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06/21/12 Acceleration Radio Now Archived

Posted by lamarzulli on June 22, 2012

Click Here to Download HD MP3

Click Here to Download HD MP3

13 Responses to “06/21/12 Acceleration Radio Now Archived”

  1. nomemoleste said

    Gotta consider that BEKs could be nephilim offspring of grays plus humans.

    On a hopefully unrelated note: earth shattering 1 kilometer asteroid passes by earth, not detected in southern skies till 4 days ago, size originally underestimated — because it’s charcoal black (!) Gotta wonder how many other black “stealth” asteroids are out there and how many known asteroids have their size underestimated??


  2. Elaine said

    oops, forgot to check the notify me box

  3. The BEKs do seem to be similar to other weird creatures:

    1. the dreadful smell
    – Sasquatch/yeti/skunk apes all have a stench
    – the large greys encountered in deep underground bases as reported by people like Phil Schneider
    – creatures encountered in caves, whether in stasis or moving, are reported to have a nauseating smell. These are often reptilians.
    – smells of decay often accompany hauntings

    2. the ability to disappear
    – MIB come to people’s doors, leave, and then disappear.
    – Bigfoot tracks come to an abrupt halt for no reason
    – Greys and “ghosts” or demons appear and disappear at will’
    – UFOs appear and disappear

    3. Electical/electronic disruption and animal disturbance is common with all paranormal phenomena. David Paulides when discussing unusual disappearances in national parks said that trained, experienced tracker dogs that know how to deal with bear and mountain lion will stop dead and whimper when they get a whiff of a suspected Bigfoot.

    4. the odd phrasing of sentences
    – John Keel in his book The Mothman Prophecies wrote about the MIBs saying such things as, “I’ll see you in time,” instead of I’ll see you later.

    5. the feelings of dread and the fear of imminent danger
    – this is common in all encounters with negative paranormal entities

    There is good evidence that these creatures are nephilim/hybrids. I have also read that these “children” often dress in antiquated clothing, much like the MIBs who show up looking like they walked out of a Humphrey Bogart movie. At times wearing something as antique as Victorian costume. It’s as if they were raised somewhere else and educated to try to fit in, but like any foreigner miss the nuances of language, dress, and manners of the native populace.

    • JLL said

      6. The inability to cross a threshold (enter a home or vehicle) without the owner’s express spoken permission. This they have in common with witches and some other evil creatures (I remember about witches, and I know there are also others from folklore, but don’t remember which others).

    • Excuse me but what is MIB? Are you referring to Men In Black?

    • Good, Mary, yes.

      JLL: vampires, Ouija boards, tarot cards, seances…

      In folklore, vampires and their ilk had to be invited, but fairies (like ETs) could steal into a home and kidnap – I wonder what the difference is.

      I have read that the most important indicator as to whether a person will be abducted or not is whether someone in that person’s family has been abducted before (usually a parent or grandparent). These are generational curses. Perhaps, these windows of opportunity from generation to generation are open to some kinds of beings and not others. Strange… so many questions…

  4. Chad said

    Thanks for archiving! I’m studying for the va bar, and I can’t listen live. Glad the show is back!

    God bless.

  5. JLL said

    Thank you for getting the archiving working, LA.

    I was unable to listen last Thursday (a week ago), but caught the YouTube version eventually.

    I had been blaming my inability to listen to the first shows online on my ancient Firefox (which I had reasons for not updating). I managed to crash Firefox last Wednesday, and when it came up, it was updating itself from FF3 to FF12 without permission. It shouldn’t have done that; I’m not sure how it did do that, but after three days of struggle (you don’t want to know the details; quite a bit of what happened was not only irrational but also impossible, and System Restore wouldn’t work, and I was so sure I’d have to take the PC to a techie that I spent hours trying to write out everything that had happened) I finally got all the add-ons and plug-ins straightened out, and was again able to play YouTube videos.

    And last night — lo and behold! — I could even hear the radio show as you streamed it. Yay!

    I’m glad the BEK guest will return. A two-hour show would be nice … but only if it works out for you.

  6. Hope he comes back next week.

  7. ansem77 said

    Black Eyed Children: Devils, Hybrids half Jinn/Alien half Human

  8. Great segment. Thank you for posting the video on your site, saves me the searching and downloading time.

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