Middle East Update – The Prelude to WWIII

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L.A. Marzulli

Assad to Kremlin: I can finish the revolt in two months, replaces army chiefs

DEBKAfile Exclusive Report July 2, 2012, 10:05 AM (GMT+02:00)

Assad to Kremlin: I can finish the revolt in two months, replaces army chiefs

But a higher, unthinkable level of violence is the key to Assad’s “new tactics.” He has armed the new military chiefs with extra fire power – additional tank and artillery units, air force bombers and attack helicopters – for smashing pockets of resistance and unlimited permission to use it. Already the level of live fire used against the rebels has risen to an even more unthinkable level which explains the sharp escalation of deaths to an average of 120 per day.

Turkey scrambles F-16 jets on Syria border

BBC News – Turkey scrambles F-16 jets on Syria border

I feel like a broken record with this post, but here’s the deal, war is coming to the region and when it does all hell is going to break loose, literally.  Here’s why.

1.  Assad is not backing down as evident by this new tactic that he has employed. (See link above)  He has the backing of Moscow and as I have stated before, is this the hook in the jaw that draws the Russian bear into the fray? (read Ezekiel 38 & 39)

2.  Syria has the largest cache of chemical weapons in the Middle East, what happens to those weapons if Assad goes down?  Even more troubling is the possible scenario that if backed into a corner Assad will follow in the footsteps of Saddam Hussein and launch an attack against Israel.  Is this the lead in to the fulfilling of the Isaiah 17 prophecy which states that Damascus has become a ruinous heap?

3.  Iran had threatened to start a war with Israel (see In Other News)  if provoked.  Iran has Assad’s back and along with Russia, China, and Hezbollah are conducting the largest series of war-games in the region’s history.

4.  Turkey has amassed more troops on its borders in preparation for the coming war.

5.  As far as I know the multi-national troops on the Jordanian border remain in place, so Syria is now held in the classic military pincer move.

In closing todays post:  July 28 is a day of calamity for the Jewish people as it is the 9nth of Av.  I want to make it clear that I am not date setting here,  but in light of history this is a date that we should keep an eye on.  It would not surprise me in the least, if the Middle East war erupted on or near that date.  In the meantime, the players move the implements of war into place.  The winds of war are blowing…

Be still and know that I Am God:  Behold, the day is coming when I will show my strength on the mountains of Israel.



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Bob Ulrich of Prophecy in the News!

L.A. Marzulli, host of the wildly popular Watchers DVD series, loves to explore the world of the supernatural. His first three DVDs covered the strange events taking place outside the realm of the secular media—real footage of UFOs and the explosive Temple Mount event—the strange sounds emanating from both Heaven and Earth—the coverup behind the Shroud of Turin—and alien implants and interviews with the doctor who specializes in their removal.
His latest DVD in the series, Watchers 4: On the Edge, pushes the envelope even further in pursuit of the truth. We all know about the hybrid race that the Bible describes in Genesis 6. Fallen angels left their “first estate” and created a new hybrid breed—half angel, half human—the Hebrew calls them the Nephilim. But where’s the proof of these biblical giants? Marzulli tackles this highly controversial issue head on, hitting the road with his producer and partner Richard Shaw to interview the experts—authors, scientists, forensic archaeologists and professors and they get to the root of the legend. Were these giants really the cause of Noah’s Flood?
Near death experiences are another highlight of Watchers 4 as Marzulli interviews the leading experts in the field, one of whom shares his research into more than 3,000 case studies on heaven and hell. Have these people really seen the afterlife and come back to tell us about it? What proof do we have to prove that they’ve seen the other side?
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Yucatan 2012

L. A. Marzulli will be speaking:  “Exploring the meaning and relevance of two myths and their relevance in this time of transition in 2012; the stories of the “watcher gods” in the first century text, “The Gospel of Enoch”, and the prophecy of the return of Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent-god of the Aztecs. We will be examining correlations between these two in light of our contemporary times.”


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 July 6- 15:  Montreal Canada – 37 Annual International Conference



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In Other News: Tracking the Birth Pains!

