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The Sunday Bun


L. A. Marzulli

I receive many emails every day and while I try to go through them all, although it seems I could spend the rest of my life reading and answering emails.  I got to two of them yesterday and I will post then here.  One is from “Phil,”  who in my opinion nails what is going on from a spiritual perspective.  I called him yesterday and asked him if I could reproduce his post on the Blog.  Phil gave me the OK and so here it is for you.  I will comment at the end of it.

The second Email is a praise report that came across my desk, coincidentally from another ‘Phil.’  It is always encouraging to read emails like this as it let’s us know that people are seeking the Lord through this ministry.   After I read it I walked around my house with my arms in the air praising our Father and Jesus.  If I boast it is in Messiah who works through me!  All honor is to Him…

Note:  These are two different Phil’s!


The 2nd Heaven is being compressed by the wrath of the Lamb and the Saints…

This is what I see when I pray/meditate on the subject… THE OVERWHELMING INDIGNATION OF ALL OF HEAVEN AND NATURE HERSELF!!!!!  The “Veil” is getting thinner and thinner as eventually EVERYTHING that exists in that realm, (2nd Heaven,) will be forced into OUR PHYSICAL realm…  ALL, that before was unseen, will then be seen!  That’s why They are so furiously scrambling to prepare “Places” in our dimension where They can try to remain UNSEEN until a certain time… It’s coming…   Many of Them are chomping at the bit, a vile hunger building as Their Earthly devotees continue to open portals for an early escape… You see, as Heavens fury continues to compress the 2nd Heaven, “Paradise,” or the 3rd Heaven, grows larger/closer and the LIGHT hurts Them… Soon, there will be TOO MANY of Them and their progeny to remain hidden… unless of course They seize control of some underground cities somewhere…

Just keeping you-all up to speed from my position…

Blessings, Phil


L.A.’s Comment

The veil is getting thinner and thinner:  I agree it is and in my opinion this is why we are seeing the weird weather, earthquakes and other events that we are warned would happen before His return.

Many of Them are chomping at the bit, a vile hunger building as Their Earthly devotees continue to open portals for an early escape: We know that the Mayan priests went from coast to coast here in the USA opening up old so-called sacred sites.  ONe of the reasons Russ Dizdar, Richard Grund and myself have scheduled a conference in Newark Ohio, this September is because we believe that it is an ancient Nephilim site.  We are also going to Chitzen Itza and perhaps we will be used to close and stop whatever may try to come through that day.  Who knows?

Soon, there will be TOO MANY of Them and their progeny to remain hidden: We know from Revelation that at some point Satan the Dragon will be cast out and thrown to earth.  I cover this in The Cosmic Chess Match.  At some point this will happen. Please remember that there is a real war that is going on.

I think Phil’s word is one of warning and a perspective of what is going on in the heavens.



I just wanted to say thanks for your teaching. I am what many would call a backslid Christian. I went to bible school and did a few years in full time youth ministry. My last pastorate about 5 years ago was at a so-called mega church. Weekend attendance of about 3k-4k. My youth ministry averaged about 350. I had arrived in ministry. I gave my resignation when I was transformed from a spirit fiery , gospel, redemption , repentance, prophecy, and bible teaching pastor to a cool hip stand up comedian, entertainer. God convicted me when one of my paid musicians who also played the night club and bar venues told me ” bro, the clubs I play would die to have this level of sound and lighting.” ouch!

I love God, and I feel a freedom spiritually that I never thought possible. I did go thru a divorce. And was it hard to get real, human support from my former peers. I eventually stopped going to church because everywhere I visited seemed a million miles wide and only an inch deep. Not a great excuse but it is honest.

I always had a desire to learn about the things that you teach, but every pastor I ever served under would basically say — we don’t talk about that stuff because the average person will get spooked out and those topics aren’t relevant.(this coming from a 50-year-old pastor with highlighted hair and an Abercrombie and Fitch word robe) lol. I would think to myself wow, if this is what it means to be be relevant, I don’t want it. Anyway, that’s a different story.

About a year after my divorce I started getting the pastors challenge phone calls. You know the sermons that the pastor tells you to reach out to a wayward brother and get him to this big event service where we can have record-breaking attendance.

I have to admit I did miss the fellowship but I didn’t want to go back to that type of facilitation of faith.

On to you.— One day my uncle by marriage said, have you ever listened to la marzulli ?

I had not. He gave me a cd and from that day on my faith has been restored. You hit all of the topics that no one really talks about. Going to church now I can really hear the message instead if judging the performance. I don’t know how you are on a personal level but I would really appreciate the opportunity to maybe speak to you via phone or Skype, you know chat verbally. So in a nutshell, God has truly used you to get my heart back to him,thanks for answering the call to a truly unique and needed ministry. Let me know if we can chat sometime. I tell my new wife all the time, this guy has got it! She has joy to see me engaged in the faith again. So thanks. Take care and I hope you can make time to have a quick word with me.


Phil B.

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  1. Awesome stuff.

    My family and I have been blessed here as well via a “God-incidence.” A brief recent testimony that could easily go for pages and pages about our entire testimony but just for last year: We went through a literal year of hell. Long/short: Mother has advanced bone degeneration, needed a hip replacement, had to wait to get on Medicare to pay for it, if she’d waited another month she would have been a complete cripple for life. The doctor was appalled and said he’d never seen anything like it in 25+ years. You don’t want to see me get on that obvious rant setup about health care and some other things like that. Let’s just say back in 03 my dad made a deliberate decision to check himself out of the hospital because he had no insurance and he was dead within a few months and leave it at that. And I’m not an Obama Care supporter, either. That’s only going to make it all even worse.

    Get the picture? 😉

    Anyways, during that dark time Mom “accidentally” 😉 stumbled across Prophecy In the News, which somehow we’d never come across before. LOL, I guess we weren’t ready for it. We certainly weren’t worth diddly during most of 2011 because we were under rank spiritual and demonic oppression.

    My sister and I didn’t start coming out of the oppression, really, until mother came home post hospital and post rehab. Then we finally watched PITN with her one night and that kicked it all off.

    Long/short: SO many awesome Bible teachers we’ve been led to thanks to God leading us to PITN including brother LA here. Huge!

    It’s like we’ve gone back to school and it was like God said: “Alright kids. I think you’re finally ready for some of this.”

    The Lord has His timing on everything. Mother had tried a few times during that time period to get us to watch a few things including PITN and frankly, we just didn’t care. The oppression was that bad. Couldn’t have cared less. Wouldn’t have appreciated it anyways. Our loss.

