Syria and Chemical Weapons

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L. A. Marzulli

I am spending the day with my elderly parents as they live just outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, which was a 2.5 hour drive from the conference in Frederick, Maryland. I leave for Los Angeles tomorrow and spend two days there before heading down to a conference at Oceanside, California.

Once again I would like to thanks my hosts, Paul and Cheryl Black and all the folks at Cornerstone Church, for making this weeks conference a success. I met lots of great people and will return in October with Randy Demain for a conference entitled: Nephilim Agenda II!

Now onto the BLOG!

Yesterday there was an article that discussed the chemical weapons that are now in Syria in the hands of the Syrian rebels. These weapons came from Libya, where the Arab spring ousted former dictator Moamer Ghadaffi. As the rebels armed with sophisticated weapons, that they purchased at the local falafel stand, like AK 47’s, and rocket launchers, pushed Ghadaffi’s forces back they uncovered quantities of weapons like stinger missiles and chemical weapons. I have heard that the shoulder fired anti-aircraft missiles were sold on the black market to HAMAS, who is based in Gaza.
This latest bit of INTEL that came across my desk posited that some of these chemical weapons have fallen into the hands of the Syrian rebels. Added to this is the real possibility that Bashar Assad may begin to use his own vast stock of chemical weapons to crack down on the rebels that are threatening his regime. If Assad chooses to deploy chemical weapons he joins the ranks of monsters like Saddam Hussein who gassed the Kurds in the northern part of Iraq while he ruled that nation.
What I am concerned with is how this might affect Israel. What if chemical weapons are used against Israel? About a year ago I posted a Blog that discussed saber rattling between an Israeli official who responded to a Syrian official, that if the Syrian’s used chemical weapons against Israel, Israel would destroy Damascus, which is the Syrian capital. Knowing the prophecy of Isaiah 17, that points to the destruction of Damascus, this saber rattling may be the precursor to the fulfillment of the prophecy.

In closing todays post: The situation in the Middle East continues to spiral out of control and this latest development adds to the already tenuous situation in the region. I believe that the word I received on Friday night at Cornerstone is a warning to us all. I will repeat it again:
Be still and know that I am God. The day is coming when I will show my strength on the mountains of Israel. WWIII is coming and when it does I believe it will a game changer.

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  1. Good morning! Isn’t it also a possibility that Damascus could be made a ruinous heap by use of these poisonous gases or other bioweapons/plagues that cause the citizens to destroy it thinking fire will get rid of the pestilence? That could explain why the critters will be willing to go there and not humans? Hmmmm, always more to ponder.
    Have a safe trip home!

  2. Thank you for all of your hard work in tracking down this stuff and accumulating it for us to watch and ponder as well.

    Debka this morning has updated with an article that really adds to the tension saying that the US is apparently moving toward “limited” airstrikes against Syria in a move to improve the rebel’s position and supposedly speed Assad’s ouster (Debka 6/11/12).

    I fear that not only the prophecy of Isaiah 17 is about to come to pass, but also Zechariah 11:1-3 which immediately precedes the section which discusses the two shepherds in an analysis of the antichrist versus the True Messiah of Israel as found in Zechariah 11:4-17. The first part of chapter 11 discusses a fiery desolation that comes upon Lebanon and down into the thickets of the Jordan River, and up into the region of the Bashan which includes the Golan Heights and eastward into Jordan today. IDK, but I believe that the Lord showed me that they are linked and considering what is happening in the Middle East that would make a terrible sort of sense. If this were true it would basically/almost make a ring of desolation around Mt Hermon. Could that be followed by the arrival of the antichrist just as the verses describing this desolation are followed by the descriptions of the antichrist culminating in the famous description including the words found in the 17th verse: “Woe to the worthless shepherd, who deserts the flock! May the sword strike his arm and his right eye! May his arm be completely withered, his right eye totally blinded!”

    • “Fiery desolation” — yes, I think you’ve nailed it. Though besides all of Assad’s weapons (who knows where-all they’ll end up: there are enough for everyone), there are also Hizballah’s tens of thousands of rockets and missiles….

    • wow! The pieces reveal themselves in scripture and become clearer to us ev. day=knowledge will increase! It’s all there for us if we’d study and allow the HS to show us as Mike Hoggard says it’s all in there! In our appointed time we can now translate it to our events and they match!! In the Last Days! So much more to read and put together. The cares of life sure keep us from discovering them. Crafty devil!