Nabro volcano (Eritrea/Ethiopia) : New strong earthquake on July 1 2012

Nabro volcano (Eritrea/Ethiopia) : New strong earthquake on July 1 2012


+ Ireland, earthquakes and prophecy

Miracles and Prophecies: + Ireland, earthquakes and prophecy


Storm blackouts drag on, commute troubles ahead

News from The Associated Press



Black mobs now beating Jews in New York


Wrong move could cause Israel annihilation: Iran Cmdr.

PressTV – Wrong move could cause Israel annihilation: Iran Cmdr.



A ‘Ring of Fire’: Deadly Derecho Thunderstorms Tear Through Eastern U.S.? | Video | TheBlaze.com


Cesium found in urine of Fukushima children

Cesium found in urine of Fukushima children | The Japan Times Online

52 thoughts on “Middle East Update – The Prelude to WWIII

  1. Thanks, L.A……there is just so much…..It seems maybe your message to “be still and know that He is God” is a warning to stop and take a deep breath because it is going to be a while before we can relax again! I am at work by necessity but today I am not going to listen to pod casts or internet radio…..I am going to let my mind “be still and know” even if my hands are doing something else! I think I can trust Him to put the hands on automatic pilot. God bless and keep us all!

  2. How wonderful to know that God is in charge, and that nothing can change that or overset His will.

    Not much else wonderful … well, my tomatoes are doing okay and it’s way cooler than yesterday and it RAINED last night! (sorry about shouting at you all) 😎

  3. JUST opened my Watchers 4 DVD!!!!
    I have to bite my tongue for now. These other news articles are making me just want to stomp some one. So I am going to take Elaine lead, and be still!!! Of course ,after I watch my Watchers 4.

  4. Or “Be Still” could mean “settle down” this could be a long protracted time of increasing tensions – which would be consistent with the events of Daniel 7-11.

    I’m convinced that the gog-magog war ends after satan is locked up and released (a thousand years or so from now). Just not sure the first phase doesn’t start sometime soon. Something like the break before the 70th week.

    Prophetic events seem to occur more along the lines of a flowchart than at definite intervals like on a calendar or clock. Much as what happened with Jonah. Thoughts?

    • You may be right. Ive never thought that we would be caught up while at a picnic. Lots to see, experience and endure before that happens. Share the gospel and keep yourselves in prayer and fellowship with God through His Son.

    • Or just take a break and re energize with personal quiet time with our Savior! Although, I feel more like a sweat and blood spattered front row ring side observer at a nasty violent boxing match and L.A. is taking 3 minutes to sit in a corner and spit in a bucket while the Coach soothes his wounds before going back out in the ring.

    • Wise ways to invest the time in both cases.

      We’re on a search and rescue mission in enemy territory. The mission has not changed. The current tactic is likely just a pause to gather intel or regroup before going out again. Or possibly to get other forces in place.

      But it’s not just “wait” it’s also “attend” to our Captain! (Be still and know…) the Lord of Hosts (armies).

      I would not at all be surprised if there’s some major air support (even bombardment) in the heavenlies headed in. Wouldn’t want to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

      Not in the least because sometime soon, satan gets kicked out of heaven permanently.

      There are major refugee movements coming; like never before seen in history. Angels get to do the violent jobs. We get to do the rescue and recovery.

      I can’t see Christ equipping and training His bride and then taking her out of the action. Protected yes…

      Remember Heaven as another dimension is only a blink away — in the Holy Ghost. Amen!

    • Nom, could the term Gog and Magog of “the post Satan release time ” be being used as a type i.e. as a similar type of the Tribulation time Gog and Magog? Could Gog and Magog be the Demonic princes of Russia etc [ like the Princes of Persia and Greece]. Two Demonic princes could instigate two different attacks.

  5. I missed you all. 🙂 Back online finally after the storm damage took down Ohio and a lot of the rest of the folks east of us.

    We just received Watchers 4 in the mail today. Guess what we’re going to be doing tonight? 🙂

    I found out very quickly how much I take the Internet for granted to get information and contacts like what I have here, for example.

    Things are moving fast every day. Keep praying and keep watching! 🙂

  6. I think we might be around for when Israel launches a missile in retaliation to Damascus.

    But then I think we might be gone by the time it lands.

    Once Nukes start getting casually tossed around I think you won’t see the Church for dust.

    We aren’t appointed to His Wrath.

    • As I read, “We aren’t appointed to His Wrath.” of course, I agree with that.