    I freely confess here the spiritual conditions here were utterly abominable from November 2010 to September 2011 thereabouts. No question there was point blank spiritual oppression against us to capitalize on the health issues, the panic, the angst, the pain, and the rest of it.

    The only thing missing was manifestation. Shy of that, everything else was on full power.

    You can see I could easily go into a full several pages worth of typing just on last year alone. More than once I almost thought the Enemy might win. It was that ugly. We were taken to a point of crisis where we were feeling some things we hadn’t felt since pre being saved. It was really that bad. I can’t stress enough what a black time period that was for us but DESPITE US the Lord limped us through it and raised us up out of it.

    The three of us here are a fairly fragile bunch here. I admit that. The Lord has to pretty much baby step us through things that other people would briskly walk through and possibly take for granted, in a spiritual context. But that’s ok. 🙂 Everyone’s walk with the Lord and before Him is unique. We have our place in the kingdom. Support personnel at least for now. 🙂

    So that’s my little VERY condensed version of testimony to confirm off this bun today. L.A., we definitely thank you here for letting the Lord use you the way He does. 🙂

    For years, we’d had casual family chats about some of the things LA talks about that we suspected but simply didn’t have the learning and background to really confirm and check off on it so that’s been a vindication and confirmation of sorts that the Spirit really was trying to at least clue us in and warm us up to some things for a number of years but in His timing were were finally ready for some teaching that we hadn’t been ready for before.

    Whew! Got all that? God Bless you all! 🙂

    • Thanks. 🙂 This year is a lot better than last year but most certainly I’ve seen the attacks against Christians increase and noticeably so. We have to strap on that Armor of God each day anew.

    • I know that someone will jump on this statement but…..I absolutely LOVE your story! No, I do not love your problems but I love reading about your mama’s seeds germinating in you… gives so much hope to this old lady and I know I would be willing to lose my health and even die if I knew my kids and grand kids would end up in this comment section with an awakening like yours! God bless your whole family! I will include you and your mom in my prayers!

  2. LA your message has given me and my family hope! We eagerly wait for Thursdays to listen. It may sound crazy but I look forward to hearing “bad news” about the middle east. Something inside of me flickers and excites at the things that are happening all over the world.

  3. re: “The veil is getting thinner and thinner”

    A tear in reality might come from an attempted “jail break” by the nephilim to try to get free ?? Or even a race among them to see who can open up the gate(s) they control first ??? For instance by drying up the Euphrates…. (Hmmm wonder what it is about water that messes with demons??)

    Or at the LHC, where they’ve reduced their god, the higgs boson, (“as first source and center”) to a statistical “bump” in probability, at the feet of their queen of mystery, divine (pseudo) mathematics.

    “” (the balls are the fundamental particles in the picture, with 15 as the higgs boson )

    [I can’t help but think of playing marbles, cp. Cosmic Chess Match.]

    compare with “the standard model…”

    Of course the most immediate impact is that those channeling “the standard model” in particle physics will get their next round of research funding at the expense of the string theorists and others.

    ps. I think Elaine and Eric are right.
    (also noticed that folks might have to pop-out the kaku youtube to get it to play — something’s up with wordpress)

    Also Russ Dizdar re: “The Black Awakening” as a “dam burst of evil” breaking out into the world, very like LA’s take on “alien disclosure.”

    • pps. neutrinos (x3) are zeros … 12 particles + hb = 13 … and they would say cp. last supper

    • Personally I don’t think scientists will ever get to the bottom of particle physics.

      Because what makes up a Higgs Boson? More particles probably. While humanity will learn stuff by confirming its existence more great brains will probably be taken up with what makes a Higgs Boson and I think it’s God’s way of well, I can’t think of a better word, but ‘trolling’ the scientists.

      *IF* we ever did get down the bottom of particle physics though, I think we’d find everything to be made up of tiny little Hebrew letters not unlike how things are represented in the film ‘The Matrix’

    • Take a look at the latest crop circle at cropcircleconnector, it’s a worm coming out of a wormhole just 2 days after the higgs boson announcement. The worm has an alien looking face. The veil is getting thinner for sure. Thanks LA for what you do.

    • i like stan johnsons(prophecy club) take on it.

      cern being a hidden meaning for manifesting a half man/beast named cernunious.(sp?)

    • Hey Nome:

      You asked, what was up with the demons and water. Perhaps it reminds them of their first judgement of the flood and that in turn reminds them that they really can’t win and there is a worse judgement coming for them…fire!! Just an idea?! Amen!

    • Hey, Lisa, That may be quite useful!

      No fun I reckon getting caught in a body that rots and is eaten by all kinds of smaller critters and dispersed / diluted again and again into microscopic organisms.

      Can’t say that would be much better than getting stuck in a rotting body or an embalmed body. But who knows?!

      I’ve wondered about the R20:13 passage, where it seems like so many die in the sea. I’ve assumed that the oceans would be colonized something like seaquest dsv.

      Rev. 20
      13 And the sea gave up the dead which were in it;
      and death and hell delivered up the dead which were in them:
      and they were judged every man according to their works.

      It could be that nations like china, india, and indonesia start burying their dead at sea.

      Or it could be a result of the flood during Noah’s time.

      Or it could be that there’s a very lucrative new market in at sea burials — specifically intended to counteract demonic possession.

      Of course there’s the situation with the gadarean demoniac where the legion was cast into the pigs that drowned themselves. I trust that sends them down to the abyss — the hard way.

      Makes me think of “herding cats” with darts. 8)

    • Brightside!!!! “God’s way of well, I can’t think of a better word, but ‘trolling’ the scientists”……
      Love it!!!

  4. I agree that it’s Hebrew letters on strings that are the codes, the DNA of the universe. In fact, the Torah itself is enough to run the universe. Whether those letters are translated into zeros and ones (0 and 1), or whether they’re providing more information I don’t know. But yes, it’s the Word that drives the universe, and us for that matter. The Word is the “SCRIPT”ure for the movie called reality.

    • I’d love it if DNA is coded like hebrew where the “vowels” aren’t expressed. It’s already very interesting that so much of it is apparently “unused.” More likely dormant subroutines for certain environments or situations.

      And I definitely agree that this creation is much more like a computer game or book, (based on what we know from scripture), than billiards or “the game of life.”

      Mystic interfaith as-above-so-below occultism probably very accurately describes the world religion of the end-times. I’m pretty much convinced that kazakhstan and the baha’is are already deep into it.