      Thanks! much to ponder.

  3. I know scripture tells us throughout that Israel is God’s chosen people, and I believe that.

    But I’m wondering, just as they were the ones that crucified Christ, is Israel not pushing the buttons of the world and causing this?

    When I read Revelations, I feel that a message is God saves a few righteous Jews, and saves then “despite” the fact that they have been working against Christ and His Church.

    I’m at conflict because the “let’s go to war” drums are drumming loud across our Jewish controlled mind control, or media as some call it. God does not war, he does not want many of the things we do w/o so much as a thought… and Zionists have their hands in it all.

    I’m trying to put the pieces together in all of this, but I feel so many Christians have been fooled as to where we should stand with Israel, or am I the one that’s wrong?

    Mr Marzulli, I would really appreciate your take on this. I find myself at a serious crossroads in my thinking.

    I know scripture tells us throughout that Israel is God’s chosen people, and I believe that. But I’m wondering, is He simply showing us to love our enemies?

    Peace be with you!

    • There are both wheat and tares in Israel. The end times circles around Israel, and those who have been gathered back in the land. There is also an element in Israel that is not of God. However, God does not make mistakes and out of the ashes of the holocaust the nation was reborn in a day, thus fulfilling the prophecies. The drums of war are beating as Israel is surrounded by hostile nations. Have you seen the post where the Imam calls Jerusalem the new capital of Egypt? How do you deal with that?

    • L.A. is so correct wheat and tares There’s the National Israel and the remnant OUT OF Israel where the promises of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob aka Israel are still to be fulfilled! The land covenant promised to David’s throne God’s people. That and and Throne to come where Jesus will sit and the world will worship at!

      Abraham looked for a heavenly city not made with hands, but whose builder and maker was GOD!!! Gen.23:4/IPet.2:11 (none then were looking for an earthly city) Apostes and Profits were all concerned with “that” city! That’s the New Jerusalem, the heavenly city, where in the end we will be the one new man. Where the names of the12 tribes are on the gates and the foundations the 12 Apostles!

      The wIfe if in Rev.19 is Israel and the Bride of Rev.21:2, then the Bride is OF Israel. (Nat’l vs remnant of Israel) Rev.21:9 “Come hither” He was shown the Heavenly city come down. Israel in the Tribulation will have removed all spot and wrinkle and be made pure ready to rule in the Millenium.Their rightful place of promise. No unbelievers can enter. The Great Trib. is that appointed time to rebuke and make ready the remnant of Israel. The tares will be removed. Like the example in Hosea the harlot wife that was brought back to be the bride again. Restored! GOD has a plan and HE’s working out HIS plan. When it’s ready and all characters needed are in their proper places it will begin and we will have been removed. No sooner, no later just ontime. GOD’s time. Looks closer to our eyes ev. day, but HE is soverign.

    • Yes, and when I read that Netanyahu is having bible classes and not just Torah, I thought, “Wow, I bet he knows and whether he has been saved yet or not….he is being led to make sure that his people know so that when it really begins they may be ready to recognize the Savior Yeshua and believe!”

    • hello

      – Israel in Father’s Word means the 12 tribes not specifically Juda, of course within context.
      – Gods chosen people, is actually Juda is God’s chosen people, the meaning being God chose Juda to do specific work/responsibilities for Him as God has chosen us all to do specific work/responsibilities for Him, God is not a respector of persons and there is no favoritism implied or given.
      – There were ethnics people’s there when Jesus was tried and crusified, people from many nations around the world, My Brother Juda was not responsible for the crucifixion of My Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, no true Jew would have ever agreed to crucify an innocent man as Jesus Christ was. Look to and the kenites which we only to eager to fulfill Gen 3:15.
      – The Book Revelation is a revealing, no secrets or hidden agenda there for all to see, read and correctly comprehend, furthermore John 3:16.
      – God say’s over and over and over, we have the God Given Right to defend our nation, families and friends, communities … etc., etc., etc.
      – As from God’s Word i’m not fooled about anyone, its is written, clear concise and principled.
      – Juda not Israel are Father’s chosen people, God chose Juda to do specific work/responsibilities for Him as God has chosen us all to do specific work/responsibilities for Him, God is not a respector of persons and there is no favoritism implied or given.