      What I wonder is this, nukes or anything else that man will use against man seems to be outside of Gods wrath.
      Could it be that we may have much to endue before His wrath is poured out upon the whole of humanity.


    • John M…I think we are told in this world you will have Tribulation, but not The Great Tribulation. I think the Nukes fall into the Tribuation part along with the weather, fires, diseases, famine, economic disasters etc. but not the likes of what will be when Grace has been removed and the world judgement and Jacobs Trouble begins! I hope we go this Rosh Hashanna! The Fall Feasts, they have not been fulfilled yet by Jesus!

    • Binny and John-I have thoughtand thought about that. Maybe last year I might have agreed to 2018 but its moving so quickly now, I dont think so. I think war definately prior to 2013, most likely near ir around the Olympics. We are getting readt for many more earth changes. The next labor pain is going to be massive!!!!!!!

  7. Blessed greetings in Christ to all believers here~
    The Syrian problem has really gotten my attention (and I’m guessing so it has many of us.) While doing some recent online research I came across an intriguing article posted at Northeast Intelligence Network (hosted by fellow believer Douglas Hagman.) Anyhoo….. Doug’s analysis cites Al-Qaeda as being behind the anti-Assad rebel forces. IF (and I say ‘IF’) that’s true then the battle mix certainly makes for confusing sentiments – i.e. Assad forces being just as bad as Al-Qaeda forces – and of course the unfortunate civilians are once again duped into becoming “useful idiots” for the burgeoning one world government. This is the kind of stuff that causes people to not know who or what to believe or trust (in the world political scene at least.) I see this makes for one more outstanding and perfect reason why people should consider trusting in Yeshua!
    Wondering if anyone else has ever heard this take on the Syrian rebel forces?

    • Debra, thank you and many blessing back to you in the name of Yeshua!

      The events in Syria, much like Libya, have no doubt been orchestrated. The citizens were pumped up emotionally to go out and protest. When the protests grew to a point, they were infiltrated by so-called armed rebels. Just who these armed rebels are, is up for debate. The possibility that these “armed rebels” have been slaughtering civilians and blaming the Assad regime, is a real one. It makes for great propaganda and it would set up the U.N. to get involved in regime change via N.A.T.O. On the other side of the coin you have a power hungry regime that would be willing to bring the house down if he thought that his reign was threated…torturing freedom fighters who have taken up the cause, and slaughtering civilians would serve as a deterent to those who may be considering joining the cause against him. I believe that both of these things are true…beyond that, I totally agree with you when you say this kind of stuff causes people to not know who or what to believe or trust. But here we are and we need to be praying for the citizens of Syria…they are truly suffering. Imagine if this was going on in our streets. It very well could be one day.

    • Hey Debra! We certainly have heard about it and most likely same thing with Libya and the rest of the mess over there is engineered by “the rich men”

    • This is the kind of stuff that causes people to not know who or what to believe or trust (in the world political scene at least.)

      Just what I was thinking when listening to the overview of SCJ Roberts behavior! I didn’t expect any good thing out of this or any other court for that matter, they have been busy laying the foundation for radical judges to further their program for a world government and so everything is done strategically. That’s where the “trust” came to mind. To think that the talking heads refer to dismay at Roberts, and dismay and naive, or nonintended, or unaware etc., etc. about leaders actions, it’s a joke! I am a complete synic anymore. They played Palin as “our girl” yet there she was kissing the cheek of Kissinger at one of their(prob. CFR)functions. McCain’s a complete RHINO (ethics scandel in Fl. yrs ago) so they appoint him ag. Obama=PLEASE!!! NOTHING goes ag. their plan and if needed a parastroika=two steps forward, one step back! This is a Bloodline and ony those in it and those in compliance that have any say get to be players. If a stray does get in the way he/she’s taken care of one way or another. They are not even discreet anymore they laugh in our faces and the populace cheers them! Look at the ethics scandles that go un punished, little hand slaps and business as usual. Look at Holder and DOJ!

      The only thing we can rely and trust in is God, He warned us of these days. He didn’t give the details then they’d really try to destroy or corrupt the Bible and not just in the tampered versions(Copyright laws you MUST change a percentage, New Age laws you must undeify Jesus & remove doctrine!)! Even so the Prophecys are 100% accurate and we can take it to the bank (better be God’s Bank lol), we just don’t know the timing and details, lest we crumble in fear, or be negligent.