      It’s wrinkle as regards the Unified Theory of Evil apart from the pattern: 6-1-6
      … where the left 6 is mirrored in the right 6
      …. and 6-1-6 means the pattern 7, 6, 5, 4-3, 2, 1, 2, 3-4, 5, 6, 7

      You can see how “the standard model” of particle physics can be related to the mark-of-the-beast, either as
      6-1-6 or 6-///-6 but that’s another wrinkle.

  5. LA-my story is far too long to repeat here. Lets just say-Im an old hippie who had a lot of contact with the other side innocently, or maybe unwittingly would be better description. I know without a doubt the spiritual side is VERY REAL! And they veil has been getting thinner for quite a while.
    I have a hard time with the the church situation because they don’t preach the word anymore and its like a big game show.
    I feel sorry for those guys when Jesus hands out the butt whippings. At least, I came by my sinning honestly. Lol!
    And I feel sorry for all the narrow minded “religous”Christians too. Most of them spout the word while denying rhe power 😦
    What a mess we are in.
    I’m not sure where I would be right now without you guys. Jesus has used you mightily in my life, and has helped to wake others up too!
    Be blessed! What is coming is dire and will catch many unaware. Thank you Jesus for your precious blood!

  6. One just has to look at Roger Marsh’s examiner UFO eye witness section daily. Eye witness accounts are through the roof.

    Witness says UFO moves out of North Carolina cloud formation July 8, 2012

    A North Carolina witness in Caldwell County reports watching an “extremely long craft emitting lights” that moved out of a cloud formation on July 7, 2012, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database…
    ‘Three silent objects’ with blue-white lights watched by Illinois witness

    An Illinois witness in Will County reports watching “three silent objects” move across the sky low on the horizon, according to July 7, 2012, testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.The witness was driving…
    Witness says ‘silver object’ emerged from Texas cloud formation.

    A Texas witness in Harris County reported watching a cloud forming and a silver object emerging from it about 1:30 p.m. on July 7, 2012, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.The…

    I personally just feel it….. I know something is coming or happening very soon. Its a nervous energy I cant shake. Something is going to happen at the Olympics I feel.

    Even Jack Van Impe this week talked about “mens hearts failing him for things they see coming in the sky” Jack however says that Jesus is in control of the billions ofother planets which is obvious. I just don’t know how I feel about their being other beings on other planets that aren’t listed in the bible. Jack seemed to imply there were other beings under Jesus’ power.

    • L.A. both were just great! I don’t know how you keep it up, but GOD keeps you going! What a unique perspective re. 2nd and 3rd heaven. I can see that. I just posted that all these people are engaging in the devil and bringing this stuff out.

      The encouraging one is great that the young man healed and got back up and you became the vessel for GOD to touch his life. We are so insignificant and when GOD trusts us and uses us in these ways it’s joy beyond measure. No matter how large or how small.

      I know I was always shocked someone like me (that’s what my Catholic experience did to me) let alone GOD using me in some ministry way and HE shared some big things/miracles with me to sad and aching, destroyed people in my sphere. It was magnificent!!!! HE even gave me a miracle and healed my arm after nine yrs of healed after surgery in a bent position.In church with my arms up in praise to HIM no less! So incredible.

      God Bless You and Your Ministry, help you open more eyes to the bizarre they thought they could never believe is happening today! Everytime a cannibal etc. hits the news you get a bigger platform! They are being made ready to recieve the info! lol Satan for evil GOD for good!

      I had to post here I hit comment typed one and their wasn’t any info and post button at the bottom just post a reply at the top weird. Also I was scrolling down the posts on another blog on my lap top and my whole screen came up with wide spaced verticle lines I shut down quick and did a cleaner!!

      I’m on my daughters PC right now. Just weird!!!

    • Richard talk about clouds I had one in my head!loI was looking through 2 blogs today because I saw the “mens hearts failing…” comment. I commented here to L.A. re. 2 Phils, then went out to cut grass quick before it rained/Fl.=Please go to Ohio!! Anyway came back and was reading the longer posts and saw it right where I was replying lol The little point being I woke up this AM was sick yesterday and fell asleep w/o clearing the sins of the day. I was bummed about it and then it popped into my mind mens hearts failing…I said ev. is so stressful continously LORD. I am now in 1st stage hypertension in one reading and pre in the other. Well at least it’s down from last reading in both! I have to read up on causes can’t be diet I eat too mean and lean. I do care for my ADHD/Oppositionall Defiant compulsive/obsessive grandson (no labels it is what it is) almost 24/7 !!! We were getting ready for a vac. and he was wired in anticipation till I was crazy! Rested there and back and so numbers went down! I have Faith!!!, but I get so involved and connected to it all. I wish I was more like a duck so it would roll right off, but I’m more a sponge! So me & Van Impe got a msg. lol along with millions of others I’m sure. If I die before it’ll prob. be by heart failure, oh well God has a plan how ea. of us returns to him if not rapture and fatal accident.

      So that’s why I said we need to study more of GOD’s character, our Faith is in HIM with all the trouble in the world. Romans 8:31 If GOD before us who can be against us!

      Nahum1:7 The LORD is good!!!, a stronghold in the day of trouble; and HE knoweth them that trust in HIM. This was re. Nineveh could there be a more wicked place? This was not a call to repentance, but an unrelieved warning of judgement. Utter end, no remedy for apostasy. It is the way of God; apostasy is punished by CATASTROPHIC DESTRUCTION. KJB/Scofield StudyBible/Reference Edition/1611 I think.

      Ps27:14Wait on the LORD:be of good courage, and HE shall strength thine heart: (good for me 🙂 )…
      Ps51: Have mercy upon me O GOD, according to THY LOVINGKINDNESS: according unto the multitude of THY tender mercies…
      So we have HE is good, HE is a stronghold in a day of calamity, HE rewards those who trust HIM, He strengthens us, HE is lovingkindness, HE is mercy 🙂
      That should feed our weary souls!!! Taste and see that the LORD is good!
      You’re post got me digging. 🙂
      Van Impe well….

  7. I’m curious if any of our bloggers have had any dream visions about the coming great deception. You know dream visions about the return of the nephilim, ufos, etc… I know there are many bloggers who have dream visions about natural disasters. Just curious.