    • God does not save righteous people, it is the unrighteousness he is after. Now he is about to do for Israel what he already did for the Gentiles…there’s various scripture about this. Dry bones.

    • confused;

      the 144,000 will be preaching to the jews also and hopefully many will respond to the Lord’s call.

  4. Thanks for your insight, I’m still totally confused. Far too many of their actions are not of God. God is mysterious in his ways though… so i will keep my mind open.

    I’m just at a point where I feel like Israel and the US remind me of MasterBlaster in the Road Warrior movie… I feel like we are a puppet.

    I do realize the situation is heating up for them, but they stoke the flames too. I just don’t feel we as Americans have any real idea of our reality.

    I love your work by the way! Thanks for your response! =)

    • Hi Confused,

      This isn’t about what Israel deserves as much as it is about the covenant that GOD made with Abraham. The
      jews are supposed to show the rest of the world the true living GOD “I AM” , but have failed in that, so their punishment or chastizing is the result. According to Daniels prophecy Irsrael has 70 weeks…….or 7yrs. per week which is 490 yrs. per GOD’s plan. This paused with CHRIST at the cross to begin the church age………….so GOD has a 7yr. period for the Jews
      that has yet to be completed. All things are being done according to GOD’s plan and may not make a lot of sense to us until after……hindsight is always 20/20. The tribulation period is about a couple things at one time……..the fulfillment of the 7yrs or the final week for the jews, the final great revival through the worst judgements the world will see, and the destruction of evil doers/ unrepentant sinners and the beginning of the millenial reign of CHRIST. I don’t see that it has anything to do with the church due to the fact that the 7yrs. is to address the jews or the nation of Israel seems to be the
      focus to me. So they will see and know the Messaih they rejected.
      I hope I havent confused you more.
      Blessings to you and your desire to know the truth, this is a good place to visit, LA knows his stuff.

    • @Ben good job in a short format!! Yes all and we are told we are NOT appointed to wrath we are in a special place in GOD’s time table GRACE not prophecied, but a Mystery Hidden In God Before the Foundations of the world! Jesus after siiting at the right hand of GOD in Power and Authority was given this mystery. GOD has called out a peope for Himself, to make one new man. Church the Body and the assembly synagogue Jew who will be prefected to rule and reign with Jesus their Messiah 1000yrs,(then after the one new man) they rejected Him when they should’ve known their appointed time signs and wonders and miracles, prophecy/profits. We are by Faith not signs, but we are aware of the signs leading up to their Gr. Tribulation aka JACOBS TROUBLE not he Body of Christ’s Trouble. In Grace you are Imputed Righteous!!! If Righteous then why WRATH as in no other period of time? That’s contrary! The trouble is in man’s Traditions and esp. after the “Roman Cath./Rome Christianity” declaration ev. is the “church” and KJV was a poor translation when synagogue/assemblies should have been used esp Rev. to the “churches” when an assembly woud have been correct. If I sit already (Possesive possession)in heavenly places with Christ (Grace) why am I appointed to the rebels wrath I am NOT! Study Eph. carefully it’s quite a humbling and remarkable thing that takes place for the Believer!!! CHOSEN BEFORE… Seen aways through the pure precious BLOOD atonement having NO sin!!! We are to grow like Christ and so we must lign up with Him/Scripture so we confess our lack of growth/rebelion in areas we have not conqured to remain on track and fellowship with GOD! NOT for forgiveness we are already forgiven The Blessed HOPE! So we don’t rest in our flesh. Hope does not mean ike we understand it “I hope it works out” It is already done and anticipated. Hope is the bridge for Faith to get you to the other side we hang on to it(promise) until we realize it. I don’t know what tribulation we will see before Raptured, but I do know it’s not the Great Trib. we will see. I think it aso implys we will almost be certain who this AC will be before He declares himself. The 7 yr contract of Peace maybe this Mdl East turmoil will be that catalyst. Each day we grow closer when God says to His son Call my Grace Believers/Christ’s Body(IN the Groom) home the judgement has come and the cup of wrath is full! Hang onto your promises as a believer and the Goodness and Faithfulness of GOD! His Love of His Beloved Son who we are in) His Mercy. Don’t look right or left only at him! 🙂 We all have to do this now and keep our laundry list clean. Confess as you fall so you don’t have to discuss it before Christ! We’ll probably have enough just with ommissions of our call to action for Christ! IICor.5:18-20 Ambassadore’s for Christ in the Ministry of Reconciliation!

