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas. Link
    24th October 2011 – Thousands of dead fish in Little Wabash River in Illinois. Link Animal Deaths
    22nd October 2011 – Thousands of Dead Birds wash ashore on Georgian Bay in Canada. Link
    NOTE: So far this year, nearly 1000 Sea Turtles have died in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Link
    21st October 2011 – Hundreds (Maybe Thousands) of dead fish along Briar Creek in Georgia. Link
    13th October 2011 – 15 Horses died at Kooralbyn in Queensland in Australia. Link
    8th October 2011 – Thousands of dead fish in West Lake in Vietnam. Link
    4th October 2011 – Over 100 Harbor Seals found dead on beaches in New England. Link
    3rd October 2011 – 17 Dead Dolphins found in Ujung Kulon in Java. Link
    NOTE: During September 2011 – Over 18 Whales Died in various countries … USA, Australia, Philappines, England, S.Africa, Canary Islands, New Zealand, Pakistan, Greece and Indonesia.
    30th September 2011 – Millions of Bees mysteriously dying in Florida. Link
    27th September 2011 – 10 TONS of Fish dead in Butre Lagoon in Ghana. Link
    22nd September 2011 – Hundreds of Giant Squid Washing Ashore Dead on Orange County Beaches in America. Link
    20th September 2011 – Thousands of white bass turn up dead in Arkansas River in America. Link
    17th September 2011 – Up to 400 Squid wash up dead on Blacks Beach in San Diego.
    6th September 2011 – About 10 MILLION fish dead in fish farms along the Minjiang River in China. Link
    3rd September 2011 – Black Dolphins washing up dead in Bulgaria. Link
    NOTE: During August 2011 – Over 25 Whales Died in various countries … USA, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Philappines, England, Sri Lanka, S.Africa, Brazil, Vietnam, Spain and Holland.
    22nd August 2011 – Hundreds of Salmon and Trout found dead in Bandon River, in Ireland. Link
    19th August 2011 – Dead Dolphins and Seals found on Oxnard Beach, in California. Link
    19th August 2011 – Massive Fish Death in Fuhe River, in East China. Link
    14th August 2011 – Hundreds of Fish and Turtles dead in Pearl River, Louisiana. Link
    1st August 2011 – Hundreds of Fish dead in Rio Grande River, New Mexico. Link
    1st August 2011 – Thousands of Fish die in Lake that turned blood red, in Texas. Link
    26th July 2011 – Mass Die-off of Chickens and Ducks, in Marshall Islands. Link
    23rd July 2011 – 15 Whales Die in Scotland. Link
    22nd July 2011 – Mass of dead fish found in Haihe River in North China. LinkDead Fish End Times
    22nd July 2011 – Fish washing up dead on shores of North Falmouth, USA. Link
    22nd July 2011 – Sea Turtles keep turning up sick and dying off Queensland coast in Australia.
    21st July 2011 – Lake full of dead fish in Louisiana. Link
    19th July 2011 – 1000 fish found dead in Cape York River, Australia. Link
    15th July 2011 – Hundreds of Thousands of Prions (Birds) found dead in New Zealand. Link
    14th July 2011 – Large Quantities of large and small fish continue to wash up dead in Oklahoma. Link
    9th July 2011 – Two 1000-pound Whales found dead on beaches in Indian River County, US.
    1st July 2011 – Dozens of Turtles wash up on beaches in Northern Queensland, Australia. Link
    29th June 2011 – Hundreds of fish turn up dead in South Georgia.
    28th June 2011 – 30 Dolphins wash up dead in the LowCountry, USA.
    17th June 2011 – About 750 fish found dead in River Des Peres in Missouri.
    5th June 2011 – Thousands of Earthworms dead on sidewalks in Ohio.
    4th June 2011 – 800 Tons of fish dead in a lake near the Taal Volcano in the Philippines.
    13th May 2011 – Dozens of Sharks washing up dead in California.
    13th May 2011 – Thousands of fish wash up dead on shores of Lake Erie in Ohio.
    6th May 2011 – Record number of wildlife die-offs in The Rockies during the winter.
    1st May 2011 – Two giant Whales wash ashore and die on Waiinu Beach in New Zealand.
    22nd April 2011 – Leopard Sharks dying in San Francisco Bay.
    20th April 2011 – 6 Tons of dead Sardines found in Ventura Harbour in Southern California.
    20th April 2011 – Hundreds of Dead Abalone and a Marlin wash up dead on Melkbos Beach near Cape Town.
    18th April 2011 – Hundreds of dead fish found in Ventura Harbour in Southern California.
    29th March 2011 – Over 1300 ducks die in Houston Minnesota.
    28th March 2011 – Sei Whale washes up dead on beach in Virginia.
    26th March 2011 – Hundreds of fish dead in Gulf Shores.
    8th March 2011 – Millions of dead fish in King Harbor Marina in California.
    3rd March 2011 – 80 baby Dolphins now dead in Gulf Region.
    25th February 2011 – Avian Flu – Hundreds of Chickens die suddenly in North Sumatra Indonesia.
    23rd February 2011 – 28 baby Dolphins wash up dead in Alabama and Mississippi.
    21st February 2011 – Big Freeze kills hundreds of thousands of fish along coast in Texas.
    21st February 2011 – Bird Flu? 16 Swans die over 6 weeks in Stratford-Upon-Avon, UK.
    20th February 2011 – Over 100 whales dead in Mason Bay, New Zealand.
    20th February 2011 – 120 Cows found dead in Banting, Malaysia.
    19th February 2011 – Many Blackbirds found dead in Ukraine.
    16th February 2011 – 5 Million dead fish in Mara River, Kenya.
    16th February 2011 – Thousands of fish and several dozen ducks dead in Ontario, Canada.
    16th February 2011 – Mass fish death in Black Sea Region in Turkey.
    11th February 2011 – 20,000 Bees died suddenly in a biodiversity exhibit in Ontario, Canada.
    11th February 2011 – Hundreds of dead birds found in Lake Charles, Louisiana.
    9th February 2011 – Thousands of dead fish wash ashore in Florida.
    8th February 2011 – Hundreds of Sparrows fall dead in Rotorua, New Zealand.
    5th February 2011 – 14 Whales die after being beached in New Zealand.
    4th February 2011 – Thousands of various fish float dead in Amazon River and in Florida.
    2nd February 2011 – Hundreds of Pigeons dying in Geneva, Switzerland.
    31st January 2011 – Hundreds of thousands of Horse Mussell Shells wash up dead on beaches in Waiheke Island, New Zealand.
    27th January 2011 – 200 Pelicans wash up dead on Topsail Beach in North Carolina.
    27th January 2011 – 2000 Fish dead in Bogota, Columbia.23rd January 2011 – Hundreds of dead fish in Dublin, Ireland.
    22nd January 2011 – Thousands of dead Herring wash ashore in Vancouver Island, Canada.
    21st January 2011 – Thousands of fish dead in Detroit River, Michigan.
    20th January 2011 – 55 dead Buffalo in Cayuga County, New York.
    18th January 2011 – Thousands of Octopus was up in Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal.
    17th January 2011 – 10,000 Buffalos and Cows died in Vietnam.
    17th January 2011 – Hundreds of dead seals washing up on shore in Labrador, Canada.
    15th January 2011 – 200 dead Cows found in Portage County, Wisconsin.
    14th January 2011 – Massive fish death in Baku, Azerbaijan.
    14th January 2011 – 300 Blackbirds found dead on highway I-65 south of Athens in Alabama.
    7th January 2011 – 8,000 Turtle Doves reign down dead in Faenza, Italy.
    6th January 2011 – Hundreds of dead Grackles, Sparrows & Pigeons were found dead in Upshur County, Texas.
    5th January 2011 – Hundreds of Dead Snapper with no eyes washed up on Coromandel beaches in New Zealand.
    5th January 2011 – 40,000+ crabs wash up dead in Kent, England.
    4th January 2011 – 100 Tons of Sardines, Croaker & Catfish wash up dead on the Parana region shores in Brazil.
    4th January 2011 – 3,000+ dead Blackbirds found in Louisville, Kentucky.
    4th January 2011 – 500 Dead Red-winged blackbirds & Starlings in Louisiana.
    4th January 2011 – Thousands of dead fish consisting of Mullet, Ladyfish, Catfish & Snook in Volusia County, Florida.
    3rd January 2011 – 2,000,000 (2 Million) Dead fish consisting of Menhayden, spots & Croakers wash up in Chesapeake Bay, Maryland & Virginia.
    1st January 2011 – 200,000+ Dead fish wash up on the shores of Arkansas River, Arkansas.
    1st January 2011 – 5,000+ Red-winged blackbirds & Starlings fall out of the sky dead in Beebe, Arkansas.
    20th December 2010 (est. date) – Thousands of Crows, Pigeons, Wattles & Honeyeaters fell out of the sky in Esperance, Western Australia.
    2nd November 2010 – Thousands of sea birds found dead in Tasmania, Australia