    • Wow, Richard, funny you should ask! About 5 nights ago, I had a very REAL ‘dream’ about werewolves. Do not know why, had not thought about them for years, or saw any thing on the ol’ boob tube. It stays off mostly these days. They were ‘in my face, transforming, with hot,sticky breath. (Maybe that was just the heat wave.ha) A couple of days later, my 14 yr old son came into the den when he woke up, and said he had weird dreams that night. I then told him of my dream. I had bought him some red paint for his room, he’s at that age. So, when I came home from the grocery store yesterday, he had painted the out side of his door. Later at night, while finding my way down the hallway in the dark, I could not see his door. I joked with him and said if anyone broke in with no flashlight, they would not know there was a door there, it just blended in with the night. So, about 3 hours ago, I walked past his door and paused. I heard a deep, and I mean DEEP, gritty voice at his door. I thought it might be on of his games he was playing. He came into the den about 6 minutes later,(he smelled food!ha) and I asked him what game he was playing. He said he wasn’t , and his tv was off. I told him I heard a deep voice from his room, he said ‘it wasn’t me’. So, we stared at each other a minute, he said ‘it might be a ghost,they better not mess with me, I’ll chop it’s head off with my sword!’ We laughed and I reminded him ‘they can’t come in unless you invite them’. We laughed a bit and left it at that. Time to anoint my door post! Strange days indeed!

    • moon…My grandson is 12, about 9 emotionally! We took out all the hero type games videos and boxed them. Seemed a gateway, everytime he plays star wars he is aggressive and sort of evil, disrespectful, mouthy. Same even with Lego of the same and Batman. I warned my daughter that there’s something in that stuff, I know POKEMON is and forbidden! Showed him a documentary on it and the movie in Japan lg. numbers had seisures. I explained it appears to be a gateway or portal, inviting them in. So he may not actually ask demons in, but they by his desire and choosing do. He understands but the draw is great. We discuss that everything possible is being used to open them up to acceptance, conditioning them for what’s coming. They got the young adults, they got the teenagers, they are now getting the children and toddlers. Everything is occult/wichcraft oriented. You can NOT find a book in the scholastic offers hardly that is not that subjest, same at like Walmart books etc. Like the P>E> teacher said the kids today are mean, not like mean mean, but an evil mean. He was being bullied. End of school we plain pulled him out! I now will assist K12 Virtual International school and it’s not cheap either my single parent daughter will pay $6,000.00. We will guard his mind to the best of our ability with GOD’s help! I hope I have the brain power!

    • Hi Linda, I too am pulling my son from public school, he starts k12 this fall. He seems to like the idea of it except that I will be over his shoulder all day! lol He did start out in private school and liked it much better than public. Not to mention I came way to close to butting heads with the soldiers of satan disguised as teachers. I don’t sweep them all into the same dustpan , some are good Christians but far out numbered.

      And believe me, I am very cautious concerning games and sneaky ways evil lurks into the young lives. Censored central here!hah

      Have fun with the schooling!

    • Thanks moon…for the encouragement!! It means a lot. We almost did it in 3rd grade but my daughter thought he’d miss socializing. Well porn and foul mouths, bully thugs is not my idea of friends and building self steem! 5th grade he was beat up bad 9 days before ending, thought mdl. would be diff., but same stuff except he decided to hit back if needed! Bad, but can hardly blame him, bullied for yrs!. The girls were as bad!!! He figured they hit hard so they can have it to! You know emotionally immature. Tit for tat! (Just realizing sx diff. lol They’d stick together and frame him and laugh! Reverse racists also, who made trouble. re. teachers nice ones are far and few today! They have an attitude also and so out he goes. I am nervous about it, but also excited to see him learn. He’s smart, gets A’s & B’s inspite of the drama, but they disconnect you from what’s going on and even with Edline you are admonished to use, they don’t post their info, or update so you are on your own. Now Homo ED. etc., Evolution, Islam I don’t want him there anymore! We can go to outside interests for real socilizing! Best wishes also!

    • Oh Linda! That sounds so much like my grandsons! One is 13 but about 9 emotionally and the other is 12 and not quite as far behind emotionally. And it just gets eye rolls to suggest there is anything demonic in those games….eye rolls from their parents and sullen shrugs from the kids.
      But…..what a great coinkydink that Eric W mentioned today about all the warnings his mom gave and all of the information venues like L.A. and PITN etc just didn’t sink in because he wasn’t ready. We must take heart and pray for the Lord to draw them to truth and not so much think that we can ever convince them…..Jesus will call all who are meant to be called….He isn’t going to forget anybody!

    • Thanks, he is saved he has placed hist trust in Jesus, but being so young he fights his flesh wanting them because they’re fun and yet knowing they are not good for him. Atleast he knows the difference and is trying to set them aside his friends reject the notion and are heavy players! He tries to witness to them, but I tell him if he plays them also they reject his witness as a hypocrit! He gets it and it’s a battle. With Home Sch. maybe we can beak that habit! Prayer changes things 🙂

  8. This world is worshipping the golden calf. We now endorse what ever makes our flesh happy. This world has no morals. Jesus in my opinion is coming back just for that reason to rescue us from our own disgrace. This world is turning upside down weather wise, natural disaster wise and

    Who would have thought that our sitting President would endorse gay marriage and over the weekend Barney Frank “An Irish Catholic” congressman got married to his 2007 partner. This world is only months from endorsing pedophilia.

    10,000,000 women a year disappear into the human sex traffic trade industry. I personally think of children being involved in the sex trade industry in countries such Turkey and India, Indonesia, Thailand and I just want to scream “Where are you God?

    “Every year 3.3 million reports of child abuse are made in the United States involving 6 million children.”

    A report of child abuse is made every ten seconds

    *More than five children die every day as a result of child abuse.2

    Approximately 80% of children that die from abuse are under the age of 4.

    Father come quickly. We’ve lost our way and you are only hope!

    • Episcopalians move closer to allowing transgender ministers

      NDIANAPOLIS (Reuters) – The Episcopal Church’s House of Bishops on Saturday approved a proposal that, if it survives a final vote, would give transgender men and women the right to become ministers in the church.

      The House of Bishops voted at the church’s General Convention to include “gender identity and expression” in its “non-discrimination canons,” meaning sexual orientation, including that of people who have undergone sex-change operations, cannot be used to exclude candidates to ministry.

      What in the world is going on?

    • The mainline church is all but lost they should come out of her just like babylon!

      Anything else is enablement! Thinking you’re helping GOD!

  9. I grew up going to church. I was a part of Awana’s and then actively involved with a teenage youth group. I don’t anymore. Sometimes I’m tempted to go because I want my daughter to be grounded in the word of God. Everywhere I look I see the churches getting larger, as if this is what Jesus wants. I’m sure it’s written ‘Yea and make large buildings with ample AC units, where people can congregate and feel good about themselves’ and ‘Go ye out and become wealthy and share that wealth with your brother and his husband’ and ‘I am love, share that love freely with rocks, beasts, little children, and your neighbors wife because I have paid the penalty for sin. You are free.’