      Daniell E… I really haven’t thought deeply about the scenario you state even knowing they orchestrate and use the people for their determined outcome. They seem to be in great need to overthrow leaders and the Muslim Brotherhood seems to always take over one way or other! Avi Lipkin says that the Muslims kill the Christians on Sunday the Jews on Saturday and each other (sunni/shiate) the rest of the days, or something like that. They will use them to do their dirty work getting the “problems” out of the way! Then kill each other off. Seems pretty accurate. They design these plans like eliminating Due Process, Obamanation Uncare, to kill off others, inch by inch it’s a cinch! So many details so much fine print so many strategic plans to do their takeover, to reduce the population. The real elimination just hasn’t begun yet!! Right now they get us through our food/water supplies/ spraying etc. Look at the cancer, brain tumors etc. in young children alone.

      Some of the things we can see from scripture are being prepared for their stage debut and it seems it can’t be too long from now. It use to be God would throw a ringer in and give them a set back, but not anymore. They seem to have been given full reign, a green light to execute their NWO. Even knowing some of the details I don’t think we can imagine what really lies ahead. I know we aren’t appointed to The Wrath/Jacobs Trouble our covenant is Love and we have passed from flesh to spirit and are IN Christ, His Body, He is God’s Beloved Son, God looks through His atoneing Blood to see us and we look PERFECT as He is (hard to grasp when we still only see our flesh)! I did think that we are suppose to have a good guess, or understanding who will be the AC before we are Raptured. Maybe after the 2012 elections (if we make it that far) things will quicky deteoriate and the stage lights will go on and the stage willl be set so to speak and we’ll all but know.

      I believe these storms are part of the birth pains and spreading throughout the US now and are a direct judgement ag. us. We were to be the light of the world, the rich nation that sends the Word out to the dark, dying Nations. The Good News, to Reconcile men to God. We failed for the most part. The Nations are even darker including our own! I guess we need to continue to “stand” to pray w/o ceasing, to mostly Trust our Father and listen to the HS, shutting out the other noises as much as we can. Be about our Father’s business gathering souls. I had to shut off the TV which I raely turn on before I was so angry, subsurface anger!!! I use to be more of a prayer warrior, now I get caught up i the info and it’s always bombarding us and forget to pray as I process it all. I’m going to pray for all of us here now and ask the HS to comfort us and strengthen our spirits and our faith!!! 🙂 Sorry so long!

    • Your thoughtful reply Daniel, makes a lot of sense regarding deceptively confusing circumstances. ‘Propaganda’ is a truly horrid human construct. Something else I have noticed recently (connected to this) is how the mainstream media tool continues to portray certain countries as antagonistic [enemies] to US interests. Yet the US and these very same countries are participating in joint military drills etc… on and off US soil! Mixed messages for sure. IMHO the body of believers (true church) will do well to pray, pray, pray for discernment if they opt to take up with any political cause(s) and shy away from partisan politics – a divisive program from its inception. Believers in Christ Jesus have a far higher calling than to be messing around with the worldly powers that be.
      Stay safe and be well brother:^)

    • That’s classic enemy tactics, a choice between two evils.

      One might seem better than the other in some way — but it’s still a choice to support evil.

      Is there any good choice if we’re forced to pick either Hitler or Stalin? Nazis or Commies…
      Is following death better than following satan?
      How about drug addiction or alcoholism?
      Or perhaps just got to have caffeine or nicotine?
      …gambling or day trading?
      …obesity or infidelity?
      …false witness or silence?

      Or pick whichever god of the pantheon most suits….

      Same old tactics.

    • Linda, I don’t live in the U.S., and your country appears increasingly like a lightening rod [ unearthed ] in a very powerful electrical storm.

    • Linda…Yes, I remember Yasar Arafat used to say that…first we kill the Saturday people, then we kill the Sunday people.
      It was always interesting listening to him speak to crowds too. He would stand at a podium in front of a crowd and speak english because the media was there. Usually it was something about peace with Israel and the world. Then he would address the crowd in arabic, saying the exact opposite of what he just said in english.