    • oh Confused, welcome to the Confused-club! It is easy to feel like a pawn in the war between Dark and Light. I have to bring it down to a personal basis, me and God, to be able to stand it. How can I bear all the anti-Jewish sentiments, yet how can I overlook what the Jewish banksters have done (not all banksters are Jews, must insert it). My late husband was half Jewish and a Christian, and I believe he and his family represented the BEST of what Jews are….but his daughter has become a Christian hater for many years, said that Irv and I were “Jew haters”. The world is too painful.
      Yes, it really hurts here on this planet.

      Elaine, where did you read about Netanyahu also reading the New Testament? Very interesting.

  5. Ok. I agree that war is imminent and it will probably occur in several countries all at once….hence WWIII. What I want to know is when you, LA, believe we will be raptured. I listened to you and Doug Hamp discuss this subject and you said you believed it would be after this war, but I am concerned about how long after. I realize you are not GOD and you don’t know exactly when, but you seem to have a pretty good idea of what is coming. I’ve also been reading Petrus Romanus by Tom Horn and Cris Putnam. They basically say that the last pope will be the False Prophet who will more than likely take his place by the end of 2012 and usher in the Antichrist. Their information is extremely convincing. How do you put their information together with the coming war/wars? Everything is happening so rapidly now. My husband and I have 3 young boys and I live in a small town in GA. I’m hoping we will safe here until we are raptured. God has told us not to be afraid, but it is hard not to be when you have children.

    There are some who believe we will be raptured before the antichrist is revealed. Do you also believe this? Sorry, I know I have a lot of questions. Thanks for anything you can tell me!

    BTW – Wish I could come to Branson and see you all at the Prophecy Summit, but as you well know, it is sold out!! I am sure it will be awesome!

    • I don’t know about that, but watched Internt’l House Hunters and saw a girl looking at apt. homes and they all but one had a bomb shelter. A must they declared!

      Don’t leave out Egypt, because the prophecy ag. them has never been fufilled either re. the Tower of Syrene aka Aswan Damn! Not habitated for 40yrs! Hmm wonder why? Nuclear
      attack effecting water supply and all land mass maybe? They now are ruled by The Muslim Brotherhood the devil ag. Israel to the death!!!

    • I think there is a probleme with the timeline. The third jewish temple is yet to be built. That temple in which the antichrist will sit and declare he is god. Counting from 2012 on time will be too short to build such a monument in a suitable timewindow (three years). I think Tom Horn wasn’t aware of that.

    • I think Tom is very aware of the timing. I believe the temple will be rebuilt more quickly than we can imagine. He didn’t say the Antichrist would be revealed in 2012, only the last pope.

    • I have read that the Temple is no problem. They basically have everything ready and much of it literally preassembled and waiting to go into place when the time is “ripe.” I found it hard to believe, but the source was pretty good (sorry, it has been several years and I don’t remember exactly where I heard this but, my life includes five years in Israel where I ran across some of my information that isn’t necessarily available here). I will try to think about it and remember. At any rate, it won’t take long – from what I remember they were indicating only a few months for construction and that the longest part of the process was the dedicating of the Temple and starting the sacrifices. Also, from things I have learned about the masons they also want it built so their luciferian messiah (aka the antichrist) can set himself up there to rule the world. So if that is true, then the illuminati, etc. will be funding all of this too, so there is a lot of money behind it. Assuming that is true, then it would also be a great joke that the Great God Almighty is letting them spend all that money and all that effort to build the Temple for Him that the True Messiah will come and take from the antichrist on that great and dreadful and awesome day when HE returns to ultimately save Israel.

      Yes, with kids this can be a scary time. I take some comfort in something I read about the Iranian/Shiite belief that they must wait until a certain signal is heard before they can release their war. When they hear this signal, only then are they supposed to go into total war mode that will usher in the era of the Islamic mahdi (messiah). The sound they wait for is a great cosmic, trumpet like voice that will be heard around the world. When they hear this sound, then they know that the time for the war, ushering in the age of the mahdi is to begin. This sounds like the voice of the True Jesus/ Yeshua calling his true and faithful followers home to me. It kind of fits, but there are no absolute promises that a war does not come first, before the rapture. However, there are prophecies that seem to make it look like the atomic weapons that bring about great destruction at the end of this era, do launch from the area of Iran. Daily prayer is really all we can do though, asking The Restrainer to hold back the forces of evil and complete the number of those who are to be saved. Oh Lord God, open the hearts of the people today that they might hear and believe your word and accept the offer of salvation before it is too late, and the Tribulation begins – In the name of the True Jesus/ Yeshua I pray. Thank you God for your patience and long suffering that many might hear and be given the choice of believing. Amen and amen. I struggle with the wait versus a war starting first, but every moment He waits is more souls saved and brought into His Kingdom. We need to keep our focus and prayers on that rather than ourselves – but that is hard to do.