    I sometimes felt ostracized based on my clothing and the fact that I rarely listened to Christian music. Sometimes I felt like wearing leather pants, not because I was gay but because I liked the way they smelled and looked on me. (Although because I had a rough time with the ladies -meaning they were more than willing to be my friend, but they didn’t really want a relationship of any depth with me. So there were times I thought “Well, what if deep down I belong with another man? because I felt so lonely and empty.” ) Most gays that I have come to know, didn’t start out as openly liking boys. At some point they come to believe that they belong with the same gender because it feels comfortable and then it feels normal. Therefore, they think that this is how they have always been because they know no differently. They were either groomed to like boys and be effeminate, or they had an awfully confusing time as a teenage male in America, or this is the sin that tempts them just like some people are predisposed to murder, adultery, chemical dependency, and other weaknesses of the flesh.

    But ditto to PHil. I am a very lonely person still because I do not know very many genuine Christians except my parents and grandparents. However, I just wish I could personally meet other Christians who are open minded and are still filled with wonder when it comes to the Almighty. More on the search for genuine Christians later…

    • I will only speak to Awana, Phil and your longing for the REAL church remnant fellowship. Awana has been taken over, it’s leadership has gone for New Age Emergent/Contemplative material. Go to Lighthouse Trail Ministry and you can get documentation on all the scoundrels participating. Loneliness, well I guess we are blessed with being like Christ, He had no where to lay His head and for the most part they followed him for the food and miracles! This is God, the 2nd God of the Trinity! It hurt Him and it hurts us! I am starting to believe going to church is dangerous to your spiritual health at least in my community! They have lost their way. Find another believer or two and you are the church!! Study together with your daughter, read together etc. Iam doing that with my grandson. Also we are to use the little things we pass/expieriences, nature etc. to share GOD, to point out HIS glory. Phil, he found a place it seems, he’s one of the fortunate ones, but they are few and far between. They are mostly self help and I’m OK you’re OK new age havens. Purpose Driven. In 2006 their were over 400+ churches who signed on with Bill Hybels/Ill. as sattelite churches. Discounts for materiels and their Youth Ministry forgot name that publishes most of the material out their for churches is New Age. I hate to think of the numbers now! Bill Hybels and Rick Warren studied under ? Crystal Cathedral/60’s and he followed Fergusson ?? A Case In Miracles I forget having a blank moment. New Age. He kept it hidden in his desk drawer so his members would’t see. You can get this info there also at Lighthouse Trails. It’s a publishing and ministry to warn of all the people, ministries, colleges going New Age.Emergent/Contemplative. It’s sweeping like the Co fires!

      Don’t loose heart, maybe GOD has closed those doors right now for you because HE wants to draw you near to HIM to fellowship and teach you! 🙂 To protect you. Remember GOD’s ways are not our ways!

    • The following is for mature audiences. If you’re not over 50 you better… well… don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

      D. You’ve probably seen enough of my comments here to recognize that I’m not at all open minded. But that won’t stop me from sharing some my story, if it will help.

      Let’s talk about sexual appetites for a bit. In my younger days (over 20), I experimented sexually for about 5 years. Like having your “3rd eye” opened, there are some things that probably should remain taboo in public discussions as regards details. People are entertained by such things vicariously, which is just a cheap trick.

      When sufficiently intoxicated, it doesn’t matter much how pleasure happens since much of it is largely mechanical. As much as I wanted to get deeper into the sex scenes, there always seemed to be some major change in my laugh that derailed my intents. Probably as a result of my grandmother’s and others prayers — and the fact that I’ve always been socially shy from blushing too easily.

      Let’s fast forward a couple of decades. The only time I ever went to a H.A. meeting, I met someone that told a pretty harrowing story about seeking out a doctor on the east coast for castration surgery. He went up to the Jersey area, had the surgery by a hack, and rode the bus back down to the south, bleeding… I’ll spare you the details. It left an impression on me though. Not sure what ever happened to him… could’ve been headed toward becoming transgendered rather than a eunuch. With hormones, it can go either way. We talked some, because I was considering something similar.

      I’ve wondered my entire adult life why libido reduction drugs aren’t common. Of course birth control pills taken long enough can do about the same thing, and there are chemical castration meds used for pedophiles. That kind of info is pretty common in the transgendered community. And there are more direct methods, such as banding, which is a technique used with cattle. Cut off oxygen long enough to tissue and it will die. Short of that time, there can be damage that reduces libido. Not without pain during the normal body monthly(~) body cycles, I can tell you.

      Well, I’m old enough now, that it doesn’t matter. Low libido also comes with age. I’ve definitely got a low enough testosterone count that my doctor will prescribe hormone replacement if I ask for it. And at times I do use the gel, which helps make my skin thicker; such as when I need surgery for skin cancer (like recently, again). …too often getting sun burned when young and even into my 20’s.

      Let’s back-up a decade from now though. There was a local library that would sell off their books.They especially discarded Christian themed books, which was a blessing. I’d buy them up cheap and use them in prison ministry. Of course, I’d screen them ’cause there’s a bunch of junk out there — not in the least from gay churches. I gotta say I’ve never seen any more twisted materials about scripture interpretation anywhere. And that includes compared to the occult.

      So here’s my conclusion, and I did mention not being open minded. I’m completely convinced that gay tolerant christianity is a really deep dark seduction. That’s not to say that some who are gay “by taste,” can’t be saved. I think they can, but I also believe that the Holy Spirit will lead them into non-practicing and mostly non-fantasizing about sex, which may take some physical body changes, to reduce libido.

      The problem is that once anyone understands that they can get off in many different ways, gay sex is just one of the options. That’s the taboo part — and I think it applies to everyone no matter what their main sexual appetite is — so for instance a person can be abused or SRA and have all kinds of confusion as a result. Which may lead to fantasy sex with fallen angels and trouble such as abductions and attacks, since the rebel angels are attracted to such things. I’d guess that’s what happened with sodom and what led to nephilim human hybrids — and possibly part human part animal.

      So, D. as long as you don’t get into details, you can probably get some help here or at least “un-burden yourself.” Even as ornery as I am, I won’t judge your struggles. And frankly, leather seems pretty tame to me… but I also know that sin is downward spiral like getting washed down the drain. It’s tempting to be more graphic, but not necessary.

      Hopefully, I’ve dealt with this in such a way that any of us can see that we can bring such matters to light and dispel the hold they have that causes shame — without going off into details that at best would be gossip.

      Warning: Anyone using the twisted scripture pushed by the gay churches can expect a fight.