    • Dani E. Avi’s wife works for the Israeli Gov’t I believe as an interpreter(born Egyptian) and she reveals what they say in Arabic as you say, one thing in Eng. & their real thoughts/plans in Arabic I’m sure our Stat Dept also does the same except they only tell us the preferred Eng. part! 🙂 W.Shoebat says the same re. a western version Koran vs Arabic Koran. People see and believe what fits their paradyme and the west can’t handle a savage people out to kill off all opposers!

  8. Well, just finished watching Watchers ,On The Edge. It lives up to what I expected, job well done to LA and his crew! Not to give any thing away, I cried.

  9. Dear LA,

    As you said, “In closing todays post: July 28 is a day of calamity for the Jewish people as it is the 9nth of Av. ”

    It is also the day after the ‘zeus celebrations’ start
    in London and “the whole earth will rejoice” just
    as Ezekiel 35;14 promised the enemies on Israel’s

    They will be made desolate, at a time when the whole earth rejoices ? Could this be The Day that
    Ezekiel warned about ?

    With the sickening increase of looser-ferian indoctrination, movies, commercials, etc … and Tom Horn’s research on the many other 2012 predictions that expect thier feathered rattlesnake or plumed serpent to return in 2012, surely the serpent knows/knew his appointed time and his children are getting ready to celebrate.

    JR Church revealed that the religious Jews are
    expecting thier Messiah in 2012. (zohar)

    David Flyn and his amazing research, also shows ties to the fall of 2012.

    Will The Lord lift his foot from the serpents head,
    and deliver Israel by destroying all the enemies surrounding them ?

    And they will confirm The Covenant, (of Death)
    with the bougeyman, “and he will destroy many
    through peace”.

    And when Israel feels safe and has become rich … Ezekiel 38-39 finally takes place …
    as it should AFTER chapter 35.

    The whole earth IS about to rejoice,

  10. Elaine, you and Daniel both chimed in on the Libya situation being like Syrian problem. Now the Muslim Brotherhood has a new Egyptian president who just might help engineer aligning the Middle East into “Islamic compliance” within the NWO. Evidence points to the MB not allowing roguish Iran to have their Shiite way (separatists from NWO.) Keep watching:^)

    Linda, your post was wonderful and not too long at all. No worries! As far as Obama remaining POTUS for another term…well… that could be set to instant dictatorship if he were to be losing votes in November and decided to declare a national emergency, thereby retaining his power base indefinitely. There’s just too many scary scenarios in the realms of possibility. Like you I totally agree with us believers staying focused on our mission through Christ Jesus and leaving the world to its own wicked devices. It’s good to be informed and aware of what’s going on around us. But it’s better to be watching for Who’s coming! Maranatha Lord Jesus!

    • Thank You Deb, didn’t want to dominate the blog, but I had to vent instead of pound something after the whole news garbage. What a cover-up, Roberts is right in their with the NWO, I think I saw Mason also. I do remember a youtube video, maybe he was at the same event that Palin, or maybe a one Hillary was at. Hillary bragged about how nice and convient the CFR office being so cose to check in and get her marching orders so to speak! That’s why I don’t trust them we don’t have a free nation, nore a free press, they do what they are told and agree or justify their occupation as “got to work somewhere” possibly.

      Interesting concept re. “prince of Persia….” I would assume as officers in command and soldiers the enemy does orchestrate the human hearts willing to follow! They could be stationed to different territories to cause an effect.

      Nome your statement re. choosing between 2 evils really bothers me and has previously. I am not sure if we are to vote for these better of 2. Should we just let God get on about His business of judgement, or does HE have us stall with our vote between the 2 rebels while souls are added to Jesus Body? That’s the big Milion Dollar Question! It does not seem right knowing how perverse the Mormon Rel. is and knowing Obama even if he tries to hide his identity, but there are some analogies maybe in the Hitler era of working under ground to achieve saving people. ???? Deb, I have that same feeling re. Obama if he is their “chosen one” some reincarnation of Osiris then they will do whatever is necessary to keep him there! It also fits in with all the pagan stuff for 2012. It’s not God following them it’s Satan using God’s plan and trying to counter it. I thought they were ready to cut BO loose, but seems they are not afraid of being found out like they have ev. just about in place globaly so it doesn’t matter; we can’t stop the runaway train! (SCJ just showed us the Constituion is not followed). I just wish I knew if I should withhold my vote esp. when it should be “In God We Trust” individualy and as a Nation! God is not the author of confusion, so that’s a clue, but I have not been impressed in my spirit in Faith what step to do next. I feel I am just standing at this point, or maybe it’s getting to be inaction in disguise!