  6. What’s really scary is that only 1/3 to half of all Israelis have gas masks.


    A look at Israel’s mass evacuation plan

    Ministers to discuss plan for evacuation of hundreds of thousands of Israelis to Eilat, Arava area in case of missile attack
    Yoav Zitun

    The Ministerial Committee on Home Front Affairs is set to discuss a plan for a mass evacuation in the event of a missile attack next week. According to the plan, entire cities will be moved to southern Israel around Eilat and the Arava area.

    One source at the Home Front Protection Ministry said that towns near Ariel may also serve as temporary evacuation centers.

    The question remains “Will Israel wait until after the election to hit Iran, Gaza, Hezbollah in Lebanon and Syria”

    In my opinion they wont just hit Iran they will hit all four.

  7. ‘Israel in Shadow of Syria’s Chemical Weapons’ Arutz Sheva

    Assad, termed by journalist Joel Brinkley as the “world’s most dangerous man,” could use chemical weapons on Israel, warns IDF general.

    Syrian President Bashar Assad, termed by Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Joel Brinkley as the “world’s most dangerous man,” could use his chemical weapons in Israel, warns IDF’s Number Two general.

    Assad would “treat us the same way he treats his own people” of he had the chance to do so, IDF Deputy Chief of Staff Maj. Gen. Yair Naveh said in Jerusalem in a ceremony Monday in memory of fallen soldiers.

    Druze Knesset Member Ayoob Kara told Arutz Sheva this week that he received several videos that were taken in Syria and which indicate the use of chemical weapons.

    Propaganda from Iran accusing the Syrian rebels of using chemical weapons also indicates that Assad is preparing to do so. Damascus and Tehran frequently accuse the opposition forces, which they term “terrorists,” of being behind murders and bombings carried out by Assad’s police and army.

    If either side is proven to have used chemical weapons, the international community would likely intervene with military action

  8. L.A., Is the lecture in Oceanside a new format? Different subjects/info than last time? I’ll have to come by & say hi again!

    • David I read and agree! I am not familar with this ministry, but this part I do agree. I study at Lion and Lamb Ministry Pastor David Picos DD The Rev. series access at top of page is great and clear scripture teaching, scripture proving scripture! Banner/The Book of Revelation also can access YouTube on video. Thank You! 🙂 (He references the Bride/Israel!!)

    It’s UFOlogy’s dirty little secret. It’s something that is better left swept under the rug. Stanton Friedman doesn’t talk about it. Stephen Bassett most assuredly would keep the subject at arm’s length. The late Richard Hall would have deleted you from his address book. And Steven Greer would never consider it part of his ongoing Disclosure program.

    To coin ourselves a catch-all phrase that brings together all the negative aspects of the subject, I prefer to call it the DARK SIDE OF UFOLOGY!

    It would appear – at least at first glance – that only those who consider themselves Christians have a rigorous drum to beat on behalf of the subject matter we are considering – that at least some UFOs can rightfully be tied in with Demonic phenomenon. It would seem to be almost an exclusive element of their zealous faith based belief system that contends anything remotely occult or supernatural—and that would definitely include UFOs — has a stanch ally in the devil and his minions. Christian apologist, Dave Hunt has stated, “the same people that run UFOs are the same people that run haunted houses.“

    Indeed, it has become more apparent even by those who for decades held dearly to a deep belief that UFOs must be interplanetary in nature, that there is a paranormal nature to this enigma that cannot easily be set aside. Several top notch researchers — such as the late Dr J. Allen Hynek’s former associates Ted Phillips and Philip Imbrogno — have come to realize that we are NOT dealing solely with physical craft from outer space occupied by off-world astronauts coming to warn us that we might possibly annihilate ourselves either ecologically or in the course of our warlike nature.