      Y’all can return to the younger than 50 discussions now. D. you don’t have to say anything, no doubt there will be plenty of prayer.

    • typo above: “major change in my laugh” should be “major change in my life” ( hah! )

      I depend too much on firefox’s red underlines for editing.

    • It does get a little tiresome not having a social life anymore, after taking up your cross and following the narrow path. We are to come out and be seperate. When I get to feeling sorry for myself I console myself with the fact that soon we are going to see Jesus face to face.

    • I keep taking a look out there(social life) and I’d rather be at home and on the computer etc.! I have lady friends to go to lunch and I never make it happen anymore! Busy with the lives mimy house and my daughters, grandson, computer and reading I just never get around to it. Besides it was always me traveling to them and the min. was 40 miles or so. I feel guilty, but then I don’t really! My daughter and I have a very close relationship helping her raise her son(she adopted her nephew enough said). I get lost in my own world! We do lunches, beach, movies out or at home etc. on her days off so I’m lucky that way. We 3 do our vac. as my husband has a hard time getting away. We’ll all share one in Aug.

      I have a christian friend with a daughter 3blks away and she spends all her time alone!! Even her church ladies don’t make an effort to their shame. She is the sweetest most gracious, giving lady! At least she sees her grandchildren when the daughter needs a freebe!!! Otherwise she’s catering to the mother-in-law=Dorothy=the witch!

      Makes my point about churches today!!!

    • I agree, Mrs. M. I am a widow of two years and do get lonely. My grown boys and their families are local and I’m so grateful for that but they have their own lives. I have fellowship at church but not much outside of church so I know what you mean. I know that in heaven we’ll have lots of communion w/ each other but it’s difficult to find here. Even most Christians I know don’t want to talk about what’s really going on tho I will mention things as the Spirit moves me. I get lots of eye rolling. But that’s ok. I know I’m planting a seed that w/ bear fruit later. I’m grateful for LA’s blog.

    • Dear Dilate,

      I wish I could just hug you and let you know you are not alone. Most of my best friends are people I admire tremendously as the real deal, and they are also rejects and misfits. Jesus was, and is, a reject and a misfit, yet chosen and utterly perfect. Until the Lord brings you people who understand you–and they ARE out there–develop your relationship with Him. Seek Him with all your heart. Cry out to know Him. Fast, pray, seek Him in the Word. He will reveal Himself to you and heal you on every level. I pray He does so, and brings you into intimate fellowship with real Jesus followers.

      By the way, I have a teenage son who has been gender confused his whole life. He has had same-sex attraction since he was 8. I have been praying for him since WAY before then–it was obvious to me from age 3 or 4. Christians, if you are not fasting and weeping and crying out for God’s love to flood homosexuals and lesbians, please, please, please do. They are a treasure that we NEED in the church. Christ died for them and He loves them, and like every man, woman, and child on the face of the earth, they are just people that need the Lord–that’s it.

    • I don’t understand it either, Rhema. It’s like most christians you talk to aren’t even watching for His appearing. I think it’s just they have too much invested in this present world. But it’s all going up in the fire, so to speak. God bless you!

    • My prayers for your wife and family and for you, James! Thank you Jesus for your help.

    • Lord, glorify your name, heal Stephanie, restore her to health, bless this family and this new baby, and be exalted radically in their testimony, I pray.

    • James, prayers have been sent up for your wife’s health and for Peace of God to rest upon you two…God bless. My wife came very close to death after the birth of my youngest…my heart is with you.

    • Dear brother James,
      Lifted her,you and the new little one up in prayer and will continue to! Keep faith that the Lord Most High will be with you and see you all through this safely.After she is home safely and when you have some much needed rest, please post a praise report! Randall

    • Oh James!!!! What a rough patch you and your family have been dealing with! I am praying for her to be healed completely and back with you soon. Also prayers for you and darling baby.

    • Thank you so much Elaine. I have posted an update on my blog letting everyone know the latest news. I will be on more later this week. Hopefully we can chat and catch up if things calm down a bit…

  10. About the Olympics… The card game designed by Steven Jackson, (sp. ?) which came out in 1995, and has depictions of 911, BP Oil spill, etc… It has one card depicting “Big Ben” crashing down on fleeing people… ALL of whom are wearing Olympic colored clothing… I too get a baaaaaddddd feeling when I see ads for London…

    • whoa! they have long conceived evil plans!!!!! You are both probably right. This is going to be an active late summer & fall I’m afraid!

      Just would if we got Raptured on Rosh Hashanna, would that ever mess up their plans for persecuting God’s remnant church. What a crisis to bring in Marshall law and the “ONE” the Great O=dictator. Then hell will be on earth(instead of inside it) for sure! The Red Dragon right behind!!

      I look forward to ev yr. Feast of Trumpets=Jesus’s Feasts as maybe this yr. He’s already fulfilled the spring Feasts!! 🙂 It makes my heart rush! I want to see Jesus, I want to go home!!!

    • Phil its just all too Erie all of it. They project to us what is going to happen as if to play with us our heads. Look at the murals at the Denver International airport with the FEMA camps. Its disgusting. Just as I posted several days about the Rockefeller’s projecting 12,000 deaths at the Olympics. I think its coming.

    • Well that would be me the typists! Sorry I didn’t even catch it…it’s my lap top that I knocked the L out! With my dishtowel dusting it. This was def. a typo I will reget 😦
      I constantly have to go back and add one or two!

    • I missed it too. But I must say, laughter is the best medicine! Reread, still sitting on the bed lol! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Thanks Linda, even if ‘typo’.

    • lol I do put my foot in it from time to time. So what does anyone think of the number code. I say anything is possible with these vermon! I watched 2 Youtube videos. One was a documentary bought and pd for and then PBS or? would NOT put it out there!!! Pedophilia at the highest levels, the other was Bain Indus,/Mitt & Obama Connecion 14pts. Both chilling. We are screwed! We are like ants with giants except we know the ending of this suff! It’s rotten from the head down and the tenacles are deep and wide! Bain no wonder they messed with that company! Tip of the iceberg as they say.

  11. Just got back from evangelism in one of Lima’s crowded hospitals, and read LA’s mails and listen to his teachings is such a relief from the crowd in Lima. Thanks LA for your encouraging mails. I am a missionary in Peru, and I get so encouraged and so fired up to intercede, fast and pray for this “spiritual battle” that is going on in the “2nd Heavens” as Phil wrote about. Thanks brothers, I am so glad to be one of Jesus’ End Time warriors on Earth. I also listen to Mike Hoggard. Do you know about him? He is good and fiery as well, down to earth preacher who does not “beat around the bush” like you. Real true “watchers on the wall”. God bless you and your ministry.