  14. I still think we’re looking at 10-20 years in the future for the hammer to finally come down. This is just a warm-up. We’ll know we’re in the final countdown when the “Disclosure” regarding UFOs is made. Until then, we’ll have to keep witnessing destruction and unraveling of our planet’s life cycles.

    • 10-20 years? It sure seems that we are in the birth pangs now and that the baby is about to be born. If it’s 10-20 years more then to me it looks like the baby is going to be overdue. On the contrary, it looks like the end is soon to begin because the world has gone nuts and it can’t take much more,in my humble opinion.

    • There’s NO way the financial systems of at least the West are going to be able to float and be tenable for another decade let alone two decades with the ever growing mountain of TRILLIONS of dollars of debt they’re all taking on (deliberately I might add.)

      Kissinger said four years ago and more than once out in public and in the press even that Obama was their guy to bring in the NWO. You can find that easily with a search and not “conspiracy theory sites only” either.

      You think that old fossil and his fellow Archons are really going to wait another 10-20 years to see it happen? No way.

  15. Concerning the song list, it does not seem they would have a song disparaging the Queen if she is to be present. Not that they wouldn’t if they could, but a censor would stop that. Or she would not attend if such material will be played. if this is true, QE2 is not in the loop. Which in a way would be a relief. I tend to think the royals are rich parasites but they are not
    actively malevolent. Just my own divergent opinion. I don’t believe Icke’s accounts of the royals drinking blood. At least not the Queen. Possibly other royals less well known. If she would be present to listen to this guff she is a prisoner in her own land.

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