    More and more emphasis needs to be placed on the spiritual, occult and paranormal nature of the phenomenon seen in our skies and invading our homes and personal boundaries. It’s not all “sweetness and light,” kiddies. The truth is that there are a host of negative elements associated with UFO encounters. Some of the entities involved could very well be leading us down the primrose path. You can believe, and the evidence clearly is undisputable, that there are cosmic criminals in our midst who have successfully managed to possess and control the minds of utterly frightened participants who had no warning that they were to be caught up inside a nightmarish web of confusion and chaos.

    The late Lord Hill Norton head Admiral of the British Fleet

    was quoted as saying he felt UFOs were demonic in nature. cont….

  10. L.A. which Bk,Chpt vs is that? When I got up I reached in my desk to find a note card to write my brother and found also a post card like pic from Friends of Isreal=Ps46:10 Be Still and know that I am GOD: I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth! I thought it might be the same. I then opened your blog and saw the word to you “Be still and know that I am God. The day is coming when I will show my strength on the mountains of Israel. ” The post card had a beautiful picture of a mtn. mirrored in a body of water 🙂 In the mouth of 2-3 witnesses!

  11. Muslim cleric: Jerusalem to be Egypt’s capital

    ‘We will either pray there or we will be martyred there’

    According to a prominent Egyptian cleric, if Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohammed Mursi wins the presidential election next week, Egypt’s new capital no longer will be Cairo.

    According to Safwat Hagazy, Egypt’s new capital will be Jerusalem.

    These claims were made at a presidential rally aired on the Egyptian Al-Nas TV station on May 1 and later re-posted on YouTube with English subtitles being added by MEMRI, the Middle East Media Research Institute.


  12. Abraham, Israel, Joseph, Moses, David are alive with Christ right now. What happens in Israel in each generation involves them. Each generation is responsible for it’s own actions and inactions. See parable of the sour grapes.

  13. Report: Obama Prepares Air Strikes On Syria PrisonPlanet

    Russia’s climbdown sets stage for regime change

    President Barack Obama has told the US Navy and Air Force to prepare air strikes on Syria as part of a “no fly zone” that will be enforced with the aid of British and French military power, according to a report.

    their mission will be to knock out Assad’s central regime and military command centers so as to shake regime stability and restrict Syrian army and air force activity for subduing rebel action and wreaking violence on civilian populations,” reports Israeli intelligence outfit DebkaFile.

    Having threatened military action for months, the United States was apparently encouraged by the fact that Russia is once again backing down from its harsh rhetoric and indicating that it will not oppose the toppling of President Bashar Al-Assad.

    After having intimated that Russia would support Syria via indirect military means if NATO powers launched an attack, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Saturday that Russia “will be only glad to support such an outcome” (the ousting of Assad), suggesting Moscow has softened on the idea of regime change in Syria.

    The likelihood of military intervention has been brought forward by reports that opposition rebels are planning to use chemical weapons and then blame the atrocity on Assad’s regime.

    Rebels attempted to stage a similar ‘false flag’ recently when British Channel 4 reporter Alex Thomson was purposefully led by rebels into a trap whereby it was hoped he would be killed by government troops and his death used as a propaganda stunt.

    Hostility towards Syria from the international community has intensified in recent weeks, particularly after the recent massacre in Houla which was blamed on Assad’s forces despite the fact that eyewitnesses in Houla said opposition rebels were responsible for the slaughter, which killed 108 people – mostly women and children.

    As Daniel McAdams highlights, the Houla massacre has been exalted as the primary justification for military intervention and yet the media-generated narrative behind the atrocity has completely collapsed.

    “A respected mainstream publication, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ), has reported that the infamous Houla massacre in Syria, which the US and NATO hoped would be the casus belli for their planned invasion, was in fact carried out by rebel forces,” writes McAdams.

    • Alex Jones is organized disinformation… and he’s doing a great job at it to. Not that everything he states is a lie, but it’s all well tainted. Don’t take my word for it, look for yourself.

      His job is to make the truth movement a joke, his rants, joker paint… and fake tears bu the bucket fool should be clear signs… but look into it.

    • I completely disagree with you. I have followed him for years. What does fake tears but the bucket fool should be clear signs….. mean anyway?

    • Confused, I wouldn’t say he is lieing and purposefully spreading disinformation, but I would say he is often misguided. Much of what he says is rooted in fear and there is no spiritual discernment of any kind, which means he buys into Satan’s disinformation already circulating.