    • Hi Terri from Lima! Gee 2 sisters In Christ on far away shores keeping up the good fight!!!!!

      God keep you in HIS care. I listen to Mike Hoggard he’s got quite the insight in his Ministry of numbers, repeat words/theme in the Bible. God bestows diff. important gifts for our needs of the day. Mike with his, L.A. with his unique gift. God weaves a beautiful tapestry you included!
      God Bless You!! See you here, there, or in the air! 🙂

  12. Leaving all the world’s Shamans from millennia past out of the equation and just starting in the 1960’s here in the U.S. and you can think of how fast and furious the infighting in the Spirt realm to get THROUGH the veil.

    I am referring to the incrdible amount of mind altering drugs being experimented with and heavily used over the past five decades. When you add on to that just here in America the number of Satanic and Occult covens of all kinds…ALL of which WILLING INVITE the spirit realm to manifest in whatever form they desire, it is no wonder the veil has become so thin.
    It has been fought over by the twisted minds and spirits of manking for decades to the point the evil that mankind has sought out is now coming through at an unprecedented rate.

    When you add all the drug abuse, covens, blood offering abortions, militant sodomites et al in the entire world for the past 50 years, it’s no wonder the demonic is manifesting the way it is.

    And as we all know, we ain’t seen nothin yet.

    Respectfully in Christ,

    Jeff D

    • Jeff, The “veil” is now so thin that now ANYBODY that wants a manifestation can ask for it!!! NO lengthy rituals, forget all the years of Satanic instruction in the “Black Arts,” Today all one has to do is have a name… AND UNLESS THEY HAVE SOMEONE INTERCEEDING/PRAYING FOR THEM THEY WILL BE EXPOSED TO THEIR OWN WORST NIGHTMARE… (Please dear God, have MERCY on us all…) “Amen, even so, come quickly Lord Jesus

  13. Listening to Stan Deyo tonight and he said that he has an inside government official who has told him, that the government is anticipating a large solar flare prior to October.

    That is scary but its scripture related.

  14. That was encouraging. I was meeting with a sister a couple weeks back and was surprised that she too noticed clouds seeming closer to the earth. I looked it up and found that they are saying the clouds are closer to the earth. Yes, a lot of believers are seeing it/feeling it.
    Praise GOD for boths Phils messages!

  15. Please pray for my neighbour Ed who has been diagnosed with cancer and Hepititus C. He is worried he
    doesn’t have much time left. He became a Buddhist some years ago but he seem to appreciate that I
    and others would pray for him. Pray also for Doug, a abductee who has had terrifying ufo related abductions and close encounters most of his life. He had difficulty believing in God until recently and has
    just started praying again and felt some peace. Pray that he and his family will be completely delivered and saved by God’s grace. I’ve appreciated the prayer support of brothers and sisters on this blog site.

  16. Here’s a new direction in the discussion on prophecy, nephilim, book of enoch & jasher, and more importantly “speaking the truth in love.”

    Derek Gilbert interviews Guy Malone

    “Nephilim — Threat or Distraction?”


    LA et al. This is a game changer.

    • Malone has been beating this drum for a while now. That’t his view and that’s fine. In the end it will become self evident as to what we are dealing with.

    • I listened to Malone. This makes my head hurt! Trying for years to find the answers to many life long questions of my own experiences, I have heard 10 thousand different views! But, when I just happened to run across LA and Tom Horne on PITN, it made me stop in my tracks because SOMETHING zapped me deep inside. I sat down and listened, and my mind was flooded with relief that I was not crazy. LA, you and Tom put out the info in a straight forward, so easy to finally understand how the scriptures related to my experiences. That I was not a freak God had tossed to the side. I grew up going to church, studying the Word. Some things were clear, but as big a book as the Bible is, I knew God would not have written so much if only a small portion mattered. So as I have studied and listened to more mature Christians, I realized no one person has the answers to it all. I believe Father has many who he appointed to be teachers in different areas of the Word. I was listening to Pastor Murray this morning, and one thing he talked about was how Father (paraphrasing) ‘closed some ears to the truth’. With all of the billions of souls, we are not all going to have the same experiences. How can a man truly know what a woman goes through in carrying a child and giving birth? How can someone known what my experiences are if they have not had the same ones? The key for me is search out the things I have heard for myself, to apply it to my own life. What LA has spoken, rang my bell! It has lead me back to the scriptures and lit a fire for truth. ALL of it. If I hear the seed of truth but don’t ‘get it’ at that time, it just means Father knows I am not ready for that particular seed at that time. I still need to feed on milk until he knows I am ready for T-bone! LA, the seed that you planted, has lead me back to search for the truth of scripture. Thank you, and your lovely wife Peggy for supporting you in your endeavors to fulfill your calling.

      ( and if it turns out that I am just a ‘nut’, maybe Father will have a ‘special’ place for me in his kingdom! ha)

    • There will be a return of the nephilim….In some way. There is most certainly a deception that is underway concerning ufo’s. They are no doubt connected. However, just exactly how it will play out is yet to be seen. Full disclosure will undoubtedly happen, but I believe it is just that, a deception. I think that a lot of people have gone down the nephilim “rabbit hole” and come back up freaking out.

      I have a very dear friend, a sincere brother in Jesus, who has shaken the dust off of his feet at my doorstep because of the teachings of Arnold Murray. The serpent seed doctrine is a lie from the pit of hell(that is another subject all together but could be considered relevant to topics of discussion on this blog). I miss my friend/brother very much. Things were awesome as we studied God’s Word together, and just overall knew that God is ultimately in control of this crazy world that we are living in. Then he started getting into Arnold Murray. I admire my friend’s drive to know the Truth. In fact, there are many things that I admire about him. But now, unfortunately, if you don’t believe in the doctrine of the serpent seed, you are spiritually blind, and nothing else that you believe is worth listening to because you don’t know the “real truth”. He now also doesn’t believe in the rapture of the church and if you do, it is a sign that you are deceived by the devil. Bottom line, don’t listen to Arnold Murray. If you get sucked into his cult, you will start casting off your loved ones and believing that everyone around that doesn’t respond to your “truth” is either blind, or worse yet, the literal spawn of the devil. Spreading the saving gospel of Jesus will be replaced with spreading the doctrine of the serpent seed and you will be richly empowered with the gift of suspicion.

      My point is this…take it slow and be wise about what you choose to believe if it is based upon extra-biblical “accounts” or extra-biblical texts or man’s subjective dream’s, vision’s, experiences, or personal beliefs.