    • Linda,

      It helps to understand “the games criminals play.”

      Let’s say you’re working as an officer in a prison. The prisoners are deprived of things they want which creates an opportunity for contraband. To get contraband into the prison they have to compromise someone to act as a mule. The way to compromise them is to work in team to blackmail them.

      The forensic studies show the members have certain roles, such as:
      a. the friend — someone that gets close the officer, agrees with them, helps get them out of situations
      b. the brain — dreams up the situations intended to get the mark to cross their personal boundaries
      c. the thugs — play out the situations that push the mark further and further along
      d. the observers — watch what the mark does, reports to the brain, never interacts with the mark

      This is all orchestrated over a long period of time. Prisoners have plenty of time. It starts with the “mark” providing something as simple as a pencil or a name — since nothing at all is supposed to be given to the prisoners. Then the next situation is set up to get the “mark” to provide perhaps an address or some information about something inside or outside the prison. In a series of boil-the-frog slow steps, the situations eventually involve being in a threatening confrontation with the “thugs” — which the “friend” helps rescue the “mark” out of, or so it seems. Things progress to the point that the “mark” can be blackmailed, possibly by having an outside gang associated with the in prison “team” that threatens the “mark’s” family or worse. By that time the “mark” is compromised by have broken so many restrictions that they are criminally liable.

      All of which can be avoided by reporting any exchange along the way, so the situations can be monitored and turned against the “team.”

      High pressure sales is like this.

      And high level politics.

      The enemy wants Christians to keep compromising a little at a time. The situations are contrived to get them to cross the lines. Often that’s just a matter of being silent when something should be said.

      A good case study in WWII is Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who became involved in an assassination attempt against Hitler, was caught, and executed in the closing hours of the war. He compromised his faith by becoming involved in a murder plot. Many will disagree with my assertion.

      (See Vernard Eller’s Christian Anarchy, here “http://www.hccentral.com/eller12/” )

      So the question is are we individually acting as salt and light to preserve the best of the political process by making choices between bad and worse candidates?

      The answer is that salt and light comes from our collective efforts. The disciples were sent out by 2’s at least. Where we try to change such things as individuals it’s hazardous; something like laying down with dogs and waking up with flees.

      Prayer is much more powerful than voting. The system is rigged so that representatives decide things. Even the presidential election is decided by party delegates and not the actual popular vote… but I digress.

      I’m sure we should discuss this more as we ramp up to the elections.

    • Good clear analysis Nome and I get it and I KNOW it is and has been in process, but I guess the big thing is stopping the circle and accepting the consequences=BHO the end! Fast death vs dillusional slow death 🙂 One of them 2 evils will win unless they give Paul their votes. Then some suggest he’s a Mason! 😦 I do believe in the power of prayer so for now that’s where I’m headed 🙂 Let Go and Let GOD as they say!

  11. Greetings Nome! I’m hearing that what you’re saying pretty much sums it up for non-believers as “Either way you’re still choosing the world and at some point you’re still going to die…without hope.” (i.e. no true choice in the matter.) Yet for believers it does present a true choice…. fighting for/with the world OR continuing to follow Jesus’ Way, accepting death as the required step into a magnificently re-structured body, making His eternal kingdom your eternal dwelling place. Seems the more I ponder on your ‘two evils’ scenario, the more I understand what Jesus meant by “No man comes to the Father but by me.” That “house divided” verse kinda fits in here as well. As always, your insights are much appreciated. Take care brother.

    • Hey Debra, Thank you for being considerate and encouraging!

      When Yeshua says something like “a house divided…”, I’m convinced there’s more than observation involved. Reality moves to perform what He speaks.

      Christ is the only way to the Father — all other paths lead to doom. There’s no call to follow those other ways even for a time.

      No good apart from God. No pure righteousness not imputed (enabled) by Christ. We can do nothing without Him. And dwelling with Him not only completes our place in community (Christ’s Kingdom) but engages us in His life and being. And makes us strangers to this quickly passing world and temporary creation.