      Once the flood gates of evil are opened (they may already have been) no amount of “spreading the truth” and “fighting the man” will stop it. I would argue (similar to Devil’s Snare) that fighting against it will only further entangle you. Only the blood of Christ and the word of our testimony will we overcome.

  14. I just wanted to let you know that we are so excited for the conference this weekend in Oceanside. My family and I will be driving 2 hours to hear you speak, and we are praying for this entire event. God bless.

  15. Hi Confused,
    like L.A. often states we must look in the super natural guide book for answers… ie. Bible, it has the Truth.
    Alex Jones means well / like all concerned citizen, like all good Tea Party members, all patriots working with good intentions of political movements too! I am glad there are movements, using the right of fredom of speech. Maybe not all of them are politically correct but you have to admire their work, and passion. Alex Jones to me / my humble opinnion, does not have all light in exposing darkness on illuminaty, Bilderberg, corrupt goverments, or end times evil plans. But to me like last year Harold Camping predicting the date of Christ return, he was wrong, no man knows exact hour, day… maybe the seasons ? When we see things, like end times prophesy being fulfilled birth pangs,evil plans shown that affects Israel’s existance. When we see signs toward Israel we are told in bible to begin looking up for “our redemtion draws near..” at least people like Harold Camping, Alex Jones, and others, ( not being critical) got the attention to alot of the main stream media / common people to get them to begin studing for themself. I want what ever it takes for people to start waking up and notice the times we are living in.
    To begin questioning the nearnest of end times. Just my take on it.


  16. Hi all,
    With the reporting of the massive treasure of oil and natural gas off the coast of israel, which will give access to power, wealth, energy and liquid cash will be too great for the ” kings of the earth ” to resist and they will try to
    take this treasure to increase their kingdom, i believe there will be a trigger event because of the oil and natural gas field, not sure what precisely but will know it when i see it.
    Those who walk under the sun are following Father’s Plan exactly as Father Designed, Father knows His idiot kids.


    • I just read my reply If I’m going to refer to Hal Lindsey’s statement/book I better spell it right. An Everlasting Hatred (Ishmael ag. Isaac) Between my bad typing and broken “L” key some are bad! sorry, sometimes still miss the proof reading to!

  17. I worry more about the fetus cells, hormones in meat and dairy, chicken and cloning changing our DNA one day so I think we are close to being removed GOD will NOT let the “Body of Christ” have their DNA messed with. Then the food sources like tuna/salmon contaminated and their monkeying with the seeds of plants!! We can’t be long for this earth!!! I spent $3.98 for a 1/2 gal of organic milk for my grandson free of added hormones, anti-biotics, pesticides, cloning, artficial color and flavors. That would be $8. for a gal. Outrageous!

    • I am in agreement….I grocery shop like I am walking through a mine field! I also think that the OT dietary rules were for our time too and when Paul (or who was it?) said that those rules did not apply that he may have just been talking to his own time in history. I am worried about pork because I read once that the meat is probably the closest to human and now they are splicing pig and mouse genes (ewww!) to make a pig that smells better in the pens????? Calling it frankenswine in the news. wouldn’t something closer to our own dna be more likely to be able to affect our own? It also seems like the only meat that is affordable now it pig so I am suspicious! Why would they make it cheaper than beef…..are they cheaper to raise? Or do they just want it to be our only option. A steak can cost $7 or more per pound but pork chops go on sale as cheap as $2.49…..hmmmmm. I have pretty much given it up as well as shrimp and other shellfish after the gulf disaster and the radiation pouring into the Pacific from Japan.
      With God, all things are possible so I say a very sincere prayer before I eat anything and ask Him to bless it to my body to strengthen me to do whatever He wants me to do until I don’t need this old sack of meat that is my body anymore!

    • Elaine I can get pretty good buys on beef @ Sam’s Cub(WalMart owned), but I find ev.time I eat red meat my body shuts down if you know what I mean! A lot of stuff Bloats, or swolls you up (scary). We eat a lot of Purdue chicken breasts(1/2brst cut in 1/2 per per.) Stirfrys, grilled etc. lots of veg filled salads and veg. Fish, but must be careful now with that also. We eat an occasional burger, started buying an angus gormet from there also. Limited!! Some grnd rnd for spaghetti, not too often! It’s getting harder and harder! I recv’d a juicer which I have not used yet, but I think will get busy! Drink soy protein frozen fruit brkfst drinks and eggbeaters. Oh and if you can believe this I can’t loose weight! Hypo Thyroid I get depressed! I eat so small amounts of food I guess I’ prepared for food shortages! I also hear there’s something ?? in the major peanut butters and Netles prod. Guess the slime fill is exposed! 🙂 TG! What a crazy world we’ve created, or allowed!