    • Daniel Ellis….I remember years ago having insomnia and turning on Arnold Murray thinking that any preaching would be good preaching but after half a dozen shows that had me saying, “That is your opinion….not scripture” I stopped watching. Better to stare at an infomercial for some gizmo than to be led astray in even the tiniest way by a man who thinks he is the only one qualified to interpret meaning from the bible. We all think and come up with possible meanings but he seems to believe that if it is his human thought then it is gospel. I will put my faith in no “man”!!!!!! Tell me what Jesus taught….oh, never mind, I can read it for myself. In fact I think one of the things that makes L.A. such a great teacher is his humility in using the phrase “IMHO.” Then I can pray about it and know from the Lord Himself.

    • In a such cases it’s important to admit your own biases.

      For instance, I won’t take a conclusive stand on the variations of rapture doctrine. My current position is multiple “rescues” or “snatching aways” with the final major fulfillment at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, which gathers the saints from everywhere, including the uttermost regions of Heaven. I know that’s different than the major rapture positions. There’s no reason for me to argue or preach the rapture from off the earth since end time saints (the great multitude that comes out of great tribulation, Rev. 7) are likely all killed. etc. etc.

      It’s similar situation with the nephilim in the end-time. I don’t preach it or teach it because I’m still examining the issue. And that takes me outside the current camps. For instance, I believe the rebel angels have created something similar to the nephilim with global corporations as hybrid bodies part human part rebel angel. That’s so much outside the current discussions and just an example of other similar considerations, that I have no conclusion yet.

      So I wouldn’t at all be surprised if actual aliens (interdimensional or extraterrestrial) invade by conquest or subterfuge. And they may or may not be the rebel angels in disguise or the puppets of the rebel angels. I think there’s a much more common phenomenon already at work which sets the stage for physical manifestations. And that’s the delusions of abductions, which have no physical manifestations. And an even more common situation of infatuation with aliens in science fiction and fantasy or pseudo-scientific speculation. In all cases, I’d say the enemy is involved. That takes nothing away from the other supernatural encounters that may happen with either holy angels or heavenly creatures, which is a side of the situation that’s often left out.

      As for the book of Enoch, Guy Malone’s wife made it pretty plain that the first book was better than the rest. I was glad to find out why they pulled the materials without outright dismissing them. As for Jasher and such, I agree with Malone’s point — Sola Scriptura. Otherwise we get into situations like with Patrick Heron. I’m perfectly happy to discuss the matter with Paddy, but we definitely have points of impasse, largely I believe due to extra-biblical materials.

      I have my assertions. When all is said and done though, I’m still mostly focused on scripture more than prophecy or even personal experience. Our eyes can see things quiet differently as we’ve discussed. The more sure Word of Prophecy is still only part of the broader whole of our experience with Christ, who is the Word and is the source of the Spirit of Prophecy. I’d say it’s one of His horns as the Lamb Slain. And that takes me outside of the mainstream. I’d also say that prophecy is one of His ministries given to the world through us. Not prediction — but the actual active Will of the God and the Father unfolding. His will be done on earth and in Heaven.

      Graciously agreeing or agreeing to disagree means also at least hearing enough to disagree about. There are areas I believe are beyond discussion and total heresy. I’ll question the salvation of anyone practicing abortion. I’d assert that any jesus they believe in is an easily proved false jesus.

      So there is a line and I have my stand, which includes being willing to seek reconciliation if possible.

    • I listened to that podcast too, I quite like Derek and VFTB and I mean absolutely no disrespect here but his guests seem all out of whack recently.

      As for this particular episode, I listened to what was said until he [Guy Malone] said the Israelites were lying about having seen giants in the land and that’s why God punished them and sent them out into the desert. If they were lying, the Bible would have shown us they were lying and it doesn’t. Derp.

      I appreciate the work Guy Malone is doing on educating people that the name of our Jesus can halt Abductions and such, but it felt like he had his own agenda and having had abduction experiences in the past, I believe that somehow he’s still vulnerable and may be throwing disinformation out there whether he knows it or not.

    • I agree. I almost got the feeling that he was trying to come up with a new theory just because he needed new material to teach…..

    • Elaine,
      I wouldn’t be so quick to broadcast your suspicious feelings to theworld. What
      sort of christian would hunt for a new theory for the sole purpose
      as to provide new teaching material for himself? We need to think first. Some things should be kept to ourselves and brought before the Lord only and not giving others ammuntion to be used against another who loves Jesus as much as you do

    • Huh? I am not sure if you are serious or being facetious! I seriously don’t see what you mean. I said I almost had a feeling…..I did not say I am positively sure that is what was happening….

  17. I think you would be surprised how many. Following men like Rick Warren and other Domionists. They believe that we are already in the millenium! They are prederists/Domionionist and modernists who allegorize everythig, spiritulize everythin deny much! Sorry on iPhone. ? To correct typos. ize

    • Correction. Rick= making the earth perfect with works/social gospel for Jesus to return! False teachers we work because we are in Christ not to be accepted to be saved! We don’t bring wtr/house/food to the lost so they can live well while on their way to hell! We bring them the gospel because hearing and believing saves them! Then we feed etc., or reverse but always with the gospel of Christ as the priority!

  18. I just want to thank everyone who shared about their personal struggles.
    I feel strengthened and encouraged~Thanks All !!!!

    And James much prayer is surrounding you,your family,and all involved…

    • We all need to be encouraged and the Lord told us that are struggles are not new and resticted to us alone, but that we all struggle. me paraphrasing! 🙂 Look at it this way whatever weakness you have in your self multiply that to each person you are connected to and it gives additional inroads the enemy can attack you at. We have lots of inroads!! The body needs all it’s parts and when one part hurts the whole body suffers. We have to lift one another up who else will do it?

  19. I would like to respond to one of my previous posts. I’m at a point of my life where I’m only tempted by women only as far as sex goes. I try not to think about other women but my wife only. I was only saying that in my youth I was so tempted and so confused about who I was a sexual being. The church is so diluted and impotent that other teenagers and youth are too weak to overcome. My point, which I failed to make, besides the whole being lonely thing -b/c where are the real Christians?. My definition of open minded – I don’t mean approving, but accepting, not necessarily tolerant, that people are people and in my perspective-Christ wants people to have a much more abundant life through Him.

  20. I don’t know if this fits here, but here’s a twist on the NWO/AC concept by Pastor David D.D. This concerns the great deceptions going on. I think you will find it interesting and it’s plausible!

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