      Jesus is the only right choice. Walking with Him we leave the temporary — like entering another dimension or realm — the eternal, which was always here around Him like the mist of heaven.

      This might seem a bit mystic perhaps…. but I enjoyed the foray. Exquisite peace.

      Thank you, my sister!

    • Aaaah yes, there is a bit of the mystic and poetic to what you describe. For lack of a better (?) word, I think ‘mystic’ says it well. (Or maybe it’s ‘mist-ic’ as in “around Him like the mist of heaven”!) I liked the foray too. Exquisitely so:^)

  12. Debka File and other sources claim Assad and his family are under guard (partial siege/house arrest) in palace. Is this to protect him or prevent his taking the money and running? Gary Stearman tals some on this at Prophecy In The News.

    • Yeah: who’s taken control from Assad? I’ll guess the Russians.

      Then — also according to PitN — the Saudis are sending forces to SE Syria and Jordan. I don’t see what good that’s going to do other than get the Saudi troops killed. (What am I missing?)

      I don’t see Obama doing anything about this … particularly as I read something earlier today about him “taking the week off.” I can’t find the exact article I read, but here’s another with the same info:

      Gary Stearman may call this “so Biblical it just blows me away!” but I’m not sure where in the Bible we are at the moment … or what comes next … or what comes after that….

      Okay: I’ll go with a combination of Ps. 83 and Ez. 38-39. LA mentioned that recently, and I think I’ve read it somewhere else as well.

    • JLL, I’ve never even thought about combining prophetic Scriptures. That’s amazing! If you care to and/or have time could you elaborate in a nutshell? I think you’re onto to something here (or else I’m just a really late bloomer about this! Lol!)

  13. Hey folks, there was another zombie attack in China that I just read about at Mail Online. This is very real, and spiritually driven!


  14. ***For those interested, Derek and Sharon Gilbert’s last PID Radio podcast (June 4, 2012) deals w/ the cannibalism issue and the mainstream media’s follow-up “snarky zombie meme”. ***

  15. As I sat in church in Virginia on Sunday after the terrible storms Friday night, the presence of the Holy Spirit came on me strongly as I opened my Bible and looked down at Obadiah 15. He said, “This is the appropriate verse for today’s message, not the one’s you will hear spoken.” The verse states, “The day of the Lord is near for all nations. As you have done, it will be done to you; your deeds will return upon your own head.”
    I am reminded also of the words of the late Ayatollah Khomeini (Iranian religious ruler who led Iran during the overthrow of the Shah) when he said (paraphrasing here), “I have nothing against the American people really. They are ignorant and provincial and have no idea what their government is doing overseas.”
    The Baptist pastor in my church went on to speak about the storms and God’s control. Then he went on to speak about how we should submit to earthly authorities as stated in Romans 13:1-7. What an interesting contrast these verses make. I am reminded that America was set up through rebellion complete with 13 colonies (13 being the esoteric number of rebellion) and then democracy was put in place. Democracy is supposed to be rule by the people, but what happens if a few evil people come in and deceive and brainwash the masses of people, telling them lies and preaching freedom? Having read the book “1984” I understand that definitions can be changed to fulfill the purposes of the elite, and I have noticed several that have changed over my 40 odd years. So what does freedom mean to most Americans today? Does it mean freedom from fear and want? Does it mean freedom to do what you want no matter how wicked it really is? Is it guaranteed air conditioning so that you do not really feel the heat wave? Is it constantly droning television so you do not have to think too much?

    • Janet what I enjoy about L.A.’s Blog is the contemplation both by L.A. and stirring us to engage and think and share. It seems when you read the various replys we are all churning about the same spiritual things and direction. We all seem to have basically the same questions and concerns. I think we may all be thinking what Obadiah 15 is saying! This is probably the troubing part “As you have done, it will be done to you; your deeds will return upon your own head.” It’s like America has been caught in the balance and found wanting! That’s why I’m trying to keep my own actions list short before the LORD! I tell my grandson to do that also as he’s ADHD/oppositionally defiant etc.and he’s in an internal war while he fights an external war!

  16. How much longer? I could go back 3,4 or 5 years and read about those who said the Middle East is about to explode and that the Lord’s return is near. Every day that goes by I hear that little voice from the fallen one saying where is the promise of His coming? Does anybody else get that?

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