    • I am blessed by a gift of grass fed ground beef from a cow that my son knew personally and had butchered to share with a buddy. I don’t eat beef very often so the dozen pounds or so that he gave his mama will last me quite a while….I live alone and about once a month I thaw a pound and make taco meat which feeds me for a week! I like the onions, refried beans, cheese and other veggies more anyhow so it goes a long way. He gave me a few steaks too but I haven’t had a special enough occasion yet for any of them! My friend surprised me by making dinner on the grill last week and I had a steak so I should be good for a while….LOL.
      Chicken or turkey are probably my favorite meats and until the radiation gets to Lake Michigan….I will keep being nice to the salmon and steelhead fishermen here.
      I keep thinking that we are getting so close that we won’t need storehouses like Joseph kept in Egypt anyway. In fact, I had to get some sandals with enough tootsie protection for working with glass at my framing table (Just in case!!!) and found a buy one get one half off sale and while I was on my way to the check out I caught a buy one pkg of underwear and get one free sale so 2 pairs of good leather sandals and a dozen pairs of Fruit of the Looms for under $40………I actually thought to myself that now my wardrobe should be complete for the rest of my life! Funny!

  18. Hey LA, hope you have a good and safe trip. What would you say to doing a live internet seminar? I too live in a small town in South Ga. Man, that would be cool and very helpful, plus possibly giving you a already successful boost. Just a thought and Blessings!

    • An Internet Seminar would be fantastic! I am sure there are lots of people who will never be able to attend one of L.A.’s conferences who would really appreciate a conference on-line.

    • LA,

      I would purchase an admission or access fee to get a live stream from your lecture LA, maybe you or the organization hosting your lectures would consider this, thru paypal perhaps?, not sure of the hardware and bandwidth req’d to stream but i would certainly be interested in paying for web access to your seminar, i know there are cameras that will track you automatically with focus etc. so there isn’t a need for a camera crew etc. Trying to keep up in these times is important to me i’m sure others as well. Just a thought,


    • Fast 317 – We have all three presentations that were filmed live available at the store. Sam, met up with me at Cornerstone this weekend and we filmed 9 hours of presentation for The Cosmic Chess Match. This should be available in about a month or sooner. Hope that helps.

  19. I doubt the patriarchs of Israel, alive and in Heaven with Christ right now, would say “go easy on this generation.” Not when it’s a matter of vetting each generation of the saints truly saved by Christ as Son of God and exposing the fakes. Satan’s children, like him, would be excellent fakes.

    Regarding “wheat and tares” (LA’s comment), the troubles and temptations we go through in this world my be a filtering process. Some will seek Jesus as Christ (God incarnate as the Son) to save them, and some will seek the enemy instead, (basically the rebel angels or their own rebel ways).

    Reminds me of the “image of the beast” and the “tax coin.” If you’ve inherited caesar’s/satan’s image, then render unto satan what’s satan’s. If you’ve inherited Christ’s image, then render unto God, what is God’s.

    God is love. He loves those that hate Him, because He is love always. Even when it comes time for vengeance, He still is love. The enemy won’t love their enemies. And when things get really tough, then the opportunity arises to love or to not to love.

    So whatever happens — this is God’s day. And even the worst days may be the best opportunities to extend lovingkindness to others, through God with Christ.

    Fear not.

  20. Syria also has hidden within its bunkers most of the chemical weapons that were originally in Iraq. They were trucked out of Iraq just before the US invasion. So, the world’s most feared chemical stockpile is still around almost ten years later, and we walked out of Iraq handing multimillion dollar bases to the Iranians. No, this is not a joke and no, once again the US media did a nice job on everybody. I lived in the middle east then and it was sort of common knowledge. Everybody got a big laugh about it when things got hot for the stash and it was temporarily moved to a warehouse in Yemen. Then the hot potato got too hot, so they tossed it back to Syria, where it was “forgotten” about.

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